Position Supplier Total Contract Value
1BUPA Health Services Pty Ltd$3,407,773,888.00
2ASC Shipbuilding Pty Limited$2,258,966,625.88
3Naval Group$1,800,380,608.44
4Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd$1,689,263,972.17
5Laing O'rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd$1,322,248,654.62
6TOLL Priority$1,270,594,992.45
7University Of New South Wales$1,192,128,513.41
8Canberra Airport Pty Ltd$951,744,555.48
9Thales Australia$824,977,806.95
10Lockheed Martin Australia Pty Ltd$662,222,988.82
11FMS Account Reserve BANK Of Australia$645,498,678.15
12Naval SEA Systems Command$622,154,953.00
13Data#3 Limited$610,827,213.23
14Boeing Defence Australia Ltd$602,345,762.07
15JPO Project Pammandi Cbass Embassay$559,563,788.00
16BAE Systems Australia Limited$529,892,049.21
17Accenture Australia Pty Ltd$519,785,842.81
18Seqirus (australia) Pty Ltd$461,873,710.08
19Behavioural Training Group$431,319,457.80
20IBM Australia Ltd$391,885,218.43
21Department Of Defense Of The United States Of America$386,047,154.00
22HAYS Specialist Recruitment (aust) P/L$370,594,188.82
23BMD Constructions Pty Ltd$341,042,126.07
24CPB Contractors Pty Limited$323,564,807.81
25Northrop Grumman Integrated Defence Services Pty Ltd$311,067,241.74
26Rheinmetall Defence Australia Pty Ltd$307,586,525.16
28Air7000 P8 Poseidon$285,581,975.92
29Duratec Australia Pty Ltd$258,706,971.96
30Caltex Australia Petroleum P / L$253,022,041.39
31Datacom Systems (AU) Pty Ltd$231,860,458.09
32Kellogg Brown & ROOT Pty Ltd$215,014,055.42
33COBS Telstra$208,584,282.21
34Clark Construction Group LLC$205,907,107.77
35GHD Australia Pty Ltd$204,867,623.35
36Downer Defence Services Pty Ltd$201,713,215.56
37NOVA Systems Australia Pty Ltd$200,941,432.49
38Barpa Construction Services$199,846,017.23
39DHA - Central Office$194,887,885.60
40Mitch ARCH Pty Ltd$192,633,875.62
41Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd$189,276,311.91
42DELL Australia Pty Ltd$187,437,724.27
43Leidos Australia Pty Limited$185,556,237.63
44TIWI Partners Pty Ltd$171,846,903.73
45DXC Technology Australia Pty Limited$168,017,864.98
46CEA Technologies Pty Ltd$167,464,089.86
47Australia POST$157,760,371.51
48Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd$150,420,360.16
49Boeing CO The - KENT$148,749,896.71
50Pricewaterhousecoopers Consulting (australia) Pty Limited$146,565,126.04
51Universal Mccann$144,039,247.81
52Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd$142,763,186.09
53Jones LANG Lasalle (act)$138,044,665.82
54ST Hilliers Property Pty Limited$130,284,668.10
55Australian Defence Apparel Pty L$129,631,370.23
56SG Fleet Australia Pty Limited$129,363,359.35
57The Trust Company Limited$128,480,478.07
58Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd$125,605,119.16
59Bendigo Kangan Institute$122,928,357.16
60Pacific International Hospital$118,626,968.68
61James Fisher Australia T/A JFD$118,368,035.10
62Glaxosmithkline Australia Pty Ltd$116,141,000.05
63Sitzler Pty Ltd$115,851,555.45
64Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu$115,555,303.24
65Broadspectrum Property Pty Ltd$114,247,609.84
66Australian Government Solicitor$111,631,406.68
67Airbus Group Australia Pacific Limited$110,943,229.74
68Fujitsu Australia Limited$110,806,556.57
69Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd$107,338,000.09
70ERM Business Energy$106,701,506.40
71University Of Melbourne$105,967,096.37
72Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd$104,610,313.28
73Ernst & Young$103,988,000.77
74CC Pines Pty Ltd$101,304,590.94
75Talent International (act) Pty Ltd$100,540,153.09
76VIVA Energy Australia Ltd$100,122,202.57
77Dexus Funds Management Limited$100,120,214.37
78TAE Buildco Pty Ltd$99,256,270.00
79Idemia Australasia Pty Ltd$97,792,015.03
80Lenovo (australia And NZ) Pty Ltd$97,186,731.50
81DDR Indigenous Contractors JV Pty Ltd$93,523,111.11
82Randstad Pty Ltd$93,336,237.56
83Paxus Australia Pty Ltd$88,558,179.84
84L-3 Oceania$87,065,249.41
85LEND Lease Building Pty Ltd$86,219,678.60
86Digital Transformation Agency$85,876,769.42
87Right Management Consultants Pty Ltd$82,983,697.42
88Synergy Group Australia Pty Ltd$82,939,094.34
90SAAB Australia Pty Ltd$80,633,598.72
91Ignite Limited$80,492,270.86
92Palladium International Pty Ltd$80,025,979.93
93Department Of Finance$79,391,203.25
95Jacana Energy$77,671,050.75
96Peoplebank Australia Ltd$76,359,523.21
98Micro Focus Australia Pty Ltd$74,437,634.22
99Watpac Construction Pty Ltd$74,120,117.11
100Built Pty Limited$73,831,531.83
101SAP Australia Pty Ltd$71,678,971.83
102Babcock Pty Ltd$71,471,590.72
103Cardno Emerging Markets (australia) Pty Ltd$71,297,811.75
104GHD Pty Ltd$70,813,591.89
105Intravision Pty Ltd$70,506,711.12
106Bieson Pty Ltd ATF Jessie ST Centre Trust$68,898,760.70
107Mcconnell Dowell Constructors (offshore) Ltd$67,695,656.87
108Badge Constructions QLD Pty Ltd And National Aboriginal$67,659,627.87
109Gruden Pty Ltd$66,989,112.99
110Centuria Investment Management (cms) Pty Ltd ATF Centuria Urban REIT SUB Trust$66,234,487.44
111Hudson Global Resources (aust) P/L$66,190,495.20
112Concentrix Services Pty Ltd$66,000,000.00
113Clicks Recruit (australia) Pty Ltd$65,712,043.29
114Intract Australia Pty Ltd$65,653,389.23
115Sanofi-aventis Australia Pty Ltd$64,365,000.04
116Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd$64,072,997.81
117Teach For Australia$63,452,500.00
118Harris Communications (australia) Pty Ltd$62,144,140.15
119NAVY Health Ltd$61,518,540.06
120APIS Consulting Group (act) P/L$59,960,624.98
121Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd$59,596,987.25
122Department Of Environment And Scien$59,315,773.00
123Whizdom Pty Ltd$58,986,189.21
124Australian Communications & Media Authority$58,949,188.28
125BP Australia Pty Ltd$58,496,988.71
126Coffey International Development Pty Ltd$58,235,315.78
127Chandler Macleod Group Ltd$58,196,887.50
128Trustee For Radlink UNIT Trust$57,886,585.44
129Rubik3 Pty Ltd$57,518,455.86
130Technology ONE Ltd$57,393,575.65
131Recoveries Corporation Pty Ltd$57,288,686.22
132Nextgen Networks Pty Ltd$56,608,940.19
133Boomeranger Boats OY$55,816,018.52
135GW Consulting Middle East Limited$55,474,013.81
136Compas Pty Ltd$55,288,624.28
137Hanwha Defense Australia Pty Ltd$55,000,000.00
138RPS AAP Consulting Pty Ltd$54,944,090.99
139Complex Civil Pty Ltd$54,224,192.02
141Shayher Properties Pty Ltd ATF The LIN Brothers Trust$54,196,332.66
142ONE TREE Community Services Inc$53,957,647.04
143PUCH Construction & Building Pty LT$53,877,302.58
144NIOA Trading$53,778,734.80
145Manteena Security (aust) Pty Ltd$52,236,440.44
146Australian National University$52,125,521.58
147TAE GAS Turbines Pty Ltd$51,173,788.35
148Broadspectrum (australia) Pty Ltd$50,433,265.19
149Pratt & Whitney Canada CIE$49,047,085.01
150Aurec Pty Ltd$48,882,669.81
151DEPT Of Foreign Affairs And Trade O$48,541,004.56
152Cubic Defence Australia Pty Ltd$48,360,432.01
153Treas NYC, New YORK NY US Service ROME$47,359,804.69
154Department Of Human Services$45,322,222.73
155SME Gateway Pty Ltd$44,124,593.01
156DXC Connect Pty Limited$43,957,865.85
157Jones LANG Lasalle (nsw) Pty Ltd$43,613,640.59
158Calleo Resourcing Pty Ltd$43,218,767.31
159DFP Recruitment Services$43,199,490.66
160Microsoft Pty Ltd$42,524,882.98
161Australian Crime Commission$42,197,855.59
162F K Gardner & SONS Pty Ltd$42,065,715.58
163Oakton Services Pty Ltd$41,984,125.97
164Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd$41,962,811.93
165Unisys Australia Ltd$41,881,905.43
166Aecom Australia Pty Ltd$41,561,011.92
167United Nations Development Program$41,131,380.00
168Australian Children's Education &$41,078,597.86
169First People Recruitment Solutions$40,897,283.50
170Department Of Primary Industries And Regional Development$40,438,744.40
171Chubb FIRE & Security Pty Ltd$40,196,595.37
172Jacobs Group (australia) Pty Ltd$40,185,024.73
173Amazon Web Services Inc$39,000,000.00
174Adagold Aviation Pty Ltd$37,809,860.00
175Adecco Australia Pty Ltd$37,660,280.61
176Clayton UTZ$37,610,589.36
177L3 Micreo PTY. Limited$37,439,665.00
178NOVA Defence Pty Ltd$37,368,525.45
179Optus Networks Pty Limited$36,921,797.86
180Maritime Nominees$36,149,355.60
181Lower Darling Horticulture Group Pty Ltd$36,084,850.00
182Nextdc Limited$35,948,577.90
183ADAM Smith International (australia) Pty Ltd$35,750,000.00
184Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation$35,405,322.70
185Monarch Building Solutions Ltd$35,329,810.57
186EMC Global Holdings Company$35,054,451.20
187Finxl Professional Services Pty Ltd$34,002,934.70
188Modis Staffing Pty Ltd$33,953,076.24
189Atlantic & Peninsula Australia Pty Ltd$33,793,902.77
190Modis Consulting Pty Ltd$32,846,587.82
191MSS Security Pty Limited$32,500,515.03
192Shape Australia Pty Ltd$31,910,107.42
193Envista Pty Ltd$31,857,977.49
194Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd$31,646,921.78
195BECA Consultants Pty Ltd$31,496,106.35
196TVN On-country Pty Ltd$31,465,475.77
197Deloitte Consulting Pty Limited$30,969,896.94
198Red HAT Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$30,967,183.38
200Veritec Pty Ltd$30,754,037.72
201TOLL Remote Logistics Pty Ltd$30,719,893.66
202MTP Services Pty Ltd$30,679,009.93
203HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd$30,465,741.18
204JPG Partners Pty Ltd$30,186,444.00
205Projects Assured Pty Ltd ATF Projects Assured Trust$29,729,427.64
206Encore IT Services Pty Ltd$29,607,776.51
208Enviropacific Services Pty Limited$29,221,584.83
209Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd$29,040,764.65
210ACOR Consultants (WA) Pty Ltd Trust$28,846,063.94
211Stratgis Pty Ltd$28,547,417.30
212Mcmahon Services Australia Pty Ltd$28,080,350.04
213Badge Constructions$28,009,935.70
214Hitech Group Australia Limited$27,817,648.15
215Safran Electronics & Defence Australasia Pty Ltd$27,736,984.87
216Charter HALL$27,679,191.13
217SAS Institute Australia Pty Ltd$27,479,642.62
218SAAB Dynamics AB$27,471,003.71
219KING & WOOD Mallesons$27,242,178.19
220Australian Federal Police$27,148,813.81
221Colin JOSS & CO Pty Ltd$27,092,133.30
222General Dynamics Mission Systems,!i$27,044,978.45
223Lockheed Martin Australia Electronic Systems Pty Ltd$26,955,820.63
224Evolve FM Pty Ltd$26,932,834.90
225Horizon ONE Recruitment Pty Ltd$26,892,004.89
226Terra Schwartz$26,768,620.28
227Department Of Industry, Innovation$26,649,707.05
228DEPT Of Social Services$26,465,546.00
229Finite Group APAC Pty Ltd$26,460,688.21
230Keane Consulting Pty Ltd$26,413,544.01
231Luerssen Australia Pty Ltd$26,276,989.74
232S & A Contracting Pty Ltd$26,110,911.92
233Mckinsey Pacific RIM Inc$25,885,336.04
234Kennelly Constructions Pty Ltd$25,796,202.64
235DMV Consulting$25,739,789.22
236Vmware Australia Pty Ltd$25,708,203.03
237NTT COM ICT Solutions (australia) Pty Ltd$25,615,889.66
238Daronmont Technologies Pty Ltd$25,592,999.17
239Sirras Consultants Pty Ltd$25,470,720.00
240Sypaq Systems Pty Ltd$25,430,723.64
241Airservices Australia$25,423,161.24
242Podcon Pty Ltd$25,179,226.00
243Schiavello International Pty Ltd$25,041,129.95
244XTEK Limited$24,946,857.43
245AMA Projects Pty Ltd$24,655,427.83
246LEND Lease Building Contractors Pty Ltd$24,630,634.31
248Brookfield Johnson Controls P/L$24,162,287.87
249Quantium Health Pty Ltd$24,029,701.70
250KANE Constructions Pty Ltd T/A Arete Australia$24,007,898.00
251Probe Operations Pty Ltd$24,002,796.12
252Indian Ocean Oil Company$23,627,484.57
253Southern Queensland Natural Resourc Management Ltd$23,361,360.00
254William Angliss Institute$23,349,986.00
255Remote Pty Ltd$23,296,169.06
256Department Of Finance$23,227,731.12
257Australian Private Networks Pty Ltd$23,128,631.60
258Infosys Technologies Limited$22,964,129.20
259FACE 2 FACE Recruitment Pty Limited$22,953,353.62
260Svitzer Australia Pty Ltd$22,768,801.00
261Forward IT Pty Ltd$22,730,986.70
262Hitachi Data Systems Australia Pty Ltd$22,721,028.25
263Johnson Winter And Slattery$22,250,937.52
264Baseline Projects$22,227,130.71
265CH Liverpool Pty Ltd$22,186,560.00
266Portnordica Limited$22,186,559.54
267Marsh Pty Ltd$21,958,981.18
268Prepack Ltd$21,752,805.15
269Clearbox Systems$21,720,956.42
270FUJI Xerox Businessforce Pty Ltd$21,713,574.07
271South WEST LAND Holdings$21,598,091.27
272Sikorsky Aircraft Australia Ltd$21,573,245.78
273Amnesium Pty Ltd$21,540,769.58
275OOBE Pty Ltd$21,320,876.60
276Power And Water Corporation$20,947,000.00
277Worldwide Language Resources LLC$20,851,115.27
278Digital61 Pty Ltd$20,753,532.42
279Rexco People$20,732,900.00
280C.I. Maintenance Services Pty Ltd$20,646,935.12
281The University Of Adelaide$20,619,365.61
282Norton ROSE Fulbright Australia$20,604,758.49
283Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd$20,594,815.24
284The Whitelum Group$20,321,800.85
285On Q Recruitment Pty Ltd$20,220,169.56
286Engine ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$20,200,148.43
287International Organization For Migration (iom)$20,179,816.00
289Chartair Pty Ltd$19,793,099.74
290Gilbert & Tobin$19,766,000.00
291Ultra Project Services Pty Ltd$19,763,506.00
292Qinetiq Pty Ltd$19,721,525.33
293Ashurst Australia$19,489,550.13
294NOUS Group Pty Ltd$19,259,861.95
295Australian Bureau Of Statistics$19,010,645.24
296Varec, INC.$19,007,206.93
297Badge Pty Ltd$18,813,610.52
298Emanate Technology Pty Ltd$18,800,194.44
300Dialog Pty Ltd$18,714,348.63
301AXIS Building Group$18,690,932.29
302Partners In Performance International PL$18,643,841.98
303Northrop Grumman Australia Pty Limited$18,623,507.82
304Arrpwere Consulting Pty Ltd$18,605,083.20
305Odense Maritime Technology A/S$18,489,549.77
306Ultra Electronics Avalon Systems Pty Ltd$18,323,275.46
307Science Applications International!corporation!dba$18,214,929.08
308Shire Australia Pty Ltd$18,207,413.07
309Science Applications International Corporation DBA$18,200,611.77
310Cordelta Pty Ltd$18,181,599.28
311Bureau Of Meteorology$18,153,849.94
312Stirloch Developments Pty Ltd$18,050,757.00
313NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile!system Project$17,951,771.29
314The University Of Queensland$17,836,820.30
315Kinetic Defence Services Pty Ltd$17,711,869.57
316Ethan Group Pty Ltd$17,663,427.60
317Aviall Australia Pty Ltd$17,572,827.80
318ASP SHIP Management Pty Ltd Sirius$17,492,130.90
319IRON Mountain Australia Group Pty Ltd$17,372,601.92
320Motorola Solutions Australia Proprietary Limited$17,362,140.35
321Cardno MBK$17,298,410.62
322Ertech Pty Ltd$17,022,633.37
323The Recruitment HIVE Pty Ltd$16,972,886.81
324QIRX Pty Ltd$16,962,267.68
325Elbit Systems Of Australia Pty Ltd$16,879,404.86
326Group 10 Consulting Pty Limited$16,755,312.86
327Aecom Services Pty Ltd (formerly Called: URS Australia Pty LTD)$16,647,499.47
328CAM LOCK Limited$16,633,721.53
329OMNI Executive Pty Ltd$16,580,875.18
330Optus Billing Services Pty Ltd$16,580,600.22
331Sheldon Commercial Interiors Pty Ltd$16,566,370.93
332Medibank Health Solutions Pty Ltd$16,551,500.00
333Tursa Employment & Training Limited$16,502,200.00
334LMW (statutory Services) Pty Ltd$16,500,000.00
335M&T Resources$16,486,555.65
336Leonardo S.p.a$16,463,228.05
337Enterprise & Training Company Limited$16,428,600.00
338The Trustee For JJG Lytton RD UNIT$16,428,050.55
339Epi-use Australia Pty Ltd$16,301,849.47
340Providence Consulting Group Pty Ltd$16,235,357.25
341APGC Group PTY. LTD.$16,231,208.84
342ZONE Consultancy & Projects Pty LIM$16,186,975.03
343Greythorn Pty Ltd$16,163,445.72
344University Of Tasmania$16,034,948.49
345Pattemore Consultants$16,000,501.41
346World Health Organization$16,000,000.00
347NDY Management Pty Ltd$15,992,178.55
348FUJI Xerox Australia Pty Ltd$15,952,046.46
349RMIT University Technology$15,931,285.19
350Illion Australia Pty Ltd Trading AS Illion Australia UNIT Trust$15,874,796.70
351Sparke Helmore Lawyers$15,757,839.01
352Qantas Airways$15,686,971.25
353Canberra Consulting Pty Ltd$15,539,832.56
354Thornhill Scientific Inc$15,492,841.87
355Education Services Australia Ltd$15,422,074.71
356Ardent Oceania Pty Limited$15,263,435.00
357Callida Pty Ltd$15,214,212.40
358Department Of The Attorney General$15,086,557.00
359Pilbara Education Regional Office$15,040,945.00
360Projex Building Group Pty Ltd$14,840,491.81
361ASC AWD Shipbuilder Pty Ltd$14,795,223.97
362CTO Group$14,640,158.50
363AUST GOVT Actuary$14,540,835.27
364University Of New England$14,509,156.00
365VIVA Energy Aviation Pty Ltd$14,487,286.16
366Charter HALL Wholesale Management$14,329,987.10
367Cirrus Networks PTY. LTD.$14,161,613.07
368LAW In Order Document Management$14,133,397.00
369University Of Western Australia$14,110,385.21
370Silverstone EDGE Pty Ltd$14,040,587.50
371PWC Strategy& (australia) Pty Ltd$14,027,164.36
372Ehealth NSW (DOH NSW)$14,025,000.00
373Splunk INC.$13,983,293.00
374Steven Gregory House$13,974,400.00
375ABB Enterprise Software Pty Ltd$13,968,820.70
376Department Of Jobs, Precincts And Regions$13,898,970.91
377ISG Information Services Group AME$13,691,219.94
378JOB Prospects$13,688,500.00
379Nortec Employment & Training Ltd$13,591,600.00
380Teradata Australia Pty Ltd$13,547,311.91
381Gulanga Group Pty Ltd$13,425,227.89
382Shamrock Civil Engineering Pty Ltd$13,257,289.58
383MOVE Dynamics Pty Ltd$13,203,000.00
384Vaisala Pty Ltd$13,188,428.17
385Teekay Shipping (australia) Pty Ltd$13,169,539.57
386Victoria University$13,149,765.30
387RXP Services Limited$13,142,570.42
3881KW Adelaide Pty Ltd$13,074,483.00
389TSA Management (act) Pty Ltd$12,927,100.83
390HWL Ebsworth Lawyers$12,915,240.14
391Noetic Solutions Pty Limited$12,901,447.20
392The University Of Sydney$12,876,965.72
393Westforce Construction$12,869,325.88
394SOS Recruitment$12,773,501.17
395Isentia Pty Ltd$12,764,864.12
396HWLE Consulting Pty Ltd$12,638,926.90
397Rutledge Engineering AUST Pty Ltd$12,594,293.48
398Omaha IT Services Pty Ltd$12,478,820.70
399Netapp Australia Pty Ltd$12,339,987.69
400Leonardo MW Ltd$12,292,387.73
401Workskil Australia Incorporated$12,260,600.00
402NTH. Consulting Pty Ltd AKA North Business Digital Technolo$12,245,245.58
403Procurement And Contracting Group Pty Ltd$12,225,267.50
404Muwime Pty Ltd$12,197,153.86
405CIT Solutions Pty Ltd$12,171,964.39
406Leidos Pty Ltd$12,127,331.23
407Salsa Digital$12,090,566.80
408Scope Global Pty Ltd$12,054,988.42
409Karingal ST Laurence Limited$12,047,300.00
410NSW Business Chamber$11,997,843.40
411DMTC Limited$11,926,017.50
412Erapsco!dba Sonobuoytechsystems$11,893,094.71
413Naval SHIP Management (australia) Pty Ltd$11,770,677.51
414PALL Australia Pty Ltd$11,752,915.98
415Alphabeta Advisors Pty Limited$11,629,234.70
416Southtech Systems Pty Ltd$11,628,653.42
417Fischer's Cleaning Pty Ltd T/A Steamatic$11,579,673.17
418Bidfood Australia Limited$11,567,581.48
419Codarra Advanced Systems Pty Ltd$11,566,710.34
420Pragma Partners Pty Ltd$11,563,732.50
421Ducon Building Solutions$11,537,459.05
422Minter Ellison$11,393,436.75
423Infinite Consulting Pty Ltd$11,379,067.48
424ATOS (australia) Pty Ltd$11,372,053.38
425Rohde And Schwarz (aust) Pty Ltd$11,316,893.66
427Holocentric Pty Ltd$11,286,260.50
428DEPT Of Foreign Affairs & Trade$11,249,136.93
429Abcorp Australasia Pty Ltd$11,148,858.71
430ORM Pty Ltd$11,144,387.10
431Sydney Motorway Corporation$11,129,000.00
432S Apikian & Others T/A Gadens Lawyer$11,100,000.00
433Memocorp Australia Pty Limited$11,099,999.00
434General Dynamics LAND Systems AU$11,079,062.87
435BEAK Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$11,036,709.82
437KENN Borek AIR Ltd$10,890,000.00
438Servegate Australia Pty Ltd$10,883,170.19
439WEBB Henderson$10,858,725.00
440Ocean Software Pty Ltd$10,841,229.37
441Queensland Urban Utilities Authority$10,745,000.00
442Norfolk Island Health And Residenti$10,676,318.00
443Pegasystems Limited$10,554,676.00
444Aecom Australia Pty Ltd & F.K. Gardner & SONS PTY. LTD.$10,548,423.56
445Rheinmetall Simulation Australia PTY. LTD.$10,489,449.24
446Milspec Services Pty Limited$10,467,603.49
447Pricewaterhousecoopers Indigenous Consulting Pty Limited$10,465,137.52
448The Trustee For The LWR UMG Trust$10,323,012.26
449Meggitt Training Systems Australia Pty Ltd$10,278,043.44
451UGL Engineering Pty Limited$10,197,638.41
452Aviair Pty Ltd T/AS Slingair Pty LT$10,174,138.00
453SMS Management & Technology$10,169,451.13
455Aristech Pty Ltd$10,115,504.05
456Australian Business Chamber$10,102,738.00
457Canberra Data Centres Pty Ltd$10,045,927.78
459The Social Research Centre$10,013,423.30
460IPA Personnel Services Pty Ltd$9,994,201.17
461Proximity Legal$9,962,547.85
462Commando Logistico$9,899,999.82
463CPT Global Australia Pty Ltd$9,861,430.00
464Affinity Constructions (aust) Pty L$9,838,696.57
465Actewagl Retail Ltd$9,831,016.34
466NSW Department Of Primary Industry$9,813,561.36
467ABT Associates Pty Ltd$9,778,666.74
468Konica Minolta Business Solutions$9,741,392.97
469V2R Projects Pty Ltd$9,688,735.90
470AIR Target Services Pty Ltd$9,665,410.75
471Consunet Pty Ltd$9,587,394.69
472Cradle Coast Authority$9,577,048.81
473University Of Southern Queensland$9,536,827.94
474Onpoint 365 Pty Ltd$9,515,500.92
475MOOG Australia Pty Ltd$9,512,764.80
476Penske Power Systems Pty Ltd$9,501,714.09
477Chamonix IT Management Consulting$9,478,488.00
478Talent International Holdings Pty Ltd$9,444,259.45
479ACER Computer Australia Pty Ltd$9,356,007.47
480SA Water Corporation$9,342,000.00
481BY Group$9,292,958.95
482Servicenow Australia Pty Ltd$9,261,692.73
484Griffith University$9,213,891.17
485Rockwell Collins Australia Pty Ltd$9,159,760.96
486Cirrus REAL TIME Processing Systems Pty Ltd$9,086,156.99
487COX Architecture Pty Ltd$9,067,898.40
488VITA Construction Limited$9,055,298.76
489Redback BOOT Company Pty Ltd$9,048,972.44
490Softwareone Australia Pty Ltd$8,999,083.93
491Penten Pty Ltd$8,971,426.49
492Systems Planning And Analysis Australia Pty Ltd$8,896,885.30
493Shire Of Christmas Island$8,880,253.00
494Thomson Reuters (professional) Australia Limited$8,871,962.33
496OPEC Systems Pty Ltd$8,833,780.27
497Zancott Knight Facilities Managemen$8,830,185.90
498Metatech Solutions Limited$8,750,000.00
499Queensland Department Of Agriculture And Fisheries$8,748,728.10
500The Trust Company (australia) Limited$8,728,598.35
501Sarina Russo JOB Access$8,727,836.95
502Gillian Beaumont Recruitment Pty Ltd$8,727,545.24
503Monash University$8,710,386.09
504Windsor Livestock Holdings Pty Ltd$8,653,920.00
505Charterpoint Pty Ltd$8,645,797.01
506NSW Department Of Education & Training$8,630,828.00
507Hensoldt Sensors GMBH$8,625,806.68
509Actew Water T/A ICON Water$8,560,000.00
510Craig International Ballistics Pty Ltd$8,533,444.73
511ASG Group Limited$8,446,240.87
512Crown Management Consultants Pty Ltd$8,437,785.91
513Energy SAFE Victoria$8,355,520.00
514Norfolk Island Regional Council$8,321,880.60
515LA Trobe University$8,297,761.90
516Bemac Security PTY. Limited$8,271,122.82
517Australian Institute Of Health And Welfare$8,243,457.05
518BCT Solutions Pty Ltd$8,152,595.38
519Dynatrace Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$8,137,540.83
520Symbio Laboratories Pty Ltd$8,136,260.00
521Eastgardens Pty Ltd$8,079,479.58
522DFC Legal Pty Ltd$8,025,869.36
523Supacat Pty Ltd$8,018,571.04
524EM Solutions Pty Ltd$7,991,897.10
525Key Vetting Services$7,982,766.00
526A23 Pty Ltd$7,958,449.03
527Protiviti Pty Ltd$7,933,945.31
528Orima Research Pty Ltd$7,932,000.72
529Explosive Protective Equipment$7,928,248.16
530University Of South Australia$7,916,910.36
531Deakin University$7,900,962.81
532MPS Pty Ltd$7,895,360.00
533Springer Customer Service Center GMBH$7,887,426.00
534KIAH Consulting$7,862,879.88
535Viasat, INC.$7,842,151.74
536MURU Management Consulting Pty Ltd$7,784,798.60
537Elysium EPL Pty Ltd$7,753,113.63
538Narada Consulting Pty Ltd$7,740,068.30
539Simbiant Pty Ltd$7,734,637.36
540APAC Security Pty Ltd (I USD)$7,679,559.62
541Parakeelya Pty Ltd$7,650,588.20
542Curtin University$7,601,169.05
543Graziers Pastoral Pty Ltd$7,581,970.00
544The Nature Conservancy Limited$7,563,360.00
545UAV Vision Pty Ltd$7,536,474.00
546The Trustee For Deloitte Consulting$7,523,853.21
547University Of Canberra$7,505,478.56
548Mcgrathnicol Corporate Advisory$7,505,136.07
549Karlka Recruiting Group Pty Ltd$7,495,123.39
550Acronym IT$7,485,658.74
551Cirrus Networks (canberra)$7,457,006.50
552The Trustee For Capital Recruit UNIT Trust$7,444,954.27
553Charles Sturt University$7,414,040.11
554Australian Council For Educational$7,399,761.21
555Pacific Services Group Holdings Pty Ltd$7,320,348.12
556Consilium Technology Pty Ltd$7,312,633.17
557Wilson Security$7,303,112.13
558ENOC International Sales (l.l.c.)$7,264,950.00
559Ngamuru Advisory Pty Ltd$7,255,173.79
560Probe Contact Solutions Australia Pty Limited$7,246,356.75
561DLG Shape Pty Limited$7,221,712.35
562BMC Software (australia) Pty Ltd$7,215,953.34
563Helmsman Services Pty Ltd$7,211,237.87
565Intech Solutions Pty Ltd$7,138,901.82
566Ecowise Services Australia Pty Ltd$7,135,638.15
567Noakes Group Pty Limited$7,109,255.27
568University Of Newcastle$7,101,497.78
569DQA Pty Ltd$7,098,571.50
570CRC CARE Pty Ltd$7,095,479.60
571Southern Regional Natural Resource Management Association$7,089,559.40
572IAN Johnston & Associates Pty Ltd$7,086,677.86
573Madec Australia$7,079,600.00
574Aquaterro APS$7,079,591.70
576Kelly Services Australia Pty Ltd$7,053,635.55
578IVE Group Australia Pty Ltd$7,034,441.82
579Australian Maritime Systems Ltd$7,021,745.57
580Bridge IT Engineering Pty Ltd$6,996,995.21
581Corrs Chambers Westgarth$6,986,015.08
582Inmarsat Australia Pty Ltd$6,981,857.04
583Astute Electronics Pty Ltd$6,979,688.71
584IT Newcom Pty Limited$6,972,705.66
585Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicle$6,966,459.72
586Zagame Prahran$6,884,012.50
587ISPT Pty Ltd$6,873,064.00
588Trustee Dalrob Family Trust NO.2$6,868,944.93
589University Of Technology Sydney$6,804,005.25
590BLUE BIKE Solutions (aust) Pty Ltd$6,754,071.00
591Western Sydney University$6,739,845.68
592Marathon Tyres Pty Ltd$6,729,871.65
593Shearwater Solutions Pty Ltd$6,718,801.92
594M Wallace And PL Wallace$6,712,200.00
595Project Co-ordination (australia) PTY. Limited$6,701,272.91
596Austal Ships Pty Ltd$6,670,650.00
597K&L Gates$6,639,143.48
598Temora Aviation Museum Engineering Pty Ltd$6,600,000.00
599Launch Recruitment Pty Ltd$6,489,854.81
600Silentium Defence Pty Ltd$6,481,572.03
601WINC Australia Pty Limited$6,472,467.67
602Zenith Interiors$6,451,039.56
603Sturdy Framac$6,400,374.67
604Dynama Solutions Pty Ltd$6,318,253.28
605Revolution IT Pty Ltd$6,295,678.99
606ACM Healthcare$6,280,006.40
607Customer Driven Solutions Pty Ltd$6,250,990.71
608Araza Pty Ltd$6,215,113.71
609Medic Oncall$6,192,476.05
610Makwara Solutions Pty Ltd$6,183,539.30
611Triforce Australia Pty Ltd$6,177,073.10
612Tiger International Precision Equipment Marketing$6,175,476.62
613First Grade Group Pty Ltd$6,174,197.23
614Pacific Marine Group$6,166,145.02
615Spatial Information Systems Research Limited T/A Frontiersi$6,160,313.50
616Turner & Townsend Pty Ltd$6,151,627.86
617DNV GL Australia Pty Limited$6,151,495.90
618Rolfe Property Services Pty Limited$6,145,811.65
619Henderson Healthcare$6,125,587.44
620Effective People Pty Ltd$6,121,354.97
621Computershare Communication Services Pty Limited$6,112,532.58
622Helicopter Resources Pty Ltd$6,100,000.01
623Keogh BAY People Pty Ltd$6,091,376.36
624Veritas (australia) Pty Ltd$6,080,328.87
625Lander & Rogers Lawyers & C.D Henderson & D Humphery-smith$6,075,218.88
626PM Logic Trust$6,066,015.48
627Illuminated Solutions Pty Ltd$6,061,649.46
628Townsville CITY Council$6,043,010.00
629Murray-darling Basin Authority$6,028,350.00
630Australian Public Service Commission$6,007,346.40
631Cogito Group Pty Ltd$6,007,342.87
632Australian Target Systems Pty Ltd$5,983,387.20
633Northrop Grumman International!trading INC.$5,974,772.29
634Infront Systems Pty Ltd$5,972,967.48
635Sinab Pty Ltd$5,964,426.67
636545Q Partnership$5,959,531.42
637Simon National Carriers$5,954,261.50
638DDLS Australia Pty Limited$5,917,122.96
639CGG Aviation (australia) Pty Ltd$5,887,519.00
640Office Of Parliamentary Counsel$5,881,602.11
641Verizon Australia Pty Ltd$5,869,100.45
642Lexis Nexis$5,868,998.50
643SNOW Software Pty Ltd$5,853,221.81
644Citrix Systems ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$5,848,875.95
645Speciality Packaging Group Pty Ltd$5,844,607.76
646Hoban Recruitment Pty Ltd$5,787,398.36
647Meridolum No 1 Pty Ltd$5,781,215.00
648Major Training Services Pty Ltd$5,776,724.11
649Message Stick Communications Pty Ltd$5,769,416.57
650Bright Consulting$5,723,660.80
651Cocos (keeling) Islands Shire$5,696,244.45
652AAR Supply Chain, Inc.dba AAR Defense Systems & Logistics DIV AAR$5,648,885.06
653Swinburne University Of Technology$5,629,812.50
654DBA SANS Institute Advanced!technologies, Inc., The!db$5,627,012.21
655Cubic Defence New Zealand Limited$5,625,346.51
656Denis Ferranti Meters Limited$5,598,461.45
657DEWC Services Pty Ltd$5,597,764.30
658Bendelta Pty Ltd$5,596,279.03
659Deptartment Of Primary Industries Parks Water And Environment$5,593,610.00
660Holding Redlich$5,486,905.97
661Siemens Industry Software Pty Ltd$5,474,448.88
662Batchelor Institute Of Indigenous Tertiary Education$5,466,105.27
663Nominet UK$5,465,009.66
664NSI (aust) Pty Ltd$5,445,301.40
665Kongsberg Digital AS$5,439,043.01
666Staff Check Pty Limited$5,411,287.44
667Talent International (vic) Pty Ltd$5,402,930.56
668Ciena Corporation$5,402,689.55
669Cirrus Networks (canberra) Pty Ltd$5,372,704.69
670Platypus Outdoors Group Pty Ltd$5,372,411.45
671FDC Construction & Fitout (vic) Pty$5,368,604.93
672Cogent Business Solutions Pty Ltd$5,350,399.70
673Techpoint Consulting Pty Ltd$5,341,004.78
674MAS National$5,304,521.04
675Schiavello Constructions (nsw) Pty$5,298,527.22
676Honeywell Ltd$5,289,049.06
677Allianz Australia Insurance Limited$5,284,228.47
678Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd$5,273,070.10
6791448 Pty Ltd$5,272,496.23
680Barrington Personnel Security Pty Limited$5,266,205.12
681Australian Healthcare Associates$5,239,049.01
682Symantec (australia) Pty Ltd$5,232,937.84
683Spearpoint Solutions & Technology$5,227,744.06
684Arcitecta Pty Ltd$5,210,761.42
685Skytrans Pty Ltd$5,209,868.00
686The Creative Element Education Pty Ltd$5,195,436.63
687The Trust Company (australia) Limited$5,192,533.84
688Eylex Pty Ltd$5,188,371.55
689Northrop Grumman Defense Mission!systems, INC.$5,188,240.60
690Trimcast Products Pty Ltd$5,183,069.31
691Kirra Services$5,143,293.37
692Mentum Systems Pty Ltd$5,141,044.07
693Software AG Australia Pty Ltd$5,139,583.85
694BAE Systems Australia Defence PT$5,105,600.40
695Sander Geophysics Australia Pty Ltd$5,075,384.50
696Insitu Pacific Pty Ltd$5,073,135.42
697Verto Ltd$5,069,129.89
698University Of California$5,040,000.00
700Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation$5,020,987.00
701The Abercrombie Galleries$5,017,366.31
702BUSY At Work$5,004,255.29
703Export Finance And Insurance$5,000,000.00
704Leonardo ES GMBH$4,996,995.36
705Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd$4,996,671.12
706Western Australian Agriculture Authority (waaa)$4,983,967.80
707Asena Asset Management PTY. LTD.$4,979,735.00
708Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd$4,978,736.84
709CA (pacific) Pty Ltd$4,972,219.46
710The Architecture Practice Pty Ltd$4,971,593.99
711Accenture Australia Holdings Ltd$4,958,165.42
712UK Ministry Of Defence$4,938,398.00
713Collection House Limited$4,929,970.88
714Esri-australia Pty Ltd$4,925,156.06
715Albury Property Holdings Pty Ltd$4,899,443.96
716Pinpoint Talent Pty Ltd$4,874,088.74
717The Boston Consulting Group Pty Ltd$4,865,300.00
718Kratos Defense (australia) Pty LIMI$4,840,720.04
719L.W. Davies & L.W. Davies$4,835,050.00
720Kongsberg Maritime Pty Ltd$4,833,137.58
721Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd$4,828,729.73
722Department Of Transport$4,827,495.00
723Navantia Australia Pty Ltd$4,817,432.79
724Axilon AG$4,793,896.00
725Leonardo SPA Aircraft Division$4,779,989.13
726GMT Canberra Pty Ltd$4,769,507.40
727Elmtek Pty Ltd$4,765,940.45
728BLUE Planet Marine$4,758,593.52
729D A Staal Property Pty Ltd$4,740,953.79
730ALLY Group Pty Limited$4,726,426.44
731Manuka ENT Pty Ltd T/A The AIR Doctor$4,719,327.52
732Beretta Australia Pty Ltd$4,648,763.02
733AERO Parts Australia$4,648,001.52
734Intelledox Pty Ltd$4,639,564.79
735JPS Medical Recruitment$4,635,887.25
736Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd$4,622,091.01
737At3am IT Pty Ltd$4,619,861.93
738AXON Public Safety Australia Pty Ltd$4,592,414.20
739Iqconstruct Pty Ltd$4,588,841.82
740ASC Pty Ltd$4,567,315.60
741JOHN Wiley & SONS$4,548,149.54
742Thinkplace Australia Pty Ltd$4,547,341.34
743Eclips Pty Ltd$4,544,728.01
744TECH Mahindra Limited (formerly SAT Computer Services LTD)$4,544,534.35
745Spinifex Communications Internation Pty Ltd$4,538,429.50
746Chemworks Pty Ltd$4,536,068.90
747E Serve Pty Ltd$4,517,392.00
748Quantium Group$4,510,330.00
749Airflite Pty Ltd$4,508,286.44
750The University Of Wollongong$4,507,013.94
751Sirva Pty Ltd$4,494,890.89
752Birdon Pty Ltd$4,494,875.59
753SODA Strategic Pty Ltd$4,492,523.97
755Informatica Australia Pty Ltd$4,489,419.32
756GAP Resource Management Pty Ltd$4,476,252.57
757Kobold Group Limited$4,466,482.88
758Centrix - PM (aust) Pty Ltd Business Trust$4,457,616.00
759Diaxion Pty Ltd$4,457,269.30
760Veerpoint Pty Ltd$4,445,353.66
761Inspired APPS Pty Ltd$4,437,708.04
762Access CARE Network Australia Pty L$4,436,682.39
763ENT. Services Australia Pty Ltd$4,426,816.84
764Exclaim IT Pty Ltd$4,414,781.62
765Taylor BROS Marine Pty Ltd$4,407,667.43
766Defcon Technologies Group Pty LT$4,397,075.34
767FLIR Unmanned Aerial Systems AS$4,388,778.86
768Streem Pty Ltd$4,381,593.45
769Survitec Group Australia$4,370,978.84
770Auslink Investment Management Ltd$4,368,775.29
771Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty$4,342,910.70
772PEP Nominees 1 Pty Ltd$4,338,994.63
773J3seven Pty Ltd$4,323,197.83
774Turner And Townsend Thinc Pty Ltd$4,288,564.50
775Challenger LIFE Nominees Pty Ltd$4,270,160.00
776ROLL INN Pty Ltd$4,236,009.04
777Secom Technical Services P/L$4,228,916.07
778Department Of Health WA$4,207,049.00
779EPIQ Australia Pty Ltd$4,206,542.43
780Ebsco Australia$4,197,480.16
781LABS 2 Design (l2d) Pty Ltd$4,195,259.20
782Riverswijs-dampier Pty Ltd$4,182,939.00
783Mercedes-benz Australia/pacific$4,176,685.24
784Sardi Industries And Regions$4,164,087.60
785Grain Industry Association Of Western Australia$4,163,954.30
786Gosource Pty Ltd$4,157,627.99
787Department Of JOBS And Small Business$4,151,180.32
788Sonartech Atlas Pty Limited$4,149,544.15
789WILE Investments$4,128,538.70
791Textron Systems Australia Ltd$4,074,259.69
792Planpac Group PNG Ltd$4,049,600.00
793Decipha Pty Ltd$4,019,898.13
794Group314 Pty Ltd$4,008,218.34
795International Center For Tropical Agriculture$4,000,000.00
796Auswide Management Limited$3,995,558.34
797Australian Construction$3,989,157.75
798LS Telcom Australia Pty Ltd$3,978,293.00
799Pacific Brands Workwear Group P*$3,970,401.89
800Elder Abuse Action Australia Limited$3,950,440.00
801Trustee For 9 Castlereagh Street Trust$3,946,668.00
802Fairclo Joint Venture Fairfield Nursing HOME Holdings$3,929,565.65
803JWS Research$3,929,370.00
804AE Smith Limited$3,917,173.81
805Taylor Nelson Sofres$3,916,810.70
806Intercorp Pty Ltd$3,915,984.20
807Ionize Pty Ltd$3,907,179.55
808Global Defence Solutions Pty Ltd$3,902,400.82
810Altis Consulting Pty Ltd$3,887,762.16
811Actian Australia Pty Limited$3,874,120.80
812Terrex Pty Ltd$3,867,218.05
813Coffey Services Australia P/L$3,863,088.51
814Icognition Pty Ltd$3,833,350.69
815Nyse:air Pty LTD, D/b/a AAR Defense Systems$3,827,011.03
816RORK Projects Pty Ltd$3,807,283.35
817AMW Professional Services Pty Ltd$3,798,126.73
819Lipman Karas Pty Ltd$3,785,612.00
820Rubicon Associates Pty Ltd$3,783,725.04
821Oakton Contracting And Recruitment$3,781,359.90
822Noggin Pty Ltd$3,780,790.01
823Department Of Defense$3,779,074.00
824Defendtex Pty Ltd$3,773,408.00
825Ultimate Positioning Group Pty Ltd$3,771,529.67
826Fromhereon Pty Ltd$3,770,517.86
827Smiths Detection (australia) Pty LT$3,767,771.73
828Integrated Information Service$3,762,561.00
829Stantec Australia Pty Ltd$3,753,271.90
830Alluvial Pty Ltd$3,736,964.00
831OWEN International Pty Ltd$3,712,929.22
832TSS Cyber Pty Ltd$3,703,892.50
833Tectonica Australia PTY. LTD.$3,692,630.79
834Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd$3,689,598.80
835Kenwood Superfund Custodians Pty Ltd$3,687,500.00
836Department Of Energy$3,683,714.27
837Adacel Technologies Limited$3,681,700.54
838CDM Pty Ltd$3,657,391.00
839Eclips Logistics Pty Ltd$3,657,294.86
840Cistech Solutions$3,654,117.17
841The Trustee For The Diamond Family$3,642,497.96
842Axiom Associates Pty Ltd$3,635,335.60
843Qinetiq Group Canada Inc$3,633,107.63
844National Mailing And Marketing PTY.$3,625,511.85
845BLUE Visions Management Pty Ltd$3,583,089.30
846RGM Maintenance Pty Ltd$3,569,892.98
847Challenger Investment Partners Limited$3,568,125.00
848Australian Public Trustees$3,535,416.62
849ACIL Allen Consulting Pty Ltd$3,521,251.55
850Workpac Pty Ltd$3,520,047.27
851Foresight IT Consulting Pty Ltd$3,514,138.00
852Macquarie University$3,508,979.53
853Shelde Pty Ltd$3,504,065.68
854Khairul Anuar BIN Mohamad NOH$3,500,000.00
855MXA Consulting Pty Ltd$3,495,921.00
856Evolve Scientific Recruitment Pty Ltd$3,490,544.72
857DJ Bassett Nominees ATF$3,483,336.73
858Epicon IT Solutions Pty Ltd$3,476,999.75
859Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited$3,462,002.09
860Agilent Technologies AUST Pty$3,455,822.88
862Victorian Chamber Of Commerce$3,447,131.41
863Agora Consulting Pty Ltd$3,445,734.60
864L-3 Communications Australia P/L$3,442,571.36
865Conrad Gargett Architects (brisbane)$3,433,936.00
866Portland Group Pty Ltd$3,418,022.30
867Brady Perspectives Pty Ltd$3,413,596.80
868Applied Horticultural Research Pty Ltd$3,410,031.90
869Foundation For Arable Research (far)$3,410,000.00
870Health Policy Analysis Pty Ltd$3,408,713.72
871Employment Focus$3,405,537.55
872Martin-baker Australia Pty Ltd$3,404,028.93
873Department Of Agriculture And Water Resources - Australia$3,401,892.65
874National Australia DAY Council$3,395,975.00
875LEVI RAY & Shoup Inc$3,385,998.00
876The RAND Corporation (australia) Pty Ltd$3,379,170.00
877EY Digital Pty Ltd$3,379,062.54
878Adobe Systems Software Ireland LIMI$3,374,188.76
879Base2 Data Analytics Pty Limited$3,359,619.66
880Simcentric Technologies Pty Ltd$3,326,632.00
881Lonsdale Solutions Pty Ltd$3,323,288.79
882Sopaboe Pty Ltd$3,321,791.67
883Integrationqa Pty Ltd$3,320,438.00
884Romteck GRID Pty Ltd$3,320,000.00
885IKAD Engineering Pty Ltd$3,314,855.38
886IOM - Canberra$3,306,000.00
887Department For Health And Wellbeing$3,300,000.00
888ARL Collect Pty Ltd$3,300,000.00
889Clemenger BBDO (sydney) Pty Ltd$3,300,000.00
890Schneider Electric Buildings AUST P$3,282,479.83
891Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia Pty$3,281,792.06
892Allette Systems (australia) PTY. LTD.$3,277,291.90
893BAE Systems Information And!electronic Systems Integration$3,266,697.02
894GT Carpet Service Pty Ltd$3,265,000.00
895Kilnacree Pty Ltd$3,249,062.54
896AMSL AERO Pty Ltd$3,246,348.60
897Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Trust$3,244,822.48
898Chemring Australia Pty Ltd$3,229,161.00
899Canprint Communications Pty Ltd$3,217,694.71
901Arleon Holdings$3,216,072.67
903Cyber Capability Pty Ltd$3,208,105.81
904Alexander And Lloyd Australia Pty Ltd$3,205,132.82
905The Polaris Marine Trust No 1 Trust No 1$3,204,109.00
906AIR Affairs Australia Pty Ltd$3,202,871.45
907Australian Institute Of Family Studies$3,196,199.13
908HTR Group Pty Ltd$3,190,899.08
909National Australia BANK Limited$3,186,471.82
910Callida Indigenous Consulting Pty Ltd$3,167,211.00
911Websecure Technologies Pty Ltd$3,166,505.01
912HBJ Group$3,166,475.31
913R & B Practical Consultants Pty Ltd$3,166,463.99
914Hensoldt Australia Pty Ltd$3,161,914.08
915Bluescope Distribution Pty Ltd$3,156,084.24
916LIST A Barristers$3,152,426.25
917Sydney Water$3,150,000.00
918MARS Recruitment$3,148,249.00
919Secora Consulting, Australasia$3,147,595.73
920South Australia Police$3,145,001.05
921Taylor Thomson Whitting (act) Pty Ltd$3,143,045.17
922Innovative Business Computing Pty Limited$3,140,231.72
923Porter Commercial$3,136,682.41
924Doric Contractors Pty Ltd$3,135,000.00
925Serco Australia Pty Ltd$3,133,689.20
926Dubbo Building Pty Ltd$3,124,248.73
927Serco Defence$3,117,665.69
928London Offshre Consultants (australia) Pty Ltd$3,106,606.00
929Future Skills International$3,102,678.25
930WEST Accounting Pty Ltd$3,099,921.24
931Australian Human Rights Commission$3,095,400.43
932Cloudten Industries Pty Ltd$3,091,633.20
934Reason Group Pty Ltd$3,065,865.73
935Wirrigan Group Pty Ltd$3,062,997.42
936Southern Cross Equipment Pty Ltd$3,062,773.50
937Stowe Australia Pty Ltd$3,043,690.96
938SFDC Australia Pty Ltd$3,042,524.92
939The Mathworks Australia Pty Ltd$3,042,300.08
940FOLK Pty Limited$3,019,859.70
941Semaphore Alliance Pty Ltd$3,019,258.00
942Logistics Solutions Australasia$3,015,817.50
943Electroboard Solutions Pty Ltd$3,003,903.51
944Australian Institute Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Studies$3,000,000.00
945Para-guard Pty Ltd$2,999,482.79
946Australian Commission On Safety And$2,996,639.01
947Bluefin Resources Pty Ltd$2,995,251.46
948FIRE Rescue Safety Australia Pty$2,992,996.81
949EKO Systems Pty Ltd The Trustee Trustms$2,980,382.90
950Adobe Systems$2,970,133.00
951KM Property Funds$2,968,037.07
952Ordnance Technology Service, INC.$2,953,589.10
954Honeywell International Inc.!dba Honeywell!div Aerospace - Phoenix$2,945,238.52
955Synergy FIRE & Security Pty Limited$2,944,225.69
956Keysight Technologies Pty Ltd$2,939,976.60
957FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft MBH$2,935,812.32
958Mcafee Security Australia Pty Ltd$2,924,624.44
959Flinders University$2,921,244.10
960Acendre Pty Ltd$2,916,177.72
961Fifth Logic Pty Ltd$2,912,826.40
962H I Fraser Pty Ltd$2,904,756.12
963Tudorlane Pty Ltd$2,903,625.05
964SMIT Laminalco Towage Australia Pty Limited$2,902,885.00
965Jenkins Engineering Defence SYS*$2,897,161.76
966Terra Firma Pty Ltd$2,897,070.25
967Marathon Targets Pty Ltd$2,882,521.44
968Birubi Australia Pty Ltd$2,880,468.00
969Bellwether Contractors Pty Ltd$2,880,216.90
970Bevington Group$2,879,572.00
971Professional Recruitment Australia Pty Ltd$2,869,712.37
972NSW Police Force$2,866,856.52
973Tresys Technology, LLC$2,861,437.46
974Expense8 Pty Ltd$2,856,998.00
975Clearswift PYT Ltd Limited$2,855,150.96
976Sonic Healthplus$2,850,304.85
977Katherine Aviation Pty Ltd$2,839,490.50
978Cetec Pty Ltd$2,832,685.50
979Terra Northwest Pty Ltd$2,826,997.00
980New Horizons Business Solutions Pty$2,826,209.20
981Gravity Consulting Services Pty Ltd$2,825,525.00
982Envoltec Pty Ltd$2,819,844.37
983Department Of Prime Minister & CABI$2,813,660.00
984Tradeaid Pty Ltd Trading AS QP3 Consulting$2,801,530.33
985Education And Training Directorate$2,801,405.34
986Trend Micro Australia Pty Ltd$2,801,323.60
987RPV Consultants Pty Ltd$2,798,480.00
988Print Media Group$2,797,500.25
989K. J. ROSS & Associates Pty Ltd$2,789,486.28
990Lloyd's Register International$2,788,050.20
992Queensland University Of Technology$2,774,843.47
993Facet Consulting Pty Ltd$2,772,993.30
994Inchcape Shipping Services L.l.c$2,772,569.00
995Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd$2,772,137.96
996Robert Walters Pty Ltd$2,769,803.84
997Reflexivity Pty Ltd$2,764,575.00
998Object Point Pty Ltd ATF Maconachie Family Trust$2,763,488.00
999Dynamo Recruitment Pty Ltd$2,755,840.00
1000Executive Interim Management$2,747,793.29
1001Veriluma Software Pty Ltd$2,733,427.61
1002The Trustee For Auslink Property Trust$2,731,848.93
1003Newpolis Pty Ltd Trading AS Lyons$2,728,418.00
1004Service Potential Pty Ltd$2,728,135.00
1005Industries DE Cables D'acier LTEE$2,726,107.64
1006TIWI Partners (aust) Pty Ltd$2,725,639.40
1007BMT WBM Pty Ltd$2,725,008.46
1008BOSS Constructions (act) Pty Limited$2,717,091.51
1009Columbia Helicopters, INC.$2,711,900.86
1010A Gabrielli Constructions Pty Ltd$2,706,932.47
1011PL Solutions LTD.$2,706,465.86
1012Simon George And SONS Pty Ltd$2,702,762.78
1013Shoal Engineering Pty Ltd$2,699,123.51
1014Scarlet Solutions Pty Ltd$2,689,100.00
1015Chartertech Pty Ltd$2,683,630.00
1016Artio People Pty Ltd$2,675,368.60
1017Hender Careers$2,672,629.00
1018Devers LIST Pty Ltd$2,668,483.95
1019ROB Dobson & Associates Pty Ltd$2,664,462.96
1020COX Architecture Pty Ltd$2,661,146.00
1021Department Of Health And Human Services$2,660,000.00
1022BMT Design & Technology Pty Ltd$2,659,492.00
1023Oxide Interactive Pty Ltd$2,659,476.90
1024Willyama Indigenous ICT Services$2,657,751.78
1025Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec$2,641,695.73
1026Farmlink Research Limited$2,634,876.00
1027Boskon Solutions PTY. LTD.$2,631,498.68
1028Helmsville ATF Helmsville Trust$2,631,270.54
1029Solinnov Pty Ltd$2,630,919.20
1030LIFE Fitness Australia Pty Ltd$2,623,727.25
1031Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd$2,620,051.40
1032Frazer-nash Consultancy$2,600,952.78
1033Meditrend Pty Ltd$2,600,425.85
1034Woolshed Investments Pty Ltd$2,592,794.57
1035Healthy LAND And Water Ltd$2,585,000.00
1036Southern Cross Computing Pty Ltd$2,582,855.47
1037Mills Oakley Lawyers$2,580,848.89
1039NEF Consulting$2,574,362.50
1040Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd$2,566,167.70
1041DT Global Australia Pty Ltd$2,563,959.52
1042Saber Astronautics Australia Pty Ltd$2,563,353.99
1043World Education Australia Limited Trading AS GOOD Return$2,563,000.00
1044National Centre For Vocational$2,559,118.00
1045Leaders IT Services Pty Ltd$2,551,765.50
1046Australian Strategic Policy Institute$2,547,718.62
1047Devsgroup Pty Ltd$2,543,233.00
1048Northern Territory Of Australia$2,528,229.55
1049Growing Positive Solutions Pty Ltd$2,525,213.90
1050International Water Management Institute$2,523,373.00
1051SEER Security Pty Ltd$2,510,860.00
1052WTP Australia Pty Ltd$2,510,295.00
1053Water Corporation$2,510,000.00
1054TPG Network Pty Ltd$2,506,887.00
1055Riverlea Australia Pty Ltd$2,504,304.00
1056Suntrix Pty Ltd Trading AS Trust For SUN Trust$2,503,057.81
1057Australian Centre For Advanced COMP$2,493,202.57
1058Inside Policy Pty Ltd$2,490,356.09
1059Origin Energy Pty Ltd$2,481,600.00
1060Startech IT Consulting Pty Ltd$2,477,358.80
1061Parbery Consulting Pty Ltd$2,473,948.00
1062Australian Bedding Company Pty Ltd$2,473,155.04
1063Shepherd Electrical$2,471,004.80
1065Cooper & Oxley Builders Pty Ltd$2,461,400.70
1066The Frame Group Pty Limited$2,457,476.64
1067Mrael Limited$2,453,044.58
1068Sofraco Engineering Systems Pty Ltd$2,451,891.77
1069Marine TECH Systems Pty Ltd$2,444,688.13
1070Trustee Burchell Family Trust$2,442,232.64
1071GRA Supply Chain Pty Ltd$2,434,051.79
1072Birdanco Nominees Pty Ltd$2,428,643.45
1073Cynosure Consulting Group Pty Ltd$2,425,817.70
1074Interaction Consulting Group P/L$2,425,777.48
1075Business Aspect$2,422,518.00
1076Linkinvest Pty Ltd$2,409,793.89
1077Grace Records Management$2,407,791.87
1078YNOT Consulting Services Pty Ltd$2,406,006.60
1079LIST G Pty Ltd (barristers)$2,404,252.00
1080ATG Project And Property Solutions Pty Ltd$2,403,898.78
1081Carbon Revolution Pty Ltd$2,393,600.00
1082Converga Pty Ltd$2,386,690.87
1083Mcelligott Partners Pty Ltd$2,383,313.80
1084Vuksich & Borich (fiji) PTE Ltd$2,382,480.00
1085Mulesoft LLC$2,382,221.26
10861spatial Australia Pty Ltd$2,381,357.44
1087Prodigitek Pty Ltd$2,376,581.16
1088Gateway Providores Pty Ltd$2,373,896.98
1089Kongsberg Maritime Pty Ltd$2,361,813.54
1090Appbuilder Solutions Ltd$2,350,000.00
1091Claricent Pty Ltd$2,347,573.00
1092Australian Education NSW Teachers F$2,346,372.99
1093World FUEL Services (australia) Pty Ltd$2,341,143.56
1094Definitive Events$2,330,000.00
1095BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Pty Ltd$2,328,848.60
1096Nisus Australia Pty Ltd$2,326,348.50
1098PEP Worldwide$2,321,355.06
1099Concur Holdings$2,319,460.81
1100Murdoch University$2,318,044.00
1101Appian Software Switzerland LLC$2,316,484.35
1102Applied Virtual Simulation Pty Ltd$2,315,614.55
1103Urbis Pty Ltd$2,312,277.12
1104Raging Digital$2,312,128.00
1105Morpht Pty Ltd$2,309,222.33
1106JJM Holdings PTY. Limited$2,304,809.90
1107Marcroft Grains Pathology Pty Ltd$2,301,083.40
1108Australian And New Zealand School Of Government$2,299,264.90
1109Pacific ECHO$2,298,836.39
1110Atlassian Pty Ltd$2,298,807.61
1111INFO RAIL Pty Ltd$2,290,465.80
1112Collaboration For Impact Ltd$2,288,126.50
1113ROY Morgan Research$2,287,867.68
1114Office Of The Australian$2,285,000.00
1115Bellchambers Barrett$2,284,055.22
1116Secure Systems Limited$2,280,960.00
1117RPS Australia East Pty Ltd$2,280,300.00
1118MT Eliza Executive Education$2,277,818.90
1119Zodiac Milpro Australia Pty Ltd$2,272,562.15
1120Fiftyfive5 Pty Ltd$2,272,545.00
1121Global AG Properties Australia P/L$2,270,850.00
1122APP Corporation Pty Ltd$2,270,730.00
1123Flight Data Systems Pty Ltd$2,266,737.86
1124MB Psychological Services Pty Ltd$2,257,969.28
1125APT Transcriptions Pty Ltd$2,257,300.00
1126Titan Consulting Services Pty Ltd$2,256,232.00
1127The Dumonde Group Pty Ltd$2,255,986.00
1128JAKO Industries Pty Ltd$2,243,010.00
1129Server Racks Australia Pty Ltd$2,221,457.10
1130Accessity Pty Ltd$2,220,416.00
1131Wormald Australia$2,217,564.87
1132Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd$2,205,351.66
1133DEPT Of Veterans' Affairs Repatriation Commission And The$2,200,000.00
1134Perth Region NRM Inc$2,200,000.00
1135NQ DRY Tropics Ltd$2,199,999.99
1136Thales Australia - Lithgow$2,195,831.01
1137Baidam Solutions Pty Ltd$2,186,541.27
1138Navigate Pty Ltd$2,184,600.00
1139Northern Territory AIR Services Pty$2,177,927.40
1140CRAY Australia Pty Ltd$2,177,915.07
1141National TEST Pilot School Inc$2,176,131.75
1142Duorore Pty Ltd$2,171,268.83
1143Department Of HOME Affairs$2,165,368.17
1144Econnect Solutions Pty Ltd$2,164,390.22
1145SOS International LLC$2,163,102.81
1146Audio Visual Imagenation Pty Ltd$2,162,807.31
1147Elders REAL Estate (townsville) Limited$2,162,432.92
1148Z WARE Development Pty Ltd$2,158,780.00
1149Monica Skjerve$2,157,704.40
1150Scott Carver Pty Ltd$2,156,880.00
1151Norman Mcmahon Patches Asphalt T/A Patches Asphalt$2,145,000.00
1152Xenon Systems Pty Ltd$2,143,295.00
1153Access Testing Pty Ltd$2,140,155.99
1154NGS Global Pty Ltd$2,137,271.81
1155HALL & Partners Pty Ltd$2,127,873.11
1156ICON Agency$2,121,856.51
1157Department Of Communities$2,119,352.03
1158Ollies Family Restaurants$2,115,561.79
1159Healthcare Professionals Group Pty$2,114,115.59
1160Deloitte Access Economics$2,112,426.01
1161Kenwood Superannuation FUND$2,107,053.61
1163Advanced Personnel Management$2,098,366.08
1164Drake (drake Australia Pty LTD)$2,094,489.37
1165Avari No 15 Pty Ltd$2,094,252.30
1166AERO And Military Products P/L$2,080,118.58
1167Criticalarc Pty Ltd$2,078,667.31
1168Grant Thornton Australia Ltd$2,077,750.00
1169Allegis Group Australia Pty Ltd TA Teksystems$2,076,649.71
1170Translationz Pty Ltd$2,075,775.00
1171Inovor Technologies$2,071,982.70
1172Pacific Aerospace Consulting Pty Ltd$2,070,343.25
1173Australian Airports Association Limited$2,069,789.10
1174GCG Health Safety & Hygiene$2,067,999.50
1175MCR Computer Resources Pty Ltd$2,064,294.77
1176OPR Agency Pty Ltd$2,061,074.00
1177Oakley Greenwood P/L$2,057,330.00
1178The Citadel Group Limited$2,056,537.64
1179Harsha Consultants Pty Ltd$2,055,877.14
1180Iccpm Solutions Pty Ltd$2,051,319.91
1181Kinetic Fighting Pty Ltd$2,051,152.60
1182Leitner Oceania Limited$2,046,000.00
1183The TAX Institute$2,041,554.18
1184Crowe Horwath Melbourne$2,040,092.30
1185Grosvenor Management Consulting$2,039,430.09
1186Kowalski Recruitment Pty Ltd$2,038,244.07
1187Elgas Ltd$2,035,000.00
1188Bohemia Interactive Simulations Ltd$2,033,317.64
1189The Right Pitch Consultancy$2,030,995.00
1190Britton Maritime Systems Pty Ltd$2,029,480.73
1191Elite Information Technology$2,026,200.00
1192Pledge Consulting (nsw) Pty Ltd$2,025,683.00
1193Rumble ASIA Pty Ltd$2,017,180.00
1195The Pacific Community$2,014,498.00
1196Strada Office FUND Pty Ltd$2,012,344.55
1197Construction Control Australia Pty Limited$2,002,654.00
1198Sarah Alexandra Mccarthy$2,000,000.00
1199Zenith FG$1,998,656.63
1200Trade And Investment Queensland$1,992,584.03
1201Marsden Jacob Associates Pty Ltd$1,991,177.73
1202Gleeson VET Services$1,980,000.00
1203Vetting Solutions Australia$1,968,993.67
1204ANU Enterprise Pty Ltd$1,961,481.47
1205KNOW YOUR Data Pty Ltd$1,956,070.55
1206Mantel Group Pty Ltd$1,955,800.00
1207DEPT Of Water & Environmental Regul$1,955,178.00
1208Biometix Pty Ltd$1,951,635.05
1210Perth Airport$1,946,748.45
1211Davidson Technology (aust) Pty Ltd$1,945,111.70
1212HALL & Watts Australia Pty Ltd$1,944,466.07
1213W.R Electrical Pty Ltd T/A Affinity Electrical Technologies$1,943,714.30
1214Accommodation Association Of$1,943,000.00
1215Matthews PEGG Consulting PTY. LTD.$1,939,797.69
1216Cyberanalytics Pty Limited$1,939,792.00
1217Michelin Australia Pty Ltd$1,938,789.60
1218Samantha Crompvoets Pty Ltd$1,938,747.01
1219C.A. Property Group Pty Ltd$1,931,671.50
1220BOC Limited$1,918,882.20
1221Thylacine Design And Project Management Pty Ltd$1,917,678.63
1222Torii Consulting$1,912,729.50
1223Adobe Systems Software Ireland Ltd$1,912,185.00
1224TOP END Group Training Pty Ltd T/A Group Training Northern Territo$1,912,099.19
1225Pegasystems Ltd$1,910,792.40
1226Cooinda Swainston P/L$1,897,350.00
1227Swordfish Computing Pty Ltd (atf) The Flint Family Trust$1,896,570.01
1228Bunzl Brands And Operations Pty$1,893,984.17
1229DICK Stone PTY. Limited$1,892,344.33
1230ZF Australia Pacific Pty Ltd$1,890,834.86
1231Speedwell Pty Ltd$1,885,640.01
1232Vicom Australia Pty Limited$1,885,354.20
1233Varley Group$1,884,284.62
1234Central Healthcare Services Pty Ltd$1,883,071.74
1235Nihilent Australia Pty Ltd$1,879,000.00
1236Jenzcorp Pty Ltd$1,877,141.74
1237IA Design$1,876,956.46
1238Philip CHUN And Associates Pty Ltd$1,875,015.96
1239Savills (act) Pty Limited$1,860,509.52
1240Vocus Pty Ltd$1,855,920.00
1241Hibbs & Associates Pty Limited$1,854,807.50
1242National Convention Centre (australia) Pty Limited$1,852,126.54
1243Scientific Management Associates (operations) Pty Ltd$1,851,866.01
1244Carbon Media Pty Ltd$1,851,112.37
1245Green Civil Construction Pty Ltd$1,848,609.00
1246Dreamtime Supply Company Pty Ltd$1,845,741.74
1247Speed To Insight Pty Ltd$1,838,959.00
1248Kitbag Consulting Pty Ltd$1,834,150.77
1249Sensis Pty Ltd$1,832,695.95
1250W And E Platt Pty Ltd$1,831,795.79
1251Premier Marketing And Distribution$1,831,390.17
1252GK Harris Pty Ltd$1,830,662.53
1253American APEX Corporation$1,827,342.27
1254CAE Australia Pty Ltd$1,825,261.61
1255Military And Aviation Spares Pty$1,815,924.92
1257Squiz Australia Pty Ltd$1,811,861.75
1258CEA Research And Development Pty Limited$1,810,451.40
1259R.M. Williams Proprietary Limited$1,809,654.48
1260Point River Networks Pty Ltd$1,807,772.76
1261Cushman And Wakefield Construction$1,806,104.52
1262Ninti ONE Limited$1,799,853.68
1263William Adams Pty Ltd$1,799,054.57
1264Nossal Institute Limited$1,798,682.60
1265Bytecode Pty Ltd$1,795,188.75
1266Aspire 4 LIFE Ltd$1,793,879.11
1267Phoenix Management Services$1,791,519.85
1268Emergent Biodefense Operations Lansing LLC$1,789,517.07
1269CBIT Pty Limited$1,788,966.00
1270Winchester Australia Ltd$1,786,360.40
1271Changepoint Canada ULC$1,783,907.62
1272Renful Premier Technologies$1,782,448.68
1273UST Global (singapore) PTD Ltd$1,782,330.00
1274P.T. RE1 And Perron Investments$1,772,961.32
1275Dillon Aero, INC.$1,770,928.88
1276Teledyne WEBB Research, A Business UNIT Of Teledyne Instruments, INC.$1,767,676.87
1277The Trustee For R&M$1,763,730.85
1278Beaver Engineering Pty Ltd$1,761,846.50
1279Aarnet Pty Ltd$1,761,842.87
1280Haulmark Trailers (australia) PT$1,761,446.39
1281Australian Maritime Safety Authority (amsa)$1,760,000.00
1282Careymc Pty Ltd$1,760,000.00
1283Tibco Software Australia Pty Ltd$1,747,050.23
1285Western Australia Police$1,738,285.51
1286CARY Farmer Consulting Services Pty$1,738,000.00
1287Sliced TECH Pty Ltd$1,735,369.40
1288Combase Pty Limited$1,734,580.00
1289BDSI SARL$1,730,467.52
1290Open TEXT Pty Ltd$1,730,287.45
1291Speedline Textiles Pty Ltd$1,729,500.00
1292Gibbs & COX, Inc.!div Finance & Administration$1,728,960.00
1293Energetics Pty Ltd$1,727,661.10
1294Sashi Maharaj$1,726,306.09
1295Department Of Transport And MAIN Roads$1,726,133.52
1296Akubra HATS Pty Ltd$1,719,409.23
1297Allied Technology International$1,714,878.19
1298ARUP Pty Ltd$1,714,000.00
1299Australian Competition And Consumer Commission$1,712,600.01
1300Trustee For The Brown BIRD UNIT TRU T/AS Ryan's Recovery Partners$1,709,999.99
1301Forms Administration Pty Ltd$1,702,540.03
1302Michael JOHN Fordham$1,701,000.00
1303DC Services (NQ) Pty Ltd$1,700,587.57
1304AMA Medical Products$1,699,098.68
1305Everydaysavers Pty Ltd T/A AUS Partners$1,692,390.60
1306Silver Spirit Partners$1,688,452.83
1307Schiebel Aircraft GMBH$1,683,653.81
1308Design Craft$1,683,541.30
1309Redback Consulting Pty Ltd$1,679,301.80
1310JEOL (australasia) P/L$1,676,885.85
1311Christine Ronalds$1,671,000.00
1312Empire Careers$1,668,917.74
1313HCM Australia Pty Ltd$1,666,055.22
1314Key Energy & Resources The Key Group$1,662,867.00
1315Haskoning DHV UK Limited$1,661,311.37
1316Health Administration Corporation$1,657,254.03
1317Cesar Pty Ltd$1,656,718.80
1318Project Outcomes Pty Ltd Australian Swimming House$1,656,348.50
1319Communicorp Group Pty Limited$1,653,891.93
1320Victoria Police$1,651,065.62
1321The SLAB HUT Trust & The Deloraine Trust$1,650,283.16
1322IHS Global PTE Ltd$1,647,373.03
1323BMF Advertising$1,647,134.38
1324Atrad Pty Ltd$1,644,709.00
1325Carillon Conference Management Pty Limited$1,641,289.04
1326Bathurst Property Pty Ltd$1,635,278.96
1327Elite Interiors Private Ltd$1,632,387.84
1328WISE Technology Management$1,628,308.00
1329QUBE Ports Pty Ltd$1,626,332.39
1330KUL Technologies Pty Ltd$1,625,671.41
1331NUIX Pty Ltd$1,623,333.23
1332Queensland Police Service$1,622,116.06
1333Rothfield Print & Image$1,618,422.80
1334Resthaven Incorporated$1,615,934.60
1335Australian PUMP Industries PTY.$1,614,990.30
1336Praeco Pty Limited$1,613,954.83
1337Advanced VTOL Technologies Pty Ltd$1,609,923.20
1338KPMG Australia Engineering Consulting Pty Limited$1,608,408.89
1339DQA Corporate Trust T/A$1,606,690.22
1341Steyr Motors Australia$1,600,373.50
1342The Trustees For Crossfire Australi$1,600,000.00
1343Fennek Group Pty Ltd$1,599,953.09
1345Wallis Consulting Group P/L$1,597,169.80
1346Department For Trade, Tourism And$1,594,067.19
1347Profusion PAC Pty Ltd$1,587,926.55
1348National Instruments$1,587,089.04
1349Procurement Professionals Pty Ltd$1,585,918.60
1350Blacktree Technology Pty Ltd$1,585,724.10
1351Smarterknowledge Pty Ltd$1,580,887.81
1352Wreck BAY Aboriginal Community CNL.$1,580,182.94
1353Crowdstrike Inc$1,579,319.99
1354Resolution Consulting Services Pty$1,572,407.54
1355Kyocera Document Solutions$1,562,221.35
1356People Measures Pty Ltd$1,556,861.16
1357Leggett ATF The Patrick Leggett Family Trust$1,556,439.26
1358The Trustee For The Social DECK Trust$1,556,071.90
1359Duratec Australia (ES) Pty Ltd$1,555,978.32
1360GEE YAN Industry Pty Ltd$1,555,191.00
1362BALE Defence Pty Ltd$1,551,178.65
1363Yellow EDGE Pty Ltd$1,551,050.15
1364Bluezone Group$1,550,262.82
1365SMEC Australia Pty Ltd$1,549,843.80
1366RMA Contracting Pty Ltd$1,548,710.00
1367Westbourne Consulting$1,548,435.00
1369Strategic Project Partners$1,543,000.00
1370Robinson RYAN Pty Limited$1,541,570.00
1371Clemenger BBDO (melbourne) P/L$1,540,000.00
1372Online 89 Pty Limited$1,539,645.80
1373Austec Building Automation Pty Ltd$1,538,571.10
1374Glenn & Audrey Fleischfresser And Others$1,537,100.00
1375A And D International Pty Ltd$1,534,549.92
1376AMC Architecture Pty Ltd$1,532,501.96
1377Weatherhaven Global Resources LTD.$1,531,177.70
1378The Trustee For Warrington 45 Francis Street JV Trust$1,530,949.61
1379ASI Solutions Pty Ltd$1,530,034.66
1380William Green Pty Ltd$1,525,750.22
1381Asurequality Ltd$1,525,000.00
1382Forster Helicopters Pty Ltd$1,523,472.00
1383Abergower Digital Pty Ltd$1,522,865.00
1384Airbus Military SL$1,518,492.26
1385ASD Technology Pty Ltd$1,517,597.40
1386Defence SA$1,516,011.68
1387A.A. Radio Services PTY. Ltd$1,514,687.15
1388Aergo International Pty Ltd$1,514,037.19
1389Ultra Electronics Limited-ewst$1,512,770.18
1390Lastek Pty Ltd$1,504,885.07
1391Department Of Health$1,504,830.87
1393CDTS Australia Pty Ltd$1,498,085.91
1394Anstat Pty Ltd$1,492,670.97
1395Programmed Electrical Technologies Ltd$1,491,618.56
1396South East Water Corporation$1,491,000.00
1397Hills Holdings Limited$1,489,801.73
1398Solutions FROM Silicon$1,488,038.75
1399Purdon & Featherstone (R Fader Pty LTD)$1,486,996.54
1400Converging Data Pty Ltd$1,485,172.92
1401F1 Solutions Pty Ltd$1,476,478.71
1402Nscrypt, INC.$1,475,851.47
1403LEAP Australia Pty Ltd$1,474,463.35
1404Frontline Safety Australia Pty Ltd$1,472,503.82
1405Acspro Pty Ltd$1,470,972.80
1406Southtech Engineering Pty Ltd$1,469,375.07
1407Programmed Health Professionals$1,469,185.00
1408Equity Partners & DC Pty Ltd ATF DC Family Trust$1,468,676.94
1409Geoffrey, Mervyn, Rodney Sleba & MJ & RA Selba P/L AS Trustee Sleba Farming Trust$1,468,350.00
1410Reveal Group Pty Ltd$1,467,600.00
1411Waidt Services Australia Pty Ltd$1,467,426.24
1412Tricast Developments And Bayking H$1,467,293.70
1413Reuter Communications$1,467,000.00
1414KING Leopold AIR Pty Ltd$1,466,350.05
1415Kleenheat GAS Pty Ltd$1,466,300.00
1416AXT Pty Ltd T/AS Australian X-ray$1,466,300.00
1417IT Alliance Australia Pty Ltd$1,466,189.76
1418GPT Property Management P/L$1,464,582.08
1419Tenbagsfull Pty Ltd$1,461,680.00
1420Gordon Brothers Industries Pty Ltd$1,456,008.05
1421Siemens Ltd$1,453,781.84
1422Hangang Altis REAL Estate Trust$1,450,080.61
1423AERO Defence Pty Ltd$1,447,577.62
1424International Paints$1,443,003.52
1425Aither Pty Ltd$1,442,045.41
1426Clear Horizon Consulting PTY. LTD. T/A Clear Horizon$1,440,288.91
1427Department Of The ARMY$1,434,720.00
1428Objective Corporation Limited$1,433,284.60
1429ADEC Australia$1,430,155.95
1430Ergonomie Australia PTY. Ltd$1,428,372.95
1431Curijo Pty Ltd$1,427,930.24
1432Corroboree ICT Indigenous Corporati$1,427,910.00
1433Helsco Pty Ltd$1,424,130.00
1434SOS Marine$1,419,383.21
1435Benmax Pty Ltd$1,415,658.20
1436Horsell Consulting$1,409,054.97
1437SHL Australia Pty Ltd$1,408,932.22
1438SAI Global Limited$1,408,805.62
1439Claritas Consulting$1,405,250.00
1440HDT Expeditionary Systems, INC.$1,402,860.33
1442Haylix Pty Ltd$1,400,000.00
1443Pikaso Software Inc$1,400,000.00
1444Frankadvice Pty Ltd$1,399,900.00
1446Citizen Relations$1,396,000.00
1447Frontline Australasia Pty Ltd$1,395,482.76
1448Ninetwofive Interiors Pty Ltd$1,394,648.30
1449AERO PM PTY. LTD.$1,391,511.00
1450Irrigated Cropping Council Inc$1,391,500.00
1451GREY Advantage Consulting Pty Limited$1,389,384.00
1452Tandem Building Group Pty Ltd$1,385,769.94
1453Clicksoftware Australia Pty Ltd$1,379,734.40
1454Systematic Software Engineering$1,379,527.95
1455Agile Digital Engineering Pty Ltd$1,377,540.32
1456Murray Consulting Solutions$1,375,999.90
1457Athena Global Alliance Inc$1,375,000.00
1458Impact Investment Exchange$1,375,000.00
1459Interactive Pty Limited$1,374,932.39
1460ASIA Pacific Aerospace PTY. LTD.$1,374,739.46
1461Miles Morgan Australia Pty Ltd$1,374,524.49
1462Sunwest Constructions Pty Ltd$1,374,206.13
1463BLUE Swimmer Consulting Pty Ltd$1,373,154.97
1464Graham, Nicholas, Wendy & Kinsley Clapham$1,363,820.00
1465Oliver Wyman Pty Ltd$1,362,674.50
1466Software Education Australia$1,361,602.01
1467Milin Transport$1,361,593.20
1468Ethos CRS Consulting Pty Ltd$1,360,824.00
1469GBSC Yurra Pty Ltd$1,354,028.71
1470Kordamentha Pty Ltd$1,354,025.50
1471New Resolution Geophysics Australia Pty Ltd$1,353,875.92
1472Benestar Group Pty Ltd$1,353,667.70
1473Palma Investments$1,350,122.72
1474WDDS Pty Ltd$1,349,964.00
1475ATI Australia Pty Limited$1,348,822.89
1476Unitronix Pty Ltd$1,345,449.74
1477Previousnext Pty Ltd$1,343,400.58
1478Executive Intelligence Group Pty Ltd$1,341,124.95
1479MSL, MMS Communications K.K.$1,340,000.00
1480Biotext Pty Ltd$1,339,133.95
1481OMNI Assist Pty Ltd$1,338,899.99
1482Experian Australia Pty Ltd$1,338,227.00
1483HILL Executive Group Pty Ltd$1,335,638.00
1484Newgate Communications Pty Limited$1,334,879.36
1485Tasmania Police$1,333,432.20
1486Baker And Mckenzie$1,332,300.00
1487FOUR TWO NINE Investments$1,331,058.37
1488Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn Pty Ltd$1,328,713.50
1489CCS FM Pty Ltd Trading AS CCS Facilities Maintenance$1,327,185.30
1490Linfox Australia Pty Ltd$1,324,438.50
1491Central Gippsland Region Water Authority$1,323,362.63
1492Local LAND Services$1,320,000.00
1493AJF Partnership Pty Ltd$1,320,000.00
1494Healthconsult Pty Ltd$1,319,450.00
1495Elabor8 Pty Ltd$1,316,809.00
1498Indra Australia Pty Limited$1,316,539.26
1499Fibretech Solutions$1,313,661.62
1500Australian General Engineering$1,308,453.30
1501Ayrock Investments Pty Ltd$1,307,866.61
1502Manitowoc Crane Group Australia*$1,306,187.65
1503Gillis, KIM Rogers$1,305,260.00
1504Selex ES Australia Pty Ltd$1,304,430.29
1505Index Consultants$1,303,510.00
1506Executive Leadership Australia P/L$1,301,354.71
1507Arinex Pty Limited$1,299,440.00
1508Strategic Reform Pty Ltd$1,295,470.74
1509Specialisterne Centre Australia Limited$1,295,302.50
1510NIWA Ltd$1,292,776.20
1511BIG SKY Publishing Pty Ltd$1,291,789.50
1512Sentinel Pty Ltd$1,291,596.32
1513Bureau VAN DIJK$1,287,694.00
1514QUBE Ports & BULK$1,287,251.77
1515CCH Australia Limited$1,284,773.64
1516Graymorr Consulting Pty Ltd$1,281,972.36
1517Namadgi Services$1,280,917.00
1518Davidson Recruitment Pty Ltd$1,280,544.90
1519Logistic Engineering Services P/L$1,280,219.12
1520NEXA Group Pty Ltd$1,279,602.50
1521Bestech Australia Pty Ltd$1,277,832.90
1522DICE (aust) PTY. Ltd$1,276,000.00
1523National Prescribing Service Limite$1,273,319.00
1524Alpha Geoscience Pty Ltd$1,273,040.85
1525Ozrunways PTY. LTD.$1,269,032.60
1526Project Digital Pty Ltd$1,266,958.75
1527The Pearson Corporation Pty Ltd$1,265,662.75
1528Mitso Consulting Pty Ltd$1,265,487.33
1529WHON Pty Ltd$1,264,540.82
1530NT Developments$1,262,093.55
1531Instrument Design Technology Ltd$1,260,895.00
1532QED Group Pty Ltd$1,259,729.22
1533Australian Broadcasting CORP$1,259,537.30
1534NSW Government Schools$1,256,740.00
1535Open Data Connect Pty Ltd$1,255,760.00
1537Chapman Freeborn Australia$1,255,709.30
1538Altitude Consulting Pty Ltd$1,254,880.00
1539Geoscience Australia$1,253,096.00
1540Coach Charters Australia$1,252,738.86
1541Crondo Pty Ltd$1,252,586.31
1542CCA Software Pty Ltd$1,251,038.14
1543YU FENG And YUAN Chieh P/L$1,250,636.42
1544Accelerating ASIA PTE Ltd$1,250,000.00
1545Garmin Switzerland GMBH$1,250,000.00
1546Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu T/AS$1,249,992.70
1547JLL Public Sector Valuations Pty LT$1,249,228.75
1548Petersen INK$1,248,853.68
1549Transport Industries Skills Centre$1,241,321.99
1550NPF Industry Pty Ltd$1,238,000.40
1551Howells' LIST Barristers$1,236,000.00
1552Shine Recruitment Pty Ltd$1,231,664.33
1553Systematic Software - EURO$1,231,209.23
1554Schiavello Systems (act) Pty Ltd$1,227,670.96
1555Market Centre Owner, LP$1,226,161.87
1556On Island Health Service Accreditat$1,224,517.51
1557Aether Photonics Pty Ltd$1,222,000.02
1558The Engaging Executive Pty Ltd$1,219,953.06
1559A. A. Sadessa$1,218,333.05
1560Elemental Insight Pty Ltd$1,216,512.00
1561Jackson Semler Pty Ltd$1,216,148.53
1562Recordpoint Software APAC Pty Ltd$1,214,786.10
1563Asian United FOOD Service$1,213,702.91
1564A.K. Banton & Others$1,213,344.00
1565Anton Murray Consulting Pty Ltd$1,211,187.60
1566Acacia Systems Pty Ltd$1,210,000.00
1567Blake Machinery Group Pty Ltd$1,210,000.00
15689yards Consulting Pty Ltd$1,208,765.20
1569Australia Pacific Airports (melbour$1,206,899.29
1570Thomas Duryea Logicalis Pty Ltd$1,204,824.91
1571Equifax Australia Information Services And Solutions Pty Ltd$1,203,620.10
1572ASPL Australia Pty Ltd$1,202,499.61
1573Hydrogen Group Pty Ltd$1,200,169.36
1574Commonwealth Ombudsman$1,200,000.00
1575UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd$1,199,935.00
1576The Monkeys$1,198,346.76
1577Australian Football League$1,198,000.00
1578The Chamber Of Commerce & Industry$1,195,550.41
1579ICMS Australasia Pty Limited$1,194,791.90
1580The Smith Family$1,194,600.00
1581Marine Power International Pty Ltd Brunswick ASIA Pacific Group$1,192,830.38
1582TRL Technology Limited$1,191,420.27
1583Bruttour International Pty Ltd$1,191,406.04
1584ARIA Project Management Solutions Pty Ltd$1,191,107.33
1585TAFE Queensland$1,189,091.86
1586Spinifexit Global Pty Ltd$1,189,054.87
1587Fireeye Ireland Limited$1,188,691.98
1588Health Technology Analysts Pty Ltd$1,186,566.10
1589ARIS Consulting Pty Ltd$1,184,890.00
1590ACE Infrastructure PTY. LTD.$1,183,848.62
1591Seven Consulting Pty Ltd$1,182,280.00
1592Rehab Management (aust) Pty Ltd$1,182,000.02
1593OPC IT Pty Ltd$1,180,978.16
1594Unify Solutions Pty Limited$1,180,517.00
1595JOHN Morris Scientific Pty Ltd$1,179,532.97
1596Brett Andrew Cowling$1,175,605.20
1597DLA Piper Australia$1,174,147.76
1598Civilplus Constructions Pty Ltd$1,171,638.60
1599Armtech Pty Ltd$1,170,145.70
1600ARTD Consultants$1,169,878.65
1601Strategic Data$1,169,520.00
1602A.S. Harrison And CO Pty Limited$1,169,273.59
1603M A Services Group Pty Ltd$1,168,298.53
1604Volvo Commercial Vehicles Towns*$1,168,205.00
1605Eaton Industries Pty Ltd$1,165,707.51
1606Technical & Further Education$1,161,352.58
1607Kristine Battye Consulting Pty Ltd$1,159,668.00
1608Daintree Systems Pty Ltd$1,158,261.73
1609VEC Civil Engineering Pty Ltd$1,158,160.30
1610ZOIA Properties LLC$1,155,895.31
1611Cloudera Inc$1,155,557.22
1612Noske-kaeser Marine Australia PT$1,155,032.00
1613Optimal Health & Performance Pty Ltd$1,154,000.00
161433 Creative Pty Limited$1,153,869.99
1615Wilson Hammond Group Pty Ltd$1,152,654.92
1616Jingfei Huang$1,152,264.96
1617National Indigenous Australians AGE$1,151,818.00
1618GLIA Diagnostics Pty Ltd$1,148,070.00
1619Trelleborg Engineered Products A$1,147,739.41
1620BRAD Cleveland Company LLC$1,144,156.56
1621Q1 Professional Services Pty Ltd$1,143,087.00
1622Programmed Professionals Pty Ltd$1,142,935.04
1623LAW & Justice Foundation$1,142,229.00
1624VAN DEN BERG Design Team Pty Ltd$1,140,270.00
1625Zircodata Pty Ltd$1,139,283.16
1626Razor IT Systems$1,138,852.36
1627Finkisoft Pty Ltd$1,137,274.55
1628Lexbridge Lawyers Pty Ltd$1,137,129.99
1629Taylor FRY Consulting Actuaries$1,135,965.80
1630Aerospace Australia Ltd$1,135,037.64
1631Pointsbuild Pty Limited$1,134,650.00
1632CARE Assessement Consultants Pty LT$1,133,530.48
1633Tanium Malta Ltd$1,131,591.03
1634Sea-bird Electronics INC.$1,130,807.47
1635Coras Solutions Pty Ltd$1,128,338.01
1636Agema Group Pty Ltd$1,127,839.54
1637Department Of Planning Industry And Environment$1,127,162.27
1638Herbert Smith Freehills$1,126,422.71
1639Burnet Institute$1,125,800.06
1640Technology Communications Management Pty Ltd$1,125,696.00
1641Parmalat Australia Pty Ltd - ARMY$1,122,918.38
1643X-RD Pty Ltd$1,120,064.00
1644Commerce Decisions Pty Ltd$1,117,784.78
1645CPM Reviews Pty Ltd$1,116,702.40
1646The George Institute$1,116,406.92
1647Akamai Technologies Netherlands B.V$1,115,400.00
1648IBIS Business Information Pty Ltd$1,113,725.96
1649Australian Regional And Remote COMM$1,113,400.00
1650AKJ Services Pty Ltd$1,109,153.10
1651Identity CARE Australia &$1,107,530.00
1652Health Education And Training Institution$1,106,008.00
1653Esafety Commissioner$1,105,000.00
1654Continusec Pty Ltd$1,103,143.76
1655SMG Health Pty Ltd$1,102,712.95
1656Shell Malaysia Trading SDN BHD Fleetcard$1,101,962.51
1657UOL Property Investments PTE Ltd$1,101,273.00
1658Focused Business Solutions Pty Limited$1,100,000.00
1659Queensland Pacific RIM Pty Ltd$1,100,000.00
1660Malware Security Pty Ltd$1,099,978.00
1661Engie Services, AV Technologies$1,098,929.96
1662IPAR Rehabilitation Pty Ltd$1,098,837.00
1663WEIR Minerals Australia$1,095,503.22
1664Paxton Consulting Pty Ltd$1,094,750.01
1665Masterdocs Pty Ltd$1,094,684.46
1666S.a.w. Building Services$1,094,207.33
1668Integrated EDA$1,088,635.77
1669Integrated EDA Pty Ltd$1,088,635.77
1670Enersys Australia Pty Ltd$1,088,334.50
1671HUB Australia Pty Ltd$1,088,303.13
1672WA Country Health Service$1,086,501.27
1673Plugged In Pty Ltd$1,085,910.91
1674RON Fisher Investments Pty Ltd$1,083,500.00
1675Kabed Consulting Pty Ltd Family Trust$1,081,822.50
1676Partners 4 Health Ltd$1,079,532.25
1677Refactor Solutions Pty Ltd$1,078,700.00
1678Energy Logistix (aust) Pty Ltd$1,078,266.35
1679Cognitec Systems Pty Ltd$1,076,330.75
1680Teledyne Caris, INC.$1,073,944.39
1681Steps Group Australia Limited$1,070,716.00
1682TNT Australia$1,068,250.61
1683Hylogging Systems Pty Ltd$1,063,700.00
1684Informotion Pty Limited$1,063,556.74
1685Enigma Indigenous Peoples$1,063,046.77
1686Mitsui And CO (australia) Ltd$1,060,145.90
1687Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners$1,059,843.40
1688Sparta Software Corporation!dba Sparta Science$1,058,555.42
1689BLUE Environment Pty Ltd$1,058,421.10
1690Michael PAGE International$1,056,969.43
1691Dentons Australia Pty Ltd$1,056,708.10
1692Hunter Valley Training CO Pty Ltd$1,056,000.00
1693NEC Australia Pty Ltd$1,052,907.20
1694GIG Enterprises Pty Ltd$1,052,700.00
1695Primary Communication Partners$1,051,276.32
1696KN And NJ Service Partnership Ltd$1,050,723.00
1697Androgogic Pty Ltd$1,050,618.94
1698Ku-ring-gai 26 Pty Ltd$1,050,235.20
1699Northern Trade Solutions Pty Ltd$1,049,994.00
1700Redfish Technologies Pty Ltd$1,049,594.13
1701TLS Consulting Pty Ltd$1,048,603.60
1702Access Control Engineered$1,048,091.00
1703Pacific Datacom$1,048,046.75
1704Kaefer Integrated Services Pty Ltd$1,047,840.20
1705JOHN Halley$1,044,750.00
1706CIC Technology Pty Ltd$1,044,308.60
1707Irvingq Limited$1,037,791.24
1708Sentio Consulting$1,037,730.00
1709William COX Pty Ltd$1,035,077.50
1710Baldock, MARK$1,035,000.00
1711KEPI International Solutions Ltd$1,032,274.89
1712WOO Properties Pty Ltd$1,031,040.00
1713Centre For Customs & Excise Studies$1,031,011.26
1714Capital Psychology And Consulting Pty Ltd$1,030,799.58
1715Perinatal Society Of Australia And New Zealand$1,030,170.90
1716ELTA Systems Ltd$1,027,814.41
1717Orostream International Contracts L$1,024,458.87
1718Isode Limited$1,023,696.00
1719Forcefield Services Pty Ltd$1,023,523.84
1720Softtestpay Pty Ltd$1,022,929.60
1721Japan Marine Engineering Company$1,022,803.03
1722ELA Motors Toyota Tsusho (png) Ltd$1,020,299.00
1723BDO (qld) Pty Ltd$1,019,855.00
1724AQUA LUNG Australia Pty Ltd$1,018,992.70
1725Flxbl Legal Solutions Pty Ltd$1,018,377.15
1726Puzzle Partners Consulting Pty Ltd$1,017,034.30
1727Brooke Institute Pty Ltd$1,014,248.00
1728Khoros, LLC$1,012,818.99
1729Chisholm Institute Of TAFE Dandenong Campus$1,012,000.00
1730Cyconsol Pty Ltd$1,010,277.00
1731Bloomberg Australia Pty Ltd$1,008,934.96
1732Think ACT Relate Pty Ltd$1,008,567.00
1733David Gillard Consulting Services P Trust$1,007,600.00
1734MURA Connect Pty Ltd$1,006,810.55
1735Australian Federation Of Ethic$1,006,500.00
1736IT Power (australia) Pty Limited$1,006,484.50
1737POLY Technologies$1,003,929.53
1738Schlumberger Australia Pty Ltd$1,001,166.50
1739Craft Solutions Pty Ltd$1,000,232.17
1740The Gordon Potts Family Trust$1,000,000.00
1741Amanda O'rourke Executive Search$999,720.00
1742Australian Library And Information Association Ltd$998,800.00
1743Active Operations Management Australia Pty Ltd$997,591.00
1744AFL Telecommunications Australia Pty Ltd$997,553.32
1745Palisade Business Consulting Pty Ltd$997,400.00
1746Toowoomba Regional Group Apprenticeship Company PTY. Limited$997,400.00
1747Bauer Kompressoren Australia P/L Pty Ltd$997,107.10
1748Onespan Australia Pty Ltd$994,450.60
1749Towers Group Pty Ltd$992,771.72
1750EQV Associates Pty Ltd$992,031.94
1751RICE Warner Actuaries$991,093.96
1752Australian Energy Market Operator Limited$990,089.67
1753Perpetro Pty Limited$990,000.00
1754Hunter Water Corporation Ltd$990,000.00
1755C. R. Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd$987,936.40
1756Fortburn Pty Ltd$987,781.64
1757Airborne Support Services Pty Ltd$987,601.53
1758Marriott Executive Apartments Manama - Bahrain$986,067.07
1759Icemedia Pty Ltd$985,319.06
1760LSC Psychology Pty Limited$984,500.00
1761Hammond Street Developments$983,312.00
1762Colmar Brunton Social Research$981,824.50
1763MSA & Associates Pty Ltd$981,483.00
1764Frontier Economics Pty Ltd$981,195.78
1765The Information Management Group$980,913.60
1766Avoka Technologies Pty Ltd$979,744.30
1767World Intellectual Property Organisation$979,631.75
1768Queensland FIRE And Emergency Services$978,800.00
1769North East Water Corporation$977,000.00
1770Define Potential Pty Ltd$976,370.77
1771Physio And Speech PATH ADV SVCS$976,160.84
1772Cyber Digital$975,000.00
1773General Dynamics Satcom!technologie Inc.!dba GD Satcom-cpg!div CPG$974,695.72
1774Avionics PTY. LTD.$971,819.10
1775MRB Communications Pty Ltd$969,389.35
1776Thank GOD ITS Flyday Pty Ltd$969,349.01
1777Capability Driven Aquisition$967,174.50
1778BNY Trust Company Of Australia LIMI$967,040.00
1779Brisbne Convention And Exhibition$964,989.57
1780Sirsidynix Pty Ltd$963,012.12
1781Datavoice Communications$961,349.88
1782Implementation SOFT Australia Pty L$959,860.00
1784NMO Health Pty Ltd$959,740.34
1785ZOAK Solutions$958,502.00
1786BT Automation$957,104.00
1787Bellinger Systems Pty Ltd$955,438.71
1788Halstead And Associates Pty Ltd$953,800.00
1789Datadirect Networks Inc$949,586.00
1790A G Coombs (nsw)$949,004.00
1791Honeywell International Inc.!dba Honeywell!div Honeywell Aerospace -$947,645.78
1792Approach ICT Pty Ltd$947,622.50
1793TINA Marley Clinical Psychologist$947,399.99
1794Artemis Partners Pty Ltd$947,325.84
1795Dixon Appointments$947,071.49
17964front Engineering Pty Ltd$946,854.01
1797Huntington Ingalls Australia Pty Ltd$945,605.61
1798Eserve Consulting Pty Ltd$943,706.39
1799Commonwealth Director Of Public Prosecutions$943,316.00
1800Lifeline Canberra Inc$942,443.61
1801The Mullion Group Pty Ltd$942,285.00
1802AAPT Limited$941,992.64
1803The Trustee For The Fourquarters Recruitment UNIT Trust$941,273.87
1804Armor Australia Pty Ltd$941,246.33
1805Canonical Solutions Pty Ltd$939,599.71
1806Booka Consulting Pty Limited$939,559.50
1807Australian Signals Directorate$937,250.00
1808KDB Pty Ltd$935,000.00
1809A & G Price Ltd$934,530.60
1810Zonge Engineering And Research Organization (australia) Pty Ltd T/A Zonge Engineering And Research$933,600.00
1811NHP Electrical Engineering Products$932,752.89
181212thlevel Pty Ltd$932,612.80
1813Resolve Software Group Pty Ltd$932,371.32
1814Kennedy Shipwrights Kennedy Shipwrights Pty Ltd$931,001.78
1815BAC Systems Pty Ltd$930,905.86
1816Department Of Education Training And The ARTS (qld) T/A Department Of Education$929,000.00
1817Veitch Lister Consulting Pty Ltd$928,878.00
1818Little Cloud Technology Pty Ltd$926,000.00
1819Association For Strengthening Agricultural Research In Eastern And Central Africa$923,783.00
1820Silverglo Stainless Steel Pty LT$923,626.00
1821Bruce HICK Electrical Data Pty Ltd$923,168.28
1822Rhombus Technologies Australia$923,090.58
1823YTEK Pty Ltd$922,211.46
1824The Customer Experience Company Pty Ltd$921,750.05
1825Medical AIR Pty Ltd$921,200.00
1826Finity Consulting Pty Ltd$920,740.00
1827Extreme Gecko Services Pty Ltd$920,000.00
1828The Trustee For KNOW Business Trust Trading AS KNOW Business$919,550.00
1829Fredon Security Pty Limited$919,284.30
1830New Intelligence$918,894.15
1831Speedcast Australia Pty Limited$917,736.68
1832Colman Communications Consulting Pty Ltd$916,608.00
1833DEX Australia Pty Ltd$914,898.60
1834Green Options$914,508.21
1835OUR Community$914,144.73
1837Crown Independence Pty Ltd$912,037.50
1838Annex Digital Pty Ltd$911,970.00
1839GSE Services Pty Ltd$911,223.99
1840GD & JA Ogden Holdings Pty Ltd And Others$910,100.00
1841Factiva Limited$910,052.03
1842SIME Building & Construction$908,157.60
1843Glenavon Enterprises Ptyltd$907,120.00
1844ASI Electrics UNIT Trust$906,933.20
1845GOOD Things Foundation$902,000.00
1846Cancer Australia$900,000.00
1847Riverina Water$900,000.00
1848Thoroughtec Simulation Pty Ltd$898,349.00
1849Hughes Helicopters Pty Ltd$897,662.00
1850Value Management Consulting P/L$896,725.50
1851Bridging The GAP Inc$896,000.00
1852Stirling Global Pty Ltd$893,524.83
1853PH Deagon Pty Ltd$893,000.00
1854Schiavello Construction (SA) Pty Ltd$893,000.00
1855QUAY Appointments$892,702.08
1856Versalux Pty Ltd$891,453.20
1857Micro Systemation Pty Ltd$890,872.40
1858Australian Institute Of Project Management$890,191.00
1859RUD Chains Pty Ltd$888,516.20
1860Swarmee Pty Ltd$886,320.00
1861Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers, Incorporated$884,108.00
1862Asura Group Pty Ltd$884,088.82
1863PICO Australia Pty Ltd$883,376.85
1864Institute Of Public Administration$880,715.75
1865Banksia Projects$880,294.93
1866Survive To Thrive Nation$880,000.00
1867RP Data Ltd$879,393.67
1868Linkedin Singapore PTE Ltd$879,031.09
1869Simoco Wireless Solutions Pty Ltd$878,731.80
1870LINX Stevedoring Pty Ltd$878,537.37
1871FCO Services$878,368.90
1872Affinity Constructions Australia Pty Ltd$878,252.25
1873Mcarthur & Associates Pty Ltd$876,590.00
1874Australian Volunteers International$873,987.42
1875DAJ Solutions Pty Ltd$873,600.00
1876J.G. Service PTY. Limited$872,426.14
1877S & L Northey Superannuation FUND$872,284.81
1878Hastings Deering (aust) Pty Ltd$870,897.89
1879Sagamore Industries Pty Ltd$867,955.00
1880Sabasai Holdings Pty Ltd$865,524.00
1881MONT Adventure Equipment Pty Ltd$864,829.74
1882Rosenlund Constructions Holdings Pty Ltd$864,791.67
1883Foley's LIST Pty Limited$864,572.75
1884Gadzooks Pty Ltd$863,707.48
1885Island Transport Pty Ltd$861,963.20
1886Workplace Research Associates Pty Ltd$861,553.74
1887Social Ventures Australia Limited$860,489.50
1888IUCN - The World Conservation Union$860,000.00
1889Wipro Limited$859,193.28
1890Advanced Design Technology Pty Ltd$859,150.01
1891BULL & BEAR Special Assignments Pty Ltd$859,062.82
1892Jilip Eleven$858,732.26
1893Spear Of FAME Pty Ltd$858,655.33
1894Leigh RAE Sanderson$858,000.00
1895Australian Maritime Technologies Pty Ltd$857,535.01
1896Elliott GRAY Pty Ltd$855,921.30
1897Houston KEMP Pty Ltd$855,426.00
1898Mountcastle Pty Ltd$852,972.34
1899Stornoway Maintenance Pty Ltd$852,720.00
1900Cosmic TECH Solutions$852,584.00
1901Corbett & Associates Pty Ltd$851,336.00
1902David Russell Armstrong$850,200.00
1903FIVE D Holdings RENT ROLL (83664963$850,000.00
1904Consumer Health Forum Of Australia$848,850.00
1905Toowoomba Regional Council$848,471.47
1906Visual Analysis Pty Ltd$847,627.08
1907Austrlalian Public Affairs$845,500.00
1908Mentally Friendly Pty Ltd$842,932.80
1909Lockheed Martin AUST P/L - AUD$842,648.41
1910Beeton Pty Ltd$841,967.00
1911Genesee & Wyoming Australia P/L$841,489.12
1912Phillips KPA Pty Ltd$841,261.00
1913Aspen Medical P/L$840,813.75
1914Umwelt Australian Pty Ltd$840,473.04
1915Mission Systems Pty Ltd$838,758.80
1916STAR Track Express$837,999.98
1917Atlas Elektronik UK Limited$837,556.76
1918Investech Services Pty Ltd$836,000.00
1919Fredon Industries$835,853.64
1920The GEM Foundation$835,483.51
1921Altia-abm Pty Ltd$835,324.36
1922JD Truck Hire Pty Ltd$834,855.80
1923KYAN Technology Pty Ltd$832,000.00
1924CPA Australia Ltd$830,716.17
1925Fyusion ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$830,365.00
1926Wunan Foundation Inc$830,148.00
1927EPPS Software Pty Ltd$829,810.05
1928Commsnet Group$827,907.44
1929Island Power CO Pty Ltd$826,808.68
1930Techstaff Pty Ltd$826,720.16
1931Painted DOG Research Pty Ltd$826,700.00
1932Wartsila Australia Pty Ltd$825,332.13
1933Aegis 9 PTY. LTD.$825,000.00
1934Digitalglobe Inc$824,850.00
1935Faraday Pty Ltd$824,259.70
1936MELD Studios Pty Ltd$823,929.99
1937Iridescent Pty Limited$823,680.00
1938Mcgees Property$821,331.40
1939CITY WEST Water Ltd$821,000.00
1940Eveille Consulting$820,600.00
1941Adactin Group Pty Ltd$820,227.10
1942Rapiscan Australia Pty Ltd$819,700.20
1943David TUNE$818,900.00
1944Software Project Assist Pty Ltd$818,365.67
1945Global Project Solutions Pty Ltd$816,948.77
1946Meiji Yasuda Seimeihoken Sogogaisha$816,862.02
1947COA2 PTY. Ltd$815,548.72
1948Bulgarian Industrial Engineering An Management JSC$814,954.17
1949Precision Oxycut$814,531.74
1950Magspec Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd$813,664.72
1951Stirling Global Pty Ltd ESPS Payment Account$812,774.49
1952M & J Chickens NSW & ACT$812,081.54
1953Northern Heavy Haulage Pty Ltd$811,452.50
1954Amare Safety Pty Ltd$810,795.23
1955Immersive Realisation Pty Ltd$810,540.30
1956Dassault Aviation S.A$810,012.50
1957International SOS (australasia) Pty$809,590.04
1958Northrop Grumman M5 Network Securit$809,512.22
1959Keyholder Pty Ltd$809,237.55
1960Behavioural Insights$808,442.50
1961Anywise Consulting Pty Ltd$808,099.99
1962O And S Holdings (vic) Pty Ltd$807,774.00
1963The Ethical Consulting Group Pty LT$807,648.80
1964Coates Hire Ipswich$806,707.28
1965Healthcare Management Advisors Pty$806,006.04
1966Scientific Devices Australia P/L$802,490.48
1967Akauntan Negara Malaysia-mindef-t$802,275.73
1968TONY Isaacs Consulting Pty Ltd$801,552.00
1969Illawarra Cable Services$798,844.20
1970Tasmanian Chamber Of Commerce &$797,033.60
1971GOLD Coast CITY Council$797,033.60
1972Ascent Professional Services PTY. PTY. LTD.$795,800.51
1973Bridgewing Pty Ltd$795,614.00
1974Multibuild Australia$795,349.68
1975Chief Fluid Systems Pty Ltd$792,885.20
1976Attribute Group$792,790.02
1977Ridgeline Solutions Australia Pty L$792,000.00
1978Hopevale Congress Aboriginal Corporation$792,000.00
1979Teletrac Navman Limited$791,929.31
1980GML Heritage Pty Ltd$791,748.74
1981Royal Australasian College Of Surgeons$791,541.80
1982Scotwork Negotiating Skills Trust & The Trustee For SLI Family$790,429.61
1983Bastion Insights Pty Ltd$789,250.00
1984Chartsmart Consulting Pty Ltd$789,156.00
1985Myriad Technologies Pty Ltd$788,254.83
1986Diversity Arrays Technology Pty LIM$786,500.00
1987Goatfell Technology$786,400.00
1988Bosch Automotive Service Solutions PTY. LTD.$786,361.02
1989Brett Dudley Porter, JAN Louise Porter$785,850.00
1990Cash's Awards And Promotion Solutions Pty Ltd$785,158.18
19913M Australia Pty Ltd$784,801.32
1992Camcode Australia Pty Ltd$784,538.74
1993Practical Peripherals Corporation Pty Ltd$783,933.74
1995Ausvet Pty Ltd$782,810.87
1996Consultium Pty Ltd$782,480.00
1997Taylor And Francis$781,928.00
1998SAGE Automation Pty Ltd$780,738.15
1999Arrow Projects Pty Ltd$780,388.86
2000Ronald Clive Mccallum$780,000.00
2001Mpower Projects Pty Limited$779,405.98
2002TCC International$777,816.50
2003Havas Australia$776,698.60
2004ARA Manufacture P/L T/A Sealeck$774,365.60
2006IIT Training Training Pty Ltd$773,829.81
2007Dubai Electricity & Water Authority$772,537.25
2008Singleton Council$771,756.30
2009Maser Defence Pty Ltd$771,728.21
2010NTP Pty Ltd$771,568.41
2011Babylon Industries Pty Ltd$771,119.25
2012LINK Learning Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The$771,090.00
2013R. A. Miller Industries, Inc.dba RA$770,315.48
2014Medcast Pty Ltd$770,000.00
2015GETZ Healthcare Pty Ltd$769,214.16
2016Christopher Ramsden$766,252.00
2017AMC Search Limited$766,080.04
2018Warsash Pty Ltd$765,882.86
2019Axicom Pty Ltd$765,464.13
2020Brett Wilson, Logeah Farming Company Pty Ltd AS Trustee For B & C Wilson Holdings Trust$765,375.00
2021FN Herstal$764,813.57
2022Cubic Defence New Zealand Ltd$764,526.40
2023Mitch's Diesel Services Pty Ltd$762,809.52
2024Total Infrastructure Solutions Pty Trading AS SURE Power$762,714.11
2025Three AS ONE Consulting Pty Ltd Consulting Trust$762,550.00
2026The Australian Psychological Society Limited$762,392.01
2027SAGE Energy Systems Pty Ltd$762,300.00
2028The Trustee For BWD Developments$762,254.02
2029Serraview Australia Pty Ltd$761,134.00
2030JOHN STAR Pty Ltd$760,342.50
2031Programmed Property Services$759,436.00
2032Australian Institute Of Management$758,368.61
2033Meyer Vandenberg$758,280.00
2034Jesmie Mulla Contracting Trust$757,783.43
2035Annapolis Micro Systems, INC.$756,709.13
2036Balfran Removals$755,508.72
2037Leonardo S.p.a.$755,183.64
2038Aquasora Pty Ltd$755,040.00
2039Iugotec Pty Ltd$754,552.29
2040JOHN Fargher And Associates Pty Ltd$754,493.25
2041Michael & Irene Gosden$754,200.00
2042The Trustee For Pluske Family Trust$753,060.00
2043Screencraft Media Pty Ltd$752,585.50
2044Videocraft Equipment Pty Ltd$751,314.50
2045SKNG Services Pty Ltd$750,615.93
2046Fugro Australia LAND Pty Ltd$750,200.00
2047Relationships Australia (victoria) Inc$750,000.00
2048Carat Australia Pty Ltd$750,000.00
2049BALE Defence Industries Pty Ltd$749,789.59
2050Macquarie Builders Pty Ltd$748,196.00
2051Spinifexit Pty Ltd$747,105.70
2052Johnson Controls Australia Pty Ltd$746,900.00
2053National Ageing Research Institute Limited$746,241.70
2054Aussafe Consulting P/L$744,052.41
2055600 Machine Tools Pty Ltd$743,114.90
2056Winya Indigenous Furniture Pty Ltd$742,135.62
2057Moray And Agnew Lawyers$739,092.53
2058Daraco Services Pty Ltd$738,542.35
2059Southern Cross Computer Systems Pty Ltd$737,386.36
2060MWA Systems Pty Ltd$737,354.08
2061Ramsay Health CARE Investments$737,000.00
2062National Health CALL Centre Network$736,436.00
2063Droneshield Limited$736,087.00
2064Atlas Geophysics Pty Ltd$735,006.25
2065Older Persons Advocacy Network Ltd$734,250.00
2066Australian Institute Of Company Directors$733,776.46
2067Measurement Innovation Pty Ltd$733,438.41
2068Melbourne Health$730,147.82
2069ANTI Cancer Council Of Victoria$729,950.50
2070Newspec Pty Ltd$728,894.72
2071Eagle Industries Unlimited, INC.$728,882.66
2072Kisters Pty Ltd$728,792.01
2073Brightlight Group Pty Ltd$726,000.00
2074RPL Projects$726,000.00
2075Creative Agile Consulting Pty Ltd$725,760.00
2076The Cancer Council NSW$725,110.21
2077MXA Consulting$725,010.00
2078Direct Ergonomics Pty Ltd$724,874.90
2079Foresee IT Pty Ltd$724,284.00
2080Boeing Australia Component$723,024.50
2081FAIR Work Ombudsman$722,954.10
2082Laerdal Pty Ltd$722,724.64
2083Avaya Australia Pty Ltd$721,244.15
2084Sando Australia Pty Ltd$719,579.30
2085Delen Research Group$718,812.58
2086IT CLUB House$718,028.50
2087SAGE Constructions Pty Ltd$716,562.00
2088White Marquee Event Hire Group UNIT Trust$716,049.79
2089The MARK Agency$715,883.72
2090Prismac Systems Australasia Pty Ltd$715,178.20
2091Providence Trust$714,613.58
2092Reads Electric Company Pty Ltd$714,109.00
2093EY Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd$713,856.00
2095Inchcape Shipping Services L.l.c$712,863.39
2096Waters Australia Pty Ltd$712,860.89
2097WUGU Nyambil Limited$712,777.00
2098TRIO TEST And Measurement Pty Ltd$712,247.36
2099Pullman Brisbane KING George Square$712,233.55
2100Versatile WAY$712,040.40
2101Janison Solutions Pty Ltd$710,321.56
2102Providence Consulting Group PL ATF Providence Consulting Group$709,961.13
2103Precor Australia$709,891.21
2104SA Power Networks PAI Utilities Development Ltd &$707,960.00
2105RUAG Australia Pty Ltd$707,559.18
2106Xmplar Building Solutions Pty Ltd$706,390.01
2107Taylor Professional Services Pty Ltd ATF Taylor Services Trust$706,200.00
2108Optimum Business Consulting Pty Ltd$705,750.00
2109Metacorp Pty Ltd$704,686.36
2110Kobra Shredders Australia Pty Ltd$704,242.60
2111Solutech (act) Pty TD$704,000.00
2112Closed LOOP Design Pty Limited$703,936.48
2113ST JOHN Ambulance Australia (nsw)$703,920.00
2114Robin Alwyn Davies Pty Ltd$703,639.86
2115UK MET Office$703,356.36
2116Elsevier BV$703,355.21
2117Rojone Pty Limited$703,048.00
2118Teledyne Gavia EHF$702,202.47
2119Department Of National Defence, Defence R & D Canada-toronto/drdc/$701,869.26
2120Indianic Group Pty Ltd$701,727.40
2121Paper Giant$701,558.40
2122Emerald First UNIT Trust$701,126.13
2123International ART Services$700,604.78
2124Marriner Contractors Pty Ltd$699,514.40
2125Joanne Maroney$699,420.01
2126Baker And Provan Pty Ltd$698,118.32
2127ART Of Mentoring Pty Ltd$697,804.99
2128MSRF Pty Ltd$696,745.85
2129Townsend & Associates Architects$695,255.00
2130Secure HARD Drive Destruction PTY. LTD.$695,067.92
2131PBS Building Pty Ltd$694,867.86
2132Aohua Haili Pty Ltd$694,819.59
2133Tapestry Solutions, INC.$693,970.58
2134Infuse TECH Pty Limited$693,000.00
2135Pm-partners Group$692,776.99
2136Aviko Pty Limited$692,480.00
2137Ministry Of Defence T/A Defence Business Services Finance$692,110.51
2138Engineering IS Elementary$690,860.00
2139The Logistics Alliance PTY. LTD.$690,740.00
2140Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd$690,170.00
2141Compass Group (australia) Pty Ltd$689,949.59
2142Royal WOLF Trading Australia Pty Ltd$689,363.25
2143Cobul Constructions$688,149.28
2144Southern DIRT$687,643.00
2145Silverback Cargo Equipment Pty L$685,740.00
2146Gerson Lehrman Group$685,018.00
2147Department Of Housing$685,004.10
2148FTI Consulting Technology Pty Ltd$683,711.60
2149Department Of Parliamentary Services$683,000.70
2150Lipoma Pty Ltd ATF Riverlink UNIT Trust$682,948.91
2151Palantir Technologies INC.$682,719.35
2152Aquion Pty Limited$682,483.25
2153The Australian Industry Group$679,939.85
2154Triumph GEAR Systems, Inc.!dba Triumph GEAR Systems- PARK CITY$679,828.53
2155Mepss LLC$679,677.28
2156Indigenous Professional Services$679,365.00
2157Justco (australia Onshore) Pty Ltd$678,958.80
2158Palantir Technologies Australia Pty Ltd$678,589.62
2159Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd$677,070.46
2160Digicert, Inc$677,000.00
2161RISE Above Aerial Cinematography P/$676,471.32
2162Sydney Night Patrol And Inquiry CO Pty Ltd$675,000.00
2164Compunetix INC.$674,082.30
2165Director Of National Parks$671,500.00
2166Compass Group Defence Hospitality Services Pty Ltd$671,476.66
2167SALT & Shein Services Pty Limited$670,464.36
2168Commonwealth BANK Of Australia (hawker Pacific-dept Of Defence )$669,044.38
2170Daniel Jolliffe$668,999.99
2171Expert 360$668,840.59
2172Union Offset CO. PTY. Limited$668,685.90
2173Radtronics P / L$668,498.60
2174DAON (australia) Pty Ltd$666,583.50
2175KPMG Engineering Pty Ltd$665,966.40
2176Freebody Cogent Pty Ltd$664,997.08
2177Vector Pacific Pty Ltd$664,989.60
2178EGON Zehnder International Pty Ltd$664,500.00
2179Consulting Group Australia Pty Ltd$664,400.00
2180DEWC Systems Pty Ltd$663,373.57
2181TANK Services Pty Ltd T/AS The Tasman TANK CO$663,113.00
2182Geoplex Products Pty Ltd$662,910.90
2183Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group RE Limited$662,697.67
2184Emona Instruments Pty Ltd$661,938.44
2185Fenton Communications$661,650.00
2186Enclosure Design And Consulting$660,800.00
2187MR Maurice Corcoran$660,000.00
2188Warrick Jordan$660,000.00
2189The C.d.c.s Trading Trust$658,920.02
2190Minbaringu Services Pty Ltd$658,823.00
2191EQBD Pty Ltd$657,919.38
2192CA Singapore PTE Ltd$657,714.85
2193Air-met Scientific Pty Ltd$657,288.28
2194Arthur J Gallagher And CO (aus) Ltd$656,869.87
2195NGS Global Pty Ltd$656,817.77
2196Praxis Aerospace$656,742.90
2197Talend Australia Pty Ltd$656,701.33
2198C E Bartlett Pty Ltd$656,269.35
2199The Trustee For Assure Energy NT DA$656,114.80
2200TJ And Affiliates$653,500.00
2201Global Integration Technology P/L$652,606.77
2202Macro Recruitment Pty Ltd$651,857.53
2203MRH Global Pty Ltd$651,557.50
2204Bounce Australia$651,408.40
2205Australian Catseye Group Pty Ltd$651,104.26
2206Coherent Scientific Pty Ltd$651,070.20
2207Lowe, Katherine Michelle$651,000.00
2208Boxing Clever Pty Ltd$650,364.00
2209The POD Multimedia Pty Ltd$650,219.73
2210Hendry Group Pty Ltd$650,000.00
2211Department Of Health And Human Services$649,348.70
2212Livingstone Shire Council$648,771.20
2213Jackman Waugh Technology Solutions$647,234.15
2214Springq Pty Ltd$646,970.00
2215ANZ BANK$646,775.00
2216Camden Airport Limited$645,602.11
2217Mcnair Ingenuity Research Pty Ltd$644,757.28
2218Aspex Consulting Pty Ltd$644,553.11
2219Healthlink Group Pty Ltd$644,498.98
2220Linkedin Singapore PTE Ltd$644,425.87
2221GO Sourcing Pty Ltd$643,997.20
2222Doyle Executive, Accounting And Finance Recruitment Pty Ltd$643,890.92
2223Stewart & Heaton Clothing CO Pty LT AS Trustee For S & H UNIT Trust$643,225.27
2224Ability Works Australia Ltd$641,499.99
2225Veldhoen And Company Pty Limited$641,069.00
2226Snapcracker Research And Strategy Pty$640,750.03
2228Preemptive Consulting Pty Ltd$640,021.56
2230Digital Frontier Partners Pty Ltd$639,980.00
2231Northrop Grumman International Trading, Incorporated$638,000.00
2232AUST Curriculum & Education CONS$636,816.40
2233Plant Health Australia Ltd$635,665.30
2234Securcom Pty Ltd$635,056.28
2235Bridgewater Doors$632,313.00
2236Defco Pty Ltd$631,232.04
2237Mcinnes Wilson Lawyers P/L$629,958.18
2238Gartner ROSE Pty Ltd$629,487.00
2239Marin Netherlands (marin)$628,759.74
2240MALE Champions Of Change Limited$627,916.37
2241Caltech General Contracting Unipess$627,609.34
2242Dedicated Systems Australia Pty Ltd$627,017.48
2243Greenbox Group Pty Ltd$626,712.90
2244JNC Group Australia Pty Ltd$625,790.58
2245Yaran Business Services Pty Ltd$625,270.70
2246OXNJ Happy DAYS Company Limited$625,000.00
2247Department Of Justice &$623,560.00
2248David Osborne$622,874.21
2250BBMT Pty Ltd$622,138.00
2251NERA Australia Pty Ltd$621,649.97
2252Cocos Communications And IT Pty Ltd$620,929.20
2253Altair Engineering Software Pty Ltd$620,424.14
2255Praxis Consultants Pty Ltd$619,501.85
2256Talent International Pty Ltd$619,204.80
2257Henchman Products Pty Ltd$618,762.81
2258South Australia Murray-darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board$618,480.69
2259DELV Pty Ltd$618,310.00
2260Alinta Contracting Pty Ltd$615,574.00
2261IPA Personnel Pty Ltd$614,585.98
2262Meaningful Ageing Australia INC.$614,000.00
2263Cliftons Operations Pty Ltd$613,345.45
2264Lambert & Rehbein (seq) P/L$612,726.00
2265Nationwide NEWS Pty Ltd$612,313.50
2266Enosys Solutions Pty Ltd$612,067.60
2267Leishman Associates$612,051.92
2268PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd$611,389.29
2269Algoram Business Solutions Pty Ltd$611,325.00
2270The Trusteee For RYE Trust$610,920.99
2271BT Transport & Logistics Trust$610,743.60
2272Amazon Web Services, INC.$608,953.31
2273JOHN O'neil$608,100.00
2274IDS Australasia Pty Ltd$607,030.57
2275FUSE Recruitment Melbourne Pty Ltd$607,002.04
2276The Executive Centre (beijing) CO Ltd CWO$606,933.00
2277A And G Price Ltd$605,681.87
2278Lynelle Briggs$605,675.62
2279Shoalhaven CITY Council$604,230.21
2280Peter David Mcquoid T/A PDM Consultancy$604,200.00
