ABN: 20098290521
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Also known as: Kisters Pty Ltd

39 contracts, total value $5,062,019.21
Confidentialities: 1 contracts, 2.56%( 0 on the contract, 1 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 2 contracts, 5.13%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 2.56%, limited 36 contracts, 92.31%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 18 $3,458,476.18
Software maintenance and support 8 $1,079,759.84
Software or hardware engineering 4 $186,658.19
Data services 2 $25,410.00
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services 1 $33,891.00
Management information systems MIS 1 $12,000.00
Application implementation services 1 $53,856.00
Temporary personnel services 1 $74,500.00
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 1 $33,000.00
Computer services 1 $34,068.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Bureau of Meteorology 33 $4,819,595.21
Murray-Darling Basin Authority 4 $149,355.78
Department of the Environment and Energy 2 $93,068.22


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1388201-A2 Software Licences & extra data access modules. $999,449.10Bureau of Meteorology 2013-04-29 Kisters P/L
3706582 Software $895,384.00Bureau of Meteorology 2020-07-01 Kisters Pty Ltd
3393737-A3 Software licence $592,418.79Bureau of Meteorology 2016-11-24 Kisters Pty Ltd
3567798-A1 Software $439,538.01Bureau of Meteorology 2019-01-01 Kisters Pty Ltd
505071 Provision of time Series Data Management services Contract No. 237-2011 $371,833.00Bureau of Meteorology 2012-03-27 Kisters P/L
301127 Data Management Software $321,325.99Bureau of Meteorology 2010-06-24 Kisters P/L
371559 Licence and Support Renewal of Time Series Data Management System $120,560.00Bureau of Meteorology 2011-02-22 Kisters P/L
170371 User licences for Hydstra Products $98,916.00Bureau of Meteorology 2009-03-02 Kisters P/L
301230 Hydstra Software Lease $97,641.50Bureau of Meteorology 2010-06-03 Kisters P/L
3658387 Hydstra software, licences and support $79,728.21Department of the Environment and Energy 2020-05-01 KISTERS PTY LTD
3553351 Software enhancements $78,980.00Bureau of Meteorology 2018-10-12 Kisters Pty Ltd
418511 Kisters Wiski requirement $74,500.00Bureau of Meteorology 2011-06-07 Kisters P/L
3216922 Software Maintenance $72,524.78Murray-Darling Basin Authority 2015-07-01 Kisters Pty Ltd
170390 Provision of Services for the Development of Hydst ra Data Importing Tool $70,400.00Bureau of Meteorology 2009-03-20 Kisters P/L
967591 SOFTWARE LICENSING FOR THE KISTERS PRODUCTS HYDSTR A & WISKI $61,352.50Bureau of Meteorology 2012-06-19 Kisters P/L
227260 Support for Hydstra operational data system & MDBC web site $53,856.00Murray-Darling Basin Authority 2008-03-03 Kisters Pty Ltd
3507461-A1 Software enhancements $50,832.40Bureau of Meteorology 2018-05-07 Kisters Pty Ltd
357401 User licences for Hydstra Products $43,767.19Bureau of Meteorology 2009-10-08 Kisters P/L
967601 190-2011 Provision of Hydstra & Wiski Lisencing and support $39,062.00Bureau of Meteorology 2012-06-19 Kisters P/L
2374092 Annual Licence fee for TimeStudio software $38,155.37Bureau of Meteorology 2014-07-01 Kisters Pty Ltd
1716071 Annual Lic Fee for timestudio software 25/7053 $37,188.47Bureau of Meteorology 2013-08-20 Kisters P/L
3293372 WISKI Software installation, configuration, tuning and interfacing skills $35,112.00Bureau of Meteorology 2015-09-10 Kisters P/L
301103 Refer Licence for Timestudio Software. $34,772.10Bureau of Meteorology 2010-06-24 Kisters P/L
90978 Lease of RDBMS - Hydstra System Software $34,068.00Bureau of Meteorology 2008-06-12 Kisters P/L
246484 Timestudio Annual License Fee $33,891.00Bureau of Meteorology 2009-11-11 Kisters P/L
146225 Annual Licence Fee 01.07.08 - 30.06.09 $33,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2008-11-19 Kisters P/L

Software development costs

$33,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2014-05-28 Kisters Pty Ltd
264898 Stages 11 to 15 of Timestudio Software Implementat ion $33,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2010-02-04 Kisters P/L

KiVIS base license and yearly maintenance fee

$31,250.00Bureau of Meteorology 2014-06-04 Kisters Pty Ltd
394760 KiWIS Module for OGC surface water interoperability project $22,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2011-03-28 Kisters P/L
3445691 Software Licence $19,711.64Bureau of Meteorology 2017-07-01 Kisters Pty Ltd
3390135 Annual licence for TimeStudio software $19,268.46Bureau of Meteorology 2016-07-01 Kisters Pty Ltd
3359889 Consulting and Training Services $19,077.69Bureau of Meteorology 2016-03-01 Kisters Pty Ltd
968081 Database Services $14,864.85Bureau of Meteorology 2012-06-13 Kisters P/L
3427255 Software $14,730.00Bureau of Meteorology 2017-05-19 Kisters Pty Ltd
3497209 Hydrsta Training and upgrade $13,340.01Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-05-13 KISTERS PTY LTD
1584921 Automated software testing harness for Hydstra $12,000.00Murray-Darling Basin Authority 2013-07-12 Kisters Pty Ltd
1451242 Automated Software Testing Harness for Hydstra $10,975.00Murray-Darling Basin Authority 2013-06-06 Kisters Pty Ltd
418577 Catalogue of rainfall data $10,545.15Bureau of Meteorology 2011-07-13 Kisters P/L