SONID Main category Total Contracts Value Number of Contracts
AMEP/SEE 2017–20Education and Training Services$183,779,820.0022
Digital Marketplace Panel ( services$91,462,330.31354
Internet Based Network Connection ServicesComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$85,554,497.001
Information Communication Technology Provider ArrangementComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$58,272,896.8838
Defence Support Services (DSS) PanelManagement advisory services$57,887,802.6998
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$55,057,068.4136
Recruitment and Related Services PanelTemporary personnel services$43,258,238.19362
Hardware Marketplace PanelComputer Equipment and Accessories$29,862,907.12108
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$25,125,324.2815
IT Services PanelComputer services$21,437,543.47105
Provision of Contingent Labour Hire (IT and General) ServicesTemporary personnel services$21,235,202.12248
Legal Services Panel - Whole of Australian GovernmentLegal services$21,114,556.2791
Capability Support Services PanelTemporary personnel services$19,294,883.66176
Whole of Australian Government Software Licensing and Services (SLS) PanelComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$18,779,117.6438
Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel (Panel 2)Professional engineering services$18,498,585.683
Property Services Coordinated Procurement to the Commonwealth of AustraliaProperty management services$12,668,386.7022
Technical Support Services Standing Offer PanelInformation technology consultation services$11,376,750.9222
Provision of Vehicle Fleet Management and Leasing Services to the...Fleet management services$10,211,675.9433
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Tiered Combat HelmetsFace and head protection$7,845,410.331
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$7,814,284.823
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$7,623,502.806
Major Service Provider to CASG - Enterprise Support Services AgreementProfessional engineering services$7,452,243.013
ICT Professional Services – Treasury PortfolioInformation technology consultation services$7,414,021.2413
Security Services and Maintenance PanelAlarm systems$6,599,715.9611
Master Media Agency Services for the Australian GovernmentAdvertising$6,193,811.5217
Deed of Standing Offer for Naval Aviation Fuel Supply and ServicesFuels$5,549,337.201
Learning and Development ServicesEducation and Training Services$5,293,151.4738
Research Evaluation ServicesResearch programs$4,714,497.6222
Scientific, Engineering and Other Technical ServicesSoftware or hardware engineering$4,438,141.4228
Professional ServicesManagement advisory services$4,413,525.1232
Computer SoftwareSoftware$4,149,167.221
Infrastructure Advisory Services PanelManagement advisory services$3,728,224.796
Field EquipmentLighting and fixtures and accessories$3,492,210.823
Contingent Labour Hire Panel (Indigenous Businesses)Temporary personnel services$3,323,587.5657
Defence Infrastructure PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$3,295,402.202
Business Advisory PanelManagement advisory services$3,147,690.9017
Telecommunications Services PanelComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$3,024,807.602
Canberra Building Services (Indigenous Enterprises) PanelGeneral building construction$2,913,206.331
Expert Consultancy PanelManagement advisory services$1,943,075.126
Software, maintenance, support and servicesSoftware maintenance and support$1,908,189.802
Non-combat Clothing Program and ServicesClothing$1,769,124.179
Provision of Language Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$1,741,460.4021
Property and Project Management Services PanelBuilding support services$1,685,903.877
ICT Research Services - Head AgreementStrategic planning consultation services$1,593,534.156
Standing Offer for the supply of HF, VHF and UHF radios and ancillariesCommunications Devices and Accessories$1,571,198.324
Environmental Research and Analysis Panel Environmental Themes...Environmental management$1,523,057.864
Deed of Agreement for the provision of Software, Support, Consultancy andComputer services$1,513,108.682
LANGUAGE TRAINING SERVICES STANDING OFFER PANELEducation and Training Services$1,438,802.7215
Research, Evaluation and Data (READ) PanelResearch programs$1,354,536.248
Provision of Professional ServicesAudit services$1,354,021.857
Environment and heritage related professional servicesEnvironmental management$1,353,542.303
ICT Equipment and ServicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$1,340,371.932
Accounting, Audit and Related Professional Services (AARPS) panelAccounting services$1,315,994.9523
Remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service PanelManagement advisory services$1,241,005.295
Office Furniture, LIA Furniture, Whitegoods & Household Furniture HireFurniture$1,240,823.8222
Strategic Industry Partnership ArrangementSoftware$1,220,809.101
ACCC/AER Competition and Consumer Law Panel 2019Legal services$1,165,000.0018
Provision of Software, Support and Related ServicesSoftware$1,161,897.001
Labour Hire & Recruitment Services Panel (Indigenous Businesses)Temporary personnel services$1,134,104.5513
Panel of Program Reviewers and EvaluatorsIndividual health screening and assessment services$1,100,943.746
16/586 Petroleum ProductsFuels$1,100,000.001
Defence Fuel Supply Chain Technical Expertise Panel (DFSCTEP)Professional engineering services$1,056,048.001
ICT Contractor Services PanelComputer services$945,758.002
