ABN: 41001670579
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Also known as: SCENTRE MANAGEMENT LIMITED, Scentre Managment Limited, Westfield Management Pty Ltd, Westfield Management and Perpetual, Westfield Management Limited as entity of the Westfield Trust, Westfileld Management Limited

18 contracts, total value $230,152,791.39
Procurement methods: Open 11 contracts, 61.11%, Open via SON 1 contracts, 5.56%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 5.56%, limited 5 contracts, 27.78%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Lease and rental of property or building 18 $230,152,791.39


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Taxation Office 3 $205,260,726.19
Department of Human Services 11 $22,332,095.16
Australian Securities and Investments Commission 1 $1,305,400.00
Services Australia 1 $1,175,852.04
Australian Electoral Commission 1 $46,000.00
Australian Federal Police 1 $32,718.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
231374-A5 Lease for Chermside Building 2 10 Banfield St QLD $118,320,361.32Australian Taxation Office 2005-03-01 SCENTRE MANAGEMENT LIMITED
754251-A1 Property lease Chermside Bldg 2 10 Banfield St $80,029,453.87Australian Taxation Office 2007-08-24 Westfield Management Pty Ltd
25073-A5 Lease at Innaloo, WA EXTP04/0015B $7,531,697.47Department of Human Services 2004-04-11 Westfield Management Limited
242938-A3 Building Lease - Chermside $6,910,911.00Australian Taxation Office 2005-07-01 Westfield Management Limited
24544-A11 Lease at 18 Banfield Street, Chermside, QLD. (Centrelink) EXTS05/0468-F $6,827,495.72Department of Human Services 2008-09-19 Westfield Management Ltd
3439077 Property Lease $1,895,451.61Department of Human Services 2017-09-19 Westfield Management
1064001-A3 Lease at Gympie Road, Chermside, QLD (Medicare) $1,610,428.55Department of Human Services 2008-11-01 Westfield Management Limited as entity of the Westfield Trust
154976 Lease. $1,305,400.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2008-05-23 Westfield Management Limited
3728415 Property Lease $1,175,852.04Services Australia 2020-09-19 Scentre Managment Limited
3446897-A1 Property Lease $980,557.23Department of Human Services 2016-07-23 Scentre Managment Limited
1317941-A2 Lease at West Lakes SA $953,665.62Department of Human Services 2010-04-04 Westfield Management and Perpetual
765101-A3 Lease at Upper Mount Gravatt QLD (Medicare) $807,454.25Department of Human Services 2011-04-01 Westfileld Management Limited
1234412 Lease at Woden Service Centre (MCA) Westfield Woden ACT. MCA 152 $802,263.67Department of Human Services 2010-03-01 Westfield Management Limited
1374261 Lease at Benjamin Way Belconnen ACT MCA 172 $613,369.24Department of Human Services 2010-07-01 Westfield Management and Perpetual
742411 Property Lease at Brookvale, NSW $233,740.23Department of Human Services 2012-07-10 Westfield Management Ltd
719322-A1 Lease at Wantirna, Victoria $75,971.57Department of Human Services 2012-07-01 Westfield Management Ltd
71981 Property Lease - Division of Petrie $46,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2008-05-15 Westfield Management Limited
59834-A1 Property lease NSW $32,718.00Australian Federal Police 2007-01-01 Westfield Management Ltd