Position Supplier Total Contract Value
1FMS Account Reserve BANK Of Australia$699,089,363.03
2Lendlease Building Pty Limited$427,767,041.92
3Austal Ships Pty Ltd$362,855,523.02
4MEGT (australia) Ltd$283,286,294.18
5Qantas Airways Limited$248,947,776.22
6Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd$236,712,674.96
7C S Energy Limited$205,769,519.00
8James Fisher Australia Pty Ltd$196,335,594.22
9Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd$187,037,121.93
10MAS National Limited$159,708,467.72
11Sarina Russo JOB Access$156,079,635.77
12COBS Telstra$143,518,789.18
13Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd & F.K. Gardner & SONS PTY. LTD.$137,228,461.10
14Thales Australia$125,757,755.28
15NSW Business Chamber$117,967,543.84
16Caltex Australia Petroleum P / L$113,788,941.85
17Canberra Data Centres Pty Ltd$111,696,713.18
18Leidos Australia Pty Limited$105,029,527.18
19Ashurst Australia$100,066,882.75
20Central Healthcare Services Pty Ltd$99,469,877.38
21BUSY At Work$98,479,861.50
22Cyberra Investments Pty Ltd$97,454,497.00
23HAYS Specialist Recruitment (aust) P/L$90,845,309.59
24Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu$90,025,889.94
25Air7000 P8 Poseidon$89,444,677.37
26Origin Energy Electricity Limited$87,868,813.70
27DELL Australia Pty Limited$83,744,302.61
28Data 3 Group$82,937,457.66
29Fujitsu Australia Limited$80,679,905.18
30ASC Pty Ltd$74,055,992.33
31Verto Ltd$73,229,949.34
32Ernst & Young$72,993,734.79
33Australian Government Solicitor$68,957,418.35
34Boeing Company, The$68,261,261.24
35BAE Systems Australia Ltd$68,252,829.99
36VIVA Energy Australia Ltd$61,571,204.34
38Broadspectrum Property Pty Ltd$59,949,462.11
39Sitzler Pty Ltd$58,351,293.47
40Aspen Medical Pty Limited$58,167,078.60
41The Whitelum Group$57,226,940.00
42Ultra Electronics Avalon Systems Pty Ltd$51,956,259.75
43Lockheed Martin Australia Pty Ltd$51,941,277.62
44Harris Corporation!div Space And Intelligence Systems$51,774,147.28
45NTT Australia Pty Ltd$51,773,409.65
46EOS Defence Systems Pty Limited$50,193,867.46
48Victorian Employers' Chamber Of$49,288,199.95
49Cardno Emerging Markets (australia) Pty Ltd$45,495,058.18
50L3 Micreo PTY. Limited$45,272,550.27
51Pricewaterhousecoopers Consulting (australia) Pty Limited$44,111,688.13
52Royal Flying Doctor Service Of Australia$42,702,000.00
53Synergy Group Australia Pty Ltd$42,368,659.18
54Boeing Defence Australia Ltd$42,132,131.38
55Airbus Group Australia Pacific Limited$41,834,366.56
56BP Australia Pty Ltd$41,801,554.84
57NIOA Trading$41,561,313.30
58Optus Billing Services Pty Limited$37,067,793.90
59Duratec Australia Pty Ltd$36,822,141.48
61Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd$33,964,240.71
62Barpa Construction Services$33,851,743.71
63Palladium International Pty Ltd$33,784,090.37
64Australian Defence Apparel Pty L$33,733,464.56
66TAFE Queensland$33,585,400.00
67International SOS (australasia) Pty$33,082,100.47
68TAE GAS Turbines Pty Ltd$31,914,717.94
69HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd$31,361,633.63
70IT Newcom Pty Limited$31,268,269.34
71The Australian Industry Group$30,769,253.02
72NTT COM ICT Solutions (australia) Pty Ltd$30,662,929.70
73I4 Connect Pty Ltd$30,309,464.60
75Datacom Connect Pty Ltd$30,000,000.00
76MTC Work Solutions$29,760,500.00
77KF TAS (property Services) Pty Ltd$29,388,079.06
78NOVA Defence Pty Ltd$28,751,926.67
79Virgin BLUE Airlines Pty Ltd$28,648,567.08
80TOP END Group Training Northern$28,425,089.92
81Mckinsey Pacific RIM Inc$27,470,825.00
82Department Of Education, Skills And Employment$26,959,915.13
83Upstream Production Solutions Pty Ltd$26,680,553.52
85Hitachi Vantara Australia Pty Ltd$25,717,251.28
86DMTC Limited$25,532,608.00
8714 Moore Street Pty Ltd$25,298,822.01
88Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd$24,973,895.69
89Madec Australia$24,852,838.00
90CAE Australia Pty Ltd$24,419,634.28
91Leonardo SPA Aircraft Division$24,081,396.37
92MSS Security Pty Limited$23,721,793.67
93Cistech Solutions$23,655,293.94
94Randstad Pty Ltd$22,922,385.22
95GTP Pty Limited$22,872,635.50
96Talent International (act) Pty Ltd$22,729,914.64
97Universal Motion Simulator Pty Ltd$22,580,475.79
98The Social Research Centre$21,568,874.77
99Sparke Helmore Lawyers$20,871,473.71
100NSW Business Chamber$20,845,745.17
101Accenture Australia Pty Ltd$20,671,149.51
102First Derivatives Pty Ltd$20,484,489.13
103Aquaterro APS$20,203,735.88
104Kennelly Constructions Pty Ltd$19,230,841.02
105Ignite Limited$19,143,602.11
106Citrix Systems ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$18,567,418.80
107APGC Group PTY. LTD.$18,447,859.10
108Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd$18,376,645.77
109Clayton UTZ$18,368,725.01
110EMC Global Holdings Company$18,170,110.13
111Northrop Grumman Integrated Defence Services Pty Ltd$18,085,496.36
112Compas Pty Ltd$18,058,870.88
113SME Gateway Pty Ltd$17,715,134.79
114Prepack Ltd$17,358,554.37
115The Trustee For Forward IT (austral$17,140,084.37
116IVE Group Pty Ltd$17,133,056.40
117The University Of Adelaide$17,009,394.43
118Atlantic & Peninsula Australia Pty Ltd$16,585,738.12
119Mellori Solutions Pty Ltd$16,506,427.98
120Precision Technic Defence Pty Ltd$16,502,281.65
121Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd$16,273,455.11
122GPT Property Management$16,258,865.70
123Peoplebank Australia Ltd$16,102,635.87
124CEA Technologies Pty Ltd$16,088,452.08
125Xamplify Services Pty Ltd$15,975,907.06
126RPS AAP Consulting Pty Ltd$15,972,116.15
127Paxus Australia Pty Ltd$15,864,624.85
128VIVA Energy Aviation Pty Ltd$15,862,891.04
129KING & WOOD Mallesons$15,722,132.38
130Kellogg Brown & ROOT Pty Ltd$15,428,616.32
131NTT Australia Digital Pty Ltd$15,409,455.16
132Southwest Research Institute$15,266,911.02
133The Trust Company (australia) Limited$15,185,863.00
134Jenkins Engineering Defence Systems Pty Ltd$15,126,017.15
135MAX Employment$15,063,500.00
136Arthur J Gallagher And CO AUS Limited$15,042,070.64
137Aecom Australia Pty Ltd$14,936,980.41
138Navitas English Pty Ltd$14,850,500.00
139RXP Services Limited$14,783,767.36
140Dynatrace Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$14,637,952.65
141Hudson Global Resources (aust) P/L$14,498,369.44
142DXC Technology Australia Pty Limited$14,479,507.54
143ST Hilliers Property Pty Limited$14,395,960.70
144GDI NO. 42 P/L GDI NO. 42 Office$14,331,400.79
145Modis Staffing Pty Ltd$14,219,878.81
146TAFE SA$13,873,577.60
147Dynama Solutions Pty Ltd$13,724,102.70
148Mcinnes Wilson Lawyers$13,668,326.00
149IBM Australia Ltd$13,639,048.79
150Mills Oakley Lawyers$13,626,677.97
151APIS Group Pty Limited$13,594,567.94
152Navantia Australia Pty Ltd$13,537,028.39
153SAP Australia Pty Ltd$13,353,139.49
154Adult Multicutural Education Servi$13,295,500.00
155Pentarch Pty Ltd$13,268,921.77
156Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.!dba Jeppes A Boeing Company$13,064,678.72
157Chandler Macleod Group Ltd$13,023,235.03
158DFP Recruitment Services Pty Ltd$13,000,614.19
159Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd$12,806,972.09
160University Of New South Wales$12,759,971.61
161Splunk INC.$12,686,533.80
162Whizdom Pty Ltd$12,653,390.60
163Quintessential Equity 028 Pty Ltd$12,628,511.00
164Face2face Recruitment Pty Ltd$12,475,428.57
165Colin JOSS & CO Pty Ltd$12,404,696.70
166Encore IT Services Pty Ltd$11,947,936.24
167Harris Communications (australia) Pty Ltd$11,880,403.10
168Medic Oncall - Healthcare Australia P/L$11,785,579.73
169Djerriwarrh Employment &$11,510,500.00
170ASG Group Limited$11,415,791.54
171Institute For Urban Indigenous Health$11,330,000.00
172Minter Ellison$11,325,099.99
173NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile System Project$11,296,430.84
174LINX Stevedoring Pty Ltd$11,231,152.73
175Jones LANG Lasalle (act) Pty Limite$11,224,255.48
176HWL Ebsworth Lawyers$11,191,359.94
177The Boston Consulting Group Pty Ltd$11,129,069.80
178Motorola Solutions Australia Proprietary Limited$11,091,876.07
179Horizon ONE Recruitment Pty Ltd$11,020,533.30
180Acularo Australia Pty Ltd$11,000,000.00
181Hornibrook NGL Ltd$10,998,566.77
182Maritime Construction Services BV$10,942,123.00
183GHD Pty Ltd$10,904,349.10
184L-3 Oceania$10,874,465.98
185Microsoft Pty Ltd$10,798,142.67
186MTP Services Pty Ltd$10,777,399.34
187Pragma Partners Pty Ltd$10,426,321.07
188Shamrock Civil Engineering Pty Ltd$10,380,344.01
189DXC Connect Pty Limited$10,270,389.16
190Ethan Group Pty Ltd$10,233,856.95
191Infigen Energy Markets Pty Ltd$10,231,157.00
192Defence CRC TAS Limited$10,139,348.68
193Qinetiq Pty Ltd$10,080,287.68
194Northrop Grumman Australia Pty Limited$10,011,525.00
195Jacobs Group (australia) Pty Ltd$9,995,431.66
196ENDO X Pty Ltd$9,900,000.00
197Rutledge Engineering AUST Pty Ltd$9,868,391.80
198Charles Darwin University$9,812,643.01
199Steps Group Australia Limited$9,683,620.00
200Leidos Pty Ltd$9,676,335.72
201Dialog Pty Ltd$9,599,278.77
202Penske Power Systems Pty Ltd$9,463,514.76
203Fulton Hogan Construction Pty Ltd$9,416,673.97
204Clarivate Analytics (UK) Ltd$9,307,258.44
205Parakeelya Pty Ltd$9,274,921.70
206Clicks Recruit (australia) Pty Ltd$9,229,921.67
207Envista Pty Ltd$9,196,925.05
208Lendlease Building Contractors Pty Limited$9,085,722.80
209Print Media Group$9,000,000.00
210Naval SHIP Management (australia) Pty Ltd$8,971,474.65
211JPS Medical Recruitment$8,959,322.99
212Perpetual Trustee Company Limited$8,941,861.00
213Kalyx Australia Pty Ltd$8,845,562.20
214Aurec Pty Ltd$8,827,063.45
215Broadspectrum (australia) Pty Ltd$8,783,337.80
216Downer Defence Services Pty Ltd$8,768,676.54
217Bureau Of Meteorology$8,666,852.00
218Veritas (australia) Pty Ltd$8,589,045.59
219Hitech Group Australia Limited$8,585,001.28
220Business SA$8,553,301.00
221University Of Sydney$8,549,845.62
222Bundesamt FUER Ausruestung, Informationstechnik UND Nutzung DER$8,521,428.61
223UBS AG$8,497,500.00
224Foundation For Arable Research (far)$8,488,840.00
225Redcliffe International (shipping) Limited$8,395,037.11
226Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd$8,366,031.39
227Australian Safety Engineers Pty Ltd Group UNIT Trust$8,360,218.26
228Amnesium Pty Ltd$8,351,149.39
229Pattemore Consultants$8,276,757.54
230Protective Barriers Australia Pty L$8,247,963.90
231Department Of Finance$8,247,695.08
232AXIS Building Group$8,155,715.44
233Bluezone Group$8,136,710.49
234The Recruitment HIVE Pty Ltd$8,135,841.67
235Para-guard Pty Ltd$8,116,707.52
236Southwest Research Institute!dba S R I$8,115,228.23
237Finxl Professional Services Pty Ltd$8,070,395.67
238First People Recruitment Solutions$8,053,714.08
239Australian Institute Of Health & Welfare$8,018,652.00
240Department Of Industry, Innovation$7,927,520.60
241Seqirus (australia) Pty Ltd$7,920,000.00
243Group 10 Consulting Pty Limited$7,889,351.48
244Cubic Defence Australia Pty Ltd$7,863,104.37
245Sypaq Systems Pty Ltd$7,658,384.15
246Intract Australia Pty Ltd$7,625,734.02
247BQT Solutions$7,599,999.99
248Zancott Knight Facilities Managemen$7,471,927.02
249Sliced TECH Pty Ltd$7,464,674.81
250Secom Technical Services P/L$7,416,672.68
251Defendtex Research LABS Pty Ltd$7,415,210.00
252K&L Gates$7,410,000.00
253Rubik3 Pty Ltd$7,401,521.38
255Scope Global Pty Ltd$7,268,762.50
256Fredon AIR Pty Ltd$7,263,624.00
257Farage Holdings Pty Ltd$7,152,868.81
258ABT Associates Pty Ltd$7,082,140.66
259BY Group$7,065,549.70
260Ultimate Positioning Group Pty Ltd$7,032,252.70
261Norton ROSE Fulbright Australia$7,019,802.84
262Partners In Performance International PL$6,912,871.00
263Apollo Australia Pty Ltd$6,857,060.62
264Craddock Murray Neumann Lawyers PT$6,810,000.00
265Inmarsat Australia Pty Ltd$6,793,473.78
266Gartner Australasia Pty Limited$6,749,644.53
267Veritas Storage (singapore) PTE Ltd$6,740,942.68
268University Of Melbourne$6,700,613.80
269Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd$6,688,500.00
270Datacom Systems (AU) Pty Ltd$6,672,319.53
271Philip CHUN BC VIC Pty Ltd$6,669,780.00
272Projects Assured Pty Ltd ATF Projects Assured Trust$6,660,060.70
273Cirrus Correct Communications (act) Pty Ltd$6,614,812.53
274Veritec Pty Ltd$6,610,554.41
275Career Employment Australia$6,499,000.00
276Modis Consulting Pty Ltd$6,497,642.73
277NSW Department Of Planning, Industry & Environment$6,451,528.60
278Meggitt Training Systems Australia Pty Ltd$6,427,932.72
279SAS Trustee Corporation$6,426,222.00
280Croudace Greenhouses International$6,388,888.38
281Epicon IT Solutions Pty Ltd$6,376,656.00
282CIT Solutions Pty Ltd$6,370,120.58
283NOUS Group$6,343,117.60
284General Dynamics Mission Systems,!i$6,286,617.01
285Adecco Australia Pty Ltd$6,249,686.70
286Quantium Health Pty Ltd$6,247,560.00
287TAFE Commission Commission$6,243,592.00
288Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd$6,228,227.50
289WSP Australia Pty Limited$6,187,659.72
290AVI Pty Ltd$6,148,827.74
291Energy Australia$6,142,726.00
292OMNI Executive Pty Ltd$6,130,546.15
293Carbon Media Pty Ltd$6,106,162.00
294Precision Hydrographic Services Pty Ltd$6,042,403.97
295ACER Computer Australia Pty Ltd$6,002,436.00
296Acronymit Pty Ltd$5,892,415.03
297Cordelta Pty Ltd$5,849,225.40
298Rockwell Collins Global Logistics Solutions LLC$5,825,666.88
299Karlka Recruiting Group Pty Ltd$5,824,840.44
300Kirra Services$5,818,330.50
302Swinburne University Of Technology$5,787,738.61
303Nammo Raufoss A/S$5,781,317.29
304Mable Technologies Pty Ltd$5,771,700.00
305Australian National University$5,771,449.86
307Rohde And Schwarz (aust) Pty Ltd$5,685,806.37
308Status Employment Services$5,621,000.00
309Ciena Corporation$5,553,669.91
310LIFE Fitness Australia Pty Ltd$5,543,877.37
311HDT Expeditionary Systems, INC.$5,540,123.91
312Ocius Technology Ltd Distribution Pty Ltd$5,538,361.40
313Evolve FM Pty Ltd$5,514,427.60
314Ducon Building Solutions$5,449,075.50
315Kinetic Defence Services Pty Ltd$5,404,913.73
316Commonwealth BANK Of Australia$5,310,000.00
317PUCH Construction & Building Pty LT$5,300,531.37
318V2R Projects Pty Ltd$5,263,574.00
319Index Consultants Pty Ltd$5,251,899.36
320IRON Mountain Australia Group Pty Ltd$5,236,212.60
321Living FARM Pty Ltd$5,228,190.00
322National Mailing And Marketing P/L$5,225,589.68
323Major Training Services Pty Ltd$5,225,524.19
324ACM Healthcare$5,192,942.45
325Knowles Spring Street Pty Ltd$5,083,100.00
326IPA Personnel Services Pty Ltd$4,981,486.60
327Proximity Legal$4,930,642.42
328BECA Consultants Pty Ltd$4,929,170.40
329The University Of Queensland$4,922,349.90
330TGDF Holdings$4,877,336.95
331On Q Recruitment Pty Ltd$4,865,617.74
332Paspalis Enterprises Pty Ltd$4,861,319.00
333Digital Transformation Agency$4,841,577.45
334OOBE Pty Ltd$4,833,527.90
335Rolfe Property Services Pty Ltd$4,824,028.30
336Elmtek Pty Ltd$4,808,174.40
337XTEK Limited$4,808,136.32
339Deakin University$4,793,578.10
340Australian Target Systems Pty Ltd$4,727,341.47
341Flinders University$4,723,277.90
342Perkins (WA) Pty Ltd$4,690,224.00
343ST Vincents Institute Of Medical$4,675,000.00
344Keysight Technologies Pty Ltd$4,663,378.09
345ASP SHIP Management Pty Ltd Sirius$4,662,145.34
346Keane Consulting Pty Ltd$4,647,563.49
347Gulanga Group Pty Ltd$4,620,776.10
348Unisys Australia Ltd$4,618,600.36
349Holding Redlich$4,613,331.54
350Netapp Australia Pty Ltd$4,601,552.25
351Projex Building Group Pty Ltd$4,597,887.88
352Callida Pty Ltd$4,564,595.20
353Pacific Aerospace Consulting INC.$4,556,881.72
354Micro Focus Australia Pty Ltd$4,554,534.04
3551KW Adelaide Pty Ltd$4,532,463.00
356Nextgen Networks Pty Limited$4,507,279.49
357Chubb FIRE And Security Pty Ltd$4,458,892.07
358Wodonga Institute Of TAFE$4,411,572.00
359Centacare Employment And Training$4,358,000.00
360DDR Indigenous Contractors JV Pty Ltd$4,284,831.76
361Cooper & Oxley Group Pty Ltd$4,275,671.99
362Calleo Resourcing Pty Ltd$4,198,873.78
363Computers NOW Pty Ltd$4,188,639.84
364NACP Projects Australia Pty Ltd$4,184,571.60
365Citibank Limited$4,180,000.00
366Eserve Consulting Pty Ltd$4,171,230.33
367RMIT University Technology$4,163,165.58
368Canberra Consulting Pty Ltd$4,162,225.66
370Medcast Pty Ltd$4,125,000.00
371University Of Technology Sydney$4,114,820.75
372ABB Enterprise Software Pty Ltd$4,109,289.78
373Australian Bureau Of Statistics$4,085,388.33
374M & T Resources Pty Ltd$4,072,383.21
375Renishaw Oceania PTY. LTD.$4,069,668.72
376Epi-use Australia Pty Ltd$4,067,845.58
377General Dynamics LAND Systems AU$4,043,257.01
378Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicle$4,015,590.96
379Balance Internet Pty Ltd$4,006,200.00
380SEA To Summit Pty Ltd$3,968,224.37
381Remote Pty Ltd$3,953,911.95
382Wynne AVE Property Pty Ltd$3,951,629.36
383Telethon Institute For Child Health$3,939,984.19
384Elphinstone Engineering AUST Pty LT$3,919,192.20
385Brookfield Johnson Controls P/L$3,911,858.24
386MEGA International Australia Pty LT$3,898,730.00
387Systematic Software Engineering Australia Pty Ltd$3,883,966.74
388CTO Group$3,864,127.85
389AMW Professional Services Pty Ltd$3,863,220.02
390Annakat Pty Ltd$3,842,718.53
391Protiviti Pty Limited$3,821,689.41
392Penten Pty Ltd$3,816,155.42
393KANE Constructions Pty Ltd$3,813,830.90
394Serco Defence$3,796,170.20
395Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd$3,756,510.41
396RELX Nederland B.V.$3,732,133.27
397Gosourcing Pty Ltd$3,695,920.80
398Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd$3,689,666.62
399Platypus Outdoors Group Pty Ltd$3,674,514.78
400Sturdy Framac$3,667,316.45
401Emantra Pty Ltd$3,656,620.59
402Australian Bedding Company Pty Ltd$3,650,026.60
403Eylex Pty Ltd$3,634,398.77
404Elbit Systems Of Australia Pty Ltd$3,591,020.13
405Department Of Defense$3,583,405.29
4061448 Pty Limited$3,579,352.53
407Trimcast Products Pty Ltd$3,560,451.05
408Systems Planning And Analysis Australia Pty Ltd$3,551,718.52
409TVN On-country Pty Ltd$3,531,236.86
410Finite Group APAC Pty Ltd$3,528,049.76
411Bidfood Australia Limited$3,527,949.21
412Australian College Of Nursing Ltd$3,512,000.00
413Cushman & Wakefield Pty Ltd$3,491,733.17
414DDLS Australia Pty Limited$3,489,381.84
415Silentium Defence Trading Pty Ltd$3,487,999.90
416Graymorr Consulting Pty Ltd$3,466,224.50
417Mareeba Shire JOB Training Association INC.$3,459,120.00
418Calleo Indigenous Pty Ltd$3,454,041.80
419Commercial Portfolio Management$3,433,020.86
420Omaha IT Services Pty Ltd$3,426,799.40
421Track Customer Marketing Pty Ltd$3,410,000.00
422DBA SANS Institute Advanced!technologies, Inc., The!db$3,391,119.60
423SAAB Australia Pty Ltd$3,388,198.62
424Vicom Australia Pty Limited$3,377,934.87
425Melbourne Polytechnic$3,364,500.00
426Northrop Grumman M5 Network Securit$3,362,578.68
427Meditrend Pty Ltd$3,336,701.50
428Menzies School Of Health Research$3,327,566.00
429Canonical Solutions Pty Ltd$3,269,480.50
430Nortec Staffing Solutions$3,267,500.00
431Rockwell Collins Australia Pty Ltd$3,254,991.09
432Startech IT Consulting Pty Ltd$3,235,724.80
433Bemac Security PTY. Limited$3,220,177.25
434Deutsche BANK AG Australia$3,217,500.00
436MXA Consulting Pty Ltd$3,205,407.00
437Armor Composite Engineering Pty Limited$3,204,683.90
438SOS Recruitment$3,203,071.40
439NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile!system Project$3,199,178.14
440Onpoint 365 P/L T/AS Onpoint 365$3,198,831.16
441Hoban Recruitment Pty Ltd$3,171,792.63
442IDES Pty Ltd Solutions Pty Ltd$3,137,118.17
443Techpoint Consulting$3,131,826.00
444Alphabeta Advisors$3,129,505.50
445Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia Pty$3,122,662.82
446Red HAT Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$3,118,866.89
447Survival Systems Ltd$3,105,434.97
448DEWC Systems Pty Ltd$3,105,250.50
449Versalux Pty Ltd$3,092,832.60
450South Metropolitan Youth LINK$3,090,000.00
451Nilsen (WA) PTY. Ltd$3,083,586.00
453T/for AEP 55 Currie ST Office Trust$3,059,596.76
454Trakka TECH$3,058,000.00
455Daronmont Technologies Pty Ltd$3,054,911.90
456Maser Defence Pty Ltd$3,044,862.00
457KUL Technologies Pty Ltd$3,020,459.23
458Inspired Corporation$3,007,501.20
459Emanate Technology Pty Ltd$3,005,370.04
460ALLY Group Pty Ltd$3,004,755.00
461Elasticsearch Pty Ltd$2,986,696.75
462HTR Group Pty Ltd$2,970,499.53
463OPEC Systems Pty Ltd$2,970,000.00
464Lockheed Martin Corporation Limited$2,958,939.00
465Northern Trade Solutions (NT) Pty Ltd$2,949,666.50
466Badge Constructions$2,947,452.20
467Servegate Australia Pty Ltd$2,946,864.81
468Diaxion Pty Ltd$2,937,000.00
469Lloyd's Register International$2,930,144.80
470DPA Services$2,887,773.82
471Shape Australia Pty Ltd$2,887,164.07
472Biomerieux Australia Pty Ltd$2,884,652.51
473JB Hi-fi Group Pty Ltd$2,873,488.92
474Wormald Australia Pty Ltd$2,867,946.60
475Shearwater Solutions Pty Ltd$2,853,196.00
476Hutchinson Builders$2,833,388.77
477Comprehensive Health Solutions$2,827,068.06
478Built Pty Limited$2,824,063.83
480TCE Services Pty Ltd$2,803,000.00
481Noceanview Pty Ltd$2,798,843.47
482Esri-australia Pty Ltd$2,797,820.95
483Greythorn Pty Ltd$2,780,323.30
484Milspec Services Pty Limited$2,769,596.39
485Titus Inc$2,768,514.92
486Terrequip Pty Ltd$2,757,400.80
487Consunet Pty Ltd$2,754,830.03
488Algoram Business Solutions Pty Ltd$2,741,800.00
490Auslink Investment Management Ltd$2,720,552.84
491Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd$2,718,014.76
492Drake Australia Pty Ltd$2,713,355.94
493Henderson Healthcare$2,695,942.20
494BDSI SARL$2,688,903.51
495The Architecture Practice Pty Ltd$2,688,710.00
496Taylor BROS Slipway & Engineering P$2,687,850.18
497H I Fraser Pty Ltd$2,664,183.69
498TOLL Remote Logistics Pty Ltd$2,663,173.79
500Australian Postal Corporation$2,643,211.91
501IMI Systems Ltd$2,631,662.22
502Relatbl Recruiting Pty Ltd$2,624,563.50
503Capital Recruitment Pty Ltd$2,621,839.11
504Optus Networks Pty Limited$2,612,929.10
505International Paints$2,607,984.57
506Aquion Pty Ltd$2,594,828.21
507Bushwise Investments$2,593,491.53
508Ripple Effect Group ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$2,590,516.51
509University Of Western Australia$2,577,314.30
510Mcarthur (vic) Pty Ltd$2,574,516.35
511WEBB Henderson$2,565,576.94
512University Of Tasmania$2,564,475.00
513APP Corporation Pty Limited$2,550,757.00
514HALL And Partners Pty Ltd$2,544,171.34
515Ninesquared Pty Ltd$2,535,335.00
516SFDC Australia Pty Limited$2,485,299.77
517SAAB Dynamics AB$2,480,607.36
518GRAY Puksand PTY. LTD. Bourke Place Studio 577$2,478,855.50
519The University Of Newcastle$2,472,068.32
520Westforce Construction$2,465,218.39
521Today Strategic Design$2,459,602.96
522Elbit Systems Ltd$2,453,030.58
523ACE Civil Services PTY. LTD.$2,442,258.27
524International Civil Aviation$2,441,995.47
526BEST Employment Limited$2,422,213.00
527Cesar Pty Ltd$2,414,698.00
528S & A Contracting Pty Ltd$2,401,812.74
529Shoal Engineering Pty Ltd$2,399,288.70
530Ertech Pty Ltd$2,396,092.60
531Survitec Group Australia$2,395,887.13
532BMT Design & Technology Pty Ltd$2,392,052.60
533Curtin University$2,381,834.70
535First Grade Group Pty Ltd$2,358,070.25
536Konica Minolta Business Solutions AUS Pty Ltd$2,352,145.35
537Factory Sound Sales Pty Ltd$2,351,360.94
538MARS Recruitment$2,344,500.00
540National TEST Pilot School Inc$2,342,740.95
5414front Engineering Pty Ltd$2,337,143.94
542BEAK Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$2,335,677.92
543Wirrigan Group Pty Ltd$2,332,314.00
544M & T Resources Pty Ltd$2,329,361.69
545Mcgrathnicol Advisory$2,325,464.03
546Australian Public Service Commission$2,316,895.30
547Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd$2,316,567.46
548Arstz 1/2 Pty Ltd$2,310,515.92
549James COOK University$2,305,099.31
550DEWC Services Pty Ltd$2,278,198.31
551Ebsco Australia Subscripton Services$2,274,728.07
552Lastek Pty Ltd$2,244,102.53
553BAE Systems Australia Defence PT$2,210,118.69
554Infront Systems Pty Ltd$2,198,324.10
555Mission Systems Pty Ltd$2,190,662.10
556Coates Hire Operations Pty Ltd$2,176,202.58
557Central TAFE$2,174,000.00
558TIWI Partners (aust) Pty Ltd$2,166,409.36
559TIWI Partners Pty Ltd$2,166,409.36
560AKJ Services Pty Ltd$2,166,212.40
561BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Pty Limited$2,158,004.51
562Bohemia Interactive Simulations Ltd$2,153,806.00
563Trident Property Advisory Pty Ltd (prev. Chesterton International QLD Pty LTD)$2,145,000.00
564The Trustee For JWS Research UNIT$2,135,000.00
565Altis Consulting Pty Ltd$2,130,628.73
566CIC Technology Pty Ltd$2,129,699.47
567Agroha DHAM Pty Ltd$2,116,886.75
568Niara TECH$2,113,111.89
569AUST Curriculum & Education CONS$2,096,204.00
570Providence Trust$2,092,410.52
571Vmware Australia Pty Ltd$2,090,117.92
572Elbit Systems Electro-optics-elop L$2,084,345.76
573Ionize Pty Ltd$2,082,699.05
574Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd$2,080,000.00
575Open TEXT Pty Ltd$2,077,809.00
576GL Events Live S.A.$2,070,000.00
577Techitup Pty Ltd$2,059,921.60
578Australian Centre For Postraumatic Mental Health$2,058,039.00
579Milskil Pty Ltd$2,057,367.00
580UMOW LAI Pty Ltd$2,051,296.50
581Department Of Human Services$2,045,403.95
582Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec$2,044,504.00
583CT Caloundra Pty Ltd$2,043,465.92
584Birchip Cropping Group$2,015,092.00
585Grant Thornton Australia Ltd$2,006,780.00
586Infinite Consulting Pty Ltd$2,003,518.43
587Iqconstruct Pty Ltd$2,002,343.72
588Australian Signals Directorate$2,000,000.00
589Teletrac Navman Limited$1,999,839.60
590Applied Virtual Simulation Pty Ltd$1,996,038.00
591BAE Systems Australia$1,994,686.58
592Crown Management Consultants Pty Ltd$1,981,084.57
593BMF Advertising Pty Ltd$1,975,236.09
594Marand Precision Engineering Pty Ltd$1,969,692.64
595People Measures P/L$1,967,196.50
596NTH Consulting Pty Ltd$1,963,880.00
597Akubra HATS Pty Ltd$1,961,792.91
598Mercedes-benz Australia/pacific$1,948,593.62
599Leaders IT Services Pty Ltd$1,946,489.61
60052 Goulburn Landowner Pty Ltd ATF 52 Goulburn Landowning Trust$1,936,310.87
60133 Creative Pty Ltd$1,927,926.89
602JOHN Morris Scientific Pty Ltd$1,927,109.65
603Mountcastle Pty Ltd$1,920,746.35
604Revelian Pty Ltd$1,911,046.50
605Babcock Pty Ltd$1,904,325.96
606Yamba Welding & Engineering Pty Ltd$1,902,499.50
607EKO Systems Pty Ltd The Trustee Trustms$1,901,570.31
608Queensland University Of Technology$1,898,036.11
609Providence Consulting Group Pty Ltd$1,885,209.16
610YNOT Consulting Services Pty Ltd$1,881,317.90
611F K Gardner & SONS Pty Ltd$1,877,290.03
612Lexigo Global Pty Ltd$1,874,400.00
613Pivotal Business Technology Pty Ltd$1,873,651.49
614Oakton Contracting & Recruiting$1,865,177.60
615Ametek Precitech, INC.$1,861,791.65
616Stebercraft Pty Ltd$1,840,534.99
617I And V Builders Super Scheme$1,839,576.88
618Ultra Electronics Limited-ewst$1,835,221.08
619ACIL Allen Consulting Pty Ltd$1,825,841.42
620ICMS Australasia Pty Limited$1,818,615.65
621Rimini Street, INC.$1,809,287.00
622OPR Agency Pty Ltd$1,809,170.00
623Cubic Defence New Zealand Ltd$1,807,104.20
624C.A. Property Group Pty Ltd$1,805,038.40
625Guida Moseley Brown Pty Ltd$1,788,397.60
626SAS Institute Australia Pty Ltd$1,777,877.29
627Xaana Pty Ltd$1,774,448.00
628Linda WYSE & Associates$1,770,911.12
630Permanent Secretary Defence$1,765,800.00
631University Of South Australia$1,747,113.53
632Affinity Constructions (aust) Pty L$1,728,615.90
633L3 Technologies, Inc.!dba Communication Systems-west!div$1,720,010.53
634ADEC Australia$1,715,793.42
635Braemac Pty Ltd$1,713,591.88
636The Trustees For Crossfire Australi$1,712,680.43
637Namadgi Services$1,706,672.00
638Department Of The Prime Minister$1,700,000.00
639Manteena Security (aust) Pty Ltd$1,697,839.10
640Logistic Solutions Australasia Pty Ltd$1,693,613.74
642CASA Leisure Pty Ltd$1,685,320.00
643Quintessencelabs Pty Ltd$1,680,234.09
644Emerald First UNIT Trust$1,676,856.13
645Digital61 Pty Ltd$1,673,037.33
646ZOE Holdings Rockdale Pty Ltd$1,671,540.22
647Johnson Controls LTD, YORK NAVY Systems$1,669,111.49
648Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board$1,666,500.00
649Australian Securities & Investments Commission$1,664,117.00
650Evok3d.com PTY. Ltd$1,663,111.30
651Astute Electronics Pty Ltd$1,647,717.05
652Noetic Solutions Pty Limited$1,632,037.56
653Primary Sales Australia Pty Ltd$1,627,948.00
654Bytecode Pty Ltd$1,627,401.60
655Katrina Elizabeth Grace Beagley$1,622,779.87
656Bestech Australia Pty Ltd$1,622,706.14
657Illuminated Solutions Pty Ltd$1,621,697.70
658Wisdom Learning Pty Ltd$1,620,763.50
659Dassault Systemes Australia Pty Ltd$1,617,335.77
660Industrial Monitoring & Control Pty Ltd$1,614,589.99
661Quest Software International$1,613,582.69
662Frazer-nash Consultancy$1,611,568.87
663Macro Recruitment Pty Ltd$1,608,331.40
664Ipsos Public Affairs Pty Ltd$1,604,457.20
665Caltech General Contracting Unipess$1,604,338.52
666Dmojsf Official Australian Account PSFD$1,600,405.32
667Amare Safety Pty Ltd$1,596,638.34
668Atlassian Pty Ltd$1,593,851.08
669Reason Group Pty Ltd$1,591,925.00
670Supacat Pty Ltd$1,590,875.29
67189 Degrees East Pty Ltd$1,586,000.02
672Empire Careers National Partnership$1,585,700.00
673Marangan International Pty Ltd$1,584,682.11
674Marathon Tyres Pty Limited$1,580,588.02
675ZOLL Medical Australia Pty Ltd$1,579,600.00
676JOHN STAR Pty Ltd$1,578,159.64
677Winchester Australia Limited$1,573,899.25
678Transam Argosy Pty Ltd$1,570,000.00
679Griffeye Technologies AB$1,553,506.73
680Gosource PTY. LTD.$1,553,332.00
681SRC AUS Pty Ltd$1,547,013.60
682CA (singapore) PTE Ltd$1,545,751.73
683Northern Territory Of Australia$1,542,665.00
684Monash University$1,540,181.20
685Auswide Management Limited$1,537,590.30
686Elysium EPL Pty Ltd$1,534,780.97
687Imagination (australia) Pty Ltd$1,534,616.60
688Rheinmetall Defence Australia Pty Ltd$1,534,241.22
689Synergy Resource Management Pty Ltd$1,527,878.00
690Bruker Pty Ltd$1,520,743.15
691General Electric International Inc$1,520,533.91
692Engie Services, AV Technologies$1,513,935.56
693Simultech Australia Pty Ltd$1,512,500.00
694The Mathworks Australia Pty Ltd$1,511,303.52
695Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd$1,509,314.18
696Portion PACK Foods Pty Ltd$1,504,863.36
697The Trustee For Super K Group Family Trust$1,500,990.70
698Gastops Ltd$1,500,563.73
699Accommodation Association Of$1,500,000.00
700Gadens Lawyer$1,500,000.00
701Meyer Vandenberg Pty Ltd$1,500,000.00
702Waters Australia Pty Limited$1,497,599.22
703Bridge IT Engineering Pty Ltd$1,495,618.72
704ARTD Pty Ltd$1,479,985.33
705Entag Communications Pty Ltd$1,479,192.00
706Globalpos Pty Ltd$1,477,307.16
707Tigerspike Pty Ltd$1,472,144.00
708SHL Australia Pty Ltd$1,466,918.75
709LIST G Pty Ltd (barristers)$1,463,149.16
710Schiebel Aircraft GMBH$1,463,063.38
711Thomson GEER Lawyers$1,460,000.00
712AFL Telecommunications Australia Pty Ltd$1,457,210.76
713Zaccaria Rossi & Thelma Rossi$1,456,522.25
714Honeywell Ltd$1,443,717.55
715Sander Geophysics Australia Pty Ltd$1,443,315.00
716K.R. Parker$1,436,545.58
717ATI Australia Pty Limited$1,436,476.27
718Colmar Brunton Pty Limited$1,433,333.00
719J3seven Pty Ltd$1,420,278.33
720DMV Consulting$1,419,623.34
721Thinkplace Australia Pty Ltd$1,414,882.07
722DQA Pty Ltd$1,408,320.00
723Australian And New Zealand College$1,408,000.00
724Programmed Electrical Technologies Ltd$1,403,996.18
725Explosive Protective Equipment$1,402,566.81
726DPRA Australasia Pty Ltd$1,399,002.24
727Australian Maritime Systems Ltd$1,395,789.27
728SNOW Removal Equipment Australasia$1,389,885.20
729Orima Research Pty Ltd$1,389,329.40
730Epiguard AS$1,386,957.60
731Agilent Technologies AUST Pty$1,384,813.17
732Monarch Building Solutions Ltd$1,381,954.48
733Cohealth Ltd$1,375,000.00
734Mcmahon Services Australia Pty Ltd$1,371,747.84
735Jaytex Constructions Pty Ltd$1,370,692.29
736A23 Pty Ltd$1,360,234.67
737Onespan Australia Pty Ltd$1,357,152.72
738Northrop Grumman International!trading INC.$1,353,897.15
739AERO And Military Products P/L$1,349,851.45
741Thales Australia - Lithgow$1,345,436.20
742C.I. Maintenance Services Pty Ltd$1,344,489.81
743Effective People Pty Ltd$1,344,390.95
744WINC Australia Pty Limited$1,344,190.18
745Towers Group Pty Ltd$1,335,809.00
746Pathways Technology Consulting$1,333,750.00
747RS Components Pty Ltd$1,324,361.86
748Wilson And Gilkes Pty Ltd$1,320,644.60
749Australian Meals On Wheels$1,320,000.00
750General Dynamics-ots, Inc.!dba GD-O (williston)$1,317,347.57
751Kantar Public Pty Ltd$1,315,886.46
752LAW In Order$1,312,170.51
753Indec Consulting$1,311,410.00
754Department Of Jobs, Precincts And Regions$1,310,500.00
756Strategic Reform Pty Ltd$1,306,620.00
757Healthcare Professionals Group Pty$1,300,173.14
758Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (oceania) Pty Limited$1,299,503.38
759LAND AIR SEA Space PTY. LTD.$1,297,699.59
760BOND University Limited$1,293,307.40
761Charles Sturt UNI -accounts Payable$1,290,632.20
762Draeger Australia Pty Ltd$1,289,988.97
763Indicium Consulting Pty Ltd$1,288,672.00
764Refactor Solutions Pty Ltd$1,284,341.00
765Craig International Ballistics Pty Ltd$1,283,966.34
766Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd$1,280,300.33
767Defcon Technologies Group Pty LT$1,271,238.76
768National Convention Centre$1,270,930.22
769Energy Market Consulting Associates$1,269,070.00
770SAGE Automation Pty Ltd$1,268,988.42
771LIST A Barristers$1,264,960.00
772Recorded Future, INC.$1,262,330.62
773Security Consulting Group Pty Ltd$1,258,070.00
774Southtech Systems Pty Ltd$1,252,965.30
775Beaumont And Beaumont$1,251,373.50
776ANTI Cancer Council Of Victoria T/A$1,250,299.60
777A Gabrielli Constructions Pty Ltd$1,248,680.87
778AXT Pty Ltd$1,248,068.80
779Adobe Systems Software Ireland LIMI$1,246,047.00
780The Trustee For The Araza UNIT Trust$1,240,800.00
781BOH Environmental, L.l.c.$1,240,133.00
782Schiavello International Pty Ltd$1,238,475.52
783Ultra Project Services Pty Ltd$1,237,777.20
784At3am IT Pty Ltd$1,237,575.52
785Elitier ATF The Trustee For Reichs$1,237,451.72
786Frontline Safety Australia Pty Ltd$1,231,096.88
787Townley Group International Pty Ltd$1,227,053.01
788Ministry Of Defence T/A Defence Business Services Finance$1,226,114.68
790Learning Systems Analysis Pty Ltd$1,217,315.70
791Experian Australia Pty Ltd$1,214,340.75
792Pinpoint Talent Pty Ltd$1,214,296.23
793COX Architecture Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Philip COX And Partners UNIT Trust$1,213,120.70
794Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group RE Limited$1,212,536.35
795The Citadel Group Limited$1,210,040.89
796Salsa Digital$1,210,037.96
797Refinitiv Australia Pty Limited$1,206,211.78
798Point River Networks$1,196,160.24
799Whereto Research Based$1,191,488.90
801Auslink Property Trust$1,188,694.41
802Deloitte Access Economics$1,188,439.02
803Dynamo Recruitment$1,187,538.00
804RGM Maintenance Pty Ltd$1,182,288.52
805AERO PM PTY. LTD.$1,179,750.00
806Health System Support Group$1,168,620.00
807Bunzl Brands And Operations Pty$1,162,360.68
808PWC Strategy& (australia) Pty Ltd$1,158,250.98
809Flexera Software Pty Limited$1,156,065.90
810Nisus Australia Pty Ltd$1,155,518.36
811New Horizons Business Solutions Pty$1,152,096.00
812Maarrima Pty Ltd$1,151,097.83
813EP Management Pty Ltd$1,149,587.56
814University Of Canberra$1,142,114.00
815Titan Consulting Services Pty Ltd$1,141,536.00
816S J Turnbull Constructions$1,140,620.07
817The Adelaide Research And Innovation$1,133,342.50
818Cynosure Consulting Group Pty Ltd$1,132,073.75
819Centre For Customs And Excise Studi$1,130,000.01
820Enosys Solutions Pty Ltd$1,127,500.00
821Systematic Software Engineering$1,127,090.64
823Pacific Brands Workwear Group P*$1,121,258.27
824Matthews PEGG Consulting Pty Ltd$1,118,921.00
825Semantic Sciences Pty Ltd$1,112,182.50
826Blackhorse Solutions, INC.$1,104,180.00
827J.P. Morgan Securities Australia Limited$1,100,000.00
828R.M. Williams Proprietary Limited$1,100,000.00
829Option Group (NT) Pty Ltd T/A NTEX$1,099,839.45
830Direct Ergonomics Pty Ltd$1,098,850.50
831FDM Management Services Pty Ltd$1,098,350.00
832GMT Canberra Pty Ltd$1,098,067.01
833Eastern Developments (nsw) Pty Ltd$1,097,950.00
835ABLE Industries Engineering Pty Ltd$1,090,866.70
836Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd$1,088,460.51
837F1 Solutions Pty Ltd$1,085,395.45
838Message Stick Communications Pty LT$1,084,517.41
839Honeywell International INC.$1,083,689.85
840Service Potential Pty Ltd$1,083,676.00
841Gruden Pty Ltd$1,080,820.29
842Science Applications International!corporation!dba$1,078,309.35
843Britton Maritime Systems Pty Ltd$1,071,644.10
844ASC AWD Shipbuilder Pty Ltd$1,069,553.69
845Harbans Singh Hayer Hansa Singh H And Malkit Singh Hayer$1,069,094.93
846Tropical Reef Shipyard Pty Ltd$1,064,676.82
847DICE (aust) PTY. Ltd$1,064,580.00
848Columbia Helicopters, INC.$1,063,200.57
849Haulmark Trailers (australia) PT$1,060,162.90
850Hunter Valley Training Company Pty Ltd$1,059,000.00
851MJF And Associates Pty Ltd$1,056,048.00
852Canprint Communications Pty Ltd$1,052,630.00
853Kowalski Recruitment Pty Ltd$1,052,327.48
854Verizon Australia Pty Ltd$1,052,293.62
855Consilium Technology Pty Ltd$1,051,871.40
856Tresys Technology, LLC$1,051,620.48
857Podcon Pty Ltd$1,050,000.00
858ROLL INN Pty Ltd$1,048,515.60
859LEAP Australia Pty Ltd$1,047,043.63
860E H Brett And SONS Pty Ltd$1,046,793.00
861Forcefield Services$1,045,216.78
863Freebody Cogent Pty Ltd$1,041,015.80
864AQUA LUNG Australia Pty Ltd$1,038,950.00
865Bruel & Kjaer Australia$1,037,885.38
867Equity Partners & DC Pty Ltd ATF DC Family Trust$1,037,580.37
868Elite Information Technology$1,037,355.00
869Integral Technology Solutions Pty Ltd$1,035,939.79
870Centrix - PM (aust) Pty Ltd Business Trust$1,035,775.00
871MURA Connect Pty Ltd$1,035,118.48
872TJC Property Investments Pty Ltd$1,034,394.54
873OWEN International Pty Ltd$1,029,409.37
874Coffey Enviroments Australia Pty Ltd$1,028,523.74
875G DEVA & Murvic Pty Ltd$1,027,968.39
876Sonartech Atlas Pty Limited$1,026,110.80
877Environmental Resources Management Australia Pty Limited$1,021,088.20
878World Intellectual Property Organisation$1,018,601.01
879Scientific Devices Australia P/L$1,014,058.10
880Aarnet Pty Ltd$1,011,168.07
881T&S Signcraft Pty Ltd$1,008,221.50
882Clear Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd$1,007,036.56
883Davidson, Melissa Margaret JEAN$1,006,500.00
884PBC Services Pty Ltd$1,006,500.00
885Laerdal Pty Ltd$1,003,088.46
886Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP$1,000,000.00
887Mansky Pty Ltd$999,788.34
888Armtech Pty Ltd$999,504.36
889Wheatbelt Natural Resource Manageme Incorporated$997,700.00
890JAR Aerospace Pty Ltd$996,378.09
891Australian Government Actuary$995,610.01
892Willyama Indigenous ICT Services$994,874.80
893Toowoomba Regional Group$994,400.00
894Marriott International, Inc.!dba Residence INN BY Marriott$992,800.00
895BNY Mellon$992,500.00
897IQ Consult Pty Ltd$990,000.00
898Smart Clinics Pty Ltd$990,000.00
899NOVA Systems Australia Pty Ltd$989,381.03
900DLA Piper$984,000.00
901Lockheed Martin Australia Electronic Systems Pty Ltd$978,376.10
902Ocean Software Pty Ltd$976,961.22
903Advisian Pty Ltd$968,915.00
904Origin Energy LPG Limited$968,300.00
905ROB Dobson & Associates Pty Ltd$962,049.58
906Canberra Boilers Pty Ltd$959,999.99
907Airservices Australia$958,572.18
908Actewagl Retail Ltd$951,430.00
909Australian Centre For Advanced COMP$950,081.11
911Streem Pty Ltd$948,699.00
912CBIT Digital Forensics Services$948,495.74
913On Site GAS Systems Pty Ltd$948,484.65
915Resolve Software Group Pty Ltd$940,386.24
916Progressive Training WA Pty Ltd$932,000.00
917Medical Deans Australia And$931,846.31
918Adobe Systems Pty Ltd$930,392.32
919Yardstick Advisory Pty Ltd$929,353.50
920Placard Pty Ltd$927,938.00
921Prism Systems Pty Ltd$925,473.18
922Addcom Contact Solutions Pty Ltd$925,133.00
923Insitu Pacific Pty Ltd$923,706.34
924Blacktree Technology Pty Ltd$919,560.40
925Frontier Economics Pty Ltd$918,537.00
926General Dynamics Satcom!technologie Inc.!dba GD Satcom-cpg!div CPG$918,024.76
927MURU Management Consulting Pty Ltd$917,640.00
928Infosys Technologies Limited$915,915.00
929NEC Australia Pty Ltd$911,630.31
930DCA NO1 Pty Ltd & DCA NO2 Pty Ltd$909,607.70
931TSA Management (act) Pty Limited$906,772.91
932MOOG Australia Pty Ltd$906,199.80
933PEP Worldwide$905,877.76
934Infofocus Australia Pty Ltd$903,924.92
935Singapore Airlines Ltd$900,000.00
936Bridging The GAP Inc$899,000.00
937Pricewaterhousecoopers Indigenous Consulting Pty Limited$898,994.49
938Norship Marine$897,577.76
939EW Pty Ltd$895,242.86
940Department Of Employment, Skills, Small And Family Business$891,769.92
941PALL Australia Pty Ltd$890,627.20
942I.d.s. Consultants Pty Ltd$889,720.00
943DMG / MORI Seiki Australia Pty Ltd$889,310.21
944Mentum Systems Pty Ltd$888,555.00
945Chemical Abstracts Service$883,701.30
946Newgate Communications Pty Limited$882,740.07
947Hammond Street Development Pty Ltd$882,491.00
948Norwood Plastic Printers$880,350.36
949Kongsberg Protech Systems$877,805.75
950MELD Studios Pty Ltd$874,645.48
951Royal WOLF Trading Australia Pty Ltd$873,154.60
952EY Digital Pty Ltd$872,348.47
953Spectra Logic Pty Ltd$870,997.60
954Ebsray Pumps Pty Ltd$868,046.30
955AMA Projects Australia Pty Ltd$867,059.60
956HUNT & HUNT Lawyers$866,163.86
957Labs2design Pty Ltd$856,991.30
958Manitowoc Crane Group Australia$856,900.00
959C3ntre Pty Ltd$855,855.00
960RPV Consultants Pty Ltd$854,572.00
961Society Of Precision Agriculture$852,500.00
962Tashco Systems Pty Ltd$851,730.00
963Aristech Pty Ltd$851,232.80
964Clevertar Services Pty Ltd$850,526.00
965Beaumont Legal Services$850,000.00
966Australian Health Practioner Regula$850,000.00
967Babel Street Inc$849,021.87
968Equilibrium OMG Pty Ltd$848,347.01
969ROY Morgan Research Ltd$845,433.30
970Momenton Pty Ltd$844,800.00
971SAI Global Limited$842,035.92
972PORT Shipping Containers Pty Ltd$841,468.56
973Sliced TECH$840,000.00
974Grant IAN Tidswell PSM$838,520.00
975Eaton Industries Pty Ltd$835,986.03
976Linkedin Singapore PTE Ltd$834,062.69
977Precor Australia$831,386.70
978ART Processors Pty Ltd$830,725.50
979Marin Netherlands (marin)$825,593.33
980D4dinsights, LLC$825,057.18
981Aither Pty Ltd$825,000.00
982Ixblue Pty Ltd$823,619.95
983Magspec Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd$816,664.72
984Daryl Jackson Alistair Swayn$814,000.00
985Biotext Pty Ltd$812,092.60
986CC Simulation$810,452.60
988Procurement Professionals Pty Ltd$807,463.09
989DR Warren Harrex Pty Ltd$807,015.00
990Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Indigenous Corporation$806,511.89
991Project Digital Pty Ltd$805,560.00
992Axios Advisory Pty Ltd$805,523.00
993Profusion PAC Pty Ltd$801,471.16
994Belco Custom Trailers$800,865.78
995PL Solutions LTD.$800,720.00
996Expense8 Pty Limited$798,495.00
997Eleven Strategic Communications$798,469.44
998Hensoldt Australia Pty Ltd$798,146.08
999Tandem Building Group Pty Ltd$796,871.90
1000Banyan PARK Playcentre Inc$795,477.26
1001Exclaim IT Pty Ltd$794,319.93
1002CDTS Australia Pty Ltd$793,402.50
1003Elliott GRAY Pty Ltd$792,187.58
1004Cash's Awards And Promotion Solutions Pty Ltd$791,724.29
1005Strategic Development Group Pty Ltd$791,336.98
1006State Of Matter Consulting Pty Ltd$787,600.00
1007Shangri-la Hotel Sydney$787,460.30
1008Australian ICON Group Pty Ltd$787,156.70
1009Avnet Electronics Marketing (australia) Pty Ltd$784,582.11
1010Pacific Services Group Holdings Pty Ltd$783,826.00
1011A And D International Pty Ltd$782,652.85
1012FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd$781,296.00
1013Pharmaceutical Society Of$781,000.00
1015Kennedy Shipwrights Pty Ltd$780,000.00
1016Precision Airmotive Pty Ltd$778,250.00
1017IKAD Engineering Pty Ltd$776,904.97
1018Amber Technology Limited$775,798.10
1019HART Security Australia P/L (aud)$775,605.13
1020Medical Insurance Australia Pty LIM$775,500.00
1021Apparent Communications Pty Ltd$775,377.30
1022MRB Communications Pty Ltd$774,026.67
1023Pharmacodynamic Solutions P/L$773,568.00
1024Ochre Health Pty Limited$770,000.00
1026Paraflare Pty Ltd$768,943.58
1027Tecan Australia Pty Ltd$766,814.40
1028Devers LIST Pty Ltd$766,624.00
1029Dedicated Systems Australia Pty Ltd$765,034.99
1030The State Of Queensland Through The Department Of Agriculture And Fisheries$762,517.80
1031DKSH Australia Pty Ltd$761,855.71
1032Alarp Solutions Pty Ltd$761,200.00
1033Acendre Pty Ltd$760,580.34
1034Domo-technica Pty Ltd$760,265.00
1035Australian PUMP Industries PTY.$759,830.50
1036Ehealth NSW$759,000.00
1037Cozwine Pty Ltd$755,697.00
1038EPIQ Australia Pty Ltd$753,677.14
1039Jones LANG Lasalle (nsw) Pty Ltd$752,541.68
1040Master Electricians Association QLD$751,622.54
1041Cirrus Networks Pty Ltd$751,340.70
1042BAE Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration INC.$751,233.34
1043Power Initiatives$750,534.70
1044Simone Fraser$750,000.00
1045Australian Council For Educational Research Limited$750,000.00
1046QUBE Ports Pty Ltd$750,000.00
1047DICK Stone PTY. Limited$748,936.68
1048The Trustee For Glendon Street UNIT$748,133.20
1049Tailored Project Services Pty Ltd$748,000.00
1050Urbis Pty Ltd$746,405.23
1051Absolute Data Group Pty Ltd$746,002.95
1052BAC Systems Pty Ltd$745,864.90
1053Frontline Australasia Pty Ltd$744,815.11
1054Centuria Capital Limited$741,471.94
1055FA Maiuto, S Fiearra, SJ Kelly$741,163.89
1056EDMS Pty Ltd$737,937.20
1057Nordiko Quarantine Systems Pty Ltd$736,107.01
1058Fennek Group Pty Ltd$734,560.60
1059Lakeview Forge Co!dba ERIE TOOL Works!div ERIE TOOL Works$733,282.66
1060The Westin Resort GUAM$732,849.92
1061World FUEL Services (australia) Pty Ltd$731,597.84
1062F1 Solutions (boman Trust T/A F1 Solutions)$730,928.00
1063Geodetica Pty Ltd$729,299.99
1064OPC IT Pty Ltd$727,232.15
1065Lockheed Martin AUST P/L - AUD$724,878.84
1067Northern Agricultural Catchments Council Incorporated$722,700.00
1068Websecure Technologies Pty Ltd$719,074.36
1069The Trustee For The Fourquarters Recruitment UNIT Trust$717,260.69
1070The Trustee For Liang Health Family$715,000.00
1071The Trustee For HOPE Medical Services$715,000.00
1072UFS Dispensaries Ltd$715,000.00
1073Batavia Health Pty Ltd$715,000.00
1075ST. Anthony Family Medical Practice Pty$715,000.00
1077The University Of New England$709,455.71
1078Talent International$708,240.48
1079DNV GL Australia Pty Limited$707,960.00
1080Fiftty FIVE FIVE Pty Ltd$706,880.00
1081Tasco Sales (aust) Pty Ltd$706,777.43
1082Electro Mechanical Systems Pty L$704,852.50
1083Medhealth Pty Limited$704,800.00
1084Osborne Constructions$704,517.00
1085AIR Affairs Australia Pty Ltd$704,066.06
1086Charterpoint Pty Ltd$703,182.40
1087Simon George And SONS Pty Ltd$702,476.01
1088Flick Anticimex Pty Ltd$702,414.90
1089Illumina Australia Pty Ltd$702,051.52
1090Healthconsult Pty Ltd$701,898.04
1091Cepheid Holdings Pty Limited$701,497.50
1092CDM Pty Ltd$700,019.29
1093Vizcom Technologies Pty Ltd$699,001.00
1094Bureau International DES Poids ET Mesure$697,221.00
1095Tobias And Tobias Pty Ltd$693,335.01
1096Partek Construction And Interiors$692,758.00
1097Tibco Software Australia Pty Ltd$692,738.82
1098Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd$691,641.14
1099O'reilly Media, INC.$690,029.33
1100Geneworks Pty Ltd$690,000.00
1101US Department Of Defence Support Office$689,194.08
1102TRL Technology Limited$687,372.33
1103Finkisoft Pty Ltd$686,760.80
1104Ethos CRS Consulting Pty Ltd$684,919.01
1105Snaicc - National Voice For OUR Children$683,112.10
1106Solinnov Pty Ltd$682,541.20
1107Integrationqa PTY. Ltd$680,000.00
1108DAVE Attwood Inflatables$677,750.61
1109O And S Holdings (vic) Pty Ltd$677,066.50
1110Isentia (prev. Media Monitors)$673,501.08
1111Datacom TSS$671,550.00
1112SOS Marine$670,990.06
1113Global Defence Solutions Pty Ltd$669,848.04
1114KIAH Consulting Pty Ltd$669,166.00
1115Viasat, INC.$668,743.95
1116Austec Building Automation Pty Ltd$668,707.60
1117William Adams Pty Ltd$667,615.02
1118Melbourne Business School$665,488.00
1119Gardevie Pty Ltd$661,412.40
1120Jacana Energy$661,400.00
1121FCD Health Ltd$660,000.00
1122Southern Brisbane Medical Pty Ltd$660,000.00
1123Central Highlands Healthcare Ltd$660,000.00
1124The Trustee For North Altona Health HUB$660,000.00
1125Mbaogu, Michael$660,000.00
1126Kardinia Health Ltd$660,000.00
1127Technology ONE$659,077.51
1128House Of Kitch Communications Pty L$658,561.28
1129Cornerstone Performance Management Consulting PTY. LTD.$658,415.92
1130ABC Rehab-hanivoile Pty Ltd$654,853.57
1131TP&G Solutions Pty Ltd$653,378.00
1132National Disability Services Limited$651,426.07
1133Department Of Social Services$649,329.00
1134Apunipima CAPE YORK Health$646,800.00
1135Integrated Procurement Technologies!dba IPT$646,088.64
1136GE Energy Measurement & Control Pty Ltd$645,205.00
1137R & B Practical Consultants Pty Ltd$645,133.31
1138Cutthru Pty Ltd T/AS Pollinate$642,920.00
1139Intravision Pty Ltd$642,898.17
1140Kitbag Consulting Pty Ltd$642,730.00
1141JJM Holdings Pty Limited ATF The Moulds Family Trust$639,460.00
1143Special Broadcasting Service Corporation$635,451.90
1144Raging Digital$634,350.00
1145Implementation SOFT Australia Pty L$633,600.00
1146Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu$633,350.00
1147Noggin Pty Ltd$631,906.63
1148University Of Southern Queensland$631,887.30
1149Subsea Pty Ltd$630,000.00
1150Cellebrite Australia Pty Limited$629,091.10
1151LBE Technology$628,707.00
1152Teradata Australia Pty Ltd$628,320.00
1153GRA Supply Chain Pty Ltd$626,571.45
1154Complete Office Supplies$625,351.49
1155Probe Contact Solutions Australia Pty Limited$624,561.41
1156The DEAF Society$623,882.02
1157Chartertech Pty Ltd$623,516.00
1158U&U Pty Ltd$623,500.00
1159First Languages Australia$621,500.00
1160Advanced Navigation Pty Ltd$620,181.40
1161Wagnitz Building Services$619,732.87
1162Phoenix Management Services$619,355.00
1163Springcity Pty Ltd$617,218.80
1164Japan Marine Engineering Company$616,845.90
1165Lachlind PARK ATF KUHN Stewart WOR$616,646.69
1166Fifth Domain Pty Ltd$616,000.00
1167Adacel Technologies Limited$615,131.28
1168Spinifex Communications Internation Pty Ltd$614,504.00
1169Ridgeline Solutions Australia Pty L$613,800.00
1170Golder Associates Pty Ltd$613,193.10
1172Touchpoint Technology Pty Ltd$610,730.23
1173INFO RAIL Pty Ltd$609,620.00
1174Swordfish Computing Pty Ltd (atf) The Flint Family Trust$607,422.05
1175Nikias Diamond Construction Logistics$607,181.30
1176Bevington Consulting PTY. LTD.$605,238.50
1177Murwillumbah Respiratory Clinic Pty Ltd$605,000.00
1178The Trustee For ISRA Medical Family$605,000.00
1179South Eastern Sydney Local Health$605,000.00
1180STAR Health Group Limited$605,000.00
1181Belmore Medical Services Pty Ltd$605,000.00
1182Baidam Solutions$604,377.40
1183FRED IT Group Pty Ltd$602,844.00
1184Google Australia Pty Ltd$600,000.00
1185Team Infomatics Pty Ltd$599,731.00
1186Bruce HICK Electrical Data Pty Ltd$599,730.52
1187Zodiac Milpro Australia Pty Ltd$599,654.00
1188Skill360 Australia$599,379.00
1189JVAT Trust$599,185.00
1190Nallawilli Technology Pty Limited$599,059.49
1191Bargets Residential Lettings$598,818.56
1192Cloudten Industries Pty Ltd$598,702.50
1193Warrgambi Pty Ltd$597,637.52
1194META PM Pty Ltd$596,372.00
1195Lodge BROS$596,145.00
1196Mastodon Design LLC$595,708.12
1197BCT Solutions Pty Ltd$595,457.50
1198Incotrade Australia Pty Limited$594,000.00
1199SAI Global Australia Pty Ltd$592,650.66
1201Lactalis Australia Pty Ltd$590,800.00
1202Commerce Decisions Pty Ltd$590,281.30
1203Being Group International Pty Ltd$588,452.73
1204Arrilla Consulting Pty Ltd$587,461.05
1205LA Trobe University$586,735.39
1206Inchcape Shipping Services L.l.c$585,833.15
1207Munition Safety Information Analysi Center$582,429.60
1208Chironix Pty Ltd$580,413.73
1209Redback Consulting Pty Ltd$580,140.00
1210Integrated Technical Managementy Pty Ltd$580,103.06
1211Redcliffe International (shipping) Pty Ltd$579,504.93
1212Infinity Squared Pty Ltd$577,901.00
1213Solutech (act) Pty Ltd$577,500.00
1214FIVE D Holdings RENT ROLL (83664963$577,309.00
1215Amplifier Research Corp.!dba AR Rf/microwave Instrumentation!div AR$576,710.01
1216Clarion Defence And Security Limited$576,000.00
1217Aaron RHYS$575,598.32
1218Coherent Scientific Pty Ltd$572,930.89
1219Shelde Pty Ltd$570,431.16
1220Definiti Pty Ltd$570,407.11
1221UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd$570,148.00
1222Dementia Australia Limited$569,800.00
1223Ballistic Systems Pty Ltd$569,373.97
1224Allegis Group Australia Pty Ltd$568,163.48
1225Icognition Pty Ltd$567,753.48
1226National Prescribing Service Limite$566,500.00
1227Kavya Pty Ltd$566,280.00
1228Centre For International Economics$563,547.46
1229Nearmap Australia Pty Ltd$563,160.59
1230145 Aviation Services Pty Limited$563,062.50
1231Lighting Illusions$561,000.00
1232On Island Health Service Accreditat$560,202.69
1233NSW Government Schools$559,750.00
1234Trellis Data Pty Ltd$558,800.00
1235Textron Systems Australia Ltd$558,758.90
1236Light Aircraft Pty Ltd$557,570.20
1237Resolution Consulting Services Pty$556,320.61
1238JJM Holdings Pty.limited$555,676.80
1239The C.d.c.s Trading Trust$555,505.51
1240Nortek Instruments Australia Pty LT$555,093.00
1241Australian Industry Standards Limited$555,000.00
1242Meccanica Pty Ltd$554,895.00
1243Military And Aviation Spares Pty$554,265.92
1244Plexnet Pty Ltd$554,070.00
1246Arcblue Trust$552,000.00
1247TAE Aviation Pty Ltd$551,800.80
1248Gravity Consulting Services Pty Ltd$551,000.00
1249Shera, Michael Stanley$550,000.00
1250Wycombe Services Pty Ltd$550,000.00
1251AJA International, INC.$547,722.44
1252Sydney Night Patrol & Inquiry$547,115.68
1253Metromatics Pty Ltd$546,306.91
1254Banksia Projects$545,163.21
1255CPM Reviews Pty Ltd$544,762.47
1256Ambition Recruit Pty Ltd$544,208.75
1257Programmed Property Services$543,443.20
1258Berendsen Fluid Power Pty Ltd$542,804.07
1259Reed, James ALAN T/A Resolve Strategic$541,750.00
1260Kennedy Property Services$540,950.30
1261Taylor FRY Pty Ltd$540,676.00
1262PTM Group Pty Ltd$540,478.40
1263G T A DRUM Inc$540,198.35
1264CC Simulation$540,000.00
1265BALE Defence Industries Pty Ltd$539,655.84
1266S.a.w. Building Services$538,754.04
1267Green Mountain Research INC.$537,315.53
1268CQR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd$536,667.69
1269BMT Commercial Australia Pty Ltd$536,030.00
1270RMA Group$534,512.00
1271Parbery Consulting Pty Ltd$534,424.00
1272Objective Corporation Limited$533,520.00
1273Pathway Communications Pty Ltd$533,517.93
1274Spear Of FAME Pty Ltd$533,416.40
1276ELTA Systems Ltd$531,256.41
1277Logistic Engineering Services P/L$531,087.47
1278Protecht.erm Pty Ltd$529,545.61
1279Techsafe Australia Pty Ltd$529,478.40
1280Zenith Interiors Pty Ltd$525,748.50
1281Mongodb Limited$525,108.18
1282Lazard Pty Ltd$525,000.00
1283ARO Systems Pty Ltd$523,503.20
1284Anevay Solutions Pty Ltd$522,150.00
1285PLUS PLUS Pty Ltd ATF Lovett Family Trust$522,077.57
1286Barbara Schmidt And Assoc Pty Ltd$521,051.00
1287ACE Electrical Infrastructure Pty Ltd$520,608.00
1288Galent Management Consulting$520,500.00
1289Executive Interim Management$520,300.00
1290Prism Defence Pty Ltd$518,782.07
1291Harsha Consultants Pty Ltd$517,644.13
1292Bluefin Resources Pty Ltd$517,165.38
1293Generation-e Productivity Solutions Pty Ltd$515,585.24
1294Tenbagsfull Pty Ltd$515,000.00
1295Smartsat CRC Ltd$513,744.00
1296SEA Swift Pty Ltd$512,744.61
1297Cyberops Pty Ltd$512,547.00
1298Tacfit Solutions Pty Ltd$512,080.80
1299Vaisala Pty Ltd$511,645.53
1300Holmwood Highgate (aust) Pty Ltd$510,758.60
1301Global Sustainable Energy Solutions P/L$509,260.28
1302Central LAND Council$507,707.00
1303Alluvial Pty Ltd$507,232.00
1304Energy Power Systems Australia *$506,999.98
1305Kynetic Pty Limited$506,162.14
1306Entrust Datacard South Pacific Pty Ltd$506,099.00
1307Watmarine Engineering Services$506,055.61
1308Cardiac Science Australia Pty Ltd$504,037.00
1309Workpac Group$503,490.62
1310Dosimetrics GMBH$503,211.14
1311Leica Geosystems Pty Ltd$502,429.40
1312University Of Wollongong$501,198.28
1313Australian Federal Police$500,428.78
1314Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd$500,248.00
1315KPMG Australia Engineering Consulting Pty Limited$500,000.00
1316VITS Languagelink$500,000.00
1317Belle Laide Events Pty Ltd$500,000.00
1318Melinda GAYE Zerner$500,000.00
1319Rothfield Print & Image$500,000.00
1320BULL And BEAR Special Assignments Pty Ltd$500,000.00
1321Inside Policy Pty Ltd$500,000.00
1322The Brattle Group Limited$498,376.50
1323The Social DECK Pty Ltd$496,609.00
1324SKNG Services$496,544.40
1325Systemes Tecscan Inc$496,012.86
1326Wartsila Australia Pty Ltd$495,645.54
1327Darumbal Enterprises Pty Ltd$495,000.00
1328Graphaware APAC Pty Ltd$494,935.00
1329ICM Australia PTY. LTD.$493,926.59
1330360 Trading Pty Ltd T/A 360 Defence$493,142.73
1331HIGH Vibes Collective Pty Ltd$491,040.00
1332IPD TRIO TEST And Measurement$489,493.40
1333NMO Health Pty Ltd$488,872.00
1334Kobra Shredders Australia Pty Ltd$488,533.10
1335Snapcracker Research And Strategy Pty$488,125.00
1336Eclecticiq B.V.$488,023.80
1337Colin Trapp & Associates PTY. Ltd$487,320.90
1338Agora Consulting$487,230.00
1339Juniper Networks Australia Pty Ltd$486,972.52
1340HALL & Watts Australia Pty Ltd$486,742.98
1341Martin-baker Australia Pty Ltd$485,585.29
1342Clearbox Systems$484,611.60
1343The Trustee For Tennant Creek Offices UNIT Trust$484,542.55
1344Content Group Pty Ltd$482,075.00
1345PORT Jackson Partners Limited$481,893.68
1346Pacific TUG (aust) Pty Ltd$481,655.00
1347Origin Energy$481,000.00
1348TSA Management Pty Limited$480,525.07
1349DCL Engineering$480,139.00
1350TURF Design Studio Pty Ltd$479,831.00
1351JOHN HART Pty Ltd$479,072.00
1352Physio And Speech PATH ADV SVCS$478,932.14
1354BALE Defence Engineering Systems Pty Ltd$478,011.72
1355Australian Human Rights Commission$475,258.74
1356Halycon Knights$474,653.52
1357Callida Indigenous Consulting Pty Ltd$474,633.50
1358Greater Engineering Services Pty Ltd$474,313.40
1359Department Of Infrastructure And Regional Development$473,300.00
1360IDS Australasia Pty Ltd$472,061.52
1361Enterprise Leasing Company- West, L$471,580.00
1362Department Of HOME Affairs$471,486.01
1363Tasbulk Container Hire$471,350.00
1365Noske-kaeser Marine Australia PT$470,382.62
1366Griffith University$468,361.40
1367Secure EDGE Technologies Pty Ltd$468,077.50
1368ISG Information Services Group$467,953.20
1369Kelly And Windsor Australia PTY*$467,167.25
1370Basic Engineering Concepts & Technologies, INC.$465,599.99
1371Ninetwofive Interiors Pty Ltd$465,503.50
1372TLS Consulting Pty Ltd$463,980.00
1373TEST GRID (aust) Pty Ltd$463,899.70
1374Econnect Solutions Pty Ltd$462,589.60
1375Henchman Products Pty Ltd$462,425.90
1376Ramsay Civil Pty Ltd$462,250.80
1377Kabed Consulting Pty Ltd Family Trust$461,500.00
1378CARL Zeiss Pty Ltd$461,459.90
1379Design Craft$459,611.90
1380Peirce Consulting Pty Ltd$459,403.12
1381Holiday Resort Guam, LLC$458,367.00
1382EPAG Research Trust$458,278.00
1383Atlas Elektronik UK Limited$456,885.21
1384Australian College Of Rural$456,280.00
1385South Regional TAFE$455,000.00
1386Commence Communications Pty Ltd$454,819.20
1387Truflow Spraybooths (aust) Pty Ltd$454,563.45
1388Phoenix ICT Solutions Pty Ltd$453,376.00
1389Capital Analytics Pty Ltd$452,430.00
1390Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd$452,222.41
1391South WEST Catchments Council$450,448.86
1392EXA Group Pty Ltd$450,000.00
1394United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime$450,000.00
1395Western Advance Pty Ltd$449,875.22
1396KIM Vella Coaching Pty Ltd$449,189.01
1397Bluebird Consultants Pty Ltd$449,148.29
1398Clarivate Analytics$448,585.09
1399Dataline Visual LINK Pty Ltd$448,177.40
1400Carroll & Richardson - Flagworld$448,171.71
1402Prism Design Pty Ltd$446,820.00
1403Katherine Michelle LOWE AKA K LOWE Consulting$446,600.00
1404Warsash Pty Ltd$445,927.55
1405Shell Malaysia Trading SDN BHD Fleetcard$445,123.86
1406ISS Security Pty Limited$445,000.00
1407Olympus Australia Pty Ltd$443,226.33
1408Adactin Group Pty Ltd$442,915.00
1409AGED CARE Industry IT Company Ltd$440,690.42
1410Alpha Events$440,251.72
1411The Migration Translators$440,000.00
1412Linfox Australia Pty Ltd$440,000.00
1413Peel-harvey Catchment Council$438,900.00
1414Communicorp Group Pty Limited$437,637.90
1415Data Agility Pty Ltd$437,580.00
1416Accenture Australia Holdings Ltd$437,558.00
1417JPG Partners Pty Ltd$434,700.00
1418Bellchambers Barrett$432,812.27
1419Ambassador Hotels Pty Ltd$432,710.00
1420LEHR Consultants International (australia) Pty Ltd$432,597.00
1421TOLL Transitions$432,343.95
1422Total Resource Solutions (trs) P/L$430,000.00
1423Allen And Clarke$429,654.80
1424Sensing Pty Limited$429,416.90
1425Consec - Conference And Event Manag$428,581.87
1426Strategic Enterprise Services$428,309.20
1427Narada Consulting Pty Ltd$427,231.88
1428Tessitura Network Inc$427,086.12
1429UK Meteorological Office$426,554.72
1430RPS Australia East Pty Ltd$426,109.00
1431Royal Australasian College Of Surgeons$425,981.60
1432Carney Advisory$423,500.00
1433Mannnorth Pty Ltd$423,032.50
1434Revolution IT Pty Ltd$422,737.95
1435Interaction Consulting Group$422,113.07
1437Med-tox Health Services$420,000.00
1438Peter Murray$419,793.61
1439Customer Driven Solutions Pty Ltd$419,542.80
1440Evolve Studios Pty Ltd$417,539.99
1441RPC Technologies Pty Ltd$417,158.60
1442Brownstone Consulting Pty Ltd$415,900.01
1443Stowe Australia Pty Ltd$415,007.60
1444Musteys Earth Moving$414,279.39
1445Mobile Communications (qld) Pty Ltd$413,862.12
1446James Cubitt Architects Pty Ltd$413,293.00
1447Acquia Inc$413,131.64
1448Varec, INC.$411,756.89
1449Doghouse Group Pty Ltd$411,545.20
1450AMC Search Limited$410,775.29
1451Metocean Services International Pty$410,021.99
1452EGON Zehnder International Pty Ltd$410,000.00
1453VDG Pty.ltd. T/AS VDG Services Australia$409,962.80
1454Headset Solutions Pty Ltd$409,166.12
1455Bethomas Consulting PTY. LTD.$409,100.00
1456The TAX Institute$408,832.67
1457Powerdata Group Consulting$408,480.00
1458Talent International Pty Ltd$407,801.46
1459Blackfisch Films Pty Ltd$407,231.36
1460The Customer Experience Company Pty Ltd$406,985.74
1461Tactical Systems Holdings Pty Ltd$406,289.18
1462IT Power (australia) Pty Limited$405,755.08
1463Green Options$404,820.88
1464Tacmed Australia Pty Ltd$404,608.37
1465ROSS Robotics Limited$404,034.74
1466Prevon Pty Ltd$403,887.00
1467Kobold Group Limited$403,128.00
1469Aspen Corporate Medical$401,953.31
1471ISI Pty Ltd$400,400.00
1472Indian Ocean Group Training Associa$400,000.00
1473Gateway Providores Pty Ltd$400,000.00
1474JOHN Denison Mcmillan$399,840.00
1475VAN DEN BERG Design Team Pty Ltd$399,201.01
1476VIBE Hotel Canberra Airport$398,781.00
1477Mentally Friendly Canberra$398,288.00
1478Hilton Sydney Investment Trust$398,200.00
1479Aquarius Marine Service And Consult$398,015.20
1480Threel Pty Ltd$397,584.00
1481Unicom Systems, Inc$396,767.01
1482Servicenow Australia Pty Ltd$396,440.00
1483Lightwell Group$395,010.00
1484FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft MBH$394,888.48
1485Corroboree ICT Indigenous Corporati$393,918.40
1486OMEO Consulting Services Pty Ltd$393,600.33
1487Revenite Pty Ltd$393,325.00
1488Benestar Group Pty Ltd$391,943.60
1489Engine ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$391,347.00
1490Beaver Engineering Pty Ltd$390,915.00
1491OMNI Pacific Investments Pty Ltd$390,808.30
1492The Ethical Consulting And Payroll Group$390,357.12
1493Scotwork Negotiating Skills Trust & The Trustee For SLI Family$390,306.61
1494Allied Technology International$390,269.33
1495Omega DEV Group Pty Ltd$390,258.10
1496Intelsat Satellite LLC$390,103.45
1497HKM Solutions Pty Ltd$389,710.91
1498J M Cavanagh Pty Ltd$388,528.68
1499Mediserve Pty Ltd$387,424.88
1500Manzar Azari$387,358.34
1501Kyocera Document Solutions$385,828.38
1502Laser Shot, INC.$385,747.88
1503Liberate Elearning Pty Ltd$385,549.20
1504Enterprise Leasing Company- West,!llc!dba Enterprise Rent-a-car$385,440.00
1505Kingston REID$385,332.14
1506Nammo Lapua OY$385,045.73
1507Chavr Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1508Yourgp Respiratory Clinic Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1509The Trustee For THMC UNIT Trust$385,000.00
1510Spring Street Discretionary Trust$385,000.00
1511The Trustee For BMG Service Trust$385,000.00
1512Carbal Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health Services Ltd$385,000.00
1513The Trustee For The Preshy Family Trust$385,000.00
1514GHG Medical Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1515UQ Health CARE Limited$385,000.00
1516Ochre Health (QLD SC) Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1517The Phoenix Trust$385,000.00
1518Nespolon, Harry Michael$385,000.00
1519The Trustee For Dmahg Trust$385,000.00
1520BITS Medical Centre Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1521Nundah Respiratory Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1522Loxley Health Solutions Pty Limited$385,000.00
1523Sunraysia Community Health Services Ltd$385,000.00
1524The Trustee For The Clare Medical$385,000.00
1525Kenyon ST Medical Centre Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1526Picton Respiratory Clinic Pty Limited$385,000.00
1527The Trustee For CBMC Lighthouse Trust$385,000.00
1528Launceston Central Medical Centre Pty$385,000.00
1529The Trustee For Arkaba Medical Centre$385,000.00
1530Kadmed Associates Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1531Social Ventures Australia Limited$385,000.00
1532Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander$385,000.00
1533The Trustee For HIM Discretionary UNIT$385,000.00
1534The Trustee For The Onarex UNIT Trust$385,000.00
1535ROSE Health FUND Limited$385,000.00
1536The Trustee For HWGP UNIT Trust$385,000.00
1537ABCO Products Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1538D.W Adams & R.E Goodwin & A.P Griscti &$385,000.00
1539The Trustee For Kensurg UNIT Trust$385,000.00
1540WISE Medical Macquarie PARK Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1541The Trustee For The MMC Family Trust$385,000.00
1542Chaffey Hornblow P/L & Colley Critchley$385,000.00
1543The Trustee For The El-sheikh Trust$385,000.00
1544The Trustee For Northwest Health UNIT$385,000.00
1545South Australia (SA) Medical Services$385,000.00
1546The Trustee For The KRMC UNIT Trust$385,000.00
1547HMS Medical Group Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1548The Trustee For VP Professional Trust$385,000.00
1549Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Co-operative Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1550RFC Medical Services Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1551Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health$385,000.00
1552Wuchopperen Health Service Limited$385,000.00
1553Central Coast Primary CARE Limited$385,000.00
1554The Trustee For YOUR Health Australia UNIT Trust$385,000.00
1555The Trustee For Rihaan Medical Trust$385,000.00
1556Health HUB Doctors Morayfield$385,000.00
1557Mornington Partnership Pty Ltd$385,000.00
1558ALL Starz Brothers Pty Ltd T/A ALL Starz Electrical$384,890.41
1559Abrotat ATF The Smith Barry No 1 T$383,544.11
1560Razor IT Systems Pty Limited$383,016.00
1561Jesmie Mulla Contracting Trust$382,204.46
1562Raymax Laser$381,758.91
1563MSA (aust.) PTY. Limited$381,392.69
1565Haddad CORP (aust) Pty Ltd AS Trustee$380,512.00
1566Australian Security Industries PTY. Limited T/A ASI Locksmiths$380,399.56
1567The Pearson Corporation Pty Ltd$380,380.00
1568Tecon Australia Pty Ltd$380,380.00
1569Crawford & Company$380,000.00
1570ICON Agency$379,775.00
1571Criticalarc Pty Ltd$379,528.00
1572Crone Peter Edward Dalrymple$379,390.00
1573NEIL ORME Consulting$379,280.00
1574BOC Limited$378,875.49
1575The Escal Institute Of Advanced Technology Inc T/A SANS Institute$377,698.74
1576Butterfields Services (aust) Pty Ltd$377,292.05
1577Adaptalift Hyster$376,981.10
1578TIER - 3 Pty Ltd$376,392.41
1579Bluescope Distribution Pty Ltd$376,182.09
1580Austalian Institute Of Management Educationa And Training Pty Ltd$376,145.00
1581RUAG Australia Pty Ltd$373,741.77
1582Aviation Australia Pty Ltd$372,160.00
1583Definitive Events$370,982.00
1584Lotte Hotel GUAM LLC$370,007.94
1585Peopleplus Enterprises Pty Ltd$370,000.00
1586Australian Strategic Policy Institute$369,600.00
1587Mondegreen Consulting Pty Ltd$369,359.86
1588Essence Communications Trust$368,499.00
1589Blindex Blindajes$368,000.00
1590The Trustee For The Diamond Family$367,226.00
1591NOVA Aerospace$367,081.82
1592The Trustee For Myube Trust$367,079.50
1593Fortis Consulting$366,089.98
1594AERO Defence Pty Ltd$364,937.20
1595ATOS (australia) Pty Ltd$364,589.00
1596Evolve & Amplify Pty Ltd$363,968.00
1597Micro Focus Pty Ltd$363,746.79
1598Oconnor Marsden And Associates$363,335.20
1599Smiths Detection (australia) Pty LT$363,150.20
1600C.I Tourism Association Inc$362,925.00
1601HEX RAYS SA$362,833.96
1602K J Wnekowski Pty Ltd$361,056.96
1603Office Of Parliamentary Counsel$361,019.82
1604K. J. ROSS & Associates Pty Ltd$360,571.70
1605Bentleys (SA) Pty Ltd$360,030.00
1606Beaver Technology Services Pty Ltd$360,030.00
1607Foresight IT Consulting$359,700.00
1608ITC Australasia Pty Ltd$358,827.70
1609Etech Vanuatu Ltd$357,139.00
1610Compunetix INC.$356,540.87
1611Welch Allyn Australia Pty Ltd$356,469.48
1612IHS Global PTE Ltd$356,152.89
1613Stantons International Audit And Consulting Pty Ltd$355,810.00
1614Rojone Pty Limited$355,585.14
1615BLUE STAR Group Pty Ltd$353,599.08
1616Simuserv Pty Ltd$353,499.96
1617Outdoor Sporting Agencies Pty Ltd$352,584.95
1618Motors TAS Pty Ltd Clayton Kallend$351,553.40
1619Andrew Engineering Pty Ltd$351,283.11
1620Kinetic Fighting Pty Ltd$351,186.32
1621New Intelligence$351,035.50
1622Riverland WEST Local Action Planning Association Inc$350,900.00
1623Amicia Consulting$350,276.00
1626Techni Waterjet Pty Ltd$349,939.04
1627Workplace Research Associates Pty Ltd$349,838.00
1628The Communication LINK$349,096.00
1629Datacamp INC.$348,832.74
1630Chief Fluid Systems Pty Ltd$348,524.87
1631LAW Consulting Services Pty Ltd Trading AS Tullius$348,400.00
1632Statewide Oil Distributors$348,273.60
1633AWR Corporation$348,201.08
1634DJX Advisory Pty Ltd$348,150.00
1635Morison Consulting Pty Limited$347,734.70
1636Defence Seals Pty Ltd$346,917.68
1637ICD ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$346,700.20
1638Fenton Strategic Communications Pty$345,785.00
1639Holland Medical Pty Ltd$345,358.83
1640Schneider Electric IT Australia P/L$345,096.22
1641Trinogy Systems Pty Ltd$344,620.49
1642GT Jeffreys Building Contractors$343,120.24
1643Houston KEMP Pty Ltd$342,643.00
1644A J Baker And SONS Pty Ltd$341,597.17
1645Samson Odhiambo Awinoh$341,215.78
1646NEXA Group Pty Ltd$340,642.50
1647Australian Energy Market Operator Limited$340,191.50
1648TAPE Products Research Holdings Pty Ltd$339,174.00
1649AERO Safety Equipment$338,926.50
1650Screen Consulting$338,800.00
1651Spatial Information Systems Research LIM$338,188.30
1652Preston ROWE Paterson Sydney Pty Ltd$336,500.00
1653Moray And Agnew Lawyers$336,000.00
1655Premier Building & Construction Pty Ltd$335,236.83
1656JEFF Whalan Learning Group$335,032.53
1657Australian National Audit Office$333,300.00
1658Sub-micron Engineering$333,300.00
1659Hobart FOOD Equipment Pty Ltd$333,239.70
1660IA Design$331,616.00
1661Institute Of Public Administration$331,353.00
1662Hastwell Pty Ltd$330,314.29
1664GLH Securities Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1665Terrace Group Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1666Outback Medical Services PTY. Ltd$330,000.00
1667Centenary Medical Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1668The Trustee For Health On Central$330,000.00
1669The Trustee For Wonthaggi Business Service Trust$330,000.00
1670The Trustee For Health CARE Centre Morwell Trust$330,000.00
1671The Trustee For Warragul Specialist$330,000.00
1672Braveheart Healthcare Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1673A And N Medical Practice Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1674Haemonetics Australia Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1675G1 Asset Management Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1676CMH Practice Management Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1677Department Of Health And Wellbeing$330,000.00
1678M & J Chickens NSW & ACT$330,000.00
1679The Trustee For PORT Melbourne$330,000.00
1680The Trustee For Inglis Medical Centre$330,000.00
1681Toowoomba 7 DAY Medical Centre$330,000.00
1682BEST Practice Software Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1683The Trustee For Tfcmg Trust$330,000.00
1684The Trustee For The Medical Services Trust$330,000.00
1685Epichealth Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1686Fresh Coaching And Training$330,000.00
1687CMG Services Trust$330,000.00
1688The Trustee For Riverstone Family Medical Practice Trust$330,000.00
1689PHYU SIN HTET Pty Ltd$330,000.00
1690Manderson, KATE E$330,000.00
1691Veitch Lister Consulting Pty Ltd$329,780.00
1692CCNA Applications PTY. Ltd$329,251.00
1693Corrigin FARM Improvement Group$329,056.20
1694Health Technology Analysts Pty Ltd$328,977.00
1695Adeshola Adedamola Odusanya$328,873.90
1696Techforce Services Pty Ltd$328,320.00
1697D2N - Technology Solutions$327,602.74
1698Composite Components$327,459.00
1699TCI International, INC.$326,906.00
1700Cultural Perspectives Pty Ltd$326,844.06
1701Priority Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd$325,842.00
1702Intech Solutions Pty Ltd$325,799.12
1703Dovef Pty Ltd$325,705.10
17044impact Pty Ltd$325,600.00
1705Australian Commission On Safety And$325,462.00
1706Cocos (keeling) Islands Tourism$325,000.00
1707Eimaging Pty Ltd$324,665.00
1709The Logistics Alliance PTY. LTD.$324,600.00
1710Grosvenor Performance Group$324,520.88
1711Davenport Campbell And Partners Pty L$324,479.82
1712Simon National Carriers$323,950.00
1713Unearth Talent Pty Ltd$323,947.01
1714The Network Worldwide PTY. LTD.$323,400.00
1716DR R Stafford - Stafford Medical P/L$321,811.64
1717Global Project Solutions$321,500.00
1718Profundis Pty Ltd$321,147.86
1719Bartier Perry$321,000.00
1720RSM Australia$320,996.90
1721The IT CLUB House$320,861.97
1722Emona Instruments Pty Ltd$320,758.90
1723Collabera Technologies$320,292.50
1724DC Services (NQ) Pty Ltd$320,087.48
1725Bloomberg Australia Pty Ltd$320,012.58
1726Hunter New England Local Health DIS$320,000.00
1727Network Process Service$320,000.00
1728Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia Pty Ltd$319,902.42
1729NADA Vellnagel Pty Ltd$319,204.29
1730Sfdesign Pty Ltd$319,162.80
1731Ivoclar Vivadent Pty Ltd$318,827.00
1732Trical Australia Pty Ltd$318,714.00
1733GOV LAW TECH Services Pty Ltd$318,388.48
1734Insight Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd$318,357.06
1735Cirrus Networks (canberra ) Pty Ltd$318,065.89
1736Capital Workforce Solutions Pty Ltd$317,941.68
1737Macquarie University$317,922.70
1738Milsearch Pty Ltd$317,364.30
1739RL HUNT Medical Services Pty Ltd$313,962.57
1740Sdormer Pty Ltd$313,962.57
1741Defendtex Military Products Pty Ltd$313,687.00
1742IIT Training Training Pty Ltd$313,221.51
1743Farcove Pty Ltd$313,102.40
1744Ghost CRAB Pty Ltd$313,102.40
1745Aerodrome Management Service Pty LT$312,592.50
1746Wipro Limited$312,312.00
1747The Frame Group Pty Limited$312,250.87
1748GREY Advantage Limited$311,696.00
1749Consultium Pty Limited$311,287.50
1750Energy & Power Systems Pty Ltd$310,103.94
1751A2K Technologies Pty Ltd$309,773.07
1752Hastings Deering (aust) Pty Ltd$309,668.04
1753COX Inall Change Pty Ltd$308,792.25
1754Data Migrators Pty Ltd$308,711.15
1755Centelon Pty Ltd$308,550.00
1756Nextdc Limited$308,441.73
1757Continusec Pty Ltd$308,000.00
1758Aviation & General Pty Ltd$308,000.00
1759Mozaic Management Consultants Pty Ltd$307,450.00
1760Jetfield Constructions$307,450.00
1761Taras Nominees Pty Ltd$307,208.63
1762PW Defence Limited$306,732.92
1763P. Blashki And SONS Pty Ltd$306,720.54
1764IDC People Pty Ltd$306,600.00
1765Construction Control Australia Pty Limited$305,833.00
1766East Coast Maritime Pty Ltd$305,360.00
1767Energyconsult Pty Ltd$305,214.00
1768Klepper PTY. Ltd$304,907.30
1769Career Industry Council$304,656.00
1770National Archives Of Australia$304,000.00
1771Mhd-rockland Inc$303,985.00
1772Luminact PTY. LTD.$303,902.08
1773The Trustee For BWD Developments$303,825.50
1774David Barrett Partners Limited$303,408.00
1775Redhilt Pty Limited$303,160.00
1776Humanitarian Advisory Group Pty Ltd$302,695.25
1777ETEL Freight Services Pty Ltd$302,500.00
1778Leedal Pty Ltd$301,322.37
1779ISW Solutions$300,930.66
1781Facet Consulting Pty Ltd$300,740.00
1782Australian Building Surveying Servi$300,300.00
1783The RAND Corporation (australia) Pty Ltd$300,000.00
1784Alinta Contracting Pty Ltd$300,000.00
1785BCM Group (australia) Pty Ltd$300,000.00
1786Adapt Services Pty Ltd T/A$300,000.00
1787Christopher Malcolm BODY$300,000.00
1788Industrial Sciences Group$299,920.38
1789Boroko Motors Limited$299,637.70
1790Talent International Holdings Pty Ltd$299,203.30
1791Fredon Security Pty Limited$299,180.60
1792Bendelta Pty Ltd$299,076.94
1793BLUE Swimmer Consulting Pty Ltd$298,930.00
17942M Language Services 2M Communications Pty Ltd T/A$298,176.15
1796Maggie BEER Foundation Ltd$297,825.00
1797A J Barnes Pty Ltd$297,055.25
1798Discovery Holiday Parks Pty Limited$296,140.00
1799Quest Personnel Pty Ltd$295,867.00
1800Philip Edwin HIND$295,625.00
1801Nowaste WOOD Busters Pty Ltd$295,000.00
1802AJF Electrical Distributors ATF P & K Cross Investment Trust$294,800.00
1803Rapiscan Systems Pty Ltd$294,470.00
1804Makwara Solutions Pty Ltd$294,030.00
1805POLO CPI Pty Ltd$294,000.00
1806Accessing Health Pty Ltd$293,605.71
1807FLIR Radars Inc$293,551.86
1808Tableau International U.C$293,008.83
1809Puppet LABS Australia Pty Ltd$293,008.42
1810Altair Engineering Software Pty Ltd$292,572.50
1811Mitch's Diesel Services Pty Ltd$292,510.83
1812RISE Above Custom Drones & Robotics$291,635.41
1813RDME Pty Ltd$290,840.00
1814PARA Bellum Solutions Pty Ltd$290,400.00
1815Elisabeth MARY Idnurm$290,120.00
1816Technical Assessing (vic) Pty Ltd$290,000.00
1817Institute For The Development Of Environmental-economic Accounting P$289,805.00
1819Noakes Group Pty Limited$289,422.19
1820Cosmic TECH Solutions Pty Ltd$288,288.00
1821IT Alliance Australia Pty Ltd$287,375.00
1822Prosys Services Pty Limited$286,377.32
1823ESIM Games Deutschland GMBH$286,144.00
1824Praeco Pty Limited$285,702.46
1825Schiavello Systems ACT Pty Ltd$285,569.90
1826Taylor & Francis Group$284,920.70
1827ALFA Laval Australia Pty Ltd$284,693.78
1828Torque Software Pty Ltd$283,800.00
1829Fragrance Wa-murray Hotel Pty Ltd$283,500.01
1830MCI Solutions Australia$283,400.00
1831Laundry LANE Productions Pty Ltd$283,202.20
1832Inlogik Pty Ltd$283,099.96
1833Varley Group$283,041.00
1834Adaptable Leadership Pty Ltd$283,000.00
1835Beans Counted Pty Ltd$282,744.00
1836APH Catering And Events$282,595.50
1837AJM BROE Investments Pty Ltd$282,566.31
1838Tonkin Consulting Pty Ltd$282,100.00
1839Sirsidynix Pty Ltd$281,615.91
1840BALL & Doggett$281,380.00
1841Compass Group Defence Hospitality Services Pty Ltd$280,692.26
1842Clearswift PYT Ltd Limited$280,170.00
1843Wolters Kluwer$279,961.21
1844Colin Biggers And Paisley$279,950.00
1845Multicultural MKTG & Management$279,913.49
1846SPC Federal, LLC$279,896.13
1847Defendtex Pty Ltd$279,683.78
1848Australian Computer Society Inc$278,400.00
1849Brady Perspectives Pty Ltd$277,893.92
1850Yellow EDGE Pty Ltd$277,532.00
1851Cooperage Capital Pty Limited$277,200.00
1852Ninti ONE Limited$276,875.00
1853Jirsch Sutherland$275,896.50
1854Conbrio Technology Group Ltd$275,162.80
1855Australian Regional And Remote COMM$275,000.00
1856The Trustee For The North Albany Doctors UNIT Trust$275,000.00
1857The Trustee For South Mudgee Surgery UNIT Trust$275,000.00
1858The Trustee For OKM Trust$275,000.00
1859RJ Campbell Pty Ltd$275,000.00
1860David Ringelblum Pty Ltd$275,000.00
1861Campbell, Gregory$275,000.00
1862Bridge Clinic$275,000.00
1863ST George Medical Centre (qld) Pty Ltd$275,000.00
1864PIUS X Aboriginal Corporation$275,000.00
1865Innovative Health Collaborations Pty Ltd$275,000.00
1866Shine Solutions Group Trust$275,000.00
1867ZICO Pty Ltd$275,000.00
1868The Trustee For MPMS After Hours Doctor UNIT Trust$275,000.00
1869Danila Dilba Biluru Butji Binnilutlum$275,000.00
1870Pasma Electrical$274,840.25
1871Pursuit Technology$274,813.00
1872Silkdent Trust$274,717.25
1873Avaya Australia Pty Ltd$274,450.00
1874ROCO Rescue, INC.$274,261.86
1875HIGH Earth Orbit Robotics Pty Ltd$273,900.00
1876Spearpoint Solutions & Technology$273,641.17
1877Advanced Concepts And Technologies!international, Llc!dba$273,151.64
1878Boeing Australia Component$273,045.30
1879Integral Drones Australia Trust$272,342.40
1880Australian Survey Research Pty Ltd$272,298.60
1881Energeia Pty Ltd$272,144.40
1882Qualtrics LLC$271,915.00
1883Bellchambers Barrett Pty Ltd$271,446.00
1884NUIX Pty Ltd$271,434.10
1885Optical Solutions Australia (act) Pty Ltd$271,135.70
1886Business For Millenium Development Ltd$271,051.00
1887Lander & Rogers Lawyers & C.D Henderson & D Humphery-smith$270,291.40
1888Actian Australia Pty Limited$270,151.20
1889Statistic Netherlands$270,100.00
1890Western Sydney University$269,999.00
1892Medical AIR Pty Ltd$269,700.00
1893A Hamilton Building Pty Ltd$269,685.41
1894Artio People Pty Ltd$269,527.50
1895Braemac (SA) Pty Ltd$268,840.27
1896Hensoldt Sensors GMBH$268,378.27
1897Department Of Foreign Affairs And T$268,002.49
1898Symbios Communications Pty Ltd$267,070.00
1899Dtect Innovation Pty.ltd.$266,686.24
1900L-3 Communications Australia P/L$266,546.77
1901ARUP Australia Pty Ltd$266,224.20
1902AVEC Global Pty Limited$266,000.02
1904Human Systems Group Pty Ltd$265,971.00
1905TIP TOP Bakeries$265,272.63
1906Allen And Clarke Consulting Pty Ltd$265,070.80
1907Price Systems Limited$265,000.00
1908YTEK Pty Ltd$264,835.00
1909Liquid Interactive$264,681.00
1910Interaction Training Pty Limited$264,299.99
1911GUS Gilmore Group$264,000.00
1912ICE Media Pty Ltd$264,000.00
1913Focus Consulting Group Inc$263,871.00
1914Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Ltd$263,840.00
1915Medimobile Pty Ltd$263,615.00
1916IREP DMCC$263,561.22
1917Flightdeck Crewing$262,625.00
1918Converge Heritage And Community Trust$262,356.60
1919Ascent Professional Services PTY. PTY. LTD.$262,240.00
1920Mcgirr Information Technology$262,035.91
1921Janusnet Pty Limited$261,898.45
1922APEX Research Pty Ltd$261,839.92
1923Porter Novelli AUS Pty Ltd$261,412.80
1924Rivium Pty Ltd$261,394.10
1925ZF Australia Pacific Pty Ltd$261,201.87
1926Deltaq Pty Ltd$260,832.00
1927Aviall Australia Pty Ltd$260,176.95
1928Haskoning DHV UK Limited$260,000.00
1929HCM Australia Pty Ltd$259,600.00
1930Cre8ive Australasia Pty Ltd$259,240.30
1931Equifax Australia Information Servi$259,240.00
1932PVP Advanced EO Systems, INC.$259,222.08
1933Kayaking World Pty Ltd$258,475.36
1934Azzopardi & Hancock Furniture$258,456.00
1935RICE Warner Actuaries Pty Ltd$257,950.00
1936Bellchambers Barrett$257,782.50
1937Southtech Engineering Pty Ltd$257,707.43
1938US Tower Corp.$256,718.35
1939Proof Communications Pty Ltd$256,500.00
1940Connexion Systems Pty Ltd Systems Discretionary Trust$255,934.80
1941Sk3wl 0F R00T LLC$255,879.24
1942Voronoi Pty Ltd$255,182.40
1943Axiom Associates (aust) Pty Ltd$254,771.58
1944Mcgrathnicol Corporate Recovery$254,727.00
1945Northern Transportables Pty Ltd$254,628.00
1946RYAN Aerospace$254,306.80
1947Ground Effects Consulting$254,210.00
1948Applied CCM$254,177.00
1949Ozedi Holdings Pty Ltd$254,100.00
1950Steve Brimstone Psych SERV P/L$253,583.75
1951NANO Vacuum Pty Ltd$253,122.11
1952Department Of Health And Human Services$253,000.00
1953PMB Defence Engineering Pty Ltd$253,000.00
1954Australian Digital Technology$252,648.00
1955Programmed Professionals Pty Ltd$252,500.00
1956Barrett Communications Pty Ltd$252,281.15
1957Prominent Press Pty Ltd$252,137.80
1959Transparent Language, Inc$252,077.30
1960Anritsu Pty Ltd$251,498.81
1961Schiavello Ganbu Pty Ltd$251,223.50
1962V-tek, INC.$251,070.33
1963Future Fitouts$251,034.30
1964Instron Pty Ltd$250,580.00
1965KNOW YOUR Data Pty Ltd$250,511.15
1966RISK & Security Management Pty Ltd$250,000.00
1967Gordon JOHN DE Brouwer$250,000.00
1968Relationships Australia (victoria) Inc$250,000.00
1969The Institution Of Engineers AUST$250,000.00
1970WISE Mcgrath Pty Ltd$250,000.00
1971MEP Instruments Pty Ltd$249,761.15
1973NOVA Portable Buildings Pty Ltd$248,815.60
1974Advanced VTOL Technologies Pty Ltd$248,800.01
1975Software Education Australia Pty LT$248,490.00
1976ETM Perspectives Pty Ltd$248,290.00
1977Entrust Datacard Limited$247,753.60
1978DWS Limited$246,977.50
1979Robinson RYAN Pty Limited$246,620.00
1980Coresight Pty Ltd$246,282.30
1981Samuels Donegan Pty Ltd$246,210.80
1982Gadzooks Pty Ltd$245,794.56
1983Enigma Indigenous Peoples$245,681.71
1984Nucleotrace PTY. Ltd$245,165.80
1985ATA Scientific Pty Ltd$245,036.00
1986Ranil Appuhamy T/A Public Health ACT$245,000.01
1987FIRE Rescue Safety Australia Pty$244,918.58
1988Rovera Construction Pty Ltd$244,646.75
1989Mcfarlane Kneebone Consulting Pty Ltd$244,535.40
1990Future Environment Garden Builders Pty Ltd$244,200.00
1991CALL Design Pty Ltd$244,170.54
1992Health Outcomes International Pty Ltd$244,090.00
1993Highchair Pty Ltd & The Civic Group Holdings Pty Ltd$243,892.00
1994Red Team Training Solutions Pty Ltd$243,391.50
1995Huntsman AUS Pty Ltdatf RAC Investments Trust$242,990.13
1996Terra Firma$242,968.00
1997Dataminr, Inc$242,914.50
1998WTW Anlagenbau GMBH$242,246.49
1999MAIN Street Developments$242,132.00
2000Mactaggart Scott Australia Pty *$241,378.47
2001Williams Podiatry Pty Ltd$240,900.00
2002Tucker MARK$240,000.00
2003Silobreaker Ltd$240,000.00
2004NTP Pty Ltd$239,944.49
2005Security & Technology Services (SA) Pty Ltd$239,897.90
200612thlevel Pty Ltd$239,400.00
2007Baker And Mckenzie$239,000.00
2008The Trustee For Revium UNIT Trust$238,565.80
2009Coral Triangle Center$238,000.00
2010APC Technology$237,875.00
2011Alfex CNC Australia$237,413.00
2013Integrity Health And Safety Pty Ltd$236,791.73
2014Fastlane Solutions Pty Ltd$236,582.50
2015Datacom Systems (nsw) Pty Ltd$236,575.82
2016Ogilvy Australia Pty Ltd$236,516.50
2017Atlantek Vision Pty Ltd$235,803.26
2018General Atomics Aeronautical!system Inc.!dba US GOV GA Aeronautical$235,706.80
2019Ellipsoid Solutions Pty Ltd$235,471.93
2020Sonic Healthplus Pty Ltd$235,129.37
2021Cogito Group Pty Ltd$234,552.63
2022Tailored HR Solutions$234,245.00
20232bural Pty Limited$234,233.23
2024Australian Visual Solutions$234,003.70
2025QOI Alpha Office Furniture$233,596.00
2026Project Outcomes Pty Ltd Australian Swimming House$232,966.00
2027University Of Sunshine Coast$232,338.70
2028Ampersand International Pty Ltd$232,150.60
2029Planex Sales Pty Ltd$231,413.59
2030Co-operative Motors Pty Limited$231,047.09
2031Bridge Toyota$231,000.00
2032Camcode Australia Pty Ltd$230,000.00
2033Ballistic And Mechanical Testing Pty Ltd$228,999.99
2034S&P Global Platts$228,497.56
2035Ausoptic International Pty Ltd$228,361.91
2036Adtec (act) Pty Ltd$228,327.00
2037PRO Stainless$227,451.40
2038Winya Indigenous Furniture Pty Ltd$227,134.80
2039The Trustee For Balance Recruitment$226,911.37
2040Executive Intelligence Group Pty Ltd$226,099.50
2041Geomark Research Ltd$225,500.00
2042National Ageing Research Institute$224,380.90
2043Volvo Group Government Sales OCE$224,029.26
2044Griffin Legal Pty Limited$224,000.01
2045PAUL Nihill Pty Ltd$223,712.50
2046Viocorp International Pty Ltd$223,626.70
2047HMA Instrumentation Pty Ltd$223,520.00
2048INFO Access Group Pty Ltd$223,461.00
2049Aspex Consulting Pty Ltd$223,363.00
2050Newspec Pty Ltd$222,691.96
2051Strada Office FUND Pty Ltd$221,043.66
2052Earth Science Information Systems Pty Ltd$220,200.10
2053Rangelands NRM Co-ordinating Group$220,000.00
2054ACT Health Service$220,000.00
2055The Australian Psychological Society Limited$220,000.00
2056Peopleconnexion (png) Limited$220,000.00
2057Condamine Medical Centre (qld) Pty Ltd$220,000.00
2058National Association Of Services Against Sexual Violence Inc$220,000.00
2059Optimum Business Consulting Pty Ltd$220,000.00
2060Group Training Australia Limited$220,000.00
2061Adelaide Primary Health Network$220,000.00
2062The Trustee For Rivernet UNIT Trust T/AS Rivernet Communications$219,920.80
2063Parker Hannifin (australia) Pty$219,498.44
2064Amazon Web Services Inc$219,000.00
2065Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd - USD$218,836.02
2066S&P Global Market Intelligence LLC$218,659.92
2067Fibretech Solutions$218,473.20
2068Quinn Truck Services Pty Ltd$218,460.08
2069RPS Australia WEST Pty Ltd$218,458.90
2070Feline Pty Ltd$217,800.00
2071Hytec Interior Solutions$217,516.97
2072Special Electronics Inc$216,751.23
2073Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd$216,067.50
2074Dexion Storage Centre$215,743.01
2075Thunder Honey Pty Ltd$215,333.00
2076Suthars Pty Ltd$215,325.00
2077CUBE Group Management Consulting PT$215,300.00
2078W2L Managed Services Pty Ltd$214,156.80
2079Airflite Pty Ltd$214,142.36
2080Satphone SHOP Pty Ltd$213,990.00
2081Calcutta Group Pty Ltd$213,712.00
2082Nintex Pty Ltd$213,660.16
2083ACE Materials Handling$213,370.06
2084Brooke Institute Pty Ltd$213,000.00
2085Total Technology Partners$212,662.00
2086Tanner James Management Consultants PTY. LTD.$212,594.96
2088Proton Dynamics$211,750.00
2089Valiant Hire Pty Ltd Pty Ltd$211,666.81
2090The Binocular & Telescope SHOP Pty Limited$211,647.08
2091Kangaroo Island Sealink Pty Ltd$211,584.41
2092IPAR Rehabilitation Pty Ltd$211,500.00
2093Mowla Pty Ltd T/A Sofitel Melbourne On Collins$211,452.18
2094Mallort Pty Ltd$211,400.00
2095NERA Australia Pty Ltd$211,226.00
2096Trevor Sutton$211,200.00
2097Changepoint Canada ULC$211,000.00
2098600 Machine Tools Pty Ltd$210,980.00
2099Mantech Advanced Systems!international, INC.$210,250.00
2100QLD Shadeshelters$210,210.00
2101CPT Global Australia Pty Ltd$210,000.00
2102Research And Communications Group Ltd$210,000.00
2103ASD Technology Pty Ltd$209,773.30
2104NEC IT Services Australia Pty Ltd$209,693.29
2105Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre$209,550.00
2106Hotel Realm Pty Ltd$209,070.00
2107South Coast Natural Resource Management Inc$209,000.00
2108The Society Of Hospital Pharmacists$209,000.00
2109Araluen Properties Pty Ltd ATF Harold T & Tanya M LANG & Karen P Ingram T/AS LANG Family Partnership$208,807.39
2110Glintech Ltd$208,538.62
2111MARK Gurry And Associates$206,844.00
2112JOHN E Stiles Jr!dba Optical Guidan Systems$206,752.78
2113Aussafe Consulting Pty Ltd$206,704.96
2114Server Racks Australia Pty Ltd$206,697.20
2115Jvara Health (matthew Eckersley)$206,000.00
2116Department Of Health QLD$205,678.00
2118JK Geotechnics Pty Ltd$205,375.63
2119Hootsuite INC.$205,330.51
2120Mantel Group Pty Ltd$204,820.00
2121QUBE Ports (NO 1) Pty Ltd$204,518.49
2122Dandalo Partners Pty Ltd$204,253.50
2123Babylon Industries Pty Ltd$203,546.75
2124Turner & Townsend$203,369.65
2125Michelin Australia Pty Ltd$203,364.04
2126Geoplex Products Pty Ltd$202,873.38
2127The Trustee For The Morpheus Trust$202,867.00
2128TOTE Systems Australia PTY. LTD.$202,854.02
2129STAR Electrical CO Pty Ltd$202,797.10
2130Sargeant Advisory$202,500.00
2131Eclips Pty Ltd$202,400.00
2132Michael PAGE International (australia)$202,353.20
2133Akauntan Negara Malaysia-mindef-t$202,287.35
2135NBD Enterprises Pty Ltd (ACN 116 966 520) ATF The Symonston Trust & The Symonston UNIT Trust$201,663.00
2136Futurelearn Ltd$201,500.00
2137Ecowise Services Australia Pty Ltd$201,111.45
2138Rockbros Pty Ltd ACN 111362166 ATF Rockbros Trust$200,726.13
2139Emerald SEA Surveys Pty Ltd$200,698.73
2140Auto-avia Design Pty Ltd$200,530.00
2141Evolve Scientific Recruitment Pty Ltd$200,109.63
21423M Australia Pty Ltd$200,007.15
2144Geos4 GMBH$200,000.00
2145Spotless Services Australia Limited$200,000.00
2146Brave Insights Pty Ltd$200,000.00
2147Department Of Agriculture Water And The Environment$200,000.00
2148Department Of Agriculture And Water Resources - Australia$200,000.00
2149Alsco Ltd PTD$200,000.00
2150LONE STAR Company Pty Ltd$200,000.00
2151Austral MEAT$200,000.00
2152Perpetro Pty Ltd$200,000.00
2153Tompson Cooper Lawyers Pty Ltd$200,000.00
2154Interconnect Systems Pty Ltd$199,974.50
2155Vsolutions Limited$199,800.00
2156Iress Limited$199,650.00
2157OBAN Consulting Pty Ltd$199,436.59
2158HILL Executive Group Pty Ltd$199,023.00
2159IAN David Cresswell$198,220.00
2160BMG Labtech Pty Ltd$198,110.00
2161Safetylyne Family Trust & The Trustee For$198,054.87
2162World Services (australia) Pty Ltd$198,000.00
2163WCJ Pty Ltd$198,000.00
2164Country South Australia Primary Health Network$198,000.00
2165Cedrent Enterprises Pty Ltd$198,000.00
2166Mountainside Pty Ltd$198,000.00
2167The POD Multimedia Pty Ltd$198,000.00
2168Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd$197,953.90
2169CSW Associates$197,944.45
2170Super Global Services Pty Ltd$197,835.51
2171Spinifex Recruiting$196,957.47
2172KORN Ferry International$196,332.40
2173Rocket Software Pty Ltd$195,989.35
2174Watermark Search International$195,800.00
2175Dream Think DO$195,549.20
2176Ngamuru Advisory Pty Ltd$195,200.01
2177Sandra Walker Pty Ltd$195,014.29
2178Peever Consulting Pty Ltd$195,000.00
2179Rehab Management (aust) Pty Ltd$194,908.00
2180Tetra Associates$194,700.00
2181Milin Transport$194,649.40
2182Rural Solutions Tasmania$194,580.01
2183Simbiant Pty Ltd$194,410.60
2184BBH Engineering Pty Ltd$194,000.00
2185Lumina Broadcast Systems Australia Pty Ltd$193,693.41
2186Exmile Solutions Limited$193,662.18
2187FIVE Phase Group Pty Ltd$193,600.00
2188ALFA Computers Pty Ltd$193,322.80
2189K Devenish Advisory SVCS Pty Ltd$192,713.74
2190MR Andrew JOHN Kirkham$192,500.00
2191EMT Distribution Pty Ltd$192,500.00
2192NSI (aust) Pty Ltd$192,500.00
2193Australian Sports Commission$192,425.00
2194Balazs Lazanas & Welch LLP$192,282.50
2195Flowtech National Pty Ltd$192,028.10
2196Flowtech Scientific Pty Ltd$192,028.10
2197RKDN Consulting Pty Ltd$192,000.00
2198Reef Engineering$191,983.00
2199RON Allum Deepsea Services Pty Ltd$191,918.10
2200Bellchambers Barrett Consulting Pty Ltd$191,805.00
2201The P.A. People Pty Ltd$191,792.70
2202CCH Australia Limited$191,784.28
2203Eb2b.com Pty Ltd$191,672.84
2204Sexton Trading CO Pty Ltd$191,152.50
2205FE Global Pty Ltd Trading AS Fisher Leadership$190,899.50
2206FUJI Xerox Australia PTY. Limited$190,893.51
2207HAL Group Pty Ltd$190,809.12
2208Designate Group Pty Ltd$190,745.00
2209Australian Maritime$190,739.00
2210IA Indigenous Pty Ltd$190,632.20
2211SAFT SAS$190,397.57
2212Exceed Global$190,000.00
2213Appcensus, INC.$190,000.00
2214Accounts Receivable Administrator Defence Shared Services (nsc)$189,447.82
2215The Trustee For Clark Kennedy & Assocs UNIT Trust$189,398.00
2216Getback Pty Ltd$189,321.65
2217Jarlam Australia Pty Ltd$189,242.90
2218Advanced Machine Tools Pty Ltd$189,020.70
2219Brauer Natural Medicine Pty Ltd$188,500.00
2220BEN Goscombe$188,450.00
2221Seiler Instrument And Manufacturing Company, Incorporated$188,343.75
2222MCR Computer Resources Pty Ltd$188,136.27
2223Communications & Power Industries LLC$188,055.00
2224Adelaide Convention Centre Corporation$187,881.70
2225Scalable Network Technologies, INC.$187,830.28
2226ST JOHN Ambulance Australia NPSU Incorporated$187,756.55
2227Tecolote Research Inc$187,511.04
2228Shovelanna Pty Ltd ATF The Venue Trust$187,379.60
2229RD And Associates Accountants And Business Advisor$187,277.00
2230Carbon Market Institute Limited$187,198.00
2231Plant Health Australia Ltd$187,000.00
2232Ausdiagnostics Pty Ltd$186,862.50
2233ENEX Pty Ltd$186,780.00
2234ASI Solutions Pty Ltd$186,488.50
2235Thomas Duryea Logicalis Pty Ltd$186,430.90
2236The TTEE For Knights Family Trust$186,410.71
