Position Supplier Total Contract Value
1Boeing Defence Australia Ltd$9,913,183,841.49
2Australian Red Cross Society$8,851,838,983.80
3Australian Trust For Conservation$4,031,175,787.34
4LEND Lease Building Pty Ltd$2,733,164,027.50
5Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd$2,636,471,274.31
6AIR Travel Panel Providers$2,555,522,720.00
7Dmojsf Official Australian Account$2,337,763,124.42
8FMS Account$1,751,774,029.57
9FMS Account Reserve BANK Of Australia$1,548,849,470.81
10Thales Australia$1,186,403,226.69
11Abacus Innovations Australia$1,143,263,306.38
12Serco Defence$961,881,136.29
13BAE Systems Australia Defence P*$949,680,003.96
14Medibank Health Solutions Pty Limited$907,870,522.31
15Navantia SA SME.$893,724,924.70
17BAE Systems Australia Ltd$855,211,851.90
18LEND Lease Building Contractors$781,042,118.45
19Laing O'rourke Australia$761,441,465.03
20IBM Australia Ltd$661,547,214.41
21L-3 Oceania$659,192,720.96
22Cobham SAR Services Pty Ltd$640,000,000.00
23ABT JTA Pty Ltd$607,133,256.42
24Charter HALL REAL Estate Management Services NSW$548,025,718.00
25Austal Ships Pty Ltd$526,684,908.01
26Navantia SA$525,887,003.31
27Cardno Emerging Markets (australia) Pty Ltd$420,359,349.22
28Manpower Services (australia) Pty Ltd$416,401,212.79
29Australian Government Solicitor$394,327,093.02
30Doric Beneficiaries Trust Account$378,529,995.55
31Data#3 Limited$364,054,334.64
32Lockheed Martin Australia Pty Ltd$309,363,452.13
33Broadspectrum (australia) Pty$309,083,564.69
35Brookfield Johnson Controls P/L$289,340,258.40
36Standard AERO Australia$276,768,421.25
37Department Of Immigration And Border Protection$275,590,224.07
38Jones LANG Lasalle (act) Pty Limited$269,149,771.82
39Seqirus (australia) Pty Ltd$264,041,807.53
40SAAB Australia Pty Ltd$257,914,474.55
41Caltex Australia Petroleum P / L$256,555,688.91
42Coffey International Development Pty Ltd$254,800,819.94
43Fujitsu Australia Limited$238,648,778.26
44Accenture Australia Holdings$235,616,307.78
45ASC AWD Shipbuilder Pty Ltd$235,304,625.38
46Northrop Grumman Integrated$234,929,282.62
47Canberra Airport Pty Ltd$234,599,144.71
48Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd$230,316,287.60
49Dentsu Mitchell Media Australia Pty Ltd$222,985,081.77
50SG Fleet Australia Pty Limited$215,011,108.05
51CPB Contractors Pty Limited$212,168,699.30
52Naval SHIP Management$209,080,331.49
53DTZ Pty Ltd$207,494,447.75
54Airbus Group Australia Pacific *$207,381,837.98
55RNTT Pty Ltd$206,498,842.00
56Air7000 P8 Poseidon$202,124,988.55
57HAYS Specialist Recruitment$198,826,577.34
58BAE Systems Australia$196,464,794.85
59Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd$194,491,287.97
60Department Of Finance$188,557,909.17
61Accenture Australia Pty Ltd$187,752,661.18
63General Electric International Inc$186,694,216.02
64Palladium International Pty Ltd$178,962,169.85
65Chemring Australia Pty Ltd$175,137,695.24
66Airbus Defence And Space GMBH$168,865,148.79
67ERM Power Retail Pty Ltd$158,553,546.92
68DELL Australia Pty Ltd$156,027,469.43
69Clayton UTZ$148,938,130.09
70Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd$148,319,529.55
71Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd$140,469,433.82
72The Trust Company (australia) Limited$137,064,407.44
74VIVA Energy Australia Ltd$133,335,179.07
75Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd$131,056,066.67
76CSL Behring (australia) Pty Ltd$129,507,682.26
77Reserve BANK Of Australia$128,974,437.39
78The Trustee For Cromwell TGA Planned Investment$123,091,905.00
79Point Project Management$121,860,513.88
80BP Oil$120,497,727.75
81Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd T/A$120,175,780.00
82CSC Australia Pty Ltd$117,574,370.20
83Unisys Australia Ltd$117,024,324.08
84Indue Limited$114,728,880.60
85Qinetiq Pty Ltd$114,274,679.85
86Scientific Management Associates$113,456,214.10
87KU Children's Services$112,993,063.00
88Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu$110,739,403.93
89Dialog Pty Ltd$107,574,613.97
90Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd$105,214,659.05
91Minter Ellison$103,801,435.10
92Charter HALL REAL Estate M'ment Services$101,954,886.00
93AIR Affairs Australia Pty Ltd$101,330,417.93
94Adagold Aviation Pty Ltd$101,321,583.13
95Boeing Company, The DBA Boeing DIV$97,958,244.35
96Australian Defence Apparel$97,230,205.04
99Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd$92,614,540.11
100Specialist Diagnostic Services Pty$90,174,876.00
101GN Clearing$89,976,666.00
102Compass Group Defence$89,008,405.23
103Sypaq Systems Pty Ltd$88,365,304.73
104Talent International (act) Pty Ltd$87,555,183.09
105Kellogg Brown & ROOT Pty Ltd$86,195,575.52
106Fulton Hogan Pty Ltd$86,171,616.07
107Brookfield Commercial Operations PT$85,545,226.03
108Trustee For NO. 1 Martin Place Office Tower Trust$84,254,280.84
109Mercedes-benz Australia/pacific$83,573,485.49
110ASC Pty Ltd$82,422,652.84
111Scope Global Pty Ltd$81,190,388.61
112Ethan Group Pty Ltd$80,796,705.49
113Glaxosmithkline Australia Pty Ltd$79,442,242.90
114Dexus Funds Management Ltd$79,002,403.98
115Ernst & Young$78,908,251.85
116Paxus Australia Pty Ltd$78,115,434.91
117Coles MYER Ltd$74,634,485.00
118Australia POST$73,919,714.65
119Nauru Island Security$72,166,000.00
120Perth Energy$71,930,470.96
121Peoplebank Australia Pty Ltd$70,419,838.31
122Jenkins Engineering Defence$68,781,681.09
123CHC Helicopters$68,289,894.00
124ST Hilliers Property Pty Limited$67,258,422.59
125Bechtel Management Pty Ltd$66,935,992.00
126Serco Australia Pty Ltd$66,629,296.15
127Meggitt Training Systems Australia$65,357,745.33
128Datacom Systems NSW Pty Ltd$65,094,607.99
129NOVA Defence Pty Ltd$64,480,942.90
130Broadspectrum Property Pty Ltd$63,969,397.91
131Sparke Helmore$63,410,418.27
132Compas Pty Ltd$62,145,908.26
133SAP Australia Pty Ltd$61,131,676.50
134Sandran Pty Ltd$61,130,800.72
135Boeing CO The - KENT$60,558,075.31
136Harris Communications (australia)$60,258,158.76
137Microsoft Pty Ltd$60,211,268.43
138Serco Sodexo Defence Services$59,245,300.05
139DOF Management Australia Pty Ltd$57,939,497.99
140Community Child CARE Association$57,666,445.00
141Eads-casa (servicio Posventa)$54,851,424.56
142Department Of Social Services$54,735,885.55
143Northbourne REAL Estate Netherlands$54,326,337.31
144DMV Consulting$53,898,069.00
145RFD Technologies Pty Ltd$53,148,709.51
146EMC Global Holdings Company$53,138,765.05
147Ajilon Australia Pty Ltd$52,576,126.06
148Areva NC$52,425,048.00
149CEA Technologies Pty Ltd$51,020,007.51
150Unity Resources Group PTE Ltd$50,988,885.00
151Clicks Recruit (australia) Pty Ltd$50,862,289.64
152NEC Australia Pty Ltd$50,449,842.29
153United States ARMY Towed Artillery$50,168,525.50
154General Dynamics Produits^de Defens ET Systemes^tactiques-canada Inc$49,603,577.72
155SME Gateway Pty Ltd$49,541,078.76
156Elbit Systems Ltd$48,947,293.57
157GHD Pty Ltd$48,592,675.87
158Indra Australia Pty Limited$48,072,213.94
159Ultra Electronics Avalon Systems$47,996,048.87
160MSS Security Pty Limited$47,962,472.05
162Baxalta Australia Pty Ltd$47,218,930.00
163JPO Project Pammandi Cbass Embassay$47,063,499.24
164PWC Strategy&(australia)pty Ltd$46,060,938.63
165CAE Australia Pty Ltd$46,007,432.95
166Southtech Systems Pty Ltd$45,840,154.28
167Ajilon Pty Ltd$45,826,910.82
168Clarius Group T/A Ignite$45,121,065.06
169Oakton Services Pty Ltd$44,788,670.59
170Origin Energy Electricity Ltd$44,191,909.34
171RUAG Australia Pty Ltd$44,023,798.86
172NSW Premier's Department$43,971,918.00
173Southern Cross Computing Pty Ltd$43,645,318.43
174Finite Group APAC Pty Ltd$43,257,659.35
175Sonic Healthplus$42,876,525.04
176Hitachi Data Systems Australia$42,425,844.95
177Anspec Pty Ltd$42,142,785.41
178NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile SYS$41,959,607.44
179Sikorsky Aircraft Australia Ltd$40,708,804.05
180Department Of Employment$40,166,787.46
181Prepack Ltd$40,099,448.30
182ENT. Services Australia Pty Ltd$39,690,391.10
183Craddock Murray Neumann Lawyers PT$39,656,039.59
184Decmil Australia$39,579,578.03
185Veolia Environmental Services$39,568,459.46
186Australian Crime Commission$39,353,467.95
187Intelsat LLC$39,351,546.91
188ISPT Pty Ltd$39,272,394.16
189Berkeley Information Technology$39,148,143.94
190UXC Limited$39,020,797.03
191Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd$38,639,016.94
192Vmware International Limited$38,138,719.81
193Aurec Pty Ltd$37,366,149.39
194Elbit Systems Of Australia Pty Ltd$37,027,919.74
195Verizon Australia Pty Ltd$36,832,072.30
196P&O Maritime Services Pty Ltd$36,564,485.59
197Envista Pty Ltd$36,371,276.04
198Commonwealth Superannuation$35,874,824.70
199L&A Construction$35,531,900.34
200Investec Propco Pty Limited At$35,317,014.00
201Lockheed Martin Australia$35,306,204.75
202Jakeman Business Solutions$34,749,093.64
203The University Of Adelaide$34,493,710.68
204Built Pty Ltd$33,438,833.28
205Barpa Construction Services$33,057,829.79
206DLA Piper Australia$33,024,180.38
207NTT COM ICT Solutions (australia)$32,940,181.17
208Shell Aviation Australia Pty Ltd$32,897,167.91
209Programmed Professionals Pty Ltd$32,190,199.97
210Penske Power Systems Pty Ltd$31,954,518.75
211Sanofi-aventis Australia Pty Ltd$31,951,367.29
212Virgin BLUE Airlines Pty Ltd$31,941,082.00
213Parbit Siyani Construction Ltd$31,935,820.06
215Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd$31,210,109.89
216FUJI Xerox Businessforce PTY. Limited$30,757,540.63
217Sitzler Pty Ltd$30,642,596.56
218SPA Leasing Pty Ltd$30,094,124.71
219Department Of Human Services$29,762,264.72
220University Of Sydney$29,678,751.55
221SAS Institute Australia Pty Ltd$29,675,130.00
222Zinfra Pty Ltd$29,671,715.99
223The Citadel Group Limited$29,594,842.37
224DFP Recruitment Services Pty Ltd$29,224,220.57
225NSW Department Of Education And$28,946,778.17
226Datacom Systems (act) Pty Ltd$28,872,327.46
227Jacobs Group (australia) Pty Ltd$28,843,889.51
228ADAM Smith International (australia) Pty Ltd$28,843,647.10
229Airservices Australia$28,691,192.56
230Amazon Web Services, INC.$28,204,000.00
231HUNT & HUNT Lawyers$27,952,498.16
232Workskil Australia Incorporated$27,815,857.31
233Converga Pty Ltd$27,556,823.26
234Rheinmetall Landsysteme GMBH$27,500,000.00
235The Salvation ARMY (victoria) Property Trust ARBN 143 615 169 Incorporated In Victoria$27,129,630.04
236Schiavello International Pty Ltd$27,013,162.28
237Intract Australia Pty Ltd$26,962,002.78
238Synergy Group Australia Pty Ltd$26,948,696.95
239Linfox Australia Pty Ltd$26,797,992.81
240The University Of Queensland$26,734,443.34
241Daronmont Technologies Pty Ltd$26,667,978.59
242JOB Futures Ltd$26,377,891.86
243Attorney-general's Department$26,088,600.86
244National Capital Authority$26,085,053.71
245ATOS (australia) Pty Ltd$26,041,758.91
246Synergy Resource Management$25,896,552.20
248Greythorn Pty Ltd$25,790,501.55
249Chandler Macleod Group Limited$25,586,136.48
250APIS Group Pty Limited$25,038,233.04
251Mcmahon Services Australia Pty Ltd$24,987,961.63
252Aecom Australia Pty Ltd$24,859,522.99
253Workfocus Australia Pty Ltd$24,827,056.69
254CC Pines Pty Ltd$24,756,424.56
255Stewart And Heaton Clothing CO Pty$24,670,928.39
256Skytraders Pty Ltd$24,529,166.20
257Northbuild Holdings Pty Ltd$24,437,749.55
258Wipro Limited$24,213,407.54
259Monaco Hickey Pty Ltd$23,849,933.00
260IOF Custodian Pty Ltd$23,443,460.11
261Waterway Constructions Pty Ltd$23,375,042.64
262Watpac Construction Pty Ltd$23,350,269.30
263Holocentric Pty Ltd$23,250,436.95
264Australian Public Service$23,234,073.18
265SECO Tools AUST P/L$23,206,208.57
266Micreo Limited$23,089,488.05
267BECA Consultants Pty Ltd$23,072,160.53
268ABB Enterprise Software Pty Ltd$22,657,594.29
269Citywide Service Solutions Pty Ltd$22,612,933.81
270Qantas Airways$22,510,924.23
271DUN & Bradstreet Australia P/L$22,467,053.42
272ASIA Pacific Aerospace$22,248,450.30
274Encore IT Services Pty Ltd$22,199,751.25
275Oncall Language Services Pty Ltd$22,132,620.22
276Bureau Of Meteorology$21,989,829.06
277General Dynamics LAND Systems$21,971,642.61
278Pacific Brands Workwear Group P*$21,709,958.63
279PSG Holdings$21,120,076.88
280Ashurst Australia$21,060,969.74
281Careers Multilist Limited$21,052,881.53
282SMS Consulting Group Ltd$20,989,993.96
283Optus Billing Services Pty Ltd$20,919,790.25
284Communicare Inc$20,579,858.00
285Epicon IT Solutions Pty Ltd$20,503,739.80
286Patrick Ports Pty Ltd$20,479,200.01
287Horizon Power$20,250,617.41
288Famewerd Property Partnership$20,002,514.40
289Shape Australia Pty Ltd$19,961,465.88
290Gowrie SA$19,883,821.00
291HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd$19,849,207.23
292Konica Minolta Business Solutions$19,818,456.66
293Mills Oakley Lawyers$19,739,092.16
294Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd$19,622,592.20
295Cordelta Pty Ltd$19,422,937.35
296Badge Constructions QLD Pty Ltd And National Aboriginal$19,335,075.17
297Canberra Data Centres Pty Ltd$19,321,268.47
298Hines (aus) Nominees Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Hines Global REIT Bourke Trust$19,266,385.98
299Deakin University$19,207,692.62
300Technology ONE Limited$19,088,266.27
301Hitech Group Australia Limited$18,860,771.62
302UXC Connect Pty Ltd$18,648,667.27
303FIVE D Holdings RENT ROLL (83664963$18,583,055.24
304Cubic Defence Australia Pty Ltd$18,549,677.51
305NIOA Trading$18,520,797.30
306Dmojsf Official Australian Account PSFD$18,383,874.12
307Resthaven Incorporated$18,262,202.32
308Definitive Events$18,220,189.00
309Ultra Project Services Pty Ltd$18,148,426.43
311ACER Computer Australia Pty Ltd$18,121,387.91
312Brooke Institute Pty Ltd$18,120,583.35
313TOLL Priority$18,106,269.24
314National Measurement Institute$18,082,700.88
315RXP Services Limited$18,022,239.67
316AMW Professional Services$17,917,095.50
317Keane Consulting Pty Ltd$17,911,548.89
319Future People Pty Limited$17,842,275.47
320Air7000 P8 Poseidon Increment 1$17,669,208.70
321The Boston Consulting Group Pty Ltd$17,617,821.98
322ASP SHIP Management Pty Ltd Sirius$17,587,148.04
323AGIS Group Pty Ltd$17,343,392.99
324Hudson Global Resources (aust) Pty Ltd$17,235,514.77
325Rubikon Group$17,139,815.46
326Norfolk Island Hospital Enterprise$17,127,560.95
327Recoveries Corporation Pty Ltd$17,127,085.16
328Dynatrace Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$17,105,926.43
329IDES Pty Ltd Intergrated Design*$16,913,525.88
330JNC Group Australia Pty Ltd$16,873,902.28
331Havas Worldwide Australia Pty$16,761,969.80
332Grace Records Management$16,607,722.38
333M & T Resources Pty Ltd$16,545,914.50
334MVS Valuers Australia Pty Ltd$16,500,000.00
335Kennelly Constructions Pty Ltd$16,310,780.55
336Schiebel Aircraft GMBH$16,291,065.68
337Whizdom Pty Ltd$16,275,561.59
338Veritec Pty Ltd$16,233,877.79
339Erapsco DBA Sonobuoytechsystems$16,220,187.71
340Bates Smart Architects Pty Ltd$16,135,576.57
341Rockwell Collins Australia Pty Ltd$16,132,079.87
342TOLL Logistics PL$16,102,327.96
343Dimension Data Learning Solutions$16,060,088.23
344Mckinsey Pacific RIM Inc$15,801,000.03
345BUSY At Work$15,735,606.37
346The Department Of Education$15,687,776.61
349Aristech Pty Ltd$15,244,072.70
350Wildbear Entertainment Pty Ltd$15,192,798.53
351DFAS Cleveland$15,179,662.26
352Omaha IT Services Pty Ltd$15,107,982.33
353Haulmark Trailers (australia) P*$15,089,381.97
354Speedwell Pty Ltd$15,044,188.00
355Randstad Pty Ltd$15,019,947.44
356Finmeccanica SPA$14,926,688.96
357Adelaide Research & Innovation P/L$14,873,897.68
358Adult Multicultural Education$14,860,305.69
359Adecco Australia Pty Ltd$14,853,035.66
360HWL Ebsworth Lawyers$14,700,743.96
361United States AIR Force (usaf)$14,681,877.14
362Crown Management Consultants$14,464,283.06
363University Of Canberra$14,453,826.07
364Department Of The Attorney General$14,302,521.25
365Emerald SEA Surveys Pty Ltd$14,200,279.16
366Berra Property Pty Ltd$14,110,656.02
367Airflite Pty Ltd$14,080,685.35
368Drake Australia Pty Ltd$14,052,971.30
369CIT Solutions Pty Limited$13,964,317.42
370Exelis INC. DBA Radar, Reconnaissan$13,899,675.60
371IT Newcom Pty Limited$13,880,323.35
372Chubb FIRE And Security Pty Ltd$13,870,621.62
373University Of Western Australia$13,814,795.35
374DEPT Of Foreign Affairs & Trade$13,801,087.13
375Australian Council For Educational$13,680,095.07
376Navantia S A$13,502,765.53
377ASG Group Limited$13,440,357.73
378FUJI Xerox Australia Pty Ltd$13,418,972.01
379ROB Dobson & Associates Pty Ltd$13,400,662.07
380Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd$13,296,657.96
381OPEC Systems Pty Ltd$13,285,799.17
382Isentia Pty Limited$13,160,271.49
383Callida Consulting$13,119,876.99
385Canprint Communications Pty Limited$13,080,194.47
386University Of Melbourne$12,937,923.10
387Calytrix Technologies Pty Ltd$12,768,394.30
388National Joblink$12,703,734.50
389Waverley Property Trust$12,672,585.56
390Illuminated Solutions Pty Ltd$12,647,246.18
391Infront Systems Pty Ltd$12,605,180.54
392Water Corporation$12,603,489.23
393Transformed Pty Ltd$12,506,535.62
394Canon Australia Pty Ltd$12,402,576.11
395Clanwilliam Investments$12,295,532.68
396Cubic Defense Applications, INC.$12,195,215.09
397Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd$12,143,510.06
398Fincantieri S.p.a.$12,051,291.14
399Actian Australia Pty Limited$11,955,288.40
400BAE Systems Surface Ships Limited$11,953,044.12
401Australian National University$11,951,272.09
402Zenith Interiors Pty Ltd$11,951,159.93
403ISG Information Services Group$11,924,889.37
404Atlantic & Peninsula Australia$11,815,191.57
405Infosys Technologies Limited$11,727,030.40
406Nextgen Networks Pty Ltd$11,708,662.48
407Hoban Recruitment Pty Ltd$11,655,110.04
408FACE 2 FACE Recruitment$11,592,929.12
409Australian WAR Memorial - Sales /program$11,577,271.86
410Techpoint Consulting$11,547,385.73
411East VIEW Cartographic, INC.$11,452,321.38
412Monash UNI - Cashier$11,357,795.70
413Projects Assured$11,330,481.56
414FEKA Construction Industry & Trade INC.$11,325,398.92
415AMA Projects Pty Ltd$11,271,290.17
416Index Consultants$11,182,004.48
417The Trustee For Abacus Miller Street Trust$11,133,487.00
418XACT Project Consultants Pty Ltd$11,097,828.44
419Sydney Water$11,043,686.22
420F K Gardner & SONS Pty Ltd$11,018,754.82
421Providence Consulting Group PL$10,956,558.34
422BMC Software ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$10,922,949.76
423The Recruitment HIVE Pty Ltd$10,854,179.39
424European Patent Office$10,847,814.66
425Turner & Townsend Thinc$10,800,452.79
426Itree Pty Limited$10,732,955.00
427Perpetual Trustee Company Ltd$10,707,542.68
428Canberra Consulting Pty Ltd$10,682,331.30
429KING & WOOD Mallesons$10,573,690.88
430Early Childhood Australia NT Branch$10,567,265.00
431P. & B. Bulte (NO 2) PTY. LTD.$10,538,727.26
432James Fisher Australia T/A JFD$10,524,309.05
433Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Limited$10,496,161.20
434Group 10 Consulting Pty Limited$10,490,389.49
435Sonartech Atlas Pty Ltd$10,461,688.15
436Bemac Security P/L$10,376,081.23
437BMD Constructions Pty Ltd$10,312,284.22
438Colin JOSS & CO Pty Ltd$10,280,619.66
439CA (pacific) Pty Ltd$10,267,085.90
440SNP Security Pty Ltd$10,222,809.97
441Aspen Medical Pty Ltd$10,162,778.75
442Defcon Technologies Group Pty Ltd$10,061,566.08
443The Boeing Company DBA Boeing$10,046,321.17
444Northrop Grumman International TRAD$9,999,162.87
445Australian Target Systems$9,911,306.76
446Cabcharge Australia Pty Ltd$9,884,582.66
447Anvil Capital Management Pty Ltd$9,862,914.00
448Harrenvale Australasia Pty Ltd$9,804,709.09
449CH2M HILL AUST Pty Ltd$9,783,889.20
450Martin Morris & Jones Pty Ltd$9,775,205.96
451RISK Management Technologies$9,688,300.84
452Connexxion Pty Limited$9,686,840.59
453Integrated Technical Management$9,675,153.48
454Worklinks Inc$9,668,971.01
455Rolls-royce Australia Services Pty$9,666,396.89
456AXIS Building Group$9,659,060.50
457Prepack Ltd$9,654,485.12
458Designcraft Pty Ltd$9,596,335.05
459SOS Recruitment$9,546,873.10
460Fraser Earthmoving Construction$9,519,191.42
461Trustee For N&N Werdiger FAM Trust 2$9,439,301.44
462Wormald Technology$9,436,624.02
463TNT Australia Pty Ltd$9,402,637.85
464Teradata Australia Pty Ltd$9,401,521.90
465Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd$9,380,352.63
466Corrs Chambers Westgarth$9,354,188.61
467University Of The Sunshine Coast$9,345,718.11
468Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd$9,306,459.89
469Australian Curriculum Assessment$9,229,700.00
470Explosive Protective Equipment$9,218,902.18
471SOIL And Groundwater Pty Ltd$9,214,632.19
472University Of New South Wales$9,166,378.95
473Pwc's Indigenous Consulting P/L$9,078,288.84
474Murray River North Pty Ltd$9,058,000.00
475Symantec ASIA Pacific P/L$9,031,869.09
476Codarra Advanced Systems Pty Ltd$9,006,549.91
477DMAA Seaforce Pty Ltd$8,783,817.77
478TAE GAS Turbines Pty Ltd$8,766,566.33
479Software AG Australia Pty Ltd$8,740,471.09
480Jones LANG Lasalle Limited$8,732,216.15
481CMC Indigenous Services Pty Ltd$8,696,811.53
482DELL Software International$8,695,100.78
483Enfold Projects$8,691,431.77
484Datapath, INC. DBA Datapath$8,666,635.13
485Noventus Pty Ltd$8,663,196.45
486Benjamin Nominees (act) Pty Limited$8,616,468.00
488Australian Federal Police$8,540,483.26
489WFEL Limited$8,533,531.41
490Centuria Strategic Properties Ltd$8,531,375.89
491Vaisala Pty Ltd$8,530,405.84
492Plaut IT (australia) Pty Limited$8,514,018.20
493AIR New Zealand Ltd$8,500,000.00
494Infinite Consulting Pty Ltd$8,477,742.11
495Partners In Performance$8,397,296.80
496V2R Projects Pty Ltd$8,384,430.96
497IVE Group Australia Pty Ltd$8,354,642.19
498Harris Corporation DBA Harris RF CO$8,354,297.46
499Smiths Detection (australia) P/L$8,328,894.45
500Volvo Group Australia Pty Ltd$8,325,538.40
501Department Of Environment Water And$8,300,042.42
502UXC Consulting Pty Ltd$8,260,309.64
503University Of South Australia$8,223,047.59
504KANE Constructions Pty Ltd$8,133,468.88
505GRA Supply Chain Pty Ltd$8,077,609.81
506Optus Networks Pty Ltd$8,056,889.88
507Campbell PAGE Limited$8,035,591.61
508Vocational Partnerships Group INC.$8,033,107.50
509University Of Wollongong$8,023,393.53
510Probe Group Pty Ltd$8,012,705.80
511Red HAT Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$8,004,166.31
512First People Recruitment Solutions Pty Limited$7,973,040.61
513Preston Market Developments P/L$7,947,085.76
514Cnqc, Qingjian International (myanmar) Group Development CO Ltd$7,901,362.29
515SHAW Building Group Pty Ltd$7,873,371.00
516Craig International Ballistics Pty$7,860,126.13
517Australian Institute Of Health And$7,796,086.00
518Cirrus REAL TIME Processing Systems$7,781,794.73
519IKAD Engineering$7,780,443.86
520Mcarthur Management$7,738,963.52
522Hunter Water Corporation Ltd$7,733,650.65
523Fletcher Morobe Construction Limited$7,725,903.87
524OOBE Pty Ltd$7,723,836.43
525Sliced TECH Pty Ltd$7,696,827.11
526JBG Contractors$7,676,323.82
527BMD Urban Pty Ltd$7,667,861.22
528Bendelta Pty Ltd$7,645,141.27
529NOUS Group Pty Ltd$7,609,132.26
530Predicate Partners Pty Ltd$7,578,118.91
531Commonwealth BANK Of Australia$7,564,669.47
532ADEC Australia$7,553,679.86
533The Trustees For Crossfire Australi$7,531,478.66
534BOSS Constructions (act) Pty Ltd$7,531,355.74
535Navitas Ltd$7,530,815.18
536JPG Partners Pty Ltd$7,503,247.91
537Global Switch Property (australia) Pty Limited$7,460,102.64
538Asset Industries Australia Pty Ltd$7,446,062.17
539Global BLUE Australia P/L$7,411,000.00
540Fugro-tsm Pty Ltd$7,354,743.00
541KIAH Consulting$7,334,157.80
542Digitalglobe, INC.$7,318,685.00
543Esri-australia Pty Ltd$7,298,321.56
544Citigroup Global Markets Australia Pty Limited$7,293,000.00
545UBS AG, Australia Branch$7,293,000.00
546Marathon Tyres Pty Ltd$7,292,330.94
548OMNI Executive Pty Ltd$7,278,519.40
549Power And Water Corporation$7,276,000.00
550Kalyx Agriculture Pty Ltd$7,260,492.00
551Nammo Raufoss A/S$7,258,943.54
552SMI Group Pty Limited$7,237,131.05
553G-force Recruitment Ltd$7,233,194.01
554LIFE Support International, Inc$7,216,581.42
555The Sydney Children's Hospitals NET$7,205,075.03
556Curtin University Of Technology$7,113,320.08
557Kelly Services Australia Pty Ltd$7,112,427.55
558Griffith University$7,104,369.22
559University Of Newcastle$7,096,902.69
560Rolfe Property Services$7,075,535.73
561BLUE Visions Management Pty Ltd$7,062,255.62
562QUAD Services Pty Ltd$7,024,588.29
563Frazer-nash Consultancy$6,989,672.15
564Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd$6,911,934.04
565Servegate Australia$6,911,889.65
566BOC Limited$6,904,420.36
567Queensland University Of$6,879,517.63
568Mitso Consulting Pty Ltd$6,863,511.46
569NGS Global Pty Ltd$6,842,416.60
570UGL Engineering Pty Limited$6,831,975.90
571Charles Sturt University$6,812,617.67
572Wridgways Pty Ltd$6,775,484.76
573AAPT Limited$6,768,352.39
574BMT Design & Technology Pty Ltd$6,747,523.29
575Eylex Pty Ltd$6,707,371.54
576Remote Pty Ltd$6,702,489.81
577Mission Australia Early Learning$6,692,565.60
578Horizon ONE Recruitment Pty Ltd$6,665,800.34
579AMC Search Limited$6,642,651.02
580MOOG Australia Pty Ltd$6,636,460.42
581Willis Towers Watson$6,625,960.20
583XTEK Limited$6,595,094.78
584Rheinmetall Simulation Australia$6,585,100.61
585Oakton Contracting & Recruitment PT$6,581,564.92
586Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd$6,575,920.09
587Rutledge Engineering AUST$6,573,394.93
588Kinetic Defence Services Pty Ltd$6,569,849.06
589Dixon Appointments$6,526,663.47
590Deloitte Access Economics$6,523,708.28
591Wodonga Institute Of TAFE$6,451,224.85
592Kokatha Pastoral Pty Ltd$6,422,415.89
593Changepoint Canada ULC$6,420,001.70
594ABRS Socialworks$6,358,797.36
595Zauner Construction$6,358,357.23
596Forgacs-broens Pty Ltd$6,354,571.08
598Industry Training Australia Pty Ltd$6,325,000.00
599Citrix Systems ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$6,279,791.46
600Sturdy Components$6,263,077.64
601IMI Systems Ltd$6,242,033.29
602First Grade Group Pty Ltd$6,228,218.17
603Protiviti Pty Ltd$6,226,749.52
604Manteena Security AUST Pty Ltd$6,209,742.06
605Kenoss Pty Ltd$6,201,089.00
606Education Services Australia Ltd$6,195,363.33
607Flinders University$6,165,251.03
608SRA Information Technology Pty Ltd$6,131,149.99
609RSM BIRD Cameron$6,064,440.54
610Objective Corporation Limited$6,009,853.64
611ONQ Recruitment$6,005,472.26
612Slade Group Pty Ltd$5,950,000.00
613ACL Pty Ltd$5,944,084.15
614Finxl Professional Services Pty Ltd$5,928,254.00
615Norfolk Island Regional Council$5,922,629.00
616Lexis Nexis$5,919,975.82
617Freebody Cogent Pty Ltd$5,918,828.33
618303 LOWE Australia Pty Ltd$5,915,781.04
619Consunet Pty Ltd$5,907,608.91
620Olympia Group WA Pty Ltd$5,887,990.13
621Wellington Property Management Ltd$5,880,560.53
622Currie & Brown (australia) Pty Ltd$5,875,348.07
623Helicopter Resources Pty Ltd$5,865,755.47
625Habitat Security Pty Ltd$5,845,519.40
626Fugro LADS Corporation Pty Ltd$5,841,440.00
627Wartsila Australia Pty Ltd$5,836,714.79
628PUCH Construction & Building Pty LT$5,834,886.65
629See-out Pty Ltd$5,825,970.07
630Burjuman Centre LLC$5,823,248.00
631General Dynamics C4 Systems, INC.$5,814,465.85
632Department Of Health$5,807,229.35
633Wizard People Pty Ltd$5,800,305.55
634East VIEW Information Services, Inc$5,793,714.31
635Barry Family Investment Trust$5,792,800.88
636Correct Communications Pty Ltd$5,778,413.30
637Melbourne Business School Ltd$5,773,095.69
638Engility LLC$5,771,684.73
639University Of Tasmania$5,762,092.29
640Ryrie Centre Development ATF RYRI Development Trust$5,748,726.13
641LADY Gowrie Tasmania$5,742,921.00
642Avionics PTY. LTD.$5,735,369.68
643Trimcast Products Pty Ltd$5,726,529.66
644J. Blackwood And SON P/L$5,722,195.47
645Micro Focus Pty Ltd$5,714,363.18
646Access Testing Pty Ltd$5,689,949.65
647Fortburn Pty Ltd$5,689,418.78
648Ebsco Australia$5,658,932.28
649LA Trobe University$5,636,869.30
650Servicenow Nederland B.V.$5,625,079.61
651Alliance FM$5,623,498.91
652Rubik3 Pty Ltd$5,620,766.44
653Reef & Rainforest Research Centre$5,610,000.00
654Westpac Banking Corporation$5,605,500.00
655The AOT Group$5,600,000.00
656Department Of Jobs, Precincts And Regions$5,599,000.00
657Nikias Nominees . Michalis LONG$5,594,904.58
658Bellwether Contractors Pty Ltd$5,590,944.79
659University Of Technology Sydney$5,544,828.52
660Effective People Pty Ltd$5,533,803.38
661Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty$5,517,075.95
662FN Herstal SA$5,507,618.03
663CPT Global Australia Pty Ltd$5,503,987.00
664Corporate Health Management$5,500,000.00
665Central Queensland University$5,499,816.30
666Rohde And Schwarz (aust) Pty Ltd$5,436,381.13
667DMTC Limited$5,431,500.00
668PALL Australia Pty Ltd$5,412,373.02
669F K Gardner & SONS P/L PROJ A9032$5,410,235.60
670Deutsche BANK AG$5,395,500.00
671Thomson Reuters (professional)$5,375,467.57
672Netapp Australia Pty Ltd$5,348,530.89
673Specialty Packaging Group Pty Ltd$5,342,224.33
674Helmsman International Pty Ltd$5,341,093.84
675Recall Information Management$5,297,971.17
676Acquia Inc$5,294,828.67
677Health Policy Analysis Pty Ltd$5,282,485.03
678Leonardo SPA Aircraft Division$5,275,198.88
679Yellow EDGE Pty Ltd$5,245,763.07
680Global Defence Solutions Pty Ltd$5,213,391.81
681Rolls Royce Marine AUST Pty Ltd$5,211,882.14
682Norton ROSE Fulbright$5,208,271.28
683Australian Self- Mediatation Industry Limited$5,189,804.61
684Sonic Innovations$5,188,109.73
685Viasat, INC.$5,186,586.60
686Orima Research Pty Ltd$5,185,968.65
687Duratec Australia Pty Ltd$5,175,081.48
688Croudace Glasshouses International$5,132,140.00
689OWEN International Pty Ltd$5,129,824.25
690Procurement Australia$5,124,950.74
691PFD Foods Pty Ltd$5,121,194.91
692BLUE Mountains, Hawkesbury And Penrith Schools Industry Partnership Inc$5,112,793.00
693The Frame Group Pty Limited$5,108,354.98
694Australian Bureau Of Statistics$5,108,125.58
695Polytronic International AG$5,091,623.90
697Thales Australia - Lithgow$5,066,594.29
698National Mailing And Marketing P/L$5,044,255.84
699Challenger LIFE Nominees Pty Ltd$5,036,105.12
700Arrpwere Consulting Pty Ltd$5,029,768.33
701Maverick Industries Pty Ltd$4,980,107.74
702BUPA Medical Pty Ltd$4,969,931.47
703GMT Canberra Pty Ltd$4,960,941.25
705Goodyear And Dunlop Tyres$4,937,904.37
706Garmin Switzerland GMBH$4,936,848.00
707S & A Contracting Pty Ltd$4,925,769.55
708The Social Research Centre$4,917,615.36
709Spearpoint Solutions & Technology$4,915,981.30
710Energyaustralia Pty Ltd$4,915,686.27
711Ocean Software Pty Ltd$4,912,162.72
712Office Of Parliamentary Counsel$4,885,972.90
713Australian Security Intelligence$4,854,984.00
714Skilling Australia Foundation Ltd$4,840,000.00
715Australian Trucking Association$4,833,599.54
716The RAND Corporation (australia)$4,818,190.52
717Southern Security Fencing Pty Ltd$4,817,972.50
718Dawson's Technical Services Pty Ltd$4,814,641.27
719L-3 Communications Corporation DBA$4,812,491.52
720Informatica Australia Pty Ltd$4,792,903.30
721Epi-use Australia Pty Ltd$4,786,258.95
722RGM Maintenance Pty Ltd$4,783,927.51
723Advanced VTOL Technologies Pty Ltd$4,774,152.68
724Jones LANG Lasalle (vic) Pty Ltd$4,762,049.22
725Praeco Pty Ltd$4,757,376.40
726Australian Broadcasting CORP$4,708,600.00
727AUST GOVT Actuary$4,706,545.90
728Kidde Aerospace And Defence P/L$4,703,445.57
729LIFE Fitness Pty Ltd$4,674,625.29
730General Dynamics Mission Systems,!i$4,655,332.53
731Redback BOOT Company Pty Ltd$4,642,380.27
732Ipswich YUPI Program Inc$4,632,800.00
733Australian Wildlife Conservancy$4,624,400.00
734Raytheon Canada Limited DBA Elcan O$4,602,850.08
735Patella Properties Australia Pty Ltd$4,599,820.38
736Karlka Recruiting Group Pty Ltd$4,589,281.08
737Kitbag Consulting Pty Ltd$4,577,910.93
738Allocate Software Pty Ltd$4,558,819.35
739Baseline Industries Pty Ltd$4,552,608.50
740Watergardens Pty Ltd$4,552,553.88
741Defence Innovations Pty Ltd$4,550,047.70
742ASI Solutions Pty Ltd$4,542,463.45
743Adena UNIT Trust$4,534,770.02
744A Gabrielli Constructions Pty Ltd$4,522,491.60
745Department Of Agriculture And Fisheries$4,511,937.04
746Swordfish Computing Pty Ltd (atf)$4,511,898.24
747Fencing Australia Pty Ltd$4,490,362.80
748Inmarsat Australia Pty Ltd$4,487,304.47
749Australian General Practice$4,483,413.99
750Equity Partners$4,476,845.04
751Henry Davis YORK Lawyers$4,475,821.59
752Nuvogroup(australia) Pty Ltd$4,458,844.50
753Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning Pty$4,451,825.18
754A J Dever Pty Ltd$4,450,759.80
756ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd$4,443,221.62
757Department Of Justice & Attorney$4,441,962.95
758Synergy FIRE & Security Pty Limited$4,422,993.52
759Townsville CITY Council$4,409,500.00
760Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited$4,405,500.00
761Complete Parachute Solutions, INC.$4,405,059.94
762JOHN Wiley & SONS Ltd$4,394,658.36
763Snc-lavalin RAIL & Transit Pty Limited T/A Interfleet Technology Pty Ltd$4,382,752.00
764DOF Subsea Rederi II AS$4,361,270.45
765Saltbush Consulting Pty Ltd$4,348,558.39
766Bradshaw & Timber Creek Contracting$4,347,688.15
767Staples AUST Pty Ltd$4,344,114.89
768Redback Consulting Pty Ltd$4,342,434.20
769Cranbourne Properties$4,330,230.25
770Affinity Constructions$4,319,006.82
771Clearz Pty Ltd$4,287,585.62
772C.A. Property Group Pty Ltd$4,283,507.62
773A.G. O'connor Pty Ltd$4,271,787.30
774Michelin Australia Pty Ltd$4,255,608.06
775Honeywell Ltd$4,246,236.58
776Wiley Subscription Services$4,240,538.96
777CVGT Australia Limited$4,221,468.75
778Milspec Services Pty Limited$4,198,814.06
779Pilatus Aircraft Ltd$4,195,461.23
780Kamiros Investments Pty Ltd$4,187,676.13
781Avaya Australia Pty Ltd$4,183,111.40
782Westbourne Consulting$4,171,824.30
783Origin Energy Pty Ltd$4,166,288.66
784Ridgeway International Ltd$4,159,905.30
785Noggin Pty Ltd$4,156,700.00
786People Measures P/L$4,150,540.62
788Capability Driven Acquisition$4,138,458.00
789Leidos Pty Ltd$4,137,112.00
790CCH Australia Limited$4,124,536.00
791HNF Technologies Ltd$4,124,242.00
792Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd$4,104,875.16
793Mcgrathnicol Advisory Partnership$4,104,811.69
794ROLL INN Pty Ltd$4,082,507.91
795Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd$4,075,048.89
796Northern Territory Of Australia$4,051,080.31
797Icognition Pty Ltd$4,042,089.11
798Lockheed Martin AUST P/L - AUD$4,025,959.75
799Medic Oncall$4,025,725.00
800HK Logistics Pty Ltd T/A HK Shipping International Pty Ltd$4,011,114.42
801Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems AUS*$4,006,243.10
802Capstar Aviation LLC$3,980,452.50
803BEAK Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$3,977,015.38
804Avoka Technologies Pty Ltd$3,976,435.39
805RMIT University$3,955,168.78
806Pacific Marine Batteries Pty Ltd$3,948,080.09
807Helmsman Services Pty Ltd$3,936,911.31
808Security & Technology Services$3,931,494.37
809The JOHN Iannelli Settlement$3,927,284.44
810Central TAFE$3,900,258.78
811ONE Atmosphere Pty Ltd$3,889,380.42
813TP Aquatic Constructions$3,884,725.24
814NEXA Group Pty Ltd$3,884,717.11
815NUIX Pty Ltd$3,881,084.20
816AAD Nominees Pty Ltd$3,879,760.70
817Electroboard Solutions Pty Ltd$3,874,211.74
818HOT CELL Services$3,872,821.00
819Military And Aviation Spares Pty$3,870,398.69
820Simon National Carriers$3,869,696.34
821CRC For Spatial Information$3,866,500.00
822Keysight Technologies Australia$3,863,804.77
823Davidson Trahaire Corpsych$3,860,579.83
824Logistics Solutions Australasia$3,851,646.48
825Zodiac Milpro Australia Pty Ltd$3,841,907.01
826Frontline Safety Australia Pty Ltd$3,813,141.81
827Statt Consulting Limited$3,804,758.00
828H I Fraser Pty Ltd$3,804,616.16
829Switch TV Pty Ltd$3,788,131.60
830Razor IT Systems Pty Ltd$3,771,023.40
831RPC Technologies Pty Ltd$3,751,067.54
833UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd$3,733,217.29
834Cash's Awards And Promotion*$3,710,074.72
835Kenjarhy Solar$3,707,264.00
836LIST A Barristers$3,691,999.91
837Marathon Targets Pty Ltd$3,686,023.00
838Datacom Connect Pty Ltd$3,683,445.03
839Supacat Pty Ltd$3,681,426.58
840Morpho Australasia Pty Ltd$3,674,610.76
842Inner Melbourne VET Cluster INC. AS LEAD Member Of The Youth Start Consortium$3,669,782.00
843Cornerstone Performance Management$3,656,976.76
844Golder Associates Pty Ltd$3,649,518.88
845Wilson Hammond Group Pty Ltd$3,647,222.03
846OLIN Australia Ltd$3,644,386.35
847Denis Ferranti Meters Limited$3,628,084.24
848Graymorr Consulting$3,618,715.64
849KJ ROSS & Associates Pty Ltd$3,616,051.65
850Wellington Street Development$3,614,294.60
851Energy SAFE Victoria$3,600,000.00
852MXA Consulting Pty Ltd$3,597,613.10
853Programmed Property Services$3,590,000.00
854CTO Group$3,586,527.74
855Clough Projects Pty Ltd$3,570,902.41
856Ordnance Technology Service, INC.$3,559,313.78
857The Trustee For Anderson Street$3,557,127.20
858CES Civil NQ Pty Ltd$3,549,603.03
859Trimboli Services$3,546,780.60
860Amazon Web Services Inc$3,545,406.90
861Manuka Psychology$3,536,571.16
863Geared UP Culcha Pty Ltd$3,532,203.63
864Fulton Hogan Construction$3,529,489.42
865FAL Management Group Pty Ltd$3,528,732.88
866Babcock Pty Ltd$3,527,560.76
867Wynne AVE Property Pty Ltd$3,525,665.15
868Roadwork Industries$3,520,613.94
869Elmtek Pty Ltd$3,514,793.76
870Prime Psychology Pty Ltd$3,512,681.98
872Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd$3,509,493.00
873Acker Pty Ltd$3,502,190.50
874Lidoran Infrastructure Pty$3,501,167.23
875General Dynamics European LAND SYST$3,485,900.00
876CB Richard Ellis (V) Pty Ltd$3,482,582.87
877Sonic Healthcare Services Pty Limit$3,481,798.76
878Merkon Constructions Pty Ltd$3,481,736.26
879The Trust Company Limited$3,477,267.39
880Ergon Energy$3,457,023.98
881Canberra Consulting Resources Pty L$3,449,010.00
882DEPT Of Finance And Services$3,447,411.46
883BLUE Swimmer Consulting Pty Ltd$3,444,861.14
884Trustee For Wallsend Offices UNIT T$3,425,809.34
885Murdoch University$3,421,510.40
886QIRX Pty Ltd$3,405,255.07
887Mykra Building Services$3,401,205.22
888PMB Defence Engineering Pty Ltd$3,397,658.30
889Project Coordination (australia)$3,390,769.82
890Queensland Urban Utilities$3,382,400.00
891Mcinnes Wilson Lawyers P/L$3,378,200.00
892Ultimate Positioning Group Pty Ltd$3,363,381.95
894Lockheed Martin AUST P/l-aud$3,355,455.77
895M3 Engineering & Technology Corpora$3,347,500.90
896Inspired Corporation$3,347,105.60
897Engineering & Scientific Systems PL$3,338,000.00
898North Construction & Building$3,334,189.49
899Industries DE Cables D'acier LTEE$3,330,805.73
900FM Projects Australia Pty Ltd$3,328,987.80
901National Centre For Vocational$3,323,017.00
902Marshall Aerospace Australia$3,320,034.57
903The Trustee For The Sellar Family$3,315,842.64
904Flight Data Systems Pty Ltd$3,299,156.62
905Ecoway Australia Pty Ltd$3,286,451.40
906Charterhouse Medical Pty Ltd$3,283,737.00
907Collection House Limited$3,273,471.85
908Veritas Storage (singapore) PTE Ltd$3,272,798.79
909Executive Intelligence Group Pty Ltd$3,265,250.00
910Charter Mason$3,260,865.00
911Noetic Solutions Pty Ltd$3,256,472.88
912Grosvenor Management Consulting$3,252,311.83
913DRS Sustainment Systems, INC.$3,244,767.20
914Boeing Australia Component$3,241,491.58
915FDC Construction And Fitout$3,232,276.31
916Kongsberg Maritime AS - Simulation$3,230,173.35
917AMP Capital Funds Management Limited$3,223,849.74
918Department Of Health QLD$3,221,650.00
919Consilium Technology Pty Ltd$3,220,036.84
920WARD BROS Pty Ltd$3,213,458.00
921M5 Network Security$3,206,114.28
922The Mitre Corporation$3,205,199.46
923Pacific Aerospace Consulting Pty$3,204,525.95
924Birdon Pty Ltd$3,196,138.49
925Frontier Group Australia Pty Ltd$3,195,949.62
926Secom Technical Services Pty Limited$3,191,787.16
927Nucletron Pty Ltd$3,189,160.70
928SAAB Dynamics AB$3,186,907.97
929Australian Marine Complex - C U F$3,181,145.88
930Cablex Pty Ltd$3,174,022.21
931Online 89 Pty Ltd$3,169,345.01
932Kongsberg Maritime AS$3,148,235.36
934International Centre For$3,146,733.39
935OMNI Pacific Investments Pty Ltd$3,123,490.00
936MOVE Dynamics$3,121,877.52
937Formula Interiors Group$3,120,764.56
938SA Water$3,120,000.00
939Servicenow Australia$3,119,026.25
940KENN Borek AIR Ltd$3,117,606.76
941MWA Systems Pty Ltd$3,112,788.99
942Renascent Constructions (victoria) Pty Ltd$3,108,370.61
943Geoscience Australia$3,106,072.12
944Ultra CARE Cleaning Services$3,100,000.00
945HTR Group Pty Ltd$3,099,089.05
946Australian Airports Association$3,083,850.68
947TECH Mahindra Limited$3,081,994.30
948Markerry Industries Pty Ltd$3,071,143.90
949Healthconsult Pty Ltd$3,070,091.60
950Downer EDI Works$3,057,434.87
951Amazon Web Services$3,048,277.78
952Hawker Richardson$3,047,807.90
953Colliers International (NT) Pty Ltd$3,043,202.45
954Draeger Safety Pacific Pty Ltd$3,037,954.31
955Department Of Health - Metropolitan$3,036,263.97
956Secure Parking Pty Ltd$3,035,492.58
957Major Training Services Pty Ltd$3,024,858.20
958Platypus Outdoors Group Pty Ltd$3,022,683.65
959Contracting Services NQ Pty Ltd$3,022,225.80
960Sensis Pty Ltd$3,014,917.47
961HDT Expeditionary Systems, INC.$3,009,511.81
962Shell Malaysia Trading SDN BHD$3,009,488.20
963Australian Institute Of Management$2,989,033.28
964Enterprise Architects (vic)$2,978,668.00
965ELTA Systems Ltd$2,975,509.29
966Varley Group$2,974,972.00
967The Westbourne Group Pty Ltd$2,974,799.40
968SHL Australia Pty Ltd$2,970,426.33
969Devsgroup Pty Ltd$2,967,464.50
970Aushealth Corporate Pty Ltd$2,965,907.98
971Australian Business Research (veda)$2,965,064.83
972Grace Removals Group$2,961,069.75
973Para-guard Pty Ltd$2,957,938.43
974Sprung Instant Structures, INC.$2,949,945.88
975Australian Maritime Systems Ltd$2,947,800.65
976Startech IT Consulting Pty Ltd$2,920,861.80
977Amare Safety Pty Ltd$2,919,711.10
979Origin Energy LPG Limited$2,913,093.49
980Corporate Executive Board$2,910,185.01
981AUST Competition & Consumer$2,900,000.00
982WEBB Australia$2,875,255.39
983Access Australia Group Limited$2,855,174.00
984Touchpoint Technology Pty Ltd$2,849,865.57
985Optimal Health & Performance Pty$2,846,418.88
986General Dynamics Mission Systems, I$2,845,456.35
987Pegasystems Pty Limited$2,842,919.10
988Audio Visual Imagenation Pty Ltd$2,840,300.94
989BWM Dentsu$2,840,000.00
990Gulanga Group Pty Ltd$2,830,991.35
991Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd &$2,824,291.62
992Proximity Advisory Services Pty Ltd$2,819,598.08
993Development Victoria$2,814,840.75
994ZOE Holdings Rockdale Pty Ltd$2,800,446.83
995GPT Funds Management 2 Pty Limited$2,800,000.00
996Carbon Media Pty Ltd$2,796,564.00
997BALE Defence Industries Pty Ltd$2,796,056.96
998Senversa Pty Ltd$2,796,013.70
999Schiavello Construction (qld)$2,790,352.63
1000MWH Australia Pty Ltd$2,788,979.11
1001Nuctech Sydney Pty Ltd$2,784,133.01
1002AUST & New Z/land School Of GOV$2,776,304.83
1003Damen Shipyards Gorinchem$2,773,519.88
1004FR. Luerssen Werft GMBH & CO. KG$2,773,519.88
1005Fassmer, FR. GMBH & CO Schiffs- UND$2,773,519.86
1006LEVI RAY & Shoup Inc$2,770,284.00
1007Softtestpays Pty Ltd$2,769,955.47
1008Agora Consulting Pty Ltd$2,767,918.07
1009Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles$2,765,622.01
1010Talent International Holdings Pty Ltd$2,764,782.23
1011Defense Finance And Accounting SERV$2,761,859.59
1012R.w.b. Investments Pty Ltd$2,760,100.00
1013Defence Liaison Services Pty Ltd$2,752,136.64
1014Acendre Pty Ltd$2,741,450.05
1015Department Of Finance$2,729,370.00
1016RPV Consultants Pty Ltd$2,724,428.00
1017AERO Parts Australia Pty Ltd$2,718,302.88
1018Marshall Investments Pty Ltd$2,717,310.35
1019NOVA Systems Australia Pty Ltd$2,715,870.86
1020VOS Contruction & Joinery Pty Ltd$2,715,786.66
1021The Worldfish Center$2,709,761.00
1022Federal Reserve BANK Of Ny/its$2,697,530.63
1023Squiz Australia Pty Ltd$2,695,726.30
1024J3seven Pty Ltd$2,688,153.02
1025TEC Interior Design WLL$2,687,686.11
1026Amnesium Pty Ltd$2,684,941.96
1027Weibel Scientific A/S$2,681,545.90
1028CRC CARE Pty Ltd$2,678,500.00
1029Armtec Countermeasures Company$2,668,917.93
1030Terrequip Pty Ltd$2,666,948.47
1031Forward IT$2,666,463.15
1032ACIL Allen Consulting Pty Ltd$2,666,392.67
1033PAC FIRE Australia$2,664,992.88
1034DEPT Of Veterans' Affairs$2,664,215.99
1035R8020 ESR Thiess Reimbursable Trust$2,660,158.61
1036Brophy Family & Youth Services Inc$2,657,340.00
1037DAON (australia) Pty Ltd$2,651,120.42
1038Opstar Pty Ltd$2,649,999.10
1039BEAK Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$2,642,629.26
1040Access Programs Australia Ltd$2,631,820.01
1041Schiavello Systems (act) Pty Ltd$2,626,989.99
1042AERO And Military Products P/L$2,617,794.59
1043MEAT And Livestock Australia Ltd$2,611,950.00
1044Department Of Agriculture And FOOD$2,611,379.80
1045Forms Administration Pty Ltd$2,606,181.00
1046Server Racks Australia$2,603,435.70
1047DGH Engineering$2,597,626.30
1048IA Group Pty Limited$2,595,211.46
1049BMF Advertising Pty Ltd AS The Trustee For The BMF UNIT Trust$2,586,000.00
1050Civilcraft Pty Ltd$2,578,179.81
1051Radiance Interaltional Inc$2,566,760.00
1052Ausnet Electricity Services Pty Ltd$2,564,100.00
1053Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia Pty$2,563,356.77
1054Bellinger Instruments Pty Ltd$2,559,652.48
1055EDI Solutions Pty Ltd$2,553,580.65
1056Australian Receivables Ltd$2,553,251.80
1057KPMG First Point Global$2,550,460.00
1058Futura Defence Limited$2,547,000.00
1059IHS Australia Pty Ltd$2,546,162.06
1060The Trustee For Auslink Property Trust$2,524,799.46
1061Miepol Pty Ltd$2,521,242.90
1062Noakes Group Pty Limited$2,517,004.67
1063Infofocus Australia Pty Ltd$2,514,055.28
1064Aerosafe RISK Management Pty Ltd$2,513,543.42
1065Simbiant Pty Ltd$2,510,871.55
1066Hibbs & Associates Pty Limited$2,506,526.45
1067KRSP Pty Ltd$2,505,155.40
1068Northrop Grumman Australia$2,504,298.08
1069Puzzle Partners$2,501,744.38
1070Rural Assistance Commissioner$2,500,000.00
1071Sandhurst Pty Ltd Trustee For Sandhurst$2,491,431.51
1072Decipha Pty Ltd$2,480,700.01
1073National Convention Centre$2,478,295.95
1074Pepworldwide Pty Ltd$2,467,158.59
1075Insitu Pacific Pty Ltd$2,460,153.36
1076IHS Global PTE Ltd$2,452,653.82
1077J Gwalter Pty Ltd$2,450,000.00
1078Open Windows Australia Pty Ltd$2,439,690.88
1079Altis Consulting Pty Ltd$2,437,618.70
1080Shape Australia (qld) Pty Ltd$2,435,965.09
1081Sansequin Pty Ltd And GJ & PJ Campbell$2,423,170.74
1082Australian Bedding Company Pty Ltd$2,420,511.45
1083Coffey Projects$2,413,510.59
1084Department Of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport And Resources$2,412,086.03
1085Rayzor Roofing And Plumbing Pty Ltd$2,411,559.01
1086Trustee For The Morgan Street Trust$2,405,513.86
1087National Mutual LIFE Nominees Pty Limited$2,404,293.61
1088E-serve Pty Ltd$2,398,184.14
1089Dexata Corporation$2,393,108.96
1090Excell GRAY Bruni Pty Ltd$2,388,102.37
1091Fields Group Pty Ltd$2,382,614.64
1092915 LABS$2,381,465.79
1093LSC Psychology Pty Limited$2,374,542.19
1094Strada Office FUND Pty Ltd$2,371,490.92
1095Australian Helicopters$2,356,720.00
1096Great Lakes Community Resources Incorporated$2,341,456.00
1097Qioptiq Ltd$2,338,393.71
1098FDC Construction & Fitout Pty Limited$2,334,234.10
1099TAFE SA$2,314,951.45
1100Adobe Systems Software Ireland$2,301,823.45
1101A.r.t.services Incorporated$2,298,890.57
1103Australian Human Rights Commission$2,282,850.58
1104The Mathworks Australia Pty Ltd$2,282,556.45
1105Sharp Corporation Of Australia Pty Ltd$2,277,171.67
1106Raymax Laser$2,273,419.14
1107YTEK Pty Ltd$2,272,650.09
1108LANE Laser Printers Pty Ltd$2,266,014.78
1109Auslink Investment Management Ltd$2,263,875.59
1110Pegasystems Limited$2,261,733.00
1111Skytem Australia Pty Ltd$2,260,439.87
1112Kobold Group Limited$2,251,590.14
1113Riversleigh Management Services Pty Ltd$2,247,329.57
1114Meditrend Pty Ltd$2,241,114.00
1115RSM BIRD Cameron - Melbourne$2,240,158.75
1116Novaworks Group Pty Ltd$2,239,831.00
1117DBA SANS Institute$2,234,607.94
1118Australian Calibrating Services$2,232,423.41
1119Dynamo Recruitment Pty Ltd$2,223,976.52
1120Armoured Specialty CARS$2,207,965.30
1121ZF Australia Pacific Pty Ltd$2,205,006.24
1122Macquarie University$2,202,050.26
1123Chappell Builders P/L$2,201,888.09
1124Watermin Drillers Pty Ltd$2,200,000.00
1125TMA Group Of Companies P/L$2,196,873.80
1126KAI MEN Pty Ltd$2,186,132.77
1127VDG Pty Ltd$2,181,398.05
1128Kramer Pacific Pty Ltd$2,180,112.50
1130Lexdata Management Pty Ltd$2,175,822.50
1131Viocorp International Pty Ltd$2,164,331.10
1132The Trustee For Mastero Trust$2,161,799.20
1133Kongsberg Maritime AS Former Kongsb$2,161,309.00
1134AME Mineral Economics$2,156,000.00
1135FAIR Work Ombudman$2,151,793.54
1136Revolution IT Pty Ltd$2,151,505.58
1137Penske Power Systems Pty Ltd - EUR$2,150,785.24
1138ROSS Human Directions Limited$2,144,806.07
1139CHP Management Pty Ltd$2,142,638.69
1140National Museum Of Australia$2,140,000.00
1141Cubic Defence New Zealand Ltd$2,126,601.86
1142People Oriented Systems (australia) Pty Ltd$2,121,825.98
1143HALL Contracting Pty Ltd$2,119,548.86
1144NATO Seasparrow Surface$2,113,595.02
1145Galent Pty Limited$2,112,110.00
1146COX Inall Ridgeway Pty Ltd$2,094,847.23
1147Aquasora Pty Ltd$2,093,905.00
1148RCR Haden Pty Ltd$2,093,009.27
1149The Boeing Company!dba Boeing$2,091,944.13
1150Australian Institute Of Marine Science$2,085,194.17
1151LBE Technology$2,083,525.61
1152Mercer (australia) Pty Ltd$2,078,700.00
1153Department Of Education & Training$2,072,211.81
1154Enviropacific Services$2,061,621.59
1155Wilson Psychology Pty Ltd$2,061,156.18
1156Civilplus Constructions Pty Ltd$2,054,477.99
1157Programmed Electrical$2,049,530.47
1158Aphelion Data$2,049,498.00
1159Shanghai Citic Square CO., LTD.$2,044,612.32
1161Rider Levett Bucknall ACT Pty Ltd$2,043,279.84
1162SOS Marine$2,042,717.40
1163KWC Engineers$2,042,603.20
1164Legal AID Commission Of WA$2,039,606.00
1165TOP CUT Foods Sydney$2,036,915.32
1166Momentum The Power Of Natural Think$2,035,330.42
1167Project Outcomes Pty Ltd$2,028,454.89
1168Prominence Pty Ltd$2,024,059.15
1169Antoun's Construction Pty Ltd$2,022,951.57
1170ASM Chilltech$2,021,220.85
1171On Island Health Service Accreditat$2,018,740.00
1172Gelden Enterprises Pty Ltd$2,009,473.40
1174Department Of Primary Industries Parks Water And Environment$1,998,241.36
1175Scytl Australia Pty Ltd$1,993,106.00
1176Kempwilson Pty Ltd T/A Seatec$1,987,214.55
1177Bytecode Pty Ltd$1,986,297.29
1178Australian PORT Systems Group Pty Ltd$1,985,082.00
1179TOLL Holdings Pty Ltd$1,980,000.00
1180DRS Network & Imaging Systems, LLC$1,972,130.03
1181YAEL Bright Consulting Pty Ltd$1,971,493.90
1182Redcore Pty Ltd$1,970,477.54
1183LAW In Order$1,967,675.52
1184Swinburne University Of Technology$1,966,564.33
1185Stichting Neurale Netwerken$1,966,042.00
1186Open TEXT Pty Ltd$1,963,329.86
1187Titus Inc$1,963,022.28
1188Paykel SDS Pty Ltd$1,954,395.00
1189Benzel Nominees$1,951,555.20
1190Macro Recruitment$1,945,541.02
1191Landcare Australia Limited$1,944,725.20
1192Sumitomo Rubber Australiapty Ltd$1,940,923.77
1193Datadirect Networks Inc$1,939,825.23
1194The Distillery Pty Limited$1,935,802.00
1195Federation University$1,929,525.00
1196Nihilent Australia Pty Ltd$1,928,916.01
1197Deloitte RISK Advisory Pty Limited$1,927,766.50
1198Foundation For Arable Research$1,926,614.00
1199Purdon & Featherstone$1,925,093.06
1200Harris HMC$1,924,571.68
1201Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd$1,924,364.56
1202Arrow Facilities Management$1,922,058.46
1203Royal WOLF Trading Australia$1,921,190.24
1204Lisant People Solutions Pty Ltd$1,917,138.29
1205NTP Forklifts Australia$1,906,998.34
1206HALL & Partners Open MIND$1,905,145.23
1207Matrium Technologies Pty Limited$1,903,000.00
1208Schneider Electric Buildings AUST P$1,896,301.42
1209Ogilvy And Mather$1,895,150.00
1210Capital Psychology And$1,893,561.09
1211Speedcast Australia Pty Ltd$1,893,471.40
1212Catapult BI Pty Ltd$1,890,544.00
1213Tiger International$1,883,564.38
1214National TEST Pilot School Inc$1,879,105.80
1216Ballardong Pty Ltd$1,876,689.64
1217Union Offset CO. PTY. Limited$1,872,431.19
1218Diskdome PTY. Limited$1,862,279.20
1219Rheinmetall Defence Australia$1,854,097.86
1220Bevington Consulting Pty Ltd$1,853,759.80
1221Burke Industries Pty Ltd$1,852,152.15
1222Indianic Group Pty Ltd$1,851,950.98
1223Alder Constructions Pty Ltd$1,845,886.90
1224Virtra Systems Inc$1,838,072.00
1225Robert Walters Pty Ltd$1,837,761.21
1226Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd$1,836,771.75
1227Adelphi Digital Consulting Group$1,832,536.71
1228Winangali Pty Ltd$1,826,551.31
1229PSE Communication And Electrical$1,825,804.10
1230Murphy's Construction Group$1,822,899.83
1231TAFE Queensland$1,821,403.00
1232ZOLL Medical Australia Pty Ltd$1,814,158.25
1233Baulderstone Hornibrook Queensland$1,814,013.08
1234MELD Studios$1,807,549.50
1235QIC Limited$1,805,324.54
1236MSA (aust.) PTY. Limited$1,805,153.57
1237Bellchambers Barrett Pty Ltd$1,805,021.91
1238Airport Equipment (australia) P*$1,802,103.59
1239Associated Aircraft Manufacturi*$1,801,173.51
1240ACA Pacific Pty Ltd$1,800,102.00
1241Nuctech Company Limited$1,797,204.30
1242Macmahon Mining Services Pty Ltd$1,796,191.21
1243MDA Systems Ltd$1,793,890.75
1244Hossie Consulting Pty Ltd$1,790,415.00
1245IBIS Business Information Pty Ltd$1,790,342.16
1246Innovative Business Computing$1,790,030.00
1247Clemenger BBDO$1,782,205.73
1248RP Data Pty Ltd$1,777,819.38
1249Riverland Rural Contractors$1,776,302.55
1250Insurance Australia Limited T/A CGU SELF Insurance Services$1,773,800.00
1251Traditional Restoration Company Pty Ltd$1,771,273.90
1252IPAR Rehabilitation Pty Ltd$1,763,953.13
1253Romteck GRID Pty Ltd$1,762,741.00
1254Britton Maritime Systems Pty Ltd$1,761,858.73
1255BSI People Pty Ltd$1,761,254.59
1256Centrix - PM (aust) Pty Ltd$1,760,953.35
1257University Of Southern Queensland$1,760,647.90
1258OPC IT Pty Ltd$1,758,698.11
1259DLC Australia Pty Ltd$1,757,745.00
1260RMJ Pty Ltd$1,756,146.69
1261Adobe Systems Software Ireland Ltd$1,753,717.01
1262NTT Data$1,744,004.00
1263Pragmateam Pty Ltd$1,743,250.00
1264BOX HILL Institute Of TAFE$1,743,223.38
1265MVO Airconditioning Pty Ltd$1,742,884.00
1266Gravity Consulting Services Pty Ltd$1,742,675.00
1267EM Solutions Pty Ltd$1,733,936.81
1268Ethnic Interpreters Pty Ltd$1,729,325.02
1269Downer EDI Engineering Power$1,727,341.00
1270Evolve FM$1,725,965.96
1271Content Group Pty Ltd$1,725,319.23
1272FDC Contruction & Fitout (WA) Pty Ltd$1,724,992.70
1273Robinson RYAN Pty Ltd$1,720,841.70
1274Geotech Airborne Pty Ltd$1,719,504.50
1275Australian Nuclear Science And Technology Organisation (ansto)$1,718,196.30
1276Vipac Engineers And Scientists Ltd$1,714,019.89
1277Mcelligott Partners PTY. LTD.$1,714,004.60
1278Armtech Pty Ltd$1,713,743.15
1279Gateway Projects Pty Ltd$1,712,595.21
1280Dcx-chol Enterprises, INC. DBA ELEC$1,708,683.20
1281Dynamic Business Systems Pty Ltd$1,708,335.65
1282Business Information Services$1,702,088.04
1283Waters Australia Pty Ltd$1,701,818.65
1284L2S Engineering Pty Ltd$1,697,801.60
1285LEND Lease Funds Management Ltd$1,695,943.00
1286Stowe Australia Pty Ltd$1,692,993.44
1287ARIA Project Management Solutions$1,691,701.23
1288PM And D Architects Pty Ltd$1,691,333.60
1289Bruel & Kjaer EMS (australia) Pty$1,690,729.70
1290National Prescribing Service Limite$1,685,882.91
1291Conference Logistics$1,683,272.58
1292GDI No 42 Pty Ltd$1,680,860.42
1293GDI No 42 Pty Ltd$1,680,652.52
1294FNQ NRM Ltd$1,676,751.02
1295Healthcare Management Advisors$1,672,417.00
1296Aztec Analysis$1,671,978.01
1297Cavallaro Smith And Associates$1,670,900.00
1298Deltek Australia Pty Ltd$1,670,148.40
1299Connetica Consulting Pty Ltd$1,669,777.24
1300Power Initiatives$1,669,058.60
1301Smarter Contracting Pty Ltd$1,668,678.00
1302Urbis Pty Ltd$1,666,858.52
1303Ionize Pty Ltd$1,666,299.86
1304Phoenix Management Services$1,663,314.01
1305Wilken Service Pty Ltd$1,661,279.42
1306NGS Global Pty Ltd$1,661,212.51
1307Kowalski Recruitment Pty Ltd$1,660,835.13
1308Hutchinson Builders$1,660,370.76
1309ASPL Australia Pty Ltd$1,659,842.00
1310Cubic Defense Applications, INC.$1,659,028.45
1311Smart Building Services Pty Ltd$1,658,288.33
1312J A Lillecrapp$1,657,395.50
1313AFS Vetting Services$1,650,580.00
1314Commsnet Group Pty Ltd$1,650,229.18
1316Re-engineering Australia$1,645,969.60
1317Barrier Shelf CO (NO 57) Pty Ltd$1,645,134.10
1318Shamrock Civil Engineering$1,644,034.30
1319Selex ES Ltd$1,641,784.87
1320Atrad Pty Ltd$1,640,538.24
1321Valiant Hire Pty Ltd$1,638,343.87
1322NQ DRY Tropics Ltd$1,633,821.70
1323SIME Building Company$1,633,662.80
1324EEVA AI Limited$1,632,644.00
1325NOVA Aerospace$1,631,083.62
1326Fulcrum Management$1,628,856.03
1327UOM Commercial Ltd$1,627,940.94
1328Jesmie Mulla Contracting Trust$1,627,775.80
1329Spectrum Australia Pty Ltd$1,625,340.56
1330Odense Maritime Technology A/S$1,623,977.51
1331European Molecular Biology$1,623,649.75
1332ST George Youth Services INC.$1,621,008.00
1333SMG Health Pty Ltd$1,617,896.90
1334Winrock Investments Pty Ltd (ACN 109770514) AS Trustee For The Winrock Investments Trust$1,613,553.18
1335Department Of The Prime Minister$1,611,055.58
1336Macquarie Capital (australia)$1,610,247.00
1337Simon George / SON$1,609,969.59
1339Envizi Australia Pty Ltd$1,605,724.00
1340Akubra HATS Pty Ltd$1,605,313.05
1341Ampcontrol Service (nsw) Pty Ltd$1,602,596.00
1342Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty Ltd$1,600,669.60
1343ORC International Pty Ltd$1,597,242.85
1344Community Child CARE Co-operative$1,591,747.20
1345AFC Group Pty Ltd$1,590,376.33
1346Moorecivil Pty Ltd$1,589,561.53
1347Maxus Communications AS Motivator Media Pty Ltd Trading$1,588,678.00
1348Finkisoft Pty Ltd$1,587,775.20
1349Cultural Perspectives Pty Ltd$1,587,575.00
1350Pitney Bowes Software Pty Ltd$1,587,564.88
1351Bohemia Interactive Simulations$1,587,156.03
1352Alpha Flight Services Pty Ltd$1,584,625.08
1353Fusion Sport Pty Ltd$1,582,609.60
1354Expal Systems, S.A.$1,582,172.85
1355Simulation Solutions Australia$1,581,910.05
1356Joblink Midwest Inc$1,580,931.50
1357Agilent Technologies AUST Pty$1,578,771.34
1358Townsville Clinical Psychology SERV$1,574,619.34
1359Empired Limited$1,572,280.60
1360Ladex Construction Group Pty Ltd$1,571,468.47
1361Sonobuoy Techsystems$1,568,683.22
1362Royal Flying Doctor Service Of AUST$1,563,075.34
1363Veldeman Australia Pty Ltd$1,562,184.37
1364BLP Training & Services Pty Ltd$1,558,326.00
1365Silver Spirit Partners$1,558,077.47
1366Northern Territory AIR Services Pty$1,557,381.24
1367Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health$1,555,305.40
1368JOHN HART Pty Ltd$1,552,144.00
1369NSW Ministry Of Health$1,550,325.00
1370Global Resilience Services Limited$1,550,268.53
1371Restructuring Solutions$1,550,000.00
1372Vitality Works$1,546,760.75
1373Draeger Australia Pty Ltd$1,544,559.74
1374F1 Solutions Pty Ltd$1,540,945.45
1375Transport For NSW$1,540,000.00
1376Merrifield Corporation Pty Ltd$1,540,000.00
1377World FUEL Services (australia)$1,540,000.00
1378Interaction Consulting Group$1,536,770.09
1379Liferay Australia Pty Ltd$1,528,666.77
1380South East Water Ltd$1,528,000.00
1381Human Solutions Pty Limited$1,526,443.08
1382Grama Bazita Service &$1,523,755.94
1383Strategic Reform Pty Ltd$1,520,272.00
1384Department Of Agriculture$1,518,155.53
1385Banksia Scientific CO Pty Ltd$1,515,852.00
1386CASA Leisure Pty Ltd$1,513,402.80
1387Econnect Solutions Pty Ltd$1,509,656.72
1388Ausco Modular Pty Limited$1,508,580.54
1389Marque Consulting (act) Pty Ltd$1,507,521.37
1390Manuka Projects Pty Ltd$1,506,711.99
1391Photon System Instruments (psi)$1,506,406.00
1392AIR Target Services Pty Ltd$1,502,520.80
1393VEDA Advantage Limited$1,500,000.00
1394Integrated Space Pty Ltd$1,497,226.76
1395Third Horizon Consulting Partners$1,496,665.40
1396Eb2b.com Pty Ltd$1,495,744.99
1397The AIR Doctor$1,495,264.18
1398HAY Enterprises (nsw) Pty Ltd$1,492,593.74
1400Gateway Network Governance BODY Ltd$1,485,000.00
1401Kleenheat GAS$1,484,662.73
1402IAS FINE ART Logistics$1,483,312.53
1403PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd$1,479,434.72
1405Sirva Pty Ltd$1,478,694.54
1406Micrometeorlogical Research And Educational Services$1,478,611.00
1407Lymah Data Pty Ltd$1,478,030.39
1408BULL And BEAR$1,475,275.00
1409Clear Horizon Consulting PTY. LTD. T/A Clear Horizon$1,473,502.99
1410O And S Holdings (vic) Pty Ltd$1,472,423.45
1411EBOR Computing$1,471,280.29
1412Stratgis Pty Ltd$1,470,700.00
1413Agile Digital Engineering Pty Ltd$1,468,621.00
1414QUBE Ports & BULK$1,466,627.40
1415Ducon Maintenance Pty Ltd$1,464,694.00
1416Pharmaceutical & Medical Professionals$1,457,984.54
1417AUS Veterans' Childrens Assist$1,453,792.00
1418Haskoning DHV UK Limited$1,453,224.62
1419Redpath Technical Services Pty Ltd$1,452,027.60
1420Mossop Construction And Interiors$1,442,344.71
1421Upton Martin Consulting$1,441,751.78
1422TOLL Transportation Pty Ltd$1,440,150.00
1423AMC Architecture Pty Ltd$1,438,137.23
1424Select Solutions$1,437,934.30
1425Relegen Pty Ltd$1,436,779.39
1426Total AMS Pty Ltd$1,436,323.90
1427Opalgate Pty Ltd$1,434,933.00
1428Intelligent Surveillance - 53120276$1,434,315.90
1429Lockheed Martin Corporation$1,430,817.94
1430Onpoint 365 Pty Ltd$1,429,187.99
1431Australian Valuation Solutions$1,428,085.00
1432Lander & Rogers Lawyers$1,426,913.06
1433TP Corporate Lodging Inc$1,426,027.20
1434RORK Projects$1,425,476.56
1435GLG Greenlife Group Pty Ltd AS A Trustee For GLG Greenlife Group Trust Trading AS GLG Greenlife Group$1,420,000.00
1436SGS Australasia$1,419,998.10
1437Geoplex Products Pty Ltd$1,416,389.10
1438Officemax Australia$1,412,327.48
1439Bluefin Resources Pty Ltd$1,412,126.00
1440Civic Disability Services Limited$1,410,483.07
1441Advance Press (2013) Pty Ltd$1,410,000.00
1442Complexia Pty Ltd$1,408,218.24
1443Intravision Pty Ltd$1,399,375.33
1444Dalbridge Developments$1,396,754.02
1445ZIP Heaters (aust) Pty Ltd$1,395,888.12
1446FIRE Protection Association$1,390,881.11
1448Communio Pty Ltd$1,389,870.80
1449Colmar Brunton Pty Ltd$1,385,451.69
1450Pluto Property Investments Pty Ltd$1,378,826.00
1451New Start Australia Pty Ltd$1,372,377.19
1452Lifestyle Solutions (aust) Ltd$1,371,205.00
145333 Creative Pty Limited$1,369,465.48
1454Mellori Solutions Pty Ltd$1,369,247.56
1455Fairview Services Pty Ltd$1,368,500.00
1456QLD Frozen FOOD Service (qffs)$1,367,445.02
1457BH Equestrian Pty Ltd ATF- Pallis Family Trust, Trading/as SPA Trade Services$1,365,000.00
1458Health Administration Corporation$1,362,836.00
1459Australian Venture Consultants$1,362,595.22
1460Tapestry Solutions, INC.$1,357,076.90
1461Performance Drivers$1,355,289.40
1462Jankel Armouring Limited$1,351,959.36
1463London Court UNIT Trust$1,351,934.00
1464Zancott Knight Facilities Managemen$1,351,586.70
1465Torres Strait Island Regional Council$1,350,376.15
1466Point Trading$1,350,198.92
1467Information Professionals Holdings Pty Ltd$1,349,026.80
1468Monterey Technologies, INC.$1,348,442.75
1469Aviko PTY. Limited$1,347,432.00
1470LION Dairy & Drinks$1,347,000.01
1471FRED IT Group Pty Ltd$1,346,605.19
1472ZEN EX Machina Pty Ltd$1,345,174.02
1473Eurofins Agroscience Services Pty Ltd$1,343,120.00
1474Relationships Australia (victoria) Inc$1,340,365.00
1476Exxonmobil Aviation$1,339,800.00
1477Lymfilm Pty Ltd & Rosemarie Doeberl & ANNE Marie Proctor$1,335,231.00
1478Computer Systems Australia$1,331,702.96
1479Crusader HOSE Pty Ltd$1,331,538.01
1480WEIR Minerals Australia$1,331,280.89
1481Department Of Health And Human Services - TAS$1,331,000.00
1482Integrated EDA Pty L$1,330,890.98
1483Dillon Aero, INC.$1,327,677.69
1484Tescom Australasia PTY. LTD.$1,326,156.32
1485Connect Settlement Services$1,324,901.60
1486IRON Mountain$1,324,055.66
1487Lowe, Katherine Michelle$1,323,710.00
1488Experian Australia Pty Ltd$1,323,469.55
1489STAR Track Express$1,320,480.78
1490Amsat International Pty Ltd$1,320,000.00
1491Foremost Industries LP$1,320,000.00
1492The MAY Group$1,316,757.65
1493Kyocera Document Solutions$1,311,683.49
1494LEND Lease REAL Estate Investment L$1,309,180.00
1495Turnell, SEAN$1,304,988.00
1496Mpower Projects Pty Limited$1,301,733.49
1497Empire Careers National Partnership$1,299,990.00
1498Optum Health & Technology$1,299,338.35
1499Seqirus Pty Ltd$1,289,542.10
1500Consilium Technology Pty Ltd$1,288,779.50
1502Scaletta Moloney Armouring CORP$1,285,053.00
1503Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GMBH$1,281,472.19
1504Inchcape Shipping Services (dubai)$1,280,438.73
1505International Institute Of Data &$1,280,400.00
1506Balcaryl Pty Ltd$1,280,235.21
1507Pharmacodynamic Solutions P/L$1,277,250.00
1508IAN Johnston & Associates Pty Ltd$1,275,900.00
1509Commence Communications Pty Ltd$1,274,944.65
1510ASD Technology Pty Ltd$1,274,073.30
1511Australian Survey Research Pty$1,273,816.05
1512Computershare Communication Services Pty Limited$1,272,835.17
1513Holco FINE MEAT SUPP WIN$1,271,485.06
1514Global Sustainable Energy Solutions P/L$1,271,457.06
1515Redbay Consulting$1,271,233.31