Media services panelInformation services$942,645.003
Exhibition ServicesAudio and visual presentation and composing equipment$936,135.0613
Radio communications equipment and related servicesCommunications Devices and Accessories$923,886.702
SAP Whole Of Government ArrangementComputer services$836,354.404
Acquisition, processing and supply of airborne geophysical data panelEarth science services$816,664.721
ICT Equipment and ServicesComputer servers$812,588.001
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Load Carriage EquipmentPersonal safety and protection$785,382.422
Recruitment Testing CentresHuman resources services$750,000.001
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$731,597.841
Standing Offer Panel for Air Transport ServicesMail and cargo transport$700,000.001
Grounds Maintenance ServicesGrounds maintenance services$651,426.071
Port Agency Services for Royal Australian Navy vesselsMilitary watercraft$641,035.923
govCMS Drupal Services PanelInternet services$614,268.325
Aged Care Policy Development PanelCorporate objectives or policy development$584,031.002
Cloud Services PanelComputer services$533,600.002
Australian Space Agency Support Services PanelAeronautical engineering$522,260.672
Collaborative Evaluation, Research and Planning Panel (CERP Panel)Economic or financial evaluation of projects$500,000.001
ICT Hardware, related software and servicesHardware$484,683.714
Design and Monitoring and Evaluation PanelStrategic planning consultation services$484,591.575
Maritime Transport Deed of Standing Offer 2018 – 2023Mail and cargo transport$481,655.001
Recruitment Services of Scientifically Skilled PersonnelTemporary personnel services$450,340.3210
Supply of Gymnasium (Physical Fitness) EquipmentFitness equipment$421,286.804
ISREW Standing Offer for ServicesProfessional engineering services$405,359.523
Creative and Digital Communication Panel 2019-2022Communications Devices and Accessories$383,898.4010
Standing Offer for Platform Designer ServicesProfessional engineering services$379,095.491
Infrastructure and Logistics ServicesEvents management$370,982.002
Occupational Rehabilitation and Associated Medical Services (ORAMS)Rehabilitation services$366,908.007
Actuarial Services PanelAccounting services$353,850.001
Work Health and Safety related ServicesManagement advisory services$348,586.001
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SaaS Services PanelSoftware as a Service (SaaS - Cloud)$336,630.001
Market and Social Research Panel (MSRP)Management advisory services$335,060.002
Records IT Media, storage, sentencing, disposal, and digitisation servicesFile archive storage$330,000.001
Research Services PanelMarket research$329,092.501
Health Technology Assessment, Research Support and Other ServicesMedical science research and experimentation$326,000.009
Internal Audit Service PanelAudit services$324,425.554
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Protection ElementsPersonal safety and protection$322,500.981
Contact Centre ServicesBusiness administration services$274,573.001
Secure Internet Gateway ServicesData services$271,315.001
OpenText Professional Services DeedInformation technology consultation services$254,540.001
Internal Audit ServicesAudit services$241,300.004
Fibre Optic Infrastructure Works and Services PanelData Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories$226,827.135
Indigenous Property Project Management (IPPM) Services PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$224,885.323
Hire of Engineering VehiclesHeavy construction machinery and equipment$221,974.283
AIR6500 Information and Advice Standing Offer for ServicesProject administration or planning$220,000.004
18/1212 Gas Products and ServicesElements and gases$215,000.001
Information Technology Programming Training Standing Offer for ServicesEducation and Training Services$211,090.002
General Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Related SparesClothing$210,018.306
For the provision of Hardware, Software, Support, Consultancy andSoftware or hardware engineering$198,000.001
Software Maintenance and Support ServicesSoftware$197,390.491
Major Office Machines (MOMs) PanelOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$192,204.573
Contractor Services for ORICManagement advisory services$189,398.001
Radar TR Limiter CellsMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$188,055.002
Provision of Electrical, Technical and Engineering Services and SuppliesElectrical equipment and components and supplies$187,098.684
Events ManagementEvents management$186,717.191
Emergency Medical Evacuation Services to the Indian Ocean TerritoriesPassenger air transportation$179,821.403
Logistics and Letters panelMaterial packing and handling$176,000.012
127074 Consultancy and Business Services under a Standing Offer Panel...Management advisory services$174,325.632
Electronic Information Resources and Related ServicesElectronic reference material$173,184.122
AFSA Legal Services ArrangementLegal services$165,000.001
Road Transport Standing Offer for ServicesMail and cargo transport$162,283.004
Exercise and Advanced Training Services Standing Offer PanelEducation and Training Services$159,987.363
Media monitoring servicesTelecommunications media services$150,000.002
Information Technology Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$147,899.841
Environmental Quality PanelEnvironmental management$145,064.001
Deed of standing offer for the supply, installation and maintenance of...Computer Equipment and Accessories$142,642.501
