SONID Main category Total Contracts Value Number of Contracts
Delivery of the Green Army ProgrammeEnvironmental protection$4,074,093,709.7413
Air Travel Services for the Australian GovernmentTravel facilitation$2,555,522,720.001
ICT Contractor Services PanelComputer services$716,100,842.342587
Information and Communication Technology Services PanelComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$577,888,765.93345
Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Support Services (CASSS) PanelProfessional engineering services$564,725,527.901218
Agreement for the provision of ICT Hardware, Software, Documentation and SeCommunications Devices and Accessories$395,479,519.8416
Papua New Guinea Governance FacilityManagement advisory services$359,049,455.608
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services Commercial Off...Computer Equipment and Accessories$320,880,228.971005
ICT Professional Services – Treasury PortfolioInformation technology consultation services$314,076,761.87205
Supply electricity to Commonwealth Government agencies in ACTElectric utilities$273,168,194.5147
Whole of Government Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR)...Software$271,462,515.7680
Applications Managed Services Partner ArrangementApplication implementation services$269,067,948.53115
Recruitment and Related Services PanelTemporary personnel services$249,745,378.122275
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$239,447,205.2442
Master Media Agency for Planning and Placement Services Department of...Advertising$203,275,960.59148
ICT Hardware and Associated Services Panel (ICT Hardware Panel)Computer Equipment and Accessories$201,811,847.79667
Provision of Vehicle Fleet Management and Leasing Services to the...Fleet management services$197,777,071.41372
Legal ServicesLegal services$177,905,833.1416
Professional ServicesManagement advisory services$176,966,035.92347
127074 Consultancy and Business Services under a Standing Offer Panel...Management advisory services$166,314,994.29654
Provision of Legal Services for Tax Technical and Debt MattersLegal services$142,033,314.243
Technical, Project Management, Documentation and Training ServicesSoftware or hardware engineering$140,111,954.51265
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$133,282,379.078
Supply of Pneumococcal VaccineDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$127,466,765.963
Provision of IT Contractor ServicesComputer programmers$127,421,389.80354
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$110,985,273.2747
Standing Offer Panel for Air Transport ServicesPassenger air transportation$104,172,343.3813
IT Services (SOXS05/0620-B)Communications Devices and Accessories$96,378,416.701
Supply of Pneumococcal Vaccine for the Infant CohortDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$86,156,000.001
Defence Infrastructure Panel 2010Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$78,792,863.30114
Support to Implementation of First Principles ReviewManagement advisory services$77,243,709.4610
Environment and heritage related professional servicesEnvironmental management$73,837,516.06107
Enterprise Storage PanelComputer Equipment and Accessories$70,220,387.4180
Provision of Labour Hire ServicesTemporary personnel services$66,379,396.61345
Cloud Services PanelComputer services$65,374,970.6054
Scientific, Engineering and Other Technical ServicesProfessional engineering services$63,477,137.11377
Provision of ICT Services Panel ArrangementManagement advisory services$58,543,895.58191
Supply of Vaccines in relation to a catch-up programe for 10-19 year oldsDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$53,799,869.988
Solomon Island Resource FacilityManagement advisory services$53,196,168.509
Provision of Legal Services for Routine Debt MattersLegal services$49,357,066.294
Deed of Agreement for the provision of Hardware, Software,...Computer servers$49,254,555.3372
External Service Provider and Project Management and Support Services...Project management$46,959,419.1282
Standard Combat Uniforms and AccessoriesUniforms$46,211,052.6132
Internet Based Network Connection ServicesComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$42,879,233.1124
Panel for Psychological Assessment ServicesPsychologists services$36,244,358.87242
Provider secured to ensure the integrity of Disability Support PensionMedical practice$35,746,709.611
Charter of Aurora Australis for the provision of shipping services to...Marine transport$35,633,688.953
Debt Management ServicesDebt management$33,710,689.7714
Supply of Measles, Mumps, Rubella and/or Varicella Vaccines for the...Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products$32,688,000.016
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$31,705,000.002
Legal Services Parcelling ArrangementLegal services$30,680,669.40108
Data Capture ServicesData services$29,217,971.555
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Load Carriage EquipmentPersonal safety and protection$28,536,041.9338
Business Services PanelBusiness administration services$28,372,912.1191
ICT Services PanelTemporary personnel services$27,307,999.2096
Thermal Imaging SightsArms and ammunition accessories$26,604,107.513
