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260 contracts, total value $6,693,637.07
Procurement methods: Open 69 contracts, 26.54%, Prequalified 45 contracts, 17.31%, limited 146 contracts, 56.15%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Marine craft systems and subassemblies 26 $754,811.21
Aircraft equipment 25 $628,151.57
War vehicles 16 $570,270.25
Motor vehicles 13 $271,243.35
Aerospace systems and components and equipment 10 $161,499.41
Military transport aircraft 10 $204,347.19
Communications Devices and Accessories 10 $318,039.81
Military fixed wing aircraft 10 $279,663.05
Commercial and Military and Private Vehicles and their Accessories and Components 9 $239,057.00
Compounds and mixtures 8 $127,706.48


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Defence Materiel Organisation 181 $4,731,742.94
Department of Defence 79 $1,961,894.13


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
393268 Handsets Dynamic Press to Talk with Cord $195,778.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-06-01 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3353756 Winch Drum Power OP $194,827.60Department of Defence 2016-06-08 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
36512 BOOTS, FLYERS. RAAF $164,595.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-09-20 PACIFIC AERODYNE
281445 Supply of Cap, filler, opening, qty 240 and NSN 2590-00-999-2011. $142,824.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-04-16 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
331615 Qty 580 Light Dome, nsn: 6220-00-337-7463 $90,436.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-09-15 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
8885 2915-00-920-7828PURCHASE OF PARTS KITXFUEL CONTEX GST PRICE (GAPS ID: 1667312) $81,432.00Department of Defence 2007-05-10 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
764291 FITTING, STRUCTURAL COMPONENT, AIRCRAFT $80,871.91Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-07-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
992211 Provision Of Components For Ship Flightdeck Equipment $78,693.12Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-10-10 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
143405 Distribution box, aluminium, 15-5/8' L x 8-1/2' W x 5-3/16' H, NSN 6110-00-985-7574, M/C 80063, P/N SC-D-173786, qty 30 $75,702.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-11-19 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd


$75,537.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-09-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
50983 Textile Webbing $73,700.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-12-03 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
262973 Qty 20 whip antennas for military communications $72,751.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-02-25 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
270050 PURCHASE - PUMP UNIT, CENTRIFUAL, C130J PROJECT - NSN 4320/010963873 QTY 6 $65,100.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-09-16 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD

Pocket Knife

$63,580.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-08-15 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3426531 Flush Control $61,875.00Department of Defence 2017-05-17 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3128612 Parts Kit Fairlead Sheave $60,714.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-05-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
73952-A1 Array ( [0] => SPACER, BONDED [1] => NSN - 5365/008580766 ) $58,940.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-03-28 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3287073 Aircraft Equipment $57,002.00Department of Defence 2015-08-03 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
1790941 PURCHASE OF AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT $56,634.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-09-30 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
396665 Rack Electrical Equipment $54,320.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-04-28 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
37024 Supply of 1 x Power Divider with PTO.  Cushman No:605512/285A. $53,621.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-10-08 Pacific Aerodyne pty Ltd
1358571 Provision Of Seals $53,211.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-04-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
215748 QTY 200 WIRE ROPE ASSEMBLY (10 FOOT TOW CABLE) $52,635.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-08-11 PACIFIC AERODYNE
1455152 Provide Goods to Defence for Purchase of Aircraft Common Spares $52,103.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-06-05 PACIFIC AERODYNE
444418 Procurement of Floodlights $48,562.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-11-09 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
557852 Qty 5 of Circuit Card Assembly $48,540.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-05-29 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3302613 Blade Windshield $48,180.00Department of Defence 2015-10-21 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3380105 Purchase of communication equipment $46,178.00Department of Defence 2016-09-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3412411 Surveillance and Detection Equipment $45,742.40Department of Defence 2017-03-17 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
1786011 Knives, Hunting $45,654.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-10-01 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
8862 SHEET METAL (GAPS ID: 1690650) $44,935.00Department of Defence 2007-04-03 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
468042 PO 3A4NU6 - Purchase Qty 15 Support Assy, Ramp. NSN: 00-846-4921 $44,393.25Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-02 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3619949 Procurement of battery storage. $43,824.00Department of Defence 2019-08-01 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
3279157 Procurement of Aircraft parts $40,867.20Department of Defence 2015-07-06 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
192641 Valve, Safety Relief, Qty: 35 $40,355.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-05-01 PACIFIC AERODYNE
460041 Provision of control box for weapon system $39,435.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-01-23 Pacific Aerodyne
3678586 Purchase of manifold. $38,478.00Department of Defence 2020-04-20 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
3336749 filter element fluid $38,236.00Department of Defence 2016-04-14 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3395430 Aircraft Spares $37,268.00Department of Defence 2016-12-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3307271 Adapter Ground Handling Equipment and Plate Instru $37,158.00Department of Defence 2015-11-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD

Provide Goods to Defence for Purchase of Aircraft Common Spares

$36,630.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-03-28 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
340742 Supply of Seal, Palin Encased, NSN 5330-00-599-8527, QTY 2000. $36,520.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-10-21 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3493980 Multiline $36,356.10Department of Defence 2018-03-14 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
272429 PURCHASE - DOOR, AIRCRAFT - NSN 1560/014351989 QTY 4 $36,200.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-09-16 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
270812 PROCUREMENT OF AIRCRAFT SPARES NSN: 5306-01-425-8836 PART NO:92232-6-6 $36,080.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-05-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
241442 AIRCRAFT COMPONENTS $35,954.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-11-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE
3319518 aircraft spares $35,359.50Department of Defence 2015-12-08 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3282803 Adapter ground handling $34,336.50Department of Defence 2015-07-21 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD


$34,296.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-07-14 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2743081 Transmitter Pressure $33,880.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-11-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
249828 Knife, Pocket , NSN:5110-01-543-4632 Qty:389 Part number:Spyderco C14BK 04 $33,718.52Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-12-18 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
436365 defence vehicle parts $33,432.30Department of Defence 2011-10-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
439385 Procurement of aircraft spares $33,275.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-10-19 Pacific Aerodyne
94205 SWITCH, THERMOSTATIC NSN: 5930/0020009326 $32,670.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-06-12 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
73526 PROCUREMENT OF AIRCRAFT SPARES $32,571.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-05-05 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3409700 Flush Control $31,290.00Department of Defence 2017-03-01 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
340958 QTY 250 ARM, HAND CRANK QTY 100 CONTROL PEDAL REQUIRED FOR M113 FLEET $31,226.25Department of Defence 2010-10-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
475561-A1 Cloth Honeycomb Airguard $30,996.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-07 Pacific Aerodyne
482351 Procurement of military vehicle parts $30,374.30Department of Defence 2012-04-27 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
421119 Cooler $30,147.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-05-11 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
357275 Procurement of: AMPLIFIER,ELECTRONIC CONTROL (2EA) $29,776.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-11-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
58016 Procurement of: ACCUMULATOR,PNEUMATIC $29,220.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-10-29 PACIFIC AERODYNE Pty Ltd
437505 Repair of weapon system $28,729.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-09-06 Pacific Aerodyne
3057892 Printed circuits and integrated circuits and micro $28,567.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-03-30 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3294471 Aircraft Spares. $28,512.00Department of Defence 2015-09-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
275765 FABRIC, VINYL $28,302.83Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-10-28 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
267460 Procurement of: COUPLING HALF,QUICK DISCONNECT $28,284.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-02-11 PACIFIC AERODYNE Pty Ltd
2742561 Cover spare Barrell $28,185.30Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-10-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
160298 AIRCRAFT COMPONENT $28,150.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-02-18 PACIFIC AERODYNE
8846 4720-00-939-7600PURCHASE OF HOSE ASSEMBLY, NONMETALLICEX GST PRICE (GAPS ID: 1675304) $27,960.00Department of Defence 2007-06-06 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3578700 Insulation Tape $27,654.00Department of Defence 2019-03-06 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
462284-A1 Supply of relais verzoegerun. $26,276.25Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-12-05 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
484075 TAPE, INSULATION ELECTRICAL $26,231.04Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-05-03 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
427322-A1 DRIER, AIR-GAS, DESICCANT ; 12.5 IN HT, 9.25 IN O/A DIA 12V DC, 6.0 AMP 120 PSI:- QTY 40 $26,136.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-08-19 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
423765 Aircraft Spares $25,916.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-07-05 Pacific Aerodyne
3302642 Gun Cover $25,536.50Department of Defence 2015-10-21 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
91096 PROCUREMENT OF AIRCRAFT SPARES $25,484.25Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-06-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
275892 Mast Section qty 75 $24,997.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-03-23 PACIFIC AERODYNE
484006 Bagpipe, Scottish, c/w case $24,600.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-05-02 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
450838 Manufacture of Qty 360 Pin Carrier Assembly, Aluminium Alloy; NSN: 5985-99-624-8152 $24,484.68Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-12-07 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
408169 Pin Carrier Assembly: Aluminum Alloy qty 360 $24,484.68Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-07-12 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
437768 Components for weapon system $24,472.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-09-12 Pacific Aerodyne
987691 Purchase of aircraft tool kit $24,367.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-10-25 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
343481 QTY 120 LEVER, MANUAL CONTROL REQUIRED FOR M113 FLEET $24,142.80Department of Defence 2010-10-27 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
434029 SUPPLY OF EVACUATION LITTERS $23,936.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-09-28 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3501697 Chemical supply $23,725.68Department of Defence 2018-04-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
443821 Aircraft Spares $23,415.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-04-21 Pacific Aerodyne
460810 ACCELEROMETER, ELECTRICAL, LINEAR $23,346.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-01-31 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD

Provide Aircraft Common spares for Defence.

$23,276.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-11-20 Pacific Aerodyne

Microbiocide - Various

$23,261.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-03-04 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
259773 Radio antenna halyards qty 50; Fiber rope assemblies qty 60; Connector rods qty 200, for use with military communications $23,002.10Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-02-12 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
269972 PURCHASE - PULSE PROBE ASSY NSN: 2835/996797710 QTY 5 $22,920.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-07-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3342245 sealing compound $22,792.00Department of Defence 2016-05-05 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
185872 Procurement of: INHIBITOR,CORROSION,LIQUID COOLING $22,400.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-04-14 PACIFIC AERODYNE Pty Ltd
3143622 cleaning compound $22,385.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-05-28 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
424174 Procurement of Knife, Hunting $22,220.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-08-24 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
366659 Procurement of: WIRE, NONELECTRICAL (600CQ) $22,098.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-12-14 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2815332 Procurement of aircraft parts. $22,060.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-12-15 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
378781 Procurement of: RELAY, ELECTROMAGNETIC (10EA) $21,888.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-02-17 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
209605 Hose Assembly, Air Duct, Qty: 12 $21,720.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE
272801 NSN: 5310-00-061-1810 PURCHASE OF NUT, SELF- LOCKING, EXTENDED WASHER, DOUBLE QTY100 INCL GST $21,689.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-09-20 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3242912 Aircraft spares $21,269.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-06-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2815602 Packing material $21,252.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-12-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
11211 Procurement of: NUT,PLAIN,ROUND (GAPS ID: 1689475) $20,880.00Department of Defence 2007-06-18 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3701726 Bag canvas ship $20,790.00Department of Defence 2020-07-02 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
3634639 Procurement of canvas bag $20,790.00Department of Defence 2019-09-30 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
213583 NSN 6750-99-840-0198 Lamp Photoflash (RIFS) packet 100 $20,636.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-08-06 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
20066 PROCUREMENT OF AIRCRAFT SPARES (GAPS ID: 1657954) $20,262.00Department of Defence 2007-04-04 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LTD
2878232 Blade. $20,130.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-03 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
275886 Pin Carrier Assembly qty 150 $20,130.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-03-25 PACIFIC AERODYNE
462285 Supply of Tape, Insultation, Electrical. $20,064.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-12-07 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
2812692 Aircraft spares $19,989.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-12-16 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
444663 Provision of slide drawer extension $19,778.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-09-12 Pacific Aerodyne
1009651 Various Ear Tips $19,708.26Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-11-05 Pacific Aerodyne PTY LTD
410613 Accumulator $19,700.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-05-02 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
435964 defence vehicle parts $19,668.00Department of Defence 2011-09-27 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3481681 Hose non metallic $19,463.40Department of Defence 2018-01-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2402851 Purchase of military aircraft spares $19,415.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-07-08 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
46003 FABRIC VINYL $19,329.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-11-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE
2630211 Purchase Blade, Windshield Wiper $19,272.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-09-29 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
94203 RELAY, PHASE SEQUENC NSN: 5945/006249513 $19,266.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-06-12 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2761702 Shackles $19,126.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-11-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2458201 Purchase Of Sealing Compound $19,008.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-07-04 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3696443 Positioner valve $18,678.00Department of Defence 2020-06-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
3291951 Filter Element Fluid $18,480.00Department of Defence 2015-08-27 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3464407 Conventional War Weapons $18,458.00Department of Defence 2017-10-10 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2699381 Purchase of Cleaning Solvent. $18,418.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-10-20 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3346816 Aircraft Spares $18,369.34Department of Defence 2016-05-17 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
477496 Supply of Helical Antenna Mounts, used for military communications $18,258.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-27 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
202814 BREAK OFF TUBES $18,100.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-10 PACIFIC AERODYNE
8854 4920-00-306-4374PURCHASE OF GUAGE ASSYEX GST PRICE (GAPS ID: 1689834) $18,052.00Department of Defence 2007-07-03 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3349748 Terminal box $18,040.00Department of Defence 2016-05-23 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD


NSN - 3110/000785676

$17,886.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-03-27 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3301627 Aircraft parts $17,831.00Department of Defence 2015-10-12 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
425316 BEARING PLAIN, ROD END; STEEL/PLASTIC, BORE DIA 0.625IN- TRUCK; FIRE FIGHTING:- QTY 25 BEARING PLAIN, ROD END; UNF, L/H:- QTY 60 $17,818.68Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-05-03 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
223468 Thermostat $17,699.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-09-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE
67050 Modification to Contract previously posted.  ID 1684655.  Quantity on original 6.  Quantity increased to 7 x Air Conditioning Compressors. $17,440.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-06-29 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd

NSN 3120/00-305-5387



$17,380.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-12-03 Pacific Aerodyne
249178 Knife, Pocket, NSN: 5110-01-543-4632, part number C14BK04, quantity 200 $17,336.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-10-13 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3327800 filter element $17,270.00Department of Defence 2016-03-04 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3423269 Launcher Component $17,256.80Department of Defence 2017-05-02 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2815442 Gasket Material Conductive $16,995.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-12-09 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
482137 SWITCH, PRESSURE $16,830.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-01 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
29550 Supply of Spare Parts for ADF Owned Cylinder Trolleys & Charging Trolleys. $16,731.96Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-08-21 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
1657421 Provide goods for Defence for purchase of Aircraft Commom Spares. $16,463.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-08-05 Pacific Aerodyne
3323212 Ball bearing $16,434.00Department of Defence 2016-02-10 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
440311 Procurement of aircraft spares $16,164.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-09-15 Pacific Aerodyne
3288918 Aircraft Spares. $16,001.04Department of Defence 2015-08-12 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
272531 PURCHASE - NUT, SELF-LOCKING, HEXAGON - QTY 90 - NSN 5310/997023861 $15,975.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-07-23 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
330723 Qty 300 of Stop Light-Taillight $15,909.30Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-09-14 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
1789761 Transmitter Pressure $15,895.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-10-01 PACIFIC AERODYNE
1728241 Provision Of Pipes $15,796.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-08-23 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3380065 Gauge Depth Dial Indicating $15,642.00Department of Defence 2016-09-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
362232 Lid Strap NSN: 5985-99-626-7267 qty 780 Screw, Tapping NSN: 5305-12-138-3308 qty 150 $15,615.93Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-02-02 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3225822 Containers and storage $15,562.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-06-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
1426451 Antiseize Compound $15,323.44Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-05-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3535194 Cleaning Compound Solvent $15,158.00Department of Defence 2018-08-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
275785 Guy Assembly qty 75 & Long Form Bark Cork qty 50 $15,086.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-02-03 PACIFIC AERODYNE
11146 Supply of 6 x Compressor, Reciprocating (GAPS ID: 1684655) $14,949.00Department of Defence 2007-06-29 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
190414 Fabric, Vinyl $14,943.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-06-02 Pacific Aerodyne
278575 REPLACEMENT OF PARTS - AVIATION FIRE TRUCK $14,801.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-11-24 PACIFIC AERODYNE
2374302 Sealing Compound $14,520.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-06-16 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
88592 DUMMY LOAD, ELECTRICAL NSN 5985/01558379 $14,448.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-05-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2743071 Starter Engine Electrical $14,290.32Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-11-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
8878 FIBREGLASS MAT, TEFLON (GAPS ID: 1691012) $14,289.00Department of Defence 2007-08-02 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
344354 Pin Carrier $14,286.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-11-08 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
982381 Provide Goods to Defence for Purchase of Aircraft Common Spares $14,271.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-10-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
809081 NSN 5970-00-955-9976 TAPE, INSULATION, ELECTRICAL $14,238.18Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-08-09 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD

Micro Biocide

$14,156.18Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-12-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
435930 defence vehicle parts $14,155.90Department of Defence 2011-09-27 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3319492 aircraft spares $14,124.00Department of Defence 2015-12-15 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3288897 Cleaning Compound Charcoal Activated Technical $13,997.50Department of Defence 2015-08-12 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
275829 Mast Sections 50 ,Clamp Ring 50 & O-Ring qty 500 $13,942.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-02-12 PACIFIC AERODYNE
190386 AIRCRAFT COMPONENT $13,820.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-06-01 PACIFIC AERODYNE
379883 Cable, telephone, 50 PR, underground use, 500m LG, 100 x 0.64mm conductor, NSN 6145-66-158-2861, M/C Z0464, P/N T50P64PEJ, qty 4. $13,778.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-04-14 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3168782 Aircraft parts $13,692.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-06-05 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
271798 PURCHASE - PLATE, BASE - NSN 4920/008843001 QTY 1 $13,658.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-09-10 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3481680 Valve safety relief $13,596.00Department of Defence 2018-01-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2931112 Gage Depth Dial Indicating $13,596.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-03-05 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3058952 Cleaning Compound $13,431.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-04-17 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3411174 Purchase of Windshield Wiper Blades. $13,420.00Department of Defence 2017-03-09 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2681051 Mount Resilient. $13,180.99Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-10-10 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
1240612 Marine Rigging Equipment $13,178.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-02-28 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3515162 Bag canvas $13,178.00Department of Defence 2018-06-06 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
3520680 Communications Devices and Accessories $13,156.00Department of Defence 2018-06-20 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.


$13,083.84Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-03-31 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3399526 Filter Element Air Conditioning $13,076.80Department of Defence 2017-01-05 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
588401 FILTER, GEARBOX DRUM $13,015.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-05-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
1308571 Provision Of Gasketing Material $13,009.21Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-03-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2492042 PURCHASE OF AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT $13,008.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-08-12 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
243897 HOSE ASSEMBLY, AIR DUCT QTY: 5 $13,002.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-10-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE
273429 Supply of NSN 2590-00-767-5411, QTY 150, PAD, CUSHIOING; HATCH RING. $12,870.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-05-05 Pacific Aerodyne
443146 Procurement of Capsule, Cargo $12,760.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-11-04 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3726154 Transmitter Pressure $12,738.00Department of Defence 2020-10-15 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
66424 Procurement of: DISK,VALVE; DISK,VALVE $12,692.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-02-27 PACIFIC AERODYNE Pty Ltd
90358 SANDWICH MOUNTING NSN 2995/009277719 $12,671.25Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-06-05 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
345029 QTY 80 GUARDS QTY 102 SLEEVE & PINTLE BUSHING REQUIRED FOR M113 FLEET $12,639.40Department of Defence 2010-10-29 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
475351 Tensiometer, Dial indicating $12,624.15Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-02-06 Pacific Aerodyne
2961672 Detergent $12,622.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-03-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
11193 Procurement of: CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMBLY (GAPS ID: 1689443) $12,588.00Department of Defence 2007-06-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
49199 NSN 5310-00-954-7258   NUT, SELF LOCKING, PLATE $12,553.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-10-22 Pacific Aerodyne pty Ltd
93671 Procurement of: SEAL,PLAIN; RING,WIPER; CABLE ASSEMBLY,SPECIAL $12,485.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-05-12 PACIFIC AERODYNE Pty Ltd
3227072 Detergent General Purpose $12,334.08Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-06-17 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
436540 Sheet Metals NSN 9535-00-596-2077 P/N. AMS-T-9046 $12,258.18Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-10-11 Pacific Aerodyne
272706 Antenna Element qty 300 & Connector Plug Electrical qty 100 $12,249.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-07-25 Pacific Aerodyne
437769 Rubber cap $12,208.68Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-09-13 BAE Systems Australia Ltd
2517131 Protractor, Navigation $12,188.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-08-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE
399950 Corrosion Preventive $12,153.12Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-04-27 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
20074 Gear Spur (GAPS ID: 1659857) $12,127.50Department of Defence 2007-04-17 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LTD
276214 CLOTH HONEYCOMBE AIRGUARD $12,127.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-08-04 PACIFIC AERODYNE
427480 HOSE NON METALLIC $12,081.96Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-08-25 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2917342 Cooling System $12,043.02Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-20 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
1360751 Detergent, General Purpose $12,038.95Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-04-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
1834601 GUN, RIVET $11,983.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-10-23 PACIFIC AERODYNE
1003681 Provision Of Components For Fire Fighting Equipment $11,976.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-10-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
2691191 Provide goods to Defence for purchase of aircraft $11,975.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-10-15 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
271430 GAGE, PROFILE - NSN 5220/008843020 $11,943.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-11-26 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3056042 Globe Electric Light $11,880.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-04-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3293109 AIRCRAFT SPARES $11,858.00Department of Defence 2015-09-02 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3306083 Aircraft Spares. $11,837.10Department of Defence 2015-11-06 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
286857 SHEET, METAL $11,717.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-05-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3373270 Filter $11,704.00Department of Defence 2016-08-17 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3405377 PURCHASE GLOBE ELECTRIC $11,682.00Department of Defence 2017-02-10 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3515148 Conventional War Weapons $11,678.70Department of Defence 2018-06-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
57798 Procurement of: DISK,VALVE $11,670.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-08-07 PACIFIC AERODYNE Pty Ltd
3707426 Air Conditioner Filters. $11,546.70Department of Defence 2020-07-23 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
479487-A1 SHEET METALS NSN 9535-00-596-2077 $11,543.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-04-16 PACIFIC AERODYNE
111319 52 x Heavy Duty Drawer Slides $11,354.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-08-12 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3128382 Valve. $11,352.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-05-18 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
157204 Supply of Medical Consumables $11,343.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-01-30 Pacific Aerodyne
3344441 Jack $11,198.00Department of Defence 2016-05-13 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD

Provision Of Component Of Alarm System

$11,158.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-03-26 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
142029 qty 150 mast sections; qty 1,000 setscrews; qty 75 mast sections; qty 100 plain barrel nuts; qty 100 guide bush; qty 200 gaskets; spares for military communications $11,139.15Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-12-02 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd

Battery, Storage

$11,132.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-01-16 PACIFIC AERODYNE
482139 VALVE LINEAR $11,130.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-26 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
8838 1650-01-472-1430PURCHASE OF FILTER ELEMENT, FLUIDEX GST PRICE (GAPS ID: 1672992) $11,000.00Department of Defence 2007-05-31 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
445174 Provision of coolar, shaft $10,975.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-11-25 Pacific Aerodyne
3424855 Couplings $10,879.00Department of Defence 2017-05-11 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
350520 Supply of Qty: 220 Round Plain Nuts, NSN: 5310-99-454-0386. $10,853.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-12-02 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd
3282815 spare communications accessories $10,850.40Department of Defence 2015-07-22 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3634618 Filter $10,804.20Department of Defence 2019-10-04 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
3058252 Aircraft Parts $10,777.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-04-08 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
361517 Procurement of: REPAIR KIT, PIPE, EMERGENCY DAMAGE (80KT) $10,736.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-12-02 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
8893 4940-21-920-5028PURCHASE OF ADAPTER KIT, MECHANICAL TESTEX GST PRICE (GAPS ID: 1667589) $10,644.00Department of Defence 2007-05-11 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
469165 PO 3A4NX5- Purchase Qty 2 Mat Floor, C130 Aircraft Workstands. NSN: 66-151-2509 $10,626.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-07 Pacific Aerpdyne PTY LTD
174356 Procurement of: PARTS KIT,SEAL REPLACEMENT,MECHANICAL $10,538.10Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-03-16 PACIFIC AERODYNE Pty Ltd
207696 NSN 6140-99-840-6587 Battery Set, C/W integrated Batteries 13.2V $10,516.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-20 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd

NSN 5340/01-138-2614



$10,494.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-02-28 Pacific Aerodyne
8870 HEADSET MICROPHONE (GAPS ID: 1690659) $10,483.00Department of Defence 2007-06-16 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3319487 Aircraft parts $10,461.00Department of Defence 2015-12-17 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3623236 Loop Strap Fastener and Floodlight. $10,443.18Department of Defence 2019-08-12 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
2915902 Aircraft parts $10,435.04Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-19 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD

Provide Goods to Defence for Purchase of Aircraft Common Spares

$10,428.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-02-14 Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd


NSN - 4720/008147764

$10,340.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-04-16 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD


NSN - 1610/006287169

$10,251.94Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-05-03 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
435927 defence vehicle parts $10,247.60Department of Defence 2011-09-30 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY LTD
3733813 Transmitter Pressure. $10,190.40Department of Defence 2020-11-16 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
3640330 Items for repair of Combat Items $10,127.04Department of Defence 2019-10-28 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
972691 Liner, Absorbent, Flying Helmet $10,111.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-10-16 Pacific Aerodyne PTY LTD