1516Technology Communications Management Pty Ltd$1,270,632.00
1517Boral Construction Material$1,270,265.89
1518Aboriginal Employment Strategy Ltd$1,266,657.90
1519BAE Systems National Security Solut$1,266,479.81
1520Centre For International Economics$1,265,493.38
1521LIST G Pty Ltd (barristers)$1,261,825.00
1522Aurora Energy Pty Ltd$1,261,213.20
1523Connexion Systems Pty Ltd$1,259,893.00
1524Navigate Pty Ltd$1,258,950.00
1525QIC Limited AS Trustee For QIC Castle Towers$1,258,867.41
1526Environmental Resources Management AUST P/L$1,257,299.14
1527AXON Global Pty Ltd$1,256,958.90
1528Renishaw Oceania PTY. LTD.$1,256,219.51
1529Stenning & Associates Pty Ltd$1,254,950.85
1530Balance Recruitment UNIT Trust$1,254,577.68
1531AB Associates Pty Limited$1,254,000.00
1532Mundymyers Holdings$1,249,567.91
1533Territory Broadcasting Pty Ltd$1,249,365.93
1534Datavoice Canberra Pty Ltd$1,249,090.02
1535Biometix Pty Ltd$1,247,455.00
1536Civil Property Group Pty Ltd$1,246,449.38
1537FIRE Rescue Safety Australia PT*$1,243,025.99
1538FCO Services$1,242,881.68
1539Ergonomic Workstatio$1,241,370.32
1540Abbott Australasia Pty Ltd$1,241,181.14
1541Rural Solutions SA (pirsa)$1,237,078.00
1542Australian Institute Of Family Studies$1,236,736.20
1544Milin Transport$1,235,878.14
1545Genomequest INC.$1,235,388.58
1546Baker And Mckenzie$1,235,072.75
1547Relocation LAWS Pty Ltd$1,234,651.61
1548RELX Nederland B.V.$1,232,756.34
1549Multiworks Australia Pty Ltd$1,231,605.10
1550Servicepoint AUST Pty Ltd$1,231,365.25
1551Portion PACK Foods Pty Ltd$1,227,845.52
1552ALL Saints Anglican Church$1,226,053.93
1553Criterion Solutions Pty Ltd$1,222,620.10
1554Kongsberg Protech Systems$1,221,017.18
1555VMAC Employment Solutions$1,220,288.00
1556Thomson Reuters (markets)$1,220,142.29
1557Austral MEAT$1,220,000.00
1558LEAP Australia Pty Ltd$1,217,621.54
1559Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Pty Ltd$1,213,457.90
1560Amber Technology Limited$1,212,959.57
1561Ballistic Systems Pty Ltd$1,210,048.49
1562Frisk-search Pty Ltd$1,210,000.00
1563Birubi Australia Pty Ltd$1,205,612.10
1564ADAM Smith International Ltd (australia)$1,205,163.30
1565Agostini Pty Ltd$1,204,345.00
1566Tectonica Australia PTY. LTD.$1,204,078.02
1567AIR Comfort Services Pty Ltd$1,200,012.00
1568FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesells$1,195,161.28
1569Knowguestion Pty Ltd$1,195,040.00
1570North Australian Indigenous LAND And SEA Management Alliance Limited$1,193,176.60
1571Harrison A S And CO Pty Ltd$1,192,806.80
1572GREY Advantage$1,190,960.00
1573Perpetual Nominees Ltd$1,189,233.96
1574Evolution Research Pty Ltd$1,186,922.00
1575TEN Rivers Pty Ltd$1,186,053.05
1576Rockys OWN Transport CO$1,180,870.35
1577Premier Building And Construction$1,180,643.75
1578Australian Taxation Office$1,178,343.18
1579South East Trawl Fishing Industry Assoc$1,177,804.95
1580Prosegur Technology Pty Limited$1,176,984.00
1581Thomson GEER Lawyers$1,176,937.97
1582Jones LANG Lasalle (nsw) Pty Limited$1,176,154.00
1583BAE Systems Global Combat Systems L$1,173,823.80
1584Northerly Group Pty Ltd$1,172,607.65
1585Ecology & Heritage Partners P/L$1,170,604.57
1586Westrac Equipment Pty Ltd$1,169,584.39
1587SAI Global Limited$1,169,488.51
1588James Caldwell REAL Estate$1,164,239.79
1589Skillsoft ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$1,164,059.37
1590HELP Enterprises$1,162,044.40
1591Unitronix Pty Ltd$1,160,600.14
1592IAN Mcnamee & Partners Pty Ltd$1,156,727.66
1593Promet Valves Australia Pty Ltd$1,156,541.54
1594Jebel Consultant Group Pty Ltd$1,156,180.00
1595Construction Control Australia Pty Limited$1,154,560.00
1596North Australian Helicopter Pty Ltd$1,153,639.40
1597Canberra Language School$1,152,736.00
1598David JESS & Associates$1,150,258.40
1599Protek ( AUST ) Pty Ltd$1,150,031.76
1600Martin Baker Aircraft CO Ltd$1,148,576.22
1601MEGA Fortris Australia Pty Ltd$1,148,130.22
1602Teekay Marine Services$1,147,934.90
1603ARA Manufacture Pty Ltd$1,147,918.90
1604Quintiq Pty Ltd$1,146,644.41
1605Dcx-chol Enterprises Inc DBA DCX DI$1,145,377.60
1606Message Stick Communications Pty Ltd$1,145,200.00
1607Workplace Research Associates Pty L$1,145,092.69
1608Communicorp Group Pty Ltd$1,139,740.10
1609Converge INT. INC. Resolutions RTK$1,139,278.54
1610Axios Systems Pty Ltd$1,139,179.05
1611F S Solutions (act) Pty Ltd$1,136,073.28
1612Australian Alzheimer's Research Foundation Inc$1,133,330.00
1613Davis Faulkner & CO$1,131,451.08
1614BAE Systems (operations) Ltd-lifcap$1,129,836.47
1615B.c.a. National Training Group Pty$1,129,137.50
1616Hornsey Holdings$1,128,900.39
1617Shared PATH$1,127,918.00
1618Fredon (act) Pty Limited$1,127,543.58
1619Ausvet Pty Ltd$1,125,423.80
1620Neater Constructions (Q) PTY. Ltd$1,123,716.22
1621Fyshwick Builders Suppliers$1,121,803.57
1622Kirkland H Donald$1,121,727.53
1623Sander Geophysics Australia Pty Ltd$1,120,350.00
1624Medhealth Pty Limite$1,119,372.16
1625Vicom Australia Pty Limited$1,118,983.80
1626Sydney Airport Corporation$1,118,885.39
1627Hi-tech Metrology Pty Ltd$1,117,916.90
1628Waters, Christopher Graham$1,115,452.23
1629Royal Australasian College$1,113,480.50
1630Shlinga Pty Ltd$1,111,712.38
1631Lexmark International Australia P/L$1,111,521.01
1633General Dynamics Mediaware$1,109,936.43
1634Bruel & Kjaer Australia$1,109,229.13
1635C E Bartlett Pty Ltd$1,109,069.50
1636ARTD Pty Ltd$1,109,063.50
1637360 Capital Investment Management Limited$1,108,996.00
1638DBM Consultants$1,107,354.30
1639Biotext Pty Ltd$1,103,703.61
1640Coresight Pty Ltd$1,100,453.20
1641Paper Australia Pty Ltd$1,100,011.00
1642NOEL Hutley SC$1,100,000.00
1643Lagardere Sports Australia$1,100,000.00
1644Australian Mathematics Trust$1,099,846.00
1645Verizon Wireless$1,099,670.00
1646Baker And Provan Pty Ltd$1,098,406.53
1647James COOK University$1,098,360.00
1648The Trustee For The Knowles$1,098,351.87
1649Cogility Consulting Pty Ltd$1,097,725.36
1650Western Australian Agriculture Authority (waaa)$1,095,715.00
1651LOTE Marketing Pty Ltd$1,095,688.31
1652TOX FREE Australia Pty Ltd$1,094,908.35
1653National Heart Foundation Of Austra$1,093,684.99
1654Fendercare Australia Pty Ltd$1,092,868.65
1655Unify Solutions Pty Limited$1,092,760.00
1656To A T Productions Pty Ltd$1,092,679.28
1657Berthold Australia Pty Ltd$1,091,860.00
1658Broomhall Young Psychology$1,091,564.81
1659Cistech Solutions$1,089,736.84
1660HART Security Australia Pty Limited$1,089,640.00
1661Torque Software Pty Ltd$1,085,265.50
1662Avepoint AU Pty Ltd$1,084,210.91
1663Cardno MBK$1,083,944.13
1664Civilex Victoria$1,083,794.02
1665Cogent Business Solutions Pty Ltd$1,082,865.30
1666AFW Pty Ltd$1,081,526.49
1667O.P. Industries PTY. Ltd$1,079,838.10
1668Enigma Design Pty Limited$1,079,522.00
1669L-3 Communications Corporation, GCS$1,077,262.28
1670ABS Initiatives Pty Ltd T/A Dynappix$1,076,766.80
1671Snapcracker Research & Strategy$1,074,344.02
1673Pacific Marine Group$1,072,404.47
1674Avdata Australia$1,070,955.60
1675Crispy Fresh$1,070,000.00
1676Elgas Ltd$1,067,456.37
1677Zaknic Pagano Constructions P/L$1,065,253.20
1678Mountcastle Pty Ltd$1,064,860.50
1679IT Power (australia) Pty Limited$1,062,073.58
1680HALL & Watts Australia Pty Ltd$1,060,880.47
1681Philip CHUN And Associates Pty Ltd$1,057,723.34
1682APP Corporation Pty Ltd$1,057,019.70
1683Beaver Engineering Pty Ltd$1,055,517.01
1684Quantum CORE Solutions Pty Ltd$1,055,285.00
1685Electro Mechanical Systems Pty *$1,051,875.00
1686Wilson Parking Australia 1992 Pty Ltd$1,051,724.21
1687Geogas Pty Ltd$1,049,324.10
1688BAE Systems Information And Electro$1,049,035.07
1689Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation$1,047,112.00
1690Mcarthur Management Services (SA) P/L$1,046,777.50
1691Defence Housing Australia$1,045,000.00
1692Crown Vetting Pty Ltd$1,045,000.00
1693Oshkosh Defense, LLC$1,044,088.38
1694Palantir Technologies INC.$1,043,175.81
1695Batmac Constructions Pty Ltd$1,042,044.03
1696Crown Equipment Pty Ltd$1,041,681.85
1697Macdonnell Shire Council$1,041,102.60
1698Boardvantage Inc$1,038,550.00
1699OC Connections Limited$1,038,362.45
1700Gateway Providores$1,036,033.82
1701TRL Technology Limited$1,035,177.22
1702Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GMBH NIE$1,035,064.01
1703Cosmic TECH Solutions Pty Ltd$1,034,878.80
1704Injury Treatment Pty Ltd$1,034,222.53
1705Hartwig AIR Pty Ltd$1,032,743.52
1706Allen-vanguard Corporation$1,032,173.66
1707Touchpaper Australasia Pty Ltd$1,031,309.56
1708Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd$1,026,467.35
1709Atlassian Pty Ltd$1,026,253.46
1710Sofraco Engineering Systems Pty Ltd$1,025,621.48
1711Fredon Industries$1,024,921.48
1712Leader Autainvest II Pty Ltd$1,024,803.60
1713RGS Assessoria EM Gastao Empresarial LTDA$1,022,569.00
1715Creative Visuals Pty$1,021,803.09
1716Asian United FOOD SE$1,021,408.25
1717Umwelt Australian Pty Ltd$1,019,301.98
1719W And E Platt Pty Ltd$1,016,453.08
1720Security & Technology Services$1,015,835.80
1721Intech Solutions Pty Ltd$1,015,265.72
1722BVN Architecture Pty Ltd$1,014,283.70
1723CAI ASIA Pacific Pty Limited$1,013,622.50
1724Mastersoft Group Pty Ltd$1,013,523.96
1725DET Norske Veritas (aust) Pty Ltd$1,009,989.75
1726Northern Sydney Institute Of TAFE$1,007,586.14
1727TEI Services Pty Ltd$1,004,436.40
1728ETMC Technologies Pty Ltd$1,004,188.97
1729Martin & Wheeler PTY. LTD.$1,002,111.00
1730COOK Constructions Pty Ltd$1,001,066.00
1731Placer Management Group$1,000,000.00
1732Construction & Building Design P/L$999,927.50
1733Australia Pacific Airports (melbour$999,542.26
1735Canadian Commercial CORP DBA Corpor$996,229.07
1736Prosegur Australia Pty Limited$996,157.00
1737The Bridge Networks Pty Limited$995,981.63
1738Secondmuse (australia) Pty Ltd$995,480.20
1739Jconsulting Pty Ltd$995,094.09
1740Samantha Crompvoets Pty Ltd$994,966.50
1741Skilled Group Limited (ativo)$993,932.14
1742SEA To Summit Pty Ltd$993,012.32
1743Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical$992,804.52
1744National Instruments Australia$991,781.58
1745Coherent Scientific Pty Ltd$991,363.89
1746Savills (nsw) Property Management P/L$990,809.37
1747Lever Analytics Pty Ltd$990,799.08
1748Iccpm Solutions Pty Ltd$990,000.00
1749Photomapping Services Pty Ltd$989,719.80
1750Complex Civil Pty Ltd$989,380.01
1751Mcgirr Information Technology$988,262.40
1752T & S Signcraft Pty Ltd$984,791.50
1753Thyssenkrupp Elevator$981,468.39
1754Scentre Managment Limited$980,557.23
1755Kennedy Plumbing Pty Ltd$976,800.00
1756Bridge IT Engineering Pty Ltd$972,224.87
1757Oceanturf Pty Ltd$971,439.15
1758Rudds Consulting Engineers$971,289.94
1759Colin Biggers & Paisley Pty Limited$970,200.00
1760QP3 Consulting$969,925.46
1761Andrew Engineering Pty Ltd$965,879.16
1762NBC Communications$965,573.89
1763Train 365 Trading AS 365 Labour$965,508.01
1764Ashley Bates Consulting Pty Ltd$964,602.66
1765Australian Computer Society Incorporated$963,752.56
1766R.M. Williams Proprietary Limited$962,500.00
1767Sound Advice$960,055.95
1768Energy Action$959,084.00
1769Humphrey LAW And CO Pty Ltd$958,716.00
1770Alder Constructions$958,254.00
1771Siggins Miller Consultants PTY. Ltd$956,913.80
1772Woods Bagot Pty Ltd$956,423.45
1773Fencewrightatf The Trusee For FE$956,361.56
1774The Trustee For GLEN Innes C.link$956,129.27
1775Domo-technica Pty Ltd$956,115.60
1776Asset Services, Water Operations$956,091.58
1777Perfekt Pty Ltd$955,520.50
1778Australian FUEL Cells Pty Ltd$954,297.71
1779A & A Testing Consultants Pty Ltd$954,210.20
1780International SOS (australasia)$952,159.89
1781Australian General Engineering$951,464.25
1782Commvault Systems (australia) Pty Ltd$949,681.19
1783L&H Group$949,398.26
1784Scotwork Negotiating Skills$948,255.20
1785Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd$947,804.00
1786Pattemore Constructions$945,138.59
1787Menzies School Of Health Research$945,000.00
1788Safran Electronics And Defence$944,916.88
1790Carmila Plant Hire$943,800.00
1791Cogito Group Pty Ltd$943,627.59
1792Lloyd's Register International$943,497.75
1793FORD Civil Contracting Pty Ltd$941,667.10
1794YNOT Consulting Services Pty Ltd$941,445.00
1795Palanko Pty Ltd$940,628.96
1796Turner & Townsend Pty Ltd$939,990.00
1797Axiom Associates Pty Ltd$938,480.00
1798CITY WEST Water Ltd$938,000.00
1799Firmus Consulting Pty Ltd$935,238.11
1800Servegate Australia Pty Ltd$935,028.44
1801Earlybird Marketing And Events$935,000.00
1802360 Group AU Pty Ltd$930,539.03
1803DEWC Pty Ltd$930,270.28
1804ARUP Pty Ltd$929,254.42
1805Avanade Australia Pty Ltd$928,724.00
1806Daniels Health Services Pty Ltd$928,610.00
1807Altitude Property Group$928,246.00
1808TANK Pty Ltd$928,113.45
1809EW Simulation Technology Ltd$926,758.02
1810COX Architecture$925,906.00
1811Hender LEE Electrical$925,381.60
1812P.C. Stephen PTY. LTD.$925,000.00
1813Raytheon Company Inc$923,306.93
1814Allied Technology International$921,138.25
1815Computer Corporation Of America$920,600.00
1816Schiavello Construction (vic) Pty Ltd$920,492.17
1817SEA Swift Pty Ltd$920,279.95
1818Laerdal Pty Ltd$919,249.21
1819VAN DEN BERG Design Team Pty$918,750.00
1820Greenhill & CO. Australia Pty Limit$917,500.00
1821Gillian Beaumont Legal$916,188.20
1822Mipec Project Services Pty Ltd$916,058.00
1823SOSA TLV Ltd$915,632.00
1824Vertical Telecoms Pty Limited$913,503.56
1825Lvjian Australia Investment Pty Ltd$912,746.47
1826Oilmin Field Services$912,667.81
1827Northrop Grumman International!trading INC.$912,323.13
1829Yarratek Pty Ltd$911,217.97
18309670 National Transport$910,800.00
1831Audit Staff$909,877.00
1832Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd$908,712.90
1833Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd$908,354.92
1834International Industry Consultants$908,320.16
1835Rapid Technology Group Pty Ltd$908,211.00
1836Lavers Psychology & Consulting SERV$907,449.49
1837Instinct And Reason Pty Ltd$907,010.00
1838Vopak Terminal Darwin Pty Limited$905,700.00
1839Australian Healthcare Associates$904,656.31
1840National Australia DAY Council$904,289.10
1841Deutsches Zentrum FUER Luft- UND RA$904,019.11
1842Shearwater Solutions Pty Ltd$901,158.84
1843Delacroix Pty Ltd$900,188.26
1844Mobile Mentor Pty Ltd$900,000.00
1845Sitecore Australia Pty Ltd$897,601.47
1846Spectrum Energy Pty Ltd$897,416.00
1847CDRU NSW Pty Ltd$894,500.01
1848Babel Street Inc$894,309.08
1849Intergraph Corporation Pty Ltd$893,599.98
1850Cubic Defence New Zealand Ltd$893,528.99
1851Program Planning Professionals Pty$892,001.00
1852Kelly Services (australia) Ltd$891,825.58
1854Chief Fluid Systems Pty Ltd$886,964.53
1855AERO Defence Pty Ltd$886,803.11
1856Mallee Sustainable Farming INC.$886,006.00
1857Pilbrow Global Pty Ltd$885,365.02
1858Livingston Armytage$884,825.17
1859Brownbuilt Pty Ltd$884,740.73
1860Balfran Removals$884,007.00
1861Diners CLUB Pty Ltd$883,850.00
1862Orijen Pty Ltd$883,631.01
1863Michael Camporeale Builders$883,630.00
1864Victoria University$883,416.77
1865Frankadvice Pty Ltd$883,024.00
1866Lightforce Australia Pty Ltd$881,770.08
1867Lazard Pty Ltd$881,496.90
1868Epicor Software (aust) P/L$880,698.07
1869Beaumont Legal Services$879,371.80
1870Gruden Pty Ltd$878,106.91
1871Corporate Compass Pty Ltd$877,732.15
1872Torque Software$877,197.15
1873Arthur Kevin & Sheila Marion Mcveigh$875,700.00
1875Chartsmart Consulting$875,143.00
1876Department Of State Growth$875,000.00
1877Australian Council Of State School$874,500.00
1878WHON Pty Ltd$874,083.00
1879Intrec Management Pty Ltd$871,887.50
1880Hartec Engineering Services$871,271.50
1881AERO Refuellers$870,502.47
1882Basic Engineering Concepts &$869,775.50
1883DC Services (NQ) Pty Ltd$869,738.05
1884P. Blashki And SONS Pty Ltd$869,696.40
1885Darwin International Airport$869,608.55
1886The Institution Of Engineers AUST$868,678.94
1887Peoplebank Australia Ltd$868,255.30
1888LAND Rover Australia$868,189.39
1889Barbador Pty Limited$867,800.41
1890Jacana Energy$867,383.78
1891IHS Global Ltd$867,368.49
1892Toyota Material Handling Austra*$867,053.42
1893Brenner Metal Products (inc)$866,691.71
1894IDEC Solutions Pty Ltd$864,456.30
1895DT Hobbs Pty Ltd$863,497.80
1896Tecmotiv (usa), INC.$863,463.90
1897Australian College Of Rural$862,803.75
1899Fredon Security Pty Ltd$861,835.90
1900Dalet Australia Pty Limited$861,219.70
1901Ninetwofive Interiors$859,871.10
1902Public Trustee Of QLD$858,856.90
1903Proactive Service Solutions AUST$858,459.80
1904Ozrunways PTY. LTD.$858,000.00
1905Fisheries Department Of WA$857,663.00
1906RAND Corporation$857,538.86
1907JOHN STAR Pty Ltd$855,797.14
1908National ICT Australia (nicta)$854,580.00
1909Hames Sharley$852,685.35
1910Frontline Australasia Pty Ltd$852,257.36
1911GO Sourcing Pty Ltd$850,996.30
1912Instyle Indoor Plant Hire$850,800.00
1913Peddle Thorp Interiors Pty Ltd$849,945.00
1914Mercury Walch Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Mercury Walch Trust$847,000.00
1915Horizon Communication Group Pty Limited$845,202.00
1916KPMG Corporate Finance (aust)$844,304.18
1917Australian Strategic Policy$842,300.00
1918Bruce HICK Electrical Data Pty Ltd$840,441.00
1919Envirolab Services Pty Ltd$839,933.50
1920Arising Technology Systems Pty LIMI$839,819.20
1921AMA Projects Australia$839,276.75
1922Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn Pty Ltd$838,349.25
1923Secora Consulting, Australasia$837,158.07
1924WEBB Henderson$836,516.00
1925EC&V Pty Ltd$836,149.60
1926Davbridge Constructions$835,463.20
1927Infratherm Pty Ltd$834,335.10
1928UCI Projects Pty Ltd$834,145.64
1929Tangentyere Constructions$832,898.17
1930Dedicated Systems Australia$829,967.60
1931Birchip Cropping Group$829,935.70
1932Pharmaceutical Society Of$829,906.00
1933Australian Business Telephone CO.$829,205.51
1934White LION INC.$828,143.00
1935Kabed Consulting Pty Ltd$827,135.00
1936Beretta Australia Pty Ltd$826,239.52
1937Roper GULF Shire Council$825,938.08
1938L-3 Communications Australia$825,012.62
1939Dunbrae Pty Ltd$824,199.99
1940Private Individual$823,471.12
1941Sensory7 Pty Ltd$822,690.00
1942Delta Agribusiness Pty Limited$822,148.72
1943ISI Pty Ltd$821,325.60
1945Sitep Australia Pty Ltd$820,594.50
1946Global Bodies$818,270.00
1947Indian Ocean Group Training Associa$817,837.32
1948PAUL Spencer Consulting Pty Ltd$817,401.09
1949ISW Solutions$816,543.19
1950Henchman Products$815,095.92
1951C3 Business Solutions Pty Ltd$814,833.97
1952COPE Sensitive Freight$814,627.54
1953Transact Capital Communications$814,407.00
1954Micro Systemation$813,377.35
1955Raytheon Company DBA Raytheon$813,267.04
1956NMO Health Pty Ltd$812,860.71
1958CPA Australia Ltd$812,646.50
1959Freightquip Pty Ltd$809,283.64
1962Stanley & Martin$806,899.32
1963William Adams Pty Ltd$806,741.78
1964Russell Kennedy Lawyers$806,165.97
1965University Of New England$805,360.20
1966A. Noble And SON Ltd$805,082.59
1967NGIS Australia Pty Ltd$805,076.80
1968Hitachi Construction Machinery$805,028.23
1969Security Innovation Network LLC$801,538.95
1970Haystac Public Affairs PTY. LTD.$801,460.00
1971GLEN Leslie Taylor, Susan Taylor, Benjamin James Taylor And Samuel MARK Taylor$800,000.00
1972Welch Allyn Australia Pty Ltd$798,395.85
1973Red DOG Construction Australia$794,611.13
1974DTI Corporation Australia Pty Ltd$793,239.54
1975CCA Software$793,110.02
1976The Maura FAY Group$792,058.45
1977Ecosure Pty Ltd$791,409.17
1979DET Norske Veritas PTE Ltd$786,250.87
1980Complete Constructions (aust) Pty Ltd$785,180.98
1981Collabforge Pty Ltd$783,500.00
1982CCD Networking Pty Ltd$782,709.16
1983PDA Marble & Granite$782,617.50
1984Shelde Pty Ltd$782,100.00
1985Landesk UK Limited$781,759.08
1986Dw,ij,ka,mj,sd Ladner$780,000.00
1987Symantec Website Security Solutions$779,117.38
1988Integral Technology Solutions Pty Ltd$779,039.80
1989BSM Impact Pty Ltd$778,585.50
1990CPM Reviews Pty Ltd$778,428.36
1991Ashmarc Constructions Pty$778,372.10
1992Diabetes WA$777,666.94
1993Pathtech Pty Ltd$777,417.10
1994Ulong Pty Ltd$777,000.00
1995Southern Cross Equipment Pty Ltd$776,977.83
1996Gardner Denver Industries Pty LT$776,946.79
1997CGG Aviation (australia) Pty Ltd$775,830.00
1998Permanent Court Of Arbitration$774,747.30
1999The New South Wales Institute Of$773,913.00
2000Arthur J Gallagher (aus) Pty Ltd$771,938.40
2001Cockram Construction$770,788.87
2002Colliers International Project Services Pty Ltd$770,710.60
2003Vasco Data Security Australia Pty$770,073.70
2004AB Sicex$770,007.69
2005Dreamtime Supply Company$770,000.00
2006Bluescope Distribution Pty Ltd$768,633.39
2007Compuware Software Group$766,700.00
2008Intertek Testing Services$764,969.64
2009DELL Financial Services Pty Ltd$764,964.00
2010Haverick Meats PL$764,950.78
2011WEIR Minerals Australia$763,703.27
2012Compunetix INC.$763,024.90
2013Rusca BROS$762,979.64
2014FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd$761,967.35
2015Worleyparsons Services Pty Limited$760,491.10
2016600 Machine Tools Pty Ltd$760,351.68
2017Addcom Contact Solutions Pty Ltd$759,969.94
2018AAI Corporation DBA Textron Systems$758,871.17
2020Evolve Studios Pty Ltd$757,117.60
2021Red Elephant Research$756,241.00
2022Screencraft Media Pty Ltd$755,850.13
2023Datacom Information Technologies Pty Ltd$754,525.28
2024Ekonsulting Pty Ltd$753,984.00
2025Tanner James Mangement Consultants$753,420.00
2026Super Global Services Pty Ltd$752,186.35
2027TAFE NSW$752,150.00
2028Avfuel SA$750,249.98
2029Tobias And Tobias$749,424.00
2030Semantic Sciences Pty Ltd$748,000.00
2031Benelec Pty Ltd$745,657.02
2032DXC Eclipse Pty Limited$745,536.70
2033Charterpoint Pty Ltd$744,955.30
2034Ansell International$744,853.44
2035Bureau VAN DIJK Electronic Publishing Pty Ltd$739,249.50
2036Enprocon (qld) Pty Ltd$738,609.12
2037Aventus Property$738,283.08
2038Australian PUMP Industries Pty *$735,533.88
2039Metacorp Pty Ltd$735,340.02
2040Riverina Water$734,822.80
2041Central Desert Shire Council$734,822.76
2042Schneider Electric IT Australia Pty$734,639.05
2043Leargas Pty Ltd$734,260.00
2045Forcepoint Federal LLC$733,018.92
2046Nature Foundation Of SA$732,000.00
2047Signal Processing Know-how Pty Ltd$731,039.03
2048Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd$729,814.65
2049AGL Sales Pty Ltd$729,773.37
2050Power On Australia Pty Ltd$729,143.49
2051Avanti Psychology$727,994.73
2052ALLY Group Pty$723,667.05
2053Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers$722,330.11
2054Visual Analysis Pty Ltd$721,245.60
2055Iocane Pty Ltd$720,203.83
2056SEMA Operations P/L$719,500.00
2057Skylineglobe Australia Pty Ltd$718,939.10
2059Abnote Australasia Pty Ltd$715,599.86
2060HIQ Systems Pty Ltd$715,237.51
2061Berendsen Fluid Power Pty Ltd$715,095.64
2062RVK Pty Ltd$714,580.00
2063ID Warehouse$713,240.00
2065Ramboll Environ Australia Pty Ltd$712,382.20
2066Elsevier BV (overseas - NL)$710,598.86
2067Investa Asset Management Pty Ltd$709,592.45
2068Triumph Actuation Systems - Valenci$708,891.90
2069Pegasus Aeromedical Consulting Pty$708,395.09
2070Dimmick Nominees (vic) Pty Ltd ATF The Baden Powell Trust$708,169.54
2071Griffith HACK$707,900.01
2072Sulzer Australia Pty Ltd$707,396.07
2074Barkuma Incorporated$703,326.05
2075Medimobile FLU Services$702,867.50
2076Instrument Design Technologies$702,278.00
2077Latitude Insights$702,080.50
2078Sandra Gamble & Associates PTY. LIM$701,580.00
2079BIG SKY Publishing PL$701,554.40
2080Queensland FIRE And Emergency$701,308.83
2081Western Power$700,460.00
2082Doyle Plant Hire Pty Ltd$700,385.21
2083Australian Destruction Services Pty Ltd$700,200.00
2084Westforce Construction$700,005.90
2085Peopleplus Enterprises Pty Ltd$700,000.00
2086Total Exhibition Services Pty Ltd$700,000.00
2087GREG O'mahoney$699,625.02
2088Intelligence Pty Ltd$699,262.51
2089Meltwater Australia Pty Ltd$699,259.30
2090Scope Resources (WA) Pty Ltd$698,500.00
2091A Raptis And SONS Pty Ltd$698,161.20
2092O'donnell Griffin$696,644.37
2093Aitec Pty Ltd$696,502.40
2094Exensor Technology AB$696,332.11
2095Foresight IT Consulting Pty Ltd$695,845.00
2096Heyday5 Pty Limited$695,234.00
2097Program IT Pty Ltd$694,739.59
2098Charles Darwin University$691,665.95
2099Institute Of Public Administration$690,950.00
2100Total Decision Support Pty Ltd$689,610.00
2101Enzyme (international) Australia$689,300.00
2103Dg-flugzeubau GMBH$688,712.07
2104Interactive Pty Limited$688,414.62
2105SIMS Group AUST Holdings Ltd$687,845.59
2106Plant Health Australia Limited$687,275.00
2107University Of Western Sydney$685,962.09
2108Cairns Airport Pty Ltd$685,770.34
2109Total Technology Partners$685,501.78
2110Warsash Pty Ltd$684,593.06
2111Gregory J Ireland Psychologist$684,262.31
2112Genix Ventures Pty Ltd$683,760.00
2113Jakob JAN Overeem$683,187.60
2114Timothy Murphy$683,050.35
2115Ansible Pty Ltd$682,670.00
2116Agricultural Impact International Pty Ltd$680,979.00
2117Mcmillan Staff Development Pty Ltd$680,897.00
2118Space TIME Research Pty Ltd$680,636.70
2119Wright WAY Services Group Pty Ltd$680,299.50
2120Lincad Limited$678,997.29
2121Neopost Australia Pty Ltd$678,583.89
2122Trend Micro Australia Pty Ltd$677,095.95
2123Data Analysis Australia Pty Ltd$676,203.41
2124Cynosure Dynamics Pty Ltd$675,840.00
2125Comprehensive Health Solutions$675,675.00
2126Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre$675,363.75
2127Advizon Consulting$675,000.00
2128ECA, Queensland Industrial Organisation Of Employers$673,987.38
2129CAPS HVAC$673,970.00
2130Atlas Elektronik UK Limited$673,682.18
2131North East Water$673,486.60
2132KING Nutronics Corporation$672,512.67
2133Mercer Consulting (australia)$671,621.89
2134WSP Environmental Pty Ltd$671,550.00
2135Fenton Strategic Communications Pty Ltd$666,270.00
2136The Trustee For MJ & JIM Finch Family Trust & The Trustee For SR & AJ Smith Family Trust & The Trustee For The Robert Carter Family Trust$666,000.00
2137Centre Of Perinatal Excellence (COP$664,385.70
2138Western Technical & Electrical CONT$664,165.00
2139Red SEA Housing Services CO Ltd$663,280.04
2140PY KU Aboriginal Corporation$662,891.40
2141Simulation Australia Limited$662,750.00
2142Pageup People Pty Ltd$662,468.50
2143RON Allum Deepsea Services$660,913.00
2144TRIO TEST & Measurement Pty Ltd$659,833.59
2145LIFE Technologies Australia Pty Ltd$659,068.41
2146Quinn Truck Services Pty Ltd$657,282.34
2147ROY Morgan Research Ltd$656,815.33
2148Sandbox Company$656,750.00
2149Videocraft Equipment Pty Ltd$656,077.20
2150Saxons Training Facilities$655,627.66
2151MM Electrical & Data Supplies$654,807.33
2152Bhagwan Marine P/L$654,733.54
2153H C Building And Construction$654,311.46
2154Xenon Systems Pty Ltd$654,264.64
2155Kelly Perrott$652,901.13
2156Industrial Environmental Services$652,668.50
2157Miyan Pty Ltd$652,630.00
2158Australian Science Teachers Assoc$652,407.54
2159Artis Group Pty Limited$652,366.94
2160IPMG Pty Limited$652,247.75
2161Watson Island Carpentry & Excavatin$651,704.42
2162Business Aspect Pty Ltd$651,195.00
2163Trust Company (australia) Limited (ACN 000 000 993) AS Custodian And Agent Of Bieson Pty Ltd (ACN 110 465 168) AS Trustee Of The CPIF HUME Highway Logistics Trust$650,790.71
2164JN Taylor & CO. Ltd$650,759.05
2165Culshaw Miller Legal Group Pty Ltd$650,000.00
2166Fireeye Ireland Limited$650,000.00
2167Venus Communications$649,326.50
2168Strategic Data$649,097.89
2169PF2 Securities Consulting Pty Ltd$648,593.75
2170SOIL Conservation Service$647,602.33
2171Programmed Electrical Technologies$647,149.75
2172Norship Marine$646,776.23
2173Veerpoint Pty Ltd$646,635.00
2174Einstand Pty Ltd$645,546.00
2175Sprout LABS Pty Ltd$644,424.00
2176Energy Efficient Strategies Pty Ltd$643,128.00
2177AUST Maritime Safety Authority$643,003.65
2178Motorola Solutions Australia$642,550.70
2179Appsium Pty Ltd$642,380.91
2180Parker Hannifin (australia ) PT*$640,949.88
21813RD Sense Australia Pty Ltd$640,150.00
2182Finity Consulting Pty Ltd$638,520.00
2183NU Scientific Pty.ltd.$638,429.33
2184Jeffrey A Herbert-smith$638,000.00
2186PBS Projects Pty Ltd$637,388.53
2187Australian Energy Market Operator$636,521.57
2188E C Close Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Close UNIT Trust$636,239.98
2189Stantons International Audit And Consulting Pty Ltd$635,959.50
2190The ANNA Centre Pty Ltd$635,789.52
2191AVI Pty Ltd$635,665.41
2192ALL Aspects Recruitment And HR SERV$635,372.06
2193Ustwo Studio Pty Ltd$635,080.00
2194Tracey Brunstrom & Hammond Pty Ltd$635,069.86
2195Tibco Software (ireland) Limited$634,605.84
2196Parallax Project Management$633,465.66
2197J.M. Kelly (project Builders)$633,298.60
2198MCR Computer Resources Pty Ltd$632,773.94
2199Aerosure ASIA Pacific Pty Limited$632,727.03
2200Evans-smith & Dando Pty Ltd$631,250.00
2201Secom Technical Services Pty Ltd$631,008.00
2202Riethmuller & Associates$630,949.99
2203Kisters Pty Ltd$630,764.94
2204Office Of Environment And Heritage$630,175.00
2205Quality Management Solutions$629,836.70
2206Comdate Pty Ltd$629,567.40
2207Citrix Systmes ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$629,151.81
2208Shire Of Christmas Island$628,443.58
2209GRA Supply Chain Pty Ltd$628,243.52
2210Agilient Pty Limited$627,510.80
2211Portcullis Consulting Pty Ltd$627,397.02
2212Ochre Workforce Solutions$626,839.40
2213Pacific Commercial Diving Supply$626,722.69
2214Logistic Engineering Services P/L$626,111.89
2215Mechdyne Corporation$626,102.65
2216FTI Consulting (australia) (brisb)$625,633.00
2217EXB Consulting Pty Ltd$625,000.00
2218Bestech Australia Pty Ltd$624,932.00
2219TPR Systems$624,118.00
2220Thylacine Design And Project Management Pty Ltd$623,641.00
2221The Permanent Court Of Arbitration$623,539.00
2222Complete Parachute Solutions,$622,104.10
2223Trotec Laser Pty Ltd$621,993.90
2224JIVE Software$620,188.02
2225Elizabeth JOAN Carter And Robert James Carter$617,900.00
2226Murdoch Children's Research$616,000.00
2227Flightsafety International INC.$615,235.72
2228Irena Secretariat$614,814.01
2229Pitney Bowes$613,931.00
2230Recoat Smash Repairs$613,901.63
2231ANU Enterprise Pty Limited$613,101.53
2232Australian Prodential Regulation Authority$613,093.20
2233Sourcecode ANZ$612,700.00
2234Rapiscan Australia Pty Ltd$612,260.00
2236Towers Consulting.com$608,040.09
2237Ecowise Services Australia Pty Ltd$606,601.96
2238SRS Pharmaceuticals PVT Ltd$606,285.00
2239Pivotal Psychology$605,352.20
2240KUL Technologies Pty Ltd$605,000.01
2241Veolia Energy Solutions Pty Ltd$605,000.00
2242Financial & Technical Solutions Pty Ltd$604,474.10
2243Arcitecta Pty Ltd$603,744.97
2244STEM Industries Pty Ltd$603,284.32
2245CIC Technology$602,196.38
2246James Machinery Pty Ltd$601,513.00
2247BAC Systems Pty Ltd$600,404.20
2248PORT ASH Australia$600,318.30
2249Triumph GEAR Systems, INC. DBA TRIU$599,509.76
2250UK Ministry Of Defence$599,318.73
2251O'connor Marsden & Associates$599,022.46
2252Okuma Australia Pty Ltd$597,991.90
2253Allara Energy Pty Ltd$597,572.30
2254Innovation Science Pty Ltd$597,457.51
2255Sonic Innovations Pty Ltd$597,152.60
2256NSW Department Of Justice$597,083.71
2257Extreme Industries Pty Ltd$596,767.74
2258Victoria DALY Shire Council$596,221.67
22594impact Pty Ltd$594,299.99
2260Coach Charters Australia$592,950.00
2261AM Psychology Services$592,588.43
2262Geospectrum Technologies Inc$591,553.12
2263Solinnov Pty Ltd$590,567.05
2264Radtronics P / L$590,435.13
2265Rolls-royce Corporation$589,105.79
2267Bartier Perry$587,527.50
2268Context Matter Pty Ltd$586,761.61
2269Being Human Pty Ltd$586,755.01
2270Rehab Management$585,993.61
2271Marklogic Corporation$585,575.98
2272Ferra Engineering Pty Ltd$584,646.88
2273MING FENG Packaging$584,319.04
2274Barkly Shire Council$581,682.84
2276DR James Renwick$581,350.02
2277UK MOD Cossurm CMU COLL PROJ - AUST$581,276.55
2278KAJA Recruitment Pty Ltd$580,181.08
2279Value Management Consulting P/L$578,736.00
2280Objective 3D Pty Ltd$577,872.73
2281Spear Of FAME Pty Ltd$577,079.80
2282Austal Service Darwin Pty Ltd$576,081.92
2283SAS Trustee Corporation Pooled FUND$575,221.00
2284Fredon Technology Pty Ltd$574,944.08
2285Premier Constructions & Interiors P/L$574,894.65
2286Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd$574,800.00
2287Cowan Manufacturing Pty Ltd$574,433.16
2288AUS CTRE Posttraumatic M/h-nab ACC ONLY$574,245.57
2289Hacos Pty Ltd T/AS Stylecraft Australia$573,756.27
2290Consulting 4 Nurses Pty Ltd$573,566.40
2291Arthur Raymond Moses$573,499.99
2292NCP Printing$572,147.23
2293Gatekeeper Vetting Pty Ltd$572,000.00
2294Intersective Pty Ltd$571,890.00
2295Harris Corporation$571,456.88
2296Airlines Of Tasmania$571,453.00
2297Aamhatch Pty Ltd$571,261.00
2298Cobalt Design Pty Ltd$570,900.00
2299Gadzooks Pty Ltd$570,168.81
2300Renoflo Pipeline & Plumbing Soluti$569,785.87