Energy Technical and Business Services PanelManagement advisory services$139,040.002
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services Commercial Off...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$126,651.404
Provision of Stevedoring ServicesMaterial handling services$126,500.001
Specialist Health ServiceComprehensive health services$124,828.014
AGS Client Engagement AgreementLegal services$110,000.007
Negotiation Services Standing Offer PanelProfessional procurement services$109,164.682
Labour Hire and Related Services PanelTemporary personnel services$106,254.603
ASC AWD Shipbuilder Maritime Standing Offer for ServicesMilitary watercraft$104,999.991
Panel for digitisation servicesDocument storage services$102,182.071
PACTAM 2Management support services$101,891.901
Standing Offer for Designer ServicesProfessional engineering services$101,735.351
Security Equipment and Maintenance PanelSecurity and control equipment$101,629.003
Simulation Support PanelProfessional engineering services$98,223.402
Mandatory Whole of Government Campaign Evaluation Market Research ServicesMarket research$93,194.201
Supply of munitionsArms and ammunition accessories$91,383.601
Executive Recruitment and Development ServicesPersonnel recruitment$90,250.003
Provision of Supply and Maintenance of Cabinet x-ray equipmentSurveillance and detection equipment$89,725.002
ICT Hardware and Associated Services Panel (ICT Hardware Panel)Computer Equipment and Accessories$88,454.453
Privacy Services Provider PanelManagement advisory services$84,850.001
Fresh Foodstuffs to Australian Defence ForceFood and Beverage Products$84,761.994
Video Surveillance Equipment and ServicesSurveillance and detection equipment$82,192.001
GovCMS Services PanelInternet services$81,543.001
Training for Health and Safety Representatives in theEducation and Training Services$77,946.001
High Powered Array Research and related servicesProfessional engineering services$74,791.841
Provison of Recruitment ServicesPersonnel recruitment$74,632.423
Provision of IT Contractor ServicesTemporary personnel services$71,302.001
Amenities Internet Access (AIA) ServicesInternet services$70,974.001
Freight and Courier ServicesRelocation services$68,217.601
Workstations including Related Office Furniture and Marketing Products andOffice and desk accessories$67,980.001
Recruitment and Related Services PanelTemporary personnel services$64,000.001
Expeditioner Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$63,688.013
ADF Major Munitions Standing Offer for GoodsLight weapons and ammunition$61,323.471
Service Dress Caps and Other HeadwearClothing$58,082.201
17/415 Maximo Support ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$57,637.801
Provision of Shipping ContainersContainers and storage$53,600.691
TACTICAL UNMANNED AERIAL SYSTEM (TUAS) SUPPORT SERVICESProfessional engineering services$52,513.651
18/1214 Provision of Food, Household and Cleaning Products and ServicesFood and Beverage Products$52,262.492
Domestic Removal ServicesPersonnel relocation$48,449.832
Governance and Executive Search Services PanelPersonnel recruitment$46,134.001
Standing Offer Panel for WHS Auditing ServicesAudit services$45,172.524
Provision of International and Domestic Removals and Storage ServicesManagement advisory services$42,000.001
Infrastructure Project Cost Estimation ServicesEconomic or financial evaluation of projects$42,000.001
The Provision of High Security SealsLocks and security hardware and accessories$40,449.751
Translator and Interpreter Services PanelInterpreters$40,254.502
Software Licensing and related DeliverablesSoftware$39,058.221
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$38,271.402
Serial publications and related servicesOnline database information retrieval systems$36,000.001
Domestic and international removal and storagePersonnel relocation$33,086.482
Property Professional ServicesProperty management services$33,000.001
Provision of NSW and VIC road worthy certificates for military vehiclesVehicle inspection services$33,000.001
Property Maintenance and Construction Services PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$32,592.001
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 18 - EducationProject administration or planning$29,982.701
Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Plant and Manual Handling Eqpt InspectProfessional engineering services$27,500.001
Deed of Agreement for Software Licensing and Related Services and...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$27,280.001
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$25,574.631
17/16 Satellite Communications ServicesEnhanced telecommunications services$22,008.001
Indian Ocean Territories Nursing ServicesComprehensive health services$19,583.121
Provision of Toll Free Services NumbersTelecommunications media services$17,550.001
Building Services PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$16,720.001
Maritime Classification and Certification ServicesMilitary watercraft$16,500.001
Computer Network EquipmentSoftware maintenance and support$16,260.341
The Mobile Panel has been established for the provision of Mobile...Computer Equipment and Accessories$15,524.001
Trades and Services PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$15,000.001
IBM Whole of Government ArrangementSoftware maintenance and support$13,306.701
Hardware, Tools, Accessories and ConsumablesTools and General Machinery$12,105.081
Parts for Mack Through Life SupportMotor vehicles$10,789.461
Legal ServicesLegal services$10,000.001