ABN: 59130697639
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Also known as: COMPLEX CIVIL PTY LTD, Complex Co. PTY LTD, Hawkins Civil Pty Ltd

20 contracts, total value $45,108,480.79
Procurement methods: Open 8 contracts, 40.00%, Open via SON 1 contracts, 5.00%, limited 11 contracts, 55.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 8 $16,004,355.70
General building construction 4 $1,565,688.39
Building support services 2 $1,973,479.66
Roads and landscape 2 $10,933,455.10
Construction and maintenance support equipment 2 $14,405,964.70
Environmental management 1 $170,845.24
Interior finishing materials 1 $54,692.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
National Capital Authority 12 $28,917,464.35
Department of Finance 3 $14,412,488.72
CSIRO 1 $1,316,168.18
Department of Defence 3 $407,667.54
Royal Australian Mint 1 $54,692.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3574141-A8 National Portrait Gallery of Australia Stage 2 Building Works $12,781,753.32Department of Finance 2019-02-26 Complex Civil Pty Ltd
3305739-A5 John Gorton Building Upgrade - Head Contractor Services. Complex Civil Pty Ltd. $10,207,949.93National Capital Authority 2015-11-01 COMPLEX CIVIL PTY LTD
3721263-A1 O&M Services for Scrivener Dam $7,247,982.35National Capital Authority 2020-12-07 Complex Co. PTY LTD
3721263 O&M Services for Scrivener Dam $7,157,982.35National Capital Authority 2020-12-07 Complex Co. PTY LTD
2472991-A3 YORK PARK AND WINDSOR WALK PAY PARKING CIVIL WORKS - HEAD CONTRACTOR $1,515,422.06National Capital Authority 2014-04-07 Hawkins Civil Pty Ltd
3454407-A1 NPG Building Works 2017 pilot $1,489,735.40Department of Finance 2017-09-07 Complex Civil Pty Ltd
3263722 Civil Works for Facilities at DSS36. $1,316,168.18CSIRO 2015-07-08 Complex Civil Pty Ltd
3397617 Bridges Replacement and Remediation Works - Head Contractor Services. Complex Civil Pty Ltd $818,534.77National Capital Authority 2016-05-25 COMPLEX CIVIL PTY LTD
2858532 Borella Street and Kelliher Drive Carparks Upgrade $725,505.17National Capital Authority 2015-01-12 Hawkins Civil Pty Ltd
3598303-A1 Delivery of civil works to car park 55, Kelliher Drive, Russell $576,198.62National Capital Authority 2019-05-31 COMPLEX CIVIL PTY LTD
2472911 Civil Works Supporting The Implementation Of Pay Parking On National Land - Precincts 2, 3 and 4. $458,057.60National Capital Authority 2014-01-15 Hawkins Civil Pty Ltd
3302019 Civil Works $221,675.30Department of Defence 2015-10-22 COMPLEX CIVIL PTY LTD
3327224 Land Remediation $170,845.24Department of Defence 2016-03-03 COMPLEX CIVIL PTY LTD
3655182 Site Works Project $141,000.00Department of Finance 2019-12-17 Complex Civil Pty Ltd
3432226 Kings Avenue Pedestrian Upgrades - Head Contractor Services $85,041.00National Capital Authority 2017-06-19 COMPLEX CIVIL PTY LTD
3512335 John Gorton Building Campus Square Minor Works $75,065.21National Capital Authority 2018-06-01 COMPLEX CIVIL PTY LTD
462530 Interior Fitout $54,692.00Royal Australian Mint 2012-02-01 HAWKINS CIVIL PTY LTD
3791663 Scrivener Dam River Channel Maintenance Works $33,455.00National Capital Authority 2021-06-21 Complex Co. PTY LTD
3561830 LBG Walls - Investigation works adjacent to Aspen Island $16,270.29National Capital Authority 2018-12-10 COMPLEX CIVIL PTY LTD
3314049 Civil Works $15,147.00Department of Defence 2015-12-21 COMPLEX CIVIL PTY LTD