2301Institute Of Executive Coaching$568,940.01
2302KN And NJ Service Partnership Ltd$568,727.00
2303Brierty Limited$568,318.14
2304TINA Marley Psychologist$567,889.52
2305Livingstone Shire Council$567,655.00
2306Australian Parents Council Inc$567,600.00
2307OPS Advantage Pty Ltd$566,500.00
2308Hydrobiology QLD$566,398.25
2309BEST Practice Software$565,950.00
2310Departurepower Aviation Services$565,758.60
2311Formrite Group$565,540.43
2312Versalux Pty Ltd$565,282.30
2313HIND & HIND T/AS With Collective$564,650.00
2314Pursuit Technology$564,212.00
2315QT Hotels And Resorts Pty Limited$563,252.91
2316Capsicum Business$562,223.20
2317Defence Procurement Pty Ltd$561,594.00
2318INO Contract Furniture PTY. Limited$561,379.50
2319Mackay Consolidated Industries$560,973.60
2320Murumal Pty Ltd$560,560.00
2321Impact Innovations GMBH$559,000.00
2322Babylon Industries Pty Ltd$558,766.90
2323Phoenx PLM Pty Ltd$558,089.40
2324Eggler Enterprises Pty Ltd$557,985.00
2325Doyle Executive Accounting And Finance Recruitment Pty Ltd$557,759.15
2326Heidrick And Struggles Australia PT$556,650.00
2327The Curious FISH Coaching, Training$556,454.01
2328Coldshield Northern Pty Ltd$556,370.10
2329Standards Australia Limited$556,152.03
2330Itcom Australia Pty Ltd$555,617.40
2331IE ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$555,142.17
2332SUEZ Australia Pty Ltd$555,000.00
2333Bytes' N Colours$554,072.25
2334Resolve Software Group Pty Ltd$552,017.61
2335Dreamtime Creative Pty Ltd$552,004.00
2336BCT Solutions Pty Ltd$551,604.00
2337Department Of Infrastructure And$551,387.15
2338The Trustee For The NT House UNIT Trust$551,000.00
2339LJF Communications$550,963.65
2340David Williams$550,507.58
2341Mcmullen Consulting Pty Ltd$550,340.00
2342Collaboration For Impact$550,000.00
2343PICO Australia Pty Ltd$550,000.00
2344Ethos CRS Consulting Pty Ltd$549,763.00
2345Informotion Pty Limited$549,392.00
2346Blackwood Downs Building Service P/L$548,894.01
2347Canvas Contracting Pty Ltd$546,403.00
2348DEPT Of Local GOVT & Communities$546,268.00
2349Amanda O'rourke & Associates Pty LT$545,730.00
2350JOHN Morris Scientific Pty Ltd$545,256.18
2351The Simon O'hart Family Trust$543,412.25
2352CALL Design Pty Ltd$542,186.03
2353Robertson FUEL Systems, L.l.c.$541,941.26
2354Wavefield Pty Ltd$541,396.00
2355NEC IT Services Australia Pty Ltd$540,976.32
2356Reeves International Pty Ltd$540,420.93
2358Australian Human$539,977.00
2359Aussiemove International Movers Pty Ltd$539,890.00
2360Mhd-rockland Inc$539,300.51
2362Blink Technology Australia Pty Ltd$538,923.00
2363ACT Department Of Disability$538,609.13
2364Capability WISE Pty Ltd$538,325.70
2365PAT Hogan & SONS Pty Ltd$538,323.50
2366Artisan Technical Services$537,903.73
2367Manitowoc Crane Group Australia$536,913.66
2368LEAN Enterprise Australia Ltd$536,911.10
2369Strathbogie Wildlife Pty Ltd$536,910.00
2370Karobran Nominees Pty Ltd$536,505.20
2371Buckingham & Associates Pty Ltd$536,448.00
2372Matthews PEGG Consulting PTY. LTD.$534,775.00
2373Morris Walker$534,290.54
2374Radar Solutions Pty Ltd$534,128.56
2375IPL Incorporadora Paulista LTDA$533,059.00
2376Lipoma Pty Ltd$533,011.43
2377ESIM Games Deutschland GMBH$532,560.81
2378Ngamuru Advisory Pty Ltd$532,400.00
2379SAY IT Consulting Pty Ltd$532,240.00
2380Naomi Louise Sharp$531,303.00
2381Kleinhardt Pty Ltd$531,047.72
2382International Organisation Development Limited (IOD Parc)$530,311.67
2384Goldfields AIR Services$530,000.00
2385Bluebird Consultants Pty Ltd$529,284.16
2386Docklands Ability Group Pty Ltd$528,927.00
2387EYRE Futures Incorporated$528,821.48
2388Ophion Media Pty Limited$528,000.00
2389Vantage Point Consulting Pty Ltd$527,362.00
2390Hytec Interior Solutions$526,536.69
2391Veitch Lister Consulting Pty Ltd$525,641.00
2392Envision I.T Pty Ltd$524,700.00
2393FOLK Pty Limited$524,667.30
2394Synergy Group Audit Pty Ltd$524,018.00
2395Vector Pacific Pty Ltd$523,088.29
2397SMC Marine Pty Ltd$521,400.00
2398Taylor BROS (slipway & Engineering)$520,816.11
2399Salsa Digital$519,617.88
2400SUBA Engineering Pty Ltd$519,323.20
2401Carfi Psychology And$518,739.49
2402Antonio Nicola PANE$518,590.85
2403Administration Of Norfolk Island$518,165.00
2404AMS Trust$518,112.71
2405The National Institu$517,226.61
2406Inchcape Shipping Services - Dubai$516,609.20
2407The Rehabilitation Specialists Pty Ltd$516,100.00
2408RMS Engineering & Construction$515,819.82
2409Zonge Engineering And Research Organization (aust) Pty Ltd$514,497.50
2410Metromatics Pty Ltd$513,577.70
2411MONT Adventure Equipment Pty Ltd$513,562.82
2412Cinco Electrical Services Pty$512,949.14
2413IBS AV$512,863.68
2414National Instruments$511,964.49
2416Mipec Pty Ltd$510,997.80
2417Stadium TURF Management Pty Ltd$510,617.02
2418Yarra Valley Water$510,500.00
2419Department Of The Premier & Cabinet$510,405.00
2420Ideation Product Solutions Pty Ltd$510,360.01
2421FITT Resources Pty Ltd$509,395.36
2422Marsden Jacob Associates P/L$508,666.00
2423Minecorp Australia$508,266.00
2424The NAVY League Of Australia$508,200.40
2425Yieldbroker Pty Limited - Admin$508,200.00
2426Meridian Medical Technologies, INC.$507,834.83
2427Harris Software Systems Pty Ltd$507,319.11
24284cabling Pty Ltd$506,621.77
2429Fyusion ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$505,946.37
2430Cincom Systems Of Australia$505,254.43
2431Sarahblade Pty Ltd$504,900.00
2432Statewide Oil Distributor$504,636.12
2433HHIT Consulting Pty Ltd$504,398.40
2434RICE Daubney$503,394.10
2435MB Psychological Services Pty Ltd$503,243.13
2436Vectra Corporation Limited$503,183.55
2437Nursing Advisory Services Pty Ltd$502,233.60
2438Michiel Jordaan$501,802.00
2439Exelis Australia Pty Ltd$501,778.70
2440Miltect Pty Ltd$500,624.04
2441The Polaris Marine Trust No 1$500,000.00
2442Willis Reinsurance Australia Ltd$500,000.00
2443Agrifutures Australia (rirdc)$500,000.00
2444Ittensohn Constructions Pty Ltd$499,796.00
2445Leonardo MW Ltd$499,100.41
2446Vision Australia Ltd$498,418.90
2447WEST Arnhem Shire Council$497,882.16
2448GE Energy Measurement & Control Pty$497,828.28
2449Trinogy Systems Pty Ltd$497,481.64
2450G & B Paternoster Pty Ltd$497,278.10
2451The Camerons Group$496,565.11
2452Real-time Analyzers, Incorporated$496,276.31
2453Martin-baker Australia Pty Ltd$495,499.43
2454Advisian Pty Ltd$495,492.65
2455NOW Communications Group Pty Ltd$495,203.80
2456Millitech Australia Pty Ltd$495,135.34
2457Prism Defence Pty Ltd$495,127.27
2458International Organization For$495,063.10
2459Marine Geosolutions$495,000.00
2460ETON Properties Agency CO Ltd$494,250.00
2461ASSA Abloy Entrance Systems$494,212.50
2462Dexus Wholesale Property Limited AS Trustee For The Trustee For Dexus Wholesale Retail Trust$493,388.75
2463Tilforth Consulting Services$493,258.70
2464Campbell Clinical Psychology$492,740.03
2465Wallis Consulting Group Pty Ltd$492,691.00
2466Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation$492,561.33
2467Anritsu Pty Ltd$492,225.42
2468Honeywell International INC. DBA HO$492,047.16
2469Jones LANG Lesalle (thailand) Limited$491,953.61
2470RCS Management Consulting$491,703.75
2471Winya PTY. Ltd$490,758.94
2472MY NET FONE Australia Pty Ltd$490,000.00
2473Altia-abm Pty$489,206.34
2474Superior FOOD Group Pty L$488,227.41
2475TOLL North Pty Ltd$487,971.00
2476Central Civil & Plumbing$487,155.90
2477SIX Degrees Executive Pty Ltd$487,104.02
2478BLUE GLUE$486,845.70
2479Right NOW Office Renovation And$486,221.23
2481Actew Corporation$486,000.00
2482Interchem Pty Ltd$485,975.31
2483Inside Policy Pty Ltd$485,100.00
2484Foxtel Cable Television Pty Ltd$484,720.58
2485Wollemi Systems Pty Ltd$484,558.00
2486Patrick Holmes$484,440.25
2487GSE Services Pty Ltd$484,345.61
2488Burdeshaw Associates LTD.$483,548.48
2489Bloomberg Finance LP$483,487.76
2490EOS Defence Systems Pty Limited$482,911.42
2491EOS Space Systems Pty Ltd$482,027.70
2492Southern Farming Systems$481,644.00
2493The Source Management Consultants$480,550.00
2494Myriad Technologies Pty Ltd$480,548.66
2495Huber And Suhner (aust) Pty Ltd$480,439.90
2496Swell Design Group Pty Ltd$479,338.07
2497Baxter, Peter Colin Ernest$478,786.03
2498Wreck BAY Aboriginal COMM Council$478,572.51
2499Pilsbury Technology Pty Ltd$478,500.00
2500Lordan Pty Ltd$478,238.89
2501Epsilon Knowledge Pty Ltd$477,679.06
2502Konekt AUST$477,260.14
2503Bastion Latitude$477,235.00
2504JWS Research$477,070.00
2505Egeria Pty Ltd$476,080.00
2506Jayde Transport$475,910.17
2507Alexander And Lloyd Australia Pty Ltd$475,872.98
2508Bosch Automotive Service Solutions$475,655.67
2509The C.d.c.s Trading Trust$475,555.10
2510Mettler-toledo Limited$475,436.23
2511Patrick O'shea$475,200.00
2512The SAX Institute$474,807.90
2513Talent 2 Pty Ltd$474,200.00
2514Thesoco Pty Ltd$474,050.50
2515Gallagher Basset Services Pty Ltd$473,689.00
2516Willemsen Investment CORP P/L$473,531.30
2517KING & WOOD Mallesons$472,946.93
2518Australian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry$472,505.00
2519Kynetic Pty Limited$472,113.47
2520Burswood Property Trust$471,949.15
2521Mainstay IT Pty Ltd$471,900.00
2522Pirotta Services Pty Ltd$471,307.98
2523Lockheed Martin Corporation DBA LOC$470,892.06
2524Kofax Australia Pty Ltd$470,864.90
2525Sandrah FODA$470,750.00
2526Prensa Pty Ltd$470,294.00
2527BPQ Pty Ltd$469,933.20
2529Hensoldt Sensors GMBH$468,804.11
2530AMI Marine$468,163.08
2531Horton Media Australia Limited$467,500.01
2532Altair Engineering Software$467,396.85
2533Morse Consulting Pty Ltd$466,584.81
2534Simjet Training SYST$466,576.00
2536Mutitjulu Community Aboriginal Corporation$466,000.00
2537Office Partners International Pty$465,976.15
2538Marine Power International P/L$465,918.44
2539Counselling Appraisal Consultants$465,318.00
2540Ozkor Pty Ltd$463,771.59
2541Drummond Street Services Inc$463,700.00
2542The Trustee For BOTT Family Trust T/A Sarnia Consulting$463,600.00
2543World Customs Organization$463,453.97
2544Australian Commission On Safety And$463,000.00
2545Meletroup Pty Ltd$462,167.62
2546Wallis Nominees (computing) Pty Ltd$462,141.90
2547Emerson Network Power Global Services$462,044.29
2548Plexnet Pty Ltd$461,692.00
2549M & J Chickens (qld-brisbane)$461,398.37
2550Bureau International DES Poids ET Mesure$460,821.92
2551Pharmglobal Pty Ltd$460,695.71
2552ENEX PTY. Ltd$457,620.00
2553VEEM Engineering Group$457,366.80
2554HCL Australia Services P/L$456,832.00
2555Braemac (SA) Pty Ltd$456,262.91
2556United Technology Solutions$456,201.10
2558The Trustee For XU Family Group Trust$455,481.89
2559Filmwing Pty Limited$454,984.88
2560Eurotech International Pty Ltd$454,796.10
2561Australian Skills Quality Authority$454,680.00
2562Balanced Ergonomics Pty Ltd$453,666.01
2563Silverglo Stainless Steel Pty LT$453,624.05
2564Servian Pty Ltd$453,398.00
2565Laser Plumbing SALE$453,200.13
2566JB HI FI Commercial$453,187.56
2567Jenny Pearson & Associates Pty Ltd$453,134.04
2568Corbett & Associates Pty Ltd$453,005.91
2569Gredta Pty Ltd$453,000.00
2570Dowty Propellers$452,432.09
2571Michael Borsky$451,700.00
2572Tridant Pty Ltd$451,446.49
2573D2D CRC LTD.$451,000.00
2574Stichting Deltares$450,356.20
2575Office Of The GENE Technology$450,000.00
2576Smarttrack RFID Pty Ltd$449,940.38
2577Cesar Pty Ltd$449,500.00
2578Inchcape Shipping Service Pty Ltd$449,053.05
2579Graeme Mcleod Mechanical P/L$448,904.47
2580ADT FIRE Monitoring$448,843.48
2581Bruker Pty Ltd$448,822.00
2582Lenovo (australia And NZ) Pty Ltd$448,781.30
2584David Hayward$448,339.34
2585ASP Microcomputers$448,003.10
2586O'keefe And Partners Pty Ltd$448,000.00
2587Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd$447,958.94
2588Object Point Pty Ltd$447,751.10
2589Charter Property AS Trustee For The Charter Property UNIT Trust$447,632.00
2590Benalla Rural CITY Council$447,433.70
2591Beckman Coulter Australia Pty Ltd$445,185.20
2592Isobar Communications Pty Ltd$444,992.68
2593Thiess Services Pty Ltd$444,789.58
2594Stockwell Bretton Group Pty Ltd$443,720.00
2595Unidap Solutions Pty Ltd$442,771.25
2596Woolcott Research Pty Ltd$442,255.00
2597Alinta Contracting Pty Ltd$441,564.00
2598Factiva Limited$441,004.40
2599Rodenprint And Packaging$440,656.00
2600Jennifer Mason$440,000.00
2601Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited (hia)$440,000.00
2602Aussie Strength Equipment$439,689.92
2603Eveille Consulting$439,476.00
2604Fujifilm Australia Pty Ltd$438,938.50
2605The Pearson Corporation Pty Ltd$438,515.00
2606Melbourne Convention & Exhibition$438,444.68
2607ISS Facility Services Australia Limited$438,307.10
2608Catherine JANE Huntley$438,199.99
2609Acquia Australia Pty Ltd$437,692.64
2610Grant Thornton (melbourne)$437,556.50
2611Applied CCM$437,270.04
2612G P Mcnally$437,000.00
2613A And G Price Ltd$436,449.20
2614Queensland Police Service$435,600.00
2615Crocker Consulting Pty Ltd$435,000.00
2616Enersys Australia Pty Ltd$434,940.00
2617Schiavello Systems (act) Pty Ltd$434,643.35
2618Talend Australia$434,434.00
2619Australian Housing And Urban Research INST$434,248.10
2620National Archives Of Australia$433,446.64
2621Bullivants Pty Ltd$433,386.10
2622JO Fisher Executive Pty Ltd$432,498.72
2623Cummins South Pacific Pty Ltd$431,567.02
2624Moray & Agnew Solicitors$431,470.59
2625CBIT P/L$431,465.53
2626LED Lighting Solutions$431,007.12
2627Parakeelya Pty Ltd$430,604.89
2628Clyde & CO$430,406.35
2629ISG Projects Pty Ltd$430,000.00
2630Mid-levels Portfolio (branksome) Limited$429,960.00
2631Ipsos Public Affairs Pty Ltd$429,841.20
2632Morison Consulting Pty Limited$429,788.33
2633K&L Gates$429,472.85
2634IBL Software Engineering, Spol. S R$429,376.33
2635S J French$429,200.00
2636Ithaca Group Pty Ltd$428,965.00
2637Mcnair Ingenuity Research Pty Ltd$428,901.00
2638Dispute Rsolution Associates Pty Ltd$428,700.00
2639GMK Logistics$428,598.60
2640HLB MANN JUDD Partnership (D Jackson And J.A Woodhouse)$428,220.00
2642AIR FAB Ground Support Equipment Pty Ltd$425,513.00
2643Howard Partners Pty Limited$425,000.00
2644TCB Transport Pty Ltd$425,000.00
2645Atlas Geophysics Pty Ltd$424,340.40
2646Citadel Systems Pty Ltd$424,000.00
2647Delta Pty Ltd$423,534.95
2648ZERO Latency PTY. Ltd$423,500.00
2649PITT Group Pty Ltd$422,915.80
2650Kfive Pty Ltd$422,913.10
2651SAGE Energy Systems Pty Ltd$422,810.00
2652Entrust Ltd$422,470.80
2653TMG Testequipment$422,296.60
2654Forcefield Services Pty Ltd$422,198.40
2655PRC Building Services Pty Ltd$421,541.96
2656Jo-anne Coluccio$421,351.00
2658Physio In Motion Pty Ltd$420,818.80
2659CAPS Australia Pty Ltd$420,800.40
2660Dtect Innovation PTY. Limited$420,356.00
2661Spinifexit Global Pty Ltd$420,096.56
2662Australian Radio Towers Pty Ltd$419,981.75
2663Access Control Engineered Systems P$418,000.00
2664Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers$417,405.95
2666Thomson Reuters (professional) UK L$417,068.84
2667Daniels & CO Pty Ltd$415,987.00
2668Planex Sales Pty Ltd$415,850.60
2669Arinc Incorporated$415,714.98
2670Drivetrain Power And Propulsion$415,535.26
2671Hologic (australia) Pty Ltd$415,432.43
2672GFK Australia Pty Ltd$415,284.10
2673FLIR Systems, INC. DBA FLIR Surveil$414,876.37
2674Marvin Engineering CO., INC. DBA MA$414,387.31
2675Digitus Information Systems Pty Ltd$414,216.00
2676ACP Earthmoving$414,167.00
2677Bycroft Pty Ltd$413,740.18
2678Bokay (WA) Pty Ltd$413,446.00
2679Thomson Reuters (scientific) Inc$413,443.52
2680TAFE NSW$413,124.80
2681Segovia Dragon Holdings Pty Ltd$412,500.00
2682Ghost CRAB Pty Ltd$411,840.00
2684Allen's Carpets Pty Ltd$411,458.52
2685Software Education$410,962.60
2686CR Kennedy And Company Pty Ltd$410,592.60
2687Skytrans Pty Ltd$410,210.66
2688RPS Australia East Pty Ltd$409,874.40
2689Elbit Systems - USD$409,544.08
2690Carnac - Project Delivery Services$409,319.00
2691Total Ventilation Hygiene P/L$409,167.31
2692FDC Construction And Fitout Pty Ltd$408,733.60
2693PT Hydraulics Australia Pty Ltd$408,276.42
2694TAS DEPT Of Premier & Cabinet$407,182.80
2695Vcorp Consulting Pty Ltd$407,000.00
2696Cre8ive Australasia Pty Ltd$406,883.20
2697Coregas Pty Ltd$406,499.00
2698FIRE & Safety Services CO PYT Ltd$406,250.80
2699Petrinovic Family Pty Limited AS Trustee For The Petrinovic Family Trust$406,081.75
2700IBL Software Engineering$405,563.00
2701Serraview Australia Pty Ltd$405,551.82
2702TMR Systems Pty Ltd$405,548.90
2703Mozaic Management Consultants Pty Ltd$405,548.00
2704Media Manoeuvres$405,277.35
2705Downs Sheet Metal$404,910.00
2706People & Strategy (act) Pty Ltd$404,519.40
2707Schuhfried Australia$404,433.70
2708Noske-kaeser Marine Australia PL$404,418.87
2709Flanagan Brown Greaves Pty Ltd$404,326.14
2711Indal Technologies Inc$403,937.80
2712Allsafe Lifting Equipment Pty L*$403,771.39
2713Wiltrading Stace Defence Pty Ltd$403,561.54
2714Lange Consulting And Software$403,513.50
2715FIRE And Safety Australia Pty L*$403,143.80
2716Tonic Health Media$401,680.86
2717RSM Australia (perth)$401,579.00
2718Compass Group (australia) Pty Ltd$401,489.47
2719EML Australia$401,445.00
2720TAS Water$401,000.00
2721Vincents Chartered Accountants$400,896.00
2722Capezio Copeland$400,512.00
2723Komatsu Forklift Australia Pty L$400,511.22
2724Tarcus Pty Ltd$400,387.11
2725Ustranscom-dcd DBA Defense Courier$400,274.00
2726W & F Pascoe Pty Ltd$400,000.00
2727Government Records Repository$400,000.00
2728Rural Business Development Corporation$400,000.00
2729Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd$400,000.00
2730APRA Amcos$399,947.01
2731Semco Instruments, INC.$399,029.89
2732Crowne Plaza Canberra FDI$398,495.49
2733BLUE STAR Australia$397,996.60
2734PAUL & Jennifer O'rourke$397,740.88
2735Cocos Islands Co-operative Society$396,871.62
2736Thomson Reuters (professional) UK$396,815.00
2737Fitsense Australia P/L$396,400.00
2738Crombie Family Trust$396,000.00
2739Yuras Business Gateway Pty Ltd$396,000.00
2740Fleming Forensic & Clinical$395,970.40
2741Springfield Centre For Business In Development Limited$395,814.10
2742Aerospace Composites Pty Ltd$395,641.29
2743RIO Tinto Aluminium Ltd (electricity)$395,557.64
2744Stephanie Patterson$394,825.00
2745Stirling International$394,757.80
2746Illumina Australia Pty Ltd$394,488.65
2747Christine & Robert Pty Ltd (ACN 621 569 551) ATF The Agora ONE UNIT Trust And ATF The Agora TWO UNIT Trust And ATF The Agora Three UNIT Trust (ABN 39 589 173 885)$394,483.28
2748Mccormack Consulting (tas) Pty Ltd$393,890.00
2749Courage Partners Pty Ltd$393,800.00
2750IDS Australasia Pty Ltd$393,667.76
2751303 LOWE Australia Pty Ltd$393,360.00
2752HEAT Software ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$393,250.00
2753Autonomic Software Inc$391,883.62
2754The Information Management Group$390,441.02
2755J.J. Stephen PTY. LTD.$390,000.00
2756Studio Mether Pty Ltd$389,910.04
2757Rossarden Pty Ltd$389,600.00
2758Lloyd's Register ASIA$389,104.32
2759Essex Industries, INC.$388,391.56
2760Spill Station Australia Pty Ltd$388,387.68
2761Clean Energy Council Ltd$388,258.75
2762Customers 1TO1 Pty Ltd$388,000.00
2763Boeing Company, The DBA Boeing$387,370.40
2764Royal Agricultural Society$386,798.50
2765O2C Solutions$386,680.00
2766Advanced Personnel Management$386,462.61
2767Kobra Shredders Australia Pty Ltd$386,021.28
2768Wynyard (australia) Pty Limited$385,883.14
2769Techni Waterjet Pty Ltd$385,673.70
2770The Dyslexia-speld Foundation -$385,000.00
2771Information Management Careers Pty Ltd$385,000.00
2772Maritime Partner AS$385,000.00
2773Shoalhaven Community Development Ltd$385,000.00
2774Bayley & Associates Pty Ltd$384,713.53
2776William Bruce Babington$384,000.00
2777The Architecture Practice Pty Ltd$383,900.00
2778CBT Nuggets, LLC$383,693.76
2779INFO Access Group Pty Ltd$383,559.45
2780Spacelift Design Consultancy$382,892.65
2781GAIL Corrigan$382,747.79
2783Centre For Public Management$382,380.50
2785Resolution Consulting Services Pty$380,693.46
2787Bidvest (WA) Pty Ltd$380,000.00
2788The Trustee For SJC Trust$379,500.00
2789NADA Vellnagel Pty Ltd$379,409.64
2790Ministry Of Defence T/A Defence BUS$378,758.09
2791Schlumberger Australia Pty Ltd$378,510.13
2792JOHN Halley$378,000.00
2793Av-comm Pty Ltd$377,690.71
2794IP Trading Pty Ltd$377,659.70
2795Charles River Associates$377,335.00
2796Australian Network On Disability$377,285.00
2797Capital Recruit Pty Ltd$377,279.40
2798Ground Effects Consulting$377,100.01
2799EW Pty Ltd$376,994.00
2800Observator Instruments Pty Ltd$376,928.91
2801D Capital Partners$376,196.99
2802Communications & Power Industries$376,132.74
2803Clifford Hallam Healthcare$376,052.99
2804Michael Green Pty Ltd$375,930.00
2805The Trustee For The Longview Trust$375,760.00
2806Energetics Pty Ltd$375,582.25
2807Department For Child Protection$375,226.00
2808Communication Knowhow$374,974.60
2809Braemar ACM Shipbroking Pty Ltd$374,000.00
2810JR Global Logistics Pty Limited$373,697.61
2811Schiavello Showrooom$373,494.00
2812Ecastle Pty Ltd$373,041.57
2813Inovor Technologies$372,986.31
2814Stingray Optics$372,711.00
2815Canberra GHM Pty TD$372,374.00
2816COX Purtell$372,020.08
2817Hoskins Contracting Pty Ltd$371,155.40
2818Gilimbaa Pty Ltd$371,078.00
2819Jones LANG Lasalle Advisory$370,450.00
2820RISK Decisions Pty Ltd$370,165.68
2821Australian Academy Of Science$370,063.55
2822JJ & JA VAN ES$369,847.88
2823QUBE Ports Pty Ltd$368,928.85
2825Attorney General's 'D' Branch$368,409.09
2826Limbs & Things Pty Ltd$366,886.00
2827Beasley Intercultural Pty Ltd$366,740.00
2828Petersen INK$365,755.43
2829Kevin Edmund Lindgren QC$365,497.73
2830Bioline Global Pty Limited$365,403.50
2831Bruce William Sperling And Valerie Honor Sperling AFT The BW Sperling Family Trust$365,207.57
2832LXN & Associates Pty Ltd$365,200.00
2833FK Gardner Services (qld) Pty Ltd$364,905.09
2834Polaris Industries Australia$364,370.14
2835Harris Corporation!dba Electronic$364,039.56
2836Bulletproof Networks$363,685.00
2837Secure Systems Ltd$363,577.17
2838Watmarine Engineering Services$363,356.80
2839Porter Plant$362,922.67
2840Devers LIST Pty Ltd$362,868.30
2841Aegogden (darwin) Pty Ltd$362,740.00
2842JANE Elizabeth Atkins$362,500.00
2843Flink LABS Pty Ltd$362,235.64
2844REED Elsevier Nederland B.V.$361,962.45
2845Springcity Pty Ltd$361,446.83
2846Simulinc Pty Ltd$361,395.29
2847Daracon Contractors Pty Ltd$361,369.80
2848National Association Of Testing$360,989.79
2849AMA Projects (nsw) Pty Ltd$360,593.20
2850Concurrent Technologies Corporation$360,488.75
2851Indian Ocean Oil Company$360,030.70
2852Norfolk Property Group Pty Ltd$360,000.00
2853Eaton Industries Pty Ltd$359,871.24
2854Green Civil Construction$359,214.00
2855Helipower Helicopters$359,128.00
2856MDT Maritime$359,073.00
2858Living FARM Pty Ltd$358,919.00
2859Monica Skjerve$358,900.00
2860Microstrategy Pty Ltd$358,326.63
2861Private Individual - India$357,937.50
2862RCR Resolve FM Pty Ltd$357,920.96
2863Grasan Management Services Pty Ltd$357,517.50
2864Fujifilm Sonosite Australasia P*$357,458.64
2865Shoalhaven CITY Council$357,236.00
2866Australian Catholic University Limited$357,169.22
2867S&B Projects Pty Ltd$357,120.00
2868Agfa-gevaert Ltd$356,781.02
2869Queensland Airport Lighting$356,693.91
2870Australian Institute Of Company$356,591.04
2872Derisc Pty Ltd$354,750.00
2873Camcode Australia$353,879.76
2874KT Advisory GMBH$353,768.56
2875OVUM Pty Ltd$353,624.00
2876Inmarsat Solutions B.V.$353,423.16
2877JCB Construction Equipment Aust*$353,420.07
2878Toowoomba Regional Council$352,602.33
2879Airnsea Safety Pty Ltd$352,265.43
2880Scitech Pty Ltd$352,186.57
2881Workforce Strategies$352,133.51
2882The TAX Institute$352,119.68
2883AJF Partnership Pty Ltd$351,336.70
2884KM Clinical Psychology Pty Ltd$351,000.00
2885Singleton Council$350,921.87
2887A J Barnes Pty Ltd$350,441.00
2888SML Enterprises Pty Ltd$350,262.00
2889Resolve Advisors Pty Ltd$350,208.33
2890Hydrosun Capital Pty Ltd$350,132.00
2891Crestwood Technology Group Corp.$350,065.74
2892Neuro Leadership Institute$349,834.00
2893General Dynamics LAND Systems - CAN$349,388.60
2894Wisdom Learning Pty Ltd$348,912.51
2895SAFT Batteries Pty Ltd$348,851.00
2896Sentient Vision Systems Pty Ltd$348,837.50
2897Institute Of Public Works Engineering Australasia$348,350.00
2898Semaphore Alliance Pty Ltd$347,785.00
2899MDS ICT Solutions Pty Ltd$347,644.00
2900Leisure KART CITY Pty Ltd ACN 009 841 374 AS The Trustee For The Darveniza Family Trust No 3$347,414.98
2901Northport Marine Services$347,405.76
2902Australian Federation International$347,083.00
2903Barrier Reef Institute Of TAFE$347,012.00
2904Legear Australia Pty Ltd$346,886.52
2905Cobul Constructions$346,774.42
2906PPB Advisory$346,571.50
2907Fitzgerald Technologies Pty Ltd$346,029.20
2908Woolstore Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Woolstore UNIT Trust$345,794.82
2909LINK Digital$345,062.42
2910Ultralift Australia PTY. LTD.$345,011.80
2911Case 4 Consulting Pty Ltd$344,520.00
2912Jayrow Helicopters Pty Ltd$344,355.25
2913Envoltec Pty Ltd$343,889.00
2914F & I Industries$343,184.60
2915MSA & Associates Pty Ltd$343,117.10
2916COX Architects$341,893.50
2917Results Consulting (aust) Pty Ltd$341,435.83
2918ALAN Newton$341,341.00
2919ICON CO (qld) Pty Ltd$341,185.42
2920Massa Products Corporation$341,017.50
2921BRID Pty Ltd And GC Collett Superannuation FUND$340,977.29
2922A J Baker And SONS Pty Ltd$340,861.70
2923KLS Property Ventures$340,813.46
2924A K M GOH Consulting Pty Ltd$340,800.00
2925Jirsch Sutherland (sydney)$340,664.50
2926Rezzonico Weekes Pty Ltd$340,460.00
2927Ryan, Shannon Michael$340,459.90
2928Digital Networks Australia Pty Ltd$340,390.50
2929E M L Marketing Pty Ltd$340,372.00
2930Sheldon And Hammond Pty Ltd$340,120.00
2931Leeway Consulting$340,000.00
2932JJM Holdings Pty Ltd$339,900.00
2933Coolamon Advisors Pty Ltd$339,682.50
2934Optimum Business Consulting Pty Ltd$339,400.00
2935Nallawilli Technology Pty Ltd$339,341.00
2937Williams Podiatry Pty Ltd$338,771.80
2938Department Of Transport$338,432.00
2939Whyalla Gliding CLUB Inc$337,643.20
2940Moreton Advisory Pty Ltd$337,499.80
2941Taylor FRY Consulting Actuaries$337,440.00
2942Prodata Pty Ltd$337,188.30
2943Sashi Maharaj$337,001.50
2944Interlogis Consulting PTY. LTD.$336,820.00
2945Susan Pervan$336,322.82
2946Libero Digital Pty Ltd$336,150.00
2947Ascot Splicing And Supplies$335,995.00
2948Navigate Capital Group Pty Ltd$335,500.00
2949Australian MADE Campaign Limited$335,500.00
2950Emerald First UNIT Trust$335,199.69
2951Mcmahon Services AUST NT Pty Ltd$335,077.53
2952Janine COLE$334,868.00
2953Prominent Press Pty Ltd$334,658.81
2954Leadership Strategies Pty Ltd$334,589.20
2955Oxide Interactive Pty Ltd$334,404.40
2956Jones Harley Toole$334,026.42
2957The Boeing Company - AUD (westpac)$333,874.32
2958RMIT Training Pty Ltd$333,663.60
2959LGC Standards$333,610.18
2960RAB Consulting Pty Ltd$333,520.00
2961Wilton Hanford Hanover Pty Ltd$333,187.18
2962Rockros Pty Ltd AS The Trustee For Rockbros Trust$333,068.02
2964Grosvenor Engineering Group$332,142.25
2965NSW The Treasury$332,115.76
2966Taplin Consulting Pty Ltd$331,968.95
2967Biosis Pty Ltd$331,721.50
2968DA Nicholls Pty Ltd$331,320.00
2969Blanalko Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Blanalko SCT Property Trust$331,100.00
2970Studio Thick Pty Ltd$331,093.30
2972Export Council Of Australia$330,290.00
2973Dovef Pty Ltd$330,016.83
2974Staff Check Pty Limited$330,000.00
2975Vetec Security Pty Ltd$330,000.00
2976Moody's Investors Service Pty Limited$330,000.00
2977Nearmap Australia Pty Ltd$330,000.00
2978Epica Solutions Pty Ltd$330,000.00
2979BSA Limited$330,000.00
2980Heatan Pty Ltd$329,670.00
2981Agilecraft LLC$329,634.68
2982APEX Research Pty Ltd$329,586.00
2983Business Models Inc$329,175.00
2984Sutherland Instrument Service$329,077.88
2985Klepper PTY. Ltd$329,008.00
2986BAE Systems Applied Intelligence$328,947.00
2987Adaptalift Hyster$328,462.19
2988Wilkhahn ASIA Pacific$328,252.10
2990Clarke, Andrew Balfour$327,632.50
2991Spark And Cannon Australasia Pty$327,000.00
2992Haemonetics Australia Pty Ltd$326,862.36
2993Altia Solutions Limited$326,675.44
2994Effective Negotiation Services$326,481.66
2995HUGO Graves$326,449.65
2996Solutions FROM Silicon$326,425.00
2997Spatial Vision Innovations P/L$326,334.23
2998Gevity Consulting INC.$326,241.30
2999Paramedical Services Pty Ltd$325,934.95
3000Techsafe Australia Pty Ltd$325,363.50
3001Ridgeline Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$325,265.60
3002DEPT Of Environment Regulation$325,000.00
3003TIP TOP Bakeries$325,000.00
3004Towers Watson Australia Pty Ltd$324,870.00
3005Department Of Environment LAND$324,811.04
3006JRC Electrical Services Pty Ltd$324,720.00
3007Procurex Pty Ltd$324,720.00
3008Daintree Systems Pty Ltd$324,576.46
3009ACS Australia$324,340.20
3010Healthly Living NT$324,267.13
3011JOHN Fargher And Associates Pty Ltd$324,104.00
3012Gregory Commercial Furniture P/L$323,997.41
3013LIST A Barristers$323,752.97
3014Auslan Interpreter & Translator SRV$323,400.00
3015FTI Consulting Inc$323,352.00
3016London Economics Ltd$323,190.00
3017Capital Civil Contractors PTY. Ltd$323,113.99
3018DEAF Services Queensland$322,900.00
3019Consec Support SRV$322,771.40
3020North STAR 31 Ltd$322,480.00
3021WSP Buildings Pty Ltd$322,435.20
3022Summat Investments Pty Ltd$321,739.00
3023Australian Primary Principals$321,300.00
3024Pacific Health Solutions Pty Ltd$321,216.51
3025Gippsland Water$321,000.00
3026Rydges World Square$320,522.33
3027MAX Solutions$320,467.16
3028Davenport Campbell & Partners$320,321.85
3029Insight Enterprises AU$320,318.09
3030FN Herstal$320,267.15
3031South Australian Health And$320,124.24
3032MAST Technology, INC.$320,067.18
3033Rentokil Initial Pty Ltd$319,359.29
3034Piper Alderman$319,338.30
3035M-power Solutions Pty Ltd$319,104.50
3036Hawes, David Michael$319,011.00
3037Carmel Mcgregor Consulting Pty Ltd$319,000.00
3038Embrace Society Pty Ltd$318,961.50
3039Worldlearn Pty Ltd$318,847.41
3040Spencer TECH Pty Ltd$318,780.00
3041Grand Hyatt Shanghai$318,521.00
3042Ixsurvey Australia Pty Ltd$318,421.40
3043Sando Australia Pty Ltd$317,642.00
3044Tier-3 Pty Ltd$317,609.60
3045Adelaide Convention$317,056.63
3046Intersystems Australia Pty Limited$317,041.84
3047Rider Levett Bucknall NSW Pty Ltd$317,000.00
3048EYE Candy$316,921.70
3049Catalyst Interactive Pty Ltd$316,806.00
3050CITY Of Wagga Wagga$316,628.82
3051@rossiters Pty Ltd$315,956.00
3052Green Options$315,716.00
3053BSMS Security$315,400.00
3054The SHED Company Kilmore$315,353.22
3055NATO Bices Agency (nba)$315,308.29
3056Lifeflight Medical Pty Ltd$315,247.00
3057Canadian Commercial Corporation$315,238.77
3058Business Aspect (act) Pty Ltd$315,095.00
3059Inforail P/L$314,928.00
3060AQUA LUNG Australia Pty Ltd$314,871.70
3061MAN Diesel And Turbo Australia$314,337.58
3062Learning Systems Analysis Pty Ltd$314,193.55
3063BANG The Table Pty Ltd$313,445.00
3064Cliftons Operations$313,427.19
3065Myint & Associates Construction Company Limited$313,347.78
3066Department Of Commerce$313,100.00
3067Goodman Funds Management Australia Limited$312,941.93
3068JOHN Robinson Consulting Services P/L$312,725.00
3069REDI SRL$312,013.00
3070Acsys Lasertechnik GMBH$311,686.60
3071Flaxworks Pty Ltd$311,520.00
3072BLUE Environment Pty Ltd$311,377.00
3073WA Department Of Health$311,328.00
3074National Aerial Firefighting Centre$311,300.00
3075Sirway ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$311,173.45
3076Analytic Advantage Australia Pty$310,876.02
3077Interaction Training Pty Limited$310,850.00
3078Cardiac Science Australia Pty L*$309,313.96
3079ALFA Computers Pty Ltd$309,299.01
3080MRB Communications Pty Ltd$309,198.94
3081GCG Health Safety & Hygiene$308,938.52
3082PRO AV Solutions$308,556.80
3083IPA Personnel Pty Ltd$308,534.41
3084Brintons Pty Ltd$308,365.00
3085BY Jingo Business Services Pty Ltd$308,020.00
3086Moray & Agnew Canberra$307,876.50
3087Open DOOR Coaching Group$307,812.00
3088Cadency Consulting Pty Ltd$307,734.08
3089Cleah Consulting Pty Ltd T/A Flyingduck Design$307,428.00
3090Corporate Scorecard Pty Ltd$307,068.20
3091CCNA Pty Ltd$306,689.12
3092Hydranet Pty Ltd$306,680.00
3093Private Individual.$306,559.00
3095BMT WBM Pty Ltd$306,256.30
3096Dilma Consulting Pty Ltd$306,240.00
3098Harjit Bagga$306,000.00
3099Wurth Australia Pty Ltd - North$305,925.77
3100Liquip International Pty Ltd$305,815.55
3101Aerospace Medical Services Pty Ltd$305,422.19
3102Linda Black$305,125.51
3103Consort Express Lines Ltd$305,050.77
3104CAPE YORK Corporation Pty Ltd$305,000.00
3105Upstream Print Solutions$304,825.40
3106Miehlbradt Consulting Limited$304,781.40
3107Southern Cross Computer$304,679.32
3108Lodestar Advisory Services Pty Ltd$304,443.70
3109GML Heritage Pty Ltd$304,104.23
3110Australian National Audit Office$304,000.00
3111Combat Clothing AUST Pty Ltd$303,287.27
3112Universal Systems Ltd DBA Caris$302,890.44
3113Shireane KAY Mckinnie$302,500.00
3114GOOD CALL Communications Pty Ltd$302,019.97
3115D N Bishop CO P L WOD$301,532.00
3116Wizard People$301,400.00
3117Australian Indigenous Leadership$301,281.51
3118Michael Green Pty Ltd$300,450.01
3119Artem Prokhorov$300,400.00
3120Mitcham ROAD Investment Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Freeman Mitchell RD Trust$300,000.50
3121Mungalalu Truscott Airbase Pty Ltd$300,000.00
3122Perpetual Trustee Company Limited (ACN 000 001 007) AS The Trustee For The Dexus Wholesale Industrial Trust$300,000.00
3123Sandilands Psychological Services$300,000.00
3124Ontime Enterprises Pty Ltd$300,000.00
3125Department Of The Premier And Cabin$300,000.00
3126Vodafone Hutchison Australia P/L$300,000.00
3127Modular Building Systems$299,849.99
3128Medland Corporate Property$299,840.00
3129Thermovoltaic Technologies Pty$299,640.00
3130Technocrat Pty Ltd$299,398.00
3131A J Bristow & SONS Pty Ltd$299,200.00
3132TASK Management Solutions Pty$298,760.00
3133Syncrotech Systems Pty Ltd$298,406.39
3134On Bundock Pty Ltd$298,202.20
3135Damco Australia$298,000.00
3136Language Professionals International (australia) Pty Limited$298,000.00
3137KCI Medical Australia Pty Ltd$297,849.07
3138Freightquip Pty Ltd$297,595.49
3139MJF And Associates Pty Ltd$297,440.00
3140Fivegrants Consulting$297,300.00
3141Spinach Advertising Pty Ltd$297,137.50
3142Watermark Search International$297,100.00
3143Karstens Holdings PTY. Ltd$297,068.93
3144Principals Pty Ltd$297,000.00
3145Odonatrix Pty Ltd$297,000.00
3146PB CRC Ltd$297,000.00
3147Software Project Assist Pty Ltd$296,802.60
3149Aussafe Consulting P/L$296,421.88
3150BART DE JONG Consulting$296,237.61
3151Teledyne Caris Inc$295,762.53
3152Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd$295,238.09
3153Evergreen Exhibitions$295,000.00
3154Testgrid (aust) Pty Ltd$294,429.00
3155MDA Systems - Escrow ACCT$294,160.95
3156Chest Constructions$294,011.34
3157Michael Green Pty Ltd$293,860.60
3158BSI Group ANZ Pty Limited$293,700.01
3159Rocketspace CIS$293,386.00
3160The I I A AUST$293,296.10
3161Arinex Pty Ltd$293,219.80
3162Scaletta Armoring Corp.$292,808.12
3163Auscript Australasia Pty Ltd$292,579.01
3164Schiavello Systems (vic) Pty Ltd$292,533.27
3165GD RYAN & LS RYAN$292,329.01
3166Scubatek Australia Pty Ltd$292,230.77
3167Bagman DIST Services POR$292,206.44
3168Court Services Victoria$292,093.64
3169Humanitarian Advisory Group$291,792.60
3170Charters Towers Regional Council$291,500.00
3171Powerdata Group Consulting Pty Ltd$291,500.00
3172RDSM Consulting Pty Ltd$291,229.40
3173Cameron Balloons Ltd$291,070.04
3174Enacom Pty Limited$290,763.34
3175NJOY Security$290,702.00
3176GRID Communications Pty Ltd$290,635.00
3177Ocular Robotics Limited$290,620.00
3178Mycom Pty Ltd$290,483.69
3179Giraffe Visual Communication$290,335.10
3180LLC "laboratory For Electromagnetic Innovations",$290,000.00
3181CQ Nurse Pty Ltd$289,816.26
3182ABC Rehab-hanivoile Pty Ltd$289,764.00
3183SRC Solutions Pty Ltd$289,435.39
3184J.F Dunscombe & K Dunscombe$289,388.00
3185Permuto Pty Ltd$289,345.10
3186Optical Solutions Australia (act)$289,276.95
3187KWA Performance Industries Inc$289,090.64
3188Andrew Baghurst Pty Ltd$289,080.00
3190Teledyne Defence Australia$288,222.00
3191Menzies International (aust) Pty Ltd$288,182.23
3192Viasat Australia Pty Ltd$288,000.00
3193Signature Floorcovering Pty Ltd$287,898.60
3194National Promotions Australia Pty L$287,651.52
3195Melissa SUE Walsh$287,352.00
3196Michael Richter$287,205.60
3197Commerce Decisions Pty Ltd$287,031.01
3198Cancer Council Australia$286,418.00
3199Kinsman Legal$286,400.00
3200Janusnet Pty Limited$286,116.68
3201Kennedy Shipwrights$286,052.79
3202Vetting Solutions Australia$286,000.00
3203David Gillard Consulting Services P$286,000.00
3204ARMS Reliability Pty Ltd$285,923.00
3205General Dynamics European LAND$285,845.73
3206Mundy, Julie$285,369.29
3207PRO Leaders Academy Pty Ltd$285,318.00
3208Belmi Nominees Pty Ltd (ACN 006 427 596) AS Trustee For K & M Lazzaro Family Trust$285,235.90
3209Australian Futures Project Limited$285,095.00
3210Salvos Legal$285,000.00
3211FOOD Standards Australia New Zealan$285,000.00
3212Pickles Auctions$285,000.00
3213Air-met Scientific Pty Ltd$284,924.20
3214Property Advisory Australia Pty Ltd$284,904.50
3215Interact Injury Management$284,800.00
3216Transport Industries Skills Centre$284,302.00
3218Jennifer R Clark$284,032.13
3219RMA Contracting Pty Ltd$283,712.11
3220Southern Cross Industrial Suppl*$283,490.90
3221CITY Of Karratha$283,380.34
3222FOUR Seasons Hotel Sydney$283,103.40
3223JILL RABY$282,810.00
3224Scientific Devices Australia P/L$282,591.10
3225GPT Property Management$282,519.03
3226Indled PTY. LTD.$282,512.44
3227Leica Microsystems Pty Ltd$282,092.17
3228Talent International$282,002.17
3229D R Harvey Consulting Pty Ltd$281,894.40
3231Northern HARD Surfacers Pty Ltd$281,698.80
3232Workplace Training$281,329.98
3233Derrimut Logistics Pty Ltd (ACN 104 270 180) AS Trustee For The Derrimut Logistics Trust$280,952.00
3234Private Individual - Warsaw$280,851.41
3235Editor Group$280,664.25
3236Furnace Engineering Pty Ltd$280,295.37
3237LEE Honan$280,280.00
3238Allied Pickfords Business Relocatio$279,940.66
3239MBZ Pty Ltd$279,911.50
3240IJ WATT Pty Ltd$279,750.00
3241Miles Morgan Australia Pty Ltd$279,495.00
3242Terrago Technologies, INC. DBA TERR$279,454.13
3243Daryl Jackson Robin DYKE$279,430.00
3244Pacnet Services (A) PTY. LTD.$279,334.30
3245Jeyco (1992) Pty Ltd$279,258.10
3246Mckay Associates Pty Ltd$279,163.50
3247Civas (act) Pty Ltd$278,976.00
3248Ausvet Animal Health Services$278,965.80
3249MURU Office Supplies Pty Ltd$278,905.00
3250Miele Australia Pty Ltd$278,130.93
3251Clean Energy Regulator$278,050.00
3252David Bryant Consulting Pty Ltd$277,779.72
3253Kulbardi Pty Ltd$277,738.40
3254Total Freight Solutions$277,546.88
3255Evteq Pty Ltd$277,200.00
3257Guida Moseley Brown P/L$276,980.00
3258Bio-rad Laboratories Pty Ltd$276,823.20
3259ROD Johnstone Group Pty Ltd$276,725.65
3260Aerospace And Defence Products$276,677.50
3261Private Individual - Brazil$276,641.00
3262Inquirion Pty Ltd$276,494.56
3263Veenstra, Kristine Elizabeth$276,492.05
3264Prologic, INC.$276,166.00
3265Sea-bird Electronics Inc$276,166.00
3266Scott Safety$276,124.24
3267Josamila Pty Ltd$276,100.00
3268GENG Pty Ltd$276,090.55
3269SAI Global Property Division P/L$276,000.00
3270Gallagher Desmidt Associates$275,658.00
3271Condat Projekt GMBH$275,298.72
3272Manuka Newsagency$275,020.82
3273Barbara Schmidt & Assoc Pty Ltd$275,003.00
3274Graduate Careers Australia$275,000.00
3275Three AS ONE Consulting Pty Ltd$275,000.00
3276MALE Champions Of Change Limit$275,000.00
3277Dexion Acacia Ridge$274,716.20
3278Alfex CNC Australia$274,450.00
3279Clicks IT Recruitment$274,386.81
3280Safe-tec Locksmiths Pty Ltd$274,000.00
3281REDR Australia Ltd$273,714.38
328226 Letters Communications$273,580.01
3283Smarterknowledge Pty Ltd$273,550.00
3284F1 Solutions Pty Ltd$272,967.80
3285Rydges Capital H$272,930.01
3286360 Marine Pty Ltd$272,221.11
3287Christmas Island Engineering$272,164.50
3288Sealanes SOU$272,161.85
3289In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd$272,054.08
3290Splunk INC.$271,580.65
3291Jodie Junk-gibson$271,249.99
3292Professor Stephen Barkoczy$270,668.76
3293PRD Software Pty Ltd$270,433.90
3294BMT Holdings (australia) Pty Ltd$270,318.40
3295Datacom Technical Security Services$269,533.40
3296Australian Fisheries Management$269,427.31
3297CRIB Point Engineering Pty Ltd$269,416.40
3299PM Logic$269,361.32
3300IT Sphere Pty Ltd$269,280.00
3301RENA Burton$269,100.02
3302Kordamentha (perth)$268,929.50
3303Snowrock International Pty Ltd$268,668.40
3304Australian American Fulbright Assoc$268,438.16
3305International SEAL CO AUST$268,411.00
3306Hydraulics International, INC.$268,181.98
3307Carroll And Richardson - Flagw$268,120.74
3308Talkforce Media And Communications$267,950.00
3309Sirona Capital Managment Pty Ltd$267,586.66
3310Physio And Speech PATH ADV SVCS$267,562.00
3311Willoring Apiaries Pty Ltd$267,440.00
33122M Language Services$267,288.01
3313Shannon Crash Repairs$267,248.58
3314Wizard Corporate Training$266,586.02
3315Pindari Building Solutions$266,534.40
3316Emantra Pty Ltd$266,325.30
3317Magna Systems & Engineering$266,123.00
3318The Exhibition Centre Pty Ltd$266,108.00
3319Jiwara Refrigeration And AIR Conditioning$265,820.00
3320Economic Development Services Pty Ltd$265,801.69
3321Wilde And Woollard Consultants Pty Ltd$265,776.00
3322IOD PARC$265,743.08
3323Spatial Information Systems$265,694.00
3324Taylored Offshore Services$265,636.36
3325The Weather Company$265,400.00
3326Shanghai EXPO Centre Co.,ltd$265,273.00
3327Jaylon Industries Pty Ltd$265,250.70
3328CPS Enviro Pty Ltd$264,330.00
3329Veldeman Australia$264,244.47
3330HR Connexions Pty Ltd$264,098.95
3331Flinders Private Equity Pty Ltd$264,000.00
3332The Trustee For ALL States Towing$264,000.00
3334Greens LIST Barristers$263,206.26
3335Infologic Systems Consultants Pty$263,100.00
3336Recordkeeping Innovation Pty Ltd$263,085.00
3337Griffin Psychology Clinic$262,746.00
3338Copyright Agency Ltd$262,546.69
3339Proav Solutions$262,434.98
3340Goulburn Building Products$262,350.00
3341Rentokil PEST Control (qld) Pty Ltd$262,251.00
3342Curijo Pty Ltd$262,152.50
3343Planex Sales Pty Ltd$262,049.52
3344Lasersan Australasia Pty Ltd$261,998.00
3345LEX Australia Pty Ltd$261,580.00
3346Griffin NRM Pty Ltd$261,310.50
3347Syntegrity Solutions Pty Ltd$261,250.00
3348Lockhart River Aboriginal Council$261,177.94
3349National Forensic Science Technolog$261,051.93
3350Novotel Canberra$261,024.36
3351GVL Investments Pty Ltd$260,711.00
3352East Coast Maritime Pty Ltd$260,700.00
3353Tableau International, U.C.$260,494.64
3354EBA Solutions Pty Ltd$260,280.08
3355Creative Universe PT$260,265.50
3356Hutchinson Communications$260,256.00
3357Google Australia Pty Ltd$260,000.00
3358JO Rouston$260,000.00
3359Tovegold P/L AS Trustee For The Obrien Barlett Business Trust$259,915.62
3360On Site GAS Systems Pty Ltd$259,698.23
3361GAI1 BPF Subtrust$259,536.10
3362Australian Secondary Principals'$258,895.00
3363Nicholas Macsi$257,972.00
3364Budget Demolition & Excavation Pty$257,833.90
3365Pindock Consulting Pty LDT$257,400.00
3366Aspect Furniture Pty Ltd$257,125.00
3367Coras Solutions Pty Ltd$256,960.00
3368Accessing Health Pty Ltd$256,798.00
3369Singtel Optus Ltd$256,741.10
3370Avnet Technology Solutions$256,720.67
3371Incite Solutions Group Pty Ltd$256,270.00
3372GWS Australia Pty Ltd$256,014.00
3373Timothy KANE$255,725.00
3374Fortis Consulting Pty Ltd$255,437.50
3375Central LAND Council$255,435.39
3376The Liebe Group Incorporated$255,393.60
3377Execujet Australia Pty Limited$255,000.00
3378Campak Asbestos & Fireproofing$254,986.60
3379Capital Interiors & Design Pty Ltd$254,738.00
3380Prepack Limited - AUD$254,603.49
3381Quantum Technology Pty Ltd$254,460.18
3382Critical Strategies Group Pty Ltd$254,265.00
3383KATE Warren & Associates Pty Ltd$254,240.00
3384Thomas Duryea Consulting Pty Ltd$253,980.03
3385Columbia Helicopters, INC.$253,598.79
3386Cyalume Technologies, INC.$253,393.06
3387Hastings Deering (aust) Pty Ltd$253,336.59
3388Melanie Cairns$253,000.00
3389Medical Software Industry Association$253,000.00
3390Implementation SOFT Australia$252,769.00
3391IFLY Downunder$252,658.00
3392Rojone Pty Ltd$252,558.63
3393PLUS PLUS Pty Ltd$252,491.82
3394M And D Marine Parts Service P/L$252,252.00
3395Ricoh Business Centre Fyshw$252,027.06
3396Kelly And Windsor Australia PTY*$251,416.00
3397BEST Practice Consulting$251,350.00
3398HEX RAYS SA$251,169.98
3399K & D Nikias Family Trust$250,827.28
3400Hawkeye Gissing Bryant Pty Ltd$250,761.56
3401Voice Recognition$250,692.74
3402Ditch Witch Australia Pty Ltd$250,657.00
3403Stephen Illes Farago T/AS Agile Economics$250,404.00
3406Cunningham Lindsey$250,200.00
3407CARL Zeiss Pty Ltd$250,115.97
3408Burson-marsteller Pty Ltd$250,000.00
3409Department Of Senate$250,000.00
3410Unified Healthcare Group$250,000.00
3413Australian Multicultural Foundation$250,000.00
3414Invetus Pty Ltd$250,000.00
3415IT'S A Dog's LIFE Boarding Kennels And Cattery$250,000.00
3416JO Fisher$249,999.99
3418Vinomax Pty Ltd$249,612.00
3419Southtech Professional Services$249,514.03
3420Bungie Helicopters$249,506.91
3421Aboyne Analytics Pty Ltd$249,330.01
3422Morris Superannuation Investments Pty Ltd (ACN 154 945 696) AS The Trustee For C & J Morris Superannuation FUND$249,204.45
3423Private Individual - Tehran$249,088.00
3424Reeflections Pty Ltd T/A BLUE Planet Marine$248,979.00
3425Health Technology Analysts Pty Limited$248,958.00
3426Reward Supply CO Pty$248,951.60
3427Comfortdelgro Corporation Australia Pty Ltd$248,603.52
3428Keylink Technology Australia P/L$248,592.85
3429Terry Mcgee And Jesse Rowan$248,505.00
3430Granite Consulting$248,490.00
3431H A Bachrach (nom) Pty Ltd$248,466.00
3432Sipoc6 Business Improvement Systems$248,380.00
3433Australian Advocacy Institute Limit$248,300.00
3434Cryptzone UK Ltd$248,156.25
3435Vista Advisory Pty Ltd$247,552.07
3436Needac Ltd$247,500.00
3437The Council Of Queensland Institute Of Medical Research$247,373.50
3438Smartbear (ireland) Limited$247,249.17
3439Cobham Aviation Services$247,150.00
3441Skillsiq Limited$246,896.33
3442Vsolutions Limited$246,816.00
3443Digital Transformation Office$246,675.19
3444Pulse Systems, Inc$246,618.71
3445Meyer Vandenberg PTY. LTD.$246,566.92
3446Robertson & Hindmarsh Pty Ltd$245,861.00
3447Vincenzo JIM Callipari$245,854.00
3449The Splendid Projects Company Pty Ltd$245,664.00
3450Pm-partners Group$245,344.00
3451Dexion Nepean$245,297.31
3452Livesey, MARK Christopher$244,999.98
3453State Library Of Western Australia$244,700.00
3455Parachutes Australia Pty Ltd$244,406.62
3456GT Carpet Service Pty Ltd$244,347.07
3457Actisafe Pty Ltd$244,334.26
3458Barbara Lyrstedt$244,300.10
3459PM Power Pty Ltd$244,082.14
3460ALFA Laval Australia Pty Ltd$244,030.28
3461Eniquest Pty Ltd$243,983.28
3462Mitsui And CO (australia) Ltd$243,980.00
3463Hilton Sydney$243,980.00
3464Schiavello (systems) NSW Pty Ltd$243,864.73
3465RCK Trading P/L$243,700.00
3466IHS Global Inc$243,615.00
3467Tresscox Lawyers$243,448.74
3468LUKE Livingston$243,090.75
3469Defibtech Australia$243,030.00
3470Boral Resources$242,791.16
3471Randazzo C & G Development Pty Ltd$242,750.00
3472Total Landworks$242,198.00
3473Palantir Technologies Australia Pty Ltd$242,000.00
3474The Trustee For Logitech UNIT Trust$242,000.00
3475Natural Environment Research Council$242,000.00
3476Oshkosh Defense, LLC$241,843.34
3477Power Protect Pty Ltd$241,715.45
3478Donna Holden$241,166.27
3479Margaret Moynahan$241,135.00
3480CST Computer Simulation Technology$241,088.44
3481ACT Department Of Justice &$240,985.00
3482Forefront Analytics Pty Ltd$240,920.00
3483Graphical Networks LLC$240,442.01
3484Morningstar Australasia Pty Ltd$240,189.65
3485Nowaste WOOD Busters$240,000.00
3486Townsville Airlines Pty Ltd$240,000.00
3487Thomson Reuters (scientific) INC.$239,861.95
3488Relken Engineering Pty Ltd$239,593.34
3490MR PAUL Rizzo$239,317.08
3491GREG Clarke$239,250.00
3492POST Meridian$239,250.00
3493Neodata Australia Pty Ltd$239,237.12
3494P4 Group Pty Ltd$239,025.00
3495Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd$238,934.00
3496GSO Consulting Pty Limited$238,675.01
3497Projects Assured$238,655.12
3498Dossiere Pty Ltd$238,554.80
3499DWPL Nominees Pty Ltd$238,137.89
3500Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik$237,825.79
3501Allen Systems Group Inc$237,677.99
3502Blacktree Technology$237,023.60
3503William Brian Quinn$236,960.00
3504Amazon Web Services Australia P/L$236,682.02
3505Metis Business Consulting Pty Ltd$236,500.00
3506Investech Services Pty Ltd$236,500.00
3507Polyglot Group Pty Limited$236,463.50
3508Graeme O'neill Consulting Pty Ltd$236,415.00
3509SRH Communications Pty Ltd AS The Trustee For SRH Communicatons Trust$236,400.00
3510Matthew Kalyk$236,375.00
3511Wilson Security Pty Ltd$236,244.87
3512MR David A Ritchie$236,139.52
3513Leanne Halley Consulting P/L$236,000.00
3514The Benevolent Society$235,900.00
3515Centre For Appropriate Technology Inc$235,604.75
3516Satcom Direct$235,406.60
3517Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd$235,361.50
3518Hoffman Donohue Pty Ltd$235,200.00
3519Portable Australia Pty Ltd$234,405.69
3520Advanced Audio Visual$234,385.00
3521Barry Jones And Associates$234,379.51
3522Hilton Brisbane$234,305.00
3523Territory Steel$234,268.06
3524Personalised Freight Management$234,066.32
3525SNAP On Tools Pty LT ARN$233,976.32
3526BEN Baden Services Pty Ltd$233,965.17
3527Elcom Technology Pty Ltd$233,683.00
3528HONG LING DAI Event Management Limited (HLD Events)$233,641.00
3529Russell Reynolds Associates Australia Pty Ltd$233,400.00
3530Hunter LAND Management Pty Ltd$233,090.00
3531Spanset Australia Ltd$233,012.97
3532Anchermann Enterprises Pty Ltd (ACN 076 532 315) AS Trustee For Anchermann Investment Trust$232,987.44
3533Moray & Agnew (melbourne)$232,944.00
3534Kristina Stern$232,866.64
3535Specialised Force Pty Ltd$232,845.53
3536Traditional Credit Union Limited$232,629.76
3537Continuity Capital Partners Pty Limited$232,500.00
3538RIAN Industries P/L$232,369.50
3539Perigon Group$232,012.00
3540Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd$231,861.40
3541The Trustee For I P M S Service TRU$231,620.50
3543Red Team Training Solutions Pty$231,281.00
3544Steve GRAY Consulting Trust$231,000.00
354540/40 Creative Pty Ltd$231,000.00
3546Bradstreet Communications$230,835.00
3547Pinnacle People$230,803.10
3548Supacat Ltd$230,562.80
3549FTR Pty Ltd$230,334.01
3550Saltie CO$230,000.00
3551R D Gossip Pty Ltd$230,000.00
3552Roaming Technologies Pty Ltd$229,944.00
3553Johnson & Johnson Medical Pty Ltd$229,701.64
3554Steps Group Australia Limited$229,547.00
3555Engineering Education Australia$229,154.00
3556Mineral Resources Lihir Pty Ltd$229,074.98
3558Nectaria Nominees Pty Ltd$228,911.65
3559CHAT House Research Pty Ltd$228,081.30
3560Pretoria Metal Pressings$227,936.37
3561Elizabeth ANNE Cheeseman$227,899.80
3562Affinity Construction Management$227,757.35
35631spatial Australia$227,671.30
3564Latrobe CITY Council$227,500.00
3565Medical Insurance Australia Pty LIM$227,000.00
3566Lastek Pty Ltd$226,804.03
3567Timebase P/L$226,529.20
3568Dupont & Associates Pty Ltd$226,500.00
3569Archtis Pty Ltd$226,485.82
3570Apricot Zebra Pty Ltd$226,262.00
3571United Forklift And Access Solution$226,223.73
3572Priority Electrical Services$226,214.45
3573FIRE Alarm Monitoring Services$226,171.05
3574JAV Consulting Pty Ltd$226,160.00
3575Sigma AIR Conditioning Pty Ltd$225,974.60
3576Nhulunbuy Corporation Ltd$225,965.90
3577Denise LEE Counselling Pty Ltd$225,720.00
3578Maryanne Duskovic Counselling SERV P/L$225,720.00
3579Bunnings Wodonga$225,696.59
3580Autonomous Industries Australasia$225,659.74
3581BDBC Pty Limited$225,500.00
3582AIR Frontier Pty Ltd$225,500.00
3583Limebridge Australia$225,500.00
3584Sanlam LIFE Insurance$225,492.00
3586Precision Technic Defence A/S$225,308.77
3587Pacific Science Solutions$225,280.78
3588Victorian Interpreting & Translating$225,226.00
3589Australian Hearing$225,214.99
3590Norman JOHN O' Bryan$225,200.00
3591C.I. Maintenance Services Pty Ltd$224,713.77
3592Xpotential ANZ$224,446.00
3593TEST & Measurement Australia Pty LT$224,433.00
3594Datacom Systems Pty Ltd$224,323.00
3595United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change$224,222.36
3596Alice Springs Airports Pty Ltd$224,146.75
3597Leonhard KURZ Australia Pty Ltd$224,052.47
3598Heckler & KOCH GMBH$223,837.07
3599Aviall Australia Pty Ltd$223,786.19
3600Ferrier Hodgson (nsw)$223,740.00
3601Strategic Engineering Pty Ltd$223,737.37
3602D M K Forest Products Pty Ltd$223,689.96
3603Hedley Range Services Pty Ltd$223,672.90
3604MG Electrical Services Pty Ltd$223,509.00
3605Laundry LANE Productions Pty Ltd$223,259.00
3606GREG Sewell Forgings Pty Ltd$223,198.80
3607Taylor & Francis Group$222,951.90
3608Nintex Pty Ltd$222,912.39
3609Engel Distribution Pty Ltd$222,750.00
3610Armament Systems And Procedures*$222,447.39
3611LAND Equity International Pty Ltd$222,384.80
3612Q-psych Psychologists$222,201.09
3613Porteous, Robert KARL$222,200.00
3614Ralph Neumann Consulting Pty Ltd$222,200.00
3615Sheedy, Stephen Charles$222,200.00
3616GILL Savage - Leadability Group$222,200.00
3618QUBE Logistics (global) Pty Ltd$222,085.77
3620CBT Supply, INC. DBA Smart Desks$221,848.28
3621Derive Consulting Pty Ltd$221,760.00
3622RICE Warner Actuaries$221,650.00
3623Ivoclar Vivadent Pty Ltd$221,614.29
3624Crystal ECHO Pty Ltd$221,540.62
3625Jeremy Donovan$221,440.00
3626The Total Package$221,350.00
3627ESS Weathertech Pty Ltd$221,294.91
3628Olympus Australia Pty Ltd$220,897.47
3629The Procare Group Pty Ltd$220,896.26
3630Stephen Lloyd SC$220,879.31
3631Sheffield Haworth Australia Pty Ltd$220,739.20
3632GOAL Professional Services Pty Ltd$220,641.83
3633Sirsidynix Pty Ltd$220,429.31
3634Eamonn Moran PSM QC$220,300.00
3635Aquion Pty Ltd$220,151.27
3636Systech Consultants Pty Ltd$220,136.40
3637LOWY Institute For International Policy$220,000.00
3638MAO Shizhang$220,000.00
3639Transcript Australia Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3640Office Of The Australian Information Commissioner$220,000.00
3641Rebekah Ledingham$220,000.00
3642Digital Projects$220,000.00
3643International Centre For Tropical Agriculture$220,000.00
3644Norbar Torque Tools Pty Ltd$219,628.20
3645Team HR (australia) Pty Ltd$219,510.00
3646Apriva ISS, LLC$219,460.86
3647Geoimage Pty Ltd$219,409.16
3648ICS Industries Pty Ltd$219,184.00
3649A J Dever Pty Ltd$219,147.90
3650Times Microwave Systems, INC. DIV T$219,091.21
3651Epi-use LABS Pty Ltd$218,938.78
3652Quark Software Inc$218,917.33
3654CDTS Australia Pty Ltd$218,873.11
3655Australian Vertebrate PEST$218,688.80
3656Australian Rural Leadership Foundation Limited$218,500.00
3657White Knight Accounting Pty Ltd$218,248.00
3658SENG ENT. Seafood Supplier (1986)$218,023.00
3659SDS Group Pty Ltd$217,800.00
3660Rytmar Technologies Pty Ltd$217,740.60
3661Fishwell Consulting$217,314.90
3662Palmcade Pty Limited AS The Trustee For Bellingham Family Trust$217,010.34
3663Mainstay IT$217,000.00
3664Church HILL Electrics Pty Ltd$216,736.91
3665A.d.m. Systems PTY. LTD.$216,521.80
3666Outback Global Australia Pty Ltd$216,440.00
3667Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd$216,313.52
3668Mainpeak Pty Ltd$216,133.32
3669James Hmelnitsky$216,100.00
36702IC Limited$216,049.33
3671Spectral Dynamics Pty Ltd$215,998.20
3672WISE Technology Management$215,590.00
3673Vivid Property Services Pty Ltd$215,574.62
3674Thana Thoranee CO Ltd$215,558.00
3675ONE Sportswear FYS$215,299.85
3676DELV Pty Ltd$215,284.16
3677The Federation Joinery$215,238.50
3678Zagame Automotive Group Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Zagame Automobile Trust$215,000.01
3679Science In Public Pty Ltd$214,784.00
3680Crown Melbourne Limited$214,780.00
3682Holding Redlich$214,311.61
3683Desmond Fitzgerald T/A Intrepid Geophysics$214,239.42
3684Raptorssc Pty Ltd$214,121.01
3685Digicel Business (digicel Group)$214,052.00
3686Silicon Graphics PTY. Ltd$213,978.82
3687Australian Private Networks Pty Ltd$213,950.00
3688BLOC Contracting Pty Ltd$213,840.00
3689Strategic Executive Solutions$213,675.00
3690Kavanagh Balloons$213,633.20
3691Department Of Parks And Wildlife$213,627.09
3692Wilderness WEAR Australia Pty L*$213,517.70
3693Pulse Systems Incorporated$213,402.92
3694Point Advisory PTY. LTD.$213,268.00
3695Omnipoll Pty Ltd$213,042.50
3696MR Peter Harper$213,000.00
3697Rocket Software Pty Ltd$212,897.76
3698Device Technologies Australia P*$212,822.50
3699Shoal Group Pty Ltd$212,757.63
3700BMNT Partners LLC$212,532.90
3701Forpoint Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$212,500.00
3702Sports Build$212,392.00
3703Paddywack Promotional Products PTY. Limited$212,347.20
3704Strategic Leadership Pty Ltd$212,300.00
3705Integra Packaging Pty Limited$212,197.04
3706STAR Electrical CO Pty Ltd$212,157.60
3707Cireson LLC$212,109.57
3708Matera Electrical Services$211,904.00
3709IPP Technologies Pty Ltd$211,508.00
3710Agulhas Development Consultants Ltd$211,229.25
3711Retro Track And AIR (UK) Ltd$210,984.81
3712Farrier Swier Consulting$210,690.01
3713Kelly,david Swete$210,540.00
3714Ascender Learning$210,528.43
3715Shopability Pty Ltd$210,513.74
3716Tasmanian Worldwide Shipping$210,311.26
3717Phoenix Global Support$210,213.90
3718Fraser And Jenkinson Pty Ltd T/AS Print Media Group$210,000.00
3719Newgate Communications Australia PL$209,883.00
3720Cairns Regional Council$209,850.00
3721Anti-cancer Council Of Victoria$209,550.00
3723Tecolote Research Inc$209,537.23
3724Lithium Technologies Inc$209,211.01
3725Harris Technology Pty Ltd$209,135.02
3726Black DOG Institute$209,117.76
3727Mandarin Media Pty Ltd$209,000.00
3728L.e.k. Consulting$209,000.00
3729Camfil FARR Australia Pty Ltd$208,835.00
3730Maser Technology Group Pty Ltd$208,659.00
3731Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd$208,624.50
3732Blackdog And Associates Pty Ltd$208,600.00
3733Anber Entertainment Services$208,428.48
3734Turbosoft Pty Ltd$208,419.75
3735AGL South Australia Pty Limited$208,300.00
3736Christie's Pty Ltd$208,269.73
3737Brand Institute Pty Ltd$208,201.13
3738WCBM World Freight$208,000.20
3739The Trustee For Round Family Trust$207,955.29
3740Griffin Legal Pty Limited$207,945.00
3741Houston KEMP Pty Ltd$207,900.00
3742Zentner Shipping Pty Ltd$207,836.55
3743Colquhoun's Sydney BAG CO$207,680.00
3744TIWI Islands Regional Council$207,479.04
3745Elsevier B.V$207,077.90
3746J M Cavanagh Pty Ltd$207,064.00
3747Helsco Pty Ltd$207,005.05
3748Haulotte Australia Pty Ltd$206,882.28
3749B Online Learning Pty Ltd$206,855.00
3750Future Results Pty Ltd$206,800.00
3751Open Systems Australia P/L$206,416.92
3752ET AL Architecture Pty Limited$206,400.00
3753Rapier Electronics Pty Ltd$206,348.56
3754SYFA Solutions Pty Ltd$206,250.00
3755Kalibrate Pty Ltd$206,000.77
3756PORT Of Townsville Ltd$206,000.00
3757Bruttour International Pty Ltd$205,880.18
3758LES Australia Pty Ltd$205,664.69
3759Silver SUN Pictures Pty Ltd$205,553.60
3760Colgan Industries Pty Ltd$205,287.50
3761Public Safety Business Agency$205,221.80
3762BMV Solutions PYT Ltd$205,074.00
3763Corporate Medical Options$205,000.01
3764ARA Electrical HIGH Voltage Service$205,000.00
3765Scotwork Negotiating Skills$204,899.30
3766Stephen Merchant Consulting$204,750.00
3767Alenia Aermacchi SPA$204,504.25
3768Mitch's Diesel Services Pty Ltd$204,284.60
3769Plutus Payroll Australia Pty Ltd$204,252.00
3770Zincara Pty Ltd$204,100.00
3771Australian Vaccine Services Pty Ltd$203,970.08
3772IBT Wizard Pty Ltd$203,905.23
3773Advanced Communications$203,841.00
3774Stewart Brown & CO$203,775.00
3775Patriot Alliance$203,712.00
3776AON RISK Services Australia Limited$203,599.00
3777Navicle Pty Ltd$203,500.00
3778Francis Fabrics Proprietary Limited AS Trustee For Maroochy Property Trust$203,500.00
3779Sliced TECH$203,215.43
3780Lhasa Limited$203,004.00
3781Saleforce.com Singapore PTE Ltd$202,856.54
3782Microhire Pty Ltd$202,797.75
3783Cellebrite ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$202,747.44
3784Podnik Pty Ltd$202,563.00
3785Batchelor Institute Of Indigenous$202,233.49
3786Raysien Pty Ltd$202,176.82
3788Savv-e Pty Ltd$202,018.47
3789SJ Lockwood Nominees Pty Ltd$201,709.00
3790Centaman Systems Pty Ltd$201,673.04
3791Mornington Shire Council$201,633.00
3792Blueline Software Pty Ltd$201,575.00
3793Mirvac REAL Estate Pty Ltd$201,446.74
3794Red ROCK Consulting$201,360.43
3795Beijing Housing Service Corporation For Diplomatic Missions$200,861.00
3796Apsley Recruitment Pty Ltd$200,661.76
3797Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd$200,647.16
3798Globalpos Pty Limited$200,515.20
3799BIS Shrapnel Pty Ltd$200,420.00
3800HBA Consulting$200,333.00
3801Private Individual - Switzerland$200,125.00
3802PAUL Simpson Consulting Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3803South Australian Murray-darling BAS$200,000.00
3805Quality Innovation Performance$200,000.00
3806Zakpage Pty Limited$200,000.00
3808Buden Industries Pty Ltd$199,936.00
3809Cultural Partners$199,925.00
3810Colliers International$199,902.00
3811Cadence Economics Pty Limited$199,570.01
3812Shane Carroll And Associates Pty Ltd$199,530.00
3813ONE DOT Technologies Pty Ltd$199,522.82
3814Brett Jason Stuart Mclaren$199,500.00
3815DREW Myers Engineering Consultants$199,485.00
3816Cinden Lester Communications$199,435.00
3817Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation$199,107.00
3818Coates Hire Operations Pty Ltd$199,099.91
3819Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc$199,056.68
3820Defence Business Solutions Pty Ltd$199,037.64
3821Itech Solutions Pty Ltd$198,987.80
3822SGS Economics And Planning Pty Ltd$198,980.00
3823IP Australia$198,500.00
3824Northern LAND Council$198,408.22
3825Qiagen Pty Ltd$198,357.22
3826Schiavello Systems (WA) Pty Ltd$198,081.40
3827AUST Institute Of Aboriginal$198,045.00
3828SAVI Technology Australia$198,000.00
3829The Trustee For The Coretext Trust$198,000.00
3830Pragmatint Pty Ltd$198,000.00
3831Keelty, Michael Joseph$198,000.00
3832Cogstate Ltd$198,000.00
3833Market Access$197,997.40
3834Marina Bournazos$197,835.00
3835Greenwoods & Freehills Pty Ltd$197,733.28
3836Beaver Brands Pty Ltd$197,727.70
3837Jackson Management Consulting$197,717.00
3838Scott Sutherland Pty Ltd$197,698.00
3839Ignite Business Consulting$197,512.20
3840Royal Australian & New Zealand COLL$197,474.01
3841Munters Pty Ltd$197,237.70
3842ECA International$197,130.00
3843Certus Solutions Pty Ltd$196,958.81
3844STEP TWO Designs$196,880.20
3845The Comms Collective Pty Ltd$196,700.00
3847Lucas, Belinda$196,545.25
3848The Escal Institute$196,268.50
3849Multicultural Marketing & Management$196,230.85
3850KATE Williams SC$196,100.01
3851Bohler Uddeholm$195,993.43
3852Australian Maritime Systems$195,902.00
3853Pro4mance Global Pty Ltd$195,726.30
3854Kristen LEE Bennie And Steven Andrew Bennie$195,700.00
3855Funnelback Pty Ltd$195,691.71
3856ANN Whitfield$195,580.00
3857A Nestola & GJ REID$195,250.00
3858Stacey BARR Pty Ltd$195,015.10
3859CODE FROM The Corner$195,000.01
3860Pullman Melbourne On The PARK$195,000.00
3861Futurespace Pty Ltd$194,898.00
3862Melissa Honner$194,689.00
3864Kevin FOX Consulting Pty Ltd$194,141.71
3865Nadantis Pty Ltd$194,130.00
3866PSI ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$194,070.00
3867Colin Trapp & Associates PTY. Ltd$194,046.05
3868Oakwood Residence Beijing$193,962.00
3869WEST DALY Regional Council$193,894.32
3870The Trustee For Peter Kratzel Trust$193,893.00
3871Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems$193,841.20
3872Zettaserve Pty Ltd$193,604.48
3873Murphy Davis Consulting Pty Ltd$193,580.60
3874Cavotec Australia Pty Ltd$193,483.75
3875Portable Analytical Solut$193,466.67
3876Cycoll Health$193,459.20
3877Akchi Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN 006 920 547) AS The Trustee The Jarrily Family Trust$193,376.80
3878Simuserv Pty Ltd$193,342.60
3879HARE & Forbes Machinery HOUS$193,308.05
3880Mcbeath Pty Ltd$193,200.00
3881Geomatic Technologies Pty Ltd$193,164.40
3882TIM North Marine Pty Ltd$192,925.15
3883Informa UK Ltd$192,922.75
3884Kineo T/A Flexible Learning Network Ltd$192,912.50
3885EDGE Environment$192,795.00
3886AFL Telecommunications Austral$192,556.61
3887Nexus Australasia Pty Limited$192,500.00
3888MARK J Steele$192,500.00
3889Centre For International Forestry$192,500.00
3890G.A. Glanville And CO$192,495.11
3891Grifols Australia Pty Ltd$191,576.98
3892Investment Trends Pty Limited$191,400.00
3893Wired Consulting (australia) Pty Ltd$191,400.00
3894Colliers International (victoria) Pty Limited$191,248.20
3895Australian Industry Standards$191,095.20
3896SMC Conference & Function Centre$191,050.49
3897GKM Consulting Pty Ltd$191,016.50
3898Stephen Shaderick Kirby$191,005.00
3899AE Smith$191,000.00
3900Getinge Australia Pty Ltd$190,805.60
3901Scinapse Australia Pty Ltd$190,490.96
3902Jones Nicholson Consulting Engineer$190,272.01
3903The Trustee For Aurum Trust T/A Aurumx$190,245.00
3904Mrbadges.com Pty Ltd$190,233.34
3905Clearpath Robotics Inc$190,136.81
3906DR Warren Harrex Pty Ltd$190,125.00
