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Also known as: ARMTECH PTY LTD

76 contracts, total value $14,040,803.62
Procurement methods: Open 10 contracts, 13.16%, limited 66 contracts, 86.84%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Clothing 13 $1,268,140.28
Aerospace systems and components and equipment 12 $1,632,164.66
Personal safety and protection 12 $2,562,554.33
Air transportation support systems and equipment 8 $2,049,955.70
Aircraft equipment 6 $275,323.88
Military fixed wing aircraft 5 $1,263,800.00
Rope and chain and cable and wire and strap 4 $1,123,056.00
Safety apparel 4 $874,608.36
Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies 3 $953,736.83
Motor vehicles 1 $1,394,858.42


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 43 $7,519,907.99
Defence Materiel Organisation 33 $6,520,895.63


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
2655012 Aerial Delivery Equipment for G-Wagon $1,394,858.42Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-10-24 ARMTECH PTY LTD
273442 Purchase of qty 750 cargo nets (NSN: 99-144-5229) $1,113,750.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-09-23 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3306740 CBRN MALO Over Boots $914,210.00Department of Defence 2015-11-10 ARMTECH PTY LTD
440196 Helicopter Lift Equipment $846,045.86Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-10-24 Armtech Pty Ltd
525982-A1 Refrigerator-Freezer, field storage & transport, blood, biologicals. $643,940.00Department of Defence 2012-05-16 Armtech Pty Ltd
3364641 Protective Overshoes $448,910.00Department of Defence 2016-07-12 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3290389 Gloves and Hoods Anti-Flash $432,740.00Department of Defence 2015-08-18 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3498594 Procurement of Military spares $372,900.00Department of Defence 2018-04-03 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3599678 Procurement of military spares $366,300.00Department of Defence 2019-05-14 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3637313 Procurement of military spares $366,300.00Department of Defence 2019-10-18 ARMTECH PTY LTD
86786 Flyers Gloves for Army, Navy and Airforce $327,525.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-05-23 Armtech Pty Ltd
3365775 Protective Overshoes $323,184.44Department of Defence 2016-07-18 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3306062 Aircraft spares $301,840.00Department of Defence 2015-11-06 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3290353 Aircraft Parts $295,680.00Department of Defence 2015-08-19 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3373369 Anti Flash Gloves and Hoods $283,261.00Department of Defence 2016-08-18 ARMTECH PTY LTD
970161 Supply of RBFST AX56L(c/w new design AC/DC cables) $279,909.83Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-10-02 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3556790 Helicopter Underslung Equipment $264,999.14Department of Defence 2018-11-21 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3308460 Net Cargo Aerial Delivery Helicopter Underslung SW $262,824.40Department of Defence 2015-11-18 ARMTECH PTY LTD
2681021 Provide Goods to Defence for Purchase of Aircraft. $262,768.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-10-07 ARMTECH PTY LTD
2444621 Provide Goods tyo Defence for Purchase of Aircraft Common Spares $262,768.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-07-10 ARMTECH PTY LTD
1101352 HOOD ANTIFLASH WHITE AND GLOVES ANTIFLASH WHITE $257,251.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-12-12 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3634619 Helicopter Underslung Equipment $231,016.80Department of Defence 2019-10-04 ARMTECH PTY LTD


$227,092.25Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-06-27 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3448372 procurement of Military spares $184,632.80Department of Defence 2017-07-25 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3368774 MCAD spares $182,652.88Department of Defence 2016-07-25 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3450558 Gloves Anti Flash $171,160.00Department of Defence 2017-08-09 ARMTECH PTY LTD
2816562 Antiflash Hood White $155,232.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-12-05 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3438350 Anti Flash Gloves $152,636.88Department of Defence 2017-06-20 ARMTECH PTY LTD
475522 Overshoes, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Contaminants Protective $145,120.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-29 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3450563 Hood Anti Flash $142,560.00Department of Defence 2017-08-09 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3169032 Gloves $136,682.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-06-04 ARMTECH PTY LTD


$125,495.37Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-04-03 ARMTECH PTY LTD
118376 Net, Lifting Helicopter Cargo $122,451.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-09-02 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3640321 Protective Overshoes $109,185.55Department of Defence 2019-10-30 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3470050 Protective Overshoes $109,030.35Department of Defence 2017-11-10 ARMTECH PTY LTD

Net, Lifting, Helicopter Cargo, Aerial Delivery, Nylon, Olive Drab, Knotless Construction, W/4 Lifting Loops, 2 Lifting Slings & Connectors, 10,000Lb SWL.

