VMWare International Limited

ABN: 81427693656
Similar to: VMWare International (ABN: 77122677089),
Also known as: TEMPORARY RECORD, VMWare Inernational Ltd, VMware International Ltd

101 contracts, total value $85,715,436.91
Consultancies: 5 contracts, 4.95%
Confidentialities: 4 contracts, 3.96%( 3 on the contract, 1 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 4 contracts, 3.96%, Prequalified 4 contracts, 3.96%, limited 93 contracts, 92.08%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 43 $59,321,944.75
Software maintenance and support 19 $23,263,341.48
Education and Training Services 12 $396,903.39
Information technology consultation services 9 $1,037,861.10
Computer hardware maintenance or support 7 $1,128,391.92
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 2 $148,280.00
Temporary information technology software developers 2 $96,558.80
Project administration or planning 2 $66,739.20
Temporary information technology systems or database administrators 1 $37,632.00
Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories 1 $35,544.30


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 30 $36,110,172.40
Department of Human Services 17 $21,791,902.75
Australian Securities and Investments Commission 15 $6,264,731.34
Department of Social Services 4 $6,112,602.61
Centrelink 8 $4,061,847.31
Australian Taxation Office 2 $3,432,459.02
Department of Health 2 $3,186,616.61
Australian Bureau of Statistics 2 $2,057,033.17
Australian Federal Police 1 $931,311.81
Defence Materiel Organisation 6 $874,462.16
Department of Health and Ageing 4 $405,747.50
Australian Crime Commission 2 $217,459.00
Australian Financial Security Authority 2 $94,208.40
CrimTrac 1 $38,796.33
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 1 $38,500.00
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 1 $35,544.30
Bureau of Meteorology 1 $28,822.20
National Archives of Australia 1 $20,515.00
Department of Immigration and Citizenship 1 $12,705.00

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
VMWare Software Enterprise Agreement and Deed of Standing Offer 17 $25,596,619.27