2237Brady Australia Pty Ltd$186,369.70
2238Phoenx PLM Pty Ltd$186,041.78
2239Aerotech Herman Nelson Internationa$186,000.00
2240Workspace Commercial Furniture Pty Limited$185,790.00
2242Kevin Edmund Lindgren QC$185,000.02
2243Group On Earth Observations (geo) Secretariat C/O$185,000.00
2244Elabor8 Pty Ltd$184,800.40
2245Visual Analysis Pty Ltd$184,649.13
2246Westrac Equipment Pty Ltd$184,576.69
2247PSMA Australia Limited$184,308.30
2248The Trustee For Acitelli Family TRU T/AS Pinnacle Valve Solutions$183,438.20
2249Stirlings To Coast Farmers$183,410.70
2250Simulinc Pty Ltd$183,234.56
2251National Motor Rewinds Pty Ltd$182,391.00
2252Torii Consulting$182,336.00
2253GNS Science$181,780.00
2254RMIT Publishing$181,644.78
2255ARIS Consulting Pty Ltd$181,500.00
2256EXPO Centric Pty Ltd$181,104.00
2257Clarke Diesel Repairs$180,539.94
2258Independent Consultants Australia Network Pty Ltd$180,400.00
2259VALD Performance Pty Ltd$180,387.25
2260The Missing LINK Pty Ltd$180,086.50
2261ALEC Leopold$180,000.00
2262Motorbis Pty Ltd$180,000.00
2263Smart Upholstery Pty Ltd$179,761.00
2264Pitchperfect Media Pty Ltd$179,520.00
2265Peter Stevens Motorcycles Pty Ltd$178,593.26
2266Thomson Reuters (professional) Australia$178,468.71
2267The Trustee For Clarkson Family TRU$177,100.00
2268Nursing Advisory Services Pty Ltd$177,013.20
2269Cycoll Health$177,013.20
2270New Lenox Machine CO., Inc$176,840.99
2272Clifford Hallam Healthcare$176,609.19
2273Farron Research Pty Ltd$176,527.00
2274Silverback Cargo Equipment Pty L$176,385.00
2275The Trustee For The David Looke$176,195.76
2276PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd$176,167.40
2277Kompozition Pty Ltd$176,000.00
2278Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty LI$176,000.00
2279LOWY Institute For International$176,000.00
2280Exelis Australia Pty Ltd$175,868.23
2281Synopsys Global KFT$175,823.50
2282Baxter, Peter Colin Ernest$175,600.70
2283Designcase Pty Ltd$175,186.00
2284CORE UNIT Pty Ltd$175,147.00
2285Apnic Pty Ltd$175,009.40
2286ALS Laboratory Group Pty Ltd$174,868.65
2287Neuro Leadership Institute$174,740.00
2288Yamari Ochre Signs$174,657.81
2289Union Offset CO. PTY. Limited$174,369.00
2290EPPS Software Pty Ltd$174,272.65
2291JLL Public Sector Valuations Pty Ltd$174,020.00
2292LON Consulting Pty Ltd$174,000.00
2293Melrose Wheelchairs Pty Ltd$173,830.00
2294Intercontinental Hotel Sydney$173,700.50
2295Stephen Sedgwick$173,200.00
2296Oakley Greenwood Pty Ltd$173,000.00
2297Australian Healthcare Associates$172,846.74
2298NMH Commercial Flooring Pty Ltd$172,814.00
2300Consulting 4 Nurses Pty Ltd$172,428.09
2301Grace Records Management$172,182.07
2302BIS Oxford Economics$172,068.60
2303Anthaygra Enterprises Pty Ltd In ITS Capacity AS Trustee Of The HAMP Family Trust$171,600.00
2304RCS Management Consulting Pty Ltd$171,600.00
2305Iccpm Solutions Pty Ltd$171,083.50
2306Onigroup Pty Ltd$170,999.95
2307Defence Business Solutions Pty Ltd$170,300.00
2308TRUE North Strategic Communication Pty Ltd$170,232.21
2309Aerospace And Defence Products P$169,950.00
2310Creative Agile Consulting$169,785.00
2311Agile Systems Pty Ltd$169,400.00
2312Kongsberg Maritime Pty Ltd$168,889.91
2313Center For Global Development$168,639.90
2314X-midas Engineering PTY. LTD.$168,300.00
2315Avepoint AU Pty Ltd$168,300.00
2316Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd$168,261.50
2317Wmdtech, LLC$167,956.20
2318LUKE Livingston$167,838.00
2319S&P Global Market Intelligence$167,716.88
2320Personalised Freight Management$167,699.50
2321Sirius Technology$167,620.00
2322MBC Marie BALL Consulting Pty Ltd$167,200.00
2323Blazlin's Holdings Pty Ltd$167,090.00
2324Amanda Orourke And Associates Pty Ltd$166,980.00
2325LIL Engine$166,650.00
2326G J Morgan Kitchens$166,646.97
2327Susan Yates O.T. Pty Ltd$166,335.71
2328Darner Family Trust$166,335.71
2329LUKE DE Graaf$166,080.00
2330NGS Global Pty Ltd$166,000.00
2331M And A MEAD Investments Pty Ltd$165,585.20
2333Kathryn Margaret Sinclair$165,000.00
2334Cully's Yamaha$165,000.00
2335Global Compact Network Australia LI$165,000.00
2336Corporate Scorecard Pty Limited$165,000.00
2337Piper Alderman$165,000.00
2338Zedmed Pty Ltd$165,000.00
2339Health Support Services$165,000.00
2340Simple Retail PTY. Limited$165,000.00
2341National Ethnic Disability Alliance Inc$165,000.00
2342Quantum Technology Pty Ltd$164,773.10
2343Spencer TECH Pty Ltd$164,579.80
2344Glanda International Pty Ltd$164,538.00
2345Infratherm Pty Ltd$164,340.16
2346C E Bartlett Pty Ltd$164,281.15
2347Frankadvice Pty Ltd$164,124.99
2348AXIS IT Solutions Pty Ltd$164,120.00
2349The OTM Company$163,592.00
2350Morpht Pty Ltd$163,500.04
2351The ID Crowd Pty Ltd$163,000.00
2352Unify Solutions Pty Ltd$162,787.00
2353RENZ Australia Pty Ltd$162,462.00
2354Sports Build Pty Ltd$162,392.00
2355Engage ORM PTY. LTD.$162,248.90
2356Power Protect Pty Ltd$162,210.98
2357Advanced Digital Forensic Solutions,!inc.!dba ADF Solutions$162,146.46
2358Australian Museum$161,967.14
2359LEX Australia Pty Ltd$161,920.00
2360Reefer Maintenance Services PTY*$161,809.12
2361Davidson Technology$161,040.00
2362OZKI Canvas Trust$160,775.84
2363Wiley Publishing Inc!dba JOHN Wiley And SONS$160,658.67
2364Palliative CARE Nurses Australia Inc$160,600.00
2365Reimage - Sustained Asset Services P/L$160,246.40
2366Sprinq Pty Ltd$160,160.00
2367Liberate Elearning Pty Ltd$160,000.01
2368Samantha Crompvoets Pty Ltd$159,999.99
2369I-link Research Solutions Pty Ltd$159,980.00
2371Orana Commercial Relocation Pty Ltd$159,555.00
2372Australian Catholic University Limited$159,500.00
2373Eomap Australia Pty Ltd$159,500.00
2374CM And JJ Consulting Pty Ltd$159,395.50
2375WDDS Pty Ltd$159,395.50
2376Ferno Australia Pty Ltd$159,390.00
2377Murray Waldren Consulting Pty Ltd$159,375.00
2379Alcheme Pty Ltd$158,950.00
2380SANS Institute Conference Office$158,946.41
2381DRS Sustainment Systems, INC.$158,800.51
2382Quark Photonics Pty Ltd$158,744.15
2383STLP Consulting Pty Ltd$158,718.00
2384PRO AV Solutions$158,416.30
2385Michael PIKE Consulting Pty Ltd Defconsult$158,400.06
2386The Doyen Collective Pty Ltd$158,400.00
2387Benelec PTY. Limited$158,144.84
2388Puzzle Partners Consulting Pty Limited$158,033.00
2389Grace Worldwide (australia) Pty Ltd$158,008.43
2390Smith Industrial Design$157,960.00
2391Sonardyne ASIA PTE Ltd$157,172.76
2392Element14 Pty Ltd$156,892.41
2394Decipha Pty Ltd$156,000.00
2395Pendragon Consultants Pty Ltd$155,700.00
2396MRV Spares Pty Ltd$155,603.60
2397Island Enterprise Ltd$155,513.57
2398JF Machinery Pty Ltd (machinery)$155,311.16
2399Diligent Board Services Australia$155,027.36
2400Bartos Consulting Group$154,990.00
2401Redfish Technologies Pty Ltd$154,839.66
2402Yaseen Shariff$154,621.80
2403Michael Joseph Pieloor T/A MIKE Pieloor & Associates Consu$154,477.96
2404Maximus International Pty Limited$154,440.00
2405Australian Tourism Export Council$154,428.00
2406Martins YASS Pty Ltd$154,194.00
2407Iqvia Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$154,079.20
2408Connley Walker Pty Ltd$154,000.00
2410National Malleefowl Recovery Group$154,000.00
2411DHL Global Forwarding Pty Ltd$154,000.00
2412Brintons Pty Ltd$154,000.00
2413ACT Logistics Pty Ltd$154,000.00
2414SHAW Building Group Pty Ltd$154,000.00
2415Waramungu Pty Ltd$153,951.60
2416SAFT Batteries Pty Ltd$153,521.50
2418Chemring Australia Pty Ltd$153,400.55
2419Woolworths Financial Services$153,000.00
2420Measurement Innovation Pty Ltd$152,689.23
2421MOVE Dynamics Pty Ltd$152,653.00
2422Marmalade Melbourne Pty Ltd$152,493.00
2423Liquip International Pty Ltd$151,927.90
2424Method Recruitment Group Sydney Pty Ltd$151,879.20
2425Data Consilium$151,800.00
2426Boeing Company, The!dba Boeing$151,695.42
2427ESKA Australia Pty Limited$151,360.00
2428Mediquip Pty Ltd$151,260.15
2429Arborco Australia Pty Ltd$150,938.22
2430Northern Water$150,900.00
2431DR Codehammer Pty Ltd$150,900.00
2432Strategy Policy Research$150,722.00
2433FLIR Unmanned Aerial Systems AS$150,663.78
2434Military SHOP$150,647.16
2435Raytheon Canada Limited^dba Elcan Optical Technologies$150,596.20
2436COLD BOX Express, Inc$150,150.00
2437Norfolk Island Regional Council$150,000.00
2438Technical Innovation Pty Ltd T/A Ubind$150,000.00
2439The Trustee For Humanoeuvre UNIT T/A Humanoeuvre Pty Ltd$150,000.00
2440Ingersoll Consulting$150,000.00
2441Uncharted Leadership Institute Pty$150,000.00
2442Lykaios Ventures Pty Limited$150,000.00
2443Nation Partners Pty Ltd$150,000.00
2444LEE Clark$150,000.00
2445Steve Wallis And Associates Pty Ltd$150,000.00
2446ARRB Group Ltd$150,000.00
2447Cambridge Intelligence Ltd$149,989.80
2448Silvertone Electronics$149,931.10
2449ELM Communications$149,730.00
2450Puliyapang Pty Ltd$149,160.00
2451Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Trust$148,877.00
2452Scitech Pty Ltd$148,787.10
2453Pm-partners Group$148,720.00
2454Isec7 ASIA Pacific$148,668.30
2455C & L Sales And Services Pty Ltd$148,568.74
2456Fraudwatch International Pty Ltd$148,500.00
2457S4S Pty Ltd$148,500.00
2458District Council Of Kimba$148,500.00
2459Sententia Consulting Pty Ltd$148,300.00
2461Site Intelligence Group$148,200.00
2462JOHN Robinson Consulting Services Services Pty Ltd$148,000.00
2463Tully Rosen$147,728.00
2464Midspar Systems$147,660.00
2465Picarro, Inc$147,600.00
2466Jobready TECH Pty Ltd$147,477.00
2467Intercad Pty Ltd$147,427.50
2468Siren Design Group Pty Ltd$147,400.00
2469Salinger Consulting Pty Ltd$147,125.00
2470Alliance Electronics (aust) P/L$146,834.60
2471The Welding Institute$146,574.13
2472Artisan Technical Services$146,556.30
2473Territory Horticulture Pty Ltd$146,520.00
2474Jacobs Radio (australia) Pty Ltd$146,520.00
2475B.n.h. Expert Software Inc$146,480.40
2476Kistler Instruments Australia Pty Ltd$146,394.60
2477GB And GR Smith$146,260.71
2478Townsville Ent.& Convention CTRE CITY Council & Thuringowa CITY$146,190.00
2479P C T E Equipment Pty Ltd$146,079.76
2480Object Point Pty Ltd ATF Maconachie Family Trust$145,828.44
2481Allan Graeme Douglas Plato$145,640.00
2483Scientell Pty Ltd$145,527.80
2484Darwin Convention Centre$145,511.41
2485ONE Identity Software Limited$145,481.20
2486Avail Information Management Services$145,207.79
2487PITT Group Pty Ltd$145,200.00
2489Older Persons Advocacy Network (opan)$145,200.00
2490Veris Australia Pty Ltd$145,018.50
2491Royal Canin Australia Pty Ltd$145,000.00
2492Kordamentha Pty Ltd$144,687.50
2493Peekay Consolidated Pty Ltd ATF GK Simkiss Family Trust$143,694.00
2494Scientific Management Associates (operations) Pty Ltd$143,605.30
2495HARE & Forbes Pty Ltd$143,595.19
2496COPC ASIA Pacific INC.$143,000.00
2497MALE Champions Of Change Limited$143,000.00
2498Coras Solutions Pty Ltd$142,350.00
2499Rosenbauer Australia Pty Ltd$142,293.78
2500Workplace Training Advisory Australia T/A Women & Leadership Australia$142,158.50
2501Acompani Pty Ltd$142,000.00
2502Omni-tuff Group Pty Ltd$141,952.87
2503RNI Constructions Pty Ltd$141,900.00
2504Alltech Lienert Australia Pty LT$141,872.50
2505Blink Technology Australia Pty Ltd$141,839.50
2506Cunning Running Software Ltd$141,750.00
2507CHAT House Research Pty Ltd$141,331.00
2508GREG O'mahoney$141,191.72
2509HBJ Group Pty Ltd$140,800.00
2510Replicon INC.$140,729.00
2511APT Sources$140,218.85
2512College Of Policing Ltd$140,000.00
2513Knight Frank$140,000.00
2514ART Of Mentoring Pty Ltd$140,000.00
2515OMEO Caravan PARK$140,000.00
2516Worrells Solvency & Forensic Accountants$139,821.00
2517TECH Mahindra Limited$139,682.40
2518Bioline Global Pty Limited$139,590.00
2519Valueflow IT Pty Ltd$139,480.00
2520Open Systems Australia$138,837.55
2521VEGA Australia Pty Ltd$138,627.50
2522Queensland Computers$138,617.60
2523Complete Staff Solutions$138,325.13
2524Archtis Limited$137,984.00
2525Leica Microsystems Pty Ltd$137,971.29
2526Maryanne Duskovic Counselling SERV P/L$137,657.14
2527Harrisolutions Pty Ltd$137,550.00
2528Steshar Pty Ltd$137,500.00
2529Vocus Group Limited$137,128.80
2530Whiteley Corporation$136,881.80
2531Commtract Communication Services Pty Ltd$136,875.00
2532A & G Price Ltd$136,678.96
2533Eddyfi CORP$136,647.23
2534CAPS Australia Pty Ltd$136,396.05
2535Victoria Police$136,161.92
2536Culture PLUS Consulting Pty Ltd$136,125.00
2537Meltwater Australia Pty Ltd$136,108.50
2538A.G. O'connor Pty Ltd$135,685.00
2539Envoltec Pty Ltd$135,373.56
2540Access Testing Pty Ltd$135,366.00
2541Leonardo MW Ltd$135,077.59
2542Leonardo Germany GMBH$135,014.00
2543Department Of Health$135,000.00
2544Thomson Environmental Systems Pty Ltd$134,846.58
2545Cloudflare, INC.$134,798.64
2546Rural Containers Suppliers Pty Ltd$134,618.00
2547WEIR Minerals Australia$134,490.19
2548Herbert Smith Freehills$134,256.00
2549National Centre For Vocational$133,980.00
2550Adept Partners Pty Ltd$133,980.00
2551Defibtech Australia$133,859.31
2552BLUE KNOT Foundation$133,691.00
2553LUMA Institute, LLC$133,650.00
2554Informatech Pty Ltd$133,584.00
2555Nikon Australia Pty Ltd$133,568.99
2556Ronstan International Pty Ltd$133,136.04
2557ICON Agency$133,100.00
2558Eticore SD Services Pty Ltd$133,100.00
2559Geometry Pty Ltd$133,100.00
2560Claricent Pty Ltd$133,094.00
2561Pluralsight, LLC$132,937.92
2562Accidental First AID Supplies$132,621.51
2563Salisbury Locksmiths Pty Ltd$132,616.81
2564Proquest LLC$132,490.96
2565Soamesinc Pty Ltd$132,299.48
2566Energy Efficient Strategies Energy Policy And Planning$132,000.00
2567Imove CRC$132,000.00
2568Growth Australia Pty Ltd$132,000.00
2569SODA Strategic Pty Ltd$132,000.00
2570YEAR 13$131,989.00
2571Martlec Services Trust$131,945.00
2572Diversity Council Australia Ltd$131,559.95
2573Epsilon Knowledge Pty Ltd$131,520.90
2575Plath, Gordon JOHN$131,147.50
2576Bruttour International Pty Ltd$131,062.80
2577Public Health Association Of Australia$131,000.01
2578Air-met Scientific Pty Ltd$130,908.80
2579Silverstone EDGE Pty Ltd$130,900.00
2580Program Planning Professionals Pty Pty Ltd$130,900.00
2581Aegis 9 PTY. LTD.$130,900.00
2582FN Herstal$130,801.24
2583IAS Logistics Pty Limited$130,708.05
2584Autonomous Industries Australasia Pty Ltd$130,116.52
2585Xsensor Technology Corporation$130,005.00
2586Nanotechnology Solutions$129,976.00
2587Desmond Fitzgerald & Associates Pty Ltd$129,800.00
2588Paddle PRO Pty Ltd$129,717.50
2589ETMC Technologies Pty Ltd$129,640.50
2590Kinetic Technology International$129,525.00
2591Lucent Imaging Pty Ltd$129,525.00
2592The Trustee For KASH Enterprises$129,477.70
2593WELL HUNG Glass & Aluminium$129,291.89
2594Silverwater Welding Supplies$129,271.63
2595The Trustee For Round Family Trust$129,053.67
2596Recordpoint Software APAC Pty Ltd$128,862.70
2597James Fisher Australia Pty Ltd - GBP$128,711.01
2598Coulter Advisory Pty Ltd$128,575.30
2599Warringtonfire Australia Pty Ltd$128,480.00
2600Chartsmart Consulting Pty Ltd$128,235.00
2601Karen YORK$128,000.00
2602Kudos Union$128,000.00
2603Atarix Pty Ltd$127,440.01
2604Fiesta Resort GUAM$127,436.25
2605Atherton Davis Recruitment Pty Ltd$127,215.00
2606Digital Frontiers Partners Pty Ltd$127,120.00
2607OUR Community Pty Ltd$127,050.00
2608Qiagen Pty Ltd$126,837.80
2609ASIA Pacific International Development Pty Ltd$126,836.50
2610Growthops IECL Pty Ltd$126,716.70
2611Ausdraulics Holdings Pty Ltd$126,707.84
2612Viasat Australia Pty Limited$126,500.00
2613Python Charmers$126,464.80
2614Baker And Provan Pty Ltd$126,365.42
2615Solar Living Homes$126,193.41
2616AAI Corporation!dba Textron Systems$126,071.00
2617Avyon Pty Ltd$125,920.00
2618BIG ASS FANS Australia Pty Ltd$125,631.00
2619Rexel Electrical Supplies Pty Ltd$125,268.40
2620RELM International Pty Ltd$125,110.00
2621BEST Exchange Group Pty Ltd$125,000.00
2622Attorney-general's Department$125,000.00
2623PICO Australia Pty Ltd$124,999.60
2624COM AP$124,654.94
2625Evalan B.V.$124,555.20
2626Baigent Geosciences Pty Ltd$124,300.00
2627Kronos Australia$123,884.73
2628Security Services LLC$123,834.38
2629Riverina Party Hire$123,725.00
2630Sydney Tools Pty Ltd$123,498.87
2631The Royal Children's Hospital$123,381.50
2632MWA Systems Pty Ltd$123,340.45
2633LIFE Unlimited Health Solutions Pty$123,330.00
2634AERO Refuellers K & S Group$123,255.29
2635Margaret Allars$123,150.00
2636Western Australian Specialty Alloys PTY. LTD.$122,953.60
2637Clarke & Severn Electronics Pty Ltd$122,863.64
2638BLUE CRAB Investments Pty Ltd$122,773.00
2639The Bullshift Company$122,650.00
2640RDO Equipment Pty Ltd$122,632.25
2641ICC Sydney Pty Ltd$122,555.01
2643The Trustee For Burton Industries T Trading$122,100.00
2644Australian Vaccination Services Pty Ltd$122,001.00
2645The Boson Group Pty Ltd$121,968.00
2646Schiavello Systems (qld) P/L$121,906.40
2647Containit Solutions$121,904.20
2648Sydney Diesel Centre Pty Ltd$121,836.00
2649Colliers International Project$121,820.51
2650Ted's Camera Store$121,737.01
2651Aginic Business Intelligence$121,495.00
2652Trotec Laser Pty Ltd$121,335.50
2653Cropportunity Pty Ltd ATF The Window Of Opportunity Trust$121,309.80
2654LIFE Technologies Australia Pty Ltd$121,132.73
2655Garth Jones Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Garth Jones Pty Ltd Retirement FUND$120,866.17
2656Emerson Associate$120,774.04
2657QOF Pty Ltd T/AS Q Office Furniture$120,750.00
2658SAGE Publications Ltd$120,391.60
2659Gitlab Inc$120,037.00
2660Informa UK Limited$120,000.00
2661Centacare New England North WEST$120,000.00
2663Grealy Motors Pty Ltd$120,000.00
2664Teledyne Caris, INC.$119,747.52
2665Fredon Industries PTY. Limited$119,533.78
2666A J Distributors Pty Ltd$119,501.80
2667Niugini Builders Ltd$119,476.00
2668Chemostrat Australia Pty Ltd$119,344.50
2669Waidt Services Australia Pty Ltd$119,318.35
2670GCT Electrical Pty Ltd$119,273.00
2671Cetec Pty Ltd$119,256.50
2672Young's LIST$119,000.00
2673Langlands Robert Bruce$119,000.00
2675IAN Hansen And Associates$118,800.00
2676GREG Combet Pty Ltd$118,800.00
2677Media Manoeuvres$118,800.00
2678Halton, Sarah JANE$118,800.00
2679Launch Recruitment Pty Ltd$118,779.10
2680AERO International, LLC$118,576.43
2681Class (complete LOCK & SAFE Services)$118,387.20
2683AERO Parts Australia$118,244.89
2684Spyder Forensics LLC$117,990.00
2685LIST A Barristers$117,785.86
2686Specter OPS, Inc$117,733.00
2687Technocrat Holdings Pty Ltd$117,545.56
2688Xenon Systems Pty Ltd$117,522.90
2689Indigenousx Pty Ltd$117,040.00
2690Fairfax Media Publication Pty Ltd$116,837.31
2691LAY & SONS Organization Pty Ltd$116,648.78
2692Wyndham CITY Council$116,387.01
2693Perth Hydro Pty Ltd$116,373.40
2694BJ Systems Trust$116,159.56
2695Elsevier B.V. C/O Regional Sales Office$115,977.24
2696FOLK Pty Limited$115,665.00
2697RF Industries Pty Ltd$115,630.90
2698Shipping Containers Pty Ltd$115,562.72
2699Rodgers Reidy (WA) Pty Ltd T/A Palisades Business Consulting$115,500.00
2700QIRX Pty Ltd$115,485.70
2701Macquarie Textiles Pty Ltd$115,415.60
2702SMG Health (alere)$115,303.60
2704Leargas Pty Ltd$115,205.00
2705BPD Zenith (aust) Pty Ltd$115,044.60
2706Carfi Psychological & Rehabilitation Services$115,000.00
2707Resource Architecture$114,977.50
2708Fs.com Pty Ltd$114,908.20
2709Avalias Group Pty Ltd$114,851.00
2710Gpsat Systems (aust) Pty Ltd$114,678.41
2711Larsen & Brusgaard APS$114,569.68
2712Engine Engineering Services (NT)$114,552.94
2713Drivetrain Australia Pty Ltd$114,546.32
2714Metro Nursing Solutions Pty Ltd$114,106.82
2715TNT Australia Pty Ltd$114,000.00
2716Sikorsky Helitech$113,887.59
2717Jankel Armouring Limited$113,796.07
2718APS Adelaide Profile Services Pty L$113,740.00
2719Marine TECH Systems Pty Ltd$113,726.25
2720Avalon Airport Australia Pty Ltd$113,703.00
2721Siemens Industry Software Pty Ltd$113,635.65
2722Heaton-miller Business Services Pty Ltd$113,622.73
2723Marcher Leadership Pty Ltd$113,622.73
2724Pingar International Limited$113,360.38
2725MAN Diesel And Turbo Australia P$113,237.32
2726Crafted Solutions$113,200.00
2727Pullman KING George Square$113,169.27
2728Vincents Chartered Accountants$113,090.00
2729Topsoft Pty Ltd$113,000.01
2730Darwin Carpets & Vinyls Pty Ltd$112,974.44
2731G-tek Australia Pty Ltd$112,909.50
2732Informatica Australia Pty Ltd$112,870.08
2733Klinge Corporation!dba Reefer PA$112,757.16
2734Bears Refrigeration And AIR Conditioning$112,750.00
2735Jeyco Australia$112,271.65
2736North American Manufacturing Compan$111,940.50
2737Advanced Microsystems Design Intergration Pty Ltd$111,870.30
2738Michaels Camera Video Digital$111,821.30
2739Kangaroo Island Council$111,809.14
2740JOHN Skurr Consulting Engineers Pty$111,633.00
2741Leadexec Pty Ltd$111,600.00
2742Fredon Security (act) Pty LTD.$111,372.60
2743Underground Spirits PTY. Ltd$111,040.60
2744Elsevier BV$111,000.00
2745FUJI Xerox Businessforce Pty Ltd$110,970.00
2746Perkin Elmer Pty Ltd$110,656.70
2747Hireright AU Pty Ltd$110,567.60
2748Executive Central$110,396.00
2749AGL Sales Pty Ltd$110,330.00
2750Institute Of Marine Engineering, Science And Technology$110,249.10
2751Interactive Pty Ltd$110,014.41
2752Arthur Raymond Moses New Chambers$110,000.00
2753Sitecore Australia Pty Ltd$110,000.00
2754Studio Elevenses$110,000.00
2755Ccinternational Recruitment Pty Ltd$110,000.00
2756ZIP Diagnostics Pty Ltd$110,000.00
2757The LAW Society Of The ACT$110,000.00
2758ONE Atmosphere Pty Ltd$110,000.00
2759Primary Communication Partners Pty$110,000.00
2760CAF Consulting Services Pty Ltd$110,000.00
2761Archival Survival Pty Ltd$109,993.08
2762Bastion Insights Pty Ltd$109,989.00
2763Omnilink Pty Ltd$109,769.00
2764United Project Management Pty Limit$109,758.00
2765AFL Sportsready Pty Ltd$109,750.08
2767Copyright Agency Ltd$109,666.59
2768Arrowsmith And Grant Refrigerati$109,582.00
2769Trustee For Radlink UNIT Trust$109,580.35
2770Mcivor And Associates Pty Ltd$109,560.00
2771HA Parts$109,493.71
2772Kobra Shredders Australia Pty Ltd$109,470.00
2773Bridgepro Engineering Pty Ltd$109,450.00
2774Avionics 2000 PTY. LTD.$109,188.05
2775Stanford University$109,122.00
2776Hnlaw Pty Ltd$109,100.00
2777AGB Events Pty Ltd$108,837.30
2778Lynxx Proprietary Limited$108,680.00
2779Australian Volunteers International$108,592.00
2780Geckoblue Interiors$108,581.55
2782Stirling Global Pty Ltd$108,460.00
2783Adagold Aviation Pty Ltd$108,350.00
2784IBL Software Engineering$108,311.48
2785PAUL Alexander Little$108,000.00
2786Aquanaut Pty Ltd$107,993.60
2787Healthdirect Australia$107,981.38
2788Fileguard CO. (mfg) Pty Ltd$107,863.80
2789Adelaide Safety Supplies$107,838.51
2790Grumpy Sailor Creative$107,800.00
2791Jabin Project Management Family Trust$107,635.00
2792Malbar Marine Electrics Pty Ltd$107,626.00
2794Cubic Defense Applications, INC.$107,308.78
2795National Defense Industrial Association$107,300.00
2796HUME CITY Council$107,123.60
2797Airborne Systems North America Of Nj!inc.$107,023.95
2798OZM Research S.r.o.$106,816.22
2800Indiginaus Project Management Pty Ltd$106,600.00
2801Australian Forensic Services$106,600.00
2802PM Power Pty Ltd$106,402.00
2803Essential Experiences$106,400.00
2804Westek Electronics$106,326.00
2805M And D Marine Parts Service Pty$106,315.00
2806Consumer Health Forum Of Australia$106,150.00
2807Mater Misericordiae Ltd$106,150.00
2808Allens Industrial Pty Ltd$106,120.30
2809Parvomedics Inc$106,108.44
2810Alpha Flight Services Pty Ltd$106,088.69
2811Cynend Building And Construction$105,920.65
2812Swell Design Group PTY. Limited.$105,893.26
2813Project Services International Pty Limited$105,754.00
2814Georco Pty Ltd$105,668.35
2815Stirling Global Pty Ltd ESPS Payment Account$105,626.80
2816Preemptive Consulting Pty Ltd$105,600.00
2817Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd$105,600.00
2818OLGA Popovic$105,105.00
2819Duesburys Nexia$105,000.00
2820Trilogy Network Solutions Pty LT$104,974.51
2821Doyle Executive, Accounting & Finance Recruitment$104,862.13
2822Jonathan Engineering Ltd$104,816.30
2823NQ Sheds And Patios$104,477.44
2824Northern Australia CROP Research Alliance Pty Ltd$104,462.00
2825Bespoke Productions Pty Ltd$104,450.00
2826RICH & Rumble Consulting Pty Ltd$103,950.00
2827Sports Physiotherapy Pty Limited Trust$103,889.72
2828AXON Public Safety Australia Pty Ltd$103,675.00
2829Novofit Trust$103,363.70
2830Acker Pty Ltd$103,360.00
2831Madeline Brennan$103,191.00
2832Enmark Pty Ltd$103,160.00
2833JOHN Desmond Power$103,100.80
2834Pelican Products Pty Ltd$102,999.82
2835Judith ION$102,960.00
2836Hills Holdings Limited$102,888.80
2837Stephen Shaderick Kirby$102,794.00
2838Plain English Foundation$102,762.00
2839Interiorco FG Pty Ltd T/AS Zenith FG$102,557.40
2840CAUL Librarians (caul)$102,440.01
2841Jawcon Pty Ltd$102,150.40
2842Comcater Pty Ltd$101,937.09
2843Bureau Veritas Minerals Pty Ltd$101,799.95
2844Helicorp PTY. LTD.$101,750.00
2845Helimods Pty Ltd$101,662.00
2846Business Promotions (n.t.) Pty Ltd$101,574.00
2847Ambit Instruments Pty Ltd$101,358.40
2848Umwelt Australian Pty Ltd$101,229.38
2849Greens LIST Clerking Services$101,226.00
2850AERO Systems Engineering, Inc.!dba$101,093.39
2851Albert Marine Consultants LLC$100,948.08
2852GENE F. Martinelli Or Elizabeth Martinelli$100,948.08
2853Datacat Communications$100,772.10
2854Pier-tech Inc$100,596.36
2855Cordell Information Pty Ltd$100,498.11
2856Reveal Group Pty Ltd$100,320.00
2857Watts Communications Pty Ltd$100,164.77
2858Choices Flooring Rockingham Pty Ltd$100,133.00
2859Targi Kielce S.A.$100,056.71
2860The Trustee For The Worklogic UNIT Trust$100,042.00
2861Goproto (anz) Pty Ltd$100,025.75
2862Vandyk Specialist Engineering Pty Ltd$100,000.00
2863Central Darling Shire Council$100,000.00
2864Thunderstruck Space Pty Ltd$100,000.00
2865TTF The Aladn Business Trust$100,000.00
2866C P Shanahan SC$100,000.00
2867Cooma Monaro RACE CLUB Inc$99,999.98
2868Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation Ltd$99,935.00
2869Karera Communications Pty Ltd$99,796.41
2870Canvas Contracting Pty Ltd$99,737.00
2871Naval Group$99,673.82
2872Freespace Operations Pty Ltd$99,543.40
2873Radio Frequency Systems PTY. Limite$99,472.01
2874ACT 4 Communications Pty Ltd$99,470.80
2875Montana D & D Pty Ltd$99,260.00
2876Phoenix AG (australia) P/L$99,165.00
2877BLUE Vision Management Pty Ltd$99,100.00
2878Power SAFE Products$99,000.00
2879Marrawah LAW Pty Ltd$99,000.00
2880Dingo RACK Australia Pty Ltd Trust$99,000.00
2881Patrick Brennan$99,000.00
2882Tyneil Flaherty$99,000.00
2883Julia FARR Association Inc$99,000.00
2884CC Pacific Limited$99,000.00
2885AUST Human Resources Institute$98,978.00
2886Paxton Consulting Pty Ltd$98,841.00
2887BOHM Pty Ltd Trading AS 2B Advertising & Design$98,767.06
2888Northrop Grumman International Trading Inc - AUD$98,684.75
2889Terri Janke And Company Pty Ltd$98,659.00
2890SGS Australasia$98,587.50
2891Jones LANG Lasalle (vic) Pty Limited$98,440.00
2894Allied Health Professions Australia$98,301.50
2895APV Engineering And Testing Services Pty Ltd$98,270.48
2896Scitek Australia Pty Ltd$98,054.69
2897Peninsula Laundries Family Trust$97,999.99
2898AAM Pty Ltd$97,900.00
2899Microstrategy Pty Ltd$97,717.58
2900Shane Carroll And Associates Pty Ltd$97,650.00
2901DBA No Magic UAB$97,545.67
2902Rebecca KING Speech Pathology P/L$97,507.14
2903Imaginables Pty Ltd$97,303.40
2904C. R. Kennedy & Company PTY. LTD.$97,252.10
2905Novotel Melbourne On Collins$97,119.00
2906Wilderness WEAR Australia Pty L*$97,102.50
2907Griffin Marine Services Pty Limited$97,043.45
2908Instant Colour Press PTY. Limited$97,015.94
2909Schlumberger Australia Pty Ltd$97,000.00
2910NEAL And KING UNIT Trust$96,836.30
2911Aerometrex Pty Ltd$96,800.00
2912Geoplex Pty Ltd$96,800.00
2913CBRE Korea CO., Ltd$96,741.00
2914Polaris Sensor Technologies, INC.$96,668.86
2915Catherine Norton$96,660.00
2916Kador Engineering (australia) PTY. Limited$96,654.12
2917Christie's Pty Ltd$96,628.40
2918Panotek (australia) PTY. LTD.$96,532.33
2919Faceware Technologies,inc.$96,385.41
2920Stewart & Heaton Clothing CO Pty LT AS Trustee For S & H UNIT Trust$96,342.40
2921AON RISK Services Australia Ltd$96,319.00
2922Ozwinds Melbourne Centre Pty Ltd$96,297.35
2923Digital Networks Australia$96,119.10
2924Creative Radicals LLC$96,037.54
2925Addictive Assurance$95,991.50
2926Associated Aircraft (aamsi) AUST$95,968.13
2927Survey Design And Analysis Services$95,951.59
2928Longman Optical$95,879.76
2929AIR FAB Ground Support Equipment Pty Ltd$95,865.00
2930Procurement Australia$95,714.30
2931Mercer Consulting (australia) Pty Ltd$95,480.00
2932Anton PAAR Australia PTY. LTD.$95,459.10
2933Jaramer Pty Ltd$95,400.00
2934UCI QLD Pty Ltd$95,233.60
2935Career Boost Pty Ltd$95,172.00
2938Nikon On Broadway$95,028.80
2939Venueops Pty Ltd T/A Eventbooking LLC$94,920.00
2940HCL Australia Services Pty Ltd$94,825.07
2941Markerry Industries Pty Ltd$94,798.00
2942Association DU Transport Aerien International (iata)$94,780.19
2943WOOD Mackenzie (australia) Pty Ltd$94,748.50
2944Carotid Pty Ltd - TARA Diversi$94,639.00
2945Firearms Training Systems AUST Pty Ltd - USD$94,610.97
2946J And A Fencing Pty Ltd$94,095.40
2947Synthesis Group Australia Pty Ltd$94,050.00
2949Phase ZERO Consulting Services Pty Ltd$93,940.00
2950Kenelec Scientific Pty Ltd$93,899.30
2951The Saint Christopher School Association$93,815.10
29524birds Pty Ltd$93,808.00
2953Odyssey Geophysics Pty Ltd$93,800.00
2954Epi-use LABS Pty Ltd$93,697.21
2955Nilfisk Pty Ltd$93,617.48
2956Jennifer Single$93,500.00
2957Sally Heidenreich$93,500.00
2958Luminosity Engineering And Desig$93,478.00
2959BILL Warren Painting Service$93,460.40
2960Boxing Clever Pty Ltd$93,400.00
2961Levett Engineering$93,381.20
2962FDC Construction & Fitout (WA) Pty$93,295.40
2963BCA Research$93,155.00
2964Innovation Composites Pty Ltd$92,968.00
2965HRL Technology Group Pty Ltd$92,870.80
29663M Company!dba 3m!div Government Markets$92,857.38
2967Aries Security, LLC$92,844.79
2968Ethnic Interpreters Pty Ltd$92,640.00
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2970Paper Monkey$92,600.00
2971Spirit River Pty Ltd$92,400.00
2972Point ONE USA, LLC$92,260.62
2973Emerald Works Limited$91,929.00
2974Service Quality$91,850.00
2975Rubicon Associates Pty Ltd$91,850.00
2976Point Trading$91,620.96
2977API Services And Solutions Pty Limited$91,614.89
2978BEST Practice Consulting Pty Ltd$91,285.20
2979Timeless Technologies Pty Ltd$91,080.00
2980Canturf Lawns Pty Ltd$91,080.00
2981Capital Equipment Machinery Sales Pty Ltd$91,025.00
2982Studio Binocular Pty Ltd$90,750.00
2983The Eventful Group$90,646.60
2984Premier Lockers$90,514.60
2985Beasley Intercultural$90,294.02
2986Private Media Operations$90,200.00
2987Techstaff Pty Ltd$90,000.00
2988GML Heritage Pty Ltd$90,000.00
2989Nservicebus, Ltd$90,000.00
2991Veldhoen & Company Pty Ltd$89,936.00
2992Malcolm K Sparrow$89,908.20
2993Red Robot P/L$89,807.26
2995Melbourne JET BASE Pty Limited$89,468.50
2996International Maritime Consultants Pty Ltd$89,459.99
2997Adpro/canberra Label Makers$89,408.50
2998ADAM Smith International (australia$89,326.60
2999David Kilmartin Pty Ltd$89,278.75
3000AMS Furniture & The Trustee For Blueprint$89,210.00
3001Clemenger BBDO (melbourne) P/L$89,100.00
3002Cocos Communications And IT Pty Ltd$89,002.75
3003Clear Bridge Group Pty Ltd$88,859.38
3005GURU Solutions$88,704.00
3006Agile Leansixsigma SOP$88,550.00
30071spatial Australia Pty Ltd$88,440.22
3008Camtek Pacific$88,407.00
3009Fiona J Alpins$88,275.00
3010Hexagon Geospatial$88,162.80
3011Socap Australia$88,000.01
3012DR Susan Neuhaus$88,000.00
3013Cognitive Advantage Pty Ltd$88,000.00
3014Fyusion ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$88,000.00
3015Astronomy Alive$88,000.00
3016ERGT Australia Pty Ltd$88,000.00
3017Performance Drivers$88,000.00
3018CBRE Pty Limited Trading AS CBRE$88,000.00
3019IHC Holdings Pty Ltd$88,000.00
3020PCS Limited$87,955.54
3021Carba-tec Pty Ltd$87,807.85
3022A.S. Harrison And CO Pty Limited$87,584.22
3023Haenni Australia$87,560.00
3024Elite Event Technology$87,505.00
3025TSF Maintenance Services Pty Ltd$87,134.96
3026AFM Engineering Pty Ltd T/AS S8 Products Group$87,112.30
3027Cobham Antenna Systems$87,110.55
3028KIM Margaret Webber$87,010.00
3029Counsel Direct$87,000.00
3030BE Learning Pty Ltd$87,000.00
3031Trevaskis Engineering Pty Ltd$86,939.63
3032Wardy IT Solutions Pty Ltd$86,900.00
3033Sheepmeat Council Of Australia$86,808.50
3034Yaran Business Services Pty Ltd$86,790.01
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3037Polaris Industries Australia & New Zealand$86,443.89
3038Coviu Global Pty Ltd$86,262.00
3039Datacom Information Technologies Pty Ltd$86,230.00
3040DNA Connect Pty Ltd$86,219.52
3041The Fiber Optic Marketplace,llc$86,150.88
3042Victoria Brigden$86,150.00
3043Ortho-clinical Diagnostics Australia Pty Ltd$86,114.33
3044L Werth And P Werth TA MSK Health$86,035.71
3045Physio In Motion Pty Ltd$86,035.71
3046Phoenix Integration Inc$85,852.64
3047Olympia Triumph Manufacturing Limit$85,824.50
3048K9 Storm Inc$85,779.58
3049FORK Force Australia Pty Ltd$85,767.00
3050Inspiraction Group Pty Ltd$85,750.00
3051Relocation LAWS Pty Ltd$85,466.20
3052Armor Australia Pty Ltd$85,440.74
3053The Trustee For JAK Trust$85,431.28
3054Legion Pty Ltd$85,272.00
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3056BULK FUEL Australia Pty Ltd$85,106.16
3057EMM Consulting Pty Limited$85,057.01
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3059CMMI Institute$85,000.00
3060Supply AUS Pty Ltd$85,000.00
3061Commercial Images$84,948.60
3062No BOLT$84,918.39
3063Latrobe Community Health Services$84,903.06
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3065Tereposky And Derose LLP$84,821.42
3066Stark Aviation Pty Ltd$84,775.34
3068Meded Supplies ANZ Pty Ltd$84,238.33
3069Invenio Engineering Solutions$84,216.00
3070Cahoot Learning$84,122.50
3071The Trustee For Karabena Consulting$84,106.00
3072HPI HIGH Pressure Intrumentation Gesellschaft FUER Messtechnik MBH$84,084.48
3073The Rehabilitation Company Pty Ltd$84,000.00
3074Redbay Consulting$83,930.00
3075Promet Valves Australia Pty Ltd$83,828.80
3076Montano, Elizabeth Maria Ilona$83,750.02
3077Richard NEIL Morgan$83,600.00
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3080Qualtrics LLC$83,460.00
3081Common Capital Pty Ltd$83,291.00
3082MARK Ronald Gossage$83,212.40
3083Lockheed Martin Corporation!dba Lockheed Martin Aeronautics!div$83,095.28
3084Acton, Jennifer MARY$83,000.00
3085Jigsaw Search Pty Ltd$82,548.40
3086Solomon Brothers$82,520.35
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3089Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC$82,310.50
3090Weldcraft Engineering ACT Pty Ltd$82,236.00
3092Pryor Consulting Pty Ltd$81,750.00
3093SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd$81,711.30
3094Inchcape Shipping Services L.l.c$81,595.26
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3096Claytons Australia Pty Ltd$81,097.50
3097Simplify Compliance Llc!dba H3.grou$81,039.89
3098Department Of Primary Industries Parks Water And Environment$81,000.00
3099COX Inall Ridgeway$80,874.68
3100Professional Components Ltd^dba Scoremaster$80,827.87
3101MMJ REAL Estate$80,825.25
3102Apptio Inc$80,708.00
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3106Baxters Pty Ltd$80,410.00
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3110CHS Group Australia$80,200.00
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3112Idexx Laboratories Pty Ltd$80,190.00
3113Iocane Pty Ltd$80,179.00
3114Royal Flying Doctor Service Of AUST$80,131.40
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3119International Institute Of Communications$80,000.00
3121JCT Corporate Excellence Pty Ltd$80,000.00
3122Quantium Group$80,000.00
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3124Engage Communication Pty Limited$80,000.00
3125MUDE Pty LTD.$79,999.99
3126JET PETS Animal Transport Pty Ltd$79,999.00
3127Brave TV Pty Ltd$79,997.50
3128The Trustee For The ECV Trust T/A Electrical Compliance Victoria$79,992.90
3129SALT & Shein Services Pty Limited$79,974.29
3130Comprara Pty Ltd$79,973.30
3131The Trustee For Brodribb KENT Famil Trust T/AS Expert Group$79,963.85
3132Bloom Consulting S.L.$79,950.00
3133Criterion Conferences Pty Ltd$79,940.85
3134PNG Motors POM$79,938.00
3136Agenda C$79,922.70
3137General Tools (adelaide) Pty Ltd$79,904.57
3138The Foundation For Young Australian$79,898.50
3139Rowdy Digital Pty Ltd$79,860.00
3140Metacomp Technologies, INC.$79,837.18
3141North Australian Helicopters UNIT Trust$79,834.97
3142ASK Insight$79,816.00
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3144Kalang Consultancy Services PL$79,750.00
3145Clare Thompson$79,732.78
3146Kisters Pty Ltd$79,728.21
3147Newcastle Weighing Services Pty Ltd$79,590.50
3148Silver Spirit Partners$79,572.61
3150Immij Holdings Pty Ltd$79,499.20
3151Agilient Pty Ltd$79,475.00
3152Recycal Pty Ltd$79,420.00
3153DR Roland Joseph Smith$79,400.00
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3155Congress Rentals Australia$79,370.35
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3157Human Synergistics (aust) Pty Ltd$79,335.00
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3159OCRT Trading Pty Ltd$79,244.00
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3167Spicers Australia Pty Ltd$79,200.00
3168Murdoch Childrens Research Institute$79,194.02
3169Veriloquent Consulting$79,184.00
3170ZHIK Australia$79,057.55
3171Gillian Walker Barrister$79,050.00
3172Tableau International, Unlimited CO$79,000.00
3173The Gaibo Agency$79,000.00
3174Elcom Technology Pty Ltd$78,980.00
3175Blaylock Pty Ltd$78,980.00
3176University Of New South Wales Press Limited$78,980.00
3177Volume Control$78,954.70
3178Jacob Toyota$78,850.00
3179Pallazzio Hotels & Leisure Limited$78,689.10
3180Quadient Oceania Pty Ltd$78,655.50
3181Surveillance Australia$78,650.00
3182Human Chemistry Pty Ltd$78,650.00
3184CBD Chauffeured Transport$78,560.00
3185Herrmann International ASIA Pty Ltd$78,454.44
3186Business Governance Solutions Pty Ltd$78,375.00
3187Internetwork Expert, LLC$78,225.00
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3189JG Anson Consulting Pty Ltd$78,210.00
3190Xsens Technologies B.V.$78,109.00
3191IRC Pty Ltd$78,100.00
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3193Calvary Christian College$78,000.00
3194Stephen JOHN Garrett$78,000.00
3195Alertforce Pty Ltd$77,946.00
3196Pallion Equipment Pty Ltd$77,935.00
3197Overdrive, INC.$77,882.67
3198Innovative Machine Specialists$77,850.00
3199Vaisala Pty Ltd$77,845.70
3200Hivac Services Pty Ltd$77,832.49
3201Snap-on Tools (australia) Pty LT$77,602.32
3202General Dynamics Mediaware$77,533.24
3203GE Aviation$77,500.00
3204Codemachine Inc$77,500.00
3205Joint Accreditation System Of Australia$77,440.00
3206Engineers Enterprise$77,437.80
3207QT Canberra$77,247.00
3208Northern Sydney Local Health District$77,200.00
3209Promo Concepts$77,110.55
3210Garnet Consulting$77,088.00
3211Industry Capability Network Limited$77,000.00
3212Bright Consulting$77,000.00
3213Steamboat Data Systems Inc$77,000.00
3214Locksmiths Services Pty Ltd$77,000.00
3215The Trustee For Alpha First AID SUP$77,000.00
3216Sivakumar, Kalpana$77,000.00
3217Generation Health Pty Ltd$77,000.00
3218Sapere Research Group Ltd$77,000.00
3219Electronic Power Systems Pty Ltd$77,000.00
3220Gravity Consulting Services Pty Ltd$77,000.00
3221Stuart Durward Advisory$77,000.00
3222FORD Kelly Executive Connection Pty$76,810.00
3223RKM Associates Pty Ltd$76,700.00
3224Elizabeth Bishop$76,650.00
3225Teledyne Risi, INC.$76,617.62
3226Proteus Pty Ltd$76,550.00
3227Tickit Systems Pty Ltd$76,510.00
3228Hitech Global Distribution, LLC$76,481.86
3229Australian Security Technology$76,422.50
3230Transplant Connect$76,410.00
3231AIR Terminal Services FIJI Ltd$76,405.40
3232Airside Projects Pty Ltd$76,345.00
3233Canberra Southern Cross CLUB$76,245.50
3234Crown Equipment Pty Ltd$76,245.00
3235Australian Institute Of Project Management$76,180.00
3236Garnaut Global Trust$76,120.00
3237Knorr- Bremse Australia Pty Ltd$76,040.81
3238Adaptbl Legal$76,000.00
3240Military Template Technology Pty$75,922.00
3241The MARK Agency$75,908.80
3242Leadership Solutions Global$75,900.00
3243SANS Institute Escal Institute Of Advanced TECH DB$75,786.05
3244A.A. Radio Services PTY. Ltd$75,723.34
3245Hemmerling Pollock Wilson Pty Ltd$75,702.00
3246Episerver Inc$75,664.00
3247Diagnostic Technology Pty Ltd$75,566.70
3248Peupion Work Smarter Pty Ltd$75,350.00
3249Lifetec Pty Ltd$75,235.60
3250Shadowdragon llc$75,091.50
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3252CPA Parliamentary Association$75,051.90
3253Servicerocket Pty Ltd$75,020.00
3255MSC Software (S) PTE Ltd$75,011.47
3256Schenker International Pty Ltd$75,000.00
3257Rowena Austin$75,000.00
3258The Cancer Council NSW$75,000.00
3259Royal On The PARK$75,000.00
3260Criterion Institute$75,000.00
3261Brian J Tamberlin$75,000.00
3262NSW Family DAY CARE Assoc Inc$75,000.00
3263Redbox Design Group Pty Ltd$75,000.00
3264Right Management Consultants Pty Ltd$75,000.00
3265The Trustee For RYE Trust$75,000.00
3266DR Fiona CRAM$75,000.00
3267Ingenious.ai Pty Ltd$75,000.00
3268WEST Systems S.r.l.$75,000.00
3269Anyline GMBH$75,000.00
3270Russell Harry Crane$75,000.00
3271Matthew Brady$75,000.00
3272National Library Of Australia$74,987.00
3273Acoustica Projects Pty Ltd$74,949.60
3274DEAL Investments Pty Ltd$74,863.80
3275Negotiation Partners$74,800.00
3276Impact Technology Ventures PTY. LTD.$74,800.00
3277Hamilton Murphy Advisory Pty Ltd$74,756.00
3278Metocean Telematics (aust) Pty L$74,717.50
3279Ellcon Concrete Trust$74,714.20
3280Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical!systems Inc!div Advanced$74,693.85
3281Clarita Solutions Pty Ltd$74,448.00
3282Gilimbaa Pty Ltd$74,272.00
3283GAS Technology Services Pty Ltd$74,261.00
3284Young's LIST Pty Ltd$74,250.00
3285Boeing Distribution Services Inc$74,083.35
3286AAR Manufacturing, Inc.!dba AAR Mobility Systems$74,035.70
3287Rubenstein, Simon$74,000.00
3288Coordinate Group$74,000.00
3289Dexion Acacia Ridge$73,964.00
3291Lumin Collaborative$73,920.00
3292WOO Consulting$73,913.40
3293ELB Pty Ltd$73,743.71
3294Commodity Marketing PTY. LTD.$73,546.00
3295JCS Technologies Pty Ltd$73,532.73
3296Australian Wholistic Health & Wellbeing Company Limited$73,513.00
3297Volatile World Consulting$73,497.60
3298Tornado Group$73,494.00
3299Safari Books Online, LLC$73,490.00
3300ENI Industries Pty Ltd$73,260.06
3301Moodys Analytics Singapore PTE. Ltd$73,214.23
3302The Write NOTE$73,150.00
3303TAX Analysts$73,096.44
3304Southern Cross Industrial Suppli$73,093.22
3305National WIDE NEWS$73,044.93
3306Pacific Commercial Diving Supply$73,006.45
3307Mellissa WOOD$73,000.00
3308SANS Institute$72,910.35
3309LANE BROS Printers$72,871.10
3310Unirack WA PTY. LTD.$72,817.02
3311Hotwire Global Pty Ltd$72,815.05
3312Greens LIST Clerking Services P/L ATF B&H UNIT Trust$72,800.01
3313Workfront Inc$72,639.00
3314Capability WISE Pty Ltd$72,600.00
3315Consolve Pty Ltd$72,600.00
3316Instinct And Reason Pty Ltd$72,600.00
3317Doyle Plant Hire Pty Ltd$72,583.50
3319QUID Inc$72,500.00
3320Autoline Pty Ltd T/AS Autoline$72,490.00
3321Bellinger Systems Pty Ltd$72,441.60
3322DIC ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$72,381.22
3323Promotions ONLY$72,292.11
3324C Change Sustainable Solutions Pty$72,275.00
3325Harris Hobbs Landscapes Pty Ltd$72,121.50
3326Sabasai Holdings Pty Ltd$72,070.00
3327Professional Components Ltd BA Scoremaster$72,037.52
3328Enermech Pty Ltd$72,014.80
3329Michael SECK$72,000.01
3330Norman O' Bryan$72,000.00
3331Coffey Services Australia Pty Ltd$71,924.60
3332Sartorius Australia Pty Ltd$71,918.64
3333Wiltrading Stace Defence Pty Ltd$71,768.95
3334Work Science Pty Ltd$71,632.00
3335Analytic Advantage Australia Pty LT$71,610.00
3336Rotech Australia Pty Ltd$71,509.86
3337Lever Analytics Pty Ltd$71,500.00
3338Dashcord Pty Ltd$71,309.70
3339PRO Leaders Academy PTY. Ltd$71,305.65
3340Advanced Technology Distributors$71,245.90
3341FUJI Xerox Business Centre NT$71,164.50
3342Interactive Cabling Pty Ltd$71,044.60
3343Clark Masts ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$71,010.50
3344Great Southern Communications Australia Pty Ltd$71,006.00
3345JEFF Lamond And Associates$71,000.00
3346Sedgwick Australia Pty Ltd$71,000.00
3347Sealy Of Australia (n.s.w.) PTY. LT$70,950.00
3348L And H Group$70,950.00
3349The Trustee For CW Management Trust$70,936.01
3350Trustee For The Canberra Containers Trust$70,920.00
3351North East Forklift Services$70,917.00
3352A. Noble And SON Limited$70,900.94
3353Furphy J And SONS Pty Ltd$70,774.00
3354Webqem Pty Ltd$70,711.30
3355Rhombus Technologies Australia$70,598.00
3356In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd$70,520.92
3357Esther Carol Holley$70,400.00
3358Medaire (apmea) PTE Ltd$70,388.00
3359Worrells Solvency And Forensic Accountants$70,257.00
3360Vincent G Brennan$70,233.29
3361Parraid, LLC$70,175.45
3362Catalyst Architects Pty Ltd$70,097.50
3363Economist Intelligence Unit, NA, Incorporated, The$70,090.47
3364Michael O'meara$70,076.01
3365JFR Concrete Pty Ltd$70,000.00
3366Peter JOHN Murphy$70,000.00
3367Seyfarth SHAW Australia$70,000.00
3368Narelle BELL$70,000.00
33694E Implementing Agreement Pty Ltd$70,000.00
3370Trident Services Security Pty Ltd$70,000.00
3371Robin Patrick Handley$70,000.00
3372Professor Michael Keane$70,000.00
3373Robin MARY Creyke$70,000.00
3374Janala Pty Limited$70,000.00
3375IDON Technologies Inc$70,000.00
3376Domain Tools$70,000.00
3377Giannini Fiona Maria$70,000.00
3378Szetu Enterprises Ltd$70,000.00
3379Elgas Ltd$69,999.99
3380Satcom Global Limited$69,999.46
3381Dexion Hendra Ltd$69,883.00
3382Consult Marine Pty Ltd$69,850.00
3383Stephen Frost$69,850.00
3384Technic Pty Ltd$69,846.70
3385Boomworks Pty Ltd$69,784.00
3386Jennifer Boland$69,772.72
3387Eifec CO., Ltd$69,750.00
3388Global-mark Pty Ltd$69,659.40
3389Bridgestone Australia Ltd$69,648.15
3390Fisher Biotec Pty Ltd$69,630.00
3391CAM LOCK Limited$69,598.40
3392Bayesian Intellegence$69,520.00
3393Minter Ellison Consulting$69,500.00
3394Fortburn Pty Ltd$69,477.00
3395Ndevr Environmental Pty Ltd$69,443.00
3396ASIA Pacific Aerospace Pty Ltd$69,432.53
3397Team HR (australia) Pty Ltd$69,388.33
3398Catapult BI Pty Ltd$69,355.00
3399Annette Drury$69,300.00
3400Exceed Consulting (WA) Pty Ltd$69,300.00
3401ALAN Wilson$69,300.00
3402Permuto Pty Limited$69,300.00
3403Information Engineering Technology Ltd$69,248.00
3404AIR Force Association$69,200.00
3405Flanagan Brown-greaves Pty Ltd T/AS$69,162.50
3406South Australia Police$69,083.12
3407Apollo Technology Pty Ltd$69,075.78
3408C3 Systems$69,059.65
3409Trustee For Southpac Aerospace TRUS$69,055.00
3410Harris Geospatial Solutions Inc$69,018.00
3411Linda Black$69,000.00
3412Fiona Roughley$69,000.00
3413Aurora Office Furniture Furniture Trust$68,915.00
3414Australian Institute Of Company Directors$68,903.20
3415IBFD Stitching Internationaal Belasting$68,854.09
3416Deloitte Financial Advisory Pty Ltd$68,799.50
3417Murray Oakley Discount Electrical$68,750.00
3418Industrieanlagen-betriebsgesellscha MIT Beschrankter Haftung$68,695.15
3419Optimum Percussion Pty Ltd$68,653.81
3420Accurate Asphalt & ROAD Repairs Pty Ltd$68,640.00
3421Greenwoods GRM$68,593.37
3422RISK Management Technologies$68,496.10
3423Prolog Development Centre$68,438.04
3424Wodonga Engineering Centre$68,420.00
3425JOHN Wiley & SONS Inc$68,418.84
3426Interchem Pty Ltd$68,399.68
3427Spandex ASIA Pacific$68,371.60
3428Develogic GMBH$68,353.04
3430Design Managers Australia$68,200.00
3431Sutto's Motorcycle Supply$68,200.00
3432Proquest LLC$68,169.80
3433LES BELL And Associates Pty Ltd$68,047.00
3434Citadel Technology Solutions Pty LT$68,042.01
3435Leonie Matthews$68,042.01
3436ACME Portable Machines, INC.$68,004.80
3437Elsevier B.V$67,914.25
3438Adamant Property Services Pty Ltd$67,871.32
34394X4 Wiring Solutions$67,800.00
3440Arbor DEV Pty Ltd$67,787.50
3441Optimum Design Associates, INC.$67,688.40
3442Aspect Organisational Psychologists$67,599.99
3443Officemax Australia Ltd$67,563.25
3444Serendipity (WA) Pty Ltd$67,500.00
3445Nicholas Valentine$67,495.00
3446NU Scientific Pty.ltd.$67,469.00
3447Warren INK Pty Ltd$67,430.00
3448Pluralsight LLC$67,325.50
3449Purcell Taylor Lawyers Pty Ltd$67,223.72
3450Overleaf Communications$67,200.00
3451Perth Exposure Furniture Group$67,000.00
3452European Language Resources Association (elra)$66,974.70
3453Auxilium Engineering Pty Ltd$66,851.40
3454Daimler Truck And BUS Australia$66,835.15
3455Marsden Jacob Associates Pty Ltd$66,825.00
3456ST Mary's College Ipswich Of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese$66,750.00
3457Paragon CARE Service & Technology$66,691.18
3458W & F Pascoe$66,607.53
3459Computer Transition Systems$66,563.20
3460Encoda Pty Ltd$66,550.00
3461Secure Systems Ltd$66,451.00
3462Barrand Consulting$66,360.00
3463International Nickel Study Group$66,329.00
3464Qiagen LAKE Constance GMBH$66,163.29
3466Pinkmatter Solutions$66,060.00
3467Fluke Australia$66,042.90
3468Empire Office Furniture$66,002.00
3469Leonard Moaven$66,000.00
3470Redback BOOT Company Pty Ltd$66,000.00
3471Procurement Training Solutions$66,000.00
3472Culture HQ Pty Ltd Trading AS Cultureverse$66,000.00
3473George Ogilvie Fibre Works$66,000.00
3474Virtual Orthotics$66,000.00
3475PK Fibre & Communication Pty Ltd$66,000.00
3476Agileware Pty Ltd$66,000.00
3477Federation Of AUST Scientific And$66,000.00
3478Widerange Consulting Pty Ltd$66,000.00
3479KATE Slack Barrister$66,000.00
3480Mountain Media Pty Ltd$66,000.00
3481Softlabs Pty Ltd$66,000.00
3482Vudoo Pty Ltd$66,000.00
3483White Pillar Pty Ltd$66,000.00
3484Momentum Energy Pty Ltd$66,000.00
3485Presagis Canada Inc$65,991.11
3486Exhibition Studios Pty Ltd$65,945.00
3487Aracapital Resins Pty Ltd$65,877.90
3488Attica Marine Pty Ltd$65,846.00
3489Synchronised Software Pty Limited$65,835.00
3490Rydges Capital HILL$65,805.00
3491Secora Consulting, Australasia$65,800.00
3492Saville Assessment ASIA Pacific$65,796.00
3493Creative Radicals LLC$65,745.06
3494Relationships Australia South Australia$65,720.00
3495BDO (WA) Pty Ltd$65,715.73
3496The Trustee For Smokeshield Austral$65,712.05
3497Interior Engineering Queensland Pty Ltd$65,675.00
3498HALL Chadwick Chartered Accountants$65,631.50
3499Cyalume Technologies, INC.$65,582.72
3500Bunnings Group Limited$65,550.46
3501Cybrary, INC.$65,529.00
3502Allen-vanguard Ltd$65,520.58
3503Spill Station Australia Pty Ltd$65,450.00
3504Global3d Pty Ltd$65,372.25
3505General Dynamics European LAND Systems-bridge Systems GMBH$65,284.09
3506CNG Systems Pty Ltd$65,275.00
3507Pathtech Pty Ltd$65,265.99
3508DPG Services Pty Ltd$65,255.11
3509RAW Recruitment And Services Pty Ltd$65,242.20
3510Simjet Training Systems Pty Ltd$65,221.20
3511Encore Event Technologies$65,215.64
3512MARC Mckechnie$65,200.00
3513Startrack Retail Pty Ltd$65,131.73
3514Timberbuilt Solutions Trust$65,092.50
3515Timberbuiltsolutions P/L Solutions Trust$65,092.50
3516Fredon (act) Pty Limited$65,058.76
3517NOEL C Hutley$65,000.00
3518Capital Health CARE Pty Ltd$65,000.00
3519Johnson Controls Australia Pty Ltd$65,000.00
3520Adapt Productivity Pty Ltd$64,900.00
3521FIRE Response Pty Ltd$64,900.00
3522Houda Younan$64,800.00
3523Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council$64,692.13
3525Plume Consultants Limited$64,479.00
3526Schiavello Ltd$64,443.50
3527Sound Advice Australia Pty Ltd$64,271.13
3528Trelleborg Engineered Products A$64,237.47
3530Pullman Bangkok Hotel G$64,102.00
3531Perrott Engineering Pty Ltd$64,086.00
3532RISE Above Custom Drone Solutions$64,027.39
3533Clarivate Analytics (UK) Limited$64,000.00
3534Anton Murray Consulting Pty Ltd$63,937.76
3535Savv-e Pty Ltd$63,910.00
3537Corporate FLAG And Banner CO Pty$63,745.00
3538Confluent Inc$63,707.55
3539Proton Energy Systems$63,686.00
3540SEER Data And Analytics Pty Ltd$63,580.00
3541AG Coombs Pty Ltd$63,514.00
3542Young's LIST Pty Ltd$63,495.01
3543CODE ZEN Pty Ltd$63,404.00
3544Denise LEE Counselling Pty Ltd$63,360.00
3545280 Group LLC$63,351.28
3546Williams Winter Solicitors$63,331.48
3547CCD Networking Pty Ltd$63,218.10
3548Arinex Pty Ltd$63,200.00
3549Schiavello Systems (nsw) PTY. LTD.$63,092.70
3550Mcmillan Staff Development Pty Ltd$63,044.00
3551Manuka ENT Pty Ltd T/A The AIR Doctor$63,008.00
3552OAK Grove Technologies, LLC.$63,000.00
3553Hoffman Donohue$63,000.00
3554International Association Of Deposit Insurers C/O BANK For Intermantional Settlements$63,000.00
3556IBIS World$62,986.00
3558Power Generator Systems$62,881.50
3559Napco INTL Inc$62,787.77
3560G A Glanville & CO Naval Architects$62,782.82
3561Printman Colour Group$62,700.23
3562First Peoples Disability Network$62,700.00
3563Granite BELT Integrated PEST Management$62,700.00
3564Biometix Pty Ltd$62,700.00
3565Heisenberg Analytics Services Pty L$62,700.00
3566Veerpoint Pty Ltd$62,685.00
3567Adelaide Crane Maintenance P/L$62,653.36
3568Comrez Property Solutions$62,651.60
3569Atheniem Ltd$62,650.00
3570Munters Pty Limited$62,632.90
3571Jackson Management Consulting$62,625.00
3572Victor LUKE Lucas ATF The Trustee Family Trust$62,559.31
3573Osint Combine Pty Ltd$62,535.00
3574Kevin Charles Scott$62,500.00
3575NSW Ombudsman$62,467.00
3576Shopbot Tools, INC.$62,394.62
3577Bosch Rexroth Pty Ltd$62,379.31
3578United Forklift & Access Solutions$62,337.00
3579Language Partner Pty Ltd$62,334.45
35804data IT Pty Ltd$62,240.00
3581Apple Pty Limited$62,006.01
3582Exponent, INC.$62,000.00
3583Geospatial Frameworks Pty Ltd$62,000.00
3584SRA Information Technology Pty Ltd$62,000.00
3585Solutions FROM Silicon PTY. LTD.$61,977.30
3586JOEL Phillips$61,966.00
3587HUGH Watson Consulting Pty Ltd$61,875.00
3588Charterhouse Partnership$61,875.00
3589Colby Instruments LLC$61,815.60
3591EC Integrators (eci)$61,709.51
3592ABB Australia Pty Limited$61,701.26
3593ANNE Lockley$61,657.20
3594Peoplescape (vic) Pty Ltd T/AS Steople$61,600.00
3595Sensis Pty Ltd$61,590.10
3596Revolution Power Australia Pty Ltd$61,578.00
3597Multicam Systems Pty Ltd$61,545.00
3598Australian Children's Education &$61,526.30
3599Enspire Digital Pty Ltd$61,502.00
3600Videocraft Equipment Pty Ltd$61,490.26
3601Brooke BIRD And CO$61,468.00
3602HPA Projects P/L$61,456.23
3603Morningstar Australasia Pty Ltd$61,450.80
3604Foresee IT Pty Ltd$61,380.00
3605Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd$61,358.00
3606Compucraft Software Solutions$61,344.26
3607Medical Centre (frankston)$61,200.00
3608TPG Network Pty Ltd$61,193.00
3609DUFF & Phelps Australia Pty Ltd$61,050.00
3610Mysite Design Pty Ltd$61,050.00
3611Forensic Instinct Pty Ltd$61,022.50
3612CDG Coast Dynamics Group Ltd$60,823.68
3613Indian Ocean Contracting Family Trust$60,720.00
3614Keston Technologies Pty Ltd$60,720.00
3615Fibrebridge Photonics GMBH$60,564.69
3616Newart Commercial Furniture$60,537.40
3617Safety PLUS Australia$60,533.00
3618Lelliott Robinson Consulting Pty LT$60,500.00
3619Total Freight Solutions$60,500.00
3620CITI Boutique Hotel$60,500.00
3621Includovate Pty Ltd$60,500.00
3622Aliansi Jurnalis Independen$60,470.48
3623Gilbert And Tobin$60,392.00
3625CSP Group Pty Ltd$60,283.08
3626Internet Systems Corporation$60,276.55
3627SARL Jeobrowser$60,238.00
3628Sirsidynix EOS LLC$60,168.90
3629Effective Negotiation Services$60,105.89
3630Australian Communications And Media Authority$60,095.00
3631Bamba Burralgas Pty Ltd$60,000.01
3632Helexzone PTY. LTD.$60,000.00
3633Afuzion Incorporated$60,000.00
3635North WEST Realty$60,000.00
3636Townsville Wholesale Fruit & VEG$60,000.00
3637Roger Bruce Wilkins$60,000.00
3638AAC Process Service & Investigation$60,000.00
3639Gurobi Optimization$60,000.00
3640C&J KEMP$60,000.00
3641Pamille BERG Consulting Pty Ltd$60,000.00
3642DRSW Pty Ltd$60,000.00
3643Cleanaway Daniels Services Pty Ltd T/A Sterihealthservices$60,000.00
3644The Anxiety & Stress Clinic$60,000.00
3645Homestyle BAKE$60,000.00
3646Mitchell's Fruit & VEG PTY. Ltd$60,000.00
3647Argus Media Limited$60,000.00
3648Horizon Communication Group Pty Limited$60,000.00
3649BIG ROCK Toyota$59,999.98
3650Daintree Systems Pty Ltd$59,979.92
3651Applied Satellite Technology$59,754.20
3652BEN Mcglade$59,703.00
3653Bosch Automotive Service Solutions PTY. LTD.$59,637.54
3654Duniya Pty Ltd$59,538.50
3655Health Outcomes International Pty Ltd$59,523.00
3656Toolcraft Australia Pty Ltd$59,510.00
3657Celia Winnett$59,500.00
3658Robert Breunig$59,400.00
3659ONE Energy Trust$59,400.00
3660Chorus CALL Australia P/L$59,400.00
3661The Substation Media Services Pty Ltd$59,400.00
3662MR Colin Murphy$59,400.00
3663North Track Machinery Pty Ltd$59,287.26
3664Michelle Halse T/A Living Collaborations$59,152.50
3665Teledyne Gavia EHF$59,147.88
3666Jackson LABS Technologies, INC.$59,081.03
3667ZONE ONE Consulting PTY. LTD.$59,046.00
3668Mccarroll's Of MOSS VALE Pty Ltd$59,038.00
3669S.T. Japan-usa, LLC$59,009.00
3670Country Place$58,950.00
3671A.T. Juniper (liverpool) Limited$58,922.64
3672Development Beyond Learning Pty Ltd$58,899.50
3673Vogl, Gillian JANE$58,839.00
3674Faster Horses Consulting$58,817.00
3675Office Partners International Pty Ltd$58,752.10
36763D Systems Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$58,718.00
3678Christmas Island Supermarket$58,597.18
3679Digicert, INC.$58,406.00
3680Harrison Infrastructure Group$58,352.00
3681Mettler-toledo Limited$58,338.50
3682DART Legal And Consulting Pty Ltd$58,300.00
3683EFT Consulting$58,245.00
3684BEN Baden Services Pty Ltd$58,220.00
3685PRO AV Solutions Australia Pty Limited$58,212.00
3686Escalier Mclean Consulting Pty Ltd$58,200.00
3687Lonergan Research Pty Ltd$58,180.00
3688Lencrow Pty Ltd$58,144.01
3689K & H Ainsworth Engineering Pty LIM$58,135.00
3690Prodata Pty Ltd$58,080.00
3691ONYX Optics, INC.$58,069.60
3692TR Hirecom$58,027.20
3693Conceptual Technology Solutions Pty Limited$58,025.00
3694Discovery Consulting$58,000.00
3695DR Alison Taylor$58,000.00
3696SUBA Engineering Pty Ltd$57,970.00
3697Mackay Consolidated Industries P$57,903.34
3698Novus RES Pty Ltd$57,875.00
3699BANG The Table$57,750.00
3700Vizionx (group) Pty Limited$57,750.00
3701Grabener Pressensysteme GMBH$57,741.49
3702Embellishing Group$57,689.50
3703EDX, INC.$57,685.90
3704TIM Faulkner$57,600.00
3705Cyconsol Pty Ltd$57,420.00
3706ALL VIC Mobile Blasting$57,400.00
3707Thermoanalytics, INC.$57,379.71
3708JPB & KB Pty Ltd$57,288.00
3709FIND YOUR Voice$57,288.00
3710EDGE Editing And Content$57,271.50
3711NATO Bices Agency (nba)$57,262.44
3712Capital Training Pty Limited$57,200.00
3713Right LANE Consulting PTY. LTD.$57,173.00
3714Eptec Marine Pty Ltd$56,980.00
3715Red Education Pty Ltd$56,980.00
3716Artcraft (SA) Pty Ltd$56,935.67
3717DR Sunita SAH$56,848.90
3718DHL Express (australia) Pty Ltd$56,805.07
3719HR On Board$56,801.80
3721Lynnita MARY Maddock$56,760.00
3722Education Services Australia Ltd$56,760.00
3723Dynamic Web Training P/L$56,695.10
3724Harcor Security Seals And BAGS P$56,674.75
3725AIR Academy Associates, Llc!dba AIR Academy Associates$56,550.00
3726KENI Josifoski$56,500.01
3727Ann-maree Hanratty$56,463.85
3728Allied Pickfords$56,459.85
3729Writing Comes Alive$56,430.00
3730Sitep Australia Pty Ltd$56,364.00
3731Typeyard Design & Advertising$56,275.00
3732Currie Group Pty Ltd$56,100.00
3733Battery Specialties (nsw) Pty LT$56,060.40
3734Rapopo Plantation Resort$56,000.00
3735Australian Institute Of Training And Development$56,000.00
3736Intecsea Pty Ltd$55,995.14
3737Young's LIST Pty Ltd$55,950.01
3738Beretta Australia Pty Ltd$55,880.00
3739Blades Joinery & Construction Pty L$55,815.00
3740Robert Walters$55,775.20
3742Portable XRF Services Pty Ltd$55,751.80
3743DE Vries Tayeh$55,726.00
3744LOOP Technology Pty Ltd$55,666.23
3745Entech Electronics Pty Ltd$55,568.70
3746Opteon Property Group Pty Ltd$55,550.00
3747BST Group$55,537.02
3748Stratas Advisors$55,500.00
3749FLIR Systems, Inc.!dba FLIR Surveillance, Inc.!div FLIR$55,423.46
3750Fredon Technology Pty Ltd$55,399.89
3751The Trustee For The Nisodan Trust$55,308.00
3752Arrow TECH Associates, Inc$55,300.00
3753Stratfor Enterprises, Llc!dba Stratfor Global Intelligence$55,224.00
3754Indigenous Links Pty Ltd$55,176.00
3755HIGH Standards Access PTY. LTD.$55,119.90
3756AMDA Foundation Limited$55,080.00
3757Computertrans Group Pty Limited$55,057.20
3758Centre For New Energy Technologies Limited$55,000.00
3759Kimberley Durham$55,000.00
3760Griffin Michael$55,000.00
3761RENA Burton$55,000.00
3763PT Misha Cipta Nusantara$55,000.00
3764Ergonomicoffice Pty Ltd$55,000.00
3765The Trustee For WE Al-li Trust$55,000.00
3766Mantle Corporate Affairs Consulting$55,000.00
3767Foxtel Cable Television Pty Ltd$55,000.00
3768Janet Willis$55,000.00
3769Australian Rural Leadership Foundation$55,000.00
3770Argus Media Singapore Group PTE Ltd$55,000.00
3771Asthma Australia Ltd$55,000.00
3772European Australian Business$55,000.00
3773Medical Software Industry Associati$55,000.00
3774Openlearn Pty Limited$55,000.00
3775Tracey Brunstrom & Hammond Pty Ltd$55,000.00
3776NINA Harding Mediation Services Pty Ltd$55,000.00
3777Institute For Regional Security Ltd$55,000.00
3778The Council Of Heads Of Australian Botanic Gardens Incorporated$55,000.00
3779Mental Health Intervention Skills Training$55,000.00
3780Inkling Group Pty Ltd$55,000.00
3781TLMC Institute$55,000.00
3782LYN Provost$55,000.00
3783Sneddon Legal And Consulting Pty Ltd$55,000.00
3784Measurement PLUS Pty Ltd$54,993.41
37850956196 BC Ltd$54,962.44
3786Sensei Productivity Pty Ltd$54,945.00
3787Indo-pac Strategic Advisory Service$54,901.00
3789Sparx Systems Pty Ltd$54,840.52
3790LINE Engineering Pty Ltd$54,697.50
3791Embedded Logic Solutions Pty Ltd$54,659.00
3792Securcom Pty Ltd$54,631.50
3793Cinden Lester Communications$54,626.00
3794MPC Industries Pty Ltd$54,560.00
3795EYE Candy Animation Pty Limited$54,516.00
3796CBG Systems Pty Ltd$54,500.55
3797LOD Promotions$54,466.50
3798Thinking In Colours Pty Ltd$54,450.00
3799Countrywide Austral Pty Limited$54,450.00
3800Eppendorf South Pacific$54,341.00
3801Quant SEC Pty Ltd$54,325.70
3802ICS Industries Pty Ltd$54,306.52
3803Micro Systemation Pty Ltd$54,285.00
3804Datavoice Communications$54,159.12
3805Lightwave Technology$54,021.00
3806Converge International Incorporatin$54,000.00
3807ADAM Mcgrath$54,000.00
3808Peter Pedersen Trading AS Wenlock Consulting$54,000.00
3809Catherine Tanna$54,000.00
3810Search & Rescue Training Australia$53,988.00
3811Yothu Yindi Foundation$53,970.15
3812Trailer Sales (NQ) Pty Ltd$53,959.48
3813SEM FIRE And Rescue Pty Ltd$53,895.60
3814Experia Events PTE Ltd$53,792.50
3815Radio Industries Australia Pty Ltd$53,779.00
3816Aerospace Composites Pty Ltd$53,736.10
3817PLUM Consulting London LLP$53,675.00
3818Raider Targetry Pty Ltd$53,628.66
3819QUAY Appointments$53,626.19
3820DON ALAN Pty Ltd$53,603.00
38214cabling Pty Ltd$53,596.03
3822LAF Technologies Pty Ltd$53,475.40
3823Svenson Barristers$53,400.00
3824Nature Publishing Group$53,389.98
3825Coastal Services (aust) Pty Ltd$53,369.68
3826Progressive RISK Management Pty Ltd$53,339.00
3827Turbosoft Pty Limited$53,295.00
3828Gammasonics Pty Ltd$53,075.00
3831Bullivants Pty Ltd$52,942.25
3832Australian Network On Disability$52,910.00
3833Expertsdirect Pty Ltd$52,910.00
3834Pharmout Pty Ltd$52,800.00
3835Export Council Of Australia$52,800.00
3836STAR Metal$52,800.00
3837Omera Partners Pty Ltd$52,800.00
3838Control And Electric Pty Ltd$52,800.00
3839CNW Pty Ltd Customer 16821$52,797.03
3840Slumbercorp Pty Ltd$52,787.90
3841Metro DRUM CO.$52,775.25
3842M & M Patternmaking Pty Ltd$52,756.00
3843GREG Cornish Signs Pty Ltd$52,756.00
3845Sheldon Commercial Interiors Pty Ltd$52,701.00
3846PT Terrasys Media$52,688.09
3847Career Employment Group Inc$52,627.23
3848Schiavello Constructions (nsw) Pty Ltd$52,540.40
3849AAPT Limited$52,500.00
3850KAC Generation And Mechanical$52,486.50
3851Kamaji TREE LLC$52,480.00
3852Solentive Systems Pty Ltd$52,448.00
3853Aurora Energy Pty Ltd$52,275.00
3854Theta Technologies Pty Ltd$52,273.10
3855Purdon & Featherstone (R Fader Pty LTD)$52,262.49
3856Sulzer Australia Pty Ltd$52,146.38
3857IAN Mcphee Consulting Pty Ltd$52,100.00
3858RPC Telecommunications Ltd$52,032.87