$104,071.11Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-06-15 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3353784 Gloves Anti Flash $102,465.00Department of Defence 2016-06-09 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3512894 Surcoats and Gloves Anti-Flash $102,399.00Department of Defence 2018-05-29 ARMTECH PTY LTD
346604 Hood Antiflash White $94,160.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-11-16 Armtech Pty Ltd
3415815 procurement of Military Spares $88,624.25Department of Defence 2017-03-28 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3374773 Vest Hi-Visibility Surcoat $74,635.00Department of Defence 2016-08-24 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3383965 Procurement of Military Spares $74,400.04Department of Defence 2016-10-13 ARMTECH PTY LTD
880211 Hood, Antiflash $72,490.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-08-20 Armtech Pty Ltd
270061 PURCHASE - NET, CARGO TIE DOWN, AIRCRAFT - NSN 1670/009694103 QTY 250 $68,750.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-09-22 ARMTECH PTY LTD
207529 Gloves Flyers Sage Green $66,064.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-21 Armtech Pty Ltd
3365776 Protective Overshoes $64,955.01Department of Defence 2016-07-18 ARMTECH PTY LTD
2897182 Aircraft spares $60,980.63Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-18 ARMTECH PTY LTD

Procurement of aircraft equipment

$60,500.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-03-24 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3374698 Aircraft spares $53,642.16Department of Defence 2016-08-26 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3370590 Procument of MILITARY SPARES $46,163.04Department of Defence 2016-08-02 ARMTECH PTY LTD
339366 Procurment of Cargo Nets- NSN: 99-138-1944 - Net Cargo Aerial Delivery - QTY: 15EA $45,375.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-10-13 ArmTech Pty Ltd
3630221 Gloves Antiflash Tactile $43,884.50Department of Defence 2019-09-09 ARMTECH PTY LTD
270087 PURCHASE - NET, CARGO TIE-DOWN, AIRCRAFT PALLET QTY 200 $43,000.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-10-03 ARMTECH PTY LTD
462035-A1 Procurement of Aerial Delivery Equipment $42,487.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-02-06 Armtech Pty Ltd
1540001 Aerial Delivery Equipment for Prototype Testing $39,267.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-06-21 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3304218 Surcoat High Visibilty Vests $38,294.53Department of Defence 2015-10-30 ARMTECH PTY LTD
1482961 PN HU30-0151300 Sling Heavy Duty 4 Leg $37,290.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-06-05 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3443046 Procurment of MILITARY Spares $35,750.00Department of Defence 2017-07-06 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3277938 Aircraft spares $35,358.40Department of Defence 2015-07-08 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3451863 MCADS Spares $32,850.14Department of Defence 2017-08-15 ARMTECH PTY LTD
1482271 Provision of Batteries $29,887.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-06-07 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3373415 Procurement of MILITARY SPARES $28,851.90Department of Defence 2016-08-17 ARMTECH PTY LTD
270078 PURCHASE - NET, CARGO TIE-DOWN, AIRCRAFT QTY 100 $27,500.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-10-03 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3578721 Vest $25,256.00Department of Defence 2019-03-05 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3536660 Hood Antiflash and Gloves $22,168.96Department of Defence 2018-08-13 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3389444 Anti Flash Gloves $20,075.00Department of Defence 2016-11-09 ARMTECH PTY LTD
2816422 AIRCREW Gloves $19,996.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-12-10 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3549002 Procurement of Aircraft repairable items $19,467.69Department of Defence 2018-10-18 ARMTECH PTY LTD
1383231 Heavy lifting Equipment $17,076.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-05-01 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3643666 Procurement of C27J Aircraft spares $15,207.45Department of Defence 2019-11-14 ARMTECH PTY LTD
2420461 vests surcoat $13,486.56Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-07-04 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3601485 Vest Surcoat $12,995.40Department of Defence 2019-06-05 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3440871 Gunnery Vest $11,952.60Department of Defence 2017-06-28 ARMTECH PTY LTD
270934 PURCHASE - NET CARGO TIE-DOWN, AIRCRAFT - NSN 1670/009694103 QTY 40 $10,800.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-09-03 ARMTECH PTY LTD
125259 Webbing Textile 100,000 YD $10,760.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-09-19 ARMTECH PTY LTD
3397521 Procurement of Military Spares $10,547.68Department of Defence 2016-12-16 ARMTECH PTY LTD