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
2782702 Software Support and Maintenance $13,031,205.50Department of Defence 2014-12-17 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3357867 Software and Support Services $10,088,838.52Department of Defence 2016-06-20 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3348632 Software Licences and Maintenance $7,645,000.00Department of Human Services 2016-04-01 VMware International Ltd
3348265 Software Licence and Support $5,665,399.40Department of Defence 2016-05-23 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
404797-A1 Software Maintenance $5,552,892.10Department of Human Services 2011-06-28 VMware International Ltd
3351797-A1 ICT software licence and or maintenance $4,890,903.27Department of Social Services 2016-06-17 VMWARE International Limited
2287751 Software Maintenance and Support $4,662,458.26Department of Human Services 2014-05-16 VMware International Ltd
3435966-A3 VMware Enterprise Licence Agreement $3,677,694.30Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2017-06-02 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3397925 VMWare ELA 1 Jan 17 - 29 Jun 18 $3,404,739.02Australian Taxation Office 2016-12-23 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3348353 Software $3,051,004.26Department of Defence 2016-05-23 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
1535641 Annual renewal of Software $3,026,111.11Department of Health 2013-07-01 Vmware International Limited
237657 Computer Software $3,014,866.12Centrelink 2009-05-28 Vmware International Ltd
2661392 Software maintenance & services $2,023,850.49Department of Human Services 2014-10-13 VMware International Ltd
3297895 VMware ELA $1,942,495.67Australian Bureau of Statistics 2015-09-28 VMware International Ltd
411846 2011/006800 - 3 year contract - national License Agreement. $1,368,307.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2011-06-27 VMware International Limited
3301341 ICT software licence and/or maintenance $1,073,419.34Department of Social Services 2015-11-06 VMWARE International Limited
3386388 Professional Services $979,535.70Department of Defence 2016-10-28 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
381859-A1 Provision of VM Ware Perpetual software licences $931,311.81Australian Federal Police 2008-09-30 VMWare International Limited
3160252 Software $822,576.33Department of Defence 2015-06-02 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
240059 IT Contractors $803,415.60Centrelink 2009-10-29 Vmware International Ltd
1861441-A1 Software Licenses $730,261.34Department of Human Services 2013-09-26 VMware International Ltd
693091-A1 VMWare consultancy services_software currency with security considerations 2012-002262 - 2011-006147, 2011-005809 QA28266 $382,753.80Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2012-06-20 VMWare International Ltd
3332338 Professional Services $378,635.40Department of Human Services 2016-01-22 VMware International Ltd
1576821 Software Maintenance Renewal $332,976.01Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-06-14 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3215602 Software Licence $317,389.25Department of Defence 2015-06-15 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
399336 Renewal of VMWare software maintenance for 2 years $293,012.84Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-06-09 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3332760 System Design and Implementation $273,616.20Department of Defence 2016-04-01 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
441336 Engagement of Resident VMware expert under ELA $245,153.30Department of Health and Ageing 2011-10-17 TEMPORARY RECORD
3394983 Support Services for VMware virtual environment $232,826.00Department of Defence 2016-12-08 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
351899 Virtualisation Residency. $200,112.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2010-11-18 Vmware International Limited
3383615 Non standard software and support $171,044.50Department of Defence 2016-10-10 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
256665 IT Services - ITS2009/19218 $169,245.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2009-12-01 VMWare International Limited
3298250 VMware Specialist Support $169,208.60Department of Defence 2015-10-02 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3300790 VMware Specialist Support $169,208.60Department of Defence 2015-10-15 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
1567641 Information Technology Services $165,000.00Department of Human Services 2013-06-24 VMware International Ltd
1567631 Information Technology Professional Services $164,993.40Department of Human Services 2013-06-25 VMware International Ltd
3392823 Software Support $160,505.50Department of Health 2016-11-25 Vmware International Limited
1499021 Computer Software and Maintenance $150,712.10Department of Human Services 2013-06-14 VMware International Ltd
3364081 Software $147,312.00Department of Defence 2016-07-13 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3384708 VNware Professional Services $135,502.62Department of Defence 2016-10-21 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3301089 ICT Services $123,750.00Department of Social Services 2015-11-06 VMWARE International Limited (Australia)
1245011 Software support $118,357.33Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-02-25 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3331960 Professional Services $114,537.50Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016-03-18 VMWare Inernational Ltd
3292130 Software Support & Maintenance $108,729.50Australian Crime Commission 2015-09-01 VMware International Limited
2626651 Software Support and Maintence $108,729.50Australian Crime Commission 2014-09-26 VMware International Limited
3365667 Software $101,494.80Department of Defence 2016-07-22 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3336187 Software $97,839.72Department of Defence 2016-04-09 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3408973 Training services $96,181.80Department of Defence 2017-02-28 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
274495 IT Contractor $89,601.60Centrelink 2010-03-09 VMware International Ltd
1154582 Software licences $84,028.20Department of Health and Ageing 2012-06-18 Vmware International Limited