3907Covaris Pty Ltd$190,080.00
3908Crowe Horwath (aust) Pty Ltd$189,999.70
3909Linkedin Singapore PTE Ltd$189,788.78
3910Freeman HR Pty Ltd$189,756.00
3911GOV LAW TECH Services P/L$189,600.00
3912SIR Joseph Isherwood Ltd$189,479.33
3913M.J. Johnson & Associates$189,464.98
3914Global Asset Systems Pty Limited$189,047.40
3915Gordon & Jackson$188,984.01
3916Kardex VCA Pty Ltd$188,864.50
3917Allison Harris$188,828.20
3918Accessity Pty Ltd$188,722.25
3919Advent ONE Pty Ltd$188,688.72
3920Receiver General For Canada Public$188,422.20
3921Fivium Pty Limited$188,285.41
3922Galois, INC.$188,070.40
3923Onboard Solutions Pty Ltd$188,031.80
3924Concept 2 Competition Group$187,880.00
3925C & M Leussink Engineering Pty Ltd$187,818.70
3926Australian Associated Press Pty LIM$187,651.56
3927LS Instruments AG$187,548.21
3928Quinto Communications$187,530.30
3929Frontier Economics Pty Ltd$187,464.00
3930HL Pharma Pty Ltd$187,440.00
3931Glycon Developments Pty Ltd$187,330.40
3932Energy Market Consulting Associates$187,308.00
3933CREA Laboratory Technologies P/L$187,132.14
3934Lizsam Enterprises$187,066.00
3935Comtest Laboratories P/L$187,000.00
3936ISO Technology Pty Ltd$187,000.00
3937Lyon, Aiden$187,000.00
3938Pelle Architects$186,999.38
3939Red Design Group Pty Ltd$186,578.70
3940Zenith Interiors ACT Pty Ltd$186,517.10
3941Clearcost Software$186,505.00
3942Asbuild Pty Ltd$186,494.40
3943Essex Industries, INC. DIV Manufact$186,103.58
3944Actsafe Australia Pty Limited$186,000.00
3945The Psych Establishment$186,000.00
3946Robert HALF Australia Pty Ltd$185,990.11
3947Madok Group$185,900.00
3948Siborg Technologies Pty Ltd$185,856.00
3949NT Energy Contracting Pty Ltd$185,790.00
3950Climate Policy Research Pty Ltd$185,773.67
3951Seismic ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$185,727.30
3952BDW Special Events Pty Ltd$185,700.00
3953The Economist Intelligence UNIT$185,638.76
3954S2 Wetsuits$185,637.10
3955Ku-ring-gai Council$185,403.23
3956Matthew Brady$185,000.00
3957Private Individual - Shanghai$184,971.10
3958AAI Aerosonde Pty Ltd$184,916.60
3959Taylor Professional Services Pty$184,800.00
3960Australian Systems Engineering Pty$184,778.00
3961Assuritas Pty Ltd$184,700.00
3962IOM - A/C 905963 (usd)$184,593.44
3963BDO East Coast Partnership$184,185.00
3964Historical Aircraft Restoration SOC$184,098.28
3965BITE Visual Communications Group$184,066.70
3966Carefusion Australia 316 Pty Ltd$183,920.00
3967Napier & Blakeley Pty Ltd$183,755.00
3968Intercontinential Sanctuary COVE Resort$183,534.16
3969Zyent P/L$183,500.00
3970Thermoline Scientifi$182,976.20
3971EP2 Management Pty Limited T/AS$182,862.84
3972Sheraton On The PARK$182,605.95
3973Asian LAW Group Pty Ltd$182,531.80
3974Intercad Pty Ltd$182,409.70
3975EJ2 Communications Inc$182,262.00
3976Montlaur Project Services PTY. LTD.$182,160.00
3977Business Minds Australia Pty Ltd$181,687.00
3978Sabrenet Ltd$181,500.00
3979Madeleine Ellicott$181,500.00
3980Chuang JI DIAN (shanghai) Accelerator Management CO., Ltd$181,479.00
3981Enterprise CARE Teleconferencing$181,435.50
3982Canberra Management Consulting Pty Limited$181,300.00
3983Wales BUS And BODY Repairs Pty$181,102.50
3984Flinders University$181,000.01
3985ACTE Pty Ltd$180,964.00
3986Celia Winnett$180,750.00
3987Aboriginal Carbon FUND Limited$180,646.42
3988COR Cordis (melbourne)$180,581.50
3989Decaly Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Kaaps Property Trust NO.1$180,479.01
3990MR And MRS M L'estrange$180,000.00
3991The Pentarch Group$179,870.88
3992Advanced Training$179,746.11
3993Microway Pty Ltd$179,616.91
3994Clarke & Severn Electronics Pty Ltd$179,316.29
3995General Dynamics C4 Systems INC.$179,291.19
3996Staging Connections$179,184.89
3997Realplaymedia Pty Limited$178,984.00
3998Mental Health Australia Ltd$178,888.16
3999The Centre For Cultural Competence$178,860.00
4000Interntational Trade Compliance Services (itcs)$178,825.64
4001Stylecraft Australia$178,631.10
4003JOHN Lance Schmidt$178,274.25
4004MR Thomas Gyorffy$178,125.01
4005Fiomarine Industries Pty Ltd$178,118.60
4006ALC Education & Consulting$177,838.65
4007Forrestdale Services$177,789.54
4008Ansul Distribution Warehouse$177,733.60
4010Trident Systems Incorporated$177,631.65
4011Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu PNG$176,802.94
4012KG Young & Associates Pty Ltd$176,549.04
4013Psychmaps Consultancy$176,462.45
4014NSW Government Schools$176,405.00
4015Centre For Information Systems Research MIT Sloan School Of Management$176,153.83
4016Pamille BERG Consulting Pty Ltd$176,111.79
4017ATA Scientific Pty Ltd$176,099.00
4018Belle-laide Events Pty Ltd$176,000.00
4019Endeavour Energy$175,970.62
4020PITT And Sherry (operations) Pty Ltd$175,912.00
4021Jeremy KIRK$175,800.00
4022Publication Perspectives Pty Ltd$175,736.32
4023Donald CANT Watts Corke (act) Pty Ltd$175,517.66
4024Adept Turnkey$175,298.20
4025Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise$175,244.16
4026Princeton Lightwave INC.$175,070.00
4027Environmental Accounting$175,000.00
4028Polaris Australia$174,970.20
4029Waratah Partners Aboriginal Corporation$174,900.00
4030Sekiwa REAL Estate Kansai Ltd$174,693.58
4031Humanetics Innovative Solutions$174,581.00
4032Teledyne WEBB Research$174,500.20
4033Martin Membrane Systems$174,435.12
4034Intellagama Pty Ltd$174,295.00
4035Susan Yates O.T. Pty Ltd$174,174.00
4036Qantas Airways Ltd$174,150.61
4037LIST A Barristers$174,145.00
4038RJH Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The RJH Property Trust$173,937.50
4039Sustineo Pty Ltd$173,908.00
4040Adtech Environmental Pty Ltd$173,800.00
4041Aruna Sathanapally$173,758.00
4042EFT Consulting$173,525.00
4043Aquenta Consulting Pty Ltd$173,500.00
4044Malanda Remote Concrete$173,481.55
4045Frazer Holmes Coaching$173,250.00
4046Discipline Australia$173,030.00
4047Essence Communications$172,790.00
4048Tracey Summerfield$172,788.00
4049Special Broadcasting Service$172,760.50
4050Thema Consulting Pty Ltd$172,700.00
4051OWN World$172,629.80
4052Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd - AUD$172,506.29
4053Sharon ROWE Pty Ltd$172,480.00
4054ICD ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$172,450.00
4055Precise Global Pty Ltd$172,431.88
4056Queensland Breathing Systems$172,380.40
4058ALL Machinery Servicing Pty Ltd$172,222.01
4059Purcell Consultants Pty Ltd$172,200.01
4060Signet Group International Pty Ltd$172,157.00
4061Gaseng Petroleum (christmas Island)$171,899.00
4062Fraser Suites Seoul$171,898.42
4063CMC Electronics Inc$171,605.88
4065Siemens Ltd$171,592.02
4066Reef Ecologic Pty Ltd$171,487.00
4067First GULF Properties$171,393.00
4068Preemptive Consulting Pty Ltd$171,340.00
4069Creative Merchandise Solutions$171,263.40
4070Maxiport Engineering Pty Ltd$171,101.92
4071Orbital Systems Ltd$170,982.30
4072National Indigenous Pastoral Enterprises Pty Ltd$170,960.00
4073Testel Australia Pty Ltd$170,606.50
4074Elizabeth Collins$170,500.00
4075Order-in Pty Ltd$170,500.00
4076Iphix Ireland Ltd$170,500.00
4077A J Dever Pty Ltd$170,417.01
4078Leaver Industries$170,289.35
4079Ground ZERO Environmental Pty$170,236.00
4081Communication Research Institute Limited$170,145.93
4082AMOG PTY. Ltd$170,126.00
4083PARK Royal Darling$170,090.34
4084NSW Registry Of Births Deaths And Marriages$170,038.50
4085Sofitel BALI NUSA DUA Beach Resort$170,000.00
4086Maglok Australia Pty Ltd$169,865.30
4087Isolated Children's Parents'$169,824.00
4088Bison Creative$169,758.00
4089Horton International$169,757.23
4090Steve Brimstone Psych SERV P/L$169,756.80
4091Shields Painting & Decorating$169,752.00
4092Abbott RISK Consulting Ltd$169,554.00
4093ABCO Water Systems$169,518.80
4094Australian Security Technology Pty$169,459.54
4095The Gallup Organisation Pty Ltd$169,400.00
4096Apnic Pty Ltd$169,238.30
4097Christmas Island Internet Administr$169,200.00
4098Grindlay Nominees Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Whycam UNIT Trust$169,038.38
4099Workspace Commercial$169,025.02
4100Metro Nursing Solutions Pty Ltd$169,012.80
4101Latrobe Valley Enterprises$169,000.00
4102Contact Learning Group$168,575.55
4103WFEL Limited - AUD$168,575.50
4104C M I SAFE CO$168,547.20
4105Cairns Hardware COMP$168,289.43
4106KORN Ferry International$168,223.51
4107KAY CHEE Lance$168,065.00
4108Polaris Central$168,047.79
4109Think HQ$168,000.00
4110Grant DALE Consulting$167,875.00
4111Young's LIST$167,850.00
4112Graham Partington$167,750.00
4113Vincents Audit And Assurance$167,640.00
4114Emtek Furniture Pty Ltd$167,234.10
4115AGED & Community Services Australia$167,200.00
4116Aviation & General Pty Ltd$167,189.00
4117Manuka PARK Serviced Apartments$167,100.00
4118Minter Ellison$166,920.00
4119Aggmedia Pty Ltd$166,881.00
4120Domain Tools, LLC$166,834.25
4121Triple B Leathercraft P/L$166,787.50
4122Forklift Solutions Pty Ltd$166,781.03
4123Cocos Communications And IT Pty Ltd$166,697.76
4124Keogh BAY People Pty Ltd$166,540.00
4125AJM BROE Investments Pty Ltd$166,452.00
4126Mahajan, Rajat$166,320.00
4127Content Security Pty Ltd$166,056.00
4128Resolve Consulting$165,880.00
4129Amanda Coulthard$165,844.36
4130Behavioural Insights$165,495.00
4131Samgene Nominees Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Gurfinkel Family Settlement$165,490.08
4132Alchemycm Pty Ltd$165,442.10
4133Xipiter LLC$165,366.26
4134Salaries And Allowances Tribunal$165,003.00
4135Persec Solutions Pty Ltd$165,000.00
4136Crouche, Michel$165,000.00
4137Beletich, Steven Argeo T/A Beletich Associates$165,000.00
4138Boongalla Group Pty Ltd$165,000.00
4139Worleyparsons Services Pty Limited$165,000.00
4140MPS (mitchell Personnel Solutions)$165,000.00
4141RAY White Mount Barker$165,000.00
4142GIFT Of LIFE Institute$165,000.00
4143Key Vetting Services Pty Ltd$165,000.00
4144TOWN Of East Fremantle$165,000.00
4146Integrated Procurement Technologies$164,969.41
4147Maddog Composites$164,868.00
4148ATSE - Clunies ROSS Foundation$164,783.00
4149CVSG Asset Services Pty Ltd$164,723.90
4150Australian Medical Association$164,670.00
4151Proactive Resolutions (aust) P/L$164,599.60
4152ATEN Systems Pty Ltd$164,599.60
4153Mistral Syndication No 1 P/L$164,588.00
4154Sante Corportion Pty Ltd$164,588.00
4155DOWD Group Pty Limited$164,587.50
4156IRS Refrigeration Pty Ltd$164,540.75
4157Thomas International Pty Ltd$164,450.00
4158Radiation Saunders Pty Ltd$164,287.09
4159Terumo BCT Australia Pty Limited$164,203.60
4160Protec Pty Ltd$164,106.79
4161AWR Corporation$164,082.56
4162LAW And Development Partners Pty Ltd$163,900.00
4163K Devenish Advisory SVCS Pty Ltd$163,864.80
4164Dovagem Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Trchala Family Trust$163,840.00
4165EAS Toolcraft Pty Ltd$163,806.50
4166Bentleys (SA) Pty Ltd$163,790.00
4167Mediserve Pty Ltd$163,787.24
4168North American Manufacturing Compan$163,706.66
4169Logicalis Australia Pty Ltd$163,706.05
4170Impact Investing Australia Ltd$163,667.90
4171Alliance Tooling CO Pty Ltd$163,614.00
4172Voxtec International, INC. DBA VOXT$163,524.08
4173Steele Environment Solutions Pty LT$163,350.00
4174Michael Green Pty Ltd$163,341.80
4175Ertech Pty Ltd$163,316.75
4176Sapere Research Group Limited$162,933.00
4177The IET$162,668.93
4178United Philippine Realty Corporation$162,510.67
4179LEE Hecht Harrison Pty Limited$162,500.00
4180Akiko Jackson, AHJ & Associates$162,316.52
4181Moore Educational Pty Ltd$162,228.00
4182Tacmed Australia Pty Ltd$162,176.79
4183Stephen Monty$162,162.00
4184Virginia HINE$162,019.00
4185Ridge Management Services$162,000.00
4186Gympie Cooloola Foodservice$162,000.00
4187Lester Franks$161,950.00
4188Episerver Inc$161,740.12
4189Master Carpets$161,647.20
4190Healthcare Australia$161,612.80
4191Australian Special Education Princi$161,425.00
4192IIT Training Pty Ltd$161,314.33
4193Joanna Finlayson Psychologist$161,304.00
4194Wecal Pty Ltd$161,200.00
4195Stackla Pty Ltd$161,128.00
4196ABLE Industries Engineering P/L$161,082.02
4197The Trustee For The Morpheus Trust$161,040.00
4198Megan Dyson$161,032.00
4199LA Salle Matrix Thinking$160,996.85
4200Directioneering UNIT Trust$160,950.01
4201MOTT Macdonald Australia Pty Ltd$160,740.80
4202Ideate Pty Ltd$160,600.00
4203Geckoblue Interiors$160,525.13
4204Ergon Energy CO Ltd/ises$160,425.90
4205SNOW Engineering Services Pty Ltd$160,402.00
4206DEPT Of Economic Development Tourism And The ARTS$160,215.98
4207Vivid Economics Ltd$160,120.00
4208The Hackett Group Australia Pty Ltd$160,048.99
4209Proquest LLC$160,021.46
4210World Meteorological Organization (GEO Secretariat)$160,000.00
4211SUN TEST Systems B.V.$159,994.57
4212Lisasoft Pty Ltd$159,976.00
4213Unmanned Systems Australia Pty Ltd$159,960.00
4214Birubi Consulting Pty Ltd$159,735.80
4215UGM Consulting$159,544.00
4216Challis & Company Pty Limited$159,500.00
4217Lindsay Wootten$159,478.00
4218Fireland Consultancy$159,390.00
4219Mariana Payne$159,375.00
4220Biomerieux Australia Pty Ltd$159,351.37
4221Hills Holdings Limited$159,313.65
4222BDA Group$159,310.00
4223Battery Specialties (aust) Pty L$159,286.88
4224Health Outcomes International$159,160.00
4225Tennant Creek Fuels$159,058.16
4226Fatigue Technology, INC.$158,972.28
4227Patricia Whyte$158,921.23
4228Farmaisle Pty Ltd$158,800.02
4229Pipionem Partners$158,800.00
4230Sarah Pritchard$158,650.00
4231Hotel Realm Pty Ltd$158,608.86
4232Human Chemistry Pty Ltd$158,600.00
4233Peoplebank (incorporating Ambit REC)$158,400.00
4234Performance Assurance Pty Ltd$158,400.00
4235Emerald Group Publishing Ltd$158,245.00
4236Melaine Hindman$158,125.00
4237Flexi Staff Pty Ltd$158,000.00
4238Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd$157,823.05
4239WCL Management Services Pty Ltd$157,770.00
4240Plugged In Pty Ltd$157,740.00
4241Michael Green Pty Ltd$157,665.00
4242Fluidquip Australia Pty Ltd$157,468.30
4243Trailer Sales (NQ) Pty Ltd$157,320.25
4244Ambrose Business Solutions$157,300.00
4245BIN Hamoodah Properties LLC.$157,232.99
4246Solvents Australia Pty Ltd$157,030.50
4247DEPT Of Training & Workforce Develo$157,000.00
4248Clayton UTZ$156,914.67
4249Radisson On Flagstaff$156,679.00
4250Powerpak Packaging$156,667.50
4251Federal Court Of Australia$156,650.00
4252Goals Aandn$156,572.27
4253UTM Ltd$156,487.44
4254ZONE Medical Pty Ltd$156,310.00
4255Darren SHAW$156,267.10
4256Circadian Solutions Pty Ltd$156,156.68
4257ABLE Organic Recycling Pty Ltd$156,000.00
4258Kylie Therese Nomchong$155,974.20
4259Readspeaker Pty Ltd$155,965.90
4260Recovre Group$155,876.04
4261Private Individual - Thailand$155,838.02
4262Mariner Enterprises$155,800.00
4263Smart Energy Solutions Australia PT$155,672.54
4264Gary's HOME And Garden CARE$155,608.00
4265Intermediary Contracting$155,393.70
4266SRG Properties LLC$155,191.00
4267Nelson BAY Consulting$155,001.00
4268Denis Leslie Mcdermott$155,000.00
4269Iliquid Pty Ltd$155,000.00
4270Hyatt Hotel Canberra$154,817.20
4271Ferno Australia Pty Ltd$154,550.00
4272Private Mental Health Consumer CARE$154,327.00
4274PWB Anchor Limited$154,000.00
4275ALL Graduates Interpreting$154,000.00
4277Career Industry Council$154,000.00
4278ALL Graduates Interpreting & Translating Services$154,000.00
4279LISA Young$154,000.00
4280Safari Books Online, LLC$153,949.71
4281Sandwalk Partners$153,807.50
4284Northrop Grumman Defense Mission SY$153,384.08
4285L-3 Communications Microdyne$153,373.20
4286Metocean Services International*$153,212.35
4287Danielle Tucker$153,000.00
4288Hunter Connections$152,999.78
4289Tanker Repairs Australia Pty Ltd$152,922.90
4290Smsglobal Pty Ltd$152,900.00
4291Hoerbiger Australia Pty Ltd$152,762.50
4292Bayesian Intellegence$152,645.00
4293OWEN Inter Pty Ltd - AUD$152,578.80
4294Galexia Pty Ltd$152,494.10
4296NOVA CASH FLOW Finance - Wardy IT Soluti$152,372.00
4297Parenting Research Centre$152,306.00
4298Language Experts Pty Ltd$152,290.28
4299Pumping Irrigation & M$152,164.88
4300Contexti Pty Limited$152,020.00
4301Lilyvale Hotel Pty Ltd$151,831.07
4302Kirsty Mcivor & Associates$151,775.00
4303Health Communication Network$151,743.55
4304Aquitaine Consulting$151,729.00
4305BTTP Consulting Pty Ltd$151,690.00
4306KAB Seating Systems$151,606.29
4307Griffin Marine Servi$151,588.78
4308Fileguard CO. (mfg) Pty Ltd$151,473.30
4309The Boeing Company$151,354.16
4310Department Of Science, Information Technology And Innovation$151,300.00
4311Think IT Consulting Pty Ltd$151,199.99
4312Alltrack GSE Pty Ltd$150,829.20
4313Haymero Pty Ltd$150,755.00
4314The Royal College Of Pathologists O$150,563.01
4316Kincrome AUST Pty Ltd$150,458.00
4317Rockhampton Regional Council$150,250.00
4318Apollo Australia Pty Ltd$150,240.47
4319Molecular Products Australia Pty$150,100.50
4320Almont Corporation Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4321MR Simon Cleary$150,000.00
4322Institut Polaire Francis$150,000.00
4323Complete Coporate Health$150,000.00
4324DR Sally Hughson$150,000.00
4325Tasmania Development And Resources$150,000.00
4326MJ And AK Callaghan$150,000.00
4327Justin Hewitt$150,000.00
4328Landedge P/L$149,852.20
4329Michael REID And Associates$149,800.00
4330Force Earthworks PTY. LTD.$149,785.90
4331Armailt Consulting$149,600.00
4332Wagnitz Building Services$149,571.29
4333Lobban Mcnally Lawyers$149,555.00
4334Inter Continental Hotel$149,478.00
4335Hagana Segurana LTDA$149,428.00
4336Silver & Ballard Australia Pty Ltd T/AS Damsmart$149,240.30
4337Stephen Knight$149,200.00
4338Allshelter Pty Ltd$149,109.40
4340Natalie Bottroff And Associated Pty Ltd$148,913.00
4341Measurement And Analysis Camera$148,912.50
4342Startrack Retail Pty Ltd$148,848.74
4343Axient Pty Ltd$148,840.29
4344Lighthouse Data Collection$148,720.00
4345Lyppard Australia Pty Ltd$148,663.12
4346Combat Simulation Systems (aust)$148,620.74
4348Dante Geoscienfic Consulting$148,500.00
4349PAN Software Pty Ltd$148,500.00
4350Barlens Event Hire$148,332.25
4351COCA COLA Adhoc PYMT$148,222.78
4352DQU Pty Ltd$148,178.00
4353Woodfin Consulting Pty Ltd$148,141.00
4354Lekeisha Enterprises$148,104.00
4355KPMG PNG$148,087.77
4356Building Effectiveness Pty Ltd$148,000.00
4357Radio Tactics Limited$147,950.01
4358Stonybridge Holdings Pty Ltd$147,923.22
4359TP Human Capital Pty Ltd$147,870.70
4360Joanne Thomson Trading AS Learning4development$147,797.96
4361Wulguru MEAT Market$147,745.38
4362Cargotec Australia Pty Ltd$147,725.27
4363Beyond Technology International Pty Ltd$147,576.00
4364David Mcgovern S C$147,573.00
4365Bradmill Outdoor Fabrics Pty Ltd$147,499.00
4366APC Holdings Pty Ltd$146,981.70
4367CRB Solutions Pty Ltd$146,967.70
4368Ipsec Pty Ltd$146,850.00
4369MURU Group Pty Ltd$146,850.00
4370Human Solutions Of North America, I$146,836.02
4371MSC Software (S) PTE Ltd$146,644.29
4372EMC Technologies Pty Ltd$146,630.00
4373Nationwide NEWS$146,602.50
4374DR RUTH C A Higgins$146,600.01
4375Lejen Marine Pty Ltd$146,555.52
4376Gempa GMBH$146,500.00
4377Searson BUCK Pty Ltd$146,378.94
4378BE Learning Pty Ltd$146,300.00
4379Norblast Industrial Solutions$146,080.00
4380RMIT International University$146,000.00
4381Engineering Analysis Services$146,000.00
4382Saferoads Pty Ltd$145,970.00
4383Context Information Security Ltd$145,802.95
4384Aerosonde Pty Ltd$145,713.70
4385The Holos Group Pty Ltd$145,697.02
4386Eleven Strategic Communications$145,646.00
4387Smokeshield AUST Pty Ltd$145,525.72
4388Project 22 Pty Ltd$145,516.82
4389Logan C LLC$145,451.59
4390Foley's LIST Pty Ltd$145,437.63
4391Open Channel Solutions$145,374.24
4392Revelian Pty Ltd$145,015.00
4393DOUG Clark Consulting$145,000.00
4394Tides Center$145,000.00
4395Socom Pty Ltd$145,000.00
4396Leckring Pty Ltd$145,000.00
4397Technical Assessing (vic) Pty Ltd$145,000.00
4398Jeremy Clarke$145,000.00
4399Gartner Australasia$144,980.00
4400DBA D&P Instruments$144,977.99
4401Western Advance Pty Ltd$144,548.40
4402Pauline English$144,515.13
4403Overseas Development Institute$144,430.84
4405Suzanne Robinson$144,397.00
4406The TTEE For The Knights Family Trust$144,324.00
4407Navcon Australia Pty Ltd$144,257.83
4408Gpsat Systems (aust) Pty Ltd$144,250.93
4409Terrasim, INC.$144,206.79
4410Gusto Holdings Pty Ltd T/AS Voodoo Creative$144,145.80
4411Delib Australia Pty Ltd$144,100.00
4412FJ Byrne Consulting$144,100.00
4413Mount Lofty House$144,054.89
44144E Implementing Agreement Pty Ltd$143,964.48
4415Arundi Bespoke Solutions$143,869.00
4416Solomon Brothers$143,778.25
4417AIR Charter Service (aust) Pty Ltd$143,760.00
4418F A Mitchell & CO Pty Ltd$143,638.51
4419Allied Health Professions Australia$143,550.00
4420Departmnet Of Culture & The ARTS$143,521.00
4421Magical Learning Pty Ltd$143,500.00
4423Executive Interim Management$143,277.27
4424Pioneer Computers$143,220.00
4425RARE Conference LLC$143,164.84
4426Qualtrics, LLC$143,138.25
4428Standard And Poor's (australia) PTY. LTD.$143,000.00
4429Grollo Aerospace Pty Ltd$143,000.00
4430New Millennium Print$142,984.00
4431Inner Truth$142,791.01
4432ROY E Mayne And SON$142,661.42
4433Walker Management Pty Ltd (ACN 114 133 569) AS The Trustee For The Chalandor Trust 2$142,592.67
4434Enabled Employment Pty Ltd$142,560.00
4435Vista Clara Inc$142,504.70
4436Thylacine Exhibit PREP$142,492.81
4437Connexity Australia Pty Ltd$142,478.90
4438Miwatj Employment And Participation$142,304.78
4439Prospectors Supplies Pty Ltd$142,108.11
4440Gaumann Antiques & French Polishing$142,054.00
4441Nexter Munitions$142,015.88
4442Neoteny Service Design Pty Ltd$142,000.00
4443Stripy SOCK Pty Ltd$142,000.00
4444Amanda Stevenson$142,000.00
4445Judith Carpenter & Associates$142,000.00
4446CPLI Pty Ltd$141,900.00
4447International Conservation Services$141,834.00
4448HBA Legal$141,783.41
4449Perth Airport Pty Ltd$141,621.46
4450Webqem Pty Ltd$141,607.76
4451Greenmakers Pty Ltd$141,477.00
4452Downunder Geosolutions Pty Ltd$141,386.62
4453Mincham Aviation$141,318.06
4454Everett Smith & CO. PTY. LTD.$141,315.19
4455Charlotte Towers$141,296.10
4456Jenoptik Laser GMBH$141,248.99
4457TOK Carpentry And Partitioning Pty Ltd$141,196.00
4458DRS Sustainment Systems Inc - AU$141,193.92
4459Gallay Medical And Scientific$141,124.65
4460DR Robert Breunig$141,112.00
4461SRC AUS Pty Ltd$141,108.85
4462HUGH Watson Consulting Pty Ltd$141,055.50
4463Digital Logistics Holdings Pty Ltd$141,020.00
4464Power Parameters$140,991.40
4465Kanga Coachlines Pty$140,845.00
4466H.C. Bradford And Associates Pty$140,800.00
4467Deutz Australia Pty Ltd$140,784.79
4468Parkroyal Melbourne Airport$140,553.37
4469Forge Data Solutions$140,214.00
4470Tasmanian Ports Corporation$140,165.73
4471Novatech Ventures$140,154.00
4472Health Services$140,086.18
4473Rightquip Pty Ltd$140,075.79
4475Sutton & Horsley Pty Ltd$140,027.80
4476Maser Defence Pty Ltd$140,008.00
4477CATO Brand Partners$140,000.00
4478Metropolitan FIRE And Emergency$140,000.00
4479Ginnane Consulting$140,000.00
4480Michael James SIMS$140,000.00
4482KABA Australia Pty Ltd$139,832.00
4483Disability Services Commission$139,684.00
4484Martlec Services$139,683.50
4485Seascape Technology$139,444.50
4486Brizora Pty LTD, Bonscore Pty Ltd And Silton Investments Pty Ltd ATF Drysdale Property Trust$139,404.72
4487Millefiori Consulting Pty Ltd$139,269.90
4488Private Individual - Dubai$139,183.20
4489Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, Inc$139,041.29
4490Gwalia Nominess Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Brookman UNIT Trust$138,889.26
4491Freebody Financial Management Pty Ltd$138,856.00
4492Measurement Specialties, INC. DBA I$138,843.65
4493Complete UTE And VAN Hire$138,724.50
4494Twitter Inc$138,579.93
4496Master Instruments Pty Ltd$138,534.00
4497CAT Rental Power$138,513.41
4498Acroamatics INC.$138,461.76
4499Chant LINK And Associates$138,400.00
4500HR Links$138,373.13
4501Larsen & Brusgaard APS$138,363.71
4502The Saints IT Group ASIA Pacific$138,314.94
4503Pivotal Business Technology P/L$138,046.70
4504Hooper Design$137,999.99
4505Michael PAGE Recruitment$137,986.28
4506Yerriebah Partnership$137,940.00
4507ITC Australasia Pty Ltd$137,602.30
4508Darner Family Trust$137,563.80
4509Motorbis Pty Ltd$137,500.00
4510MBDA UK Ltd$137,431.36
4511Amazon Web Services$137,301.81
4512Cancer Institute NSW$137,210.00
4513ZOO Advertising Pty Ltd$137,036.97
4514Collard Clarke Jackson Canberra Pty Limited$137,032.50
4515Safety Australia$136,887.25
4516Turner, Tyson$136,620.00
4517Haylix Pty Ltd$136,510.00
4518Randell Environmental Consulting PT$136,438.01
4519Projective Pty Ltd$136,290.00
4520The Trustee For Onepath Masterfund$136,263.60
4521Oliver Hudson$136,198.70
4522Cubic Consulting Pty Ltd$136,180.00
4523Building Services Engineers Pty Ltd$136,153.60
4524Orator PLUS$136,081.38
4525Qualtrics LLC$136,040.00
4526Trevor Angove Refrigeration$135,905.00
4527RFI Shield CORP Pty Ltd$135,740.00
4528Geoff Harber$135,689.40
4529Betahaus GMBH$135,649.00
4530Marque Consulting$135,576.00
4531Paddy Pallin Adventure Equipment$135,190.35
4532ST JOHN Ambulance Australia VIC$135,095.40
4533Catherine Clarke$135,036.00
4535International Maize And Wheat Improvement Center$135,000.00
4536Nation Partners Pty Ltd$134,992.00
4537Griffith HACK$134,930.00
4538Airspeed Pty Ltd$134,915.44
4539Parkinson Consultancy Pty Ltd$134,860.00
4540EPOA Pty Ltd$134,800.00
4541Terrence Hogan$134,800.00
4542Cutthru Pty Ltd T/A Pollinate$134,750.00
4543Fisher, Evans & Associates Psycholo$134,750.00
4544Stafford Group Pty Ltd$134,717.00
4545National Capital Educational Tourism PRO$134,700.00
4546Business Journey$134,550.00
4547Sentio Consulting Pty Ltd$134,388.10
4548ALAN Beckett$134,348.20
4549PFM Advisory Services Pty Ltd$134,250.00
4550Kingsley Holdings Pty Ltd$134,099.10
4551Corinne Bezzina$134,079.00
4552Ingineering Pty Ltd$134,000.00
4553OUR Community$133,978.00
4554Barma Water Resources Pty Ltd$133,845.20
4555FORD Kelly Excutive Connection Pty$133,830.00
4556Gungarde Community Centre$133,754.52
4557Lonergan Research Pty Ltd$133,639.00
4558Natural Resource Assessments$133,624.80
4559The Fiber Optic Marketplace,llc$133,500.00
4560Simtech, INC.$133,275.79
4561Territory And Municipal Services$133,073.36
4562Instron Pty Ltd$133,045.00
4563Property NSW$132,993.96
4564Facey Group Inc$132,918.50
4565Market Solutions Pty Ltd$132,873.40
4566IVE Group Australia Pty Ltd$132,561.15
4567L J Hooker$132,428.57
4568Greens LIST Clerking Services$132,207.50
4569SOS Recruitment Services Pty Ltd$132,110.00
4570Hoffmann Trenching$132,084.38
4571Australian Council Of Deans Of EDUC$132,000.00
4572Institute For Regional Security Ltd$132,000.00
4573EMT Distribution Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4574Damenico Consultants$132,000.00
4575Arcitura Education Inc$131,871.85
4576Business Toolbox Australia Pty Ltd$131,687.60
4577Australian Sports Commission$131,637.00
4578University Of Washington$131,458.00
4579Interior Engineering - QLD$131,389.50
4580Streamsets Inc$131,230.44
4581Redcliffe International (shipping)$131,219.28
4583Buchan Consulting Pty Ltd$131,010.00
4584Relationships Australia (qld)$131,000.00
4585Revaluate Pty Ltd$130,969.20
4586Human Systems Group Pty Ltd$130,920.00
4587A.K Janda & M.S Janda & D RAI & S.K RAI$130,856.18
4588Pitcher Partners Consulting P/L$130,356.11
4589Hewitt, Rodney$130,140.00
4590Holland Medical Pty Ltd$130,130.00
4591Ensure Recruitment Pty Limited$130,075.00
4592Viking Marine Surveys Pty Ltd$130,020.00
4593LAW Society Of The Australian Capital Territory$130,000.00
4594Silverstripe Australia Pty Ltd$130,000.00
4595Crawford & Company$130,000.00
4596Grower's OWN$130,000.00
4597CCS FM Pty Ltd$129,984.00
4598CITY Of Salisbury$129,950.00
4599A J Baker And SONS Pty Ltd$129,943.02
4600Munition Safety Information Analysi$129,910.20
4601BE Insync$129,725.00
4602Claviger Pty Ltd$129,694.17
4603Franklin Covey Pty Ltd$129,677.86
4604Cogni.sense Psychology$129,650.00
4605Reimage - Sustained Asset Services P/L$129,624.00
4606Associative Producers$129,600.00
4607Openlearn Pty Ltd$129,497.00
4608B&D Australia Pty Ltd$129,473.36
4609Ba-insight, LLC$129,458.15
4610North Burnett Regional Council$129,365.98
4611PA & CI Martin$129,288.79
4612The Parish Church Of ST. James$129,280.00
4613ALL PEST And WEED Control$129,084.00
4614BDO (WA) Pty Ltd$129,027.00
4615Bluelink Australia Pty Limited$128,872.15
4616Escrow APPS Pty Ltd$128,831.45
4617Seeagility Pty Ltd$128,700.00
4618The Minister For Department Of EDUC$128,675.16
4619IAN Kershaw$128,597.70
4620Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd$128,593.27
4621Elevation Industries Pty Ltd$128,546.44
4622Stephen Owen-conway QC$128,440.50
4623Amnesium Pty Ltd$128,424.14
4624Greenwich University Enterprises$128,413.62
4625Jumbana Pty Ltd$128,253.00
4626Genuitec L.l.c.$128,226.60
4627Lockheed Martin UK Ampthill Limited$128,220.38
4628Wandin Yallock Pty Ltd$128,139.00
4629Energy Analysis And Engineering Pty Ltd$128,050.03
4630AIR Force SHOP$127,972.44
4631BIG4 STRT RGE OBK RS COO$127,841.50
4632R & T Family Trust$127,753.37
4633GB And GR Smith$127,718.00
4634Adelaide EXPO Hire Pty Ltd$127,626.87
4635Ozwinds Melbourne$127,615.64
4636Imprint Strategic Pty Ltd$127,563.50
4637S&P Capital IQ LLC$127,516.98
4638Lista Pty Ltd$127,458.80
4639Dicker Data Limited$127,452.69
4640Peekay Consolidated Pty Ltd ATF GK Simkiss Family Trust$127,186.24
4641DPRA Australasia PL$127,109.34
4642Act*international SIMU$126,806.75
4643Burning House Pty Ltd$126,794.80
4644Bennett Commercial Electronics$126,685.90
4645Aussie Floorcovering Distributor$126,674.90
4646Kinetic Fighting Pty$126,500.00
4647South Australian Metropolitan$126,500.00
4648Evolve Information Services$126,482.68
4649Sherrin Rentals Pty Ltd$126,401.00
4650Intersect Alliance$126,355.77
4651GAMS Development Corporation$126,354.17
4652The Trustee For Axium Solutions Trust$126,291.00
4653Advanced Records Management$126,287.06
4654Private Individual - PERU$126,227.21
4655ONE IOTA Pty Ltd$126,192.00
4656Department Of Planning$126,163.00
4657XXL Sheds$126,148.00
4658Cloud Legal Pty Ltd$126,000.00
4659Shanghai SUN Exhibition Services CO., Ltd$125,907.02
4660Christopher Peadon$125,843.75
4661Conrad Gargett Architects$125,829.00
4662BVCI Pty Ltd$125,804.80
4663Critical Solutions International, I$125,757.70
4664Lynette Silver$125,722.00
4665Particular Software$125,714.28
4666Alison BUTT$125,700.00
4667LAF Technologies Pty.ltd.$125,521.90
4668Team Catalyst$125,350.00
4669KATE Eastman SC$125,349.40
4670Appliances Online$125,135.99
4671Dianne Adams$125,120.00
4672The United Kingdom Hydrographic OFF$125,117.23
4673Happy Jacks CKI Pty Ltd$125,014.27
4674A-T Solutions Inc$125,000.00
4675Escribe Transcription & Web$125,000.00
4676KLX Inc$124,947.68
4677Armour Timber Company Pty Ltd$124,921.50
4678Mongodb Ltd$124,909.36
4679Coolah Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN 074 697 564) AS Trustee For The Lambert Family Trust$124,836.80
4680Grycol International Pty Ltd$124,759.60
4681Bailey's Marine Fuels Australia$124,737.35
4683Private Individual - Ghana$124,554.18
4684Sandra Lambert$124,500.00
4685Tradelink Plmbg CNTR SMI$124,479.19
4687Wonky EYES P/L ATF Welch Family TST$124,445.00
4688The Simulation Group$124,303.85
4689Anglican Community CARE Inc$124,175.00
4690Fireworks Gallery$123,950.00
4691DEPT Of Mines And Petroleum$123,923.00
4692Paradox Pty Ltd$123,797.00
4693Strategic Technical Services LLC$123,752.42
4694Trent March$123,735.43
46959270 Civil Aviation Safety AUTH$123,733.76
4696Tasmania FIRE Service$123,715.00
4697Bortell Dynamic EDGE$123,688.29
4698Cantell Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Romsel UNIT Trust$123,621.00
4699NINE MILE Street Pty Ltd (ACN 603 300 607) AS Trustee For NINE Miles Street Property Trust$123,555.66
4700Dylan Mckie Electrical$123,534.00
4701Mechanical AIR Conditioning$123,525.60
4702Prenax Pty Ltd$123,460.62
4703GSM Acoustics Pty Ltd$123,446.13
4704Oxycheck Pty Limited$123,431.00
4705Mekong Development Research Institute (mdri)$123,365.08
4706AIR Change Australia Pty Limited$123,218.70
4707SEDA Services$123,152.70
4708Steamboat Data Systems Inc$123,000.00
4709Great Southern Communications$122,831.00
4710Metacomp Technologies, INC.$122,659.13
4712DR Brett Oppermann$122,657.28
4713S DAS & Associates Pty TD$122,571.51
4714EDGE Software$122,543.12
4715ZU Bladeworx Australia Pty Ltd$122,520.42
4716Tamara Lynette Phillips$122,445.01
4717Lencom Antennas Pty Ltd$122,430.00
4718Australian Safety Engineers Pty Ltd$122,404.00
4719Project Planning (act) Pty Limited$122,284.00
4720Ogden, IAN$122,180.57
4721Powers And Sartori Electrocom$122,137.40
4722Tekinsite Video Technologies Pty LT$122,095.60
4723Pro-stage Victoria$122,045.00
4724ROWE Scientific Pty Ltd$122,007.60
4725PTC Inc$121,950.00
4726Agileware Pty Ltd$121,880.00
4727George Ogilvie Fibre Works$121,749.10
4728Shepherd Electrical Projects Pty LT$121,690.80
4729Groundmaster Engineering Pty Ltd$121,605.00
4730Vadatech ASIA Pacific Research$121,552.33
4731WHK Commercial Pty Limited$121,550.00
4732Gadens Lawyers$121,517.00
4733Australian Information Industry$121,480.00
4734Flexera Software Pty Limited$121,459.58
4735Class Complete LOCK And SAFE Services$121,265.80
4736RMCG Consulting Group$121,240.00
4737Terraform Design Pty Ltd$121,230.00
4738Infratherm Pty Ltd$121,158.01
4739Elpro Technologies Pty Ltd$121,136.40
4740HALL Chadwick (sydney)$121,055.00
4742Australian Indigenous Mentoring$121,000.00
4743NU Legal Pty Ltd$121,000.00
4744Janormus Pty Ltd (ACN 001 612 719) AS The Trustee For The Andrew Dobrohotoff Family Trust & The ELLA Dobrohotoff Family Trust$121,000.00
4745Hewitt Associates Pty Ltd$120,813.00
4746Saviom Software Pty Ltd$120,780.00
4747Wired & Wireless Solutions$120,772.30
4748Ascot Capital Facili$120,737.00
4749Norfolk Island GOLF CLUB$120,557.00
4750Daraco Services Pty Ltd$120,505.53
4751Katana 1 Pty Ltd$120,505.00
4752Pathway Consultants Pty Ltd$120,480.33
4753Westwood Spice$120,461.00
4754Indigenous Professional Services$120,426.05
4755Australian Centre For Environmental$120,352.49
4756Peaceworks Pty Ltd$120,172.65
4758Nigel Evans$120,150.00
4759Python Charmers$120,099.86
4760OMNI Assist Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4761Aust. Securities And Investments Commission$120,000.00
4762Elisabeth A Foster$120,000.00
4763Lyndale PARK Consulting Pty Limited$120,000.00
4764Streem Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4765Sandra Birkensleigh$120,000.00
4766RDS Partners Pty Ltd$119,840.09
4767Clamp Electrical Industries PTY*$119,800.00
4768People & Strategy (act)$119,790.00
4769Valley Chiropractic$119,667.43
4770Kwong Australasia (payroll) Pty Ltd$119,660.00
4771Presagis Canada Inc$119,656.77
4772Corasworks Corporation$119,474.10
4773Sealy Of Australia (nsw) Pty Ltd$119,405.00
4774NTP Forklifts Australia$119,328.00
4775Silverwater Welding Supplies$119,311.67
4776Corporate Executive Board$119,225.00
4777ECO Logical Australia Pty Ltd$119,179.50
4778The Social DECK$119,130.00
4779Salisbury Locksmiths Pty Ltd$119,121.76
4780Canberra REX Hotel$118,944.00
4781Novatech Controls Australia PTY*$118,866.00
4782Kilimanjaro Consulting Pty Ltd$118,858.75
4783Zettabyte Technology Pty Ltd$118,800.00
4784Merrow Consulting$118,800.00
4785Alcolizer Pty Ltd$118,800.00
4786Drallim Industries Ltd$118,792.63
4787Secure EDGE Technologies Pty Ltd$118,783.50
4788Electrocom Solutions Pty Ltd$118,719.70
4789Peter Field$118,701.00
4791A.H. Slater QC$118,387.50
4792No BOLT Operations Pty Ltd$118,383.99
4793ICC Sydney$118,311.00
4794Australian Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd$118,223.60
4795Messagenet Pty Ltd$118,200.00
4796Office Of The Bursar Working FUND$118,048.52
4797FISA S.A.$118,037.00
4798Sofitel Sydney Wentworth$118,000.00
4799PAUL E Sullivan$117,910.75
4800Thomas J Eccles$117,910.75
4801Stratelo Pty Ltd$117,891.40
4802M & J Chickens$117,832.76
4803Karlka Recruiting Services$117,741.40
4804ICE Media Pty Ltd$117,557.50
4805A J Distributors Pty Ltd$117,526.20
4806ECO 2000 Pty Ltd$117,375.94
4807Rydges On Swanston$117,335.47
4808Safari Books Online$117,267.19
4809ARA Security Services Pty Ltd$117,262.70
4810Peter Murray$117,155.52
4811Mulesoft, INC.$117,140.92
4812Sub-micron Engineering$117,128.00
4813ITE Australia Pty Ltd$117,106.00
4814Casmare P/L T/A Hi-lite Security$117,000.00
4816Keston Technologies Pty Ltd$116,908.00
4817The Cranlana Programme$116,780.00
4818Musteys Earth Moving$116,737.50
4819Christina Chandler$116,727.60
4820Avnet Electronics Marketing$116,720.26
4821Pumpseal Sales Technology Soluti$116,600.00
4822David Mclure$116,575.00
4823D2N Pty Ltd$116,417.04
4824Oce-australia Ltd$116,316.20
4825Cyalume Technologies, INC. DIV CTI$116,294.65
4826HW Technologies$116,268.91
4827Invenio Engineering Solutions$116,186.55
4828Agility Consulting Group Pty Ltd$116,153.80
4829H.i.s. HOSE Pty Ltd$116,143.50
4830Linux Foundation$116,127.61
4831Requal Business Services Pty Ltd$116,095.99
4832Midwest Aboriginal Employment And Economic Development (meedac) Inc$116,024.32
4833DEPT Of Environment$116,000.00
4834Western Institute Of Technology Pty Ltd$116,000.00
4835Tangaroa BLUE$116,000.00
4836L-3 Applied Technologies, INC.$115,952.76
4837Noble Industry QLD$115,940.00
4838Ninti ONE Limited$115,689.97
4839Airbus Group Australia Pacific$115,614.14
4840Business Abstraction Pty Ltd$115,555.00
4841Bluebox Energy Ltd$115,535.72
4842M-set Projects And Strategies Pty L$115,509.20
4843Pincombe Consulting Pty Ltd$115,500.00
4844CM Collyer And JL Turner$115,315.20
4845Totalspan Ipswich$115,313.10
4846SSPA Trading Trust$115,256.93
4847Monitor Industries Pty Ltd$115,181.00
4848Frontier Software Pty Ltd$115,166.30
4849Kingston Industries Pty Ltd$115,148.52
4850Proline Partitions Pty Ltd The Trustee For R & R Virgato Family Trust$115,026.50
4851David PAUL HUME$115,000.01
4852Medical Recruitment Pty Ltd$115,000.00
4853Roads And Maritime Services$115,000.00
4854Building4business Pty Ltd$115,000.00
4856Mercer Investments (australia) LIMI$115,000.00
4857Homestyle BAKE$115,000.00
4858Stuart Milner$114,961.97
4859Consilium Novamarine Pty Limited$114,896.10
4860A-T Solutions, INC.$114,851.02
4861Strategic Business Consulting$114,797.04
4862Proactiv People Solutions$114,615.88
4863TOLL Personnel Pty Ltd$114,584.25
4864Lavey, Jo-hannah AMY$114,522.90
4865Active Environmental Solutions$114,504.50
4866Elizabeth Maria Montano$114,500.00
4867Martec Ltd$114,477.46
4868Airport LINE Marking And Maintenanc$114,400.00
4869Green Lizard Science Pty Ltd$114,400.00
4870Hylec Controls Pty Ltd$114,400.00
4871Tosolini's Pty Ltd T/AS Tosolini's Catering$114,366.00
4872Jennifer Margaret Fanning$114,345.00
4873Royal Canin Australia Pty$114,301.82
4874Heirs Of MEER Abdul Qader Ahmed Khoori$114,250.00
4875Kylie Kluger Trading AS Kluger HAUS$114,058.81
4876Arthur J Gallagher (aus) Pty Ltd$114,029.79
4877S360 Pty Ltd$113,989.70
4878Andrew Donald Design Engineering PT$113,850.00
4879Aurora Education Foundation$113,800.01
4880Infor Global Solutions (anz) Pty Limited$113,795.00
4881Hitech Global Distribution, LLC$113,753.61
4882GULF Projects Pty Ltd$113,729.00
4883Beard A H Pty Ltd$113,690.81
4884Integrity Health & Safety Pty Ltd$113,569.26
4885Rsb4stars Industries Pty Ltd$113,520.00
4886Microsoft Australia Pty Ltd$113,446.30
4887Accountability Pty Ltd$113,429.06
4888Applied Measurement Australia$113,423.75
4889Tempo Strategies Pty Ltd$113,376.90
4890MAFO Naval Closures B.V.$113,308.19
4891IPP Consulting Pty Ltd$113,308.00
4892Profusion PAC Pty Ltd$113,300.00
4893Gaffney, Cline & Associates Pty Ltd$113,300.00
4894Painted DOG Research Pty Ltd$113,300.00
4896Australian Animal Health Council Limited$113,100.00
4897Australian Customs And Border Protection Service$113,049.56
4898Talis Putnins$113,031.80
4899Mount Vital Pty Ltd$113,025.40
4900Touchscreen Research$112,987.03
4901Commercial Diving Services$112,836.74
4902TONY Isaacs Consulting Pty Ltd$112,750.00
4903Vincent G Brennan$112,681.94
4904Jarlam Australia Pty Ltd$112,662.00
4905TR Calibration$112,625.70
4906Aurora Office Furniture P/L$112,551.01
4907ASTC Pty Ltd$112,500.00
4908A2K Technologies Pty Ltd$112,406.80
4909Crane, Michael Peter$112,400.00
4910QUID Inc$112,349.31
4911National Transport Security And Services Pty Ltd$112,332.00
4912Pirac Economics$112,310.00
4913Fergus Builders Pty Ltd$112,299.00
4914Professional Advantage Pty Ltd$112,288.00
4915Ralph Neumann Consulting$112,200.00
4916Keyholder Pty Ltd$112,200.00
4917Dynamic Data Solutions Pty Ltd$112,200.00
4918SIRI Williams$112,200.00
4919Explication Limited$112,080.50
4920CAM Interiors$112,044.90
4921Hartley, Debra JANE$112,025.63
4922Shangri-la's Fijian Resort & SPA$112,000.00
4923The ORS Group$112,000.00
4924Interworld Electronics And Computer$111,947.00
4925CHIN Communications Pty Ltd$111,940.56
4926LAKE Crcknbck RST MN JIN$111,903.52
4927Cadspace Pty Ltd$111,896.09
4928PAD Consulting Services$111,804.00
4929Hilton Adelaide$111,770.00
4930Electronic Power Systems Pty Ltd$111,760.00
4931The Galleria Investments LLC$111,730.65
4933DR R Stafford - Stafford Medical P/L$111,540.00
4934Dynamic Sports Facilities P/L$111,430.00
4935Adina VIBE Darwin$111,428.00
4936Metropole Products, INC.$111,422.31
4937Weipa Hire Pty Ltd$111,306.70
4938Talent CODE HR Pty Ltd$111,195.00
4939Tyrepliers Engineering Pty Ltd$111,037.96
4940Rodney Robertson & Associates$111,001.10
4941Northern Sydney Local Health District$111,000.00
4942LAND AIR SEA Space$110,877.80
4943EMMA Bathhurst$110,800.00
4944T And F States PL$110,726.77
4945Philip Edwin HIND$110,700.00
4946Christmas Island Internet$110,599.00
4947APV Engineering And Testing$110,487.30
4948Automic Software Pty Ltd$110,484.00
4949Strickland Enterprises$110,360.67
4950Ingersoll Consulting$110,295.00
4951Balazs Lazanas & Welch LLP$110,230.00
4952Gusher Pty Ltd$110,153.85
4953Sypris Electronics, LLC$110,099.03
4954MARK REHN Consulting Services Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4956International RICE Research Institute$110,000.00
4957JET CITY Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4958Preston Corporate Centre Pty Ltd (ACN 112 109 047) AS The Trustee For Chifley Property Trust$110,000.00
4959Commonwealth Ombudsman$110,000.00
49602and2 Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4961Vmware International Limited$110,000.00
4962Ferrier Hodgson Corporate Advisory P/L$110,000.00
4963Murinbin Group Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4964Donald Palmer$110,000.00
4965Layrib Pty Ltd ATF Baleba Trust$110,000.00
4966GK Solutions Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4967Biosecurity Solutions Australia Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Of The Grant Telford Family Trust$110,000.00
4968Ladoo Pty Ltd$109,982.00
4969Mektronics Australia Pty Ltd$109,947.64
4970PURE Contracting P/L$109,785.00
4971DEPT Of Regional Development & LAND$109,700.00
4972China World Summit WING$109,583.00
4973Recordpoint Software APAC Pty Ltd$109,560.00
4974AG Coombes Advisory Pty Ltd$109,544.80
4975MEGA Petroleum$109,510.00
4976N & B Rafter Constructions$109,500.00
4977Biomedtech Australia$109,299.30
4978Energeia Pty Ltd$109,294.90
4979Steve Brimstone Psych SERV P/L$109,248.00
4980Corrective Services Industries$109,227.80
4981Feedlot Services Australia$109,208.00
4982TEDS Camera 13$109,201.70
4983Laboratory Systems Group$109,172.64
4984LEG Consulting LLC$109,090.91
4985Diligent Board Services Australia Pty Ltd$109,040.00
4986Statistical Systems Analytics Pty Ltd$108,991.60
4987JED TECH Pty Ltd$108,975.00
4988Spirit River Pty Ltd$108,952.80
4989Covertex Ltd$108,903.28
4990Intelligent Business Research$108,900.00
4992James COOK University Student Association Jcusa$108,724.00
4993Sandra Walker Pty Ltd$108,680.00
4994Timberbuilt Solutions Trust$108,504.00
4995Comcater Pty Ltd$108,476.50
4996Beehive Vinyl Products Pty Ltd$108,471.82
4997AER Group Pty Ltd T/AS E-store$108,471.70
4998Flite PATH Pty Ltd$108,444.16
4999Nation Partners Pty Ltd$108,355.41
5000Whitecliffe Imports$108,296.10
5001DR Antonio DI DIO$108,181.37
5003Aerofuels Essendon Pty Ltd$108,085.26
5004Omnilink Pty Limited$108,083.26
5005Universal Aviation Pty Ltd$108,045.54
5006Chubb Electronic Secrutiy Systems$108,020.00
5007BBS Communications Group Pty Ltd$108,009.50
5008264 Richmond ROAD Pty Ltd (ACN 093450956) AS Trustee For 264 Richmond ROAD UNIT Trust$108,000.00
5009APCD Pty Limited$107,912.00
5011Medical Developments Internation$107,855.00
5012API Services And Solutions P/L$107,618.76
5013Berry Street Victoria Inc$107,500.00
5014Laminar Communications Pty Ltd$107,476.23
5015ADM Solutions Pty Ltd$107,400.00
5016Jennet Cole-adams And JUDY Gauld$107,360.00
5017Jennifer M Davis$107,328.00
5018Robert Brennan & Associates$107,285.44
5019Goulburn Valley Resources$107,239.00
5020George TOWN Council$107,113.80
5021Pacific Scientific Energetic Materi$107,027.32
5022Sherrell Ocean Services$107,000.00
5023Sartorius Australia Pty Ltd$106,958.72
5024Akamai Technologies$106,872.00
5025PECH Sokhem$106,814.73
5026Unity Computers$106,780.50
5027Sasgar FIRE And Rescue Pty Ltd$106,733.06
5028Pfeiffer Industries Pty Ltd$106,700.00
5029Business Mapping Solutions Pty Ltd$106,610.76
5030BANG Packaging Pty Ltd$106,587.80
5031Clarke Keller Pty Ltd$106,580.42
5032Ascom Integrated Wireless Pty Ltd$106,537.94
5033Promark Pty Ltd$106,452.50
5034Protector Alsafe$106,410.17
5035DEPT Of Racing Gaming & Liquor$106,399.00
5036Quantitative Aeronautics$106,200.30
5037Knowledge POND Pty Ltd$106,150.00
5038EIU Australia$106,147.84
5039C.s.i.a. Enterprises P/L$106,040.00
5040Totex Corporation$106,032.00
5041Tertiary Education Quality$106,004.00
5042F.H. Designs PTY. Limited$105,989.90
5044Belgian Defence$105,879.79
5045Dynamic Structures Pty Ltd$105,875.00
5046Relocation Rules$105,875.00
5047Baxter & Company Pty Ltd$105,666.00
5048JF Machinery Pty Ltd$105,541.50
5049Economic Regulation Authority$105,535.00
5050National Library Of Australia$105,500.50
5051FIVE Phase Group Pty Ltd$105,397.20
5052Warren INK Pty Ltd$105,380.00
5053Adpro/canberra Label Makers$105,281.73
5054Callington Haven Pty Ltd$105,235.20
5055Ferrier Hodgson (SA)$105,220.00
5056Elect Printing$105,155.31
5057Argyle Pacific Pty Ltd$105,151.20
5058Enlog Pacific Holdings Pty Ltd$105,000.00
5059Australian Fisheries Academy Ltd$105,000.00
5060Extendedlifestyle International INT$105,000.00
5061Presence Of IT (ocl) Pty Ltd$105,000.00
5062Adelaide Event Group Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Adelaide Event GRUP UNIT Trust$105,000.00
5063Cockington Green Gardens Pty Ltd$105,000.00
5064Institute Of Marine Engineering,$104,971.00
5065DR Peter Cotton$104,800.00
5066ZOHO Corporation Private Limited$104,579.00
5067Annapolis Micro Systems, INC.$104,578.84
5068Factiva Limited$104,540.23
5069Independent Aviation Pty Ltd$104,511.15
5070A Punch Of Light$104,501.50
5071Buyequip Pty Ltd$104,500.00
5073Connectica Consulting Pty Ltd$104,500.00
5074Oxford Economics Australia Pty Ltd$104,500.00
5075Saunders Business Cards$104,500.00
5076EB Predictive Analyti$104,456.00
5077Medibank Private$104,425.53
5078Hitwise Pty Ltd$104,170.00
5079LIST A Barristers Pty Ltd$104,168.75
5080Stark Aviation Pty Ltd$104,142.10
5081Shanghai Tower Business Operation And Management Co.,ltd$104,105.00
5082CBM Corporate$104,104.00
5083JRC Electrical Services$104,000.00
5084Ballistic And Mechan$103,991.80
5085SAFE Tactics B.V.$103,975.42
5086Stulz Australia$103,934.60
5087Shock & Vibration Technologies Pty$103,879.60
5088Deloitte TAX Services Pty Ltd$103,816.64
5089Civmec DLG Pty Ltd$103,792.38
5090Canberra Grammar SCH$103,789.91
5091G4S Secure Solutions LLC$103,728.00
5092Mason FAIR Pty Ltd$103,613.89
5093EPPS Software Pty Ltd$103,603.50
5094Cambridge Technologies$103,597.77
5095Asset Plant And Machinery Pty$103,596.52
5096Econdata Pty Ltd$103,580.00
5097Intergrity SIGN & FILM Design$103,558.40
5098G & A Painters$103,554.00
5099Kaplan, BORA D$103,499.99
5100Maestro Partners Pty Ltd$103,488.61
5101Capital Asphalt Services P/L$103,448.00
5102Steensen Varming (australia) P/L$103,328.50
5103Baseline Commercial Furniture Pty Ltd$103,260.60
5104Advanced Warehouse Solutions$103,253.31
5105MRI (aust) Pty Ltd$103,244.51
5106EHS Solutions$103,198.50
5107Burjuman Centre$103,150.00
5108Akips Pty Ltd$103,125.00
5109Geofeedia Inc$103,052.34
5110Altarama Information Systems P/L$103,043.60
5111Secure BITS Pty Ltd$103,023.80
5112Radisson BLU Plaza Hotel Sydney$102,892.00
5113ANNE Moorehead$102,800.00
5114SCM Group Australia Pty Limited$102,714.70
5115Scantechnics Pty Ltd$102,497.36
5116Brand Consulting$102,438.60
5117Emergency Transport Technology Pty$102,390.00
5118Covertel Pty Ltd$102,256.00
5119Department Of Sport And Recreation$102,083.00
5120Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty L$102,025.00
5121Caval Ltd$102,000.00
5122Catch Recruitment$102,000.00
5123Steadfast ICT Security$101,971.95
5124PLAN IT TEST Management Solutions$101,915.00
5125KE Software AUST Pty Ltd$101,851.20
5126The Flute TREE$101,796.02
5127Philip Leeson Architects Pty Ltd$101,759.35
5128MAPP Marketing Execution UK Ltd$101,640.00
5129G H Operations Pty Ltd T/A Grand Hyatt Melbourne$101,633.00
5130Jessica Younan$101,500.00
5131Capital Analytics Pty Ltd$101,489.00
5132Broome Marine Services$101,469.71
5133Active Environmental Solutions$101,244.00
5134Adaptalift Group PTY. LTD.$101,228.60
5135AUTO Fleet Spray Painting$101,012.80
5136Pavan Consultants$100,995.39
5137Malcolm Anderson$100,930.00
5138JSB Fencing & Machinery Hire$100,848.00
5139Computer ROOM Solutions Pty Ltd$100,705.10
5140Attorney-general's Department (SA)$100,662.40
5141Woden Contractors Pty Ltd$100,616.20
5142International AIR Transport Associa$100,582.12
5143Accountability (act) Pty Ltd$100,535.00
5144Protective Cases$100,482.80
5145Forrester Switzerland GMBH$100,480.80
5146ODS Management Consulting P/L$100,330.32
5147Paull And Warner BODY Builders Pty$100,308.81
5148Chemical Abstracts Service$100,304.55
5149Michael O'meara$100,300.00
5150Foodcorp VIC Pty Ltd$100,267.03
5151Nammo Lapua OY$100,250.58
5152The Trustee For Tparc Business$100,222.29
5153Student EDGE Pty Ltd$100,175.00
5154Covino Electrical & Security$100,118.60
5155Icenica Ltd$100,016.80
5156LARA JANE Morris$100,000.00
5157C.I Medical Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5158Convergent Consulting$100,000.00
5159Karen Wright Projects$100,000.00
5160TRAM DINH$100,000.00
5161Barry Anderson$100,000.00
5162Sharryn SIMS$100,000.00
5163RUTH HOLT$100,000.00
5164Richard Shanahan$100,000.00
5165Robyn Louise Dugganc/- Ferrier Hodgson$100,000.00
5166Douglass Hanly MOIR Pathology$100,000.00
5167Masterpet Australia Pty Limited$100,000.00
5168Tushara Wickramariyaratne$100,000.00
5169K&A Services SA Pty Ltd AS Trusteee For KEEN Office Furniture Trust$100,000.00
5170The Trustee For The G&GB$99,968.00
5171Lyndal Fieldhouse$99,966.90
5172Multisystem Communications$99,915.29
5173Canberra Institute Of$99,915.00
5174Servicerocket Pty Ltd$99,900.90
5175Lavender Strategies Pty Ltd$99,809.75
5176Ellyett STO Limited$99,800.00
5177Provet Pty Ltd$99,735.50
5178Cocos Autos$99,698.27
5179Trustee For The WEIR Family Trust$99,637.00
5180Fine-tech Electronic Solutions$99,599.72
5181Livermore Software TECH$99,561.91
5182Christopher Tyrrel$99,551.10
5183Biztech Enterprise Solutions$99,514.25
5184Narrandera Shire Council$99,478.40
5185Transmain NQ$99,433.63
5186Rehab CO The Rehabilitation Company$99,300.00
5187HOW NOW Pty Ltd$99,293.84
5188Fyshwick SELF Storage$99,285.00
5189LNB Computing Consultancy Pty$99,200.00
5190Interconnect Systems Pty Ltd$99,110.00
5191Excel Consulting Solutions Pty LIMI$99,050.00
5192Galas Pty Ltd$99,030.00
5193ACT Nursing Service Pty Ltd$99,000.00
5194Carter3 Pty Ltd$99,000.00
5195Odgers Berndtson$99,000.00
5196A J O'brien$99,000.00
5197Govhack Australia$99,000.00
5198Ambrose Logistics Consulting$99,000.00
5200Jvara Health (matthew Eckersley)$99,000.00
5201Craig Stewart Richardson$99,000.00
5202ISW Development Pty Ltd$98,998.48
5203Converging Data Pty Ltd$98,817.84
5204Truechoice Solutions, INC.$98,738.63
5205CBD Chauffeured Transport$98,700.00
5206SLE Engineering P/L$98,615.00
5207T. Wrafter & SONS Pty Ltd$98,571.00
5208Index Group Pty Ltd$98,560.00
5209KINE Graffiti Australia Pty Ltd$98,527.00
5210Hyperinsight Pty Ltd$98,450.00
5211Avril Henry Pty Ltd$98,286.80
5212Target Solutions$98,252.00
5213REAC Systems$98,224.50
5215Christmas ISLD Sprmkt$98,183.13
5216Emerging Compounds Treatment$98,114.79
5217Diverse Training Concepts Pty Ltd$98,100.00
5218Great Divide Tours Pty Ltd$98,062.75
5219Axway Pty Ltd$98,001.78
5220Oldfield Knott Architects Pty Ltd$98,000.00
5221Ehound Pty Ltd$97,945.00
5222Stocks Automotive AUS$97,935.75
5223The Bread Spread$97,922.00
5224Ndevr Environmental Pty Ltd$97,891.74
5225Tricentis Pty Ltd$97,889.00
5226Worrells (brisb)$97,834.00
5227GMR Executive Coaching$97,775.00
5228Australian Primary Health CARE NURS$97,705.31
5229DR Warren Harrex$97,515.00
5230Amalia Properties Pty Ltd AS The Trustee For The Falcon UNIT Trust$97,500.00
5231Negotiation Partners$97,492.98
5232Hardman BROS Pty Ltd$97,481.00
5233Accuracy 1ST Inc$97,473.41
5234Calzoni SRL$97,427.63
5235A B Mandal Pty Ltd$97,388.50
5236Hivac Services Pty Ltd$97,358.80
5237Frederick JOHN Wensing$97,349.96
5238Navantia Australia Pty Ltd$97,338.92
5239Sleekframe Pty Ltd$97,300.01
5240Wilson And Gilkes Pty Ltd$97,295.00
5241Callaghans Marine Services$97,251.58
5242Independent Corporate Property$97,200.00
5243Rubira, Richard James$97,193.00
5244Campbell Research & Consulting PTY.$97,075.00
5245Anaconda Fyshwick$97,052.00
5246Kinemetrics INC.$97,000.00
5247Cancer Council Queensland$96,998.00
5248Sustineo Group$96,992.00
5249Recruitment Manageme$96,905.78
5250Geutebruck Pty Ltd$96,879.20
5251Lithium Technologies Inc$96,752.00
5252GBR Helicopters Pty Ltd$96,720.00
5253Powdersafe Pty Ltd$96,700.48
5254Darwin PORT Manager$96,589.28
5255Gillian MARY Brown$96,532.70
5256Capitol Chilled Foods Pty Ltd$96,500.00
5257King's College London$96,432.61
5258GR & D Donoghue$96,360.00
5259Datt, Bisun$96,330.00
5260Department Of Police And Emergency$96,326.00
5261Words Alive$96,300.00
5262Access Canberra$96,196.00
5263Battery Specialties (nsw) Pty LT$96,194.68
5264Invocare Australia Pty Limited$96,159.00
5265Eriez Magnetics Pty Ltd$96,041.00
5266Write YOUR WAY$96,000.00
5267Ambition Recruit Pty Ltd$95,845.64
5268Rigcom Access Pty Ltd$95,821.94
5269Greycliffe Investments Pty Ltd ACN 010 037 939 AS The Trustee Of The NOTT Family Trust$95,700.00
5270The Trustee For Usabilityone UNIT Trust$95,685.00
5271Gilgandra Shire Council$95,572.51
5272Actwell First AID Training$95,481.00
5273Horizon Geoscience Consulting P/L$95,361.20
5274Measurement Innovation Pty Ltd$95,349.50
5275Fabric Warehouse P L HUM$95,303.01
5276Plando Human Capital Pty Ltd$95,293.00
5277Adventure ONE$95,234.42
5278Thomson Reuters (scientific)$95,211.35
5279Extelligent Design Pty Ltd$95,211.00
5280Robert G. Lethbridge$95,141.00
5281Human Synergistics (aust)$95,134.60
5282Construction 3$95,110.40
5283Generation-e Productivity$95,066.66
5284Bellberry Limited$95,026.96
5285Global Access Partners Pty$95,000.00
5286Cutter Associates LLP$95,000.00
5287DE Bruin Nominees Pty Ltd (ACN 007 898 240) AS Trustee For The DE Bruin Family Trust$95,000.00
5288Linked Business Concepts Pty Ltd$95,000.00
5289Andrew Condon$95,000.00
5290The Trustee For Summerton Family TR$94,998.17
5291Kerrie Dixon$94,993.80
5292Thomas Merjudio$94,875.00
5293Vietnam Development Consulting ONE Member Company Ltd$94,835.00
5294HIGH Voltage Training Solutions$94,800.00
5295OAK TREE Psychology Pty Ltd$94,750.00
5296Seattle Software Australia Pty Ltd$94,740.00
5297Andrews Stephens$94,719.60
5298Curtis Ferry Services$94,637.50
5299VWR International Pty Ltd$94,629.81
5300Severus Pty Ltd$94,610.00
5301A And D International Pty Ltd$94,557.71
5302Thales Australia$94,496.37
5303Compliance Engineering Pty Ltd$94,380.00
5304Nicoll, Robert S$94,360.00
5305Morne Maritz$94,339.99
5306Screenmakers Pty Ltd$94,248.20
5307Kinship Digital Pty Ltd$94,241.00
5308Marsh Pty Ltd$94,234.20
5309LOOP Technology$94,163.58
5310Cloon Economics$94,100.00
5311David Barrow$94,020.17
5312Performance Drivers Pty Ltd$93,967.50
5313CJZ Consulting Pty Ltd$93,920.00
5314Brookes Build Pty Ltd$93,867.40
5315BURI Building & Design Pty Ltd$93,840.07
5316The Solomon Family Trust$93,800.00
5317Scentre Shopping Centre Management$93,773.92
5318SEA BOX International Pty Ltd$93,715.56
5319Audit And Fraud Software Pty Ltd$93,604.50
5320Dawson Engineering N$93,582.50
5321Bunbury Plastics$93,566.00
5322Outdoor Sporting Agencies$93,555.00
5323Group Business Software Europa GMBH$93,550.00
5324Extreme Marquess Pty Ltd$93,536.05
5325Exceed Global$93,533.00
5326RON Merkel QC$93,518.37
5327PORT Augusta CITY Council PORT Augusta$93,514.30
5328IPC Industrial Maintenance$93,493.95
5329Jacobs Radio (australia) Pty Ltd$93,445.00
5330MAP Data Services$93,303.10
5331PINA Federico$93,170.00
5332ALAN Tobin$93,170.00
5333Baden Appleyard$93,000.00
5334Fusion GMS Pty Ltd$93,000.00
5335Myers Engine Reconditioning$92,982.17
5337The Weather Balloon MFG. CO. Ltd$92,928.00
5338Customer Driven Solutions Pty Ltd$92,904.86
5339Pricewaterhousecoopers PNG$92,858.67
5340Mangalore Airport Pty Ltd$92,838.96
5341Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd$92,826.25
5342Richter, TODD$92,813.90
5343Infocomm Investments PTE Ltd$92,787.50
5344Lynda.com, INC.$92,734.20
5345Bianca Charters$92,730.00
5346Memko Pty Ltd$92,699.50
5348Fresh Coaching And Training$92,626.00
5349Metro Communications$92,468.90
5350Persistent Systems, LLC$92,439.24
5351Ruscomb TOOL & Machine CO., INC.$92,390.78
5352Euromonitor International Ltd$92,300.00
5353Schweppes Australia Pty Limited$92,272.73
5354Australian Library And Information Association Ltd$92,222.00
5355Qualitative & Quantitative Social$92,180.00
5356Askaree Pty Ltd$92,160.00
5357PEAK Usability$92,101.00
5358The Trustee For DEL Villar Family T$91,975.00
5359Haiyang Zhang$91,850.00
5360Marco Merens$91,686.00
5361WEST Coast Plaza Pty Ltd AS Trustee For WEST Coast Plaza Trust$91,660.00
5362Boardroom APPS$91,443.00
5363National ELT Accreditation Scheme Ltd$91,310.15
5365DP Workplace Solutions$91,300.00
5366Hoseco WA Pty Ltd$91,278.00
5367SB&G (coogee Beach) Hotel Pty Ltd$91,266.73
5368PCI Group$91,182.28
5369Interactive Cabling Pty Ltd$91,113.00
5370Resilience Institute Australia Pty$91,099.00
5371Aabco Corporate EVNT BRA$91,056.64
5372SAGE Publications Ltd$91,047.29
5373Regal Sportswear Pty Ltd$91,025.00
5374Curated Content Pty Ltd$91,008.50
5375CI Solutions Pty Ltd$91,000.00
5376Pixel IT Pty Ltd$90,970.00
5377Dan's Agency$90,966.00
5378Interlink Roads$90,960.00
5379Ormond College$90,957.37
5380Kayaking World Pty Ltd$90,804.30
5381HBA Consulting Group Pty Limited$90,800.00
5382Pilbara IRON Company Services$90,795.90
5383Paula M Promotions$90,761.00
5384Grant Rathjen Tradings AS C.A & G.$90,750.00
5385Topstar Pty Ltd$90,740.00
5386NVR Solutions P/L$90,665.22
5387Corefiling Pty Ltd$90,665.19
5388Proton Energy Systems Inc$90,623.67
5389Capitalink Limited$90,603.66
5390Alltech Marine Pty Ltd$90,580.60
5391Heritage Expeditions$90,564.20
5392Robin HILL Health Pty Limited$90,560.00
5393Systematic Software Engineering$90,556.61
5395Icelab Pty Ltd$90,508.00
5396Fellows Medlock And Associates Pty$90,500.00
5397The Printing Factory Group$90,489.29
5398Working Technology$90,420.00
5399NSW RAPE Crisis CTRE$90,311.01
5400Susan Raice$90,266.00
5401Pitney Bowes Credit Australia$90,249.40
5402DVR Engineering Pty Ltd$90,205.50
5404Stewart, Alastair James T/A Rockwrite$90,101.70
5405Cyberswift Limited$90,000.00
5406Department Of Planning And Environment$90,000.00
5407National Health CALL Centre Network$90,000.00
5408Illawarra Regional Information SERV$90,000.00
5409Jeremy PAUL Robinson$90,000.00
5410Kimberley LAND Council$90,000.00
5411MARK Richmond$90,000.00
5412A.E. Atherton & SONS Proprietary Limited$90,000.00
5413BEN Mostafa$90,000.00
5414Cryomech, INC.$89,917.54
5415Australian Antarctic Division$89,902.00
5416Complete ROPE Supplies Pty Ltd$89,837.00
5417Saferight Pty Ltd$89,784.90
5418LAN Installations P/L$89,779.80
5419Shreyas Consulting Pty Ltd$89,760.00
5420ANNE Marie O'donnell$89,704.00
5421UMT 360 LLC$89,639.45
5422Crowne Plaza Qingdao$89,610.00
5423Pp*training Group$89,610.00
5425Super Global Services Pty Ltd$89,486.67
5426The BOAT House BY The LAKE$89,430.20
5427Laser Shot, INC.$89,391.44
5428TMS Consulting$89,361.45
5429Tridon Australia Pty Ltd$89,237.50
5430SSO Handling And Storage$89,190.26
5431RENZ Australia$89,144.00
5432Austico Apparel Pty Ltd$89,140.70
5433Marechal Australia Pty Ltd$89,123.81
5434BALE Engineering CO Pty Ltd$89,116.50
5435Carnegie Mellon University$89,100.00
5436James Adams$89,000.00
5437Airsight Australia Pty Ltd$88,959.20
5438JOHN R TURK$88,951.56
5439Agateway Pty Ltd$88,950.93
5440Madelille Hotel 4539530$88,942.68
5441Pioneering Economics$88,880.00
5442Anangu JOBS$88,865.68
5443Ngnowar Aerwah Aboriginal CORP$88,865.68
5444Moody's Analytics Singpore PTE Ltd$88,822.29
5445Layer 127 Pty Ltd$88,816.99
5446Woolworths Financial Services$88,800.00
5447ATSA Defence Services Pty Ltd$88,721.04
5448DR Deborah Templeton$88,705.00
5449Vanderfield Northwest Pty Ltd$88,680.87
5450Systemik Solutions Pty Ltd$88,656.00
5451Hiftb Pty Ltd$88,644.40
5452Royal Eagle Security Services$88,639.71
5453Antea Group$88,620.00
5454Wirrimanu Aboriginal CORP$88,610.61
5455Daniel Tynan$88,600.00
5456Cockburn Electrical Company$88,597.30
5457First Legacy SDN BHD$88,472.00
5458Southpac Aerospace Pty$88,420.00
5459AIR Liquide Australia Ltd$88,373.98
5460Sorensen Engineering Pty Ltd$88,331.70
5461ECA International Pty Ltd$88,320.00
5462Teceventco Pty Ltd$88,290.00
5463Individual Career Solutions$88,090.00
5464JOHN RAUE Psychological Services$88,000.00
5465WINE Grape Growers Australia$88,000.00
5466CA Technologies$88,000.00
5467International Forum Of Independent Audit$88,000.00
5468Peter Varghese$88,000.00
5469Ronald Casaceli (holdings) Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5470Jirgens Contracting Pty Limited$88,000.00
5471Australian Regional Tourism Network$88,000.00
5472Computershare Investor Services$88,000.00
5473Michael Green Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5474Varidesk AU Pty$87,945.76
5475Triple Point Calibrations$87,868.00
5476Rebecca Millar$87,866.64
5477CM Beasy Ltd$87,738.01
5478Comware Technology International In$87,722.42
5479GFK Retail And Technology Australia P/L$87,670.00
5480Euromoney Trading Ltd$87,600.00
5482Morrow, Stephen B$87,490.08
5483Billi Pty Ltd$87,483.00
5484I2 Produes LTDA$87,480.00
5485Michael Dirkis$87,450.00
5486GOLD Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games$87,330.00
5487Communitywest Incorporated$87,324.62
54889490 DEPT Of Parliamentary Services$87,291.00
5489Create Consultants$87,253.00
5490Clarke Diesel Repairs$87,068.44
5491Adnet Technology Australia Pty Ltd$87,037.46
5492Trustee For Fayburn UNIT Trust$87,000.01
5493JAN Bennett$87,000.00
5494Print Works (queensland) Pty Ltd$86,771.70
5495Pro-fit Corporate Health$86,725.00
5496Raymond Tracey$86,550.00
5497Concept Construction$86,510.08
5498CBRA (C) Pty Limited$86,507.10
5499CNW Pty Ltd$86,358.43
5500Little BY Little Productions$86,300.00
5502Scorpion Technology$86,270.23
5503Professor Suzanne Miller$86,240.00
5504AUST National Fabrication$86,240.00
5505Edwina Cornish$86,240.00
5506Colin CARR Agencies Ltd$86,203.76
5507WSP France$86,197.97
5508Terry O'brien$86,041.92
5509The CAD GUYS$86,020.00
5510Australian Medico-legal Group$86,000.00
5511B Braun Australia Pty Ltd$85,949.97
5512PT Avatara Konsultama$85,943.00
5513Red Education$85,896.75
5514Worklogic Pty Ltd$85,813.24
5515Websecure Technologies$85,809.55
5517Squire Patton Boggs$85,700.00
5518Conservation Works Pty Ltd$85,680.00
5519Elizabeth BUGG$85,580.00
5520KCOM Constructions Pty Ltd$85,549.56
5521The University Of Glasgow$85,536.44
5522Hunt's Civic Centre Newsagency$85,500.00
5523SAVE The Children Australia$85,495.85
5525B B Engineering Pty Ltd$85,476.05
5526Corporate AIR$85,235.70
5527Interface AUST Pty Ltd$85,208.75
5528Perkin Elmer Pty Ltd - NSW$85,184.00
5529VASS Electrical Industries P/L$85,152.69
5530Houda Younan$85,025.83
5531DR PAUL Taylor$85,000.00
5532Aus-com Training Services Pty Ltd$85,000.00
5533Enhance Management Pty Ltd T/A Enhance Market Research$85,000.00
5534Palmerston Bakery$85,000.00
5535PRO Policy Consulting Pty Ltd$85,000.00
5536Quality Directions Australia$84,965.00
5537Acting Consulting Training$84,958.50
5538Astrite Pty Ltd$84,949.37
5539CHI Nguyen$84,930.00
5540Budget CAR And Truck Rental$84,868.01
5541IV&V Australia Pty Ltd$84,824.00
5542Origin Energy$84,805.93
5543Emily Mcintyre$84,750.00
5544Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (melb)$84,744.00
5545EDU Supplies Pty Ltd$84,700.00
5546Frost & Sullivan Australia Pty Ltd$84,700.00
5548Skillgate Learning Centres Pty Ltd$84,680.00
5549Environmental Fluid Systems$84,668.10
5550Gunnebo Australia Pty Ltd$84,627.00
5551COEN Regional Aboriginal Corporation$84,590.55
5552Awumpan WIK Communications$84,590.55
5553Rachelle J Mcivor$84,590.55
5554J R Drafting$84,580.00
5555Arrowsmith And Grant Refrigera$84,442.00
5556Cyberanalytics Pty Ltd$84,315.00
