Ducon Maintenance Pty Ltd

ABN: 79150941174
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24 contracts, total value $29,872,783.68
Procurement methods: Open 20 contracts, 83.33%, Open via SON 4 contracts, 16.67%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 24 $29,872,783.68


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 24 $29,872,783.68


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3586188-A9 Minor Infrastructure and Compliance Works $7,478,282.31Department of Defence 2019-04-11 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3557206-A1 Victoria Barracks Melbourne - B, C and D Block Maintenance Works $3,563,032.55Department of Defence 2018-11-27 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3697501 Building Works $3,201,272.80Department of Defence 2020-07-01 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3629846-A1 Building Works $2,894,529.99Department of Defence 2019-09-24 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3671658 Building Works $1,759,491.80Department of Defence 2020-04-06 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3671659 Building Works $1,645,460.30Department of Defence 2020-04-03 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3659936-A3 Refurbishment Works $1,307,146.28Department of Defence 2020-02-13 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3328357 Fire Compliance Works $1,239,920.00Department of Defence 2016-03-07 DUCON MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3635930 Refurbishment Works at Oakleigh Depot, VIC $956,619.40Department of Defence 2019-10-21 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3637416-A2 Building Maintenance Works $931,435.50Department of Defence 2019-10-23 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3679934-A1 Building Works $898,346.46Department of Defence 2020-05-06 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3700001 Building Works $846,045.20Department of Defence 2020-07-09 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3432876 Infrastructure and Building Works $728,527.80Department of Defence 2017-06-06 DUCON MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3635940-A2 Building Works $606,554.30Department of Defence 2019-10-17 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3313240 Minor Building Refurbishment $367,529.09Department of Defence 2015-12-09 DUCON MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3313209 Minor Building Refurbishment $341,115.39Department of Defence 2015-12-08 DUCON MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3461021 Fire Safety Works $324,776.10Department of Defence 2017-07-10 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3475237 Compliance Works $307,099.10Department of Defence 2017-12-05 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3378357 Fire Compliance Works $224,774.00Department of Defence 2016-09-20 DUCON MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
2208181 Infrastructure repairs $104,500.00Department of Defence 2014-04-24 DUCON MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
2293811 Infrastructure repairs $87,521.61Department of Defence 2014-05-26 DUCON MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3473784 Infrastructure and Building Works $27,161.76Department of Defence 2017-12-01 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
3483343 Fire Safety Works $16,241.94Department of Defence 2018-01-23 DUCON BUILDING SOLUTIONS
2343722 Infrastructure repairs $15,400.00Department of Defence 2014-06-20 DUCON MAINTENANCE PTY LTD