3859BT Transport & Logistics Trust$52,030.00
3860SAFE Smart Access$52,017.90
3861Brian BELL Homecentres$52,000.00
3862Elysium Coaching And Consulting$52,000.00
3863Capital Linen Service$52,000.00
3864Peter Boxall$52,000.00
3865Hilton Brisbane$52,000.00
3866Thomas Global Systems Australia Pty Ltd$51,856.20
3867Cadspace Pty Ltd$51,590.00
3868Silvergate Holdings Pty Ltd$51,565.00
3869Akips Pty Ltd$51,562.50
3870Louis Putzel$51,550.00
3871Agile Business Institute$51,498.88
3872Data Synergies Pty Ltd$51,480.00
3873Totally Workwear$51,480.00
3874CKD Automotive Pty Ltd D.l.n 11638$51,401.00
3875ECA International Pty Ltd$51,385.00
3876Coffey International Development Pty Ltd$51,334.10
3877Burning Glass International, Inc$51,315.00
3878Embarcadero Technologies Europe Limited$51,308.16
3879Dexion Liverpool$51,227.00
3880Linkedin Singapore$51,150.00
3881Lidoran Infrastructure Pty Limited$51,040.00
3882New WAVE Housing & Construction$51,000.00
3883Superratings Pty Limited$50,941.00
3884Ocean TURF Pty Ltd$50,877.20
3885Clicksend Pty Ltd$50,820.00
3886Fueltrac Pty Ltd$50,688.00
3887Australian Academy Of Science$50,600.00
3888COR Cordis$50,556.00
3889Enhancehr Pty Ltd$50,513.00
3890Corrugated Carton Products$50,496.71
3891Organisation For Economic Co-operation And Development$50,488.50
3892Superlative Pictures Pty Ltd$50,484.68
3893Australian Advocacy Institute$50,405.00
3894MR Stephen YEN$50,400.00
3895Powercor Australia Ltd$50,240.30
3896ST. JOHN Ambulance Australia (VI$50,181.45
3897Organisation Internationale DE$50,181.00
3898Splicing And Cutting Services$50,160.00
3899ZEN Enterprise Pty Ltd$50,160.00
3900MS Instruments Ltd$50,154.18
3901Co-impact Pty Ltd$50,031.70
3902Greens LIST Clerking Services P/L ATF B&H UNIT Trust$50,000.50
3903Anaconda Stores Pty Ltd Fyshwick$50,000.01
3904W A Pickles Pty Ltd$50,000.01
3905Vantage Point Consulting Pty Ltd$50,000.01
3906Plane Sciences$50,000.00
3907The Canary Company PTY. Limited$50,000.00
3908Elise Newton (balcony Editing)$50,000.00
3909Walker, Stephen$50,000.00
3910Centre For Maritime Research And Experimentation (cmre)$50,000.00
3911National Australia DAY Council$50,000.00
3912Media Savvy$50,000.00
3913Growthops Services Pty Ltd$50,000.00
3914Molony Advisory Pty Ltd$50,000.00
3915Australian Library And Information Assoc$50,000.00
3916ADAM Segal$50,000.00
3917GP ONE Consulting Pty Ltd Gareck Packer$50,000.00
3918Pattison Hardman PTY. LTD.$50,000.00
3919AJ Parkes And Company Pty Limited$50,000.00
3920KI SKIP BINS$49,999.99
3921Indicore ICT Pty Ltd$49,999.99
3923Public Sector Training Solutions PL$49,999.99
3924KB Pipelines$49,995.00
3925Lifeflight Medical Pty Ltd$49,990.00
3926Gcode Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd$49,879.50
3927Kerfoot Pty Limited$49,871.36
3928UBER Pacific Pty Ltd$49,866.25
3929Woolcott Research And Engagement$49,800.00
3930Norris Cylinder Company$49,788.95
3931The Saints IT Group ASIA Pacific$49,770.92
3932Innowave RF LLC$49,698.96
3933Allen-vanguard Corporation$49,696.60
3934SED Systems^a Division Of Calian LT$49,666.45
3935Space Machine & Engineering CORP$49,635.34
3936Jayrow Helicopters PTY. LTD.$49,610.00
3937NAVA Service SDN BHD$49,600.76
3938Swift Equipment PTY. LTD.$49,500.00
3939Yarrendale Enterprises Pty Ltd$49,500.00
3940Civas (act) Pty Ltd$49,500.00
3941Finity Consulting Pty Limited$49,500.00
3942Open Ground For Organisations Pty Ltd$49,500.00
3943Cooperative Research Centres Association$49,500.00
3944Austland Services Pty Ltd$49,460.00
3945Heritage PARK Honiara$49,400.00
3946Mainpac Pty Ltd$49,305.30
3947Chainalysis INC.$49,199.00
3948Q5 Australia$49,170.00
3949Pulse Power And Measurement Limited$49,097.80
3950Ucorp PTY. LTD.$49,094.10
3951Nzleading Technologies Technology Limited$49,002.41
3952The Trustee For The Promogear Trust$48,950.00
3953Altium Limited$48,779.50
3954Youngman, Gavin RYAN T/A Emerald Consulting$48,750.00
3955Bureau Veritas Australia$48,722.00
3956Crowley Consulting Pty Ltd$48,675.00
3957Christian MILL$48,500.00
3958State FIRE Commission TAS AKA Tasmania FIRE Service$48,488.01
3959JIM Roberts Locksmith Pty Ltd$48,452.26
3960Comfil APS$48,422.81
3961ADT FIRE Monitoring$48,400.00
3962Tradeway Maintenance And Engineering Services$48,287.89
3963RP Data Ltd/32130800$48,263.58
3964Mcarthur Management Services (SA) P/L$48,232.13
3965Raphael Perla Thirteen Wentworth Selborne Chamber$48,050.00
3966Taunbill Holdings Australia Pty Ltd$48,048.00
3967Sense2 Pty Ltd$48,022.70
3968Winton Motor Raceway Pty Limited$48,000.00
3969Hideaway Hotel$48,000.00
3970Savills REAL Estate LLC$48,000.00
3971The Kitcher Family Trust$47,999.99
3972Stealth Surveillance Systems (A*$47,951.75
3973Redshift Consulting Pty Ltd$47,900.00
3974ADM Instrument Engineering$47,828.00
3975Immediation Platform Pty Ltd$47,696.00
3976The Institute Of Internal Auditors Australia$47,689.98
3977Canberra REX Hotel$47,667.40
3978Excelpoint Systems (pte) Ltd$47,617.67
3979H.i.s. HOSE Pty Ltd$47,581.88
3980Dreamtime Supply Company Pty Ltd$47,531.00
3981Diamond Engineering, INC.$47,524.69
3982Cyberanalytics Pty Ltd$47,520.00
3983Accelerate Occupational Rehabilitation Pty Ltd$47,500.00
3984Vision Australia$47,470.00
3985Igloo Vision$47,397.59
3986C & C Science Factory Pty Ltd T/A AMT Group Australasia$47,342.90
3987Drift + Noise$47,293.43
3988Stacey BARR Pty Ltd$47,050.00
3989Watson Island Carpentry & Excavatin$47,047.51
3990Mrbadges.com Pty Ltd$47,041.50
3991Safety & Emergency Training (NQ) Pty Ltd$47,000.00
3992The Trustee For The Angus James Family Trust & The Trustee For The Westskye Trust$47,000.00
3993Christina Trahanas$47,000.00
3994International LEAD And ZINC Study Group$46,970.00
3995Peter Jordan Pty Ltd$46,898.50
3996T.J. & R.F. Fordham Pty Ltd$46,860.00
3997Brisbane Sound Group$46,846.89
3998Angels And Eagles Pty Ltd T/AS Norfolk Island REAL Estate$46,800.00
3999Mcafee Security Australia Pty Ltd$46,761.66
4000Twisted PEAR Concepts Pty Ltd$46,756.88
4001Radhika Withana$46,725.00
4002Tactical GEAR Distributors Pty Ltd$46,715.02
4003Extreme Marquees$46,698.00
4004Island Plumbing & GAS$46,695.00
4005Legba LTE S.r.l.$46,692.00
4006Tadano Oceania Pty Ltd$46,677.24
4007Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd$46,662.87
4008Minemech Services (qld) Pty Ltd$46,514.16
4009Talitha Fishburn$46,500.00
4010JT IT Solutions Pty Ltd$46,500.00
4011Aquarius Technologies Pty Ltd$46,486.00
4012CV Services Group Pty Ltd$46,418.90
4013Ultralift Australia PTY. LTD.$46,381.50
4014Pitcher Partners$46,376.00
4015Scubatek Australia Pty Ltd$46,321.01
4016Davies Collison CAVE LAW Pty Ltd$46,293.50
4017Enterprisedb Australia Pty Ltd$46,233.00
4018Quadric Pty Ltd$46,200.00
4019Paint 2 Impress$46,200.00
4020DVR Engineering Pty Ltd$46,175.25
4021Davidson Executive And Boards Pty Ltd$46,134.00
4022Advanced Communications Australia Pty Ltd$46,104.30
4023Intec1 Pty Ltd T/A IA Intec1$45,980.00
4024Astro Haven Enterprises, INC.$45,867.00
4025Annapolis Micro Systems, INC.$45,839.25
4026The Trustee For Singingbird Family$45,787.50
4027Australian Red Cross National Offic$45,682.00
4028Gemalto Pty Ltd$45,588.40
4029Premier Marketing And Distribution$45,568.64
4030Allstar Plastics Pty Ltd$45,538.56
4031IP Trading Pty Ltd$45,466.30
4032Citibuild Pty Ltd$45,427.53
4033NT Writing & Editing$45,425.00
4034Gaardtech Pty Ltd$45,423.44
4035Infoscitex Corporation$45,421.20
4036Under FIVE Pty Ltd T/A Inspire Design$45,408.00
4037Maxmind, INC.$45,330.00
4038Tectonica Australia PTY. LTD.$45,232.99
4039Stenhouse Lifting Equipment Pty Ltd$45,218.25
4040Federal GOLF CLUB$45,137.22
4041NEC IT Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$45,133.00
4042Schmid & Partner Engineering AG$45,109.79
4043Advent ONE Pty Ltd$45,031.00
4044Compass Group Bandi Hospitality Services P/L$45,012.00
4045International Seismological Centre$45,000.00
4046Balfran Removals$45,000.00
4047Strategic Leadership Pty Ltd$45,000.00
4048Weiss, Ariane Christina T/A Ariane Weiss$45,000.00
4049Hodge, Anthony Charles$45,000.00
4050HBA Consulting$44,880.00
4051Zincara Pty Ltd$44,800.00
4052Commonwealth Association Of TAX Administrators$44,760.67
4053Perfect Balance Rowing Pty Ltd$44,696.00
4054Petrosys Pty Ltd$44,621.00
4055Bauer Kompressoren Australia Pty$44,620.00
4056DOLL Martin Associates Pty Ltd$44,616.00
4057AKS Media International$44,614.63
4058Tableau International, U.C.$44,530.21
4059ESS Earth Sciences UNIT Trust$44,489.50
4060Traditional Family Group Pty Ltd$44,400.00
4061Swoop Analytics Pty Ltd$44,352.00
4062Psychological Assessments AUST Pty Ltd$44,341.00
4063Pinkerton Executive Consulting$44,300.49
4064AIR Liquide Australia Ltd$44,275.00
4065Macroview Business Technology$44,256.30
4066Samaria Taylor Pty Ltd$44,180.62
4067Fountainbridge Ltd$44,178.50
4068Pandesic Pty Limited$44,000.00
4069Endpoint Focus Pty.ltd.$44,000.00
4070AGED CARE Channel Pty Limited$44,000.00
4071Leadenhall Valuation Services Pty Ltd$44,000.00
4072Maxiport Engineering Pty Ltd$44,000.00
4073Right NOW Office Renovations &$44,000.00
4074Closed LOOP Design Pty Limited$44,000.00
4075Community Services Directorate-act GOVT$44,000.00
4076JOEL Patrick Deane$44,000.00
4077Headspace For Work$44,000.00
4078Pomegranate Global Pty Ltd$44,000.00
4079Daniel's Quality Upholstery$43,983.50
4080Michelle Hirschhorn Barrister At LAW$43,972.50
4081The Trustee For Catalyst Breakthru Trust$43,968.00
4082Rocksmith Precision Machining Inc$43,967.49
4083Atlas Copco Compressors Australia$43,890.00
4084QUAY WEST Suites Melbourne Hospitality Pty Limited$43,770.00
4085Queensland Calibrations Pty Ltd$43,755.58
4087Ashdown Ingram$43,608.95
4088Shing KONG LIFE Insurance Company L$43,590.43
4089Frank O'keefe Repairs And Servic$43,410.08
4090A & I Coatings Pty Ltd$43,367.49
4092Klausen Trading Company Pty Ltd$43,318.00
4093Tennant Australia$43,191.40
4094SMC Conference & Function Centre$43,185.00
4095Collins Square Hospitality$43,152.84
4096C Bigg-wither & G Srejic$43,120.00
4097Dnata Airport Services Pty Ltd$43,104.60
4099Anthony Barnes$43,000.00
4100PROF YIN Paradies$43,000.00
4101Blackberry Singapore PTE. Limited$43,000.00
4102Denis Thorn$42,900.00
4103Summer MAY Finlay$42,900.00
4104Fulcrum Management$42,804.00
4105Paradigm Geophysical Pty Ltd$42,799.93
4107Aus-rescue Pty Ltd$42,735.00
4108White Marquee Event Hire Group UNIT Trust$42,704.75
4109Moray And Agnew Lawyers$42,700.00
4110Campbell Scientific$42,680.00
4111Dirty Thunder Logistics$42,651.35
4112N.A Bramley-moore And W.R Dapice And ETC$42,608.50
4113SAFE Work & Environments Pty Ltd$42,556.50
4114Ecorys Nederland B.V.$42,531.06
4115Freshwater Systems Australia Pty Ltd$42,504.00
4116Sparta Software Corporation$42,500.00
4117Austest Laboratories$42,460.00
4118Silver SUN Pictures UNIT Trust$42,440.75
4119Wildbear Entertainment P/L$42,377.99
4120HOT N DRY Drysuits Australia P/L$42,299.94
4121Signet Pty Ltd$42,294.07
4122Evision Pty Ltd Trading AS Messagexchange$42,240.00
4123Thrifty CAR Rental$42,163.00
4124Thrifty CAR And Truck Rental$42,163.00
4125Classic Trailers$42,048.60
4127Claire Horan$42,000.40
4128The BOAT House BY The LAKE$42,000.00
4129Runtime Collective Ltd$42,000.00
4130TN Marine Pty Ltd$42,000.00
4131Paladin RISK Management Services$42,000.00
4132Sally Stephens$41,982.00
4133Fabric First Pty Ltd$41,764.82
4134Austral ROPE And Cordage Pty Ltd$41,745.00
4135LRM Technologies Pty Ltd$41,712.00
4136The Trustee Of Burninghouse UNIT Trust$41,602.00
4137Speller International$41,585.54
4138Schiavello Systems (vic) Pty Ltd$41,547.00
4139Black BOX Consulting Pty Ltd$41,503.00
4140Eagle SMF Distributors Pty Ltd$41,470.00
4141Directions For Change$41,460.10
4142Symonston CT Pty Ltd ATF Ascot Capital Symonston Property Trust$41,250.00
4143Silver Platypus Pty Ltd$41,176.30
4144Lachlan J S Molesworth$41,125.33
4145Prenax Pty Ltd$41,026.77
4147Mhe-demag Australia Pty Ltd$41,017.76
4148Ashcliffe Pty Ltd$41,000.00
4149Statewide Bearings$40,956.30
4150ONQ Software Pty Ltd$40,865.00
4151GSO Consulting Pty Limited$40,800.00
4152Jackman Waugh Technology Solutions$40,755.00
4153Clear Ballistics$40,730.13
4154Intelledox Pty Ltd$40,700.00
4155Atrad Pty Ltd$40,694.50
4156Human Solutions Of North America, I$40,676.75
4157Australian Decommissioning Services Pty Ltd$40,634.00
4158Advanced Molecular Technologies Pty Ltd$40,595.50
4159Courtney Therese Ensor$40,500.00
4160Clifton HALL$40,392.00
4161Aviation FUEL Projects Consulting GMBH & CO. KG$40,301.66
4162Oxycon Pty Ltd$40,219.00
4163Robson Environmental$40,165.00
4164William P Schonberg$40,150.00
4165Georges Camera Sydney$40,109.64
4166Global Data$40,027.97
4167O2C Solutions$40,000.00
4168BUKU Larrnggay Mulka Incorporated T/A BUKU Larrnggay Mulka ART Centre$40,000.00
4169Meshed Group$40,000.00
4170Engagement PLUS Pty Ltd$40,000.00
4171Hessell, Timothy JOHN Field$40,000.00
4172Milan Partners Pty Ltd$40,000.00
4174Martins Design Pty Ltd$40,000.00
4175OPAL Translation Pty Ltd$40,000.00
4176AMY Munro$40,000.00
4177Similarweb Ltd$40,000.00
4178Seraphina Noble$40,000.00
4179Language Experts Pty Ltd T/AS International Interpreting Agency$40,000.00
4180APCD Pty Limited$40,000.00
4181Marathon Targets Pty Ltd$39,984.67
4182Materials Handling Pty Ltd$39,930.00
4183IQ Oil Australia Pty Ltd$39,873.25
4184Computer Modelling Group Ltd$39,825.00
4185Clarke Murphy Print Ltd & The Truste For Kuhar Family$39,814.50
4186Evenergi Pty Ltd$39,793.60
4187Sporting Shooters Association Of$39,787.50
4188Gotenna, Inc$39,656.05
4189Paliscope AB$39,594.50
4190STM Equipment Pty Ltd$39,586.12
4191234 East 46TH Street JV LLC$39,573.71
4192Sirway ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$39,517.50
4193International Auditing Company Limited$39,500.00
4194South Australian Murray-darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board$39,495.42
4195Lectra Australia Pty Limited$39,410.06
4196Mondaic AG$39,378.93
4197The Trustee For The BN And LI AL$39,303.00
4198PAC FIRE Australia$39,270.00
4199Bayesfusion, LLC$39,246.48
4200COPY Trends Pty Limited$39,226.72
4201Marlin Australia Pty Ltd$39,154.50
4203Ringir Pty Ltd$39,105.00
4204Quality Management Solutions$39,044.50
4205Technology Transfer International Australia Pty Ltd$39,000.00
4206The CITY Of Newcastle$38,896.00
4207SML Enterprises Pty Ltd$38,885.00
4208Hicraft Workwear & Safety Trust$38,879.44
4209The Grace Hotel$38,851.42
4210Bortell Dynamic EDGE Pty Ltd AS Trustee For BDE Trust$38,800.00
4211Above The LINE Safety Solutions Pty Ltd$38,800.00
4212Waterco Limited$38,743.10
4213Linux Academy, Inc.dba Linux Academ$38,730.24
4214Lista Consulting$38,720.00
4215GLYN High-tech Distribution$38,665.00
4217A1 Insignia$38,637.50
4218NBN CO Limited$38,627.82
4219Triplepoint Calibrations Developments Trust$38,619.90
4220Crusader HOSE Pty Ltd$38,560.50
4221Saxton Speakers Bureau Pty Ltd$38,549.70
4222Tamper Evident Pty Ltd ATF Tampe$38,527.50
4223Alpha Zetta Pty Ltd$38,500.00
4224Airborne Research South Australia L$38,500.00
4225First Peoples Training Institute Pty Ltd$38,500.00
4226Abbott Australasia$38,500.00
4227Slick Promotions Pty Ltd AKA TOO Slick$38,500.00
4228The Information Management Group Pty Ltd$38,500.00
4229Andrew Barry Design Collective$38,500.00
4230Pacific Aerodyne PTY. LTD.$38,478.00
4231Hercules Plastics PTY. Limited$38,447.20
4232Kinross Wolaroi School$38,445.00
4233Aussie Floorcovering Distributor$38,439.28
4234Canon Australia Pty Ltd$38,400.08
4235KPS & Associates Pty Ltd$38,400.00
4236TIMS Fabrications$38,258.00
4237GCG Health Safety & Hygiene$38,231.00
4238Igroup (australasia) Pty Limited$38,223.44
4239Fredon Technology (vic) Pty Ltd$38,214.00
4241South African National Space Agency$38,096.94
4242Geosoft Europe Ltd$38,057.70
4243Photometry And Electrical Testing Pty$38,030.00
4244D'artagnan Pacific Pty Limited$38,016.00
4245Harbro Engineering$37,992.31
4246Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd$37,968.70
4247TALL Poppies Research And Marketing Pty Ltd$37,950.00
4248The Relocation Team$37,915.90
4249Authentic8, Inc$37,902.30
4250Watson Blinds And Awnings Pty Limit$37,886.20
4251Britannia Jahco$37,873.00
4252Atmospheric Research$37,800.00
4253Arbuthnot & Associates$37,769.60
4254Objective 3D Pty Ltd$37,763.00
4255Viiew Pty Limited$37,752.00
4256The LOCH Group Pty Ltd$37,750.00
4257Breon Enterprises PTY. LTD. T/AS Breon Defence Systems$37,708.00
4258Micks ALLY FAB$37,675.00
4259Western Technical & Electrical CONT$37,670.00
4260Baxter & Company Pty Ltd$37,620.00
4261Envision I.T Pty Ltd$37,620.00
4262Catalink Pty Ltd$37,620.00
4263Australian Warning Systems Pty Ltd$37,554.44
4264Bellridge Pty Limited$37,530.96
4265S&P Global INC.$37,501.12
4266Hybrid Energy Solutions Pty Ltd$37,500.00
4267Disability Expertise Australasia$37,500.00
4268YP Painting Pty Ltd ATF J & K Polihronid$37,400.00
4269Isolated Children's Parents'$37,400.00
4270Imprint Strategic Pty Ltd$37,400.00
4271The Foodstation Ltd$37,300.00
4273The Trustee For C.l.a.s. Trading$37,250.00
4274The ITSM HUB$37,218.50
4275OWL Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC$37,200.00
4276Warburton, KATE T/A Strategic Talent Solutions$37,125.00
4277Ferst Training Solutions Pty Ltd$37,081.00
4278Fireeye Ireland Limited$37,078.80
4279Medshop Australia$37,024.12
4280Universal Avionics Systems$37,000.00
4281Ignatius PARK College Education Australia$37,000.00
4282Medowie Christian School$37,000.00
4283Prospectors Supplies Pty Ltd$36,960.00
4284WOLF LAB$36,850.00
4285Digicor Pty Ltd$36,757.60
4286Quest Events Pty Limited$36,697.50
4287Workwear Industries Pty Ltd$36,602.50
4288Bysouth, KAYE Annette$36,544.90
4289Unitronix Pty Ltd$36,542.00
4290Peter JOHN Wallbrink$36,500.00
4291Chartered Accountants Australia And New$36,470.20
4292Nadin-west Joinery PTY. Limited$36,465.00
4293DAN Fuller$36,425.00
4294Intertek Testing Services (austr$36,399.00
4295Indian Ocean RIM Association (iora)$36,391.20
4296Boston Micromachines Corporation$36,388.77
4297Delta Software Technology GMBH$36,384.42
4298South Australian Health And Medical Research Institute$36,340.00
4299Asset Management Council Limited$36,300.00
4300Macroscope Solutions$36,300.00
4301The Trustee For Lindsay CHAN Aml/cf Consultancy Trust$36,300.00
4302Holocentric Pty Ltd$36,300.00
4303Curijo Pty Ltd$36,280.00
4304ANNA Garsia$36,250.00
4305Thales UK Limited DBA Thales UK Ltd AIR Operations$36,221.24
4306Argus Media Singapore Pty Ltd$36,208.61
4307Splashdown Event Services Pty Ltd$36,054.51
4308Elina Yasumoto$36,033.15
4309ANNE O'donnell Corporate Consulting$36,000.00
4310Sheehan Solutions Pty Ltd$36,000.00
4311James Photographic$36,000.00
4312Jacinta Galluzzo Consulting$36,000.00
4313Motorcycling Victoria T/A State Motorcycle Sports Complex$35,940.00
4314Alliance Tooling CO Pty Ltd$35,920.50
4315Digital Manufacturing TECH$35,915.00
4316The Trustee For Inklab Trust$35,871.00
4317D1 Store Pty Ltd$35,851.78
4318Health Communication Network$35,832.50
4319Geelong Manufacturing Council$35,750.00
4320Magical Learning Pty Ltd$35,687.50
4321Bio-strategy Distribution Pty Ltd$35,631.24
4322Mpower Projects Pty Limited$35,597.61
4323Syntegrity Solutions Pty Ltd$35,593.80
4324Nature PUBL Group$35,529.45
4325CSG Demining Consultants Pty Ltd$35,486.00
4326Masimo Australia Pty Ltd$35,475.00
4327Proform Facility Maintenance Trust$35,475.00
4329Intelligent Energy Systems P/L$35,440.14
4330The Msupply Foundation$35,367.74
4331Qinetiq Ltd$35,268.16
4332Partnership Brokers Association$35,200.00
4333Capability Partners Asset MGMT$35,200.00
4334Value Management Consulting P/L$35,200.00
4335ONE Model Pty Ltd$35,200.00
4336A Brown And Company Pty Ltd$35,200.00
4337Wireless Components Pty Ltd$35,169.06
4338FARO Singapore PTE. LTD.$35,100.54
4339LIST A Barristers$35,100.00
4340Smarttrack RFID Pty Ltd$35,090.00
4341Specialist NEWS Pty Ltd$35,064.00
4342AGRF Facility Limited$35,024.00
4343IPP Consulting Pty Ltd$35,000.00
4344Threshed Thought Ltd$35,000.00
4345Essential ICT Pty Ltd$35,000.00
4346Ivanti Australia Pty Limited$35,000.00
4347Stamford Plaza Melbourne$35,000.00
4348National Health Group Pty Ltd$35,000.00
4349Cleared Security$35,000.00
4350Garry Downes AM QC$35,000.00
4351Composed Pty Ltd$35,000.00
4352Smart GAS Sciences, LLC$35,000.00
4353Weber, JOHN$35,000.00
4354Goondiwindi Laundromat$34,999.80
4355Deborah Marks-snell$34,936.00
4356Enviroconcepts International Pty Ltd$34,897.50
4357Zentner Shipping Pty Ltd$34,780.00
4358Coolamon Advisors Pty Ltd$34,760.00
4359Bennett Commercial Electronics Pty Ltd$34,738.00
4360Metroid Electrical Products$34,650.00
4361Global Macros (business Name)$34,650.00
4363Baymor Pty Ltd$34,591.00
4364Telatyn Pty Ltd$34,500.00
4366OLD Aeroplane Company Pty Ltd The$34,409.10
4367Australian FUEL Cells Pty Ltd$34,357.09
4368M & S B Solutions Pty Ltd$34,320.00
4369Raindale Holdings$34,316.70
4370JEOL (australasia) Pty Ltd$34,306.91
4371Kinetic Performance Technology Pty Ltd$34,229.87
4372Ultimate Cycles Pty Ltd$34,195.00
4373Icomm Australia Pty Ltd$34,171.50
4374Dawsons Engineering (NQ) Pty Ltd$34,165.01
4375JSM Mechanical Contracting$34,157.62
4376OLD Parliament House$34,155.00
4377Davell Products Pty Ltd$34,100.00
4378SALT Group Pty Ltd$34,100.00
4379Turks Legal A.L Fletcher & R HOR & D.D Maait &$34,043.01
4380Hearne Scientific Software Family Trust$34,009.99
4381Catholic ED Diocese Of Wollongong Diocese Catholic School System$34,000.00
4382Harvard University Executive$33,933.70
4383Zetaware Inc$33,900.00
4384The Trustee For Barnes Family Trust$33,880.00
4385SATS Ltd$33,842.90
4386CGB Precision Products Pty Ltd$33,787.52
4387Instyle Indoor Plant Hire$33,752.40
4388BART DE JONG Consulting$33,726.00
4389CPA Australia Ltd$33,700.00
4390Military Airlift Experts LLC (milai LLC)$33,669.35
4391Tandem Partners NSW Pty Ltd$33,660.00
4392Redback Conferencing Pty Ltd$33,660.00
4394GARY Coveney$33,600.00
4395International AIR Transport Association$33,593.60
4396Springer Nature Customer Service Center$33,590.50
4397Procurex Pty Ltd$33,572.00
4398Arborgreen Landscape Products$33,546.94
4399Davidson Recruitment Pty Ltd$33,518.00
4400Brian Hearn$33,506.00
4401Industrial Safety Fencing Pty Ltd$33,500.50
4402Public Affairs Network Pty Ltd$33,460.00
4403Electronic Development Sales (australia) Pty Ltd$33,440.00
4404Intercontinental Adelaide$33,400.00
4405Geopolitical Futures, LLC$33,400.00
4406Queensland LAW Society Inc$33,264.00
4407Eniquest Pty Ltd$33,250.25
4408Harlow Graphics Pty Ltd$33,209.06
4409V2 Helicopters Pty Ltd$33,195.00
4410Master Instruments Pty Ltd$33,140.25
4411The Savoy Hotel On Little Collins$33,120.00
4412Essential Coffee Pty Ltd$33,116.60
4413Dometic Australia Pty Ltd$33,115.50
4414Setter Shepard$33,110.00
4415The Stanley Hotel & Suites$33,085.50
4416Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education$33,033.90
4417Milan's Automotive$33,000.00
4418Magnet Forensics$33,000.00
4419Sann, KARI Kenna$33,000.00
4420ST Andrew's Catholic College Corporation For The Diocese Of$33,000.00
4421Nearmap Australia Ltd$33,000.00
4422VDM Partners Pty Ltd$33,000.00
4423Barlens Event Hire$33,000.00
4424Hillary LANG T/A Hillary LANG Design$33,000.00
4425SEAN Cooper$33,000.00
4426Staib Advisory$33,000.00
4427Michelle Louise Hamlyn$33,000.00
4428The Beaufort Group Pty Ltd$33,000.00
4429Incessant Technologies (australia) Pty Ltd$33,000.00
4430Heinejones Studio Pty Ltd$33,000.00
4431FAR East Martin Trust T/A The Fullerton Hotel Sydney$33,000.00
4432Martin Sessions & Associates Pty Ltd$33,000.00
4433Endeavour Training And Development Pty Ltd$33,000.00
4434Elizabeth ANNE Clarke$33,000.00
4435Global Access Partners Pty Ltd$33,000.00
4436Coca-cola Amatil$33,000.00
4437Worleyparsons Services Pty Limited$33,000.00
4438Findex Corporate Finance (aust) Ltd$33,000.00
4439Telco Management Pty Ltd$33,000.00
4440Platypus Instruments Pty Ltd$33,000.00
4441ERS Australia Pty Ltd$33,000.00
4442Michael Harrington$33,000.00
4443Matthew Mcauliffe$33,000.00
4444ORS Group$33,000.00
4445IAN GOSS$33,000.00
4446HIGH Profile Events (australia) Pty$33,000.00
4447Corangamite Catchment Management Authority$33,000.00
4448Wisconsin Pharmacal Company, LLC$32,991.02
4449Media OPPS$32,954.00
4450GK Solutions UNIT Trust$32,945.00
4451Lo-rez Vibration Control Ltd$32,928.42
4452Lennon's LIST$32,901.15
4453Image 7 Group Pty Ltd$32,890.00
4454Mpower Products Pty Limited$32,854.20
4455HOOD Sails Pty Ltd$32,800.01
4456Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (queensland) Limited$32,780.00
4458Computer Merchants Pty Ltd$32,725.00
4459Paula M Promotions$32,722.81
4460Business AS Usual$32,670.00
4461Amaya Elizabeth MO$32,642.50
4462FAST Track (aust) Pty Ltd$32,615.00
4463Alpha Services Pty Ltd$32,582.00
4464Lancemore Macedon Ranges$32,530.00
4465Platinum Executive Search Pty Ltd TA Platinum Pacific Partners$32,521.50
4466Mingeo Environmental Geophysics Ltd$32,500.00
4467Royal Australian MINT$32,450.00
4468Scott Avery$32,450.00
4469Materialise SDN BHD$32,440.71
4470Cherise Addinsall$32,400.00
4471Neen's Coffee SHOP$32,400.00
4472Pupil LABS GMBH$32,377.16
4473S C F Group Pty Ltd$32,360.90
4474Shoalhaven CITY Council$32,340.00
4475Livingstone International Pty Ltd$32,331.64
4476Western Australia Police$32,328.75
4477Stewart Investments Trust$32,271.80
4478Workwrite Pty Ltd$32,224.50
4479Pumpseal Sales Technology Soluti$32,208.00
4480Etrainu Pty Ltd$32,206.90
4481ALL Elements Protection Pty Ltd$32,178.96
4482Alexander GREY Pty Limited$32,175.00
4483Heavymech Pty Ltd$32,036.40
4484Teamviewer Tensor$32,000.00
4485Stump JUMP Solutions$31,990.00
4486Aussie Broadband$31,979.42
4487ESS Weathertech Pty Ltd$31,969.13
4488Elbon Group Of Companies Pty Ltd$31,966.00
4489HD IT$31,926.40
4490Kristen Deards$31,899.78
4491Igroup (asia Pacific) Ltd$31,898.00
4492Goodyear Earthmover Pty Limited$31,889.00
4493Content Security Pty Ltd$31,867.00
4494Logical Services$31,834.60
4495Gthink Studio Design$31,820.80
4496Proofload Pty Ltd$31,790.00
4497Technic Pty Ltd$31,779.00
4498Stantron Pty Limited$31,768.00
4499B Online Learning$31,762.50
4500William S. HEIN & CO., Inc.!dba MET Storage Center!div Metro SELF Stora$31,746.23
4501Sofraco Engineering Systems Pty Ltd$31,740.48
4502Saatchi & Saatchi Australia Pty Ltd$31,728.50
4503Russell Ayres Consulting$31,680.00
4504SAGE Business Solutions Pty Limited$31,631.76
4505Fineline Print & COPY Service NSW Pty Ltd$31,606.30
4506Matrix Games Ltd-usd$31,600.00
4507Maura FAY Group$31,570.00
4508Stotan Group Trust$31,570.00
4509Information Security Forum$31,522.34
4510Efficientia Solutions Pty Ltd$31,504.00
4511LIST G Barristers$31,500.00
4512Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd$31,422.78
4513Prittie S G Precision Gauges P / L$31,391.80
4514ACT Goverment Shared Services Centre$31,391.25
4515Romheld Automation Pty Ltd$31,377.50
4516Conference Design PTY. LTD.$31,363.64
4517Australian Business Telephone CO.$31,350.00
4519Fuseco Power Solutions Pty Ltd$31,278.50
4520Super Retail Commercial Pty Ltd$31,262.66
4521PUMA Energy (australia) Fuels PT$31,202.38
4522Saviom Software Pty Ltd$31,185.00
4523Bezuma Pastoral CO PYT Ltd Family Trust$31,185.00
4524Hover UAV Pty Ltd$31,135.50
4525Aviation Fluids Supply Pty Ltd$31,121.20
4526Compair (australasia) Limited$31,119.14
4527C And L Aerospace Pty Ltd$31,065.41
4528Graebener Press Systems Inc$31,032.49
4529Asdeq LABS Pty Ltd$30,976.00
4530Bambra Press$30,961.00
4531Planewave Instruments, INC.$30,957.50
4532Child WISE Limited$30,945.45
4533GOLD Creek Station$30,900.00
4534Primetrica, Inc.!dba Telegeography Research!div Telegeography$30,898.78
4535IIC Technologies Limited$30,843.75
4536Colleen Krestensen$30,800.00
4537Liveli Pty Ltd$30,764.80
4538Owlstone Inc$30,732.37
4539Tasmanian Health Service$30,716.40
4540Process Control Instrument And AUTO$30,710.90
4541Grant Painters$30,702.42
4542Novatec Design Pty Ltd$30,624.00
4543Southern Cross Protection Pty Ltd$30,614.94
4544Crystal ECHO Pty Ltd$30,594.84
4545Peter Judge$30,576.00
4546The Leading EDGE$30,470.00
4547Schneider Electric (aust) P/L$30,466.17
4548Robson Civil Projects Pty Ltd$30,463.22
4549Xxxdirtworx Pty Ltd Trading AS M.C. Dirtworx$30,404.00
4551Clark, Christopher D$30,400.00
4552TWIN CITY Engineering Pty Ltd$30,371.44
4553Husqvarna Australia Pty Ltd$30,327.00
4554Snowrock International Pty Ltd$30,258.25
4555The Trustee For Cardell Trust$30,250.00
4556Giggear Australia Pty Ltd$30,235.00
4557Adelaide OVAL SMA Limited$30,230.00
4558KSB Australia Pty Ltd$30,151.00
4560Cubic Promote$30,107.00
4561PLAN A Electrical Pty Ltd$30,096.00
4562Whispir Australia Pty Ltd$30,061.00
4563JANE Prentice$30,032.75
4564Rehability Australia$30,000.00
4565KING And WOOD Mallesons$30,000.00
4566Mcmillan Staff Development Pty Ltd$30,000.00
4567RYAN Catholic College$30,000.00
4568Trinity College, Starplex$30,000.00
4569Ideascale LLC$30,000.00
4570Amaroo School$30,000.00
4571William ROSS State HIGH School$30,000.00
4572Centre For Public Impact$30,000.00
4573Squared UP Ltd$30,000.00
4574Harrison School$30,000.00
4575Philippa Cannan$30,000.00
4576Schweppes Australia Pty Limited$30,000.00
4577Universal Express$30,000.00
4578Kamberra Indigenous Cleaning Pty$30,000.00
4579Enterprise CARE Teleconferencing (asis) PTY. LTD.$30,000.00
4580Nystrom Beckman & Paris LLP$30,000.00
4581Golden Grove HIGH School$30,000.00
4582Cheyne Malcolm Beetham$30,000.00
4583Jetport Parking AS Trustee For Dullard Sartori UNIT Trust$30,000.00
4584Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP$30,000.00
4585Marist College Canberra$30,000.00
4586Secureclean (nsw) Pty Ltd$30,000.00
4587Health Research And Training$30,000.00
4588Canberra Grammar School$30,000.00
4589Kirwan State HIGH School$30,000.00
4590Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd$30,000.00
4591Elizabeth Henderson$30,000.00
4592Dupont & Associates Pty Ltd$30,000.00
4593Geospatial Intelligence (solutions) Pty Ltd$30,000.00
4595Bulbeck Envirosolutions Pty Ltd$29,986.00
4596Precision Industries Group$29,978.95
4597Geared UP Culcha$29,964.00
4598National Wellbeing Alliance Pty Ltd$29,957.40
4599Wurth Australia Pty Ltd$29,920.00
4600ONE Vision$29,905.70
4601Elsevier B.V.$29,864.73
4602Sandy Robinson & Associates$29,821.00
4603Wordsworth Writing$29,785.00
4604IQON Pty Ltd$29,779.65
4605ALM Management Services Llc!dba ALA Moana Hotel$29,775.37
4606DASH IQ Pty Limited$29,766.00
4607Triflex Automation And Controls$29,758.59
4608JP & T Electrical Contractors$29,702.20
4609Wardy IT Solutions Pty Ltd$29,700.00
4610Tricky Earthworks Trowbridge Family Trust$29,700.00
4611MOO Baulch Consulting$29,700.00
4612MD Corporate$29,700.00
4614L3 Technologies Aviation Products$29,600.00
4615Moulis Legal$29,596.50
4616Darwin PORT Operations Manager Trust$29,580.11
4617Watervale Garage$29,543.00
4618Kensington Software Management Ltd$29,490.38
4620Julie Klugman$29,424.78
4621Preformed LINE Products - Electr$29,411.54
4622Davies Electrical Ltd$29,403.00
4623MACS Diesel Service$29,376.37
4624AJF Advisory Pty Ltd$29,300.00
4625The Trustee For Shein Family Trust$29,270.91
4626Tjing FA HO$29,270.76
4627Stephen FREE$29,250.00
4628Axieo Operations (australia) Pty$29,238.00
4629The Aviation Centre$29,205.00
4630CHMA AS Trustee For The SZMM Family Trust$29,185.00
4631Buricore Construction And Maintenan$29,104.10
4632Sahara Trailers Pty Ltd$29,100.01
4633Spruce Australia (T/A Sheraton On The Park)$29,060.00
4634MTA Australiasia Pty Ltd$29,025.70
4635Techs R US Pty Ltd$29,023.50
4636JCP Services Pty Ltd$29,018.00
4637Anstat Pty Ltd$29,010.08
4638Plane Sciences Inc$29,000.00
4639Sorensen Consulting$29,000.00
4640Robert Craig$29,000.00
4641Sofrina Pty Ltd$29,000.00
4642Paddle Sports Australia$28,999.91
4643Michael Borthwick Consulting P/L$28,996.00
4644Blanco Horner Pty Ltd$28,885.68
4645Cosmic Starfish Design$28,850.00
4646Sherrin Rentals Pty Ltd$28,842.00
4647Assetlink Services Pty Ltd$28,823.44
4648Humans MEET Digital Pty Ltd$28,800.00
4649Howells' LIST Barristers Pty Ltd$28,800.00
4650BDO North Queensland$28,798.00
4651Summit GEAR Inshaw Pty Ltd$28,752.01
4652Merici College$28,750.00
4653GOLD Creek School$28,750.00
4654Burgmann Anglican School$28,750.00
4655ST Edmund's College$28,750.00
4656Canberra Girls' Grammar School$28,750.00
4657J R Drafting$28,700.00
4658Incite Solutions Group Pty Ltd$28,678.57
4659The Polaris Marine Trust No 1 Trust No 1$28,671.50
4660Gunnebo Australia Pty Ltd$28,671.50
4661Kinetic IT Pty Ltd$28,655.00
4662RIOT Solutions Pty Ltd$28,634.38
4663Blundstone Australia Pty Ltd$28,593.66
4664Greens LIST Clerking Services P/L ATF B&H UNIT Trust$28,591.32
4665Aerospace Materials Pty Ltd$28,545.00
4666Warren And Brown Technologies P*$28,525.20
4667Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC$28,521.91
4668Doctorportal Learning Pty Ltd$28,501.00
4669Palmerston College$28,500.00
4670David Whetham$28,473.75
4671CVSG Asset Services Pty Ltd$28,459.20
4672Smenco Pty Ltd$28,434.71
4673Pipeline PTE. LTD.$28,419.60
4675J & P Richardson Industries Ltd$28,314.00
4676Chainalysis Inc$28,292.51
4677Arctic RAYS$28,250.00
4678Rider Levett Bucknall ACT P/L$28,210.00
4679Tropic Trimming$28,208.19
4680PCS Measurement$28,204.11
4681Monsido Pty Ltd$28,160.00
4682Escape PLAN Designs$28,160.00
4683SHI UK - AUD$28,150.00
4684Professional Helicopter Services PT Ltd$28,150.00
4686Kordia Solutions Pty Limited$28,116.44
4687Oaklands Balnarring Pty Ltd$28,096.00
4688Electro Data And Generation Pty Ltd$28,066.50
4689South Pacific Electrics Vanuatu Ltd$28,009.05
4690Translationz Pty Ltd$28,000.50
4691Atom/metro Magazine$28,000.00
4692Coral Princess Cruises (NQ) Pty Ltd$28,000.00
4693Martin Donnelly Pty LTD.$28,000.00
4694Echosec Systems$27,999.18
4695Complete ROPE Supplies Pty Ltd$27,995.00
4696Supagas Pty Limited$27,877.31
4697FNQ NRM Ltd AKA Terrain Natural Resource Manage$27,830.00
4698Northport Marine Pty Ltd$27,819.00
4699Foley's LIST Pty Ltd$27,800.00
4700The Rehabilitation Specialists$27,780.00
4701ALC Education & Consulting Pty Ltd$27,753.00
4702Ridley4 Pty Ltd$27,740.00
4703SIEW LEE THOO$27,700.00
4704Dexion Seven Hills$27,698.00
4705University Of Oxford$27,690.84
4706Informa UK Ltd$27,690.68
4707Jonathan Edward REAL$27,675.00
4708CORE Electronics$27,623.19
4709Fastwave Communications Pty Ltd$27,610.00
4710Integrity Security Pty Ltd$27,589.75
4711Venues NSW$27,565.56
4712Ubidy Technology Group Limited$27,500.00
4713Shootsta Pty Ltd$27,500.00
4714GRID Communications Pty Ltd$27,500.00
4715Cairns Aquarium$27,500.00
4716Baden K-9 Incorporated - AUD$27,500.00
4717Abmarc Pty Ltd$27,500.00
4718Victorian ARTS Centre Trust T/A ARTS Centre Melbourne$27,500.00
4719At Kearney Australia Pty Ltd$27,500.00
4721Validity, B601 V2, INC.$27,500.00
4722Keywatch Systems Queensland$27,500.00
4723Open Learning Global Pty Ltd$27,500.00
4724Starforce International Pty Ltd$27,500.00
4725Justin Bailey$27,500.00
4726Economic Intelligence$27,500.00
4727A1 Systems Pty Ltd$27,437.65
4728Bladewerx LLC DBA Shieldwerx DIV Bladewerx/shieldwerx$27,430.88
4729GENG Pty Ltd$27,412.00
4730Australian Private Equity And Venture$27,400.00
4731Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd$27,388.90
4732Traffic Force$27,372.40
4733PT. Mitra ASIA Lestari$27,350.00
4734OVUM Pty Ltd$27,335.00
4735Holiday INN SUVA$27,322.73
4736Office Of National Assessments$27,320.00
4737Koenig Machinery NSW Pty Ltd$27,313.00
4738Fairmont Commercial Furniture P/L$27,297.60
4739AMC Architecture$27,280.00
4740ACD Digital Systems Pty Ltd$27,252.50
4741Bremer State HIGH School$27,250.00
4742Ferny Grove State HIGH School$27,250.00
4743Extent Heritage Pty Ltd$27,238.75
4744National FIRE Solutions Pty Ltd$27,231.60
4745Geochronology And Isotope Geochemistry Consultancy Pty Ltd$27,225.00
4746The Trustee For Gratitude Trust$27,225.00
4747Rainbow And Associates Pty Ltd$27,225.00
4748Powdersafe Pty Ltd$27,220.74
4749Innovative Print Solutions Pty Ltd$27,141.40
4750Vfairs LLC$27,128.48
4751Unity Technologies APS$27,114.16
4752Business Wide-consulting Support$27,030.00
4753Association Of Childrens Welfare Agencies Ltd$27,000.00
4754T & V Services P/L Family Trust$27,000.00
4755Nestle Australia Ltd$27,000.00
4756Ginnane Consulting$27,000.00
4757Voicerecognition.com.au Pty Ltd$26,970.00
4758Williams HEIN & CO Inc$26,960.31
4759BRI Ferrier (SA) Pty Ltd$26,950.00
4760Norfolk Electrical$26,936.50
4761Ultracut Tools PTY. LTD.$26,934.66
4762Bisalloy Steels Pty Ltd$26,899.67
4763Concur Holdings (netherlands) B.V$26,892.84
4764Logmein AUS Pty Ltd$26,886.98
4765Studio Legale RASI S.t.p.$26,846.16
4767Contour Consulting Engineers P/L$26,834.50
4768Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation$26,826.00
4769Brendan K LIM$26,750.00
4770Furnace Engineering Pty Ltd$26,730.00
4771EDGE Software Pty Ltd$26,720.10
4772Samknows Ltd$26,641.00
4773GWI Pty Ltd$26,598.00
4774CBT Nuggets LLC$26,516.17
4775BUS 4X4 Hire Pty Ltd$26,510.00
4776Coregas Pty Ltd$26,486.46
4777Plane Sciences INC.$26,483.96
4778L & L Design & Production$26,459.40
4779Ulgade, Trelawney David$26,400.00
4780DR Flavio Menezes$26,400.00
4781Julie Letts$26,400.00
4782Globalex TAX And Legal Pty Ltd$26,400.00
4783Porterallen Pty Limited$26,400.00
4784Lifeline Australia$26,400.00
4785Nexusxplore Pty Ltd$26,400.00
4786Lifeline Canberra$26,400.00
4787MSA & Associates Pty Ltd$26,400.00
4788Professional PUMP Services & Irrigation$26,391.53
4789PMS Lithography PTY. LTD.$26,389.00
4790Genelite Pty Ltd$26,370.00
4791Australian Military Medicine Association$26,350.00
4792Econdata Pty Ltd$26,345.00
4793ANRI Instruments & Controls Pty Ltd$26,339.50
4794ISW Development Pty Ltd$26,321.50
4795Blast-one International (aust) Pty Ltd$26,320.27
4796ADAM J Purton$26,293.00
4797Asset Aviation International Pty Ltd$26,275.00
4799Yeshe Smith$26,241.60
4800Cambridge Technologies$26,238.41
4801Swanbury Penglase Architects PTY. L$26,197.60
4802Polaris Innovations Pty Ltd$26,172.22
4804Fueltreat Pty Ltd$26,121.76
4805Australian Intergrated Security Pty$26,092.00
4806Labgear Australia Pty Ltd$26,041.40
4807Plastool International Pty Ltd$26,017.20
4808Hapercollins Publishers Australia$26,000.00
4809Nowra Anglican College Corporation$26,000.00
4810Haylix Pty Ltd$25,941.96
4811Prytec Solutions Pty Ltd$25,940.20
4812Parametric Technology (hong Kong) Ltd$25,920.00
4813Queensland Protective Cases$25,853.52
4815Matrium Technologies Pty Ltd$25,786.20
4816Kaplan Education Pty Limited T/A$25,740.00
4817Hacktive Pty Ltd$25,740.00
4818Chemika Pty Ltd$25,734.50
4819Alfresco Software Limited$25,725.00
4820Hawker Richardson Pty Ltd$25,712.72
4821Hastings Printers And Stationers Pty Ltd$25,708.10
4822The CHEF Kulture$25,700.00
4823Sutherland, IAN Davis$25,700.00
4824Adventure PLUS$25,696.00
4825Fermin Adriano$25,690.00
4826Science In Australia Gender Equity$25,666.30
4827DE Marchi And Associates$25,662.00
4828Australian Consumers' Association T/AS Choice$25,652.00
4829Intelex Systems INC.$25,614.00
4830Trustee For Mahlab Recruitment NSW UNIT Trust$25,575.00
4831R.b.m. Industrial BAGS PTY. LTD.$25,575.00
4832The Trustee For Viewgrand Trust E$25,575.00
4833Uberme DIA INC.$25,561.72
4834Annandale Christian School Association Limited$25,500.00
4835Asian LAW Group Pty Ltd$25,454.22
4836Power On Australia Pty Ltd$25,451.07
4837Sewing Machines Australia P/L$25,434.20
4838Omega Manufacturing Group Pty LT$25,410.00
4839Access Office Industries$25,410.00
4840DDC Diesel Pty Ltd$25,394.37
4841Garmin Australasia Pty Ltd$25,391.74
4842Freespace Solutions Pty Ltd$25,359.40
4843Baringa Partners LLP$25,300.00
4844Flight Safety Foundation Limited$25,300.00
4845Statistical Society Of Australia$25,300.00
4846David R Stack$25,300.00
4847WA Institute Of Martial ARTS$25,300.00
4848The LAB Insight And Strategy Sydney P/L$25,300.00
4850Publication Perspectives Pty Ltd$25,289.00
4851UCI Projects Pty Ltd$25,217.50
4852Dimensional Metrology Services Pty Ltd$25,192.20
4854Smartbear (ireland) Limited$25,000.00
4855Acknowledge Pty Ltd AFT A&C Family$25,000.00
4856World ROAD Association (piarc)$25,000.00
4857Kirwan State School$25,000.00
4858Swanbourne Primary School$25,000.00
4859Ferny Grove State School$25,000.00
4860Katherine Richardson$25,000.00
4861DALE Bampton$25,000.00
4862Jeffcott Associates Ltd$25,000.00
4863Casuarina Street Primary School$25,000.00
4864Catherine Bembrick$25,000.00
4866Electrodata Group Pty Ltd$25,000.00
4867Annandale State School$25,000.00
4868Maranoa Laundry Pty Ltd$25,000.00
4869Cartodb INC.$25,000.00
4870CBT Nuggets$25,000.00
4871Bruce William Wacker$25,000.00
4872Franca Petrone$25,000.00
4873Neoteric Group Pty Ltd ATF The Neoteric Group Trust$25,000.00
4874Amberley District State School$25,000.00
4875The Willows State School$25,000.00
4876NSW Police Service$25,000.00
4877Barakuda Enterprises T/A Cycle CITY$25,000.00
4878Della Goswell$25,000.00
4879Rentokil Initial Pty Ltd$25,000.00
4880Digicert Inc$24,991.82
4881The Rack'n Stack Warehouse Darwin P$24,984.50
4882Extra Dimension Solutions Pty Ltd$24,981.00
4883Macher (australia) Pty Ltd$24,947.84
4884BSI Group ANZ Pty Limited$24,940.30
4885EXPO Connections$24,915.00
4886Lakewood Electrical Services Pty Ltd$24,893.00
4887C & M Leussink Engineering Pty Ltd$24,883.10
4888Integrity Storage$24,856.92
4889Swissport North America Inc$24,848.77
4890David KANE Pauli T/AS Ozcombatives$24,840.00
4891BELL Atlas Pty Ltd$24,827.00
4893Spectrum Software Pty Ltd$24,810.50
4894Laserman Technologies Family Trust$24,805.00
4895Livingworks Education AUS Pty Ltd$24,750.00
4896Avenir Consulting (australia) Pty Ltd$24,750.00
4897Building Effectiveness Pty Ltd$24,750.00
4899JTR Fuels Pty Ltd$24,721.39
4900Spanset Australia Ltd$24,699.18
4901Chief Executive Women Limited$24,667.50
4902Roads And Maritime Services$24,666.03
4903Sunspin Pty Ltd$24,640.00
4904The Environmental Collective Ltd$24,565.00
4905Clarivate Analytics US LLC$24,538.00
4906Adamson Printing CO Pty Ltd$24,514.60
4907Special Patterns$24,513.50
4908Avoca Painting$24,500.00
4909The Trustee For Thermaguard Trust$24,480.50
4910Tigris WAY Ltd$24,467.68
4911Informa Media Inc$24,454.76
4912HALE & Twomey Limited$24,446.00
4913Transfinite Systems Ltd$24,439.12
4914Australian Indigenous Minority SUPP$24,433.20
4915HDM Metal$24,431.55
4916Heightech Safety Systems$24,419.95
4917Thomas Arnold$24,400.00
4918WISE Pearl Limited$24,332.00
4919Hudsons Security Consultants$24,310.00
4920Calibre ONE Pty Ltd$24,229.64
4921Xander Group Pty Ltd$24,200.00
4923NDT Equipment Sales Pty Ltd$24,200.00
4924Richmond Wheel & Castor CO$24,200.00
4925K & L Electrics$24,179.14
4926SCOT SEAT Direct Ltd$24,138.85
4928Informotion Pty Ltd$24,093.07
4929Centre State Printing (aust) Pty Limited$24,090.00
4930Dynamic GIFT International Pty Ltd$24,063.60
4931Pageup People Limited$24,039.90
4932Emulsion Media$24,026.00
4933Michael ALAN Cosgrove$24,020.04
4934Australian Pressure Laboratory$24,004.20
4935Victorian Institute Of Forensic MED Justice$24,000.00
4936Conservation Works Pty Ltd$23,965.70
4937MFB Products Pty Ltd$23,960.73
4938Dreamtime Creative Pty Ltd$23,936.00
4939J & L Locksmiths & Maintenance Pty Ltd$23,919.50
4940Chemtools Pty Ltd T/A OKAY Technologies$23,870.00
4941Permagard Aviation$23,804.00
4942GREG Hedges Smash Repairs Pty Ltd$23,798.48
4943Maxwell Strategic Consulting$23,782.00
4944Protective Security Management Pty Ltd$23,749.00
4945Tools & Industrial Supplies$23,720.01
4946The GYM 24/7 Australia Pty Limited$23,641.20
4947Aquila International LLC$23,621.64
4948William Joseph O'malley$23,600.01
4949Schiavello (act) PTY. LTD.$23,571.90
4950Halliday Engineering Pty Ltd$23,570.80
4951Daryl Allen Maintenance Service$23,551.00
4952Gregory Scott Costin$23,550.00
4953Solution Energy Services Pty Ltd$23,542.26
4954LSG Catering Guam, Inc$23,532.44
4955GEM Systems Inc$23,500.00
4956LIST A Barristers$23,500.00
4958KOK YOON Soong$23,400.00
4959Ronald JOHN Glanville$23,375.00
4960Pegasus Aviation Services, LLC$23,340.24
4961Wilton Hanford Hanover Pty Ltd$23,254.00
4962ST MARY Mackillop College Church For The Archdiocese Of$23,250.00
4963Gungahlin College$23,250.00
4964David Piper Pty Ltd$23,237.50
4965PT Publishing Ltd$23,224.50
4966Lincoln Kingsley Crowley MORE Chambers$23,200.00
4967Working Mobile$23,169.30
4968Macartney Australia Pty Ltd$23,155.29
4969Parkside Building Supplies$23,143.12
4970LUCY L Mcgovern$23,108.33
4971Colliers International (act) Pty Ltd$23,100.00
4972Association For Sustainability In Business$23,100.00
4973Funnelback Pty Ltd$23,100.00
4974AE Smith$23,100.00
4975Tractuum Pty Ltd$23,100.00
4976ASIA Pacific Metrology Programme$23,093.00
4977Richard Markham$23,050.00
4978BANG Packaging Pty Ltd$23,016.40
4979Robert EDIS$23,008.00
4980Highfields State Secondary College$23,000.00
4981Australian College Of Project Manag Of Project Management$23,000.00
4982DR Lauric Thiault$23,000.00
4983Campbell Primary School$23,000.00
4984Puckapunyal Primary School$23,000.00
4986The Trustee For Peter Cullen Water Environment Trust$22,990.00
4987C J LORD Building And Renovations WA Pty Ltd$22,988.00
4988Gordon Brothers Industries$22,942.05
4989The Ready State, INC.$22,930.50
4990Progressive Office Furniture$22,922.90
4991HART Sport$22,921.00
4992Daltons Wadkin$22,919.24
4993Jezro Pty Ltd$22,865.00
4994Bailey's Marine Fuels Australia$22,858.31
4995Portswigger Ltd$22,852.00
4996Bodyline Crash Repairs Pty Ltd$22,830.50
4997Gerber Technology Pty Ltd$22,792.00
4998SK Corporate Marketing$22,776.98
5000Human Reliability Associates Ltd$22,731.60
5001Limbs & Things Pty Ltd$22,715.00
5002Auslan Consultancy Pty Ltd$22,715.00
5003Fiona Griffith$22,700.00
5004VLLC International Centres (international) PTY. LTD.$22,650.00
5005Kastro Astypalea Pty Ltd$22,628.00
5008Sierra Nevada Corporation$22,525.81
5009FAT Sound P.A. Hire Pty Limited$22,511.50
5011Escal Institute Of Advanced Technol$22,508.78
5012Gamma Gurus Pty.ltd.$22,462.00
5013Centre COM Sunshine Pty Ltd$22,455.99
5014Centre COM$22,455.99
5015GPM Safety Systems Pty Ltd$22,422.59
5016W.R. Davis Engineering Limited$22,411.76
5017Mersey Community CARE Association Inc$22,372.15
5018Aviair PY Ltd$22,340.00
5019Patrick Doyle$22,280.00
5020Maria Carmen F. Fernandez$22,260.00
5021Alltech Marine Pty Ltd$22,220.00
5022MYIP Ltd$22,186.92
5023Korea RISK Group$22,185.20
5024BLU Print Pty Ltd$22,169.40
5025Swanbourne Veterinary Centre$22,161.00
5026Townsville Steel & WIRE$22,117.02
5027New Millennium Print Pty Ltd$22,115.01
5028The LAW Society Of NSW$22,105.00
5030Speedcast Australia Pty Ltd$22,008.00
5031Looking Glass Press Pty Limited$22,000.00
5032FYFE Pty Ltd$22,000.00
5033Tonic Health Media Pty LTDL$22,000.00
5034Pacific Hotel Brisbane$22,000.00
5035CJZ Consulting Pty Ltd$22,000.00
5036Southern Cross Catholic School$22,000.00
5037Redlynch State College$22,000.00
5038Oce-australia Ltd$22,000.00
5039ERIC Malcolm T/A Samrose Pty Limited$22,000.00
5040Cospar 2020$22,000.00
5041Northern Beaches State HIGH School$22,000.00
5042Docusign, Inc$22,000.00
5043National Promotions Australia Pty L$22,000.00
5044David TUNE$22,000.00
5045Matalexam Pty Ltd T/A Conference Solutions$22,000.00
5046Welcoming Australia Ltd$22,000.00
5047SNAP Werribee$22,000.00
5048SMEC Australia PTY. Limited$22,000.00
5049Ornitea, UAB$22,000.00
5050Capezio Copeland$22,000.00
5051MM & RL Ventures Pty Ltd T/A Mobile CCTV Solutions$21,956.00
5052The Trustee For The Caseware ANZ Trust$21,946.14
5053Leadership Management Australia - Mendelsohn$21,945.00
5054Jobeck Pty Ltd$21,945.00
5055Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd$21,945.00
5056Energy Efficiency Council Inc$21,945.00
5057Stanno Pty Ltd$21,929.99
5058Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation$21,920.80
5059Jetbrains S.r.o.$21,902.96
5060Edapp Pty Ltd$21,901.00
5061Complete Steering Australia$21,884.50
5062JOHN Wiley And SONS$21,867.48
5063Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd$21,808.67
5064Surdex Steel Pty Ltd$21,806.40
5065Pivot Management Consulting$21,780.00
5066Jane's Group UK Limited$21,773.79
5067Open Media Communications Pty Ltd$21,736.00
5068Geosim Technologies Pty Limited$21,725.00
5069Kerrie-anne Luscombe$21,680.00
5070Battery Power Centre Australasia$21,664.50
5071Festo P/L$21,648.98
5072Foley's LIST Pty Ltd$21,600.00
5073Range Networks$21,600.00
5074Sonia Khatter$21,561.00
5075Penso Agency Pty Ltd$21,560.00
5076BRI Ferrier Pty Ltd$21,560.00
5077Testo Pty Ltd$21,531.40
5078IOP Publishing Ltd$21,519.14
5079The Essington School Darwin Limited$21,500.00
5080Wanguri Primary School$21,500.00
5081Leanyer Primary School$21,500.00
5082HCA Leadership Programs Pty Ltd$21,500.00
5083Data RUNS DEEP Pty Ltd$21,486.00
5084DEPT Of Planning, Lands And Heritag$21,456.00
5085GTA Consultants (vic) Pty Ltd$21,450.00
5086Futureyou Recruitment Pty Limited$21,450.00
5087Stancom Pty Ltd$21,450.00
5088Scorpion Oceanics Ltd$21,356.07
5089J TAGZ Pty Ltd$21,340.00
5090Edson Global Pty Ltd$21,312.50
5091Intergovernmental Committee On Surveying$21,304.80
5092Integro Learning Company Pty Ltd$21,285.00
5093BLUE Jeans Network Inc$21,270.00
5094Plastics For Industry Pty Ltd$21,240.00
5095FIJI Airways$21,204.71
5096B M P Engineering Pty Ltd$21,197.00
5097Harvey Norman Furniture Darwin Furniture NO. 2 Trust$21,183.00
5098I.r.t. Communications Pty Ltd$21,145.30
5099President And Fellows Of$21,134.26
5100Malcolm, Craig Albert Graham$21,120.00
5102EAE Holdings Pty Ltd$21,078.86
5103Realtimeboard Inc., DBA MIRO$21,067.35
5104USM Events Pty Ltd$21,063.35
5105EMU Gully Adventure Education Group Inc$21,010.00
5106Palmerston Christian School Association$21,000.00
5107ST Joseph's College$21,000.00
5108Middle East Media Research Institut$21,000.00
5109Conrick Consulting Pty Ltd$21,000.00
5111ISC Teamwear Pty Ltd$20,952.36
5112Spectrum Engineering Australia Pty Ltd$20,928.00
5113Assurance Pty Ltd$20,900.00
5114Sonru Australia Pty Ltd$20,900.00
5115JADE Software Corporation Pty Ltd$20,890.90
5116Bricor Australia Pty Ltd$20,826.30
5117LIST G Barristers Pty Ltd$20,800.00
5118SNG Electrics Pty Ltd$20,786.58
5119TIM Bamford Consulting Pty Ltd$20,784.00
5120Starnet Communications CORP$20,750.85
5121Ultimate Cycles$20,750.00
5122Fredon (vic) Electrical Pty Ltd T/A FRED$20,735.00
5123J Wisbey And Associates Pty Ltd$20,680.00
5124SEA Containers WA Pty Ltd The Trustee For G & M Trust & The$20,680.00
5125National Measurement Institute-vic$20,661.00
5126MAPS Hotel And Resorts Sydney (T/A FOUR Seasons)$20,629.00
5127Combat Clothing AUST Pty Ltd$20,625.00
5128Createeve Pty Ltd$20,625.00
5129Thermosecure Medical Equipment GMBH$20,588.86
5131GUAM Flight Services$20,567.18
5132Applied Hydraulics & Lubrication PTY. LTD.$20,533.70
5133Creative Cuisine (australia) Pty LT$20,505.54
5134Samuel URE$20,500.00
5135Lansweeper NV$20,496.96
5136Warequip Solutions Pty Ltd$20,495.00
5137Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd$20,472.10
5138Vathany Sambath$20,460.00
5139Innovative Asset Solutions Pty Ltd$20,440.20
5140Andrew Peter Yuile$20,400.00
5141Aspect Furniture Pty Ltd$20,398.40
5142W W Wedderburn Pty Ltd$20,363.75
5143SMSF Association$20,350.02
5144Investment Trends$20,350.00
5145Nixons Wagga$20,350.00
5146Greens LIST Clerking Services P/L ATF B&H UNIT Trust$20,316.36
5147Laboratory Systems Group Pty Ltd The Trustee For L P UNIT Trust$20,311.84
5148Total Tools Mornington Peninsula Tools UNIT Trust$20,300.01
5150L3 Kigre, Inc$20,233.20
5151Australasian College Of Paramedicin$20,176.00
5152Hitachi Construction Machinery ($20,173.64
5153Insecure.com LLC$20,167.00
5154Northern Controls And Engineering Pty Ltd$20,142.70
5155Sharegate Group Inc$20,138.84
5156Hydac International$20,060.26
5157K2 Strategies$20,047.50
5158Omron Electronics Pty Ltd$20,004.05
5159Vegware Australia Pty Ltd$20,000.20
5160Australian Training Organisation$20,000.09
5161Kerry Russell$20,000.00
5162Fluentpro Software Corporation$20,000.00
5163G.J. & K. Cleaning Services Pty Ltd$20,000.00
5164Insight Analysis And Consulting$20,000.00
5165Devarshi Desai$20,000.00
5166Offshore Boats Pty Ltd$20,000.00
5167O.S Group Australia Pty Ltd$20,000.00
5168Australian Training Company$20,000.00
5169Uptodate, INC.$20,000.00
5170Catholic Development FUND$20,000.00
5171Hyvista Corporation Pty Ltd$20,000.00
5172Asset Restoration Pty Ltd T/AS$20,000.00
5173Atlassian Pty Ltd$20,000.00
5174The Legal Costs Consultants$20,000.00
5175Logan CITY Council$20,000.00
5176Laura Gwendolyn GRAY$20,000.00
5177Congress Of Aboriginal Torres Strai$20,000.00
5178Aus-meat Limited$20,000.00
5179Chronicle Security Ireland Limited Virustotal$20,000.00
5180Robyn Bicket$20,000.00
5181Professor ALAN Cooper$20,000.00
5182CARE Collaborative Pty Ltd$20,000.00
5183EECW Pty Ltd$20,000.00
5184OWN MIND$20,000.00
5185Genevieve Cleary$20,000.00
5186DR William Ryman$20,000.00
5187Ipswich CITY Council$20,000.00
5188People With Disability$20,000.00
5189Cormack Consulting Pty Ltd$20,000.00
5190Allan J Sparkes & Associates Pty LT$20,000.00
5191World Health Organization$20,000.00
5192Verve Fitness$19,999.99
5193Pelham, Natalie$19,999.98
5194BASK Aerospace Pty Ltd$19,997.12
5195Axway Pty Limited$19,996.24
5196LISA Eaton$19,970.00
5197Broadleaf Capital International Pty$19,938.00
5198Latin Interiors Pty Ltd$19,932.00
5199Tradeaid Pty Ltd T/AS QP3 Consultin$19,925.40
5200Overwatch Systems, LTD.$19,856.00
5201Wilshire & CO$19,844.00
5202Nitro Software, INC.$19,841.50
5203Sharegate Group$19,808.00
5204Skyplan Australia Pty Ltd$19,800.01
5205Russell Kennedy Solicitors$19,800.00
5206Mcbeath Pty Ltd$19,800.00
5207Wipehero Pty Ltd$19,800.00
5208Scopesuite PTY. LTD.$19,800.00
5209Nasir, Tanyah Somenah$19,800.00
5211Airbout Pty Ltd$19,800.00
5212Tracey Horton$19,800.00
5213Kaplan Higher Education Pty Limited T/A$19,800.00
5215Docusign, INC.$19,800.00
5216Cellebrite ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$19,800.00
5217The PINK Family Trust$19,800.00
5218Investa Asset Management Pty Ltd$19,734.00
5219Stratelo Pty Ltd$19,727.40
5220Integrated EDA Pty Ltd$19,726.70
5221ESI Alphatec$19,700.25
5222Traders Hotel MALE Private Ltd$19,699.22
5223Innoplus Global Pty Ltd$19,679.00
5224Professor Kathy Eagar$19,650.00
5225Pharmaceutical Press$19,645.18
5226Ogyris Pty Ltd$19,624.00
5227Zeroturnaround AS$19,622.85
5228Mattermost, INC.$19,583.42
5229Ramsey Electronics, INC.$19,548.46
5230Teledyne Reynolds$19,547.38
5231Torres And CAPE Hospital And Health Service$19,541.50
5232Kestrel AU Pty Ltd$19,540.03
5233Bureau VAN DIJK Electronic Publishing PT$19,522.80
5234Churches Of Christ In Queensland$19,511.01
5235Heritage Conservation Solutions$19,500.80
5236Brendan Sullivan$19,500.00
5237The Anglican School Googong$19,500.00
5238SPCC PORT Stephens Foundation Ltd$19,500.00
5239Eastern Suburbs Locksmiths$19,499.98
5240Specialised Events Pty Ltd$19,404.00
5241Zotts And CO$19,360.00
5242Mbits Pty Ltd$19,360.00
5243The Trustee For Anchoram Consulting$19,305.00
5244K & S Pallets$19,305.00
5245Pavigym Australia Pty Ltd$19,290.32
5246IT Channel Pty Ltd$19,290.05
5247Enersys Australia Pty Ltd$19,283.00
5248Infrastructure Partnerships AUST$19,250.00
5249Infrastructure Partnerships Austral$19,250.00
5250NQEA Pty Ltd$19,250.00
5251Helifuel Pty Ltd$19,222.19
5252Vivid Print & Promotions Pty Ltd$19,220.12
5253Testel Australia Pty Ltd$19,148.90
5254Health-innovate Pty Ltd$19,140.00
5255R U Schneider Pty Ltd T/A Capital Surveys$19,140.00
5256The Exhibition Centre Pty Ltd$19,110.30
5257Diversified Technical Systems, Inc.!dba RIDE Safety TEST Engineers$19,087.14
5258Scorptec Computers$19,037.00
5259Total Shade Solutions Trust$19,030.00
5260WEIR Consulting (national)$19,014.60
5261Across International PTY. Ltd$19,007.69
5262NEIL Jensen$19,000.00
5263Open Geospatial Consortium Inc$19,000.00
5264NOW Office Furniture$19,000.00
5265Preview Plastics Ltd$18,999.96
5266Measurement Solutions$18,981.60
5267Aura, S.r.o.$18,975.00
5268JLG Industries (australia)$18,975.00
5269Bidsmith Pty Ltd$18,975.00
5270SSAB EMEA AB$18,972.35
5271Davin Industries Ltd$18,968.40
5272AJQ PTY. LTD.$18,909.00
5273Marine Training Services$18,900.00
5274R & M Electrical Pty Ltd$18,898.00
5275National Association Of Testing$18,840.25
5276Regional Development Australia Kimberley$18,840.00
5277Trelleborg Wheel Systems Austral$18,837.50
5278Outback Imaging Pty Ltd$18,810.00
5279Smsglobal Pty Ltd$18,717.02
5280Programmed Lectrical Technologies ( Pty Ltd$18,705.50
5281Studio CCP$18,700.00
5282Mayfields Business Advisors$18,700.00
5283Laboratory Fabrications & Weber FAB$18,700.00
5284RPM Solutions Pty Ltd$18,700.00
5285FUEL TEST Australia Pty Ltd$18,616.75
5287The Cranlana Programme Foundation (cash$18,600.00
5289Sandcastles Holiday Apartments$18,576.00
5290Motion Technologies Pty Ltd$18,568.00
5291Chemetall (australasia) Pty Ltd$18,544.29
5292Royal Agricultural Society Of$18,500.00
5293Carranballac P-9 College$18,500.00
5294Wodonga Middle Years College$18,500.00
5295Wodonga Senior Secondary College$18,500.00
5296Viewbank College$18,500.00
5297Gippsland Grammar$18,500.00
5298Western PORT Secondary College$18,500.00
5299Guthridge Primary School$18,500.00
5300Catholic College Wodonga$18,500.00
5301PSI ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$18,500.00
5302SALE College$18,500.00
5303Victory Lutheran College$18,500.00
5304Seymour College$18,500.00
5305ST Mary's College$18,500.00
5306Diverseco Pty Ltd$18,481.70
5307Alemba Pty Ltd$18,480.00
5308Waratah Canvas & CO Pty Ltd$18,469.00
5309Echidna Sewing Products$18,463.41
5310Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd$18,453.60
5311Rustic WREN$18,400.00
5312MR Shane Sparkes$18,397.50
5313Equipped Outdoors Pty Ltd$18,360.32
5314Glenair, INC.$18,327.84
5315Allied Connectors$18,286.40
5316Advanced Weather Protection Group Trust & The Trustee For TR$18,254.50
5317Grass Valley Australia Pty Ltd$18,231.54
5318IDM Computer Solutions$18,220.14
5319Docstock Pty Ltd$18,216.00
5320Swift Digital$18,206.10
5321Inline Systems$18,188.78
5322COLD Logic Pty Ltd$18,176.40
5324Open Data Institute Australia Ltd$18,150.00
5325Planager RISK Management Consulting$18,150.00
5326MARY Harwood$18,150.00
5328Blanchard International Pty Ltd$18,139.00
5329The Behavioural Architects$18,122.50
5330Skyline Aviation Support Pty Ltd$18,095.00
5331FTI Consulting$18,056.50
5332Fusion Sport Pty Ltd$18,040.00
5333Odyssey Marine$18,040.00
5334Cawthorn Welding Pty Ltd$18,040.00
5335Fourth Pillar Consulting Pty Ltd$18,026.50
5336Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd$18,018.00
5337Elitechgroup Australia Pty Ltd$18,012.50
5338Safety WISE Solution Pty Ltd$18,012.50
5339BUSH Capital Lodge$18,000.00
5340Sprout Social Inc$18,000.00
5341Wired & Wireless Solutions Internat Pty Ltd$18,000.00
5342Kolbe Catholic College Kolbe Catholic College$18,000.00
5343Hibbs & Associates Pty Limited$18,000.00
5344Nancy Hennessy$18,000.00
5345SKY Discovery$18,000.00
5346Stamford Plaza Brisbane$18,000.00
5347Ellenbrook Secondary College$18,000.00
5348Power Community Ltd$18,000.00
5349Comet BAY College$18,000.00
5350Pilbara Education Regional Office$18,000.00
5351Corbett & Associates Pty Ltd$17,996.00
5352Honeywell International Inc.!dba Honeywell!div Honeywell Aerospace -$17,985.91
5353Viney Plumbing And Maintenance$17,985.44
5354Working MIND Resilience Training$17,952.00
5355BJLT Pty Ltd$17,940.00
5356UPS SCS (australia) Pty Ltd$17,930.00
5357Solvents Australia Pty Ltd$17,930.00
5358ACS Australia Australia Pty Ltd$17,930.00
5359BLUE Marble Geographics$17,900.00
5360Cathy REID Communications$17,895.00
5361Thermoline Scientific Equipment P/L$17,886.00
5362Steve Dubedat Document Services Pty Ltd$17,875.00
5363Namiiss Gauge And Control$17,875.00
5364Pyrotechnic Specialties, INC.$17,857.72
5365DG Consulting (aus) Pty Ltd$17,820.00
5366Thermo Labsystems Inc.!div Informat$17,758.00
5367Receiver General For Canada Canada$17,705.06
5368Maybell Hire$17,699.00
5369NEJM Group$17,694.72
5370Kelly's Waste Management Management Trust$17,688.00
5371Vansafe Pty Ltd$17,682.50
5372Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc$17,644.80
5373Language Partner$17,644.02
5374Understood Consulting Services Pty Ltd$17,600.00
5375Maria Fernandez Pty Ltd$17,600.00
5376Nayiri Apkarian$17,600.00
5377Elizabeth Helen Ruddle$17,600.00
5378Commsnet Group Pty Ltd$17,600.00
5379Lorna Margaret Hendry$17,600.00
5380MY NET FONE Australia Pty Ltd$17,550.00
5381Caseline Australia Pty Ltd$17,523.00
5383Bayley & Associates Pty Ltd$17,500.00
5384Townsville Grammar School$17,500.00
5385Thuringowa State HIGH School$17,500.00
5386Pimlico State HIGH School$17,500.00
5387Playford Primary School$17,500.00
5388Springfield Central State HIGH School$17,500.00
5389WEST Moreton Anglican College$17,500.00
5390Albany Creek State HIGH School$17,500.00
5391Springer Nature$17,500.00
5392ST Anthony's Catholic College For The Diocese Of Townsville$17,500.00
5393Pearson Engineering Ltd$17,487.34
5394Freevich Pty Ltd$17,485.08
5395OCTO Consulting Pty Ltd$17,473.50
5396Research International, INC.$17,464.21
5397Hudhud Associates Limited$17,450.40
5398Aggreko Limited$17,408.60
5399RIAN Industries P/L$17,385.50
5400LION Breathalysers Australia$17,380.00
5401ED Digital Pty Limited$17,371.20
5402Reece Pty Ltd$17,332.73
5403LECO Australia Pty Ltd$17,302.33
5404Camden Search$17,293.10
5405The Trustee For The Spirits Trust$17,270.00
5406Ansible Pty Ltd$17,270.00
5407Hylec Controls Pty Ltd$17,270.00
5408Media Equation Pty Ltd$17,252.40
5409Rosebery Primary School$17,250.00
5410JANE Macmaster$17,248.66
5412Helping Heroes Rehabilitation Service$17,207.14
5413JOHN Price & Associates Pty Ltd Management & Education Consultants$17,193.00
5414BLUE Marble Group, Inc.!dba BLUE Marble Geographics$17,163.90
5415Creativecubes CO Property South$17,160.00
5416U&U NSW Pty Ltd$17,160.00
5417Giraffe Visual Communication Management Pty Ltd$17,127.00
5418AMPL Optimization Inc$17,127.00
5419Mini-tankers Australia Pty Ltd$17,124.31
5420Emavale Pty Ltd$17,095.21
5421Dulux Australia$17,055.94
5422Siteimprove Australia Pty Ltd$17,050.00
5423D.R Bedford & Others T/A Mccullough Robertson Lawyers$17,050.00
5424ABP Allboards (qld) Pty Ltd$17,028.00
5425Queensland FIRE And Emergency Servi$17,000.00
5426JOHN PAUL College Church In The Archdiocese Of$17,000.00
5427Realvnc Limited$17,000.00
5428Boundless Environment Resource Solution$17,000.00
5429Peter Outteridge$17,000.00
5430Schlumberger Technology Corporation$17,000.00
5431Calytrix Technologies Pty Ltd$16,998.90
5432WA Country Health Service$16,998.00
5433SELL & Parker Secure Destruction Pty Ltd$16,984.00
5434Campagno Engineering Pty Ltd$16,979.42
5435PKF Lawler (sydney)$16,978.50
5436NOOR Mohammad D. Saada$16,975.00
5437Phillro Industries Pty Ltd$16,946.28
5438Audmet Australia Pty Ltd$16,925.70
5439Nilsen Electric$16,923.50
5440Esther Mcvicar$16,900.00
5441Bentley Systems Pty Ltd$16,894.44
5442Furuno Australia$16,881.04
5443CIAO Wireless$16,858.80
5444Gamma Remote Sensing Research And Consul$16,850.00
5445KIT Alexander Lawrence Smith$16,840.00
5446GD Executive Consulting$16,840.00
5447Success CITY Pty Limited$16,831.65
5448DARK Carnival Pty Ltd$16,830.00
5449Sheridans Chartered Accountants$16,830.00
5450Reduction Revolution Pty Ltd$16,824.50
5451Reflex Pty Ltd T/A Reflex Equip$16,817.68
5452Anecdote International Pty Ltd$16,802.50
5453Wadley, IAN$16,800.00
5454BIG Dingo Media Pty Ltd$16,753.00
5455CSM Office Furniture Solutions Pty Ltd$16,731.00
5456Activinsights Ltd$16,729.83
5457Barmco MANA Mcmurray Pty Ltd$16,720.00
5458Australian Institute Of Superannuation Trustees$16,720.00
5459Nissen Welding Industries$16,706.80
5460Ultimate Cutting Services Pty Ltd$16,678.20
5461Dimeo Cleaning Services Pty Ltd$16,678.20
5462Shepherd And Shepherd Pty Ltd$16,676.00
5463DG Thompson Pty Limited$16,666.67
5464Harrington Kibbey LAW Pty Ltd T/A Canberra Costing Consultants$16,666.67
5466Adelaide Profile Services$16,665.00
5467Ubeeco Packaging Solutions$16,638.60
5468Spectral Sciences Inc$16,634.00
5469Slattery IT Consulting Pty Ltd$16,632.00
5470Hastings Data Loggers$16,580.85
5471Magenta Technologies Pty Ltd$16,580.52
5473Hallprint Pty Ltd$16,544.00
5474Briar Maritime Service Pty Ltd$16,500.00
5475Dunham And Company$16,500.00
5476National Youth Science Forum$16,500.00
5477WEBB Australia$16,500.00
5478Virginia Michele Stein$16,500.00
5479Katarina Grenfell$16,500.00
5480Dapper Cadaver LLC$16,500.00
5481Irrigation Australia Limited$16,500.00
5482LAW Council Of Australia$16,500.00
5483ANNA Caroline Wells$16,500.00
5484Walsh Media$16,500.00
5485Council Of Australian University Directo$16,500.00
5486Slashez Pty Ltd Trust$16,500.00
5487Groupe Sharegate INC.$16,500.00
5488Black, Peter Francis$16,500.00
5489Actuaries In Super Pty Ltd$16,500.00
5490CIT Student Association$16,500.00
5491Australian Associated Press P/L$16,500.00
5492Punchy Digital Media$16,500.00
5493SP Health CO Pty Ltd$16,500.00
5494James Francis Batley$16,500.00
5495Planning Institute Of Australia LIM$16,500.00
5496Fareni Enoka PUNI$16,500.00
5497FOOD Innovation Australia$16,500.00
5498Readspeaker Pty Ltd$16,494.50
5499TSA Consulting Ltd$16,482.00
5500Maestro Marine LLC$16,456.37
5501DCL Advisory$16,456.00
5502The Trustee For Teber Trust$16,445.00
5503Ancortek INC.$16,420.26
5504Anker Innovations$16,417.50
5505Eless Pty Ltd$16,400.00
5506Mcalister And Associates$16,400.00
5507BLUE Environment Pty Ltd$16,357.00
5508Content BANK Australia Pty Ltd$16,335.00
5509Dexion Canning VALE$16,328.40
5510Savill Packaging Pty Ltd$16,320.70
5511Meridian BIZ Management (australia) Ltd T/A LEAN Sigma Experts Australi$16,285.50
5512J.G Squires And N.M Squires$16,281.00
5513Thesoco Pty Ltd$16,280.00
5514Royan Truck And Trailer Repairsp$16,260.00
5515CVSG Signage Solutions Pty Ltd$16,219.50
5516Breunig Family Trust$16,215.98
5517Destined 4 Pty Ltd$16,170.00
5518I K Fencing$16,159.00
5519Vector Lifting T/A Vector Lifting$16,084.20
5520KYAN Technology Pty Ltd$16,080.00
5521DEAN Westmoreland Gardening Andlandscaping$16,074.00
5522The Trustee For Maziha Trust T/A YOUR Incredible Brain Pty Ltd$16,060.00
5523Humanetics Innovative Solutions$16,026.60
5524Townsville CITY Council$16,024.00
5525Thermo Labsystems Inc$16,002.37
5526Devers LIST Pty Ltd$16,000.00
5527Council For Intellectual Disability$16,000.00
5528Sharna Clemmett$16,000.00
5529Arizona State University$16,000.00
5530Clean Energy Council Ltd$16,000.00
5531Dynamsoft Corporation$16,000.00
5532Sawtooth Software INC.$15,992.00
5533SHRI Engineering Pty Ltd$15,972.00
5534Albury CITY$15,950.00
5535D J Butler$15,925.00
5536Gunnlab Plastics Testing Pty Ltd$15,917.00
5537UAP Solutions Pty Ltd$15,906.00
5538Caitlin Kingsbury$15,900.00
5539Marcus LEE Design$15,884.00
5540SAFE Software$15,860.00
5541SAM Allen Wholesale$15,840.00
5543The BOX Office Packaging Pty Ltd UNIT Trust$15,840.00
5544Cybermynd Information Systems Consulting Pty Ltd$15,840.00
5546Gray-nicolls Sports Pty Ltd$15,812.50
5547Eddyfi International - FZE$15,792.10
5548Advanced Training`$15,784.56
5549Access Hardware Pty Ltd$15,779.79
5550Graeme Mcleod Mechanical P/L$15,768.02
5551I2F Lifestyle Pty Ltd$15,763.00
5552Mektronics Australia Pty Ltd$15,753.47
5553Motorrad Garage Pty Ltd$15,750.50
5554Campbell HIGH School$15,750.00
5555ST Clare's College Church For The Archdiocese Of$15,750.00
5556Brindabella Christian College Limited$15,750.00
5557Trinity Christian School Incorporated$15,750.00
5558Condi Refrigeration PTY. LTD.$15,713.61
5559Standard Technical Merchandise Pty Ltd$15,710.98
5561HLB MANN JUDD Insolvency$15,708.00
5562K E Software (australia) Pty Ltd$15,689.30
5563Compelling Economics Pty Ltd$15,675.00
5564Caltest (AKA Andrew Baghurst Pty LTD)$15,675.00
5565Software AG Australia Pty Ltd$15,663.35
5566Christopher Ramsden$15,630.00
5567Cleverbridge AG$15,629.90
5568Dexion Newcastle$15,620.00
5569Spirit Skysports$15,600.00
5570Track Analysis Systems Ltd$15,591.42
5571Aerobase Group Inc.!dba A B G$15,579.03
5572WTP Australia Pty Limited$15,576.00
5573General Dynamics Satcom Technologie INC.$15,573.46
5574The Trustee For CAAF Family Trust$15,518.07
5575Starnet Communications Corp.$15,515.00
5576Amaero Engineering PTY. LTD.$15,511.10
5577Mother Teresa School Church For The Archdiocese Of$15,500.00
5578ST Thomas More's Primary School$15,500.00
5579GOOD Shepherd Catholic P.S Church For The Archdiocese Of$15,500.00
5580Cumpston Sarjeant$15,500.00
5581Harvard Kennedy School$15,500.00
5582Counterfeit COPY$15,499.00
5583Blauer Tactical Systems INC.$15,482.30
5584Tandesa LLC$15,456.19
5585Water NSW$15,440.00
5586The College Of LAW Limited$15,400.00
5587Asset Training$15,400.00
5588Louise Williams INK$15,400.00
5589Catherine Bishop$15,400.00
5590Kongsberg Digital AS$15,388.94
5591Tonon Plumbing & GAS Pty Ltd$15,388.25
5592BC Trailer Engineers Pty Ltd$15,384.60
5593OWEN Camera House$15,380.95
5594Amesp Wapes Amspe$15,372.17
5595Cancer Institute NSW$15,367.00
5596Anthony Willinge$15,333.26
5598CI Engineering & Maintenance Pty LT$15,285.50
5599Objective 3D Pty Ltd$15,283.40
5600Ozlockers Pty Ltd$15,271.74
5601Airepure Australia Pty Ltd$15,251.50
5602Herron TODD White$15,246.00
5604Success Training Academy$15,210.00
5605Web Key IT Pty Ltd$15,180.00
5606Wavesound Pty Ltd$15,175.60
5607LIST A Barristers Pty Ltd$15,164.00
5608Department Of Finance$15,147.00
5609Cirrus REAL TIME Processing Systems Pty Ltd$15,144.69
5610Convergence Design Australia Pty LT$15,143.70
5611Office LINE$15,125.00
5612CM Security$15,125.00
5613Ideation Product Solutions Pty Ltd ATF IPS UNIT Trust$15,125.00
5614Safari Digital SEO Agency$15,125.00
5615Oxford Unversity$15,113.64
5616Vince & Associates Pty Ltd$15,092.00
5617Wallace, Jeremy Francis$15,030.00
5619Value Office Furniture Pty Ltd$15,026.00
5620Oxycheck Pty Limited$15,026.00
5621The Write Solution$15,021.88
5622Ryonex Regeneration Services AUST$15,021.60
5623Canberra LINE Marking Services$15,020.50
5624SEI Carbide Australia Pty Ltd$15,000.79
5625The Procare Group Pty Ltd$15,000.00
5626Ipswich State HIGH School$15,000.00
5627Green BOOT Maintenance$15,000.00
5628BRAY PARK State HIGH School$15,000.00
5629T & F ALL States$15,000.00
5630Dewars Performance Engines Pty Ltd$15,000.00
5631Duncan Marckwald$15,000.00
5632Economic Society Of Australia Incorporated$15,000.00
5633Diverse Training Concepts Pty Ltd$15,000.00
5634The Economist$15,000.00
5635Debra Paver$15,000.00
5636Greenbox Group Pty Ltd$15,000.00
5637Carolyn Connor$15,000.00
5638Rovera Scaffolding (act) P/L$15,000.00
5639ERIC Michael Heenan$15,000.00
5640Therese Sands$15,000.00
5641Economist Newspaper Limited$15,000.00
5642Consolidated Property Service$15,000.00
5643IFLY Downunder$15,000.00
5644PAN Pacific Perth$15,000.00
5645Alexander DEY Trading AS 4 Syllables$15,000.00
5646Stephens Associates$15,000.00
5647Schmidt's Mower & Chainsaw Service$15,000.00
5648Croker, MARK Benjamin$15,000.00
5649A Cloud GURU$15,000.00
5650AIR Traffic Solutions$14,999.99
5651Potter Firearms Pty Ltd$14,999.85
5652Sense Of Security$14,960.00
5653Securedrive Australasia$14,949.00
5654Hampidjan Australia Pty Ltd Australia UNIT Trust$14,921.50
5655Priscilla David Limited$14,920.00
5657Training Group International Pty Ltd$14,900.00
5658GTEK Pty Ltd$14,885.11
5659Rotating Precision Mechanisms, Inc.!dba RPM$14,883.20
5660Environmental Fluid Systems$14,883.00
5661Keepcup Pty Ltd Keepcu3-00$14,872.55
5662International Conferences And Events Pty Ltd$14,859.50
5663Frost Security Locksmiths Pty Ltd$14,840.87
5664The Trustee For Vision Image LAB UNIT Trust$14,834.82
5665Hohns Sheet Metaland$14,830.00
5666OVID Technologies$14,825.65
5667GS Andrews Advisory$14,822.50
5668Advantech Australia Pty Ltd$14,811.50
5669Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd$14,806.92
5670JTA Health Safety & Noise$14,802.51
5671Louise Saave-fairley$14,750.00
5672Oonoonba State School$14,750.00
5673ST Clare's Catholic School For The Diocese Of Townsville$14,750.00
5674North Shore State School$14,750.00
5675Gaetano Rando$14,747.00
5676Process Optimization Corporation$14,744.90
5677NVMS Pty Ltd Systems Pty Ltd$14,740.00
5678SA Tractors Pty Ltd$14,716.87
5679QCC Hospitality Supplies$14,714.82
5680Macquarie Dictionary Publishers$14,710.00
5681Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres Ltd$14,700.00
5682Joel's Garage GEAR Family Trust$14,672.01
5683Surfx Technologies LLC$14,667.24
5684Alopex Consulting Pty Ltd$14,650.00
5685Fit 4 Market Pty Ltd$14,650.00
5686The Hearing Company Trust$14,641.00
5688W And E Platt Pty Ltd$14,618.19
5689M Caruso Holdings Pty Ltd T/AS Signarama Hobart$14,608.00
5690Deepdyve, INC.$14,579.20
5691Supreme Forklift Services$14,539.22
5692Proscribing Solutions$14,535.00
5693Definitive Systems Pty Ltd$14,520.00
5694Capital Doorworks$14,520.00
5695Beralon Pty Ltd$14,519.78
5696Octopus TREE Pty Ltd$14,505.48
5697Wagga Wagga Christian College$14,500.00
5698Jensen Hughes, INC.$14,500.00
5699Nowra Christian School School Ltd$14,500.00
5700Oscans Imaging$14,489.20
5701HELP Enterprises$14,465.00
5702Austral-powerflo Solutions Pty Ltd$14,454.00
5703JUNG Precision Optics Pty Ltd$14,454.00
5704Mpirical Limited$14,451.10
5705Neatbooks Pty Ltd$14,450.00
5706Cablex Pty Ltd$14,433.61
5707Acromat Pty Ltd$14,423.20
5708CM Beasy Ltd$14,414.39
5709Robert Balzola And Associates(legal) P/L$14,402.00
5710Softomotive US INC.$14,401.40
5711LISA DE Ferrari$14,400.00
5712Acorn Training Services Pty Ltd$14,400.00
5713Trimble Europe BV$14,400.00
5714DIAL A Label Pty Ltd$14,392.95
5715New Generation Consulting$14,390.00
5716Print LORD Trust$14,355.00
5717Graham White Urethanes Pty Limited$14,353.50
5718Riskfacilitator Pty Ltd$14,333.00
5719Statewide Racking$14,325.00
5720Sealite PTY. LTD.$14,324.20
5721ARA Indigenous Services Pty Ltd$14,322.00
5722Thirst Creative Pty Ltd ATF The Harbinson Family Trust$14,300.00
5723Syborg Informationssystems$14,300.00
5724Matthew Reeves$14,300.00
5725Radius Technology Pty Ltd$14,278.47
5726Fairmont Medical Products Pty LT$14,274.81
5727Darwin Middle School$14,250.00
5728Darwin HIGH School Council INC.$14,250.00
5729CRS Insolvency Services Australia Pty Ltd$14,212.00
5730Veritas Advisory Pty Ltd$14,212.00
5731CRIB Point Engineering Pty Ltd$14,199.35
5732Coltronics Trust$14,179.00
5733Devers LIST Pty Ltd$14,125.00
5734Fairfax Media Management Pty Ltd$14,113.00
5735Phasesep Pty Ltd$14,107.50
5736Axient Pty Ltd$14,107.50
5737Alice Zheng$14,100.00
5738Wiley Subscription Services INC.$14,070.00
5739Sheepwash Holdings Pty Ltd Trading AS Curated Content Agency$14,052.50
5740Austek Engineering Pty Ltd$14,025.00
5742Optimum Technology$14,009.38
5743ITP Engines UK Ltd$14,004.91
5744Hi-tech Metrology Pty Ltd$14,004.10
5745Burnett Regional Funeral Service$14,000.00
5746South Coast Baptist College Incorporated$14,000.00
5747Tranby College (inc)$14,000.00
5748IHR ASIA PTY. LTD.$14,000.00
5749Baldivis Secondary College$14,000.00
5750Jensen Gallery Pty Ltd$14,000.00
5751Shenton College$14,000.00
5752Warnbro Community HIGH School$14,000.00
5753Gabrielle Drenna$14,000.00
5754KCI Lawyers$14,000.00
5755ARQ Group Enterprise$14,000.00
5756Arbocraft TREE Services$13,982.00
5757Sweepers Australia Pty Ltd$13,970.00
5758Aztech Cutting Solutions$13,956.80
5759Emton Pty Ltd$13,943.30
5760Dexion Canberra Family Trust$13,909.50
5761Leanne Halley Consulting P/L$13,898.50
5762Hudson Catering$13,891.50
5763Iridian Spectral Technologies Limit$13,884.86
5764The Plumbing And GAS GUYS WA P/L$13,882.00
5765Schiavello Showrooom$13,854.50
5766Allyanz Pty Ltd$13,844.60
5767IBIS Styles Canberra Eaglehawk Limited$13,842.40
5768Meertens Chartered Accountants$13,838.00
5769MR Simon Majteles$13,833.00
5770AP Psychology & Consulting Services$13,832.50
5771Concurrent Real-time, INC.$13,815.60
5772National Parking Consultants AS Trustee For The Watson Family Trust #2$13,805.00
5773Carry IT Cases$13,795.00
5774Glass Expansion Pty Ltd$13,783.00
5776R.M. Turbochargers Pty Ltd$13,767.60
5777The Trustee For The Haines Group$13,766.72
5778The George Washington University$13,763.61
5780Lovett, Anwen$13,750.00
5781Coredata Pty Ltd$13,750.00
5782Undersea Trading Pty Ltd$13,731.30
5783Natural Power Solutions Pty Ltd$13,725.80
5784LIST A Barristers Pty Ltd$13,706.25
5785Transport Industries Skills Centre$13,680.00
5786HUON Strategic Pty Ltd$13,675.00
5787LMT Lichtmesstechnik GMBH Berlin$13,669.70
5788Alltrack GSE Pty Ltd$13,662.00
5789Engedi Mnistries Incorporated$13,650.00
5790Science In Public Pty Ltd$13,650.00
5791Enforcer Rugby Pty Ltd$13,640.00
5792William Angliss Institute$13,627.30
5793Cranfield University$13,622.91
5794EMC Global Holding Company$13,570.00
5795Advanced Training Pty Ltd$13,567.48
5796Reserve BANK Of Australia$13,566.00
5797Fibre Glast Developments Corporatio$13,565.29
5798Response Systems Pty Ltd$13,532.48
5799Ideal Office Furniture Pty Ltd$13,530.00
5800LIDA Solutions Pty Ltd$13,530.00
5801Copenhagen Institute For Futures ST$13,500.00
5802Australian National Gallery$13,500.00
5803Amelia RUTH Hughes$13,500.00
5804James Hmelnitsky$13,500.00
5805Richard REID$13,500.00
5806Genovate Consulting Pty Ltd$13,439.73
5807Florence CHEN$13,417.00
5808Fourth WALL Events Pty Ltd$13,412.60
5809Decked Out Fabrications$13,400.00
5810Touchpoint Meeting Services Pty Ltd$13,392.50
5811Electronic Keying Australia$13,392.08
5812ALL Rubber TMH Pty Ltd$13,359.50
5813Sutherland Instrument Service$13,349.60
5814Duracote Corporation$13,342.78
5815Rocky Lerch$13,320.39
5816Bundaberg PORT Marina ATF Ocean Pacific UNIT Trust$13,305.16
5817ANNE Moorhead$13,300.00
5818Coreform LLC$13,279.50
5819BLA Locksmiths And Security$13,277.72
5820HMG MADE To LAST$13,275.63
5821Bayswater Bolts$13,270.35
5822Schneider Electric Buildings AUST P/L$13,266.24
5823Greenwith Primary School & OUR LADY Of Counsel School$13,250.00
5824Hewett Primary School$13,250.00
5825ST Columba College Incorporated$13,250.00
5826Intaforensics Ltd$13,246.00
5827Anthouse Communications$13,244.00
5828Axiom Associates( Aust) Pty Ltd$13,225.00
5829DSG TEC USA, INC.$13,219.20
5830Morgan Imports Pty Limited$13,210.85
5831IHS Markit Agribusiness UK Limited$13,208.00
5832GET Hooked Fishing Charters$13,200.00
5833Wridgways The Removalists$13,200.00
5834The Camerons Group$13,200.00
5835ASC Training And Development Pty Ltd$13,200.00
5836Masterdocs Pty Ltd$13,200.00
5837Polaron Language Services Pty Ltd$13,200.00
5838Lesslie Consulting Pty Ltd$13,200.00
5839Sophie Harburg$13,200.00
5840Alcami Interactive Pty Ltd$13,200.00
5841Cardno (nsw/act) Pty Ltd$13,200.00
5842Stackla Pty Ltd$13,200.00
5843Hotel Grand Chancellor (hobart) Pty Ltd$13,200.00
5844BLUE Planet Marine$13,200.00
5845Orbital Systems LLC$13,193.11
5846Horsley PARK GUN SHOP The$13,190.00
5847Antelope Engineering Pty Ltd$13,184.52
5848Fingerprint Training & Identificati$13,158.47
5849Cocos Islands Co-operative Society$13,152.00
5850American Medical Association$13,149.36
5851Scientific Materials Corporation!di FLIR Surveillance INC.$13,141.96
5852Trade Logistics Services$13,140.37
5853PAUL Farmer T/A Queenscliff & Point Lonsdale Holiday Accommodation$13,121.00
5854Nixon, Roger$13,102.76
5855TTE Filters$13,095.07
5857Taylor Insolvency$13,090.00
5858Convene Pty Ltd$13,086.15
5859The Trustee For LUSH Media Trust$13,073.50
5860Fromm Packaging Australia Pty Ltd$13,068.00
5861Ionbench SAS$13,060.30
5862The Trustee For Naiman Clarke Trust$13,059.07
5863Pharma Intelligence$13,059.00
5864Calgraphics (australasia) PTY. LTD.$13,054.80
5865ARB 4X4 Accessories$13,053.26
5866Mackay Marina Pty Ltd$13,046.40
5867CORE Competence E.K$13,040.47
5868Pirtek Albury/wodonga$13,038.37
5869Durst Industries Australia Pty Limited$13,036.67
5870JOY Woodhouse Consultancy Service$13,035.83
5871Shire Of Christmas Island$13,000.00
5872Treetops ACT Pty Ltd$13,000.00
5873GYM And Fitness$12,998.99
5874Uniden Australia Pty Limited$12,995.00
5875ECRI Berhad$12,992.27
5876Better Music Pty Ltd$12,983.00
5877CCA Software Pty Ltd$12,980.00
5878Housley Communications Pty Ltd$12,980.00
5879Ballardong Medical Pty Ltd$12,971.20
5880Printcraft (qld) Pty Ltd$12,958.00
5881B L Shipway & CO Pty Ltd$12,919.17
5882SAFE Flooring$12,907.40
5883R B M Plastic Extrusions Pty Ltd$12,837.00
5884Warrawilla Pty Ltd$12,820.00
5885Rapier Electronics Pty Ltd$12,817.20
5886Industrial Measurement Solution PTY. LTD.$12,812.80
5887The Trustee For Eventbiz UNIT Trust$12,808.35
5888Shark Limited$12,787.00
5889Australian Volleyball Warehouse Trust$12,786.40
5890Rebekah Svilicic$12,772.76
5891Ryzac Inc$12,771.00
5892Brass Music Specialists$12,760.22
5893Uniform Safety Signs Pty Ltd$12,760.00
5895Paper Australia Pty Ltd$12,728.80
5896Print MINT Digital$12,719.20
5897BDO Business Restructuring Pty Ltd$12,716.00
5898Highland GOLF CARS$12,716.00
5899The Trustee For V H AMIN Family TRU T/A Dollar Deals$12,672.00
5900Mrwed Pty Ltd$12,672.00
5901ONE Sportswear Pty Ltd$12,660.00
5902Southerly Designs Pty Ltd$12,650.00
5903BMJ Publishing Group Ltd$12,635.10
5904Edmund Optics Singapore PTE Ltd$12,634.38
5905Acubis Technologies Pty Limited$12,633.06
5906Gerson Lehrman Group$12,600.01
5907The CAD GUYS$12,595.00
5908Toyota Material Handling Australia Pty Limited$12,584.00
5909Wiltrading Pty Ltd$12,552.68
5910Bellinger Systems Pty Ltd$12,527.08
5911EDGE Marine Pty Ltd$12,509.29
5913Griffith UNI - Cashi$12,500.00
5914Bloom Coaching And Consulting$12,500.00
5916Technical University Of Denmark$12,500.00
5917Peoplescape (nsw) Pty Ltd$12,496.00
5918ECKA Granules Australia Pty Ltd$12,485.00
5919Expat Direction Consultancy Service$12,481.73
5920OKTA Inc$12,481.01
5921Droneit Group Pty Ltd$12,452.63
5922Simon SNOW$12,449.50
5923Stephen Murray Electrical Family Trust$12,432.39
5924Barnetwork Pty Ltd$12,420.00
5925UCX Ltd$12,384.02
5926Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority$12,382.00
5927Northpoint Consulting Pty Ltd$12,375.00
5928Pryde Measurement Pty Ltd$12,353.00
5929Bolwell Corporate Advisory Pty Ltd$12,342.00
5930The Trustee For Mitchell Family Trust$12,338.67
5931Storm FX Pty Ltd$12,320.00
5932Sandwalk Partners$12,320.00
5933ROPE Access Engineering$12,320.00
5934Bilby 3D PTY. LTD.$12,305.00
5935LIFE Saving Victoria Limited$12,300.00
5936Ninth Grange Pty Ltd T/A CQ Functions$12,300.00
5937Jennie BELL INK$12,300.00
5938The Trustee For The Dolan Family Trust$12,298.00
5939Brand Collective Pty Ltd$12,292.50
5940Sophos Pty Ltd$12,266.16
5941Safepak Industrial Supplies$12,237.50
5942Safety Design And RISK Solutions$12,236.97
5943Forge Data Solutions$12,200.00
5944Kobra Shredders Australia$12,199.00
5945MPB SRL$12,155.40
5946Vanderfield Pty Ltd$12,154.31
5947Wridgways The Removalist$12,135.35
5948Australian Institute Of Packaging$12,100.00
5949Alternativelylegal Pty Ltd$12,100.00
5950PORT ASH Australia Trust$12,100.00
5951Pyramid Earthmoving Pty Ltd$12,100.00
5953Flink LABS Pty Ltd$12,100.00
5954LAVA SALT Consulting$12,100.00
5955Jeylabs Pty Ltd$12,100.00
5956Western Power$12,100.00
5957PORT Hedland Helicopters Pty Ltd$12,100.00
5958Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort$12,075.00
5959Patti's Hire Service Pty Ltd$12,059.30
5960BIG4 Bungalow PARK Canteens Board$12,054.00
5961Point Of CARE Diagnostics Australia Pty Ltd$12,051.60
5962Anthony And Associates$12,023.00
5963The Knowledge Academy Australia Pty Limited$12,020.00
5964SU Mccluskey$12,015.00
5965Universities Australia$12,015.00
5966Health Directorate T/AS Clinical Forensic Medical Services$12,006.01
5967Tableau International, U.C$12,000.00
5968Minty, Brian Robert Stuart$12,000.00
5969Sucharita SEN$12,000.00
5970Digital Appeal$12,000.00
5971JENS Kollenberg$12,000.00
5972Fluid Management Systems Inc$12,000.00
5973Aak-ither UNIT Trust$12,000.00
5974Bsides Canberra$12,000.00
5975Bristow Cornwell Moreland Pty Ltd$12,000.00
5976TBWA Melbourne Pty Ltd$12,000.00
5977Tempo Strategies Pty Ltd$12,000.00
5978Allens Coaches Coolamon Pty Ltd Trust$12,000.00
5979NSW Electrical TEST & Tagging$11,994.60
5980Intertec Consulting$11,981.34
5981Envirolab Services Pty Ltd$11,960.00
5982ATDI South Pacific Pty Ltd$11,945.01
5983WRS Orora$11,932.42
5984Richard JAY Laundry Equipment$11,924.00
5985Riskman International Pty Ltd$11,921.49
5986Active Envrionmental Solutions$11,896.50
5987ROD Nairn & Associates Pty Ltd$11,891.00
5988Divine Wellbeing$11,880.00
5989The Weather Company Pty Ltd$11,880.00
5990Raytrade G.W. Raymond Nominees Pty Ltd$11,880.00
5991Mathstat Software$11,836.00
5992Semrad Pty Ltd$11,831.60
5993X1 Discovery, Inc$11,830.36
5994N.t.p. Fleet Management PTY. LTD.$11,825.06
5995Crayon Australia Pty Ltd$11,825.00
5996Mooloolaba Music Centre$11,758.14
5997Ermelinda Kovacs$11,750.00
5998Perigee, Perigeedirect, Epoxy SUPP$11,741.01
5999In Design International DEL Castillo Family Trust$11,725.56
6000Tasmanian Ports Corporation$11,706.20
6001Eastsail Pty Ltd$11,700.00
6002Eastsail PTY. LTD.$11,700.00
6003UTAH State University$11,697.60
6004JOHN Manley Logistics Pty Ltd$11,686.40
6005Sigma-aldrich Pty Ltd$11,650.10
6006Pocket NC Company$11,638.74
6007National Institude Of Dramatic ART$11,637.50
6008K9 Detection Services Limited$11,629.14
6009Terrago Technologies, INC.$11,600.93
6011Pavilion On Northbourne$11,598.40
6012JBC Corporate Pty Ltd$11,594.00
6013Skilled Trees Pty Ltd$11,550.00
6014Brand Republic Pty Ltd$11,550.00
6015Hospitality Textiles$11,550.00
6016The Branksome Residences PTY. LTD.$11,550.00
6017Jean-francois Lanzarone$11,523.60
6018Rivergate Marina & Shipyard Pty Ltd$11,512.80
6019Techtel Pty Ltd$11,503.80
6020Everton PARK State HIGH School$11,500.00
6021Ripley Valley State Secondary Colle$11,500.00
6022Kelvin Grove State College$11,500.00
6023Mitchelton State HIGH School$11,500.00
6024Prince Of Peace Lutheran College Queensland District$11,500.00
6025A E Atherton And SONS Proprietary Limited$11,492.80
6026Lindy Australia Pty Ltd$11,485.47
6027The Quarmby Family Trust$11,471.43
6028ARJO Australia Pty Ltd$11,440.00
6029EVAN Evans$11,440.00
6030GSE Services Pty Ltd$11,438.08
6031Basil V R Greatrex Pty Ltd$11,424.86
6032Gpe-hv Pty Ltd$11,388.76
6033Renew Solutions Pty Ltd$11,385.00
6034Queensland Police Service$11,364.00
6035Optical Data Services Pty Ltd$11,361.90
6036Auschwitz Institute For Peace And$11,348.18
6037The Write PATH$11,330.00
6038Lightbulb Studio$11,308.00
6039Hoseco WA Pty Ltd$11,308.00
6040B B Engineering Pty Ltd$11,302.50
6041TTF Brisbane BMW UNIT Trust$11,288.22
6042THL Airport Hotel Melbourne Pty Ltd$11,270.00
6043DRS Sustainment Systems Inc - AU$11,263.27
6044Hilti (aust) Pty Ltd$11,260.25
6045Citywide Forklifts Pty Ltd$11,250.80
6046Bohlevale State School$11,250.00
6047Eatons HILL State School$11,250.00
6048Springfield Lakes State School$11,250.00
6049Larrakeyah Primary School$11,250.00
6050HOLY Spirit School$11,250.00
6051Mundingburra State School$11,250.00
6052Mitchelton State School$11,250.00
6053Albany Creek State School$11,250.00
6054Deebing Heights State School$11,250.00
6055Mcdowall State School$11,250.00
6056PEAK ARE Pty Ltd$11,242.00
6057Applied Physics Systems, Inc.!dba 2 Enterprises$11,240.28
6058Jaffa Holdings Pty Ltd$11,237.60
6059LAND Rover Australia$11,221.14
6060Saferight Pty Ltd$11,220.00
6062Colere Group Pty Ltd$11,220.00
6063Fibre Optic Systems$11,220.00
6064GTS Advisory$11,220.00
6065Oxford University Press$11,213.10
6066Petroleum Experts Ltd (petex)$11,210.00
6067TEST & Evaluation Solutions, LLC$11,200.73
6068Deane-peter Baker$11,200.00
6069Event Audio Visual Services Pty Ltd$11,194.70
6070Fairfax Media Group Finance Pty Ltd$11,193.68
6071Adventure MOTO Australia Limited$11,186.64
6072Bernard Desmidt$11,179.99
6073Lavender Strategies Pty Ltd - The Trustee For ATOM Family$11,170.00
6074WB Tooling Pty Ltd$11,167.20
6075Serverless Heroes, INC.$11,154.83
6076PWB Anchor Limited$11,135.32
6077Ceejay Precision Engineering$11,130.35
6078Telecomtest Solutions Pty Ltd$11,121.00
6079Rainbow Filters Pty Ltd$11,114.40
6080Happy Jacks CKI Pty Ltd$11,110.00
6081Henderson Taylor$11,105.25
6083Holt, Amanda$11,090.00
6084Cathodic Anodes Australasia$11,089.65
6085VOK Beverages Pty Ltd$11,088.00
6086Batteries PLUS$11,088.00
6087International Trade Advisors Pty Ltd$11,080.00
6088ZCG Scalar Pty Ltd$11,079.75
6089The Trustee For Petersen Family Trust$11,072.66
6090Spitwater SA$11,054.36
6091Parrallel Trades Pty Ltd$11,044.40
6092Smart Digital Australia Pty Ltd Trust$11,043.01
6093Starmix Holdings Pty Ltd$11,037.73
6094Christine Coyne & Associates$11,000.00
6095Community Connections Solutions$11,000.00
6097Mendham Consultants Pty Ltd$11,000.00
6098Australia China Business Council$11,000.00
6099Australian Business And Lending Solutions Pty Ltd T/A Pipasia Consulting$11,000.00
6100GS Graphics$11,000.00
6101Askable Pty Ltd$11,000.00
6102ANNA ZHU Pty Ltd$11,000.00
6103Sharegate Inc$11,000.00
6104Australian Institute Of Architects$11,000.00
6105Newcast Pty Ltd$11,000.00
6106Geological Society Publishing House$11,000.00
6107SVP Group Pty Ltd$11,000.00
6108Oodar Pty Ltd ATF The Oodar Investments Trust$11,000.00
6109SHAH Consulting$11,000.00
6110Deste Consulting Services$11,000.00
6111Australian ARMY Rugby Union$11,000.00
6112Kevin Wedding$11,000.00
6114Western Australai Aboriginal Leadership Institute$11,000.00
6115Associated Media Group$11,000.00
6116Fortytwo24 Pty Ltd$11,000.00
6117XEN Systems Pty Ltd$11,000.00
6118Jpafm Pty Ltd$11,000.00
6119Startup VIC Limited$11,000.00
6120AJF Partnership Pty Ltd$11,000.00
6121Gradient Institute Ltd$11,000.00
6122Westside FILM & Television Pty Ltd$11,000.00
6123Palmerston Bakery$11,000.00
6124Global Switch Property (australia) Pty Limited$10,995.60
6125PRO Sound Productions Pty Ltd$10,993.00
6126Newcon International Ltd$10,990.93
6127Canberra Institute Of Technology$10,990.00
6128Zircodata Pty Ltd$10,985.77
6129Surenet Solutions Pty Ltd$10,985.00
6130Victorian Truck Moves Pty Ltd$10,978.00
6131Lockwood Medical Group Pty Ltd$10,967.00
6132Teel, Inc.!dba TEEL Technologies$10,951.89
6133Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd$10,947.20
6134Nerissa Bentley (THE Melbourne Health Writer)$10,945.00
6135Pondeljak Engineering$10,940.60
6136Surfing Australia Limited$10,940.00
6137New Relic$10,928.02
6138David IAN O'connor$10,922.72
6139Steelfort Engineering CO Ltd$10,918.60
6140BEN Mceniery$10,908.33
6141Bailey Outdoor Advertising Pty Ltd$10,901.00
6142Omega Civil & Facility Maintenance$10,896.60
6143Global-roam Pty Ltd$10,890.00
6144WEBB Australia Group$10,890.00
6145Micis Catering/mpy FOOD Group Family Trust$10,890.00
6146Kraus And Naimer Pty Ltd$10,890.00
6147Loftus Computing Services$10,884.50
6148Proqares B.V.$10,865.68
6149OES Oil Engineering Services$10,846.20
6150Chifley Advisory$10,846.00
6151Science Applications International Corporation DBA$10,840.29
6152Strathyre Holdings Pty Ltd$10,829.52
6153A And G Price Ltd$10,829.50
6154CREA Laboratory Technologies P/L$10,829.37
6155Troetham Automation$10,824.00
6156Signavio ANZ Pty Ltd$10,821.25
6157Steelcase Australia Pty Ltd$10,807.60
6158Thinkst Applied Research$10,800.00
6159Simulation Modelling Services Pty Ltd$10,780.00
6160National Lgbti Health Alliance$10,780.00
6161East WEST Engineering$10,763.50
6162Integrated Geochemical Interpretation LT$10,760.00
6163MODE Design CORP Pty Ltd$10,758.00
6164Western Truck Group Pty Ltd$10,752.60
6165Chloe Burnett$10,752.01
6166Casuarina Senior College INC.$10,750.00
6167Bakewell Primary School$10,750.00
6168O'loughlin Catholic College$10,750.00
6169HOLY Spirit Catholic Primary School$10,750.00
6170Katherine South Primary School$10,750.00
6171Dripstone Middle School$10,750.00
6172Ludmilla Primary School$10,750.00
6173Sacred Heart Primary School$10,750.00
6174Mackillop Catholic College$10,750.00
6175Durack School$10,750.00
6176Alawa Primary School Council$10,750.00
6177Katherine HIGH School$10,750.00
6178Peoplecorp PTY. Limited$10,725.00
6179Safe-tec Locksmiths Pty Ltd$10,725.00
6180TH9 Outdoors Services$10,725.00
6181Creativa Pty Ltd$10,697.50
6182Bentley Systems International Limit$10,680.00
6183Virgin Pulse$10,672.20
6184Jetfield Constructions Pty Ltd$10,670.00
6185Echoview Software Pty Ltd$10,670.00
6186Layertec GMBH$10,669.98
6187South Central Trucks Pty Ltd$10,664.92
6188BY George Studios Pty Ltd$10,653.50
6189Wilde And Woollard Consultants$10,650.00
6190WFEL Limited$10,641.26
6191Svenson Barristers$10,630.00
6192Octopus Deploy PTY. LTD.$10,628.44
6193Forpoint Solutions AUST Pty LT$10,626.00
6194Brolly T/A Ladoo Pty Ltd$10,610.82
6195MKC Constructions & Civil Works Ormond BELL Pty Ltd$10,610.60
6196Aquip Systems Pty Ltd$10,609.50
6197LIST G Barristers$10,587.49
6198Monaro Commercial Interiors$10,587.00
6199Greenspeed Australia Pty Limited$10,582.00
6200Robinson International Pty Ltd$10,560.00
6201Serendis Pty Ltd$10,560.00
6202Capacitor Technologies Pty Ltd$10,560.00
6203Battery Specialties Vic/tas$10,560.00
6204Dormakaba Australia Pty Ltd$10,560.00
6205Career Education Association Of Victoria$10,560.00
6206Konnect Learning$10,555.60
6207New Zealand Holdings Pty Ltd$10,545.00
6208Aperian Global$10,533.68
6209CPL Notting HILL Pty Ltd$10,531.00
6210Aitken HILL$10,511.10
6211JET Aviation (asia Pacific) PTE Ltd$10,509.59
6212Scan-xpress Pty Ltd$10,505.00
6213YALE School Of Management$10,500.00
6214University Of Leicester$10,500.00
6215The Trustee For Blackburn Family$10,489.60
6216Unispace Limited$10,479.14
6217Robson Cotter Insolvency Group$10,472.00
6218Abstec Calibrations Australia Pty L$10,472.00
6219The Wolves Theatre Incorporated$10,459.00
6220ATOM Supply$10,453.85
6221Vintage ROAD Haulage Pty Ltd$10,452.00
6222Purdon Planning Pty Ltd$10,450.00
6223EXPO Direct$10,440.00
6224DR Pradmod Kumar Joshi$10,400.00
6225Dmarcian ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$10,395.00
6226Aussie Trolleys Pty Ltd$10,395.00
6227Magellan Consulting Agency Pty Ltd$10,373.00
6228Execujet Middle East$10,368.51
6229Advanced Records Management$10,366.13
6231MDL Services Pty Ltd$10,340.00
6232Sayfa Group$10,334.28
6233Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd$10,329.99
6234S And P Global Platts$10,324.27
6235Fastener Specialists Australia$10,312.50
6236Sound Metal Fabrications$10,301.94
6237The Trustee For The Hartect UNIT Trust$10,296.00
6238Excel Lockers$10,278.40
6239Bio-rad Laboratories Pty Ltd$10,261.90
6240Harbour Healthcare$10,260.25
6241Getty Images Sales Australia PTY. LTD.$10,250.00
6242NOW To NEXT Pty Ltd$10,240.00
6244Tensor Design Pty Limited TA Posmarket$10,230.00
6245AAT Kings Coach Company Pty Ltd$10,220.00
6246Barton Glass$10,203.05
6247Av-comm Pty Ltd$10,188.68
6248Switchmode Power Supplies Pty Ltd$10,187.10
6249Tamara Lynette Phillips$10,150.00
6250ALL DAY And Night Electrical SER$10,137.60
6251Olectric Systems Pty Ltd$10,125.52
6252Mastersoft Group Pty Ltd$10,120.00
6253Interpath Services Pty Ltd$10,120.00
6254Zumtobel Lighting Pty Ltd$10,120.00
6255JNI Pallet Systems$10,109.00
6256Concept Engineering Limited$10,102.68
6257Grycol International Pty Ltd$10,083.92
6258Palcove Pty Ltd$10,080.00
6259Sapphire Bioscience Pty Ltd$10,072.48
6260GO Shooting Stars Discretionary Trust$10,057.50
6261UES (int'l) PTY. LTD.$10,032.00
6262Valvoline (australia) Pty Ltd$10,028.96
6263Heldsafe Pty Ltd$10,027.47
6264Baker & Mckenzie Habib AL Mulla$10,020.69
6265Statewide Office Furniture Pty Ltd$10,016.74
6266Wizard Corporate Training Pty Ltd$10,010.00
6267Power And Water Corporation$10,000.01
6268PUTT Legal Pty Ltd Trust$10,000.00
6269GET Smart Promotional$10,000.00
6270ST Christopher's Primary School Schools Trust$10,000.00
6271Professor JOHN SINN$10,000.00
6272Whybrow, Steven$10,000.00
6273JOHN Halley$10,000.00
6274E-bisglobal Pty Ltd$10,000.00
6276WMH Health & Ergonomics$10,000.00
6277Austlii Foundation Ltd$10,000.00
6278Trent Glover$10,000.00
6279The KEIL Centre$10,000.00
6280LEE Hewitt$10,000.00
6281Australian Crisis Simulation Summit$10,000.00
6282Jordan, David Keith$10,000.00
6283Australian Meteorological And Oceanographic Society$10,000.00
6284DR Piers Gooding$10,000.00
6285Bernard Namok JNR$10,000.00
6286MCI Australia Pty Ltd$10,000.00
6287MS Joanne Thomas$10,000.00
6288Office Of Sport$10,000.00
6289Arbor Carbon Pty Ltd$10,000.00
6290DR Barbara Woodhouse Pty Ltd$10,000.00
6291Bkeito Events Pty Ltd$10,000.00
6292ST Gregory's Primary School Church For The Archdiocese Of$10,000.00
6293Waigana, Tyrown James T/A Crawlin Crocodile$10,000.00
6294Stephen Lloyd$10,000.00