543492 Virtual Software $71,800.85Department of Defence 2012-05-11 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3378304 Support Services for VMware Virtual Environment $67,763.30Department of Defence 2016-09-12 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3381192 Consultancy Services $67,763.30Department of Defence 2016-09-29 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3332311 Hypervisor VMWare 3092 $65,313.60Australian Financial Security Authority 2016-03-21 VMware International Limited
358610-A1 Vmware technical account manager for 1 year. $63,800.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2011-01-04 Vmware International Limited
3234342 Software Services $62,268.80Department of Human Services 2015-06-25 VMware International Ltd
1119452 Software $60,005.40Department of Defence 2012-12-11 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3363739 Software Maintenance and Support $58,951.20Department of Human Services 2016-01-14 VMware International Ltd
654841 Annual Software maintenance and support $58,547.22Department of Defence 2012-06-15 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
1541671 Software Support $55,172.98Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-06-18 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3316086 VMWare Virtualisation Software $54,648.66Department of Defence 2016-01-07 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
206390 IT Consultant $53,222.40Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2009-05-25 VMWare International Limited
3391490 1. VMware AirWatch Technical Service Manager can be purchased with AirWatch Production or Enterprise Customers 2. VMware AirWatch Enterprise Support, 1 Year Fee per Geography or Business Unit $50,741.72Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2016-11-30 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3398206 VMware Airwatch Support uplift for 7 months to co-term with existing VMware suite. $50,741.72Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2016-12-20 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
1154492 ITC Training $48,351.60Department of Health and Ageing 2012-08-01 Vmware International Limited
3446895 ICT Software Licences $44,396.28Department of Human Services 2017-05-22 VMware International Ltd
205479 IT Consultant $43,366.40Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2009-05-25 VMWARE International Limited
205428 IT Services $43,366.40Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2009-05-25 VMWARE International Limited
205554 IT Consultant $43,366.40Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2009-06-25 VMWARE International Limited
206382 IT Consultant $43,336.40Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2009-05-25 VMWare International Limited
3386363 AirWatch device and content management training and system configuration support $38,913.60Department of Defence 2016-10-26 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
444323 Basic Support/Subscription VMware renewal - 30/8/11-30/8/12 $38,796.33CrimTrac 2011-08-30 VMware International Ltd
3236552 Provision of Education and Training Services $38,500.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2015-06-22 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LTD
3377630 System Design and Implementation $38,366.90Department of Defence 2016-09-06 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
218783 IT Services $37,632.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2009-07-24 VMWare International Limited
3417989 VMware consulting services - NSX Security $37,045.80Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2017-03-12 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
442723 Provision of VSM Review $35,544.30Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2011-10-30 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3287489 Software Support and Maintenance $35,250.60Department of Human Services 2015-06-03 VMware International Ltd
463455 External Training $34,689.60Department of Human Services 2012-01-05 VMware International Ltd
478383 External Training at Brisbane QLD $34,689.60Department of Human Services 2012-03-28 VMware International Ltd
1452982 Training Services $33,787.60Department of Human Services 2013-05-13 VMware International Ltd
351419 External training $33,369.60Centrelink 2010-11-29 VMware International Ltd
351420 External training $33,369.60Centrelink 2010-11-29 VMware International Ltd
384592 External Training $33,224.79Centrelink 2011-04-18 VMware International Ltd
3340079 VMware Professional Services - 12 Days $28,894.80Australian Financial Security Authority 2016-05-15 VMWARE International Limited
3325476 VMware Realise Automation Design $28,822.20Bureau of Meteorology 2016-02-11 VMware International Ltd
1678731 Software procurement $28,214.40Department of Health and Ageing 2013-08-12 Vmware International Limited
3425616 VMware virtualisation software $27,799.20Department of Defence 2017-05-15 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3380289 Education and training $27,720.00Australian Taxation Office 2016-09-28 VMWare International Limited
274461 External Training $27,000.00Centrelink 2010-03-22 VMware International Ltd
274462 External Training $27,000.00Centrelink 2010-03-22 VMware International Ltd
3306983 Staff development $24,530.00Department of Social Services 2015-11-20 VMWARE International Limited
604881 VMWare Basic Support & maintenance $24,336.07Department of Defence 2012-05-29 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3316023 System Health Check $21,344.40Department of Defence 2016-01-06 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
2559402 Vmware - Horizon,install and manage training $20,515.00National Archives of Australia 2014-07-28 VMware International Limited
680191 Software support and maintenance $17,809.70Department of Defence 2012-06-18 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3439087 Software Licenses $14,065.98Department of Human Services 2017-06-21 VMware International Ltd
450399 training $12,705.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-11-21 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
443064 Infra Training Course $12,705.00Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2011-10-18 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
466191 IT Training $10,890.00Department of Defence 2012-02-09 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED