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82 contracts, total value $3,023,177.73
Procurement methods: Open 2 contracts, 2.44%, Prequalified 14 contracts, 17.07%, limited 66 contracts, 80.49%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Photographic or filming or video equipment 12 $412,338.56
Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment 12 $866,848.67
Telecommunications media services 8 $207,964.65
Computer Equipment and Accessories 8 $214,726.83
Audio and visual equipment 7 $284,304.51
Cameras 6 $218,151.89
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 4 $186,586.40
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 4 $90,332.50
Camera accessories 4 $116,141.94
Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories 2 $61,688.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 53 $2,156,110.25
Centrelink 14 $413,205.26
Australian Taxation Office 4 $148,958.70
Department of Employment 1 $76,191.73
Department of Human Services 2 $75,391.80
Defence Materiel Organisation 2 $43,924.10
Department of Parliamentary Services 1 $26,383.50
Department of Jobs and Small Business 1 $26,203.60
Austrade 1 $19,791.00
Australian Crime Commission 1 $14,306.00
Department of Education and Training 1 $11,691.79
Australian Federal Police 1 $11,020.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
477887 Purchase of Audio Visual system $227,007.00Department of Defence 2011-11-21 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
429001 Purchase of Audio Visual system $221,419.00Department of Defence 2011-08-26 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3593353 Audio Visual Equipment and Services $116,185.55Department of Defence 2019-05-24 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3668288 Photographic Equipment $108,779.00Department of Defence 2020-03-23 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3348333 Audio Visual Equipment $79,676.30Department of Defence 2016-05-23 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
247963 Computer equipment and accessories $76,219.00Department of Defence 2009-12-10 AV CENTRAL
3165292 Production Camera and Lighting Equipment $76,191.73Department of Employment 2015-06-12 PRO AV SOLUTIONS SA
428094-A1 Video cameras, chargers and associated elements. $75,510.45Department of Defence 2011-07-01 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3424525 Lab audio-visual equipment $75,328.00Department of Defence 2017-05-11 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
239999 Camcorders and Accessories $70,295.50Centrelink 2009-09-17 AV Central
420728 Provision of audio/visual equipment $69,660.80Australian Taxation Office 2011-07-29 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
273068 computer equipment $69,602.50Department of Defence 2010-03-23 AV CENTRAL
3338719 Broadcast Camera $63,626.20Department of Human Services 2016-03-29 PRO AV Solutions
360784 Extron FOXBOX 4G DVI Plus TX Singlemode Extron 16x16 Fibre Optic Single Mode $54,637.00Department of Defence 2011-01-11 AV CENTRAL
119399 Components for information tech/broadcast/telecomm $53,474.30Centrelink 2008-08-29 AV Central
2772742 Camera equipment $51,134.14Department of Defence 2014-12-11 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
735561 Large-scale audio, personal address and sound equipment $49,772.49Department of Defence 2012-06-20 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3591402 Camera and accessories $49,006.10Department of Defence 2019-05-08 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
589021 Specialised digital video equipment and accessories $48,696.89Department of Defence 2012-05-15 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
46971 Business Television Production - Equipment $48,649.10Centrelink 2007-10-19 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
3408158 Encoder blade, maintenance and licences $45,111.00Department of Defence 2016-12-20 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
1715011 Upgrade to Hardware $44,722.70Department of Defence 2013-08-14 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
477798 Audio Visual System $43,857.00Department of Defence 2012-03-27 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
482435 Video Equipment with Camera Lenses $43,841.60Department of Defence 2012-04-01 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3383290 Supply new blades for encoder $39,149.00Department of Defence 2016-07-07 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
407071 Audio Visual Equipment. $39,027.78Department of Defence 2011-06-20 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
199151 Sony Camcorders, Sony On-Camera & Accessories including tripods, audio equipment & lighting $35,770.90Australian Taxation Office 2009-06-23 ELECTRONIC CONCEPTS PTY LTD
83958 Computer Equipment and Accessories $34,726.91Centrelink 2008-04-10 AV Central
47043 Business Television Production - Equipment $33,167.20Centrelink 2007-10-11 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
47041 Business Television Production - Equipment $32,991.20Centrelink 2007-10-11 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
3670001 Photographic Equipment $32,199.20Department of Defence 2020-03-27 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
302234 Video equipment $31,890.00Australian Taxation Office 2010-06-24 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
3494766 Cameras wireless link solution $31,548.00Department of Defence 2018-03-23 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
246791 AUDIO SCIENCE, CLEAR ONCE CONVERGE, SONY CAMERA ETC $31,099.20Department of Defence 2009-11-27 AV CENTRAL
219138 Christie Digital Matrix 3000 Projector $30,811.00Department of Defence 2009-08-13 AV CENTRAL
3420291 Audio Visual Equipment $28,451.50Department of Defence 2017-04-18 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
233967 HD Hard Disk Recorder with accessories $27,912.94Department of Defence 2009-09-28 AV CENTRAL
46966 Business Television Production - Equipment $26,588.60Centrelink 2007-10-19 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
3326774 Purchase of replacement Video Cards for Parliamentary Audio Visual Systems $26,383.50Department of Parliamentary Services 2016-03-07 Pro AV Solutions
3514642 Procurement of iMac Equipment with Support $26,203.60Department of Jobs and Small Business 2018-06-15 PRO AV SOLUTIONS SA
78024 APPLE MA409FE/A MAC PRO XSERVE / XSERVE RAID $26,139.30Department of Defence 2007-12-14 AV CENTRAL
46972 Business Television Production - Equipment $25,969.50Centrelink 2007-10-19 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
74596 Digital recievers and Equiptment $25,399.00Department of Defence 2008-03-06 AV CENTRAL
80578 RELOCATE CLASSROOM 2 TO CLASSROOM 1 ATJCC BLDG/ $24,017.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-02-08 AV CENTRAL
2780152 Camera equipment $23,409.10Department of Defence 2014-12-16 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
463292 SPECIAL LENS FOR VIDEO CAMERA $20,748.75Department of Defence 2012-01-13 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
667741 Purchase of Camera and Recorder equipment $20,600.80Department of Defence 2012-04-13 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
240470 Tripods and Cases $19,906.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-10-30 AV CENTRAL
3228872 Digital Producer Video Camera Kit $19,791.00Austrade 2015-06-25 Pro AV Solutions
248245 Professional Conferencing System $19,748.30Department of Defence 2009-12-01 AV CENTRAL
83951 Audio/Visual Equipment and Supplies $18,150.50Centrelink 2008-04-04 AV Central
77058 TV and ceiling brackets $17,853.00Department of Defence 2008-01-17 AV CENTRAL
3506649 Install hardware $17,831.00Department of Defence 2018-05-11 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3341155 Computer Expansion Chassis $17,744.10Department of Defence 2016-04-29 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3682198 Computer Equipment and Accessories $17,438.10Department of Defence 2020-05-12 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
201188 Video Recorders $16,660.60Centrelink 2009-06-19 AV Central
46750 Business Television Production - Equipment $14,725.75Centrelink 2007-10-23 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
812261 Projectors $14,306.00Australian Crime Commission 2012-06-27 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd T/as Pr
2752371 Camera Equipment $14,172.80Department of Defence 2014-12-02 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
939581 Printable Whiteboard $14,124.00Department of Defence 2012-09-19 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3568593 Lecture/Conference Live Recording Solutions for Innovation Hub. $14,012.90Department of Defence 2019-01-29 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
81470 VIDEO SUITE $13,977.48Department of Defence 2008-01-24 AV CENTRAL
47038 Business Television Production - Equipment $13,381.50Centrelink 2007-10-12 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
3353199 High definition video multiviewer and expansions $13,062.50Department of Defence 2016-04-28 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3177612 Camera equipment $12,949.20Department of Defence 2015-06-11 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3343714 Supply of DX TX AV Transmitters $12,784.20Department of Defence 2016-05-12 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3068702 CAMERA EQUIPMENT $12,645.86Department of Defence 2015-03-19 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
382497 Ansi projector and zoom lens. $12,590.00Department of Defence 2011-04-15 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
51194 Business Television Production - Equipment $12,491.80Centrelink 2007-11-28 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
138906 video camera & equipment $12,355.31Department of Defence 2008-11-03 AV CENTRAL
474423 Switches $12,023.02Department of Defence 2012-02-16 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
128350 Computer Equipment and Accessories $11,932.80Centrelink 2008-09-03 AV Central
468793 Harsh environment digital video recorder $11,926.20Department of Defence 2012-02-23 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
3038812 Digital Signage Boards at Adelaide, SA $11,765.60Department of Human Services 2015-03-18 PRO AV Solutions
3431048 Procurement of Camera Equipment $11,691.79Department of Education and Training 2017-06-08 PRO AV SOLUTIONS SA
302624 Computers $11,637.00Australian Taxation Office 2010-06-30 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
3351751 Supply of audio equipment $11,020.00Australian Federal Police 2016-06-09 Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd
420199 PRO VIDEO EQUIPMENT $10,830.28Department of Defence 2011-07-18 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
1786921 VIDEO CAMERA KIT $10,475.01Department of Defence 2013-08-26 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
416466 Audio Visual Equipment $10,472.00Department of Defence 2011-07-20 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
2772792 Camera equipment $10,050.70Department of Defence 2014-12-11 PRO AV SOLUTIONS
428861 EXTRON ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT. $10,043.00Department of Defence 2011-08-23 PRO AV SOLUTIONS