5557Riskiq Global (australia) Pty Ltd$84,250.00
5558Tanoa Tusitala Hotel$84,126.00
5559JIM Hendrickson & Associates Pty LT$84,084.00
5560Manuka Realty Pty Ltd$84,072.43
5561James Cubitt Architects PTY. Ltd$84,070.00
5562Seamless Merchandising Matters$84,040.00
5563Schwarze Industries AUST$84,024.23
5564Avantex Australasia Pty Ltd$84,007.00
5565Halsion LDA$84,000.00
5567The Eventful Group$83,886.00
5568AFW Technologies Pty Ltd$83,864.00
5569HAL Group Pty Ltd$83,754.00
5570TANK Management Services Pty Ltd$83,677.00
5571Samford Rural FIRE Brigade$83,670.40
5572Fiskars Australia Pty Ltd$83,658.30
5573DUN & Bradstreet (australia) Pty Limited$83,600.00
5574Department For Health And Ageing$83,490.00
5575ITSM Reporting Services$83,414.65
5576Medhurst Equipment Pty Ltd$83,401.50
5577Wovex Limited$83,320.00
5578Sydney Training & Employment$83,231.38
5579Andrew Wardle$83,160.00
5580Advantage Injury Management$83,117.00
5581National Parking Consultants$83,094.00
5582Lakes Resort Hotel$83,000.02
5583Ascendas Hotel Investment Company$82,982.44
5584Viktoria Halas$82,957.00
5585CDS Security$82,937.25
5586BIG N Pty Ltd$82,918.00
5587Harvey Norman Carpet$82,885.20
5588Kellys Australia$82,802.50
5589Broadbean Catering$82,761.60
5590Dirty Deeds Property Services AS Trustee For The UINK Family Trust$82,750.00
5591Janice Everlyn Bennett$82,720.00
5592Airborne Systems North America Of N$82,714.27
5593Complex Piping Systems$82,665.00
5594Mclean Management And Consultants Pty Ltd$82,656.72
5595Tonic Infoboard Pty Ltd$82,577.00
5596Australian Trade And Investment Commission$82,500.25
5598Verifact Investigations$82,500.00
5599Stellar Consulting$82,500.00
5600Supply Nation$82,500.00
5601The Bullshift Company$82,500.00
5602Sonru Australia Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5603Hibis Sports Marketing Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5604Health Informatics Society Of$82,500.00
5605Condap Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5606Leading AGE Services Australia LIMI$82,500.00
5607ANN Turudic$82,500.00
5608PLAN For LIFE Actuaries & Researchers$82,500.00
5609HPA Projects P/L$82,466.00
5610Stret Pty Ltd$82,384.99
5611Agility Global Logistics$82,293.10
5612Microchannel Services$82,203.00
5613Harcor Security Seals Pty Ltd$82,174.95
5614Clark Masts ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$82,055.60
5615Alister William Lindsay And SUE Elizabeth Meade ATF Lindsay Superannuation FUND$82,007.89
5616Pacific Live Media$82,000.00
5617Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd$82,000.00
5618People Solutions Australasia Pty LT$81,950.00
5619KENT Electrical Contractors$81,884.00
5620Apple Online Store$81,876.24
5621Jervis BAY Territory Administration$81,814.83
5622Criterion Confernc PL$81,809.94
5623Embedded Logic Solutions Pty Ltd$81,796.00
5625ZBOB Engineering Pty Ltd$81,538.00
5626Pinstripe Media Pty Ltd$81,532.00
5627Chantelle Mccabe$81,430.48
5628JFK School Of GOVT EXEC$81,413.69
5629Zebra Research Pty Ltd$81,400.00
5630Computer Site Solutions Pty Ltd$81,400.00
5631SNL Financial Australia Pty Ltd$81,345.00
5632KYI KYI Seinn$81,320.47
5633D Software INC. DBA Zephyr INC.$81,163.67
5634The Dumonde Group Pty Ltd$81,125.00
5635Alumac Industries Pty Ltd$81,098.60
5636Shred X Pty Ltd$81,029.12
5637Ideascale LLC$81,000.00
5638The Cancer Council NSW$81,000.00
5639ALTO Pennant Hills Pty Limited$80,975.42
5640Keane, Timothy Francis$80,971.00
5641Engine Engineering Services (NT)$80,963.11
5642Anderson Corporation Pty Ltd$80,912.17
5643Building & Construction Industry$80,616.00
5644Ashley Developments Pty Ltd$80,568.49
5645Priority Management Australia$80,550.00
5646Bellamill Pty Ltd$80,540.00
5647Pandesic Pty Ltd$80,500.00
5648Citygate Properties Pty Ltd$80,499.31
5649National Disability Insurance Agency (ndia)$80,451.00
5650Sprout Social$80,437.53
5651Geospatial Intelligence (solutions) Pty Limited$80,410.00
5652Information Engineering Technology$80,327.00
5653J L Corcoran & J E Morgan$80,325.30
5654Prolog Development Centre$80,313.95
5655GOC Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 009574341 AS The Trustee For The Albert Investment Trust ABN 98351288123$80,300.00
5656Activ8 MIND$80,300.00
5657Adamson Printing CO Pty Ltd$80,280.86
5658Walga Mining & Services Pty Ltd$80,216.09
5659Prodigitek Pty Ltd$80,206.72
5660Visible Assets Inc$80,191.58
5661Cypice Pty Ltd T/A Berrico Consulta$80,056.00
5662Atlantis = Pty Ltd$80,049.75
5663Andrew Giles O'donnell$80,000.00
5664Negotiation Education Australia$80,000.00
5665NSW FOOD Authority$80,000.00
5666Bowline Consultants$80,000.00
5667Michael Jones$80,000.00
5668Public Service Commission$80,000.00
5669360 Print Solutions Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5670Andrew Sisson$80,000.00
5671Terence NEIL Mcgrath$80,000.00
5672Regus Australia Management Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5673Oxley Court Apartments$80,000.00
5674Quanterra Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5675Strategic Pathways Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5676Daydawn Fisheries Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5677Townsville Wholesale Fruit & VEG$80,000.00
5678Australian Committee For IUCN INC.$80,000.00
5679Terzetto D Pty Limited$80,000.00
5680Scott Seefeld$80,000.00
5681Aaron Cornish$80,000.00
5682Lorrie Graham Photographer Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5683Extreme Gecko Services Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5684Tiffany WONG$80,000.00
5685The Foundation For Young Australian$80,000.00
5687Commonwealth Local Governement FORU$80,000.00
5688David Geoffrey Healey$80,000.00
5689Capstoneblack Pty Ltd$79,999.00
5690Specialty MIX Stock Pty Ltd$79,999.00
5691Landloch Pty Ltd$79,999.00
5692The Digital Development Factory Pty$79,997.50
5693Metal Fencing Specialists Pty Ltd$79,996.40
5694DR James Wayman$79,950.76
5695ABC Analytics$79,950.00
5696WE ARE Social Pty Ltd$79,948.00
5697International Energy Forum Secretariat$79,946.16
5698RC Hotels (pte) Ltd Trading AS Swissotel The Stamford$79,927.57
5699JADE Software Corporation Limited$79,926.14
5700J Walter Thompson Australia$79,919.00
5701Sterihealth NSW Pty Ltd$79,900.00
5702Herron TODD White (melbourne) Pty L$79,850.00
5703Smiling MIND$79,800.00
5704South Metropolitan Youth LINK$79,750.00
5705Transcrete Pty Ltd$79,750.00
5706Malcolm Douglas Holding Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Douglas UNIT Trust$79,750.00
5707Greenery Developments Pty Limited$79,750.00
5708ALEX KAAR Pty Ltd$79,750.00
5709Stevenson Mcgregor$79,745.00
5710ALAN J SHAW Consulting$79,720.00
5711EBA Communication Consulting (beijing) LTD.$79,642.00
5712Prosys Services PTY. Limited$79,592.70
5713Eaglehawk Holiday PARK$79,590.00
5714Harold Crisp$79,571.00
5715TAX Analysts$79,558.56
5716Switchmode Power Supplies$79,531.10
5717Francis-jones Morehen Thorp Pty Ltd$79,500.00
5718NSL Trading Pty Ltd$79,500.00
5719Garry FISK$79,500.00
5720Staib Advisory$79,500.00
5721Ecorys Nederland BV$79,496.00
5722Acacia Group Commercial Pty Ltd$79,464.00
5723Multimedia Concepts Pty Ltd$79,450.00
5724Matthew KING$79,420.00
5725Australian UAV Pty Ltd$79,420.00
5726CR Consulting Pty Ltd$79,420.00
5727Johnsons MME Chartered Accountants$79,412.95
5728Maxmind, INC.$79,375.80
5729Rembook Holdings$79,288.00
5730Robertson Lifting And Rigging$79,278.74
5731DKSH Australia Pty Ltd$79,204.87
5732Thompson Clarke Shipping PTY. LTD.$79,200.00
5733YOUR Enterprise Solutions Pty.ltd.$79,200.00
5734National Ethnic Disability Alliance Inc$79,200.00
5735Whyteco Coaching, Change & OD Consulting Pty Limited$79,200.00
5736Multicultural Development Association$79,200.00
5737Eidos Institute Limited$79,200.00
5738Benchline Consulting Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5739Search 365 Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5740Leishman Associates$79,190.00
5741Icomm Australia Pty Ltd$79,173.99
5742ARCS Australia Limited$79,164.00
5743New ERA Balustrading Pty Ltd$79,145.00
5744Braeside Consulting$79,000.00
5745Heidrick And Struggles$78,980.00
5746HALL Chadwick (west Melb)$78,974.50
5747Norfolk Forwarding Services$78,925.78
5748Indigenous Business Australia$78,906.00
5749B A C S Pty Ltd$78,859.00
5750Pearson Engineering Ltd$78,833.09
5751Jenngen Consulting$78,808.84
5752NSW Ombudsman$78,782.00
5753Industeel Australia$78,731.62
5754Brave New World Consulting Pty Ltd$78,650.00
5755Mayko Trading Pty Ltd$78,650.00
5756Water Technology Pty Ltd$78,540.00
5757SAAB Barracuda AB$78,446.95
5758Yallourn Street Storage$78,408.00
5759Digital Storytellers Ltd$78,357.90
5760ESS Weathertech Pty Ltd$78,353.00
5761Tennant Australia P/L$78,334.30
5762Cleanrooms Australia$78,315.62
5764Reveal Marketing Group INC.$78,300.00
5765Cameron Strategies Pty Ltd$78,290.00
5766Centium Software Pty Ltd$78,199.50
5767Laidley & Districts Community Organisation (inc)$78,177.86
5768Katanning Community Resource Centre Inc$78,177.86
5769Ngarliyarndu Bindirri (corporate Cdep) Aboriginal Corporation$78,177.86
5770Kowanyama Aboriginal Council$78,177.86
5771Doomadgee Community Council$78,177.86
5772Myriad IT Pty Ltd$78,166.00
5773Cully's Yamaha$78,165.00
5774Colliers International, Dublin$78,159.00
5775RACV CLUB$78,100.00
5776Bradshaw Geoscience Consultants Pty Ltd$78,100.00
5777Alimak HEK Pty Ltd$78,079.10
5778Mcgrathnicol & Partners (wa).$78,048.00
5779Southgate Hotel Management PTY. LTD.$78,040.00
5780Jamie Sharkey$78,000.00
5781L.W & S.J Waddell$78,000.00
5782M & J Consultants$78,000.00
5783JOHN Doherty$78,000.00
5784Indian Ocean Territories Telecom PT$78,000.00
5785Angean Pty Ltd AS The Trustee For Adelaide Property Trust No 1$78,000.00
5786Michael O'connell S.C$78,000.00
5787Heike Elisabeth APPS$78,000.00
5788Robert Gordon APPS$78,000.00
5789Geos4 GMBH$78,000.00
5790Markus Brueckner$78,000.00
5791DR Chung TRAN$78,000.00
5793K & T Fujii$77,994.00
5794Etouches INC.$77,990.00
5795FAR North Queensland Ports$77,966.00
5796Covemore Designs Pty Ltd$77,960.30
5797Total Technology Partners$77,948.75
5798HBP Australia Pty Ltd$77,910.00
5799Scott Printers Pty Ltd$77,877.80
5800Harvard Kennedy School$77,854.70
5801Norfolk Island Business Solutions$77,778.01
5802Jobfit Systems International P/L$77,762.30
5803Renful Premier Technologies$77,760.40
5804WAY Out Evacuation Systems P/L$77,737.00
5806Information Resources (australia) Pty Ltd$77,577.50
5807GAN Technologies$77,573.18
5808DR Richard Brettell$77,567.00
5809Bellridge Pty Limited$77,552.05
5810Human Systems ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$77,550.00
5812Econtech Pty Ltd$77,440.00
5813Raider Outboards Inc$77,393.89
5814Select Print Solutions Pty Ltd$77,385.00
5815CORE Integrated Solutions Pty Ltd$77,360.51
5816Cooktown FOOD And ICE$77,275.44
5817Australian Seating Systems$77,220.00
5818OVID Technologies Inc$77,209.14
5819Forgerock Limited$77,124.60
5820Chisholm Institute Of TAFE$77,114.00
5821Peter J Burness$77,077.00
5822Western Suburbs (n'cle) Leagues$77,060.01
5823Exhibitions And Trade Fairs Pty Ltd$77,055.00
5824Workplace Express$77,045.37
5825Ronley Holdings Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5826Sk3wl 0F R00T LLC$77,000.00
5827G4S International Logistics (australia) Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5828Kaliappa Kalirajan$77,000.00
5829Kreab Gavin Anderson (australia) Ltd$77,000.00
5830CSG Demining Consultants Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5831Dnv-det Norske Veritas$77,000.00
5832Boxcorporate Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5833Stofka Landscape Constructions P/L$76,998.90
5834WA Gloserve SDN BHD$76,983.30
5835P.E Baxter & Others$76,975.34
5836NSW Healthshare$76,967.00
5837Robert James Morrison$76,940.00
5838Children's Esafety Commissioner$76,904.00
5839Lateral Economics$76,873.50
5840A P Motors NO3 Pty Ltd$76,828.77
5841Careflight QLD ROB$76,808.50
5842Hotel Sofitel Melbourne$76,797.01
5843Progressive PR & Publicity Pty Ltd$76,786.01
5844Insight Analytics Pty Ltd$76,750.00
5845JSM Mechanical Contracting$76,737.60
5846Anixter Australia Pty$76,677.04
5847NIWA Vessel Management Ltd$76,667.86
5848Ulimate Design Graph$76,653.20
5849Employment Options Inc$76,640.00
5850PIER Developments Pty Ltd$76,593.20
5851Cirrena Pty Ltd$76,574.25
5852Bellewarra Investments$76,500.00
5853Dupont Consulting Pty Ltd$76,500.00
5854Altium Limited$76,461.00
5855ZOHO Corporation$76,454.62
5856Adrian Stephens$76,450.00
5857Smart Upholstery Pty Ltd$76,445.81
5858YEAR 13$76,300.00
5859Cindy Wiryakusuma$76,297.10
5860Alantgeo Pty Ltd$76,250.00
5861Sprintquip Pty Ltd$76,219.00
5862UON MAL$76,145.30
5863IVVY Pty Ltd$76,067.20
5864Custard Pty Ltd$76,054.70
5865Phoenix Lifting Pty Ltd$76,004.50
5866Clicksuper Pty Ltd$76,000.00
5867Qualtrics, LLC Payment Information$75,972.00
5868HALL & Wilcox Lawyers$75,962.37
5869ISM Group$75,955.00
5870At Controls Pty Ltd$75,937.40
5871Burroughs, VAN Stephen$75,900.00
5872Dowse Projects$75,900.00
5873A E Hoskins & SONS$75,809.95
5874ICM Consulting Pty Ltd$75,790.00
5875IFS Cleaning And Horticulture$75,780.55
5876Sefiani Communications Group$75,718.62
5877Adelaide Crane Maintenance P/L$75,711.90
5878The Council Of The CITY Of Sydney$75,706.00
5879Patterson's LIST$75,698.00
5880Structured Design Pty Ltd$75,641.50
5881Maccor Inc$75,620.34
5882Information Mapping Pty Ltd$75,600.36
5883Union Pathumwan CO., LTD.$75,557.83
5884Sirivatana Interprint$75,500.12
5885Anova Electrical Pty Ltd$75,493.00
5886Implementa GMBH$75,462.24
5887Graphic ART MART Pty Ltd$75,438.20
5888Rawtec Pty Ltd$75,405.00
5890ONQ Software Pty Ltd$75,350.00
5891Mobile Childrens Services$75,320.00
5892MS Integration Pty Ltd$75,298.30
5893Futurestep (australia) Pty Limited$75,295.00
5894Keech Engineering$75,278.50
5895NEC Business Solutions Ltd$75,240.00
5896Metquip Systems Pty Limited T/A Wonderware Australia$75,218.00
5897Insinger Machine Company, The$75,146.76
5898Barker College HOR$75,143.58
5899Noah's ARK Veterinary Services$75,066.20
5900Bruker Biosciences Pty Limited$75,020.00
5901Nicholas JOHN Broadbent$75,000.00
5902LOMA Snooks$75,000.00
5903Majestic Cinemas Pty Limited$75,000.00
5904Pernickety Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5905Resolve ICT Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5906ERIC Martin & Associates$75,000.00
5907Sanctuary PT Siaga Mitra Nusantara$75,000.00
5908Abmarc Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5909Oztime Pty Ltd Trading AS Oztime Technologies$75,000.00
5910Trapnell, Kerry$75,000.00
5911Michael Stuart Whelan$75,000.00
5912National Science Summer School Inc T/A$75,000.00
5913Evolve Communities Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5914ED Digital Pty Limited$75,000.00
5915Stuart Pettigrew Design$75,000.00
5916Australian Alliance To SAVE Energy$75,000.00
5917BLUE NRG Pty.ltd$75,000.00
5918Australian Consumers Association$75,000.00
5919International Livestock Research Institute$75,000.00
5920PAUL Coady$75,000.00
5921National Seniors Australia$75,000.00
5922Charmaine Quade$75,000.00
5923Corporate Catering BY MR Cappuccino$75,000.00
5924David Gould Consultants Ltd$75,000.00
5925Tracey Stevens$75,000.00
5926Rhombus Technologies Australia$74,998.00
5927Thomas, Michael$74,970.00
5928Energy Efficiency Council Inc$74,907.80
5929Doltone House$74,898.01
5930GCT Electrical$74,886.01
5931DPM Conferencing Pty Ltd$74,844.00
5932Stevenson Logistics$74,800.00
5933Pario Solutions Group Pty Ltd$74,755.48
5934Blueprint Operations Pty Ltd$74,746.10
5935LEAP Energy Australia$74,744.31
5936RISK Logic Pty Ltd$74,713.10
5937V And A Cranes$74,700.00
5938Bellfort Services Pty Ltd$74,641.00
5939Indigenous Design$74,630.93
5940Ignatius PARK College$74,605.00
5941Conveney Interlay$74,580.00
5943Pinnacle Apartments$74,550.00
5944HUME CITY Council$74,550.00
5945Keirs Canberra$74,500.00
5946Keirs Group Of Companies Pty Ltd$74,500.00
5947Analysys Mason$74,495.00
5948Abzeco Pty Ltd$74,408.40
5949Mcgeoch Technology Ltd$74,354.95
5950Waldren Constructions Pty Ltd$74,332.50
5951Neil, IAN$74,250.00
5952Thodey Consulting Pty Ltd$74,250.00
5953P I Research Pty Ltd$74,250.00
5954HIGH Perform Management Solutions$74,250.00
5956ALVS Communication PAR L'objet$74,167.00
5957Aktis Strategy Ltd$74,100.00
5958The Explainers Productions Pty Ltd$74,096.00
5959Plain English Foundation Pty Ltd$74,085.00
5960Specialized Services Pty Ltd$74,000.00
5961The Performance Coach Australia PL$74,000.00
5962Broadleaf Capital International Pty$74,000.00
5963Axiom Forensics Pty Ltd$74,000.00
5964Kristen Deards$73,977.76
5965Romanis CANT Chartered Accountants$73,964.00
5966Leadexec Pty Ltd$73,956.24
5967GMS Composites PTY. LTD.$73,920.00
5968Selection Partners Pty Ltd$73,920.00
5969Limestone Coast Work Options Inc$73,902.73
5970Herbert Smith Freehills$73,800.00
5971Mcleod Accessories$73,718.70
5972HCA Leadership Programs Pty Ltd$73,716.00
5973Vizual Impact$73,670.01
5974The Springfield Centre For Business In Development Ltd$73,633.12
5975Cytec Engineered Materials Inc$73,602.58
5976JAY Moulding Corporation$73,554.98
5977Digicor Pty Ltd$73,518.01
5978Husqvarna Pty Ltd$73,493.70
5979David Kilmartin Pty Ltd$73,415.42
5980Mcvehil-monnett Associates, Inc$73,400.00
5981Redstack Pty Ltd$73,388.70
5982Pamela Margaret Christie$73,318.46
5983Inlogik Pty Ltd$73,289.98
5984Klinge Corporation DBA Reefer Parts$73,202.26
5985FB RICE$73,200.00
5987AIR Safety Solutions Pty Ltd$73,018.00
5988Cogility Pty Ltd$73,012.50
5989Romar Valuation Services$73,000.00
5990DR Larry Odiest Thompson$73,000.00
5991Systematic Carpet Installations$72,985.00
5992TAM, Peter$72,976.19
5993Lavery, RUTH Elisabeth$72,968.00
5994Tactical Research Pty Ltd$72,943.40
5996Ngalang Boodja Council$72,833.95
5997Manjimup Community Resource Centre$72,833.95
5998Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre Inc$72,833.94
5999Wellington Information & Neighbourhood Services Inc$72,833.94
6000Wendy Jarvie$72,814.50
6001Northern Peninsula AREA Regional Council$72,798.96
6002Nisene Technology Group$72,774.22
6003Wordsworth Writing$72,764.75
6004Shawink Pty Ltd$72,744.80
6005Elekta Pty.ltd.$72,695.83
6006Lavercombe Grader Services$72,657.73
6007Access Datacom Pty Ltd$72,626.40
6008CCF SHOP$72,620.00
6009Cpdlive.com Pty Ltd$72,600.00
6010Training Masters$72,600.00
6011Health Data Analysis Pty Ltd$72,600.00
6012Oliver Wyman Pty Ltd$72,600.00
6013ROPE And Marine Supplies Pty L$72,600.00
6014KGH Border Services AB$72,600.00
6015WOOD Mackenzie ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$72,600.00
6016Wisdom In ONE$72,572.00
6017Collaborative Design$72,545.00
6018ERIN K Glover$72,509.45
6019Helistar Aviation$72,468.00
6020Rosemary Cassidy$72,440.50
6021Dexion Commercial (australia) Pty Ltd$72,433.73
6022Middendorp Electric Company PT$72,420.99
6023ACME Preston$72,387.20
6024Imagination Engines Inc DBA Dendroi$72,377.10
6025Micron Group$72,302.00
6027REOS Partners$72,227.33
6028DR. Dennis Bittisnich$72,207.00
6029Balmoral Engineering Pty Ltd$72,174.30
6030INFO Assurance Pty Ltd$72,160.00
6031FHN Consultancy & Training Pty Ltd$72,150.00
6032Nordic Defence Industries A/S$72,115.01
6033Openlab (WA) PTY. Ltd$72,107.20
6034Spiritual Whispers$72,105.00
6036Hangzhou Municipal Association Of Enterprises With Foreign Investment$72,057.00
6037Learning Ventures Pty Limited$72,050.00
6038Semantic Sciences Research Pty Ltd$72,000.00
6039LUNA PARK Sydney Pty Limited$72,000.00
6040Scientific Software & Systems Ltd$72,000.00
6041Reveal Productions Pty Ltd$71,986.20
6042ACT Health$71,963.00
6043Oakwood Residence Funder Chengdu$71,933.20
6044Trustee For The Ashnil Kumar Family$71,910.00
6045AME System Pty Ltd$71,888.50
6046Holmwood Highgate (aust) Pty Ltd$71,885.02
6047Cammo Pty Ltd$71,800.01
6048Provivo GS Consulting$71,720.00
6049Edpolicyplanningandprojects.com Pty Ltd$71,697.78
6050Ashby Cooper$71,667.75
6051Melbourne IT Enterprise Services$71,661.12
6052Harrison Training GR$71,650.00
6053DICE Reascent Pty Ltd$71,589.00
6054NIOA Nominees Pty Ltd T/A Australian Security$71,547.94
6055Diamond Communication Services Pty Ltd$71,500.00
6056Corporate Culcha$71,500.00
6057MANY Rivers Microfinance Ltd$71,500.00
6058Gender Matters PTY. LTD.$71,500.00
6059SIGN Foundary$71,500.00
6060Vasilios & Kaliopi Koufos T/AS$71,480.00
6061PRO QUIP International$71,478.00
6062Robert Fergusson Pty Ltd$71,333.00
6063Martin Sessions & Associates Pty$71,280.00
6064Michael Easton$71,234.69
6065West-ten Services$71,225.00
6067Covidien Pty Ltd$71,153.63
6068Matthews Folbigg Pty Ltd$71,150.00
6069Fredon Technology Pty Ltd$71,148.00
6070Vince & Associates Pty Ltd$71,082.00
6071Sailpoint Technologies, INC.$71,081.70
6072AV Media Systems$71,071.00
6073Paternoster Family Trust$71,070.84
6075Aneetha DE Silva$71,000.00
6076MAIN Roads$71,000.00
6077Social Compass$70,950.00
6078Integeo Pty Ltd$70,950.00
6079Nolostand Chile$70,850.00
6081JDA Systems$70,801.50
6082Yanna Rider Consulting$70,800.00
6083Objective EYE Tracking PTE Ltd$70,790.00
6084Brisbane BUS Lines P$70,753.10
6085Midspar Systems$70,741.44
6086Summit Airconditioning & Elect$70,730.00
6087Accessibilityoz Pty Ltd$70,730.00
6088Graham Wilkinson$70,730.00
6089OFS RACK Services Pty Ltd$70,730.00
6090Blancco Australasia Pty Ltd$70,679.20
6091Cetec Pty Ltd$70,675.00
6092LIST A Barristers$70,613.00
6093Kingdom Pty Ltd$70,583.70
6094Choices Flooring Rockingham P/L$70,516.05
6095Ezi-duct Pty Ltd$70,496.02
6096SV Partners Insolvency (qld)$70,488.00
6097Landauer Australasia$70,400.00
6098Spitwater Australia Pty Ltd$70,400.00
6100Oakley Greenwood Pty Ltd$70,400.00
6101Pinkmatter Solutions$70,390.00
6103East Hotel$70,369.97
6104Spaceos Pty Ltd$70,317.50
6105Natural Power Solution Pty Ltd$70,243.80
6106Multicam Systems Pty Limited$70,235.00
6107Rhino Communications$70,200.00
6108Spatial Solutions Pty Ltd$70,160.00
6109WELL HUNG Glass & Aluminium$70,142.60
6110Northern Joinery$70,140.25
6111Adacel Technologies Limited$70,111.20
6112South Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd$70,014.00
6113BLUE LION Moving Service Pty Ltd$70,007.27
6114Consumers Health Forum Of Australia$70,000.01
6115Kerry Clark$70,000.00
6116Robert James Morison$70,000.00
6117DG Thompson Pty Limited$70,000.00
6118MC Whirter's BUS Service$70,000.00
6119JET PETS Animal Transport$70,000.00
6120VIVO Consulting Pty Limited$70,000.00
6121Hamish Bevan$70,000.00
6122A2Z Injury Management$70,000.00
6123Vanja Bulut$70,000.00
6124Russell Caplan$70,000.00
6125Kathy Gilbert$70,000.00
6126Spratt Consultancy Services$70,000.00
6127Mintel (consulting) Singapore PTE Ltd$70,000.00
6128STAR Business Solutions$70,000.00
6129Candace Mcarthur$70,000.00
6130Klenall Industrial Suppliers PL$70,000.00
6131CAPE YORK LAND Council Aboriginal Corporation$70,000.00
6132NT Office Installations$69,999.98
6133Michael SECK$69,999.40
6134Realview Technologies Pty Ltd$69,992.75
6135Craigieburn Resort Bowral$69,988.10
6136Cecily Hollingworth$69,960.00
6137Davis W R Engineering Ltd$69,943.47
6138Sunraysia Environmental Pty Ltd$69,905.00
6139Discovery Technology Pty Ltd$69,880.00
6140Bearcat Tyres Pty Ltd$69,836.80
6141The Haines Group$69,815.82
6142BJAC Pty Ltd$69,800.00
6143Wordstation Pty Ltd$69,800.00
6144Dowling Consulting Pty Ltd$69,770.47
6145Point Trading Services$69,695.35
6146Harveys Newcastle Pty Ltd$69,676.20
6147Project Performance$69,676.00
6148Mindset Abilities$69,660.00
6149Finmeccanica SPA - LAND & Naval SYS$69,531.90
6150CITY Of Greater Geraldton$69,531.00
6151Intgrty And Vlues PL$69,524.09
6152Tactical Network Solutions, LLC$69,487.49
6153Pallotella Pty Ltd$69,465.00
6154Royal Australian MINT$69,454.00
6155Informa Australia Pty Ltd$69,386.90
6156VC Focus Pty Ltd$69,339.60
6157C.J Woodward & S.L Woodward$69,300.00
6158The Weather Balloon MFG CO Ltd$69,300.00
6159Ann-marie Bishop$69,261.50
6160Cambridge University Press$69,246.75
6161National Gallery Of Australia$69,242.96
6162Superlift WA$69,173.50
6163Godfrey Hirst Australia Pty Ltd$69,124.00
6164Ronstan International Pty Ltd$69,040.40
6165Bydesign Construction Group$69,026.10
6166MKZ Nteriors$69,000.00
6167Helen Gooden$69,000.00
6168Mk-messtechnik GMBH$68,985.79
6169Userzoom Ltd$68,975.00
6170Canoniq Pty Limited$68,970.00
6171Karmot Pty Ltd$68,970.00
6172Matthew Hutchings$68,950.00
6173Hitec CNC Machine Tools$68,915.00
6174FAST Track (aust) Pty Ltd$68,866.78
6175JEOL (australasia) Pty Ltd$68,844.60
6176Haydon Agricultural Contractors$68,824.80
6177Milspec Manufacturing Pty Ltd$68,817.54
6178CEB ( Corporate Executive Board)$68,800.00
6179OBH Consulting Pty Ltd$68,750.00
6180Environmental Tectonics Corporation$68,748.36
6181DR Vivienne THOM$68,700.00
6182Data Signs$68,684.00
6183PSAV Grand Hyatt SAN Francisco$68,604.58
6184FUEL Calibration Services Pty L*$68,473.90
6185IRON Mountain Australia Group Services Pty Ltd$68,447.50
6186Newspec Pty Ltd$68,444.92
6187Oxigen Pty Ltd$68,420.00
6188Amentum Defence And Security$68,410.10
6189Countrywide Austral Pty Limited$68,365.00
6191Alertforce Pty Ltd$68,310.00
6192Crucial Paradigm Pty Ltd$68,307.38
6193RAND Corporation - AUD$68,269.54
6194Kapish Services Pty Ltd$68,267.04
6195Deborah Vertessy And Associates Pty Ltd$68,200.00
6196Mount Lofty House CRA$68,185.48
6197Joanne Maree Yates$68,181.82
6198Linkedin Ireland Limited$68,179.00
6199Engineering Software Research And D$68,091.41
6200WA Country Health Service$68,000.00
6201Hyatt Regency Perth$68,000.00
6202Quilliam, Wayne Robert$68,000.00
6203DR W.J O'malley$67,950.00
6204JDS Australia Pty Ltd$67,917.50
6205Tosco Office National$67,819.52
6206Slumbercorp Pty Ltd$67,795.20
6207Hedland First National REAL Estate$67,785.72
6208EMSS Electric Motor Sales$67,753.40
6209Shore School$67,753.14
6210TPG Network Pty Ltd$67,742.18
6211Allforks Hire Pty Ltd$67,697.20
6212Enhancehr Pty Ltd TA Psychology At Work$67,661.00
6213Australian Lining Company$67,661.00
6214Carolyn Graydon$67,600.00
6215Lucas MILL Pty Ltd$67,590.71
6216A1 Services$67,583.10
6217Consult HJB Pty Ltd$67,569.55
6218Narromine Local Aboriginal LAND Council$67,490.04
6219KIP Mcgrath Education Centres$67,490.04
6220Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre$67,490.04
6221GAIL Susan Challacombe Community Agent - Woorabinda$67,490.04
6222Castlemaine Community House Inc$67,490.04
6223Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House Inc$67,490.04
6224SWAN HILL Rural CITY Council$67,490.04
6225BADU Island Foundation Ltd$67,490.04
6226Cloncurry Justice Association Inc$67,490.04
6227Tjuwanpa Outstation Resource Centre$67,490.04
6228Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community$67,490.04
6229Gebie AC$67,490.04
6230Alawa Aboriginal Corporation$67,490.04
6231Ngaliwurru-wuli Association$67,490.04
6232LEDA Security Products Pty Ltd$67,418.85
6233LIST T Pty Ltd$67,400.00
6234Anstat Pty Ltd$67,343.10
6235MOJO Media Solutions$67,336.50
6236Langdale Consulting Pty Ltd$67,320.00
6237Money MOB Talkabout Ltd$67,289.01
6238Atmospheric Research$67,250.00
6239Outperformx Pty Ltd$67,244.10
6240Downies Coins Pty Ltd$67,203.29
6241Future Floors$67,177.00
6242Bonanza Wrecking$67,155.00
6243GE (lhil) Lesseee Ltd T/A Cordis, HONG KONG$67,126.00
6244Iseco Refrigeration Parts Pty LT$67,108.80
6245Altova GMBH$67,000.00
6246AME Consulting Pty Ltd$67,000.00
6247Corporate Exective Board$67,000.00
6248Geophysical And Environmental Research And Services Pty Ltd$66,948.00
6249Treeworks (act/nsw) Pty Ltd T/AS Treeworks$66,926.00
6250The LOCH Group Pty Ltd$66,840.01
6251Yaama Indigenous Personnel$66,825.70
6252Geoffrey Leeper$66,800.01
6253KVM Australia Pty Ltd$66,773.37
6254The Association Specialists Pty Limited$66,749.99
6255Pressure Testing Service$66,728.53
6257Denyers International$66,682.22
6258Azzopardi & Hancock Furniture Restoration$66,682.00
6259Think Different Consulting Pty Ltd$66,665.50
6260Secon Freight Logist$66,657.86
6261TOM KIRK Indigenous Consultant$66,600.00
6262Canopi Online Pty Ltd$66,550.00
6263Eaglehawk Hotel Management Pty Ltd$66,547.91
6265Hydeng Pty Ltd$66,495.00
6266ECO RISK And Consulting$66,494.11
6267South WEST Hydraulic And Pneuma*$66,473.92
6269PK Fibre & Communication Pty Ltd$66,392.70
6270Dexion North Queenslan$66,384.27
6271Crest Advisory Pty Ltd$66,372.00
6272Cartesian Inc$66,371.11
6273Peter IAN Whelan$66,310.00
6274PCNR Resourcing Pty Ltd - The IT CL$66,310.00
6275The Change Forum$66,298.99
6276ANRI Instruments$66,205.70
6277Hayman Industries Pty Ltd$66,150.00
6278Boomerang Security Group Pty LTD.$66,123.20
6279Kistler Instruments Australia Pty$66,118.80
6280Dentsu INC.$66,073.29
6281Purchasing Index Pty Ltd$66,000.83
6282Berla Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6283Orion Integration P/L$66,000.00
6284Inctive Global Services Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6285Anditi Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6286K.J. Textiles Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6287Adelhelm & Associates Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6288Demountable Sales & Hire Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6289Ewater Limited$66,000.00
6290Broadlex Services Pty Limited$66,000.00
6291BILL Andrew And Associates Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6292DR QUOC SON DANG$66,000.00
6293WINE Business Solutions$66,000.00
6294Fraedom Pty Ltd (DO NOT USE)$66,000.00
6295Banatex Cleaning Services$66,000.00
6296Amcom Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6297Derwent Executive Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6298DGL (aust) Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6299Kingfisher Research Pty$66,000.00
6300Tertiary Education Facilities$66,000.00
6301The Mullion Group Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6302Australian National LOW Emission COAL Research And$66,000.00
6303Mediflex Industries P/L$66,000.00
6304Trishablanel Investments Pty Limited$66,000.00
6306KLEW Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6307F&P Properties Pty Limited (ACN 095 804 292) AS Trustee For The F&P Properties UNIT Trust$66,000.00
6308GUY Downes Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6309Hatch Timber Group Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6310Geomin Nominees Pty Ltd$65,929.60
6311Readify Limited$65,835.00
6312Supreme Court Of NSW$65,796.80
6314Alemba Pty Ltd$65,782.20
6315KAL Technologies Pty Ltd$65,753.05
6316Philips Medical Systems Australa$65,722.00
6317Vivid Indigenous Services Pty Ltd$65,688.59
6318Cliff Stoneman$65,670.00
6319Benjamin Townsend$65,560.00
6320Worrells Solvency And Forensic Accountants (melb)$65,538.00
6321GTR Homes$65,500.00
6322Fluke Australia Pty Ltd$65,466.50
6323University Corporation Atomospheric Research$65,462.16
6324G4S Secure Solutions$65,443.59
6325Cleanstar Australia Pty Ltd$65,340.00
6326Catalyst Exchange Pty Ltd$65,340.00
6327House With No Steps$65,253.50
6328Maryland Aerospace, INC.$65,246.91
6329Exhibition Studios Pty Ltd$65,219.00
6330Thompson Reuters (scientific) LLC$65,195.00
6331ATI Australia$65,124.86
6332Belle Meade Investment 2006 LP$65,065.92
6333Bosch Rexroth Pty Ltd$65,062.97
6334Allen-vanguard Ltd$65,046.14
6335Lienert Australia$65,035.00
6336The Trustee For Killarney Trust$65,010.00
6337Trivium Research Pty Ltd$65,000.00
6338MS Lynelle JAN Briggs Trading AS Lynelle Briggs$65,000.00
6339Linda R Scott & Associates Pty Ltd$65,000.00
6340Bruce G Wilson$65,000.00
6341Cancer Australia$65,000.00
6342Premium Constructions (tas) Pty Ltd (ACN 101 457 729) AS The Trustee For Premium Property Trust$65,000.00
6343Australian Museum$65,000.00
6344Doctor Mervat Abdel Malek$65,000.00
6345Burnt PINE Travel$65,000.00
6346Outlook Economics$65,000.00
6347KNOX Grammar School$64,964.90
6348Gerard Mcevilly$64,955.00
6349Mobile Communication Systems Pty$64,935.80
6350Saxton Speakers Bureau$64,925.60
6351Raffertys Resort Pty Ltd$64,919.00
6352The HON Warwick Smith AM$64,900.00
6353Department Of Communications And The ARTS$64,891.41
6354Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire$64,878.73
6355Space Electronics, LLC$64,869.19
6356GEMA Catering & Events$64,840.00
6357PORT Container Servi$64,839.50
6358SALO Pty Ltd (ACN 069 944 421) AS Trustee For The Albert Sattler Discretionary Trust$64,827.83
6359Petro Industrial (WA) Pty Ltd$64,823.00
6360MARK Tucker$64,800.00
6361Integrity Locksmiths And Security$64,757.70
6362Carlson Wagonlit Australia Pty Ltd$64,749.01
6363TFM ( Aust)$64,741.30
6364Interlink Corporate Services$64,735.00
6365The Architect Group Pty Ltd$64,718.50
6366Uniquity Pty Ltd$64,691.00
6367Office LINE$64,680.00
6368CITY Group Pty Ltd$64,674.18