2281Recorded Future, INC.$603,490.00
2282Stichting Deltares$602,635.00
2283Skill360 Australia Limited$602,379.00
2284Wolfram Research INC.$600,857.33
2285Attorney-generals Department$600,539.67
2286Scanna MSC Ltd$600,204.10
2287Bluebird Consultants Pty Ltd$600,065.28
2288Department Of Justice$600,000.00
2289Engineers Australia Australia - National Office$598,981.37
2290K.H. Bourne And A.L. Flanagan And L GOW And J.M. Soden$598,958.25
2291Astronova, Inc.dba Astronova$597,903.87
2292Manuka Psychology$597,000.00
2293Orijen Pty Ltd$596,948.00
2294Grace Worldwide (australia) Pty Ltd$595,707.73
2295Savv-e Pty Ltd$595,207.50
2296Jacmor Engineering Pty Ltd$595,200.10
2297Ces-northcote (vic) Pty Ltd$594,737.00
2298Warrgambi Pty Ltd$593,386.69
2299Cellebrite Australia Pty Limited$593,342.87
2300Lonergan Research$593,136.00
2301Watmarine Engineering Services$591,703.20
2302The Trustee For The Haines Group Trust$591,049.47
2303Gardevie Pty Ltd$589,142.40
2304Airnsea Safety Pty Ltd$588,426.74
2305Jakeman Business Solutions Pty Limited$587,740.00
2306Scaffidi HUGH Jones Pty Ltd$586,225.00
2307Energy Market Consulting Associates$585,966.00
2308HART Security Australia Pty Limited$585,649.50
2309Encore Event Technologies Pty Limited$584,044.21
2310BEAK Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$583,762.81
2311Projects Delivered Australia Pty Ltd$583,740.00
2312L.e.k. Consulting$583,473.24
2313Blackhorse Solutions, INC.$582,988.64
2314Juniper Networks Australia Pty Ltd$582,188.70
2315Jigsaw Search Pty Ltd$582,002.52
2316ASC International FZE$580,709.83
2317Rapiscan Systems Australia P/L$580,619.49
2318Recruitment Management Company Ltd$580,308.25
2319Burgess Horticultural Services$580,282.00
2320Dangfam Pty Ltd$580,140.00
2321Oil Response Company Of Australia Pty Ltd$580,021.25
2322MRV Systems$579,503.24
2323The Trustee For Logitech UNIT Trust$579,217.68
2324JO Fisher Executive Search$578,691.71
2325Iqvia Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$578,641.80
2326EY Identity Pty Ltd$578,600.00
2327Economic Insights Pty Ltd$578,500.00
2328BIS Oxford Economics$578,491.00
2329L J Colquhoun Dixon$577,500.00
2330Bureau International DES Poids ET Mesure$577,334.00
2331SID Arida, George Arida, And Josep$575,361.69
2332Lazard Pty Ltd$575,000.00
2333Pyramid Corporation Pty Ltd$574,167.30
2334Fortis Consulting$573,004.00
2335Mediserve Pty Ltd$572,910.48
2336Cre8ive Australasia Pty Ltd$572,113.62
2337Stennett Consulting Consulting Trust$572,000.00
2338TO70 Aviation (australia) Pty Ltd$571,895.00
2339P. Blashki And SONS Pty Ltd$571,756.48
2340Watermark Search International$571,490.00
2341Prism Defence Pty Ltd$571,170.00
2342Luminact PTY. LTD.$571,049.74
2343Diskdome PTY. Limited$570,900.00
2344Johnny Appleseed GPS$570,551.93
2345L.e.k. Consulting$570,250.68
2346Semantic Sciences Pty Ltd$570,147.66
2347Department Of Biodiversity, Conservation And Attractions$569,800.00
2348MBDA UK Ltd$569,526.50
2349Entag Communications Pty Ltd$569,140.00
2350Receiver General For Canada$568,493.64
2351Australian Academy Of Science$568,186.50
2352Rosenbauer Australia Pty Ltd$567,048.47
2353Mhd-rockland Inc$566,431.39
2354Spencer TECH Pty Ltd$566,017.10
2355Genesys Laboratories Australasia Pty Ltd$566,000.00
2356Value Sourcing$565,292.00
2357Fredon Technology Pty Ltd$565,220.11
2358Mercer Consulting (aust) Pty$564,872.99
2359Intec 1 Pty Ltd$564,739.23
2360Pretty Agile Pty Ltd$564,218.00
2361Appdynamics International Ltd$564,120.70
2362MAPP Digital UK LT$564,069.94
2364The Financial Times Limited$563,996.00
2365Unique Outcomes Pty Ltd$563,461.00
2366SXIQ Digital PT Ltd Ltd$563,182.00
2367Croudace Greenhouses International$563,043.80
2368ONE Funds Management Limited (ACN 117 979 403) AS The Trustee For Benlee Property Trust No 11$562,155.00
2369Aspect Furniture Pty Ltd$561,419.10
2370Canberra Agile Pty Ltd$561,000.00
2371Gilimbaa Pty Ltd$559,578.40
2372Point Trading$557,997.31
2373The Pharmacy Guild Of Australia$557,342.91
2374Acolade Consulting$557,235.14
2375Agfa-gevaert Ltd$557,144.40
2376Absolute Data Group Pty Ltd$556,132.47
2377Simuserv Pty Ltd$555,062.20
2378Blink Technology Australia Pty Ltd$554,173.40
2379CSO Group Pty Ltd$553,446.96
2380LIFE Technologies Australia Pty Ltd$552,853.99
2381Australian Institute Of Criminology$552,844.00
2382Moray And Agnew Lawyers$552,750.00
2383Humanitarian Advisory Group Pty Ltd$551,785.07
2384CBR Contracting Pty Ltd$551,760.00
2385Quinn Truck Services Pty Ltd$551,192.02
2386ADAM Lance Boyton$550,500.00
2387Lexigo Global Pty Ltd$550,292.35
2388Blueline Software Pty Ltd$550,264.00
2389Department For Environment And WATE$550,097.86
2390Simfront Simulation Systems Corporation$550,000.00
2391Border Truck Repairs$550,000.00
2392Apnic Foundation$550,000.00
2393WEST Australian Newspapers Limited$550,000.00
2394Australian Federation Of Modern$550,000.00
2395Marshalls Transport Pty Ltd$550,000.00
2396Federal Court Of Australia$549,635.00
2397JP Consulting$549,280.00
2398D&W Electrical$548,423.61
2399Antares Solutions Pty Ltd$547,989.20
2400AERO Refuellers K & S Group$546,609.72
2401DOLL Martin Associates Pty Ltd$546,582.03
2402Vista Advisory Pty Ltd$546,464.00
2403EOS Space Systems Pty Limited$546,330.91
2404PT Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia$546,226.00
2405DLC Australia Pty Ltd$546,150.00
2406NEXT Paradigm$544,986.00
2407Photomapping Services Pty Ltd$544,961.46
2408Transport Certification Australia$544,542.90
2409Australian Corporate Protection Pty Ltd$544,500.00
2410Stephen Merchant Consulting$544,317.52
2411RISE Research Institute Of Sweden AB$544,217.68
2412Custom Solutions Group Pty Ltd$541,915.00
2413Lubans Projects$541,425.43
2414Jobnet Tasmania$541,109.75
2415Capezio Copeland Pty Ltd$541,000.00
2416Department Of The Premier & Cabinet$540,367.00
2417Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd$540,162.90
2418Corporate Recruitment Services Pty Ltd$539,500.00
2419Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health$539,310.62
2420Qantas Airways$538,593.30
2421The Trustee For Thinkplace UNIT Trust$538,091.00
2422LAHZ Nimmo Architects$537,145.62
2423Engineering Analysis Services$536,910.00
2424Guida Moseley Brown P/L$534,440.00
2425Sargeant Advisory$534,380.00
2426Electarget (WA)$534,206.20
2427RELX Nederland B.V.$533,327.10
2428Prometix Pty Ltd$531,740.00
2429Veris Australia Pty Ltd$531,245.00
2430Philips Medical Systems Australia$531,225.52
2431HIGH Pressure PLUS Australia Pty$529,118.49
2432Sevencs GMBH$528,220.00
2434Prataps Civil & Asphalt Quarries Ltd$527,422.37
2435Doghouse Group Pty Ltd$527,161.80
2436Tubarao Investments$526,582.01
2437Garli Pty Ltd$526,260.90
2438Allen & Clarke$526,091.50
2439D.R Bedford & Others T/A Mccullough Robertson Lawyers$525,476.01
2440Sharp Corporation Of Australia Pty Ltd$525,113.83
2441Career Employment Australia Ltd$524,230.00
2442Connexion Systems Pty Ltd Systems Discretionary Trust$524,084.00
2443Premis Solutions Pty Ltd$523,776.00
2445Rivernet Communications Pty Ltd$522,513.86
2446Clifford Hallam Healthcare$521,944.04
2447Mcgirr Information Technology Pty$521,824.78
2448Device Technologies Australia P*$521,447.65
2449Justice And Community Safety Direct$521,252.00
2450Strategic Development Group Pty Ltd$521,208.01
2451Attachmate Group Australia Pty Ltd$520,687.20
2452N.t.p. Fleet Management PTY. LTD.$519,014.11
2453Brownstone Consulting Pty Ltd$518,393.51
2454F.H. Designs PTY. Limited$518,370.33
2455Jones LANG Lasalle (vic) Pty Limited$517,959.13
2457Health Support Services (WA)$517,000.00
2458GD & JA Ogden Holdings Pty Ltd$516,800.00
2459COX Inall Change Pty Ltd$516,392.85
2460Central LAND Council$516,000.57
2461Knight Frank LLP$516,000.00
2462Dormakaba Australia Pty Ltd$515,800.26
2463Citibuild Pty Ltd$515,664.84
2464Global Specialised Services Pty Ltd$515,200.00
2465Liberty Protection Services Ltd Inc$515,000.00
2466Acquia Inc$514,737.87
2467Globalpos Pty Ltd$514,091.69
2468@rossiters Pty Ltd$513,700.00
2469Human Systems Group Pty Ltd$513,654.63
2470Hastwell Pty Ltd$513,363.53
2471Oxford Policy Management Australia Pty Ltd$512,412.84
2472JCB Construction Equipment Aust*$512,394.31
2473Vincents Assurance And RISK Advisory$511,978.00
2474PITT Group Pty Ltd$511,786.00
2476Escient Pty Ltd$511,000.00
2477LBE Technology$510,997.08
2478University Of Cambridge$510,591.96
2479Tidswell, Craig Morrison$510,400.00
2480Pathtech Pty Ltd$509,397.50
2481C Boulamatsis & J Ginige$508,538.36
2482Acker Pty Ltd$508,255.00
2483ATOM And Supply Company Pty Ltd$508,202.04
2484Daleglade Pty Ltd And Others ATF Kensington PARK Property Trust$507,600.00
2485South Australian Health And Medical$507,013.06
2486State Of Matter Consulting$506,261.00
2487The Microcare CD Group Pty Ltd$504,556.80
2488General Electric International Inc$504,009.07
2489GK Solutions UNIT Trust$503,535.45
2490Mainpeak Pty Ltd$502,971.60
2491Sheedy, Stephen Charles$502,700.00
2492MIND Tools Limited$501,207.00
2493Australian Trade Training College L$501,090.88
2494Sapere Research Group Ltd$500,390.00
2496Scribefire Pty Ltd$500,000.00
2497Clarke Keller Pty Ltd$499,965.00
2498RSM BIRD Cameron - Melbourne$499,254.02
2499Jenkins And Hendriks 2005 Trust$498,884.57
2500Fastlane Solutions$498,613.34
2501D4dinsights, LLC$498,297.29
2502Mipec Pty Ltd$498,047.00
2503Key Assets The Children's Services$497,854.90
2504MARK HAY Realty Group$497,291.75
2505Innovative Tactical Training!solutions Corporation$497,248.46
2506Easec Occupational Health$497,069.90
2507TURN OZE Pty Ltd$497,047.23
2508Endpoint Solutions Pty Ltd$495,850.00
2509The Trustee For Keating Family Trust$495,521.00
2510JET PETS Animal Transport$495,000.00
2511Welch Allyn Australia Pty Ltd$493,979.95
2512Regional Development Australia - Hunter$493,900.00
2513Shinewing Australia Pty Ltd$493,136.80
2514Promet Valves Australia Pty Ltd$492,757.10
2515Horizon Communication Group Pty Limited$492,000.00
2516Kamberra Indigenous Cleaning Pty Ltd$492,000.00
2517Hardie Grant Media Pty Ltd$491,656.00
2519Enable Software$490,084.00
2520Westrac Equipment Pty Ltd$490,064.47
2521GOV LAW TECH Services P/L$489,444.80
2522The National Institute Of Dramatic ART$489,097.26
2524MSA (aust.) PTY. Limited$487,778.36
2525Fivecast Pty Ltd$487,300.00
2526Otzma Analytics$487,036.00
2527Matthew Brady$487,000.00
2528Hamish Ivey-law$485,500.00
2529Burns Bentham$484,990.00
2530The Trustee For Renmark Irrigation$484,434.69
2531Aerosure ASIA Pacific Pty Limited$483,604.22
2532Conach Pty Ltd$483,265.68
2533Converge International Pty Ltd$482,631.90
2534Alfex CNC Australia$482,062.90
2535Integrated Space Pty Ltd$481,800.00
2536Jennifer & Russell Clapham$480,700.00
2537DR Antonio DI DIO$480,000.00
2538Flame TREE Developments (fiji) Limited$480,000.00
2539Taunbill Holdings Australia Pty Ltd$479,494.40
2540Alarp Solutions Pty Ltd$479,050.00
2541Mongodb Limited$478,615.00
2542Robert Cornall AO$478,506.00
2543Leanne Halley Consulting P/L$478,157.00
2544Australian Taxation Office$477,715.00
2545TIP TOP Bakeries$477,359.95
2546Arstz 1/2 Pty Ltd$477,350.01
2547O2C Solutions$477,260.00
2548Redbay Consulting$476,700.00
2549Pulse Systems Incorporated$476,367.71
2550International Coconut Community$475,624.00
2551ADT FIRE Monitoring$475,458.40
2552Sianmark Pty Ltd$475,200.00
2553Snap-on Tools (australia) Pty Ltd$475,085.09
2554Global AG Properties Australia Pty Ltd$475,000.00
2555Cyberops Pty Ltd$473,810.00
2556Eniquest Pty Ltd$473,764.23
2557CCD Networking Pty Ltd$472,994.01
2558Precision Airmotive Pty Ltd$472,725.00
2559O'connor Marsden & Associates Pty Limited$472,625.67
2560SAFT Batteries Pty Ltd$472,318.00
2561NRA Environmental Consultants Pty Ltd$472,235.99
2562Derwent Sydney Pty Ltd$471,820.00
2563Rider Levett Bucknall ACT Pty Ltd$470,859.50
2564National Association Of Testing$470,802.57
2565Arthur J. Gallagher (UK) Limited$469,484.00
2566Pharmaceutical Society Of Australia Limited$469,379.00
2567MLA Donor Company Limited$469,260.00
2568Diligent Board Services Australia P$469,019.93
2569Jfrog Inc$468,753.25
2570Currie Communications Pty Ltd$467,451.60
2571Data Consilium$466,805.00
2572Padmore CITY Pty Ltd$466,664.00
2574L3 Technologies, Inc.!dba Communication Systems-west!div$465,941.67
2575Steve GRAY Consulting Trust Consulting Trust$465,300.00
2577National Archives Of Australia$465,013.03
2578Thermoline Scientific$464,909.94
2579Flare Consulting Services Pty Ltd$464,640.00
2580JVAT Trust$463,650.00
2581Draeger Australia Pty Ltd$463,571.59
2582Futureyou Contracting Pty Limited$462,762.30
2583LOTE Marketing Pty Ltd$462,199.96
2584CITY Of Wanneroo$462,000.00
2585Reward Distribution$461,767.27
2586M.P Stephen Pty Ltd$461,700.00
2587Aginic Holdings Pty Ltd$460,838.80
2588Navantia S A$460,691.63
2589Clevertar Services Pty Ltd$460,000.00
2590Digitus Information Systems Pty Ltd$459,368.80
2591Azores(shanghai)advertising Communi$459,341.48
2592HPI HIGH Pressure Intrumentation Gesellschaft FUER Messtechnik MBH$459,030.48
2593Light Aircraft Pty Ltd$458,927.04
2594Madderns Pty Ltd$458,909.35
2595Human Capital International Pty Ltd$458,832.00
2596Sitback Solutions Pty Ltd$457,968.50
2597Complete Security Solutions (aust) Pty Ltd$457,512.00
2598Keith & Robert Bartley$457,200.00
2599BRI Ferrier NQ$457,050.00
2600The Trustee For BEAR LION BIRD TRUS$457,000.00
2601Radio Frequency Systems AUST Pty LT$456,675.99
2602Torque Software Pty Ltd$456,258.00
2603The Brattle Group$455,323.00
2604Hoffman Donohue$454,700.00
2605Catapult BI Pty Ltd$453,992.00
2606Venus Advertising Pty Ltd$453,881.34
2607Pitney Bowes Australia Pty Ltd$453,524.99
2608The Trustee For Viewgrand Trust E$453,438.51
2609Wotso Workspace Pty Limited$453,197.73
2610Verseng Group Pty Ltd$451,607.20
2611Cultural Perspectives Pty Ltd$451,529.00
2612Skeiny Projects Pty Ltd$451,128.41
2613Navicle Pty Ltd$451,000.02
2614Martin Shute$451,000.00
2615Mitch ARCH Pty Ltd$450,914.00
2616IPFX Systems Limited$450,613.34
2617QIC Robina Pty Ltd ACN 080 215 354 AS The Trustee For The QIC Robina Trust$450,010.00
2618DE Bruyn COLD Storage Pty Ltd$450,000.00
2619Work Rehab$450,000.00
2620Doric Engineering$449,986.38
2621CSG Demining Consultants Pty Ltd$449,629.20
2623Invasive Animals Ltd$449,433.00
2624Aggreko Limited$448,717.20
2625EDI Solutions Pty Ltd$448,217.50
2626Meltwater Australia Pty Ltd$447,590.00
2627Stylecraft Australia Pty Ltd$446,830.85
2628HANS & Helga Brunn$446,550.00
2629Precise Global Pty Ltd$446,493.30
2630Council Of Heads Of Australian Faunal Collections$445,500.00
2631Greencap Pty Ltd$445,251.15
2632Red SEA Housing Company PNG Limited$445,193.15
2633Aristotle Cloud Services Australia$445,175.50
2634Entrust Ltd$445,054.16
2635Harvey Norman Commercial Division$444,247.25
2637Touchpoint Technology Pty Ltd$443,457.68
2638College Of Electrical Training$443,239.75
2639Rentokil Initial$443,215.12
2640Shadbolt Group$443,026.24
2641COPE Sensitive Freight$443,000.00
2642Quantum Market Research$442,880.02
2643Weibel Scientific A/S$442,277.93
2644Craig Robert Strike$442,200.00
2645Fastwave Communications Pty Ltd$442,072.92
2646FLIR Radars Inc$441,769.72
2647Eurabbie Consulting Pty Ltd$441,200.00
2648East VIEW Information Services, Inc!dba EVP$440,200.00
2649Glascott Landscape & Civil Pty Ltd$440,152.38
2650Waters EDGE Consulting Butcher, Rhonda$440,140.00
2651Norwood Plastic Printers$440,038.50
2652Jbtglobal Corporate Advisory$440,000.00
2653SKY Discovery$440,000.00
2654Health Informatics Society Of Australia$440,000.00
2655Belle Laide Events Pty Ltd$440,000.00
2656Vanderkooi Consulting Pty Ltd$440,000.00
2657Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation$440,000.00
2658Datacom Information Technologies$439,955.98
2659A J Baker And SONS Pty Ltd$439,851.53
2660SRA Information Technology Pty Ltd$439,510.00
2661Safronstar Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Safronstar Property Trust$439,475.00
2662LEX Australia Pty Ltd$439,384.00
2663Clark Masts ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$439,167.16
2664Tanner James Management Consultants$438,493.02
2665Embedded Logic Solutions Pty Ltd$438,438.00
2666Boroko Motors Limited$438,321.00
2667Murdoch Children's Research$437,800.00
2668AGON Environmental Pty Ltd$436,849.00
2669BLUE CRAB Investments Pty Ltd$434,997.00
2670Australian Survey Research Group$433,913.70
2671Georgina Frances Krieg, PAUL Arthur Krieg$433,875.00
2672GUS Gilmore Group$433,217.52
2673Luminaria Solutions Pty Ltd$432,800.51
2674Ministry Of Defence$432,342.11
2676Specialised Force Pty Ltd$431,607.00
2677The Department Of Environment$431,403.00
2678Rural Doctors Association Of$430,100.00
2679Thales Defense & Security, Inc$429,426.93
2680Mclennan Services Pty Ltd$429,061.76
2681Fitzroy Basin Association Inc$429,000.00
2682Edith Cowan University$428,755.81
2683Takao Suzuki And YUKO Suzuki$427,808.89
2684Tasco Sales AUST Pty Ltd$427,606.19
2685Centre For International Economics$427,597.50
2686JOHN Winter Consultancy Ltd$426,831.36
2687Kelly And Windsor Australia PTY*$426,407.58
2688Crown Equipment Pty Ltd$426,365.19
2689TUTT Bryant Hire Pty Ltd$425,378.10
2690CNW Pty Ltd Customer 16821$425,328.69
2691NEWS Pty Limited$425,156.00
2693National Rugby League Limited$423,500.00
2694BLK Use 141503 - World Customs ORGA$422,921.49
2695JUNE And Peter HOOD$421,800.00
2696Auswild Properties Pty Ltd$421,745.02
2697Adept Partners Pty Ltd$421,600.30
2698Wecal Pty Ltd$421,190.00
2700AIR Force SHOP$420,325.09
2701Podnik Pty Ltd$420,105.72
2702Garth Cameron Slade$419,760.00
2703Montlaur Project Services Pty Ltd$419,707.20
2704Elitier ATF The Trustee For Reichs$419,509.76
2705The Trustee For Tparc Business TRUS$419,275.88
2706Data Physics Corporationdba DP$419,247.36
2707Miller Heiman Group (anz) Pty Ltd$418,000.00
2708Gastroenterological Society Of Australia$418,000.00
2709Planit TEST Management Solutions Pty Ltd$417,087.00
2710Environmental Resources Management AUST P/L$416,627.97
2711Yarra Valley Water Corporation$416,000.00
2712United Project Management Pty Limit$416,000.00
2713Evteq Pty Ltd$415,937.50
2714WFEL Limited$415,498.91
2715A. Noble And SON Ltd$415,059.04
2716ISW Development Pty Ltd$415,043.15
2717Bysouth, KAYE Annette$414,929.73
2718Baumeister, Walter Henry$414,788.00
2719PLUS PLUS Pty Ltd ATF Lovett Family Trust$414,375.17
2720Galent Management Consulting$414,287.00
2721Vivir Healthcare Pty Ltd$413,825.50
2722NEXT Electrical Technologies Pty LT$413,371.95
2723Swell Design Group Pty Ltd$413,277.85
2724NDT Equipment Sales Pty Ltd$413,239.20
2725ELMO Learning Services Pty Ltd$412,637.25
2726ART Exhibitions Australia Limited$412,500.00
2727The Trustee For The Wojtowicz Famil T/A Auscan Project Solutions$412,500.00
2728Catalyze APAC Pty Ltd$412,493.09
2729GM Savunma Sanayi Teknolojileri Anonim Sirketi$412,425.00
2730Porter Novelli Australia Pty Ltd$412,188.44
2731Balance Recruitment UNIT Trust$411,583.65
2732Woolworths Financial Services$411,474.99
2733Quality Management Solutions$411,054.98
2734Calytrix Technologies Pty Ltd$409,630.54
2735Sitep Australia Pty Ltd$409,585.00
2736Yardstick Advisory Pty Limited$409,513.50
2737Language Professionals$408,974.12
2738Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd$408,828.87
2739ASAP PLUS Australia Pty Ltd$408,650.00
2740Ticketek Pty Ltd$408,595.00
2741Babel Street Inc$408,413.72
2742Physio In Motion Pty Ltd$408,351.42
2743Milspec Manufacturing Pty Ltd$408,153.90
2744Special Broadcasting Service Corporation$408,072.50
2745Maddison Wright Engineering Pty Ltd$407,256.30
2746The ANNA Centre Pty Ltd$407,000.00
2747Smartsat INC.$406,181.06
2748Experia Events PTE Ltd$406,151.79
2749ACS Australia Australia Pty Ltd$405,856.03
2750Black DOG Institute$405,421.50
2751Sealy Of Australia (nsw) Pty Ltd$404,976.00
2752MR ROB Ritchie$404,800.00
2753Annette Marie Stallman, Kenneth Dudley Stallman$404,700.00
2754Factory Sound Sales Pty Ltd$404,333.00
2755Interior Engineering Trust$404,253.07
2756AERO Safety Equipment Pty Ltd$404,250.00
2757Syntegrity Solutions Pty Ltd$403,961.23
2758Malbar Marine Electrics Pty Ltd$403,663.70
2759W2L Managed Services Pty Ltd$403,480.00
2760Aquitaine Consulting Services$403,440.00
2761G Panuccio & R Panuccio$402,944.92
2762Wideband Systems, INC.$402,910.81
2763Raytheon Canada Limited^dba Elcan Optical Technologies$402,865.15
2764TIWI Islands Regional Council$402,795.60
2765DELL Financial Services Pty Ltd$402,448.19
2766Lucid Consulting Engineers (act) Pty Ltd$402,230.40
2767Pamminger Superannuation Pty Ltd AS Trustee$401,700.00
2768EMM Consulting Pty Limited$401,375.68
2769BY George Studios$401,348.20
2770Chilled Australia Pty Ltd$401,002.80
2771Glory Property III Investment Pty Ltd$400,600.00
2772Premium IT Recruitment Pty Ltd$400,510.00
2773The Green Horticultural Group$400,000.00
2774Court Services Victoria$400,000.00
2775Envirolab Services Pty Ltd$400,000.00
2776Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Indigenous Corporation$400,000.00
2777PAN Software Pty Ltd (ACN 103767451) AS The Trustee For The PAN Group$400,000.00
2778Promo GEAR$399,983.10
2779Helicorp PTY. LTD.$399,652.00
2780I.d.s. Consultants Pty Ltd$399,620.04
2781Ideation Product Solutions Pty Ltd ATF IPS UNIT Trust$399,476.00
2782Alexis & Douglas Browne$399,000.00
2783ACT Economic Development Directorat$398,516.84
2784Chamber Of Commerce And Industry QL$398,516.83
2785South WEST Development Commission$398,516.81
2786Global HR Recruitment Pty Ltd AS TR$398,516.80
2787Markerry Industries Pty Ltd$398,396.35
2788SORD Australiafortitude East Pty$398,258.88
2789Australian Human Resources$397,903.50
2790ALM Management Services LLC DBA ALA Moana Hotel$397,440.00
2791DMAA Seaforce Pty Limited$397,100.00
2792Multimedia Concepts Pty Ltd$397,080.20
2793Digicert Inc$396,445.09
2794NQRY Pty Ltd$396,000.00
2795HKM Solutions Pty Ltd$395,973.93
2796NATO Bices Agency (nba)$395,866.77
2797James Cubitt Architects Pty Ltd$395,864.50
2798RISK Management Technologies$394,971.98
2799Thom, Vivienne Joyce$394,422.43
2800LAND Rover Australia$394,276.58
2801Olympia Group WA Pty Ltd$393,554.70
2802Australian Network On Disability$393,355.00
2803Integrity Health & Safety Pty Ltd$393,335.00
2804Spika Design & Manufacturing, Inc.!dba Spika Design And$393,314.06
2805Enginium Pty Ltd$393,254.99
2806Delib Australia Pty Ltd$393,250.00
2807Australian WAR Memorial$392,765.60
2808Aerosafe RISK Management Pty Ltd$392,750.00
2809Interconnect Systems Pty Ltd$392,031.20
2810Rivium Pty Ltd$391,765.00
2811Power On Australia Pty Ltd$391,508.01
2812Slattery Australia Pty Ltd$391,380.00
2813Emergent Biosolutions Canada Inc$391,349.53
2814Relocation LAWS Pty Ltd$391,225.60
2815Mcbeath Pty Ltd$390,828.00
2816PMP Ltd - PMP Digital$390,790.40
2817South East Trawl Fishing Industry Assoc$390,573.70
2818K.A Baartz & M.K Baartz$389,340.00
2819Servicepoint Australia Pty Ltd$388,965.06
2820Australian Technology Compliance Pty Ltd$388,300.00
2822Phoenix ICT Solutions Pty Ltd$388,080.00
2823Gaffney, Cline & Associates Pty Ltd$387,635.05
2824JLB Yaran Pty Ltd$387,528.25
2825Jennifer Clark$387,433.32
2826UXC Eclipse Pty Ltd$387,160.00
2827Rhumbline Advisory$387,090.00
2828NOIR NO. 64 Pty Limited$387,090.00
2829Workspace Commercial Furniture Pty$386,775.40
2830Auxilium Advisory$386,300.00
2831TBWA Melbourne$386,259.51
2832Weymouth Sporting Solutions Pty Ltd$385,844.80
2833Laurie & Maxwell Webster$385,700.00
2834Open2insight Pty Ltd$385,000.00
2835Harris Corporation!dba Surveillance Solutions$384,458.98
2836Braithwaite; Steiner & Pretty Pty Ltd T/A Odgers Berndtson$384,000.00
2837Furuno Australia$383,747.88
2838Wingarc Australia Pty Ltd$383,460.00
2839ALC Education & Consulting Pty Ltd$383,449.00
2840Parare Consulting Pty Ltd$383,000.00
2841Sargent Fletcher INC.$382,862.61
2842Australian CTR For Posttraumatic MEN HLT$382,804.50
2843Lever Analytics$382,424.00
2844ACT Community Services$382,420.00
2845Copyright Agency Limited$382,229.57
2846Laser Shot, INC.$382,098.27
2847Department Of Environment LAND Water And Planning$381,745.68
2848Stark Aviation Pty Ltd$381,736.18
2849Thrust Maritime Pty Ltd$381,700.00
2850A, I, M, M And T Gosden$381,600.00
2851BLUE STAR Australia$381,348.00
2852Master Electricians Association QLD$381,110.37
2853Aerospace Composites Pty Ltd$380,557.76
2854Acroamatics Inc.!div Acroamatics Telemetry Systems$380,377.58
2855Allan And Linda Rother$380,250.00
2856Graeme Mcleod Mechanical P/L$379,911.56
2857Townsville Helicopters$379,500.00
2858Steve Brimstone Psych SERV P/L$378,968.35
2859Colliers International (act) Pty Ltd$378,648.96
2860Corporate Culcha$378,563.00
2861Arcblue Trust$378,550.00
2862Essence Communication$378,377.80
2863Tracey Brunstrom & Hammond Pty Ltd$378,312.00
2864Wilson Psychology Pty Ltd$378,000.00
2865Unified Design Pty Ltd$377,740.00
2866Safe-tec Locksmiths Pty Ltd$377,465.64
2867Louise Bowdern$377,300.00
2868Systematiq Pty Ltd$376,799.50
2869JB Hi-fi Group Pty Ltd$376,737.76
2870Viatek Technology Pty Ltd$376,530.00
2871BDO East Coast Partnership (sydney)$376,332.50
2872Townsville Ent.& Convention CTRE CITY Council & Thuringowa CITY$375,331.60
2873Hydrix Services Pty Ltd$374,000.00
2874Information Professionals Pty Ltd$373,780.00
2875Spark & Cannon$373,700.00
2876Today Strategic Design Pty Ltd$373,458.34
2877AMOG PTY. Ltd$373,355.00
2878Kerrie-anne Luscombe$373,300.00
2879Protek ( AUST ) Pty Ltd$372,723.45
2880Sinapse Pty Ltd$371,800.00
2881Quest Software International$371,029.80
2882TAM Data Advisory Pty Ltd$371,000.00
2883Barbara Bennett$370,848.69
2884Carleton LIFE Support Systems Inc.!dba Cobham Mission System$370,670.91
2885Gidarjil Development Corporation Ltd$370,260.00
2886Flaim Systems Pty Ltd$369,600.00
2887Defence Seals Pty Ltd$369,180.74
2888Puliyapang Pty Ltd$369,134.47
2889Centium Software Pty Ltd$367,663.29
2890RPC Technologies Pty Ltd$367,555.32
2891Michael Lilley$367,400.00
2892Australian Training Company$367,289.22
2893Centre For Appropriate Technology Limite$366,552.70
2894Mindly Pty Ltd$366,494.01
2895Urban Renewal Authority$366,220.80
2896Stantons International Audit And Consulting Pty Ltd$366,062.40
2897Sunshine Coast Health Network Ltd$365,944.70
2898Gpsat Systems (aust) Pty Ltd$365,878.37
2899Toyota Material Handling Australia Pty Limited$365,234.49
2900Common Capital Pty Ltd$365,223.00
2901Pacific Commercial Diving Supply$365,211.90
2902Productivity Commission$365,210.00
2903LEE Scanna$364,815.00
2904UCI Projects Pty Ltd$364,353.00
2905Prologic, INC.$364,273.97
2906Statewide Oil Distributor$364,103.31
2907CITY Of Wagga Wagga$364,000.00
2908COX Purtell$363,758.03
2909Gastops Ltd$363,582.38
2910DAN & DAN Landscaping Pty Ltd$363,360.00
2911Decibel Engineering Pty Ltd$363,000.00
2912Cultural Fusion Pty Ltd$362,585.42
2913ISW Solutions$362,094.95
2914Vertiv (australia) PTY. LTD.$361,939.65
2915ZEN EX Machina Pty Ltd$361,875.00
2916Aerodyne Research, INC.$361,531.93
2917Gohosting Pty Ltd$361,115.92
2918MARK PLUS$360,800.00
2919Peter Nikol$360,800.00
2920Damikeli Consulting T/A Centric Delta$360,570.00
2921Biztech Enterprise Solutions AS Trustee For Biztech Software Services UNIT Trust$360,000.00
2922American Hospital Dubai$360,000.00
2923Spinal Muscular Atrophy Association$359,887.00
2924Traditional Family Group Pty Ltd$359,000.00
2925Red Team Training Solutions Pty Ltd$358,920.00
2926Zeitgeist Coaching And Training$358,900.01
2927Annika, Keturah, Lance And MARK Peters$358,900.00
2928World SEAS Shipping Services$358,600.72
2929LOWY Institute For International Policy$357,500.00
2930Embrace Society Pty Ltd$357,291.00
2931Sydney Training & Employment Ltd$357,179.19
2932BAE Systems Australia Datagate Pty Ltd$357,005.00
2933FLIR Systems, Inc.!dba FLIR Surveillance, Inc.!div FLIR$356,630.78
2934Wunderman Thompson Pty Ltd$356,400.00
2935SUEZ Recycling & Recovery Pty Ltd$356,008.68
2936Prominent Press Pty Ltd$355,979.40
2937MDA Systems Ltd$355,267.00
2938JADE Software Corporation Pty Ltd$355,114.72
2939Covertex Ltd$354,788.00
2940Tshukuda Pty Ltd$354,350.00
2941Ensign-bickford Aerospace & Defense!company!dba Eba&d$354,083.79
2942Genpower (aust) Pty Ltd$354,057.00
2943Coaching Australia Pty Ltd$353,990.00
2944Erigo M.a.c. Pty Ltd$353,843.74
2945Capital Analytics Pty Ltd$353,660.00
2946Robert V Breunig$353,333.50
2947Terraplex Pty Ltd$353,206.70
2948South Eastern Melbourne$353,085.00
2949VIBE Hotel Canberra Airport$352,973.31
2951Airnesco Group Ltd$352,157.44
2952RMIT Publishing$351,600.89
2953FORD Kelly Executive Connection Pty Ltd$350,940.00
2954Ixblue Pty Ltd$350,562.30
2955Super Global Services Pty Ltd$349,968.85
2956Grisard Consulting$349,800.00
2957Clearpath Robotics Inc$349,639.11
2958RKM Consulting Pty Ltd$349,470.00
2959Microway Pty Ltd$349,225.13
2960Instinct And Reason Pty Ltd$348,999.20
2961Complexity Solutions Pty Ltd$348,950.00
2962DHL Express$348,441.21
2963BULK FUEL Australia Pty Ltd$348,362.63
2964Godfrey Hirst Australia Pty Ltd$348,312.80
2965Barbara Schmidt And Assoc Pty Ltd$347,792.51
2966ROY & Heather Westaway$347,700.00
2967Catalink Pty Ltd$346,842.65
2968Mastersoft Group Pty Ltd$346,727.35
2969Liberate Elearing$346,684.45
2970Hexagon Geospatial$346,658.16
2971Metacomp Technologies, INC.$346,529.57
2972Spinach Advertising Pty Ltd$346,518.70
2973NKW Holdings Limited$346,506.70
2975ITC Australasia Pty Ltd$346,277.80
2976Weringham Pty Ltd$346,214.00
2977Hunter Connections$345,895.00
2978A2Z Technology Solutions Pty Ltd$345,895.00
2979On Site GAS Systems Pty Ltd$345,665.23
2980Varley Rafael Australia Pty Ltd$345,411.00
2981Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd$345,331.30
2982Mcmillan Staff Development Pty Ltd$345,186.78
2983Andreas Ludwig Klaus Thomsen-detlefs And Heinz Christian Haltermann And Peter Haltermann$345,150.00
2984PSMA Australia Pty Ltd$345,143.70
2985Kulbardi Pty Ltd$344,364.90
2986120 Collins Street Pty Limited$344,344.00
2987International Centre For Research In Agroforestry$344,335.00
2988G-tek Australia Pty Ltd$343,950.00
2989Mbits Pty Ltd$343,944.00
2990Australian Sports Commission$343,919.77
2991Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc$343,908.69
2992ZED Consulting And Associates$343,750.00
2993Qualtrics LLC$343,414.05
2994PY KU Aboriginal Corporation$343,144.87
2995Helping Heroes Rehabilitation Service$343,005.71
2996Cameron And CO Architecture$342,765.61
2997Ebsray Pumps Pty Ltd$342,570.80
2998Carney Advisory$342,100.00
2999Perigon Group$341,836.00
3000Switch Commerical Services$341,769.59
3001Schiavello Systems (nsw) Pty Ltd$341,545.09
3002EW Pty Ltd$341,461.94
3003Centre For Judicial Studies Pty Ltd$341,122.00
3004Sutherland Instrument Service$340,695.30
3005Forecast International INC.$340,337.14
3006Skemahon Pty Ltd$340,000.01
3007Conbrio Technology Group Ltd$339,680.00
3008Sensei Project Solutions$339,284.00
3009Christie's Pty Ltd$338,902.90
3010CASC Consulting Pty Ltd$338,800.00
3011Mirragin Aerospace Consulting$337,837.50
3012Ipsos Public Affairs Pty Ltd$337,565.00
3013Deniliquin Offices Pty Ltd$337,399.72
3014DX Solutions Pty Ltd$337,122.52
3015Absolute Cabling Systems Pty Ltd$336,812.24
3016263 Offices Pty Ltd$336,682.58
3017TAS CITY Building Pty Ltd$336,050.00
3018The Work Group$336,020.00
3019Australian Wholistic Health And Wellbeing$335,975.20
3020A Raptis And SONS Pty Ltd$335,940.00
3021Associated Aircraft (aamsi) AUST$335,891.39
3022Quantum Technology Pty Ltd$335,748.43
3023Westerkirk Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Westerkirk Trust$335,400.00
3024Avyon Pty Ltd$334,768.00
3025OPRA Projects$334,411.00
3026Unicom Systems, Inc$334,287.88
3027Maschinenfabrik Engineering Worksk. Christian Steen GMBH & CO.$334,232.98
3028DKSH Australia Pty Ltd$334,156.27
3029NANO Vacuum Pty Ltd$333,445.20
3030Lesley Seebeck$333,431.28
3031Data Agility Pty Ltd$333,300.00
3032Airlock Digital$333,278.00
3033DR R Stafford - Stafford Medical P/L$333,093.66
3034Informed Solutions$332,750.00
3035Sarah ANNE Smith$332,400.00
3036BOZ Technical Services Pty Ltd$331,637.70
3037David JOHN Cullen$331,540.00
3039Eskdale Investment CO Pty Ltd$331,313.00
3040Archtis Limited$331,251.50
3041Golder Associates Pty Ltd$331,192.70
3042Snowrock International Pty Ltd$330,822.25
3043Canvas Contracting Pty Ltd$330,704.00
3044Alpha Events$330,574.93
3045ACT Steelworks Pty Ltd$330,336.00
3047Carnegie Clean Energy Limited$330,000.00
3048KAY Mcniece Family Trust$330,000.00
3049Piper Alderman$330,000.00
3050DUN Direct Pty Ltd$330,000.00
3051CHAT House Research Pty Ltd$329,920.62
3052Sofitel Sydney Wentworth$329,902.92
3053Stancombe RES And Planning Pty$329,835.00
3054Airsightx Pty Ltd$329,670.00
3055NU Scientific Pty.ltd.$329,652.97
3056Guardian Offshore AU Pty Ltd$329,273.72
3057Boeing Distribution Services Inc$329,062.18
3058MK Durack Family No 4 Pty Ltd AS Trustee$328,700.00
3059Hotwire Global Pty Ltd$328,637.21
3060SGS Australia P/L$328,588.00
3061Comminspec Pty Ltd T/AS Absolute CA Systems$328,565.89
3062Boxarr Limited$328,000.00
3063Gregory J Ireland Psychologist$327,999.00
3064Coregas Pty Ltd$327,962.00
3065ALFA Computers Pty Ltd$327,789.00
3066Daimler Truck And BUS Australia$327,059.83
3067Peripatetic Consulting Pty Ltd$326,700.00
3068Tanalytica Pty Ltd$326,700.00
30694impact Pty Ltd$326,600.00
3070IHS Australia Pty Ltd - USD$326,119.86
3071TECH Data Advanced Solutions (anz) Limited$325,976.53
3072Acidlabs Pty Ltd$325,000.00
3073Colli Nominees Pty Ltd & GER Pty Ltd ATF Pietro Colli Family Trust ATF The Colli Family Trust$324,756.64
3074Georges Camera Sydney$324,520.70
3075Xamplify Services Pty Ltd$324,474.04
3076Prysmian Power Cables And System$324,400.48
3077The SAX Institute$324,129.20
3078Across The LINE Pty Ltd$323,840.00
3079Kongsberg Maritime AS Former Kongsberg Simrad AS$323,550.61
3080Hotel Realm Pty Ltd$323,533.96
3081Stephen Lloyd$323,274.99
3082Scientific Instrumentation Limited$323,040.60
3083OBAN Consulting Pty Ltd$322,116.01
3084Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd - USD$321,797.03
3085RPS Australia WEST Pty Ltd$321,706.00
3086Quest Software International Limite$321,385.68
3087The Trustee For Giraffe Visual Communication Management UNIT Trust$321,320.50
3088The Trustee For The MRF Trust$321,129.60
3089Cepheid Holdings Pty Limited$321,084.50
3090Boeing Company, The!dba Boeing$321,020.58
3091Lighthouse Data Collection$321,000.00
3092Amicia Consulting$320,663.20
3093Fusion5 Pty Ltd$320,516.00
3094Colliers International Project SERV$320,400.36
3095HONG & TAN Information Consultants$320,322.41
3096Nikon On Broadway$320,321.10
3097Janaki Pty Ltd$320,000.00
3098The Westbourne Group$320,000.00
3099Tqsolutions (aust) UNIT Trust$319,999.80
3100Collibra UK Ltd$319,891.71
3101Jaciam Pty Ltd$319,687.50
3102Senversa Pty Ltd$319,400.00
3104Gaumann Antiques & French Polishing$319,001.00
3105HL7 Australia$319,000.00
3106HL7 Australia Ltd$319,000.00
3107Australian Industry Group Training Services Pty Ltd ATF The Australian$319,000.00
3108Humphrey LAW And CO Pty Ltd$318,859.66
3109A J Baker And SONS Pty Ltd$318,055.19
3110Growthops IECL Pty Ltd$317,517.50
3111Performance Drivers Pty Ltd$317,430.08
3112Thomson Environmental Systems Pty Ltd$317,317.87
3113ICC Sydney Pty Ltd$316,925.36
3114The Sarwar Group Pty Ltd$316,800.00
3115UAP Solutions Pty Ltd$316,768.10
3116Power Initiatives$316,564.50
3117Paddy Pallin Pty Ltd$316,090.38
3118Vcorp Consulting Pty Ltd$316,048.85
3119Sense Of Security$315,895.00
31204data IT Pty Ltd$315,400.98
3121Clarke Diesel Repairs$315,203.96
3122Laundry LANE Production Pty Ltd$315,142.50
3123Hivac Services Pty Ltd$314,682.88
3125Royal Flying Doctor Service Of AUST$314,185.74
3126Alpha Flight Services Pty Ltd$314,179.87
3127ALL Aspects Recruitment And HR SERV$314,133.28
3128Griffith Skills Training Centre Inc$314,096.00
3129Advanced Engine Technology Ltd$314,035.47
3130Project Control Group Pty Limited$313,540.00
3131JF Machinery Pty Ltd (machinery)$313,203.80
3132IAN And Roslyn Walton$313,200.00
3133FBG Group Pty Ltd$313,091.50
3134Forrester Research Limited$312,690.49
3135Eagle SMF Distributors Pty Ltd$312,125.00
3136Access Canberra$311,930.00
3137Andrew Wales & Associates$311,666.61
3138Comprehensive Health Solutions$311,266.01
3139Cubic Defense Applications, INC.$311,109.60
3140TATA Consultancy Services Limited$311,080.00
3141Workplace Health And Safety Profess$310,800.00
3142The Open DOOR Coaching Group Pty Ltd$310,473.30
3143Mathas, Michelle MAY$310,200.00
3144Coges SARL$309,700.00
3145Towers Consulting.com Towers Consulting Pty Ltd$309,555.88
3146Healthcorp Pty Ltd$309,405.50
3147Directions For Change$308,786.66
3148Leeton Palms ATF The Leeton Palms$308,723.23
3151Informed Delivery Practice Pty Ltd$308,000.00
3152Ballistic Systems Pty Ltd$308,000.00
3153Xrotor Pty Ltd$308,000.00
3154LIFE Journey International Pty Ltd$308,000.00
3155Complete Parachute Solutions, INC.$307,960.17
3156Environment Protection Authority NSW$307,926.25
3157Hnlaw Pty Ltd$307,474.55
3158Kingston Industries Pty Ltd$307,398.32
3159Berkeley Solutions Pty Ltd$306,995.55
3160Vesta Partners Pty Ltd$306,900.00
3161Scrum, INC.$306,596.13
3162FIJI Women's Crisis Centre$306,567.77
3163Performance Management Pty Ltd Trading Trust$305,807.70
3164Aleta Green$305,800.00
3165Execujet Australia Pty Limited$305,477.29
3166Bruel & Kjaer Australia$305,316.72
3167Konnect Learning Pty Ltd$305,181.59
3168Department Of Child Safety, Youth And Women$305,000.00
3169Prime Psychology Pty Ltd$305,000.00
3170Huber & Suhner (australia) Pty Ltd$304,967.15
3171PS&C Ltd$304,920.00
3172Dassault Systemes Australia Pty Ltd$304,714.30
3173Griffin NRM Pty Ltd$304,666.56
3174Rubicor GOV Pty Ltd$304,254.20
3175VOIP Pty Ltd$304,220.40
3176RUTH C A Higgins$304,000.00
3177Clarivate Analytics (UK) Ltd$303,990.99
3178Construction 3$303,870.60
3179Geared UP Culcha Pty Ltd$303,380.60
3180Breza Farming Pty Ltd$303,050.00
3181Cowan Manufacturing Pty Ltd$302,608.20
3182The Trustee For Branded Products$302,170.86
3183Business Aspect$301,828.00
3184Australian FUEL Cells Pty Ltd$301,802.17
3185United Equipment Pty Ltd$301,681.91
3186Vincents Chartered Accountants$301,611.00
3187Mellori Solutions Pty Ltd$301,474.19
3188Oncall Interpreters & Translators$301,470.40
3189Douglas And Tamziena Elsden$301,275.00
3190Olympia Triumph Manufacturing Limit$301,227.61
3191Careflight Limited$301,133.70
31920956196 BC Ltd$301,028.83
3193M & C Saatchi Agency Pty Limited$300,736.96
3194Defence Procurement Pty Ltd$300,668.50
3195Graham & Denyse BACK$300,600.00
3196Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.!dba Jeppes A Boeing Company$300,518.00
3197Airside Projects PTY. LTD.$300,154.12
3198PDA Marble & Granite Pty Ltd$300,000.00
3199Grazinc Pty Ltd$300,000.00
3200Poponie Pty Limited$300,000.00
3201Mceniery Properties Pty Ltd & The Trustee For The 2620 Ipswich ROAD Property Trust$300,000.00
3202C And M Consulting Pty Ltd$300,000.00
3203AGL Sales Pty Ltd$300,000.00
3204Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority$300,000.00
3205Ballinger Technology PTY. LTD.$299,857.80
3207Accessing Health Pty Ltd$299,266.24
3208Safeside Australia Pty Ltd$299,000.00
3209Nepean Transport$298,914.00
3210Department Of Education$298,712.45
3211JHC Solutions Pty Ltd$298,707.46
3212Plain English Foundation$298,662.10
3213CSW Associates$298,658.47
3214FIRE & Safety Services CO PYT Ltd$298,652.22
3215BALL & Doggett$298,650.00
3216PT Napindo Media Ashatama$298,644.22
3217Planex Sales Pty Ltd$298,516.90
3218Waters, Christopher Graham$298,500.00
3219Renishaw Oceania PTY. LTD.$298,154.02
3220Tasman Logistics Services PTY. LTD.$298,117.44
3221Peddle Thorp Interiors Pty Ltd$297,705.76
3222Apollo Australia Pty Ltd$297,698.50
3223Duggans Pty Ltd$297,665.50
3224FEI Australia Pty Ltd$297,000.00
3225Helmsman International Pty Ltd$296,380.00
3226Motorbis Pty Ltd$295,600.00
3227GO Systems Pty Ltd$295,447.02
3228Amazon Web Services Australia Pty Ltd$295,096.00
3229Secure EDGE Technologies Pty Ltd$295,057.00
3230Interior Engineering Queensland Pty Ltd$295,000.00
3231The Trustee For WJB Trust$294,746.00
3232Michael SECK$294,600.00
3233Edward And Stella Cheetham$294,500.00
3234Aerodrome Management Service Pty LT$294,357.29
3235AIR FAB Ground Support Equipment Pty Ltd$294,250.00
3236The Moreland Group Pty Ltd$294,100.00
3237Pacific ESI International Pty Ltd$294,096.00
3238Jones LANG Lasalle Advisory Services Pty Ltd$294,040.00
3239Iocane Pty Ltd$293,796.09
3240Convergence Design Australia P/L$293,700.00
3241Tailored HR Solutions Pty Ltd$293,601.50
3242Springcity Pty Ltd$293,358.40
3243KENT Moving And Storage$293,147.09
3244Cairns Regional Council$293,034.74
3245Galas Pty Ltd$292,880.00
3246BSI Group ANZ Pty Limited$292,125.31
3247Medtherm Corporation$292,062.82
3248Ralph Neumann Consulting Pty Ltd$291,900.00
3249Department Of Senate$291,690.00
3250Odonatrix Pty Ltd$291,500.00
3251Australian Council Of State School$291,500.00
3252Storylab Pty Ltd$291,379.59
3253Headset Solutions Pty Ltd$291,045.26
3254Yamaha Motor Australia$291,000.00
3255Airmaster Australia Pty Ltd$290,953.80
3256848 Consulting Pty Ltd$290,595.25
3257Tpandg Solutions Pty Ltd$290,290.00
3258Auslan Services$289,850.00
3259ED Digital Pty Ltd$289,644.00
3260CA (singapore) PTE Ltd$289,610.55
3261Envision I.T Pty Ltd$289,014.00
3262CARE Tasmania Pty Ltd$288,568.00
3263Acumen Health Generation Health Pty Ltd Trading A$288,400.00
3264Innovative Asset Solutions Pty Ltd$287,845.80
3265Power Protect Pty Ltd$287,816.93
3266Crafted Solutions Pty Ltd$287,806.00
3267Elbon Group Of Companies Pty Ltd$287,800.64
3268Andrew DIX$287,562.30
3269SEA To Summit Pty Ltd$287,373.68
3270Flight ONE Pty Ltd$287,245.53
3271ITFM Services Pty Ltd$287,187.85
3272R & R Solutions Pty Ltd$287,100.00
3273The Brand POOL Pty Ltd$287,017.50
3274Iliquid Pty Ltd$286,083.02
3275SAY IT Consulting$286,000.00
3276JKM Technologies Pty Ltd$286,000.00
3277Vaisala Pty Ltd$285,022.12
3278COX Architects Pty Ltd$284,675.10
3279Sulzer Australia Pty Ltd$284,669.11
3281Cummins South Pacific Pty Ltd$284,242.88
3282Orbus Software$284,175.38
3283VEGA Australia Pty Ltd$284,066.20
3284Elasticsearch Pty Ltd$283,965.00
3285598 Collins 2018 UNIT Trust$283,614.58
3286Cartwright Advisory Pty Ltd$283,500.00
3288Anber Entertainment Services$282,841.36
3289Business Aspect Pty Ltd$282,744.00
3290H.C. Bradford And Associates Pty Ltd$282,700.00
3291Super K Group Pty Ltd ATF Super K Group$282,687.67
3292Secon Freight Logistics PTY. LTD.$282,581.52
3293David Barrett Partners Limited$282,314.00
3294National Offshore Petroleum Safety And Environmental Management Author$281,976.81
3295Bellchambers Barrett Consulting$281,914.00
3296Lakeside Software Pty Ltd$281,795.80
3297Integrated Reporting Solutions Pty Ltd$281,723.02
3298Simplfi Pty Ltd$281,600.00
3299International Organisation Development Limited (IOD Parc)$281,586.31
3301Consolve Pty Ltd$281,200.00
3302Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation Inc 8603$280,900.00
3303The University Of Sheffield$280,807.00
3304Shearwater Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd$280,693.22
3305Janusnet Pty Limited$280,654.29
3306RD Gossip Pty Ltd$280,562.55
3307The Rehabilitation Company Pty Ltd$280,500.00
3308Content ARK Pty Ltd$280,460.00
3309IIC Technologies Limited$280,000.00
3310Lockton's Traffic Solutions Pty Ltd$279,577.10
3311Applika Pty Ltd$279,400.00
3312Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers$279,000.00
3313Leica Microsystems Pty Ltd$278,572.56
3314Torres Strait Regional Authority$277,800.00
3315FTI Consulting (australia)$277,772.00
3316ASN Events Pty Ltd$277,664.20
3317Boysenberry Pty Ltd$277,622.40
3318Viscount Rotational Mouldings Pty Ltd$277,339.70
3319Carolyn Georgia Hood, Carolyn Georgia HOOD AS Trustee For The HOOD Investment Trust, Christopher William HOOD AS Trustee For The HOOD Investment Trust$277,200.00
3320Twoscots Recruitment Pty Ltd$277,019.93
3321Paraflare Pty Ltd$276,716.00
3322RAY Sparvell Consulting$276,636.00
3323I Thomas & Associates Pty Ltd$276,375.00
3324Nation Creative Pty Ltd$276,258.40
3325Property Advisory Australia Pty Ltd$276,000.00
3326Earlcombe Pty Ltd ATF The Handy Family Trust$276,000.00
3327Nicholas Lloyd Cartwright$275,999.30
3328Mwah. Making Work Absolutely Human$275,880.00
3329Electricity Generation And Retail C$275,745.98
3330Technomics, INC.$275,686.25
3331Innovative Groundwater Solutions$275,316.80
3332H Polesy And CO Pty Ltd$275,220.00
3334Generation-e Productivity Solutions$275,157.35
3335Aboriginal Health And Medical Research Council Of New South Wales$275,000.00
3336Northern Australia CROP Research Alliance Pty Ltd$275,000.00
3337Healthy North Coast Ltd$275,000.00
3338Independent Commission Against Corruption$275,000.00
3339Queensland Aboriginal And Islander Health Council$275,000.00
3340Riskcom Group Pty Ltd$275,000.00
3341ALL Starz Brothers Pty Ltd$275,000.00
3342Future Battery Industries CRC Limited$275,000.00
3343Department Of JOBS Tourism Science Innovation$275,000.00
3344Clean Energy Finance Corporation$275,000.00
3345Aboriginal Health Council Of Western Australia$275,000.00
3346Aboriginal Medical Health Services Alliance$275,000.00
3347Comrad Australia Pty Ltd$275,000.00
3348Holcim Australia Pty L$274,982.50
3349Menzies School Of Health Research$274,962.60
3350Aeronautical & General Instruments Limited$274,710.91
3351Grenning Consulting Pty Ltd$274,550.00
3352Quintessencelabs Pty Ltd$274,368.60
3353Sherrin Rentals Pty Ltd$274,148.44
3354Taylor & Francis Group$274,144.71
3355SANS Institute$274,001.96
3356IP Australia$274,000.00
3357Mackay Consolidated Industries$273,299.40
3358KIPP & Zonen ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$273,263.22
3359Pentarch Pty Ltd$273,163.00
3360RUTH Geraldine VINE$273,100.01
3361Simultech Australia Pty Ltd$272,873.50
3362Vendome Consulting Pty Ltd$272,764.80
3363Worklogic Pty Ltd$272,640.84
3364Gitlab Pty Ltd$272,460.80
3365Tableau International, U.C.$272,000.00
3366Bennett Commercial Electronics Pty Ltd$271,858.24
3367Rydges Capital HILL$271,846.33
3368WAI Australian Chapter Incorporated$271,780.00
3369Envisian Pty Ltd$271,502.09
3370Cleanaway CO Pty Ltd$271,496.16
3371Victoria DALY Shire Council$271,443.53
3372The Lincoln Electric CO AUST Pty Ltd$271,250.10
3373NEC IT Services Australia Pty Ltd$271,177.08
3374Thermoanalytics, INC.$271,175.73
3375Comcast Holdings Corporation$271,141.66
3376Beasley Intercultural$271,134.30
3377Splashdown (aust) Corporate Bathroom Rentals Pty Ltd$271,124.70
3378Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd$271,068.89
3379Workforce Strategies$271,000.00
3380Morningstar Australasia Pty Ltd$270,918.28
3381CJLY Consulting$270,800.00
3382The Trustee For The TEH Family TRUS$270,698.75
3383Sydney Airport Corporation$270,326.52
3384Direct Solutions Rehab And Occup SVCS$270,000.00
3385Statistics Netherlands$270,000.00
3386International Livestock Research Institute$270,000.00
3387NORD WEST Ltd$270,000.00
3388Episerver Inc$269,677.02
3389DON Bodlovich Family Trust & J.A Farrell & Y.M Farrell & J.M Malyniak & B.N Mayfield & M.T Mayfield & R.S Middlemas & L.A Mills & J.L Somers & The Trustee For Stammers Investment Trust & Others$269,675.40
3390DR Karl-heinz Hubinger$269,559.86
3391Aboyne Analytics Pty Ltd$269,390.00
3392Safetrust Pty Ltd$269,280.00
3393STEP TWO Designs Pty Ltd$269,276.50
3394Interchem Pty Ltd$269,254.65
3395Ivoclar Vivadent Pty Ltd$269,133.11
3396Bellinger Instruments Pty Ltd$268,930.90
3397Viocorp International Pty Ltd$268,849.10
3398Dantong HONG$268,800.00
3399Mcdermott Aviation$268,730.00
3400Ardworks Advisory Pty Ltd$268,697.62
3401Secure Logic Pty Ltd$268,470.00
3402Electronic Power Systems Pty Ltd$268,455.00
3403Baseline Commercial Furniture$268,439.70
3404Stirlings To Coast Farmers$268,400.00
3405Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd$267,833.50
3406Molecular Products Australia Pty$267,515.82
3407David Alexander Mclure$267,500.01
3408The Mitre Corporation$267,490.37
3409Intercad Pty Ltd$267,331.90
3410Gregory JOHN Pedler$267,150.00
3411GREG O'mahoney$267,149.14
3412Geoffrey Leeper$266,800.00
3413Allied HIGH TECH Products Inc$266,736.00
3414Fitzgerald Technologies$266,599.99
3415Resource Architecture Pty Ltd$266,539.90
3416Cadency Consulting Pty Ltd$266,327.04
3417ID Warehouse Pty Ltd$266,246.89
3418Gazdot Pty Ltd$266,200.00
3419Slashez Pty Ltd Trust$266,200.00
3420Ausoptic International Pty Ltd$265,480.02
3421Northern LAND Council$265,100.93
3422Electro Mechanical Systems Pty L$264,770.00
3423Earley, Geoffrey JOHN$264,642.85
3424Lodestar Advisory Services Pty Ltd$264,528.00
3425Linden Electric Pty Ltd$264,470.84
3426Timebase Pty Ltd$264,227.89
3427Addcom Contact Solutions$264,192.50
3428Glasshouse Advisory Pty Ltd$264,019.80
3429South Eastern Premium Wheat Growers Association$264,000.00
3430Therapy Focus Ltd$263,490.00
3431Dnata Airport Services Pty Ltd$263,419.05
3432First Derivatives Pty Ltd$263,340.00
3434Bondi LABS Australia Pty Ltd$263,278.80
3435Brett Dudley Porter, JAN Louise Porter, Judith Kathryn Porter, Judith Kathryn Porter AS Trustee Of GRP Testamentary FUND$263,250.00
3436INFO Access Group Pty Ltd$262,682.50
3437Medimobile Pty Ltd$262,500.00
3438Velseis Processing Pty Ltd$262,360.00
3439ABLE Landscaping Pty Ltd$262,224.49
3440Mowla Pty Ltd T/A Sofitel Melbourne On Collins$262,200.00
3441PT. Estetika Binagriya$262,102.19
3442Deloitte Australia$261,987.00
3443SGS Economics And Planning$261,543.00
3444WISE Pearl Limited$261,527.66
3445Greens LIST Clerking Services$261,065.31
3446DMG / MORI Seiki Australia Pty Ltd$260,769.62
3447KWD Aircraft Support Equipment, LLC$260,668.13
3448Ereports Pty Ltd$260,599.99
3449Redwolf Rosch Pty Ltd$259,875.00
3450Davren Global Pty Ltd$259,787.00
3451Trotec Laser Pty Ltd$259,670.40
3452KIM Vella Coaching$259,187.20
3453Round Table Management Consulting$259,041.88
3454Hitachi Construction Machinery A$258,983.77
3455Seedbed Media Pty Ltd$258,648.50
3456Diana Eades$258,600.00
3457Gartner UK Limited$258,532.00
3458JANE Loughnan$258,400.00
3459Koinonia Ministries Limited$258,350.00
3460Metromatics Pty Ltd$258,218.02
3461ATEK Pty Ltd$257,767.42
3463Funnelback Pty Ltd$257,424.48
3464SIX Ideas Pty Ltd$257,400.00
3465Wiltrading Stace Defence Pty Ltd$257,047.16
3466Ethnic Interpreters Pty Ltd$256,795.90
3467Aurora Project Group Pty Ltd$256,795.90
3468Consec - Conference And Event Manag$256,622.19
3469Bloomberg Finance L.P$256,564.00
3470Bokhara Projects Pty Ltd$256,410.00
347189 Degrees East Pty Ltd$256,295.00
3472Property RISK Australia (act) Pty Ltd$256,225.00
3473Allen-vanguard Corporation$256,206.58
3474Scubatek Australia Pty Ltd$255,844.52
3475Australian Computer Society Inc$255,705.00
3476Domain Tools, LLC$255,612.50
3477DI Advisory Services$255,410.10
3478Supply Chain Consulting Pty Ltd$254,971.20
3479Global Sustainable Energy Solutions P/L$254,814.34
3480Lorenz Archiv-systeme GMBH$254,780.00
3481HMA Instrumentation Pty Ltd$254,694.00
3482Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe$254,208.00
3483Tasmanian Ports Corporation$253,856.10
3485Executive Central Group Pty Ltd$253,550.00
3486PAUL William Hanlon$253,500.00
3487Rightquip Pty Ltd$253,167.56
3488Realplaymedia Pty Limited$253,000.00
3489Sedgwick Australia Pty Ltd$253,000.00
3490All-build Commercial Interiors P/L$252,554.50
3491ACT Chief Minister, Treasury And EC$252,540.00
3492UAP Australia Pty Ltd$252,336.70
3493GLEN & Carol Milne$252,000.00
3494Carter, Malcolm Robert$251,999.82
3495Vipac Engineers And Scientists Ltd Limited$251,903.50
3496Auslan Services Pty Ltd$251,900.00
3497Medical Insurance Australia Pty Limited$251,712.00
3498Point ONE USA, LLC DBA Point ONE$251,692.06
3499Moray & Agnew (melbourne) JM Cooper, NA Correy, LA Gardner,$251,643.99
3500Murrimatters Pty Ltd$251,534.80
3501C A Technology Pty Ltd$251,460.00
3502Anton Demolitions Pty Ltd$251,405.00
3503Applied CCM$251,401.70
3504International FOOD Policy Research Institute$251,398.00
3506Elisabeth Johnson$250,800.00
3507Harcor Security Seals Pty Ltd$250,800.00
3508Fairbrother Pty Ltd$250,751.45
3509James COOK University$250,646.00
3510Defence Business Solutions Pty Ltd$250,500.00
3511Qualtrics LLC$250,367.23
3512Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd$250,150.63
3513CAB International$250,000.00
3514PUMA Energy PNG Limited$250,000.00
3515CIAT ASIA - International Centre For Tropical Agriculture$250,000.00
3516Anthony Natale Finocchiaro$250,000.00
3517Eomap Australia Pty Ltd$249,700.00
3518Elementar Australia Pty Ltd$249,674.32
3519Neopost Australia Pty Ltd$249,643.50
3520Auspex Strategic Advisory$249,498.00
3521BQT Solutions (australia) Pty Ltd$249,349.10
3522Kftas Property Services Pty Ltd$249,300.00
3524EOS Defence Systems Pty Limited$249,190.70
3525Australian Associated Press$248,879.59
3526Paddywack Promotional Products$248,874.50
3527Veolia Environmental Services$248,859.08
3528Lauvan Pty Limited$248,239.75
3529Fishwell Consulting$248,061.00
3530Department Of Premier & Cabinet$248,000.00
3531Cosol Australia Pty Ltd$247,914.70
3532Campbell Scientific Australia$247,879.50
3533KORN Ferry (AU) Pty Ltd$247,800.00
3534Southern Ports Authority$247,798.00
3535Milan Partners Pty Ltd$247,610.00
3536Vicki Louise Parker$247,500.00
3537Jaylon Industries Pty Ltd$247,300.90
3538Maritime Professional Solutions Pty Ltd$247,126.43
3539Donald And RAE Munro$247,000.00
3540Department Of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure$246,980.00
3541The Trustee For Criterion Trust$246,568.20
3542Clarke & Severn Electronics Pty Ltd$246,051.04
3543Rissafety Pty Ltd$246,016.00
3544Arventa Pty Ltd T/A WHS Monitor$246,000.00
3545Optical Solutions Australia (act) Pty Ltd$245,952.85
3546Defense Finance And Accounting SERV$245,659.05
3547Insight Enterprises Australia Pty L$245,628.73
3548Natalie HOY$245,550.00
3549ANNA ZHU Photography And FILM$245,420.00
3550Effective Negotiation Services$245,201.86
3551Jones Nicholson Consulting Engineer$245,168.00
3552PFM Metrics Pty Ltd$245,017.14
3553Elizabeth ANNE Cheeseman Deutsche BANK Place$245,000.00
3554Scientific Instrumentation Ltd$244,924.91
3555CODE FROM The Corner Pty Ltd$244,754.40
3556Greens LIST Clerking Services P/L ATF B&H UNIT Trust$244,675.00
3557BEN Baden Services Pty Ltd$243,953.25
3558Anchor Systems Pty Ltd$243,909.44
3559Sentar Joinery Pty Ltd$243,716.00
3560Alternate Engineering Limited$243,319.62
3561Exponaval 2020$243,000.00
3562Niche, Inc.!dba Barnstable Riding$242,585.00
3563Berendsen Fluid Power Pty Ltd$242,500.84
3564Paper Monkey Pty Ltd$242,191.00
3565Protecht Group Services Pty Ltd$241,981.22
3566Stewart Brown And CO$241,912.00
3567Mcgrathnicol Corporate Recovery (vic)$241,736.00
3568Justine JANE Schelle$241,600.00
3569Shangri-la At The FORT$241,462.35
3570Swift Digital$241,393.97
3571J.N. Nicholson Pty Ltd ATF Nicholson Property Trust$240,986.00
3572David, Coral & ROSS Bailey$240,825.00
3573Foster Moore International Ltd$240,645.16
3574Pinjarra Engineering Pty Ltd$240,168.05
3575Habitat Security Pty Ltd$240,000.00
3576Information Integrity Solutions$239,437.00
3577Marketscape Pty Ltd$239,160.30
3578Compact Membrane Systems, INC.$239,114.90
3579University Of The Sunshine Coast$238,830.68
3580LEHR Consultants International$238,760.00
3581Primewest Funds Ltd (ACN 134 321 216) AS The Trustee For 114-120 OLD Pittwater ROAD Trust$238,588.80
3583Federation Of AUST Scientific And$238,425.00
3584Charles Tremayne Andrews$238,391.78
3585MARY 111 Pty Ltd$238,363.94
3586FORD Peterson Australia Pty Limited$237,600.00
3587Bernet Pty Ltd$237,565.37
3588United Technologies Corporation!dba Pratt Whitney-spare$237,436.43
3589Content Security Pty Ltd$236,958.57
3590Definiti Pty Ltd$236,717.80
3591Agilient Pty Ltd$236,678.89
3592Smartbear (ireland) Limited$236,279.26
3593Office Of Sport$236,274.50
3594BEST Practice Consulting Pty Ltd$235,890.00
3595DEAF Services Queensland$235,400.00
3596JAV Consulting Pty Ltd$235,065.60
3597PBC Services Pty Ltd$235,000.00
3598Schenker Australia Pty Ltd$234,641.00
3599Future Women Pty Ltd$234,500.00
3600Coresight Pty Ltd$234,427.05
3601PRO AV Solutions Australia Pty Limited$234,393.47
3602Wework Israel Ltd$234,388.87
3603White Pillar Pty Ltd$234,300.00
3604Lifeworks.com Pty Ltd$234,293.50
3605Parker Hannifin (australia) Pty$234,186.96
3606PFD FOOD Services$234,070.74
3607LIKE Minds Advisory Pty Ltd$234,000.00
3608STS Safetech Tieman Solutions$233,964.50
3609CAPS Australia Pty Ltd$233,517.15
3610Hunter H2O Holdings Pty Ltd$233,405.70
3611M/S Trading General Supplier$233,288.80
3612Francis-jones Morehen Thorp Pty Ltd$233,244.00
3613Stirlingfildes Pty Ltd$233,024.00
3614Marlene HALL$232,771.00
3615Centre For Corporate Health Pty Ltd$232,400.53
3616Oxford Policy Management$232,208.11
3617Immulab Pty Ltd$231,975.26
3618Tacmed Australia Pty Ltd$231,967.29
3619Cardiac Science Australia Pty L*$231,956.80
3620The Trustee For Mahoney Family TRUS$231,777.99
3621Parachutes Australia Pty Ltd$231,749.77
3622Lovell CHEN Pty Ltd$231,639.30
3623Communications & Power Industries Australia Pty Ltd$231,630.00
3624Carnegie Mellon University$231,550.00
3625Rapid Technology Group Pty Ltd$231,264.00
3626Chemhaul Logistics Pty Ltd$231,000.00
3627Tableau International U.C$230,894.93
3628Millturn IT Pty Ltd$230,846.00
3629Ronstan International Pty Ltd$230,100.97
3630Hawkwood Consulting$230,000.00
3631Mcadonald Amanda$230,000.00
3632Fluid Management Systems Inc$230,000.00
3633Mackenzie 2018 (ST)$229,995.62
3634Torque Software$229,960.00
3635Omera Partners Pty Ltd$229,851.01
3636CDRU NSW Pty Ltd$229,749.20
3637DEPT Of Finance, Services And Innovation$229,614.97
3638Ozkor Pty Ltd$229,416.00
3639Metier Contractors$229,390.00
3640Peoplescape (nsw) Pty Ltd$229,261.51
3641Association Of The United States!army, The!dba AUSA$229,152.31
3642Oxford Economics Australia Pty Ltd$229,010.52
3643Xylem Water Solutions Australia Ltd$228,791.51
3644Amber Technology Limited$228,783.46
3645International Maize And Wheat Improvement Center$228,586.00
3646Diacher Pty Limited$228,455.00
3647Audit Staff$228,120.00
3648Napco Properties Pty Ltd & North Australia Pastoral CO Pty Ltd$228,000.00
3649Pipeline Talent Pty Ltd$227,930.00
3650TMR Systems Pty Ltd$227,888.78
3651Allen Vanguard Corporation$227,835.80
3652AXIS IT Solutions Pty Ltd$227,766.00
3653Chess Engineering Pty Ltd$227,700.00
3654Atamo Pty Ltd$227,480.00
3655SIRI Williams Family Trust$227,150.00
3656Geuko DIRK Neirinckx$226,600.00
3657Fifth Domain Pty Ltd$226,600.00
3658Cornerstone Ondemand Ltd$226,300.00
3659Denis Thorn$226,280.00
3660Refinitiv Australia Pty Limited$226,092.05
3661Position Promo Pty Ltd$226,070.00
3662Reserve BANK Of Australia$226,027.15
3663JHI: Sanlam Gauteng Trust ACC ITO S$225,893.56
3664Mincham Aviation$225,619.34
3665Opstar Pty Ltd$225,535.02
3666G. A. Glanville And CO$225,199.10
3667Neuroleadership Institute Australia Pty Ltd$225,180.00
3668UBER Pacific Pty Ltd$225,174.81
3669Michaels Opinion Research$225,000.00
3670Clarivate Analytics$225,000.00
3671MARK Walters T/A Marvan Consulting$225,000.00
3673Woden Contractors Pty Ltd$224,827.85
3674Ministry Of Defence (mindef)$224,603.90
3675Millefiori Consulting Pty Ltd$224,578.99
3677Ogden Properties Pty Ltd$224,200.00
3678MONZ Ltd$224,019.90
3679QT Canberra$223,933.76
3680Aboriginal Health Council Of South Australia Limited$223,724.30
3681Start Service Pty Ltd$223,344.05
3682Galexia Pty Ltd$223,296.00
3683The Springfield Centre For Business In Development Ltd$223,212.00
3684Ampere Analysis Limited$223,150.00
3685Katharine Eleanor Beattie$223,140.00
3686ELM Communications$223,076.00
3687ARA Electrical HIGH Voltage Service$223,027.59
3688Qiagen Pty Ltd$222,856.21
3689The Bolands Centre$222,849.00
3690Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu$222,804.00
3691Energy Efficient Strategies Energy Policy And Planning$222,630.00
3692Clearmarine Pty Ltd$222,599.99
3693ATA Scientific P/L$222,393.60
3694ETM Perspective Pty Ltd$222,188.00
3695Michael Kuffner$222,100.00
3696Haigh-farr INC.$222,007.29
3697Pacific THAI Motorsports CO Ltd$222,000.00
3698David Simmonds$221,925.00
3699Australian Industry Standards Limited$221,850.00
3700Permapipe Australia Pty Ltd$221,730.30
3701Masters In Building Training$221,619.88
3702Avepoint AU Pty Ltd$221,581.81
3703Bobsaid Pty Ltd$221,397.66
3704Incite Solutions Group Pty Ltd$221,386.75
3705Rosyclown Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Montgomery Family Trust$221,325.00
3706Elicos Association Ltd$221,216.00
3707Quality Marine NT Pty Ltd$221,111.00
3708IBL Weather Solutions$220,864.54
3709Konecranes Pty Ltd$220,855.80
3710Bisalloy Steels Pty Ltd$220,541.47
3711Minter Ellison$220,384.00
3712DR Warren Harrex Pty Ltd$220,053.00
3713Davidson Group (aust) Pty Ltd$220,028.00
3714BY Storm Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3715Investment Trends Pty Limited$220,000.00
3716Robana Pty Limited$220,000.00
3717Royal Flying Doctor Service Of Australia$220,000.00
3718National Institute For Aboriginal &$220,000.00
3719Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Inchealth$220,000.00
3720The Australian Council Of Learned$220,000.00
3721Aviation/aerospace Australia Ltd$220,000.00
3722Rockford CO Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3723S J French$220,000.00
3724DR PAUL Taylor$219,900.00
3725Criterion Solutions Pty Ltd$219,689.38
3726Russel Kennedy$219,501.69
3727Fiona J Alpins$219,350.00
3728The Minesen Company DBA INN At Schofield Barracks$219,348.45
3729Buchan Consulting Pty Ltd$219,227.80
3730Jayrow Helicopters Pty Ltd$219,206.51
3731Kevin Edmund Lindgren QC$219,138.75
3732CRAB Management Pty Ltd$219,000.01
3733Imago Machine Vision Inc$218,916.44
3734Caroline Elizabeth Turnour$218,790.00
3735Kondinin Information Services$218,350.00
3736United Aviation Services FZCO$218,212.53
3737Integrated Technical Management$217,953.09
3738National Gallery Of Australia$217,934.01
3739ACT Health Directorate$217,386.00
3740Roessler & Partners$217,232.40
3741Rosshaven Marine$217,000.82
3742Yothu Yindi Foundation Aboriginal Corporation$216,837.90
3744Allan, Cheryl, David & Moira Ruhle$216,600.00
3745Mcivor And Associates Pty Ltd$216,530.00
3746Complete Logistics Solutions Limited$216,499.22
3747Operational Systems Pty Ltd$216,457.11
3748SKF Australia Pty Ltd$216,424.94
3749Buildster Pty Limited$216,057.60
3751Komatsu Forklift Australia Pty Ltd$215,373.40
3752EAN Holdings, Llc!dba Enterprise Rent-a-car$215,208.00
3753Garry Downes AM QC$215,000.00
3754APC Storage Solutions Pty Ltd$214,983.98
3755Spectrum Innovation Pty Ltd$214,830.00
3756Ndevr Environmental Pty Ltd$214,731.50
3757Outware Systems Pty Ltd$214,720.00
3758HARE & Forbes Machinery House$214,532.55
3759Kerry Juknaitis Consulting Pty Ltd$214,500.00
3760Synthesis Group Australia Pty Ltd$214,500.00
3761Aecom Australia Pty Ltd$214,482.00
3762Growth OPS Khemistry Pty Ltd$214,410.90
3763COR Cordis$214,258.00
3764Keypoint LAW Pty Ltd$214,240.00
3765Solomon Motors Ltd$214,000.00
3767Barmo MANA Mcmurray Sydney Pty Ltd$213,899.40
3768Datacat Communications$213,821.30
3769Roads And Maritime Services$213,749.80
3770Cognicity Pty Ltd$213,400.00
3771EMT Distribution Pty Ltd$212,850.20
3772Crowdicity Limited$212,666.66
3773Stephen Illes Farago T/AS Agile Economics$212,572.00
3774Trent Glover$212,500.00
3775Doyle Plant Hire Pty Ltd$212,241.26
3776College Of Policing Ltd$212,144.00
3777Greens LIST Clerking Services P/L ATF B&H UNIT Trust$212,134.12
3778Simulation Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$211,633.75
3779Streamsets Inc$211,556.45
3780JANE Ayesha Macarthur Street$211,537.90
3781Ideagen GAEL Ltd$211,405.00
3782BRI Ferrier (nsw) Pty Ltd$211,272.00
3783Victoria Village$211,030.00
3784Housley Communications Pty Ltd$210,807.20
3785Special Electronics Inc$210,646.32
3786Larsen & Brusgaard APS$210,462.83
3787Toyota Jakarta$210,300.00
3788OVUM Pty Ltd$210,254.00
3789Natalie JEAN GALE$209,968.00
3790Karingal (qld) Pty Ltd$209,950.00
3791Proscan Australia Pty Ltd$209,533.86
3792Auscript Australasia Pty Ltd$209,440.00
3793Inquirion Pty Ltd$209,337.90
3794DOG Force Group Pty Ltd$209,198.00
3795Maxart Pty Ltd$209,181.50
3796LIST G Barristers Pty Ltd$209,037.68
3797FORK Force Australia Pty Ltd$209,027.50
3798Australian National Audit Office$209,000.00
3799RYAN Reeves$209,000.00
3800Lange Consulting And Software$208,812.00
3801Trinogy Systems$208,701.66
3802Simulinc Pty Ltd$208,700.40
3803Briarbird & CO Pty Ltd$208,450.00
3804Sandwalk Partners$208,137.50
3805David R Stack$208,100.00
3806TRAM Australia Pacific Pty Ltd$207,900.00
3808Systra Scott Lister Australia Pty L$207,748.01
3809TP Human Capital Pty Ltd$207,596.60
3810Confoil Pty Ltd$207,529.52
3811Melbourne JET BASE Pty Limited$207,518.05
3812Thuroona Services Pty Ltd$207,267.50
3813Access Canberra Territorial$207,221.00
3814Emantra Pty Ltd$207,133.94
3815Australian Vaccine Services$207,109.51
3816Synergy Global Pty Ltd$206,668.55
3817Biddington Research Pty Ltd$206,397.28
3818Jeylabs Pty Ltd$206,272.50
3820Global Spill Control Pty Ltd$206,096.00
3821Ghost Robotics Corporation$206,000.00
3822Revelian Pty Ltd$205,916.50
3823Altus Traffic PTY. LTD.$205,707.01
3824Stephen Monty$205,235.03
3825International Associationof Insurance Supervisors$205,020.34
3826Tracey Summerfield$204,820.00
3827Valiant Hire Pty Ltd Pty Ltd$204,798.13
3828Watts Engineering Ltd$204,514.00
3829Jackson Management Consulting$204,407.50
3830Dexion Liverpool$204,369.00
3831Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd$204,313.00
3832Syarikat Henson Enterprise$204,273.26
3833Smokeshield Australia Pty Ltd$204,266.29
3834MARK Gurry And Associates$204,217.06
3836Seismic ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$203,931.20
3837BITE Visual Communications Group$203,920.20
3838GAAP Consulting Services Pty Ltd$203,865.20
3839Atraxium Pty Ltd$203,500.00
3840Joanne Pollard$203,500.00
3841Summertown International FZE$203,092.74
3842Consulting Inspirations Pty Ltd$203,035.00
3843Bailey's Marine Fuels Australia$203,000.00
3844Australian Steel Pty Ltd$202,931.81
3845Razorback Solutions Pty Ltd$202,647.70
3846GJW Enterprises Pty Ltd$202,475.00
3847Pyrios Pty Limited$202,402.93
3848Washpod Consolidated Pty Ltd$202,221.80
3849LAW Society Of The ACT$202,000.00
3850Blackhat Product Development Pty Ltd$201,806.00
3851Farmaisle Pty Ltd ATF The Stokes Family Trust$201,795.00
3852ENI Industries Pty Ltd$201,770.02
3853Victoria Brigden$201,500.00
3854Airboss Produits Dingenierie Inc$201,357.33
3855Nihon Keizsai Kokoku SHA$201,176.59
3856WEST Coast Dental$201,159.66
3857Spanset Australia Ltd$201,138.63
3858Rachael Louise Timms$201,025.00
3859Kfive Pty Ltd$200,945.80
3860Studio Elevenses$200,508.00
3861National Plastics (aus) Pty Ltd$200,200.00
3862KATE Warren & Associates Pty Ltd$200,134.00
3864Amazon Web Services INC.$200,000.00
3865Nicholas PAUL Caudwell$200,000.00
3866ITOC Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3867Austral MEAT$200,000.00
3868JOHN Sheppard, QLD CROP Research Limited AS Trustee For Grains And Cropping R&D Trust, QLD CROP Research Ltd ATF$200,000.00
3869Makinson D'apice Lawyers$200,000.00
3870Adena UNIT Trust$199,925.00
3871Eimaging Pty Ltd$199,697.85
3872Mainline Dynolog Dynamometers PTY. Ltd$199,650.01
3873Cancer Alliance Queensland$199,596.14
3874Sailpoint Technologies, INC.$199,579.14
3875JOHN Edgar Murphy, Sandra KAYE Murphy$199,500.00
3876Northrop Grumman Internationaltrading Inc$199,358.92
3877Kathy Jones And Associates Pty Ltd$199,355.50
3878Praxis Strategy Pty Ltd$199,144.00
3879Level 5 Solutions Pty Ltd$199,100.02
3880Raysien Pty Ltd$199,000.00
3881Rockhampton Regional Council$199,000.00
3882Bunnings Group Limited$198,809.39
3883Ergonomicoffice Pty Limited$198,667.82
3884TONI Therese Sunol$198,550.00
3885Border Express$198,500.01
3886IBN Masaud Pty Ltd T/A Australian GULF Business Advisory$198,440.00
3887DNA Connect Pty Ltd$198,213.28
3888X-midas Engineering PTY. LTD.$198,187.50
3889RD And Associates Accountants And Business Advisor$198,000.00
3890Lighting Illusions$198,000.00
3891Proton Dynamics Pty Ltd$198,000.00
3892Australian College Of Rural And Remote Medicine$198,000.00
3893ST Vincent's Institute Of Medical$198,000.00
3894Security Assistance SVCS (png) Ltd$198,000.00
3895Baxter, Peter Colin Ernest$198,000.00
3896SELL & Parker Secure Destruction Pty Ltd$197,973.11
3897Results Consulting (aust) Pty Ltd$197,870.00
3898LISA Cornish$197,793.75
3899Australian Radome Services$197,780.00
3900Paladin RISK Management Services$197,500.00
3901Gilven Services Pty Ltd$197,498.02
3902Information Engineering Technology Ltd$197,193.00
3903Raytheon Company!dba Raytheon$197,063.08
3904Bruce Callaghan And Associates Pty LT$196,341.61
3905Tadano Oceania Pty Ltd$196,285.81
3906TAE Aviation Pty Ltd$196,161.78
3907Nasco Consulting And Storage$196,020.00
3908A-gas (australia) Pty Limited$196,000.01
3909The Cranlana Programme Foundation$195,914.00
3911Kongsberg Protech Systems$195,644.34
3912NAVY League Of The United States,!i$195,633.25
3913Innovation Composites Pty Ltd$195,629.50
3914Patonga Projects Pty Ltd$195,600.24
3915Class Complete LOCK & Security PL$195,546.00
3916The ITSM HUB Pty Ltd$195,459.00
3917Jacobs Radio (australia) Pty Ltd$195,404.00
3918Mindful Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$195,360.00
3919Heinejones Studio Pty Ltd$195,250.00
3920Lizsam Enterprises$195,167.50
3921TPR Systems$195,162.00
3922Reece Hvac-r$195,119.35
3923ZOOM Recruitment & Training Pty Ltd$195,000.00
3925Graeme Oneill Consulting P/L$195,000.00
3926Spearpoint Technology Pty Ltd$194,741.80
3927Metis Business Consulting Pty Ltd$194,700.00
3928ICS Industries Pty Ltd$194,657.10
3929Initialism Pty Ltd$194,500.00
3930Rocket Software Inc$194,040.69
3931Topper Sailboats Australia$193,987.20
3932Executive Impact Consulting Pty Ltd$193,900.00
3933IPP Consulting$193,814.00
3934Indivisual Event Production$193,729.80
3935Intercontinental Hotel Sydney$193,639.01
3936Jaffa Holdings Pty Ltd$193,611.00
3937Melissa Honner$193,600.00
3938Mccall Family Trust T/A Mccall Consulting$193,358.00
3939Clarity College Pty Ltd$193,146.72
3940FREO FIRE Services Pty Ltd$193,000.00
3941STLP Consulting Pty Ltd$192,877.00
3942Richard Scruby SC$192,850.00
3943Nearmap Australia Pty Ltd$192,830.00
3944J M Cavanagh Pty Ltd$192,828.93
3945AL Futtaim Motors Company$192,700.00
3946Steve Drury Consulting Pty Ltd$192,500.00
3947National Aboriginal Community Contr$192,500.00
3948Assure Energy NT Robertson Pty Ltd Robertson Trust$192,212.08
3949Hytec Carpentry Services$192,171.54
3950David Clark Company Incorporated$192,062.78
3951BLP Training & Services Pty Ltd$192,038.76
3952Julie Granger$192,000.00
3953PAC FIRE Australia$191,862.66
3954The Trustee For LIN Brothers George UNIT Trust$191,780.00
3955Energizer Australia Pty Ltd$191,505.60
3956BILL Campbell Consulting Pty Ltd$191,224.00
3957Wilkhahn ASIA Pacific$191,176.20
3958Python Charmers$191,012.80
3959Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd$190,995.83
3960Rubin Group Pty Ltd$190,945.70
3961Painaustralia Limited$190,500.01
3962Huntsman Security$190,301.13
3963Meedac Incorporated$190,253.44
3964Datacom Systems NSW$190,163.73
3965TCS Trading (australia) Pty Ltd$190,080.00
3966Compass Group Remote Hospitality$190,000.00
3967Justin TROY Commens$190,000.00
3968Ausland Property Services Pty Ltd$189,751.88
3969Comdate Pty Ltd$189,718.01
3970Cablex Pty Ltd$189,685.10
3971Advanced Navigation Pty Ltd$189,509.24
3972Instron A Division Of ITW Australia$189,401.30
3973Musteys Earth Moving$189,398.00
3974Australian Parents Council Inc$189,200.00
3975Dovef Pty Ltd$189,115.54
3976Thomson GEER Lawyers$188,985.56
3977K J Wnekowski Pty Ltd$188,893.65
3979Picarro, Inc$188,288.00
3980CMTS Sheetmetal Machines$188,248.50
3981General Dynamics Mediaware$187,955.25
3982Vandepeer Leadership Consulting Pty Ltd$187,827.86
3983Solution Energy Services Pty Ltd$187,688.81
3984Brenton And Naomi Colley T/A Lightbulb Studio$187,660.00
3985BAE Systems Australia$187,579.25
3986Hamilton Stone Pty Ltd$187,410.00
3987Charles Darwin University$187,377.33
3989Woolcott Research Pty Ltd$187,099.00
3990Francis Staub Ltd$187,093.50
3991Sonic Healthcare Services Pty Ltd$187,004.00
3992Kanangra CORP Pty Limited$187,000.00
3993ABC Rehab-hanivoile Pty Ltd$186,921.43
3994ESIM Games Deutschland GMBH$186,817.40
3995Whelen Engineering Australia Pty LT$186,802.00
3996Complete Parachute Solutions, Inc.!dba C P S$186,712.52
3997ATEN Systems Pty Ltd$186,606.84
3998Weipa Hire T/A Carpentaria Marine Services And Carpentaria Contracting$186,214.00
3999Alison Jessie Kerle Fleming$186,134.00
4000Comrez Property Solutions$186,034.60
4001Naidu, USHA$186,020.00
4002Lavers Psychology & Consulting SERV$186,000.00
4003Sitecore Australia Pty Ltd$185,909.05
4004Evacuation Services Australia Pty Ltd$185,620.60
4005Karen Larissa Petch Barrister$185,525.00
4006Heartward Pty Ltd$185,493.00
4007Gomspace A/S$185,404.72
4008ZOHO Corporation Pty Ltd$185,328.12
4009Canon Australia$185,286.83
4010The Royal Australasian College Of Physicians$185,000.00
4011North Sydney Leagues CLUB Ltd T/AS Seagulls CLUB$185,000.00
4012Historical Aircraft Restoration SOC Society Inc$184,931.00
4014Jaqueline Adams$184,800.00
4015Norfolk Electrical$184,753.60
4016NEIL ORME Consulting$184,730.00
4018The Trustee For Grand$184,175.74
4019Oceanic Communications Ltd$184,010.33
4020Hector The Erector (aust) Pty Ltd$183,920.00
4021Exablaze Pty Ltd$183,880.62
4022Ultra Electronics Limited$183,787.77
4023Ormazabal Australia Pty Ltd$183,500.00
4025Sofitel Brisbane$183,450.00
4026Nintex Pty Ltd$183,182.20
4027Priority Management Australia Ltd$183,092.80
4028Sandp Global Platts$183,000.00
4029Elevenm Consulting Pty Limited$182,910.00
4030D'artagnan Pacific Pty Limited$182,908.00
4031Australian Military Medicine Association$182,904.00
4032Pro-stage Victoria$182,891.50
4033Dyscall Pty Ltd$182,796.00
4034Copado, INC.$182,659.85
4035Export Council Of Australia$182,600.00
4036Analysys Mason$182,480.00
4037Veeco ASIA PTE Ltd$182,397.22
4038CCH Australia Limited$182,367.58
4039Pallazzio Hotels & Leisure Limited$182,335.70
4040Bethomas Consulting Pty Ltd$182,314.00
4041Vision Australia$182,275.00
4042T&S Signcraft Pty Ltd$182,204.00
4043TLS Trading & Logistics$182,100.00
4044Pearson Engineering Ltd$181,971.51
4045Lifelink Communications Pty Ltd$181,951.00
4046Morris Walker$181,848.00
4047Nexxis Pty Ltd$181,839.14
4048Recap Consultants Pty Ltd$181,830.00
4049Duncan Marshall$181,740.00
4050Jfrog INC.$181,696.30
4051Massachusetts Institutes Of Technol$181,564.39
4053Cellebrite ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$181,324.25
4054Communications Alliance Ltd$181,180.80
4055Solomon Brothers$181,072.93
4056Supply Nation$181,034.00
4057Holland Medical Pty Ltd$181,023.08
4059IDES Pty Ltd Solutions Pty Ltd$180,903.80
4060Essential Experiences$180,900.50
4061EYE Candy$180,818.01
4062Strategy Policy Research Pty Ltd$180,807.00
4063Devers LIST Pty Ltd$180,676.60
4064Department Of Natural Resources And Mines$180,675.00
4065Onboard Solutions Pty Ltd$180,604.60
4067Andrew Lawrence Brown$180,496.00
4068Emerald SEA Surveys Pty Ltd$180,400.00
4069Emberin Pty Ltd$180,342.00
4070Zirilio (allstars Trading)$180,181.65
4071AIR Frontier Pty Ltd$180,000.00
4072Brian J Tamberlin$180,000.00
4073QUAY Building Group$179,964.12
4074Miele Australia Pty Ltd$179,876.68
4075Berrico Consultants$179,811.00
4076Truflow Spraybooths (aust) Pty Ltd$179,789.50
4077IFLY Downunder$179,700.01
4078Sensory7 Pty Ltd$179,608.00
4079Regional Enterprise Development Institute Limited$179,559.38
4080Dtect Innovation Pty.ltd.$179,418.80
4081CRAY INC.$179,355.00
4082KMD DVI APS$179,335.24
4083Latin Interiors Pty Ltd$179,300.00
4084PRO AV Solutions$179,204.55
4085Proquest LLC$179,138.98
4086Maria Fernandez Pty Ltd$179,080.00
4087The Trustee For JDS Solutions UNIT Trust$178,992.24
4088The Procare Group Pty Ltd$178,750.01
4089GOLF CAR World$178,695.00
4090Tanner Kibble Denton Architects$178,565.75
4091Andrew Baghurst PTY. Ltd T/A Caltest$178,500.01
4092Societe Francaise Detecteurs Infrarouges$178,347.76
4093Australasian FIRE And$178,296.80
4094Buricore Construction And Maintenan$178,293.50
4095Cadence Economics Pty Ltd$178,200.00
4096Mov3ment Pty Ltd$178,200.00
4097Allison Harris$178,200.00
4098Progility Pty Ltd T/A CA Bearcom T/A Communications A$178,077.69
4099Nucleus Cyber Pty Ltd$178,036.61
4100Comcater Pty Ltd$177,967.10
4101Priority Electrical Services$177,923.90
4102TIMS Fabrications$177,866.70
4103BIKE Track, INC.$177,770.00
4104Alertforce Pty Ltd$177,672.00
4106Calcutta Group Pty Ltd$177,611.00
4107PAUL Arthur Krieg$177,450.00
4108South Pacific AIR Conditioning$177,420.10
4109Thomas B Holder$177,375.00
4110Crown Melbourne Limited$177,372.25
4111Mobius Strip Reverse Engineering$177,250.00
4112Susan Yates O.T. Pty Ltd$177,239.14
4113Schiavello Systems (qld) P/L$177,173.70
4114Research And Communications Group Ltd$177,125.38
4115Tableau International Unlimited Company$177,049.01
4116LION Breathalysers Australia$176,882.51
4117The Write NOTE$176,880.00
4118Techsafe Australia Pty Ltd$176,737.00
4119ONE Sportswear Pty Ltd$176,724.00
4120Damien Clapham$176,700.00
4121ALFA Laval Australia Pty Ltd$176,498.76
4122Simon Henderson Research Limited$176,408.70
4124Emerald Group Publishing Ltd$176,261.00
4125Productology Pty Ltd$176,220.00
4126S.T. Japan-europe GMBH$176,052.47
4127Mondo Power Pty Ltd$176,002.06
4128IAN Hansen And Associates$176,000.00
4129Human Psychology Pty Ltd$176,000.00
4130TAS Water Corporation Pty Ltd$176,000.00
4131The Trustee For DIUS Computing HOLD$176,000.00
4132Enque Pty Ltd$175,852.60
4133Lodge BROS$175,725.00
4134S&P Global Platts$175,615.42
4135Herrmann International ASIA Pty Ltd$175,542.24
4136Phoenx PLM Pty Ltd$175,530.74
4137Lindsay Wootten$175,450.00
4138Enzed Ingleburn$175,423.00
4139Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd$175,208.00
4140Workplace Training And Advisory Aust. Pty Ltd$175,147.00
4141Collecte Localisation Satellites$175,000.00
4142The LOCH Group Pty Ltd$174,775.01
4143Tradecoast Central Pty Ltd$174,598.00
4144Infotechs Ideas (pvt) Limited$174,457.00
4145Rudds Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd$174,338.49
4146Medal T/A DEAN Anthony James$174,212.50
4147AWR Corporation$174,049.10
4148Leisten HUNT Pty Ltd$173,900.00
4149The Mental Health Services$173,632.50
4150LINK Digital$173,580.00
4151Shock & Vibration Technologies Pty Ltd$173,580.00
4152Colliers International$173,531.57
4153Peter Berry Consultancy Pty Ltd$173,410.50
4154Business Toolbox Australia Pty Ltd$173,400.70
4155WEC Enterprises Pty Ltd & Doblajoh Pty Ltd$173,250.00
4156KARA Resources Pty Ltd$173,009.76
4157ESKA Australia Pty Limited$172,920.00
4158Bradtrust Pty Ltd ATF Bradstreet Investment Trust$172,871.31
4159Sarah Kernot$172,738.50
4161Evolve Studios Pty Ltd$171,820.00
4162Symantec ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$171,779.78
4163In Corporate Pty Limited$171,704.79
4164Compair (australasia) Limited$171,524.07
4165Paper Australia Pty Ltd$171,308.50
4166Australian Office Of Financial Management$171,308.50
4167Culture HQ Pty Ltd Trading AS Cultureverse$171,190.23
4168ISRB Pty Ltd T/A Deborah Moffat$171,160.00
4169Seavus Products Ltd$171,019.08
4170Gregory JOHN Pedler, Joann Maree Pedler$171,000.00
4171Economic Connections Pty Ltd$170,995.00
4172Moreton Advisory Pty Ltd$170,900.00
4173GNS Science$170,800.00
4174Logical Staffing Solutions Group Pty Ltd$170,742.00
4176Logi-tech Pty Ltd$170,483.03
4177LIFE Unlimited Health Solutions Pty Ltd$170,379.51
4178Mapdata Services Pty Ltd$170,258.00
4179Av-comm Pty Ltd$170,197.22
4180Tableau International, U.C$170,050.00
4181Adelaide OVAL SMA Limited$170,030.00
4182ALL Graduates Interpreting$170,000.00
4183Conscia Pty Ltd$170,000.00
4184PHIL Shepherd T/AS Active Leadershi$169,855.44
4185CDS Security$169,671.48
4186Perimeter Solutions LP DBA Wildfire Control Division DIV Perimeter$169,613.75
4187LECO Australia Pty Ltd$169,523.64
4188Lekeisha Enterprises$169,400.00
4189Coolamon Advisors Pty Ltd$169,400.00
4190Data Analysis Australia Pty Ltd$169,334.00
4191The University Of Adelaide$169,298.00
4192JSI Telecom Pty Limited$169,290.00
4193Doltone House HYDE PARK Pty Ltd$169,153.51
4194SANS Institute Conference Office$169,088.95
4195Perkin Elmer Pty Ltd$168,809.00
4196Resolve SFM Pty Ltd$168,605.76
4197Rapid-tech Equipment Pty Ltd$168,575.00
4198Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd$168,489.67
4199JPJ Audio Pty Limited$168,410.00
4200EDMS Pty Ltd$168,242.53
4201MIT CISR$168,000.00
4202STAR Electrical CO Pty Ltd$167,842.40
4203Logiqdesk Pty Ltd$167,788.80
4204ETMC Technologies Pty Ltd$167,683.66
4205Cornerstone Management Consulting Pty Ltd$167,505.94
4206Kathleen IDA Powell$167,500.02
4207Ecolog International FZE$167,426.09
4208LKD Aerospace, Inc.!dba LKD Aerospa$167,395.53
4209Phase ZERO Consulting Services Pty Ltd$167,200.00
4210Australian Rural Leadership Foundation$167,000.00
4211REST EASY LLC - Zylme$166,974.31
4212Fredon Security$166,955.00
4213Sydney Diesel Centre Pty Ltd$166,686.41
4214BEN Goscombe$166,450.00
4215Tecon Australia Pty Ltd$166,399.98
4216Team HR (australia) Pty Ltd$166,320.00
4217Resolution Institute$166,124.00
4218Proquest LC$166,000.00
4219Davenport Campbell And Partners Pty Ltd$165,904.00
4220Aries Business Consulting$165,900.36
4221Christina Chandler$165,880.00
4222GPTA Ltd T/A General Practice$165,792.00
4223Adrian Williams$165,600.00
4224Leigh Kelly Agencies Pty Ltd$165,422.95
4226Leckring Pty Ltd$165,000.00
4227Allied Health Professionals Australia Ltd$165,000.00
4228Diabetes WA$165,000.00
4229EPSA Solutions$165,000.00
4230Woolstore Pty Limited ATF Woolstore UNIT Trust$165,000.00
4232PMP Strategic Consulting Pty Ltd$165,000.00
4233The Leukaemia Foundation Of Australia Limited$165,000.00
4234Oracle Corporation$164,805.00
4235Shane Andrew Meara$164,350.00
4236Knorr- Bremse Australia Pty Ltd$164,298.30
4237Intopia Pty Ltd$164,285.00
4238Western Technical & Electrical CONT$163,722.25
4239Claytons Australia Pty Ltd$163,647.55
4240FAST Track (aust) Pty Ltd$163,597.28
4241Linguistico Australia$163,411.38
4242Infrastructure Partnerships Austral$163,394.00
4243The Trustee For KASH Enterprises$163,354.40
4244TREE (3) Pty Ltd$163,350.00
4245Plexnet Pty Ltd$163,310.40
4246Northern Grower Alliance Incorporated$163,240.00
4247IAN Leslie Swain, AKA Energyflux Sustainability$163,158.80
4248Helimods Pty Ltd$163,087.41
4249Trustee For The Ashnil Kumar Family$163,028.00
4250Magee Consultancy Services Pty Ltd$163,000.00
4251Anspec Pty Ltd$162,961.67
4252Whitegrey Pty Ltd$162,888.00
4253TWIN CITY Truck Centre$162,814.36
4254Digicert INC.$162,742.58
4255Essex Industries, INC.$162,595.77
4256Pavilion On Northbourne$162,517.99
4257Cairns Melanie EILA$162,500.00
4258CITY SAFE Removals Pty Ltd$162,499.99
4259The Seedling Group Pty Limited$162,450.15
4260Mozaic Management Consultants Pty Ltd$162,250.00
4261ROJO Constructions$162,135.00
4262Being Group$161,930.20
4263Ridley4 Pty Ltd$161,837.64
4264Canberra REX Hotel$161,699.40
4265Manteena Commercial Pty Ltd$161,673.60
4266Akips Pty Ltd$161,562.50
4267Royal Canin Australia Pty Ltd$161,500.00
4268Illion Australia Pty Ltd$161,468.03
4269Saferight Pty Ltd$161,326.00
4270Samuel URE$161,229.98
4271Hootsuite INC.$161,028.00
4272KARL Storz Endoscopy Australia$160,987.20
4273Michelle Hirschhorn Barrister At LAW$160,364.60
4274Energyaustralia Pty Ltd$160,324.50
4275MAN Diesel And Turbo Australia P$160,250.54
4277Medical Software Industry Association Inc$160,000.01
4278Chandler Macleod Health And Medical$160,000.00
4279Solomon Advisory Services Pty Ltd$160,000.00
4280LES BELL And Associates$160,000.00
4281Super Gardens Pty Ltd$160,000.00
4282AGS- Canberra$160,000.00
4283Australasian Medical Publishing CO$159,999.88
4284Broadbean Catering Pty Ltd$159,631.00
4285Ascot Splicing And Supplies$159,555.00
4286Snprhd Pty Ltd$159,500.00
4287Presence Of IT (ocl) Pty Ltd$159,500.00
4288Peter Achterstraat$159,500.00
4289Teleresources Engineering (aust) PT$159,500.00
4290Tonic Health Media P/L$159,500.00
4291Protec Pty Ltd$159,346.31
4292Interactive Cabling Pty Ltd$159,335.00
4293Philip Edwin HIND$159,324.00
4294Jetfield Constructions$159,280.00
4295Jetfield Constructions Pty Ltd$159,280.00
4296SML Enterprises Pty Ltd$159,105.16
4297Peopleconnexion (png) Limited$159,000.00
4298Cantlie Recruitment Services Pty Ltd$159,000.00
4299Arete Associatesdiv Corporate Office$158,959.90
4300SAFE Software Inc$158,928.00
4301Aura, S.r.o.$158,857.00
4302Pelican Products Pty Ltd$158,733.33
4303Skylineglobe Australia Pty Ltd$158,537.50
4304Karen Hofman And James WARE (LOW Isles Caretakers)$158,400.00
4305Kloud Solutions Pty Ltd$158,400.00
4306Nicole Louise Howcroft$158,400.00
4307Powerdata Group Consulting$158,235.24
4308Territory Horticulture$158,004.00
4309Leonardo Germany GMBH$157,948.72
4310Tsirin Motors Limited$157,867.04
4311Merrow Consulting$157,850.00
4312Greens LIST Clerking Services P/L ATF B&H UNIT Trust$157,767.00
4314Vertex Operational Solutions$157,580.00
4315KIM Vella Coaching$157,543.60
4316G P Mcnally$157,500.00
4317Richard JOHN Douglas$157,500.00
4318EMC Technologies Pty Ltd$157,432.00
4319Farcove Pty Ltd$157,411.37
4320RL HUNT Medical Services Pty Ltd$157,411.37
4321Sdormer Pty Ltd$157,411.37
4322Ghost CRAB Pty Ltd$157,411.37
4323Tainos Pty Ltd$157,300.00
4324PAD Consulting Services$157,300.00
4325Austland Services Pty Ltd$157,000.00
4326Austland Management Pty Ltd$157,000.00
4327Praeco Pty Limited$156,956.72
4328Safety Australia Group$156,925.00
4329Xaana Pty Ltd$156,816.00
4330Michael MARK Szymanski$156,750.00
4331Carter ROSS Malcolm$156,720.00
4332Axway Pty Ltd$156,705.94
4333Fossil Exhibits$156,500.00
4334Electrocom Solutions Pty Ltd$156,491.75
4335SAFE Smart Access$156,239.60
4336Australian College Of Nursing Ltd$156,200.00
4337Recordkeeping Innovation Pty Ltd$156,175.00
4338Officemax Australia Ltd$156,124.62
4339Manuka Newsagency$156,108.41
4340Merit Partners Pty Ltd$155,826.00
4341Northpoint Consulting Pty Ltd$155,815.00
4342Ivanti UK Limited$155,646.43
4343Bunzl Outsourcing Services Ltd T/A Bunzi Outsourcing Catering (SA)$155,547.99
4344Marmalade Melbourne Pty Ltd$155,468.94
4345Trustee For Southpac Aerospace TRUS$155,399.00
4346Safety WISE Solution Pty Ltd$155,307.96
4347First Stage Pty Ltd T/AS First Stage Service$155,150.00
4348Open Media Communications Pty Ltd$155,105.50
4349WEBB Henderson$155,100.00
4350RAIN Group Australia Pty Ltd$154,996.90
4351WFEL Limited - AUD$154,642.53
4352Fredon (act) Pty Ltd$154,606.30
4353Perrott Engineering Pty Ltd$154,540.10
4354Magical Learning Pty Ltd$154,530.00
4355ANNA Margrit Mitchelmore$154,500.00
4356Transam Argosy Pty Ltd$154,469.89
4357Clyde & CO & J Edmond & J.L Priestley & O SHUB$154,442.00
4358The Camerons Group$154,349.01
4359Mangoesmappings Pty Ltd$154,275.00
4360JB Cyber PTY. Limited$154,275.00
4361Quisumbing Torres$154,235.14
4362SAFE System Solutions Pty Ltd$154,100.00
4363Bushtv Enterprises Pty Ltd$154,000.00
4364Gregory Brian Roche$154,000.00
4365Fyshh Pty Ltd$154,000.00
4366Australian Institute Of International Affairs$154,000.00
4367Heather Yvonne Marshall$154,000.00
4369The Trustee For The People Check UNIT Trust$154,000.00
4370Tactical Network Solutions, LLC$153,903.42
4371DTB Architects Pty Ltd$153,780.00
4372The Trustee For Inventium Trust$153,670.00
4373Mallon, Raymond Laurence$153,534.48
4374Anagha Joshi Consulting Pty Ltd$153,300.00
4375Microstrategy Pty Ltd$153,290.72
4377Schiavello Ganbu Pty Ltd$153,265.00
4378Bliss Media Pty Ltd$153,212.40
4379Nalanda University$153,200.00
4380Outdoor Sporting Agencies Pty Ltd$153,101.30
4381Negotiation Partners$152,984.20
4382Australian Laboratory Services$152,900.00
4383Public Health Academy$152,900.00
4384Alemba Pty Ltd$152,850.50
4385Jonathan Tsang$152,750.00
4386Kurrajong HILL Pty Ltd$152,735.55
4387Jeppesen Australia$152,715.98
4388Badili Hardware Limited$152,664.41
4389Tamasin Jonker$152,625.00
4390CST Computer Simulation Technology GMBH$152,563.81
4391Instituto DE Ingenieros DE Minas DE$152,333.23
4392Shape Australia (qld) Pty Limited$152,207.00
4393Vander Media Services$151,999.99
4394Bounce Performance$151,914.62
4395Knight Frank$151,813.41
4396G T A DRUM Inc$151,696.69
4397Itomic Pty Ltd$151,673.28
4398Patricia And Akira Arita$151,666.55
4399DEWC Pty Ltd ATF Dundas Family Trust$151,600.02
4400Workforce Planning Global$151,525.00
4401Silver SUN Pictures$151,473.07
4402Smith, Christopher JOHN$151,409.49
4403Merck Pty Limited$151,368.20
4404DWS Limited$151,360.00
4405Intelligent Business Research Servi$150,975.00
4406S&B Projects Pty Ltd$150,920.00
4407G A Glanville & CO Naval Architects$150,730.14
4408Synergy Resource Management Pty Ltd$150,678.00
4409Epi-use LABS Pty Limited$150,520.86
4410Medaire (apmea) PTE Ltd$150,388.00
4411GRID Communications$150,315.00
4413WEEX Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4414Warddeken LAND Management Limited$150,000.00
4415Apheda - Union AID Abroad$150,000.00
4416Republic Of Everyone Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4417Menzies Aviation (australia) Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4418Medland Corporate Property Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4419IDON Technologies Inc$150,000.00
4420Enzyme International (aust) P/L$150,000.00
4421Speciality MIX Stock FOOD Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4422Open Government Partnership$150,000.00
4423BEST Practice Software Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4424The Defib SHOP Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4425Angela Mccabe T/AS AM Psychology SE$150,000.00
4426IA Indigenous Pty Ltd$149,947.60
4427Elcom Technology Pty Ltd$149,881.60
4428Beaumont Legal Services Pty$149,850.00
4429Transact Capital Communication Pty Ltd$149,828.59
4430Intertek Testing Services (australia) Pty Ltd$149,804.30
4431Professional Development P/L$149,617.76
4432Quark Software Inc Acquisition$149,559.76
4433The Trustee For Round Family Trust$149,537.14
4434Benjamin C Kasep Barrister$149,500.00
4435Christian Mulchrone$149,399.77
4436Wik-consult GMBH$149,200.00
4437Martin PAUL Hoffman$149,150.00
4438BIO Strategy Pty Limited$149,138.00
4439TMG Testequipment$149,080.80
4440Thesoco Pty Ltd$149,000.00
4441Cattle Council Of Australia$149,000.00
4442Excellence Through People$148,750.00
4443Evermed Consulting Pty Ltd$148,724.00
4444Medical Objects Pty Ltd$148,500.00
4445Zedmed Pty Ltd$148,500.00
4446Society Of Consumer Affairs Professional$148,467.20
4447Applied Research And Analytics Pty Ltd$148,335.00
4448Maccor, INC.$147,963.08
4449Lincoln Crowley$147,900.00
4451Logeah Farming Company Pty Ltd AS Trustee For B & C Wilson Holdings Trust$147,750.00
4452Aalto Pty Ltd$147,743.00
4453The ORG$147,500.00
4454Mentone Educational$147,400.00
4455The Trustee For Royglo Family Trust$147,356.00
4456WOOD Mackenzie$147,149.20
4457Tupicoffs Pty Ltd$147,015.00
4458DSA Exhibition And Conference SDN BHD$147,000.00
4459Momentum Energy Pty Ltd$147,000.00
4460Ninesquared Pty Ltd$146,995.00
4462Hilton Adelaide$146,968.39
4463Safety Marine Australia Pty Ltd$146,960.00
4464AOT Hotels$146,924.83
4465Ozwinds Melbourne Centre Pty Ltd$146,870.69
4466Linkfluence ASIA PTE Ltd$146,831.00
4467Adnet Technology$146,757.09
4468Arnold & Porter KAYE Scholer LLP$146,520.00
4469DR MYRA Patricia Brown$146,500.00
4470Position Partners$146,425.88
4471Actwell First AID And Training Pty Ltd$146,400.00
4472Christmas Island Engineering$146,254.00
4473Mcarthur Management Services (SA) P/L$146,241.75
4474P. DEL Fante$146,127.00
4475Southern Cross CLUB$146,031.50
4476Dawsons Engineering (NQ) Pty Ltd$146,011.47
4477Dassault Falcon JET Corp.!div Dassault Falcon JET -$145,900.00
4478Corinne Elizabeth Bezzina$145,860.00
4479David Moore$145,700.00
4480AJM BROE Investments Pty Ltd$145,605.52
4481DASH IQ Pty Limited$145,574.82
4482A J Barnes Pty Ltd$145,302.00
4483Being Human Pty Ltd$145,245.00
4484Williams Podiatry Pty Ltd$145,223.57
4485The Learning Workshop Pty Ltd$145,212.00
4486GE Sharpe & Company$145,191.96
4487DR. ANNE Speckhard$144,999.00
4488Charles R Lister$144,998.99
4489Ratio D Pty Ltd$144,976.15
4490Human Synergistics (aust) Pty Ltd$144,875.00
4491Discovery Consulting Group Pty Ltd$144,849.39
4493Drake Trailers Pty Ltd$144,701.28
4494CM And JJ Consulting Pty Ltd$144,551.10
4495Priority Supplies Pty Ltd$144,380.72
4496Perth Energy Pty Ltd$144,325.07
4497FUJI Xerox Business Centre NT$144,132.30
4498Skillsone Pty Ltd$144,100.00
4499ZEN Imports Pty Ltd$144,100.00
4500Pathway Communications Pty Ltd$144,073.05
4501S&P Global Market Intelligence LLC$144,058.04
4502ACT Environment, Planning And Sustainable Development$144,000.00
4503LDC Ginning Dalby Pty Ltd$144,000.00
4504Montfort Laser GMBH$143,733.42
4505Mcgovern Holdings Pty Ltd ATF Mcgovern Family Trust No 2$143,545.27
4506Gungarde Community Centre$143,461.60
4507Versent Pty Ltd$143,440.00
4508Georco Pty Ltd$143,345.87
4509Hardchrome Engineering Pty Ltd$143,288.20
4510I-link Research Solutions Pty Ltd$143,209.00
4511Springer Nature$143,199.62
4512TNB & Partners$143,177.07
4513Scott Seefeld$143,175.00
4514Elton Consulting Group Pty Ltd AKA Elton Consulting$143,145.20
4515Hydrotech Pacific Ltd$143,089.00
4516Australian Catholic University Limited$143,025.61
4518First Nations Development Services$143,000.00
4519Terrence Hogan$143,000.00
4520HIQ Systems Pty Ltd ATF HIQ Systems Trust$142,972.80
4521Leanne Melissa Holder$142,857.00
4522MTS Systems Corporation$142,827.86
4523Customer Service Benchmarking Australia Pty Ltd$142,670.00
4524Adelaide Crane Maintenance P/L$142,610.22
4525C4 Engineering$142,600.00
4526Yamari Ochre Signs$142,579.88
4527ESBS Pty Ltd$142,452.20
4528MIKE Swanston$142,449.99
4529Towers Watson Australia Pty Ltd$142,420.00
4530Open Systems Australia$142,411.17
4531Accountability (act) Pty Ltd$142,381.00
4532VEEM Engineering Group$142,219.00
4533APT RISK Management$142,203.60
4534Redbox Design Group Pty Ltd$142,153.00
4535Point ONE USA, Llc!dba Point ONE$142,137.31
4536Andrew Engineering Pty Ltd$142,109.86
4537LOOP Secure Pty Ltd$142,025.95
4538Metropolitan FIRE And Emergency Services Board$142,000.00
4539Graeme PAUL Maguire$142,000.00
4540Pacific Manpower PNG Ltd$142,000.00
4541IBIS Business Solutions Pty Ltd$141,914.73
4542The Information Source PTY. LTD.$141,900.00
4543Adamson Printing CO Pty Ltd$141,880.20
4544Consolidated Security Merchants Pty$141,795.50
4545National Library Of Australia$141,759.48
4546Hermes Speziali, Janette ANN Speziali$141,660.00
4547Vantage Point Consulting$141,500.00
4548Typeyard Design & Advertising$141,463.25
4549Australian Safety Engineers (WA)$141,299.26
4550S C F Group Pty Ltd$141,291.70
4551Intel 471 Inc$141,243.00
4552Alluvium Consulting Australia Pty L$141,207.00
4553The Trustee For Neoteric Group$141,187.50
4554Engineers Enterprise$141,086.32
4555The Trustee For Cullen Caruso Famil$141,050.10
4556Alimak HEK Pty Ltd$141,008.99
4557Board Of Queensland Museum$141,000.00
4558Mainmark Ground Engineering$140,855.00
4559Heather ROSE Ranger$140,800.00
4560Berwick Consulting Pty Ltd$140,800.00
4561For The Record Pty Ltd$140,569.86
4562Amanda Todhunter$140,250.00
4563Kinship Digital Pty Ltd$140,167.50
4564MDEH Services Pty Ltd T/A Forcecor$140,162.00
4565ANN Alexander$140,140.00
4566Office Partners International Pty Ltd$140,115.00
4567Teceventco Pty Ltd$140,043.10
4568Allenspach Steel Pty Ltd$140,000.00
4569Template - Overseas$140,000.00
4570Riversleigh Management Services Pty Ltd$140,000.00
4571Kwizcom Corporation$140,000.00
4572RTDS Technologies Inc$139,906.54
4573MIMS Australia Pty Ltd$139,868.96
4574Department Of Justice$139,775.48
4575Richard Foote Consulting Pty Ltd$139,750.00
4576JR Global Logistics Pty Ltd$139,624.40
4577Faultseal Finance Pty Ltd$139,568.00
4578Freiburg Medical Laboratory$139,552.00
4579Rocla Pipeline Products$139,438.75
4580Australian Warning Systems Pty L$139,386.78
4581Kooya Consultancy$139,260.00
4582Cvent Australia Pty Limited$139,208.79
4583Gravotech Australia Pty Ltd$139,191.00
4584Faethm Pty Limited$139,167.50
4585Consultel Solutions Pty Ltd$139,150.00
4586LISA Woolmer$139,150.00
4587Autoline Pty Ltd T/AS Autoline$139,144.50
4588Versagroup Pty Ltd$139,128.00
4589RMI, Singapore (manoj Kumar Nath)$139,052.10
4590Monsido Pty Ltd$139,040.00
4591Trustee For The Kirkpatrick Trust T/A Kirkpatrick Consulting$138,737.50
4592Meridian IT Pty Ltd$138,718.80
4593Valorem Advisory Pty Limited$138,600.00
4594HEX RAYS SA$138,440.07
4595Transfinite Systems Ltd$138,343.89
4596Ravensthorpe Agricultural Initiative Network Inc$138,050.00
4597Master Builders Group Training$138,021.00
4598Airborne Systems North America Of Nj!inc.$137,887.43
4599Prospectors Supplies Pty Ltd$137,848.15
4600Silkdent Trust$137,735.00
4601Public Communications Australia$137,731.50
4602API Ltd Limited$137,666.90
4603Bentley Systems International Ltd$137,607.24
4604Cahill Family Trust$137,599.92
4605Gillian MARY Brown$137,533.85
4606Feline Pty Ltd$137,500.00
4607Young's LIST Pty Ltd$137,400.00
4608Bureau Veritas Minerals Pty Ltd$137,389.60
4609Nerio Communications$137,210.30
4610B Online Learning$137,170.00
4612AIR Terminal Services FIJI Ltd$136,945.73
4613AVI Pty Ltd$136,879.29
4614B Braun Australia Pty Ltd$136,868.27
4615RAW Recruitment And Services Pty Ltd$136,794.81
4616KIM Margaret Webber$136,620.00
4617Conference Design Pty Ltd$136,613.08
4618Precision Technic Defence Pty Ltd$136,592.10
4619SRG Properties LLC$136,579.40
4620Robson Environmental$136,533.00
4621Ann-maree Hanratty$136,401.38
4622IP Trading Pty Ltd$136,343.28
4623Association DU Transport Aerien International (iata)$136,222.71
4624Testo Pty Ltd$136,167.79
4625Berlinger Special AG$136,124.01
4626Epicor Software (aust) P/L$135,819.05
4627Speedex Tooling$135,815.24
4628O&G - Rosedale Pty Ltd$135,710.01
4629NOVA Aerospace$135,695.16
4631Navigo Pty Ltd$135,571.26
4632Harvard University Business School$135,570.76
4633Mactaggart Scott Australia Pty *$135,556.64
4635BLUE SKY Design FOUR Quarters$135,486.04
4636Besselink Master Painters Pty Ltd$135,322.00
4637FIRE Alarm Monitoring Services Services$135,165.61
4638Uniquity Pty Ltd$135,140.50
4639FAR North Queensland Ports Corporation Ltd$135,100.00
4640GP Services$135,072.00
4641ALL Metal Sales, INC.$135,000.00
4642Contexual Communications Pty Ltd$135,000.00
464312high Agency Pty Ltd$134,999.70
4644Australian Forensic Services Ltd$134,968.28
4645Kaltech Security$134,813.80
4646Kennards Hire$134,520.73
4647Stephanie Patterson$134,500.00
4648CLUB Booster Pty Ltd$134,310.00
4649Perth Exposure Furniture Group$134,293.85
4650Analytic Advantage Australia Pty LT$134,200.00
4651Sub-micron Engineering$134,200.00
4652Dcx-chol Enterprises, Inc.!dba Teletronic Division Of$134,184.66
4653Aerospace And Defence Products P$134,134.00
4654Elegant Media$134,019.60
4655Oceania Customs Organisation$133,981.54
4656Ngaanyatjarra Health Service (aboriginal Corporation)$133,966.80
4657Labgear Australia Pty Ltd$133,937.10
4658Sherrill FERN$133,760.00
4659Persec Solutions Pty Ltd$133,650.00
4660MYIP Ltd$133,625.14
4661I4 Australia$133,595.00
4662Fluidquip Australia Pty Ltd$133,320.00
4663Wirrimanu Aboriginal CORP$133,191.24
4664Relegen Pty Ltd$133,150.00
4665M Power U Electrical Contracting$133,100.00
4666Virginia HINE$133,100.00
4667Russell And Susanne Commens$133,000.00
4668David & Judith Stower$133,000.00
4669Impression BAY Holdings Pty Ltd$132,977.00
4670TR Calibration$132,543.40
4671Varidesk LLC$132,224.00
4672GP ONE Consulting Pty Ltd Gareck Packer$132,220.00
4673Mainami Aviation Services Co.,ltd$132,141.20
4674Technical Audio Group Pty Ltd$132,016.50
4675AMS Defence Pty Ltd$132,005.75
4676WCBM World Freight$132,000.00
4677Robyn Ninyette$132,000.00
4678Katherine Hughes$132,000.00
4679Louis Laumen$132,000.00
4680Starray Pty Limited$132,000.00
4681Adelaide Primary Health Network Limited$132,000.00
4682Systemik Solutions Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4683Resilia Pty Limited$132,000.00
4684Probe Tourism Design Planning & MGMT Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4685Drajon Management Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4686Teledyne Defence Australia$132,000.00
4687Canberra Girls Gramr$131,704.98
4688Profundis Pty Ltd$131,681.57
4689Jobready TECH Pty Ltd$131,560.00
4690Frontier Software Pty Ltd$131,544.42
4691Design Managers Australia$131,507.56
4692AJS IT Pty Ltd$131,230.00
4693TRPC PTE Ltd$131,100.00
4694Quintessential Equity 028 Pty Ltd$130,993.00
4695The Alannah & Madeline Foundation$130,962.70
4696Third Horizon Consulting Partners$130,955.00
4698YOU1 Group Pty Ltd$130,711.00
4699Murray PHN Limited$130,680.00
4701Belinda Lucas$130,538.99
4702Locomotive Consulting 0811$130,350.00
4703ALL Saints Parish Primary School Of The Roman Catholic$130,250.00
4704Kinemmo Pty Ltd$130,240.00
4705Yanna Rider Consulting$130,240.00
4706IAS Logistics Pty Ltd$130,162.47
4707Converged Communications Network$130,141.98
4708Asset Technologies Pacific Pty Ltd$130,139.90
4709Johnsons MME Chartered Accountants$130,128.00
4710Digital Networks Australia Pty Ltd$130,043.89
4711The Substation Media Services Pty Ltd$130,024.40
4713Lorna Hallahan$130,000.00
4714Logan CITY Council$130,000.00
4715The Trustee For Financial Counselli$130,000.00
4716Beechey, EMMA Louise$129,999.99
4717Vulkan Australia Pty Ltd$129,992.50
4718Redcliffe International (shipping) Limited$129,963.60
4719Tacfit Solutions Pty Ltd$129,905.59
4720M.C DEAN Inc (aust)$129,886.95
4721BCA Certifiers (aust) Pty Ltd$129,800.00
4722Google Australia Pty Ltd$129,748.00
4723Compucraft Software Solutions$129,624.00
4724ICON Agency$129,602.00
4725Cumbak Pty Ltd$129,602.00
4726Regional Australia Institute Ltd$129,580.00
4727C M I SAFE CO$129,532.70
4728US Department Of Defence Support Office$129,482.85
4729TAFE Directors Australia$129,470.00
4731Systems Engineering And Assessment Limited$129,302.25
4732James Robert Hillman$129,276.00
4733Australasian Society For HIV, Viral$129,205.60
4734Epsilon Knowledge Pty Ltd$129,195.00
4735Lynne Margaret HILL$129,118.05
4736Paras And Partners$129,000.00
4737Rotech Australia Pty Ltd$128,983.80
4738Paddywack Promotional Products Pty Ltd$128,922.37
4739KSB Australia Pty Ltd$128,865.00
4740Wildbear Entertainment P/L$128,709.80
4741National Health Group Pty Ltd$128,700.00
4742Greens LIST Barristers$128,522.00
4743L And L Design & Production Pty Limited$128,489.00
4744North East Forklift Services$128,485.50
4745National Employment Services Associ$128,477.00
4746The Ethics Centre Incorporated$128,471.20
4747Thomas OWEN Prince$128,375.00
4748Itech Solutions Pty Ltd$128,332.00
4749Mrbadges.com Pty Ltd$128,177.83
4750Elsevier B.V$128,147.37
4751Kookaburra Consulting$128,112.00
4752Michael O'meara$127,933.34
4753Shakespeare Company, Llc!dba Shakespeare Monofilaments!div Jarde$127,913.40
4754SP Services Limited$127,842.93
4755C And L Aerospace Pty Ltd$127,774.61
4756Peoplesense Pty Ltd$127,740.50
4757Altium Limited$127,641.25
4758Iaccm Pty Ltd$127,631.20
4759Simple Retail Pty Limted$127,600.00
4760Sunraysia Institute Of TAFE$127,583.00
4761RSEA Pty Ltd$127,541.81
4762Joanne Christiansen, Neville Reginald Harland$127,300.00
4763LRM Technologies Pty Ltd$127,215.00
4764Blancco Australasia Pty Ltd$127,193.00
4765Flite PATH Pty Ltd$127,050.00
4766Gillian Walker Barrister$127,000.00
4767Instant Colour Press$126,808.61
4768Apricot Zebra$126,670.00
4769TORO Australia$126,599.00
4770Solentive Systems Pty Ltd$126,546.04
4771Timothy Murphy$126,500.00
4772Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart$126,500.00
4773Glenelg - Hopkins Catchment Managem Authority$126,500.00
4774Entreposto Comercial DE Timor S.A$126,500.00
4775Marina Bournazos$126,500.00
4776LIST A Barristers$126,413.65
4777Sportszone Group Pty Ltd$126,113.88
4778ZIP Heaters (aust) Pty Ltd$126,058.42
4779Northport Marine Services$126,055.39
4780Satcom Global Limited$125,957.00
4781Porteous, Robert KARL$125,950.00
4782Chemical Abstracts Service$125,707.14
4783Tashco Systems Pty Ltd$125,675.00
4784Isec7 ASIA Pacific$125,509.34
4785I NEED Catering$125,400.00
4786CNG Systems Pty Ltd$125,328.00
4787Richmond Wheel & Castor CO$125,268.00
4788Pivotal Software Australia Pty Limited$125,072.64
4789United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime$125,000.00
4790Trustee Vedic UNIT Trust$125,000.00
4791CARE Australia$125,000.00
4792Stofka Landscape Constructions P/L$124,999.99
4793TASK Technology Pty Ltd$124,923.28
4794Matthew White SC$124,875.00
4795Public Sector Training Solutions PL$124,745.00
4796Skylink Services Ltd$124,741.87
4797O'malley, William Joseph$124,622.14
4798BAE Systems - USD$124,137.00
4799Metocean Services International Ltd$124,020.60
4800ECCO Safety Group Australia Pty Ltd$123,975.91
4801ACE Materials Handling$123,940.85
4802The Trustee For Brodribb KENT Famil Trust T/AS Expert Group$123,816.00
4803Angela Webber$123,750.00
4804Kinetic Technology International$123,750.00
4805The Jacky Winter Group$123,750.00
4806Barry Lindsay Drews$123,750.00
4807Project Techniques Pty Ltd$123,700.00
4808Pacific Aerodyne PTY. LTD.$123,642.42
4809DR ROSS Mahoney$123,622.00
4810National Parking Consultants$123,574.00
4811Graphaware APAC Pty Ltd$123,446.50
4812Aerotronics LLC$123,439.96
4813Brand Collective Pty Ltd$123,433.20
4814Pursuit Technology Australia Pty LT$123,384.00
4815Econdata Pty Ltd$123,310.00
4817Harry WEST Flags$123,200.00
4818Christopher ADAM Poulter$123,200.00
4819Hazel LOWE$123,200.00
4820Sentinel Property Group Pty Ltd ATF Sentinel Homemaker (open Ended) Trust$123,200.00
4822Kokatha Mining Services Pty Ltd$123,162.60
4823ROPE And Marine Supplies Pty Ltd$123,090.00
4824ECS Services Pty Ltd$123,090.00
4825WES Spencer$123,000.00
4826Dexion Storage Centre$122,996.50
4827Advanced Microsystems Design$122,919.50
4828Socom Pty Ltd$122,800.00
4829A J Dever Pty Ltd$122,699.38
4830LANE Laser Printers Pty Ltd$122,565.41
4831Saxton Speakers Bureau Pty Ltd$122,556.21
4832Klinge Corporation!dba Reefer PA$122,548.80
4833Lyrebird Antenna Research Pty Ltd$122,538.22
4834Pacific Airport$122,253.74
4835Medex Consulting Pty Ltd$122,150.00
4836Alpha CAN Pty Ltd$122,000.00
4837Identity Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$121,994.48
4838Seymour Coaches Proprietary Limited$121,896.50
4839Kelly Swift Construction Mangement Construction Management UNIT$121,784.30
4840Agile Systems Pty Ltd$121,733.70
4841Brightway Engineering$121,670.08
4842Adrisus Pty Ltd$121,550.00
4843AMIR Shafiy POUR$121,425.23
4844Northern Peninsula AREA Regional Council$121,182.64
4845Danebury Pty Ltd$121,182.40
4846Australasian Data Security PTY. Ltd$121,051.94
4847Crystalaid Manufacture PTY. LTD.$121,029.70
4848Market Access$121,000.00
4850Hammond, Alison Margaret$121,000.00
4851PORT ASH Australia Trust$121,000.00
4852Institute Of Public Administration$121,000.00
4853Syncrotech Systems Design Pty Ltd$120,898.80
4854Thomson Reuters (scientific) Inc$120,882.00
4855JOHN Robinson Colsulting Services Pty Ltd$120,700.00
4856Nexia Australia$120,656.25
4857Balanced Ergonomics Pty Ltd$120,655.95
4858Australian Fisheries Management Authority$120,554.72
4859Viiew Pty Limited$120,428.00
4860Procurex Pty Ltd$120,416.12
4861Alexander Bowen$120,400.00
4862Planewave Instruments, INC.$120,360.86
4863AOS Group Pty Ltd$120,329.00
4864Crowne Plaza, Hunter Valley$120,289.95
4865Elias Recruitment Pty Ltd$120,193.71
4867MARK Jennings International LAW$120,169.90
4868AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd$120,116.70
4869ABB Australia Pty Ltd$120,062.65
4870Transformed Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4871Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers$120,000.00
4872Pamille BERG Consulting Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4873Chartered Accountants Australia And New Zealand$120,000.00
4874GREG Fraser$120,000.00
4875Ivapene Seiuli And Clyde Hamilton$120,000.00
4877Evans Memorials$120,000.00
4878Norman O' Bryan$120,000.00
4879Directioneering UNIT Trust$120,000.00
4880Steve Swift Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4881David Jollie Brand Family Trust$120,000.00
4882PORT Of Brisbane Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4883The Australian GAS Association$120,000.00
4884Roger Bruce Wilkins$120,000.00
4885United Nations Geneva$120,000.00
4886Elizabeth Raper$120,000.00
4887Cypha Interactive Pty Ltd$119,914.96
4888Stealth Surveillance Systems (A*$119,762.50
4889DBA No Magic UAB$119,722.46
4890Australian Security Industries Pty Ltd$119,712.13
4891Northton Pty Ltd & Iazzolino Developments Pty Ltd ATF SHM Trust & TF The Dandenong Grange Trust$119,710.00
4892EIS Health Limited$119,564.50
4894EPOA Pty Ltd$119,295.00
4895FARO Singapore PTE. LTD.$119,203.70
4896Andrew Michael Wilson-annan$119,125.00
4897Limnos Karvery KAFE$119,124.00
4898Armament Systems And Procedures*$119,102.50
4899RISC Operations Pty Ltd$119,000.00
4900Elizabeth James$119,000.00
4901The Australian Association Of$119,000.00
4902Organisation For Economic Co-operation$118,964.62
4903LUKE Livingston$118,911.49
4904Future Fitouts (qld) Pty Ltd$118,892.86
4905Redglint Pty Ltd$118,800.00
4906Shutterstock, Incorporated$118,800.00
4907Heather Brando$118,800.00
4908LAW And Development Partners Pty Ltd$118,800.00
4909Danielle New$118,750.00
4910Alliance Aviation Services Limited$118,576.70
4911Human Capital Alliance (international) Pty Ltd$118,562.00
4912Curtis Ferry Services Trust$118,264.30
4913Kelly MARX$118,250.00
4914GSO Consulting Pty Limited$118,182.00
4915Hardcat Pty Ltd$118,140.00
4916Beckman Coulter Australia Pty Ltd$118,077.40
4917Ellipsoid Solutions Pty Ltd$118,059.00
4918Atlas Steel PNG - LAE$117,984.20
4919Ogmentum Technologies CO Ltd$117,862.99
4920BRT FIRE And Rescue Supplies$117,737.96
4922Pluralsight, LLC$117,647.68
4923Bartlett Forestry Consulting Pty Ltd$117,624.80
4924Aussie Dream Pty Ltd T/A Optimum Technology$117,541.38
4925Louides Enterprises Pty Ltd T/A Intrepid Geoscience$117,513.77
4926DXC United Limited (T/A UXC Limited)$117,427.20
4927Tropical Reef Shipyard Pty Ltd$117,338.20
4928Bespoke Training Services$117,249.00
4929Brendan Sullivan$117,243.94
4930Young's LIST Pty Ltd$117,229.50
4931Petro Industrial (bne) Pty Ltd$117,150.00
4932Softlabs Pty Ltd$117,100.30
4933Tardis Technology Pty Ltd$117,095.00
4935FYB Pty Ltd$117,092.60
4936EVAN Evans$117,074.14
4937Wireless Components Pty Ltd$117,068.62
4938Secure Collaboration Pty Ltd$117,050.00
4939First Peoples Disability Network$117,040.00
4940J.r.armstrong Pty Ltd$117,000.00
4941Genovate Consulting Pty Ltd$116,983.09
4942Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty LT$116,966.54
4943Integeo Pty Ltd$116,820.00
4944Sofex Jordan Exhibition And Conferences$116,800.00
4945M And A MEAD Investments Pty Ltd$116,798.00
4946Kelly,david Swete$116,760.69
4947OSKY Interactive Pty Ltd$116,688.00
4948Science INTO Action Pty Ltd$116,595.20
4949Science Applications International$116,568.05
4950ACUS Consulting$116,540.01
4951Ground Effects Consulting$116,508.03
4952Arrowsmith And Grant$116,491.00
4953Commodity Marketing PTY. LTD.$116,476.80
4954Skillsiq Limited$116,454.10
4955Grant DALE Consulting$116,425.00
4956Red Education P/L$116,392.36
4957Energy Renaissance PTY. LTD.$116,380.00
4958Wolters Kluwer$116,368.19
4959Louise Minney$116,346.25
4960AIR Liquide Australia Ltd$116,265.00
4961AL Futtaim Motors Company LLC$116,210.91
4963Interact Learning Pty Ltd$116,075.34
4964Dingo RACK Australia Pty Ltd Trust$116,050.00
4965Quadrant 2 Consulting PTY. Limited$115,950.02
4966Technic Pty Ltd$115,938.44
4967Greyscan Australia Pty Ltd$115,922.58
4968Deborah Therese Mcveigh, Harmsco Pty Ltd ATF The Harms Family Trust, PAUL Michael Mcveigh$115,900.00
4969Norfolk Island GOLF CLUB$115,743.12
4970Holiday INN OLD Sydney$115,740.00
4971Bogong Equipment Pty Ltd$115,680.40
4972Unhcr (USD - Geneva)$115,556.51
4973RS Components Pty Ltd$115,526.41
4974Business Journey$115,500.00
4975LIL Engine$115,500.00
4976Maura FAY Productions Pty Ltd$115,447.35
4977D J Butler$115,400.00
4978Hitech Global Distribution, LLC$115,319.69
4979BPD Zenith (aust) Pty Ltd$115,275.60
4980Trustee For Delena Family Trust$115,249.40
4981Catriona Lyons$115,200.00
4982Matthew Mcauliffe$115,150.00
4983Polaron Language Services$115,073.25
4984Chuang Jidian (shanghai) Accelerato$115,072.27
4985APC Technology$115,065.50
4986Darner Family Trust$115,029.00
4987Genstock Pty Ltd$115,010.00
4988Canberra Grammar SCH$115,008.85
4989National Defense Industrial Association$115,007.00
4991ACOR Consultants Pty Ltd$115,000.00
4992BBG Services$115,000.00
4993Uniden Australia Pty Limited$114,999.50
4994SURF LIFE Saving Services P/L$114,900.00
4995Prime Solutions Pacific Pty Limited$114,895.00
4996Red Centre Office Technology$114,731.00
4997Lennon's LIST$114,714.60
4998Sarah Tiffen, Writer$114,540.00
4999Portable Analytical Solutions P/L$114,466.00
5000South Australian Metropolitan FIRE Service$114,445.00
5001BDBC Pty Limited$114,400.00
5002Webqem Pty Ltd$114,302.82
5003Pivotal Business Technology P/L$114,198.70
5004Capacity Sports$113,987.50
5005CMO Trading Pty Ltd$113,920.90
5006Charterhouse Medical Pty Ltd$113,861.25
5007Global Machinery Technologies PT$113,850.00
5008Laminar Communications Pty Ltd$113,787.56
5009Matrix Games Ltd$113,757.50
5010K & R & D & J Weinmann$113,700.00
5011EASY Living Platform Lifts$113,619.50
5012Cloudflare, INC.$113,604.40
5013GPC ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$113,579.20
5014DMD (WA) Pty Ltd T/A DMD Storage Group$113,546.40
5015SNOW Engineering Service Pty Ltd$113,520.00
5016Sumac Consulting Pty Ltd$113,500.00
5017Kordia Solutions Pty Ltd$113,480.00
5018Northern Fencing Specialists$113,439.70
5019East Coast Maritime Pty Ltd$113,405.00
5020Relatbl Recruiting$113,400.00
5021Ampersand International Pty Limited$113,313.20
5022VJ Electronix Inc$113,117.25
5024Horizon Print Management Pty Ltd$113,098.50
5025Energy Power Systems Australia *$113,062.25
5026ADAM Mcgrath$113,000.00
5027Jo-anne Coluccio$113,000.00
5028ALAN Newton$112,970.00
5029Dreamtime Creative Pty Ltd$112,951.20
5030P2R2 Consulting Pty Ltd$112,950.00
5031Humanetics Innovative Solutions$112,926.58
5032MEP Instruments Pty Ltd$112,888.19
5033Praesidium Global Pty Ltd$112,784.00
5034Media Manoeuvres$112,751.05
5035Bruce Mctaggart$112,750.00
5036Kieran Ginges$112,700.00
5037Alain J Musikanth$112,633.16
5038Donald Cant; Watts; Corke Pty Ltd$112,628.00
5039M & J Chickens Pty LIM$112,583.70
5040Pieter Simon Hoekstra$112,458.00
5041Ecastle Pty Ltd$112,359.20
5042Spruce Australia (T/A Sheraton On The Park)$112,339.14
5043Axure Software Solutions, INC.$112,014.00
5044Vincent Ashcroft$112,006.40
5045NOEL Hutley SC$112,000.00
5046Agenda C$111,829.00
5047Redstack Pty Ltd$111,828.91
5048Health Outcomes International$111,791.00
5049Commence Communications Pty Ltd$111,658.00
5050Melbourne Primary CARE Network Limited$111,650.00
5051Stephen Shaderick Kirby$111,640.00
5053Federation University Australia$111,625.20
5054BURI Building & Design Pty Ltd$111,618.10
5055Exhibition PARK In Canberra$111,610.00
5056Sydney Opera House Trust$111,537.52
5057Sirius Observatories$111,521.30
5058Shipra Chordia$111,500.00
5059Factiva DOW Jones & Reuters$111,446.88
5060PITT And Sherry (operations) Pty Ltd$111,400.00
5061Marand Precision Engineering Pty Ltd$111,303.76
5062Matthews Folbigg Pty Ltd$111,300.00
5064Tasmania Aboriginal Corporation$111,257.00
5065Episerver Inc$111,060.50
5066Homestyle BAKE$111,000.00
5067Crawford & Company$111,000.00
5068Dexus CPA Pty Ltd$110,899.06
5069Dossiere Pty Ltd$110,880.00
5070Ergonomic Workstations Products PL$110,880.00
5071Carlson Wagonlit Travel$110,680.00
5072Excel Consulting Solutions Pty Ltd$110,632.50
5073INO Contract Furniture$110,630.00
5074Insight SRC Pty Ltd$110,613.25
5075Leibniz-institue For Tropospheric Research$110,587.82
5076RJ Precision Flooring Installation Pty Ltd$110,573.17
5077Trustee For The Sidicis Trust T/A CORE Group Maintenance Pty Ltd$110,440.00
5078Shenton Enterprises Pty Ltd$110,415.84
5079Australian Tourism Export Council$110,375.00
5080Leaders Insight Pty Ltd T/A Dreamscape Communication And FI$110,280.01
5081The Write NOTE$110,220.00
5082Inguardians, INC.$110,200.00
5083Arata Expositions Inc$110,199.00
5084Telemetry & Communications Systems,!inc.$110,032.23
5085Sovereign At Regent Square$110,002.47
5087Housing Industry Association$110,000.00
5088CFO EDGE Pty Ltd$110,000.00
5089Microtau PTY. LTD.$110,000.00
5090Austlii Foundation Limited$110,000.00
5091Think Business Events Pty Ltd$110,000.00
5092Winnunga Nummutyjah Aboriginal Health And Community Services$110,000.00
5093Gronade Pty Ltd$110,000.00
5094Garage Style Trust$110,000.00
5095National Portrait Gallery$110,000.00
5096DOMS AUTO Service Limited$110,000.00
5097TCCS Light RAIL Project$110,000.00
5098Western Sydney Women Pty Ltd$110,000.00
5099Article Writers Australia Pty Ltd$110,000.00
5100TAO, RAN$110,000.00
5101Allocatur Consulting Pty Ltd T/A$110,000.00
5102Standards Australia Ltd$110,000.00
5103Adtech Environmental Pty Ltd$110,000.00
5104Richard Anthony ROWE $110,000.00
5105Rehability Australia$110,000.00
5106National Disability Services Ltd$110,000.00
5107Activ8 MIND$110,000.00
5108International Centre For Complex Project Management$110,000.00
5109Darwin Convention Centre$109,888.00
5110GREG P Scott$109,720.00
5111Yaama Services Pty Ltd$109,678.80
5112Kantar Consulting$109,489.60
5113111 Minna Gallery$109,447.04
5114MIKE NELL Electrical Pty Ltd$109,411.50
5115Chippen Holdings Pty Limited$109,330.32
5116Malcolm Forbes Consulting Pty Ltd$109,326.00
5117Ninox Robotics Pty Ltd$109,230.00
5118AB & Associates Pty Ltd$109,223.40
5119Stingray Optics Optics$109,188.74
5120CAI ASIA Pacific Pty Limited$109,120.00
5121Blackfisch Films Pty Ltd$109,083.26
5122Jackson Mcdonald Lawyers$109,054.46
5123AADI Defence Pty Ltd$108,900.00
5124Transmedia Dynamics Limited$108,884.07
5125ECS Federal LLC$108,878.48
5126Arsenal 2000 JSC$108,838.92
5127Hawkmoor Ltd$108,626.31
5128Advisian Pty Ltd$108,510.20
5129Adaptable Leadership Pty Ltd$108,500.00
5130MILO Consulting Pty Ltd$108,460.00
5131Combat Clothing AUST Pty Ltd$108,299.99
5132SAM Lewis$108,240.00
5133Hagana SeguranÇa LTDA$108,237.25
5134Lumina Broadcast Systems Australia Pty Ltd$108,222.34
5135Access Macquarie Limited$108,020.00
5136Regus Australia Management Pty LTD.$108,001.00
5137Carolyn Graydon$108,000.00
5138Comcare Australia$108,000.00
5139Archibald, Christopher$108,000.00
5140Author-it Software Corporation$108,000.00
5141Prosys Services PTY. Limited$107,937.50
5142Wayne Leslie Sharwood$107,899.99
5143In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd$107,898.89
5144SAGE Publications Ltd$107,891.01
5145FRED IT Group Pty Ltd$107,844.00
5146Catherine Clarke$107,800.00
5147Armour Timber Trading Company PT$107,701.00
5148Lasersan Australasia Pty Ltd$107,635.00
5149Radisson BLU Edwardian Vanderbilt$107,574.53
5150Chairmont Pty Ltd$107,560.00
5151Nortek Instruments Australia Pty LT$107,538.20
5152Greens LIST Clerking Services P/L ATF B&H UNIT Trust$107,401.18
5153Halloran Morrissey Pty Ltd$107,400.00
5154Brisbane BUS Lines Pty Ltd$107,354.55
5155Constellium Rolled Products!ravenswood, LLC$107,266.24
5156KIM Leanne Thompson$107,250.00
5157Celartem, Inc.div Extensis$107,173.91
5158Performance Fighter Rebuilds Pty Ltd$106,970.00
5159Nyfix Inc$106,956.00
5160LISA Clare Young$106,700.00
5161Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation$106,633.96
5162Vudoo Pty Ltd$106,590.00
5163Agcommunicators Pty Ltd$106,524.00
5164The Federation Joinery$106,454.70
5165Acting Consulting Training Australia & New Zealand Pty Ltd$106,425.50
5166Townsville Wholesale Fruit & VEG$106,399.07
5167Mykra Building Services$106,386.47
5168Submarine Rescue Consultancy$106,375.00
5169Jones LANG Lasalle Australia Pty Limited$106,357.35
5170Mobile Electrics Pty Ltd$106,215.01
5171EMAC Systems Pty Ltd$106,183.00
5172National Vetting Services Pty Ltd$106,181.90
5173Triplepoint Calibrations$106,044.30
5174Oliver James Duncan$106,000.00
5175Anthony Mcinerney$105,875.00
5176Ntegrity Pty Limited$105,864.00
5177National Indigenous Training Employ$105,780.00
5178EIU Australia$105,676.76
5179Sydney Heritage Fleet$105,600.00
5180Chainalysis Inc$105,571.96
5181FB RICE Pty Ltd$105,500.00
5182Clarivate Analytics (UK) Limited$105,482.12
5183Gilgandra Shire Council$105,320.45
5184OLGA Popovic$105,105.00
5185Straumann Australia$105,000.00
5186Patrick William Dodgson$105,000.00
5187Jonathan HYDE$105,000.00
5188Diana TANG$105,000.00
5189Robert James Wasson$105,000.00
5190The Shannon Company Pty Ltd Trust$104,998.30
5191Containit Solutions$104,970.80
5192Knowledge ONE Corporation$104,922.20
5193Aerodrome Design Services$104,919.54
5194Transparent Language, Inc$104,719.27
5195K.J. Textiles Pty Ltd$104,707.05
5196The Enigma Group Pty Ltd$104,665.00
5197Stamat Pty Ltd$104,592.00
5198Astek Corporation$104,588.60
5200Axient Pty Ltd$104,522.00
5201TRH COLE$104,500.00
5202North Queensland Primary Healthcare$104,500.00
5203Aushealth Corporate Pty Ltd$104,500.00
5204Creative Universe$104,500.00
5205Fourquarter Design Studio$104,482.00
5206APCD Pty Ltd$104,440.00
5207Thomas Arnold$104,200.01
5208Australian Building Surveying Servi$104,104.01
5209The Jackson Company Pty Ltd$104,060.00
5210Bellchambers Barrett$104,055.74
5211Dashcord Pty Ltd$104,001.11
5212Silobreaker Ltd$104,000.00
5213Total Technology Partners$104,000.00
5215Ignition Immersive Pty Ltd$103,719.00
5216Royal North Shore Hospital District$103,592.70
5217Puppet LABS Australia Pty Ltd$103,575.74
5218IQON Pty Ltd$103,502.14
5219The Trustee Of C T A UNT Trust$103,500.00
5220Stephen Frost$103,345.00
5221Custom Technology Australia Pty Ltd$103,101.46
5222Mendham Consultants Pty Ltd$103,059.00
5223Department Of Infrastructure And$103,000.00
5224Co-operative Motors Pty Limited$102,964.73
5225Western Queensland Primary CARE$102,850.00
5226Interaction Training Pty Limited$102,850.00
5227C And L Sales And Services Pty L$102,816.27
5228Rocket Software Pty Ltd$102,692.31
5229Cameron Strategies Pty Ltd$102,689.40
5230Romeo SIX LLC$102,659.62
5231Mini-tankers Australia Pty Ltd$102,632.51
5232Stacey BARR Pty Ltd$102,487.92
5233Hicksons Fischl & P Hendriks & C.L Leaver &$102,438.13
5234Metro Nursing Solutions Pty Ltd$102,396.34
5235Nuctech Sydney Pty Ltd$102,300.00
5236Baigent Geosciences Pty Ltd$102,300.00
5237Seymour Medical Clinic$102,294.00
5238Sydney Institute Of Professional Studies$102,290.00
5239Copernicus Institute Of Sustainable Development$102,250.00
5240Michelle Francis Besley$102,088.10
5241HMG MADE To LAST$102,080.00
5242The Trustee For Hampidjan Austra$102,080.00
5243ST. JOHN Ambulance Australia (VI$102,051.45
5244Carry IT Cases$102,028.49
5245Protective Barriers Australia Pty L$101,860.00
5246Strategic Business Consulting$101,830.87
5247George Ogilvie Fibre Works$101,827.00
5248Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd$101,757.34
5249SDR Scientific$101,740.73
5250Niche Advantage Pty Ltd$101,728.00
5252The Trustee For The Morpheus Trust$101,711.40
5253Ambition Recruit Pty Ltd$101,596.44
5254Howard Instruments Pty Ltd$101,470.91
5255Advanced Braking Pty Ltd T/AS Advanced Braking Technology LT$101,365.00
5256Designcraft MURA$101,267.10
5257HPS (qld) Pty Ltd$101,213.64
5258Terri WARD$101,200.00
5259ZD Systems$101,085.00
5260Secure HUB Pty Ltd$100,915.41
5261Complete ROPE Supplies Pty Ltd$100,702.53
5262Palicress Holdings Pty Ltd$100,606.22
5263Whitelaw Engineering Machinery PTY. LTD.$100,598.30
5264Forgerock Limited$100,531.65
5265Avalias Group Pty Ltd$100,435.20
5266Scorptec Computers ATF Scorpion Technology UNIT Trust$100,433.25
5267Kudos Union$100,424.00
5268Spacelift DC$100,408.00
5269Metal FORM Group$100,387.50
5270ITE Events South Africa (pty) Ltd$100,228.38
5271Santa FE Wridgways$100,218.74
5272Caci-iss, INC.$100,123.21
5273Superlative Pictures Pty Ltd$100,107.07
5274Kristina MAE Harmon$100,100.00
5275Katrina Louise Jefferson$100,100.00
5276Ipima Ikaya Aborignial Corporation Rntbc$100,100.00
5277Toddy's Electrical Pty Ltd$100,100.00
5278Keynes Edwina MARY$100,000.01
5279Australian Research Data$100,000.00
5280JOHN Southalan$100,000.00
5281Norman Harris$100,000.00
5282Education Council$100,000.00
5283STAY Upright Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5284Being Group International Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5286Middleton Smith & Associates Pty LT$100,000.00
5287Future Knowledge Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5289Hatfield House Consulting$100,000.00
5290GBR Helicopters Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5291Ecogrow Environment Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5292Communications Chambers RK Ltd$100,000.00
5293Cancer Institute NSW$100,000.00
5294William & Daniel Holmes$100,000.00
5295Sterile-care Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5296Executive Evolution$100,000.00
5297ST JOHN Ambulance Australia$100,000.00
5298Challis & Company Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5299Confirmit Australia Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5300Jones LANG Lasalle Amercias Inc$99,999.69
5302Suzanne Elizabeth Robinson$99,825.00
5303Compucraft Software Solutions$99,792.00
5304Roses In The Ocean$99,792.00
5305Bayesian Intellegence$99,770.00
5306Galleria Villas Leasing &management$99,749.00
5307THIS IS Creative$99,643.58
5308Compass Group B&I Hospitality$99,574.66
5309TALL Poppy Catering CO Pty Ltd$99,567.60
5310Cathy Dowsett$99,500.00
5311James William Cassidy$99,480.00
5312Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation$99,468.00
5313Greens LIST Clerking Services P/L ATF B&H UNIT Trust$99,333.82
5314AUST Housing Urban Research INST$99,322.65
5315Design Industries$99,272.47
5316Kirribilli Partners Pty Ltd$99,220.00
5317BOND University$99,162.72
5318Avnet Electronics Marketing (australia) Pty Ltd$99,162.22
5319Dotterel Technologies Ltd$99,025.00
5320Orana Commercial Relocations Pty Ltd$99,000.00
5321Kelly Perrott$99,000.00
5322Agility Logistics Pty Ltd$99,000.00
5323Institute For Regional Security Ltd$99,000.00
5324Peoplesure Psychology & Consulting$99,000.00
5325Damasa Pty Ltd (ACN 001 344 350) AS The Trustee For The Donebus Family Trust$99,000.00
5326Heatan Pty Ltd (ACN 153 053 644) AS Trustee For Garnaut Warrnambool Trust & The Trustee For Goldfinger Cardio Trust$99,000.00
5327Supporting And Linking Tradeswomen Incoporated$99,000.00
5328Master Builders Australia Limited$98,967.54
5329SARA & David Joppich$98,800.00
5330Carroll And Richardson - Flagwor$98,784.57
5331Sanjivi Rajasingham$98,747.00
5332Blast-one International (aust) Pty Ltd$98,700.88
5333Institute Of Internal Auditors$98,672.51
5334Sandia National Laboratories$98,667.87
5335Ambit Instruments Pty Ltd$98,637.00
5336Aventedge Pty Ltd$98,527.34
5337The Economist Intelligence UNIT$98,495.33
5338Hi-tech Metrology Pty Ltd$98,439.00
5339Spill Station Australia Pty Ltd$98,432.84
5340Downunder Geosolutions$98,400.00
5341Andrenak Pty Ltd T/A Cairns Honda$98,397.00
5342EW Solutions Ltd$98,389.50
5343Sandra Lambert$98,364.00
5344The LAB Insight And Strategy Sydney P/L$98,340.00
5345SEA Sense Australia Pty Ltd$98,312.50
5346Capital WAY Interiors Pty Ltd$98,185.50
5347Moonshot CVE Ltd$98,157.00
5348Drawcom Pty Ltd$98,148.60
5349SEDA Services$98,103.30
5350Atmospheric Research$98,100.00
5351Baxters Pty Ltd$98,027.75
5352Fogarty, Gerard Joseph$98,000.00
5354Axiom Precision Manufacturing$97,977.00
5355Elekta Pty.ltd.$97,948.46
5356Learning Ventures$97,900.55
5357Crown Vetting$97,900.00
5358Brian Cummins Group Pty Ltd$97,871.50
5359Sandra Walker Pty Ltd$97,774.29
5360Fiod, Fcinet Secretariat$97,634.24
5361Cairns Convention Centre$97,577.36
5362Lachlan Vally Landscaping And Paving$97,560.00
5363Sophos Pty Ltd$97,538.10
5364Trade Logistics Services$97,520.33
5365Search & Rescue Training Australia$97,420.44
5366Emerald Learning Ltd Trading AS Goodpractice$97,400.00
5367HCN Trading AS Medical Director$97,216.00
5368DW Advisory Pty Limited$97,163.00
5370Endurequip Hoists Pty Ltd$97,097.00
5371VARG Kennels$97,000.01
5372Antarctic Climate And Ecosystems Coperative Research Centre$96,820.00
5373Fidarus Pty Ltd$96,800.00
5374Stratos IT Consulting Pty LED$96,800.00
5375Weaver Group$96,800.00
5376Linda Rowley Coaching And Development$96,700.00
5377ONE Vision$96,695.75
5378K Devenish Advisory SVCS Pty Ltd$96,621.00
5379Nursing Advisory Services Pty Ltd$96,621.00
5380Adrian Walkden$96,580.00
5381ECO Logical Australia Pty Ltd$96,558.00
5382Intersect Alliance International Pty Ltd$96,484.58
5383Cynefin Centre Research (NEW Zealand) Ltd$96,381.82
5384Vicki BRAY$96,360.00
5385ONE DOT Technologies Pty Ltd$96,232.13
5386In-situ Construction & Maintenance$96,225.47
5387AIR Service Hawaii$96,048.98
5388Careers Multilist Limited$95,811.68
5389Open Geospatial Consortium Inc$95,774.11
5391National Promotions Australia Pty Ltd$95,659.70
5392Euromonitor International Ltd$95,505.32
5393Charlie Mort, Tipalea Partners Rural Pty Ltd (AS Trustee For The Grassdale Feedlot UNIT Trust)$95,500.00
5394Geraldton FUEL Company$95,498.21
5395Business Abstraction Pty Ltd$95,480.00
5396Health Data Analysis Pty Ltd$95,480.00
5398Forge Constructions (aus) Pty Ltd$95,392.00
5399Avalon Airport Australia Pty Ltd$95,375.52
5401Attorney General's Department$95,295.00
5402Anangu JOBS$95,125.32
5403Ngnowar Aerwah Aboriginal CORP$95,125.32
5405Esecure Pty Ltd$95,067.48
5406Ansary Consulting Engineers$95,040.00
5407Peter Waetjen$95,000.00
5408Ashley JANZ$95,000.00
5409Elite Surface Technologies$94,989.40
5410The TTEE For Knights Family Trust$94,898.57
5411Burning House Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Bunrninghouse UNIT Trust$94,875.00
5413Safetyworks Group Pty.ltd.$94,790.00
5414Cinden Lester$94,626.00
5415President International Tower$94,560.82
5416Trimarc Security, Llc!dba Trimarc$94,535.00
5417Professional Investigations Pty Ltd$94,420.00
5418BUSE Heberer Fromm Pty Ltd$94,251.53
5419Clearasound Pty Ltd$94,200.00
5420Monro Petroleum Pty Ltd$94,167.34
5421Anthony JOHN Mcgee$94,031.59
5422Mobile Radio NQ Pty Ltd$94,015.90
5423Greens LIST Clerking Services P/L ATF B&H UNIT Trust$94,000.00
5424Barngarla Management Company Pty Ltd$93,999.99
5425COX Inall Ridgeway Pty Ltd$93,909.75
5426Petrosys Pty Ltd$93,895.50
5428Tecolote Research Inc$93,806.95
5429National Storage Montrose$93,800.86
5430Property Council Of Australia$93,727.26
5431Robert Davies$93,650.00
5432Australian Grand PRIX$93,608.05
5433Department Of Environment, Climate Change And Water$93,600.00
5434Alltech Marine Pty Ltd$93,574.80
5435Pivotal Psychology$93,500.00
5436Justitia Lawyers And Consultants$93,500.00
5437E4I Pty Ltd$93,500.00
5438FDC Construction & Fitout (WA) Pty$93,295.40
5439Shanghai SGR Advertising Co.,ltd$93,172.45
5440Harold Crisp$93,170.00
5441Supreme Forklift Services$93,148.00
5442DUFF And Macintosh Pty Ltd$93,126.00
5443WA Cardiology Services Pty Ltd$93,050.00
5444Australian Curriculum Assessment$93,000.00
5445Debra Thoms$93,000.00
5446SQ *GCT Electrical$92,901.71
5447Emporium Hotel Management Pty Ltd$92,895.00
5448The Nielsen Company (australia) Pty Ltd$92,787.00
5449Manjimup Community Resource Centre$92,786.66
5450Factiva Ltd$92,739.36
5451The ID Crowd Pty Ltd$92,627.48
5452Igroup (australasia) Pty Limited$92,605.98
5453Elite Event Technology$92,580.40
5454Kistler Instruments Australia Pty Ltd$92,494.60
54552B Advertising & Design$92,429.70
5456ZWEI Interiors Architecture Pty Ltd$92,400.00
5457Alison Michelle Welton$92,400.00
5458Security & Technology Services (SA) Pty Ltd$92,398.90
5459Farage Holdings Pty Ltd$92,229.06
5460Lessons Learnt Consulting Pty Ltd$92,208.80
5461Data Key Systems (act) PTY. LTD.$92,150.38
5462Refuel International$92,084.29
5463Biosafety Pty Ltd$92,047.00
5464Objective EYE Tracking PTE Ltd$92,033.87
5465Australian Medico-legal Group Pty Ltd$92,000.00
5466Aventri ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$91,898.51
5467A J Distributors Pty Ltd$91,897.33
5468PAN Pacific Melbourne$91,799.99
5469IHS Australia Pty Ltd$91,755.02
5470Securities Industry Development$91,694.90
5471ECA International Pty Ltd$91,608.00
5472Tristar Aircraft Spares, Inc.div Tristar Aircraft Spares$91,553.58
5473Timothy KANE$91,550.00
54742bural Pty Limited$91,465.18
5475Balance Utility Solutions Pty Ltd$91,381.30
5476BANG Australia Pty Ltd$91,350.00
5477Stuart Durward Advisory$91,300.01
5478Daisee Pty Ltd$91,300.00
5479Summat Investments Pty Ltd$91,300.00
5480Brickfielder Insights Pty Ltd$91,300.00
5481ABLE Industries Engineering Pty Ltd$91,290.65
5482Schiebel Aircraft GMBH - AUD$91,287.13
5483Peppers BLUE On Blueresort$91,206.49
5484Pilatus Aircraft Ltd$91,155.61
5485University Of Melbou$91,132.30
5486Pinstripe Media$91,091.00
5487Eunoia Group$91,080.00
5488The I.s.p. Schools Association$91,020.37
5489Specter OPS, Inc$91,000.00
5490Equal Research Pty Ltd$90,930.40
5491IBT Wizard Pty Ltd$90,930.00
5492Navitas English$90,800.64
5493North Burnett Regional Council$90,767.23
5494Impact Technology Ventures PTY. LTD.$90,750.00
5496Chemres Technical Services Pty Ltd$90,700.00
5497Limbs & Things (aust.) PTY. LTD. T/A Limbs And Things AUST Pty Ltd$90,697.20
5498Space Electronics, LLC$90,676.51
5499Omega DEV Group Family Trust$90,665.63
5500MIKE Pieloor And$90,650.00
5501Schiavello (act) PTY. LTD.$90,642.20
5502Plane Sciences$90,620.00
5503Trident Services Security Pty Ltd$90,614.15
5504Russell Reynolds Associates Australia Pty Ltd$90,552.78
5505AON RISK Services Australia Limited$90,530.00
5506COEN Regional Aboriginal Corporation$90,521.86
5507Southern Ocean Subsea Pty Ltd$90,505.03
5508Sigma Coachair Group$90,355.53
5509Simple TECH APAC Pty Ltd$90,279.20
5510East Coast Lubes Pty Ltd$90,200.00
5511The Saint Christopher School Association$90,173.58
5512NSK Oceania Pty Ltd$90,145.44
5513Alopex Consulting Pty Ltd$90,128.00
5514Community Restorative Centre Limite$90,110.00
5515Ted's Camera Stores Pty Ltd$90,089.03
5516The Audit Office Of New South Wales$90,000.00
5517Cheryl & James Coleman$90,000.00
5518Proactiv People Solutions$90,000.00
5519PACE Psychology$90,000.00
5520Scott Printers Pty Ltd$90,000.00
5521Tradewind Australia Pty Ltd$90,000.00
5522Career Shift Pty Ltd$90,000.00
5523Spackman Mossop Michaels Pty Ltd$89,991.00
5524Katemaru Legal And Investigation$89,760.00
5526Reefer Maintenance Services PTY*$89,592.47
5527AORB Pty Ltd (aorb Consulting)$89,560.00
5528SYFA Solutions Pty Ltd$89,540.00
5529Philip Woolff$89,535.00
5530Australasian Insulation Supplies PT$89,492.26
5531Aerocom Technology Pty Ltd$89,390.86
5532Ballistic And Mechanical Testing Pty Ltd$89,320.44
5533Bernie LEEN Demolition & Contract.$89,320.00
5534Robert Mcgregor WILD$89,300.00
5535KNOX Grammar School$89,265.00
5536Integrate AV$89,219.33
5537Icebreaker New Zealand Ltd$89,215.50
5538ALL Language Typesetters & Printers$89,210.00
5539GD Executive Consulting$89,200.00
5540SPA Leasing No 5 Pty Limited$89,115.46
5541Cycoll Health$88,992.90
5542FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd$88,968.00
5543TUNA BLUE Pty Ltd$88,903.38
5544Tasmanian Welding Supplies Pty LIMI$88,896.19
5545Auckland Uniservices Limited$88,887.27
5546Elizabeth BUGG$88,770.00
5547Ecoway (aust) Pty Ltd$88,762.80
5548Patrick Knowles$88,750.00
5549Origin Communications Australia Pty Ltd$88,516.00
5551Chris WARE$88,407.20
5552Craig Slater Barrister$88,365.83
5553Prevon Pty Ltd$88,349.58
5554LGIA Super Trustee$88,229.17
5555RST Pty Ltd$88,210.10
5556CRAY Australia Pty Ltd$88,094.60
5557Spaleck Oberflachentechnik$88,087.02
5558Total Diesel Services (NT) Pty L$88,078.77
5559ROUX Investments Pty Ltd$88,024.00
5561Stellar Consulting Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5562Richard William Fleming$88,000.00
5563Hewitt Associates Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5564Endeavour Training And Development Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5565Apparent Communications Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5566JOHN Thomas$88,000.00
5567Michael JOHN Murray$88,000.00
5568Kilmour Investments Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5569Waratah Springs Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5570Customer Crunch Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5571Houda Younan$87,981.78
5572Trellis Data Pty Ltd$87,967.01
5573DON Whitley Scientific Pty Ltd$87,917.50
5574Infinispark Pty Ltd$87,895.01
5575Fine-tech Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd$87,882.10
5576A Chira & JN Hillier T/AS ADJA ABSO$87,800.35
5577Abbott Witness Services$87,800.00
5578Nexon ASIA Pacific PTY. LTD.$87,723.77
5579Sparx Systems Pty Ltd$87,653.69
5580Territory Fixing Pty Ltd$87,558.23
5581Redshift Consulting Pty Ltd$87,500.00
5582Lockheed Martin UK Ampthill Limited$87,498.57
5583Electronic Keying Australia$87,493.40
5584UXC Red ROCK$87,469.64
5585Bushfire And Natural Hazards CRC LI$87,450.00
5586Workwrite Pty Ltd$87,432.68
5587Pipionem Partners$87,395.00
5588Elbit Systems Ltd$87,331.51
5589JC Wight & Company Pty Ltd$87,312.50
5590Intelligent Risks Pty Ltd$87,276.48
5591Scientific Technical Services$87,252.26
5592Baden K-9 Incorporated$87,210.79
5593EPM Partners$87,186.00
5594Aquip Systems Pty Ltd$87,158.52
5595Steward Advanced Materials LLC$87,088.08
5596Peter Harper$87,028.00
5597Amentum Defence And Security$87,025.80
5598Mount Lofty House Mount Lofty House Pty Ltd$87,000.01
5599Monash Student Association (clayton) Inc$87,000.00
5600The Trustee For The K J Wallace Discretionary Trust AKA ETS Haden$86,980.85
5601Wellcom Group Limited$86,856.00
5602Theta Technologies Pty Ltd$86,825.49
5603Callosum Consulting PTY. LTD.$86,731.10
5604Askwith SAFE Company$86,705.00
5605Infrastructure And Project$86,590.67
5606Watson Blinds$86,586.20
5607Kronos Australia$86,519.01
5608ECA International$86,480.00
5609Kowanyama Aboriginal Council$86,475.16
5611The Splendid Projects Company P/L$86,460.00
5612Consulting 4 Nurses Pty Ltd$86,450.25
5613Pitcher Partners & Advisors WA Pty Ltd$86,341.87
5614Bellewarra Investments Pty Limited$86,335.00
5615Seddiqi & SONS Investment LLC$86,321.25
5616Richard JOHN Dennis$86,300.01
5618Proav Solutions$86,229.39
5619Energy & Power Systems$86,221.95
5620Laser Electrical Kings PARK$86,135.94
5621Security Shift Cloud Pty Ltd$86,119.32
5622Arnold Furnace Pty Ltd$86,113.28
5623Jankel Armouring Limited$86,099.57
5624Centre For Evidence And Implementation$86,053.00
5625Change Dimensions Pty Ltd$86,047.50
5626Enterprise Management Group Pty Ltd$86,015.16
5627Richard NEIL Morgan$86,000.00
5628ARUP Australia Pty Ltd$86,000.00
5629Enterprise IT Resources Pty Ltd$85,910.00
5630Etrog Consulting Pty Ltd$85,800.00
5631Mahlab Recruitment$85,800.00
5632David F C Thomas$85,798.88
5635NATS Services (asia Pacific) PTE LT$85,572.00
5636Gosblo Assurance Pty Ltd$85,481.00
5637BDO (WA) Pty Ltd$85,394.00
5638Facility Management Association Of Australia Limited$85,250.00
5639Tennant Australia$85,234.60
5640Uniting (victoria And Tasmania) Ltd$85,189.50
5641Elsevier B.V. C/O Regional Sales Office$85,166.85
5642Squared UP Ltd$85,134.30
5643Total Freight Solutions$85,133.40
5644Australian Mediation Association$85,075.00
5645Multi Media Connect (aust) Pty L$85,015.15
5646Consilium Novamarine Pty Limited$85,015.00
5647Simon Tak-shan WONG$85,000.00
5648European Australian Business$85,000.00
5649Quality Innovation Performance$85,000.00
5650Mchugh, Michael$85,000.00
5652Youngcare Ltd$84,993.79
5653The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network$84,976.10
5654Chello Agency Pty Ltd$84,884.48
5655Tools & Industrial Supplies$84,855.01
5656Jirotech Pty Ltd$84,841.90
5657Science In Public Pty Ltd$84,810.00
5658Young People In Nursing Homes$84,800.00
5659ALOK Pavan Batra$84,786.65
5661Graybridge Pty Ltd Family Trust$84,700.00
5662Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd$84,672.94
5663Tarheel Canine Training Inc$84,621.34
5664Schneider Electric (aust) P/L$84,566.91
5665MR Simon Majteles$84,533.35
5666Richard Markham$84,521.00
5667Sydney Office Fitout Company$84,500.00
5668Ginger Catering At NAC Pty Ltd$84,482.51
5669Schiavello Systems (vic) Pty Ltd$84,411.80
5670Adaptalift Hyster$84,405.65
5671Silverwater Welding Supplies$84,316.43
5672KPMG Australia Pty Limited$84,298.93
5673Wiltrading Pty Ltd$84,195.77
5674Rebecca LEE Mclennan$84,150.00
5675Pfeiffer Industries Pty Ltd$84,150.00
5676Growthops Services Pty Ltd$84,132.90
5677Airwork NQ Pty Ltd$84,107.50
5678T/A IDS Group - Egans Asset Management Pty Ltd$84,056.50
5679MARK Henley$84,000.00
5680A E Atherton And SONS Proprietary Limited$83,872.40
5681Databricks, Inc$83,812.50
5682RDO Equipment Pty Ltd$83,768.11
5683Sutton Tools Pty Ltd$83,765.00
5684Charles R KEMP$83,753.28
5685ONE Small STEP Collective Pty Ltd$83,723.42
5686Engel Distribution Pty Ltd$83,645.98
5687Complete UTE & VAN Hire$83,611.00
5688Michael REID And Associates$83,600.00
5689Growthops Voodoo Pty Ltd$83,508.00
5690Action Sheds Australia$83,491.70
5691Data MONK Pty Ltd$83,462.50
5692Australasian Council Of Women And Policing$83,400.01
5693Svenson Barristers$83,400.00
5695ZOLL Medical Australia Pty Ltd$83,363.30
5696Essential ICT Pty Ltd$83,356.00
5697Integrated Sciences Pty Ltd$83,300.00
5698Guangzhou Meilun Automobile Company$83,200.00
5699Workdynamic Australia$83,100.00
5702KUHN CORP Print Pty Ltd$83,030.60
5703New AGE Graphics Pty Ltd$83,000.00
5704SIX Thinking Pty Ltd$83,000.00
5705DES Pty Ltd$82,815.98
5706Caendra Inc$82,782.00
5708The NEXT STEP Recruitment Company (nsw)$82,674.00
5709QF Doors ATF Garland Discretionary$82,592.90
5710Symbios Communications Pty Ltd$82,592.40
5711Ralph Kerle's ART$82,543.00
5712Brett James Stevens$82,500.00
5713Yawarra Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5714Heisenberg Analytics$82,500.00
5715Merit Solutions Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5716Dspark Pty Limited$82,500.00
5717DPRA Australasia Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5718SALT & Shein$82,500.00
5719Julie Jordan$82,500.00
5720IBM Global Financing Australia$82,464.80
5721KIM Anderson$82,450.01
5722Avsoft Australia Pty Ltd$82,390.00
5724Patrick Canion$82,280.00
5725Cocos Islands Co-operative$82,265.86
5726Salisbury Locksmiths Pty Ltd$82,249.45
5727Quest Events Pty Ltd$82,192.25
5728Becton Dickinson Pty Ltd$82,192.00
5729Jetbrains S.r.o.$82,136.62
5730FIJI Airways$82,058.15
5731HTM And Associates CO. Ltd$81,922.66
5732HOT Topic$81,889.50
5733DALE James Blair$81,867.00
5734Harper Timber Pty Ltd$81,859.36
5735ACME Fluid Handling Pty Ltd$81,823.50
5736Promo Concepts$81,775.65
5737Allan James Ruhle, Cheryl Marie Ruhle, David JOHN Ruhle, Moira MAY Ruhle$81,700.00
5738Hearne Scientific Software Pty Ltd$81,571.00
5739Kerrie Stuart$81,400.00
5740Glaas Inc$81,393.40
5741Physiotherapy Posture & Pilates Pty$81,379.00
5742Out In The Paddock$81,378.00
5743ECHO Barrier Australia Pty Ltd$81,301.00
5744Language Experts Pty Ltd T/AS International Interpreting Agency$81,101.00
5745NZ Ocean Technology Ltd$81,089.43
5746Ocean Clothing Group Pty Ltd$81,058.75
5747Alexander GREY Pty Limited$81,015.00
5748Australian Youth Aerospace Association INC.$81,000.01
5749HART Energy Publishing, LLLP AKA Stratas Advisors$81,000.00
5750Negotiation Education Australia$81,000.00
5751LNB Computing Consultancy$80,924.00
5752Pitchbook Data, Inc$80,893.26
5753JOHN Harris SC$80,883.00
5754Alliance Consulting Group Pty Ltd$80,850.00
5755Aquanaut Pty Ltd$80,822.50
5756Lifeflight Commercial Limited$80,750.57
5757The Precasters Pty Ltd$80,652.09
5758GE Energy Measurement & Control Pty Ltd$80,641.00
5759JCS Technologies Pty Ltd$80,543.35
5760Diversified Exhibitions Australia P/L$80,480.40
5761GAN Technologies$80,436.40
5762Mk-messtechnik GMBH$80,425.51
5763The Council Of The CITY Of Sydney$80,416.50
5764PK Fibre & Communication Pty Ltd$80,335.20
5765Carlton Hotel Singapore PTE Ltd$80,306.15
5766Afcea International$80,300.00
5767MUDE Pty Ltd$80,245.00
5768Red 29 Pty Limited$80,222.53
5769Catalyst IT Australia Pty Limited$80,120.00
5770Delissaville Wagait Larrakia Aboriginal LAND Trust$80,091.77
5771S R Advisory Trust$80,080.00
5772Breon Defence Systems$80,022.80
5773Allied Medical$80,000.00
5774Mcdonaldsporle Limited$80,000.00
5775Taplin Consulting Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5776YOUR Strengths Psychology$80,000.00
5777Employment Options Inc$80,000.00
5778Synergy People Solutions Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5779Health And Community Consulting Group Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5780Majestic Cinemas Pty Limited Cinema Trust$80,000.00
5781Bermaz Motor Trading SDN BHD$80,000.00
5782Techlegalia Pty Ltd T/AS ELAW$80,000.00
5784Claire Helen Palmer$80,000.00
5785Forensic IT Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5786Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network Ltd$80,000.00
5787Suthars Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5788Skillsoft ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$79,999.99
5789Gillian Calvert$79,999.70
5790Australian Orthopaedic Association$79,999.70
5791Fueltrac Pty Ltd$79,999.70
5792Doing Business Better Pty Ltd$79,999.00
5793Niddrie Nameplates Pty Ltd$79,999.00
5794OPIC Group Australia PTY. Ltd$79,999.00
5795Louise Sylvan$79,999.00
5796International Institute For Strategic Studies$79,995.00
5797Matthew Sherman$79,990.00
5798University Of BATH$79,981.00
5799Tennant Creek Fuels$79,970.00
5800Comprara Pty Ltd$79,963.62
5801Shootsta Pty Limited$79,960.00
5802Dowse Projects Pty Ltd$79,950.00
5803Roskill Information Services Ltd$79,950.00
5804KLD LAB Pty Ltd T/A Transport Analy$79,946.13
5805Evolve Positive Psychology$79,931.50
5806KPMG Forensic Pty Ltd$79,925.00
5807Engeny Management Pty Ltd$79,924.90
5808Luxxbox Pty Ltd$79,915.00
5809Survey Design & Analysis Services Pty Ltd$79,910.00
5810Janaye Pty Ltd T/A Southern Cross Alliance Pty Ltd$79,904.00
5811Insight Assessment & Consulting Pty Ltd$79,900.00
5812CBH 81630014$79,890.21
5813Inert Products, LLC$79,886.60
5814Natalie Roberts T/A Abmarc$79,860.00
5815The Trustee For Seamless Merchandising Matters$79,833.60
5816Bullshift Company$79,795.03
5817NEAL And KING UNIT Trust$79,769.00
5818MARK Richmond Barrister At LAW$79,750.00
5819Safety Barriers WA Pty Ltd$79,750.00
5820K9 Solutions Australia$79,750.00
5821Universities Admissions Centre$79,750.00
5822SEEK Limited$79,750.00
5823Sydney Tools Pty Ltd$79,714.82
5824TTF The K FORD Family Trust$79,706.00
5825Informed Sources (australia) Pty Ltd$79,703.09
5826Automation Anywhere Australia PTY.$79,703.00
5827Pickett, Thomas M T/A Bay11$79,700.00
5828Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council$79,657.60
5829Icelab Pty Ltd$79,655.00
5830Kapish Services Pty Ltd$79,640.94
5831WOO Consulting$79,629.00
5832Kylie Smith Design$79,600.00
5833Deloitte Financial Advisory Pty Limited (qld)$79,533.50
5834ALAN J SHAW Consulting$79,530.00
5835Cyphertech Pty Ltd$79,530.00
5836Conisante Consulting$79,530.00
5837Payten LUKE$79,500.21
5838Kenson-jssl Pty Ltd$79,500.00
5839VAN DAM, Richard Anthony$79,500.00
5840M&L Statistical Consulting Pty Ltd$79,500.00
5841Janet MARY Evans T/AS Evans Consulting$79,500.00
5842DR GARY Mitchell$79,500.00
5843ONE Tribe Consulting$79,500.00
5844LUCY Victoria ROBB$79,500.00
5845Swissotel Sydney$79,500.00
5846Energyconsult Pty Ltd$79,500.00
5847Blackboro Associates Pty Ltd$79,500.00
5848Hacktive Pty Ltd$79,420.00
5849Boltz Pty Ltd$79,385.90
5850Outcomex Pty Ltd$79,378.52
5851Purcell ASIA Pacific Limited$79,316.50
5852L.E Mckay & K.L SHAW & P.J SHAW & D.J SHAW$79,300.00
5853Jayde Consulting Pty Ltd$79,280.00
5854Solarwinds Software Europe Limited$79,255.02
5855Earlybird Events$79,255.00
5856The Trustee For The Australian Hotels (melbourne) Trust$79,240.00
5857University College London$79,215.91
5858JANE Macmaster$79,200.00
5859ONE Atmosphere Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5860Clued Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5861World Famous Films Pty Ltd (trading AS Radiant Productions)$79,200.00
5862Solution 300 Consulting$79,200.00
5863Redpath Partners Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5864Takcertin PTY. LTD.$79,200.00
5865Future Environment Garden Builders Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5867RISK 2 Solution Consulting Pty Ltd$79,171.13
5868MINE Development Services Pty Ltd$79,150.00
5869The Dumonde Group Pty Ltd$79,147.20
5870Amora Jamison Sydney$79,115.62
5871Indian Ocean Group Training Associa$79,111.47
5872WE Work$79,106.08
5873Clariden Global International Limited$79,076.00
5874Duniya Pty Ltd$79,035.00
5875Bainbridge Associates Pty Ltd$79,035.00
5876Military Template Technology Pty$79,002.00
5877Langlands Robert Bruce$79,000.00
5878Value Advisory Partners Pty Ltd$79,000.00
5880The Trustee For BDNA Trust T/AS BDNA Pty Ltd$79,000.00
5881Bowtie Pty Ltd$79,000.00
5882R Paynter & FM Mckenzie$79,000.00
5883Shannon NOEL Jackson$79,000.00
5884Sophie Callan$79,000.00
5885Chorus CALL Australia Pty Ltd$79,000.00
5886Geutebruck P/L$78,999.80
5887Heisenberg Analytics Services Pty L$78,980.00
5888Drallim Industries Ltd$78,975.71
5889Australian National Maritime Museum$78,975.60
5890Bison Creative$78,870.00
5891Equibt Group Pty Ltd$78,853.00
5892Onneer Pty Ltd$78,842.50
5893Premier Building And Construction Pty Ltd$78,758.60
5894James Healy$78,750.00
5895Steven Philpot$78,750.00
5896Solvents Australia Pty Ltd$78,728.54
5897Choices Flooring Rockingham Pty Ltd$78,727.00
5898Mercedes-benz Thailand$78,700.00
5899Bjfogg.org LLC$78,656.00
5900Living Works Education (australia) Pty Ltd$78,650.00
5901KIM Maree Borrowdale$78,650.00
5902Agile Leansixsigma SOP$78,650.00
5903Artibus Innovation$78,595.00
5904Akolade Pty Ltd$78,588.00
5905Leargas Pty Ltd$78,500.00
5906Chelsea Walsh$78,500.00
5907Executive Counsel Australia$78,500.00
5908Cogent Energy Pty Ltd$78,452.01
5909Oceanwatch Australia Limited$78,430.00
5910ALAN Whittle Pty Ltd$78,410.00
5911Nichols, Phillip Raymond$78,410.00
5912Prove Standards And Engineering Pty Ltd$78,410.00
5913Watermark Services Group Pty Limited$78,410.00
5914David Hanlon SAM$78,408.00
5915Lucca Macinkovic$78,400.00
5916Rapad Employment Services QLD Pty Ltd$78,217.43
5917Zincara Pty Ltd$78,200.00
5919Capacitor Technologies Pty Ltd$78,158.30
5920International AIR Transport Association$78,134.64
5921AIR Culinaire Worldwide, Llc!dba AI Culinaire Worldwide$78,119.19
5922The Curious Mindset Pty Ltd$78,100.00
5923ACE Waste Pty Ltd$78,059.54
5924ST JOHN The Evangelist Catholic HIGH School$78,000.00
5925Catherine Hamilton-jewell$78,000.00
5926Janerin PTY. LTD.$78,000.00
5927CEL Infrastructure Pty Ltd$78,000.00
5928Steve Jenkins And Associates Pty LT$78,000.00
5929The Trustee For Darling Family TRUS$78,000.00
5930Julia RUTH Carritt$78,000.00
5931Robin & Cecelia Krieg$78,000.00
5932Patricia Whyte$78,000.00
5933Australian Private Hospitals Association Ltd$78,000.00
5934Haworth Australia Pty Ltd$78,000.00
5935MR Keith James$78,000.00
5936Chainalysis INC.$78,000.00
5937Readspeaker Pty Ltd$77,939.62
5938Pallion Equipment Pty Ltd$77,935.00
5939Elizabeth ANNE Clarke$77,925.00
5940J.G Squires And N.M Squires$77,821.00
5941BOND Operations Pty Ltd$77,797.50
5942Optimal Performance Solutions Pty Ltd$77,736.12
5943ECAL Institute Of Advanced Technologies Inc$77,688.00
5944FUJI Xerox Business Centre$77,606.00
5945International Academy Of Business And Financial Management Ltd$77,600.00
5946System Built Exhibitions$77,588.69
5947Angela RAE$77,550.00
5948Adroita Pty Ltd$77,550.00
5949Avantex Australasia Pty Ltd$77,499.40
5950Savcor Products Australia Pty L*$77,440.01
5951Sirway ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$77,363.83
5952C-mac Industries (aust) Co-operative Limited$77,341.00
5953Order-in Pty Ltd$77,300.00
5954The Trustee For Lindsay CHAN Aml/ct$77,270.00
5955Preston ROWE Paterson Sydney Pty LT$77,250.00
5956Corrugated Carton Products$77,248.14
5957Design9 Pty Ltd$77,231.00
5958C3 Business Solutions Pty Ltd$77,228.35
5959The Trustee For The Nisodan Trust$77,220.00
5960CVSG Asset Services Pty Ltd$77,201.52
5961Gartner Conferences AU$77,200.00
5962Learning 4 Development$77,185.90
5963Numbers And People Synergy Pty Ltd$77,110.00
5964Jamie Darams Barrister$77,100.00
5965Black BOX Consulting Pty Ltd$77,082.50
5966PNG Remote Sensing Centre$77,080.00
5967Ngalang Boodja Council$77,064.34
5968Laidley Community Centre$77,064.34
5969Inside Aviation$77,055.00
5970Bruce Whittaker$77,000.00
5971Calder Consultants Inc$77,000.00
5972Consult Marine Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5973Magpie Applied Technology$77,000.00
5974Tradecoast Central CTS 38795$77,000.00
5975Bateman & Giles Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5976Christopher William Murphy$77,000.00
5977NSW Rural FIRE Service$77,000.00
5978Contact Electrical Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5979Elpro Technologies Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5980Sarah Pritchard$77,000.00
5981Regus Australia Management Pty Ltd Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5982Boheme Lighting & Education PTY. LT$77,000.00
5983Debra Rowett$77,000.00
5984Satdek Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5985Anwen Lovett$77,000.00
5986DGL Logistics Pty Limited$77,000.00
5987Path2value Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5988Mannnorth Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5989Gilmore, Simon DEAN$77,000.00
5990Leadenhall Services Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5991E Scribe Services Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5992Baeconomics Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5993Jenbid Pty Ltd T/A Atlantic Plumbing And FMD$76,994.50
5994Dynamic Structures Pty Ltd$76,980.00
5995TEST & Measurement Australia Pty LT$76,974.15
5996Fluke Australia$76,947.04
5997Lifetec Pty Ltd$76,940.19
5998First GULF Properties$76,921.83
5999Dreamtime Indigenous Services Pty Ltd$76,897.71
6000Glanda International Pty Ltd$76,864.11
6001Sann, KARI Kenna$76,840.50
6002Anixter Australia Pty Ltd$76,813.00
6003Audioxtra International Pty Ltd$76,780.00
6004Elmatom Pty Ltd$76,780.00
6005Planning To MOVE Pty Ltd$76,770.00
6006Blackett Commercial$76,706.30
6007Burgess Paluch Legal Recruitment Pty Ltd$76,629.86
6008Interface AUST Pty Ltd$76,564.11
6009Trical Australia Pty Ltd$76,538.00
6010PKF Lawler$76,516.00
6011ADAM JOHN Kloppenburg$76,500.00
6012Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre$76,450.00
6013Amelia Avery-williams$76,450.00
6014Hot'n'dry Drysuits Australia (CTF Sheetmetal Pty LTD)$76,399.95
6015David Kilmartin Pty Ltd$76,381.16
6016The Trustee For GLG Greenlife Group$76,263.00
6017Actrol Parts Pty Ltd$76,245.55
6018Synergen Group Pty Ltd$76,120.00
6019Simplify Compliance LLC$76,114.70
6020Lynette WING T/AS Sentencing$76,065.00
6021Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre Inc$76,018.06
6022Limestone Coast Work Options Inc$76,018.06
6023Katanning Community Resource Centre Inc$76,018.06
6024Paternoster Family Trust$76,018.06
6025Ngarliyarndu Bindirri (corporate Cdep)$76,015.16
6026Smugglers? Retreat Pty Ltd ATF Olliver KING Trust$75,994.60
6027Walkers Hammers Victoria$75,977.90
6028Contact Electrical Pty Limited$75,929.79
6029PAUL Bennet Airshows Pty Ltd$75,900.00
6030Tablet PC Pty Ltd$75,900.00
6031Baringa Partners LLP$75,900.00
6032Rotek Instrument CORP$75,793.00
6033Agtrans PTY. Ltd$75,782.00
6034Helloworld Travel Alice Springs$75,732.00
6035ARO Systems Pty Ltd$75,666.80
6036Cobalt Consulting Services$75,660.75
6037WEST Arnhem Regional Council$75,609.05
6038Reckon Pty Ltd$75,540.00
6039Formula Interiors$75,539.20
6040Greenvalley International Inc$75,500.00
6041Propel Group (australia) Pty Ltd$75,500.00
6042Sheraton On The PARK Pty Ltd$75,478.22
6043Quality Online Research Pty Ltd$75,460.00
6044Rodney Smith$75,391.00
6045LUMA Research Pty Ltd$75,300.01
6046Proteus Pty Ltd$75,280.00
6047Critical Strategies Group Pty Ltd$75,267.50
6049Fields Group Pty Ltd$75,210.31
6050Glenair, INC.$75,112.04
6052HCA Leadership Programs Pty Ltd$75,090.00
6053PAC PLUS$75,058.08
6054Nikon Australia Pty Ltd$75,041.66
6055The Flinders Ranges Council$75,037.40
6056Britannia Jahco Pty Ltd$75,014.50
6057Technical Assessing (tas) Pty Ltd$75,000.00
6058Bosan Pty Ltd T/AS Chris Wheeler Consulting$75,000.00
6059Lasch Pty Ltd$75,000.00
6060Frederico Estrela Gaiva$75,000.00
6061WA Child Protection Society$75,000.00
6062OAK Grove Technologies, LLC.$75,000.00
6063Cunningham PIER Pty Ltd$75,000.00
6064Pluralsight LLC$75,000.00
6065Assoc. Prof. David Brown$75,000.00
6066Stable Research$75,000.00
6067Sailpoint Technologies Inc$75,000.00
6068Kenneth Anthony Barlow$75,000.00
6069Bourgas "prof. D-R Assenzlatarov"$75,000.00
6070Bloomberg Finance L.P$75,000.00
6071Station C Creative Solutions Events Management Group$75,000.00
6072Australian Commission For LAW$75,000.00
6074MARO Health Pty Ltd$75,000.00
6075Future Perfect Communications$75,000.00
6077Open Ground For Organisations Pty Ltd$75,000.00
6078Amazing Clean Canberra$75,000.00
6079Click Super Pty Ltd$75,000.00
6080Crazy Might Work Pty Ltd$74,999.99
6081MARK Alexander Norman T/AS MARK Norman Consultancy$74,999.00
6082VITS Languagelink$74,995.00
6083Cherie HART$74,976.00
6084Bauer Media Limited$74,959.50
6085Australian Communication Consumer Action Network$74,955.10
6086Performance Drivers Pty Ltd$74,888.97
6087Aware Inc$74,877.38
6088Instant Toilets And Showers Pty Ltd Trading AS Instant Products Hire$74,870.00
6089Frost & Sullivan (aust) Pty Ltd$74,800.00
6090Fleming Psychology Services Pty Ltd$74,800.00
6091Peripheral Vision Pty Ltd$74,800.00
6092Johnson Pilton Walker Pty Ltd$74,800.00
6094Alexander Colquhoun And SON P/L$74,690.00
6095Apptio, Inc$74,675.32
6096D M K Forest Products Pty Ltd$74,662.50
6097Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd$74,653.00
6098KARE ONE Pty Ltd$74,606.40
6099Winning Moves Limited$74,560.00
6100IOT Regional Development Organisati$74,473.00
6101TEST & Evaluation Solutions, LLC$74,471.50
6102Canberra Institute Of Technology$74,425.00
6103Zucci MODE$74,407.00
6106Baxter & Company Pty Ltd$74,299.50
6107Surveillance Pty Ltd$74,296.20
6108Airline Metrics Pty Ltd$74,250.00
6110Procurement Training Solutions$74,250.00
6111Learning SEAT Pty Ltd$74,250.00
6112Roshambo Pty Ltd$74,250.00
6113Sentinel Software Pty Ltd$74,250.00
6114Hamilton Murphy Advisory Pty Ltd$74,211.50
6115GAP3 Engineering And Management SOL$74,203.20
6116Myanmar Health And Development Consortium CO Ltd$74,184.32
6117Adaptalift Forklift Rentals & Sales Trust$74,163.61
6118Sydney Environmental & SOIL Laboratory Pty Ltd$74,140.00
6119Apptio Inc$74,097.00
6120Catherine Mcgrath Media$74,088.00
6121Lance Consulting$74,068.50
6123Wywmcyber Pty Ltd$74,017.45
6124GOLD LEAF TREE Services Pty Ltd$74,000.00
6125The Gaibo Agency$74,000.00
6126Balazs Lazanas & Welch LLP$74,000.00
6127Bannershop International Pty Ltd$73,991.59
6128Peter Kittle Toyota$73,988.00
6129Fireup Solutions Pty Ltd$73,980.00
6130Centre State Printing (aust) Pty Limited$73,920.00
6131Mainframe Cloud Operations Pty Ltd$73,920.00
6132Marie-claire ROSS Pty Ltd The Trustee For Marie-claire ROSS T$73,918.90
6133Seears Workwear$73,888.00
6134LUNA PARK Sydney Pty Ltd$73,852.84
6135Livermore Software Technology!corporation$73,799.76
6136DYE & CO$73,788.00
6137Manila Peninsula$73,759.00
6138US Department Of Homeland Security$73,735.50
6139Danae Jones Consulting$73,682.00
6140The Trustee For DEL Villar Family T$73,674.99
6142East Hotel$73,611.00
6143Counsel Direct - Catherine Bembrick$73,600.00
6144BEE DEE BAGS$73,541.74
6145Swing Software$73,469.96
6146Systech Consultants Pty Ltd$73,410.70
6147CRED Solutions Pty Ltd$73,344.70
6149Global Federation Of Competitivenes$73,313.78
6150Bearcat Tyres Pty Ltd$73,268.80
6151Wilson And Gilkes Pty Ltd$73,222.60
6152Arinc Incorporated!dba Rockwell Collins Information!management$73,213.62
6153Planview International AB$73,180.29
6154Intercontinential Sanctuary COVE Resort$73,165.00
6155Authentic8, Inc$73,032.03
6156Dassault Falcon JET Corp. DIV Dassault Falcon JET -$72,950.00
6157Newman Hardware And Newman Retravis$72,909.63
6158Stamen Engineering Pty Ltd T/A Industrial Sciences Group$72,842.00
6159RACV CITY CLUB (racv) Limited$72,837.00
6160Cully's Yamaha$72,717.01
6161Metocean Telematics Limited$72,710.00
6162Aspose Pty Ltd$72,703.16
6163Katrina Curry$72,700.00
6164Multicultural MKTG & Management$72,644.00
6165AB Sciex Australia Pty Ltd$72,629.31
6166Decor Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$72,600.00
6167Akers, Jennifer JEAN$72,600.00
6168Heidrick And Struggles Australia Pty Ltd$72,600.00
6169Sthree Australia (huxley)$72,600.00
6170UCI (qld) Pty Ltd$72,572.50
6171Tigris WAY Ltd$72,524.01
6172Reeves International$72,511.31
6173EDGE Software Pty Ltd$72,475.32
6174Commonwealth Parliamentary Association HQ (UK)$72,449.40
6175Work Science Pty Ltd$72,396.80
6176Forrester Switzerland GMBH$72,303.52
6177TIM Faulkner$72,272.27
6178Bullivants Pty Ltd$72,224.27
6179Dianne Adams$72,223.06
6180Terraform Design Pty Ltd$72,187.50
6181Right LANE Consulting Pty Ltd$72,175.15
6182L2S Engineering Pty Ltd$72,166.01
6183Thrifty CAR And Truck Rental$72,160.00
6184Brindabella Consulting Pty Ltd$72,160.00
6185Henkel Australia Pty Ltd$72,160.00
6186Upguard Inc$72,116.16
6187Intermed Medical Pty Ltd$72,082.50
6188CH2M HILL AUST Pty Ltd$72,048.60
6189CLS Societe$72,000.00
6190Sally Washington$72,000.00
6191Peter KELL$72,000.00
6192AVEC SANS PTY. LTD.$72,000.00
6193Shelley Scott$72,000.00
6194Millennium Hi-tech Group Pty Ltd$71,850.00
6195KIP Mcgrath Education Centres$71,832.94
6196Strategic Career Management Pty Ltd$71,830.00
6197Rydges Fortitude Valley$71,820.00
6198Megabuy Pty Ltd$71,802.09
6199Abacus CASH Systems Pty Limited$71,802.00
6200Jeremy David GREY$71,800.00
6201WEIR Consulting Pty Ltd$71,796.09
6202Michalis Holdings Pty Ltd ATF The Michalis Family Trust$71,794.65
6203The Escal Institute Of Advanced$71,742.72
6204Keany's Electrical Service Pty Ltd$71,687.00
6205ASIO - T4 Protective Security$71,600.01
6206Master Instruments Pty Ltd$71,599.00
6207Schlager Group$71,565.02
6208Imbros Pty Ltd$71,560.06
6209Dalmeny Nominees (WA) Pty Ltd$71,500.00
6210Volunteering And Contact ACT Limited$71,500.00
6211Metocean Telematics (aust) Pty L$71,500.00
6212Catherine Newman$71,500.00
6213Katarina Grenfell$71,500.00
6214Neptune Marine (oceania) Pty Ltd$71,400.02
6215Economist Intelligence Unit, Na,!incorporated, The$71,400.00
6216Jirsch Sutherland T/A WA Insolvency Solutions$71,394.00
6217Palace Media Pty Ltd$71,372.40
6218String Research Insights Consulting Pty$71,370.00
6219University Of ST Andrews$71,303.80
6221Sovereign Harvest Pty Ltd$71,298.11
6222Capital EASY Group$71,220.00
6223PAN Macmillan Australia Pty Ltd$71,129.30
6224PKF Corporate Finance (nsw) Pty Limited$71,000.00
6225TE PNG$71,000.00
6226Elisabeth Brown$71,000.00
6227LIST G Barristers$70,955.50
6228Susan Allen & Associates$70,950.00
6229Loyalty And Reward CO Pty Ltd$70,950.00
6231University Of North Carolina At Wilmington$70,882.00
6232Wellington Information & Neighbourhood Services INC.$70,786.66
6233Compuware Software Group Pty Ltd$70,660.34
6234Liangmaqiao DRC$70,650.03
6235Avery Dennison RBIS Pty Ltd$70,603.50
6236Fleet CREW Pty Ltd$70,526.65
6237Invisionapp INC.$70,522.00
6238JOHN Michael Miguel Tryon$70,500.00
6239B&H Australia Pty Ltd$70,402.20
6240Newnham Earthmoving PTY. Ltd$70,400.00
6241Enviro Renew Pty Ltd Trading AS Beacon Energy Solutions$70,398.90
6242Southern Cross Science Pty Ltd$70,372.50
6243Spotters Shades Pty Ltd$70,367.62
6244Lennock Motors Pty Limited$70,364.91
6245Lennock Phillip Pty Ltd$70,364.91
6247HR Partners$70,152.50
6249Hansen Management Consulting$70,000.00
6250Daniel Habashy$70,000.00
6251Cocos (keeling) Islands Tourism$70,000.00
6252Drips & Drains Plumbing$70,000.00
6253The Centre For Strategic And International Studies$70,000.00
6254WM & KL Shacklock$70,000.00
6255Szetu Enterprises Ltd$70,000.00
6256Redback Conferenciing$70,000.00
6257Australian SURF Rowers League Incorporated$70,000.00
6258Seyfarth SHAW Australia$70,000.00
6259MSCI Limited$70,000.00
6260REAL Response$70,000.00
6261Cgiar Research Program On Climate Change, Agriculture And FOOD Security$70,000.00
6262TUNA Australia Ltd$70,000.00
6263Alexander Kuklik$70,000.00
6264KEN Everett International Pty Ltd$70,000.00
6265Roger V Gyles AO QC$70,000.00
6266Davidson Executive & Boards$70,000.00
6268SAJ Fruit Supply Pty Ltd$70,000.00
6269Scrum Withstyle Pty Ltd$70,000.00
6270Restorfx Australia & New Zealand$69,990.00
6271Customer First Contracting Pty Ltd$69,989.24
6272New Millennium Print Pty Ltd$69,951.00
6273Altova GMBH$69,933.19
6274Agulhas Applied Knowledge Limited$69,897.52
6275Bruck Textiles Pty Ltd$69,850.00
6276Raymond Mallon$69,815.24
6277Fiona Knowles$69,800.00
6278KEEP Australia Beautiful National Association$69,795.00
6279Tinney & Associates Consulting SERV$69,762.66
6280ERGT Australia Pty Ltd$69,714.38
6281HART Sport$69,620.19
6282Shang Global CITY Properties Inc$69,582.08