IT Services Panel – ICT Technical and Advisory Panel for ICT...Information technology consultation services$26,017,698.4884
Simulation support services panelSoftware or hardware engineering$25,504,062.8659
Deed of Agreement for Software Licensing and Related Services and...Software$25,498,170.5634
Construction Management ServicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$25,286,795.856
Learning and Development PanelEducation and Training Services$24,294,907.71164
Property and Project Management Services PanelBuilding support services$23,458,423.8827
Innovation Resource FacilityManagement advisory services$23,012,652.301
Provision of Aeromedical Evacuation Support to the Australian ArmyMedical practice$22,871,789.211
Workstations Loose Furniture and Marketing ProductsOffice furniture$22,598,485.61141
Software & services to rollout and sustain the Warehouse Management SystemSoftware maintenance and support$21,371,976.745
Business Advisory PanelManagement advisory services$21,310,240.2127
Legal Services parcelling arrangements under the Legal Services...Legal services$21,162,034.12281
Supply of Pharmaceuticals to the ADFDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$20,857,871.46161
Medical and Dental ConsumablesMedical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$20,527,092.45214
Electronic Technical Hardware, Software and ComponentsSoftware or hardware engineering$20,059,452.5412
Video Surveillance Equipment and ServicesSecurity surveillance and detection$19,697,609.7943
Provision of Construction related Professional Services nationallyBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$19,573,017.673
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 14 - Food Security &Management advisory services$19,060,277.816
Mercantile Agent Service for Debt RecoveryDebt management$18,979,510.803
Digital Services Professionals ( technology consultation services$18,451,535.7018
SEA1000 Integrated Project TeamProfessional engineering services$18,267,157.8813
The Mobile Panel has been established for the provision of Mobile...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$17,979,289.5787
Panel for digitisation servicesDocument storage services$17,968,323.8311
Software Licences and Related ServicesSoftware$17,234,491.0329
Supply of meningococcal C and Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine for...Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products$17,098,000.011
Standing Offer for the supply of HF, VHF and UHF radios and ancillariesCommunications Devices and Accessories$16,850,966.9920
Valuation and estimation servicesBusiness administration services$16,599,000.003
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel...Computer Equipment and Accessories$16,254,757.6618
Provision of Infrastructure Advisory Services PanelEconomics$15,915,334.9134
Labour Hire & Recruitment Services Panel (Indigenous Businesses)Temporary personnel services$15,710,883.8391
Provision of Foodstuffs to the Australian Defence ForceFood and Beverage Products$15,626,964.36201
Enterprise Information and Communications Technology Panel ICT...Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment$15,387,361.04117
Production, printing, storage and packaging of Ballot MaterialsPrinting$14,773,924.728
Provision of a temporary election workforceTemporary personnel services$14,752,774.5716
National Sessional Interpreter ServicesInterpreters$14,300,000.001
Software and Support Services for Data Modeling SoftwareSoftware$13,737,065.1012
Accounting, Audit and Related Professional Services (AARPS) panelAccounting services$13,698,192.04125
Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel (Panel 2)Professional engineering services$13,154,638.206
Program Review and Evaluation PanelBusiness intelligence consulting services$13,148,382.0536
14/331 A319 Air Transport ServicesPassenger air transportation$12,953,600.001
Panel for provision of professional services relating to construction...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$12,706,003.819
Creative and Digital Communication PanelGraphic design$12,134,368.98134
Non-combat Clothing Program and ServicesClothing$12,132,153.8362
Panel for security vetting servicesSecurity and personal safety$11,438,299.9821
SAP Deed of Standing OfferSoftware$11,352,706.914
Supply of DTPa vaccine for 18 month oldsDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$11,100,258.355
CBRNE Safety Products and ServicesSurveillance and detection equipment$10,915,808.609
Business Improvement Consultancy Service.Management advisory services$10,671,787.9941
Defence ICT Infrastructure Site Integration and Project Management ServicesProject management$10,544,598.2078
Social Policy Research and Evaluation ServicesCorporate objectives or policy development$10,527,720.2852
PACTAM 2Education and Training Services$10,524,414.3031
Secure Internet Gateway ServicesInternet services$10,452,540.712
Mail, Freight and Courier servicesFreight forwarders services$10,311,904.2215
Heritage, Environment and Sustainability Services PanelEnvironmental management$10,186,169.399
SAP Panel for the Provision of Development, Support and Ongoing...Software maintenance and support$9,622,196.559
Licence, Services and SupportSoftware$9,183,455.553
Enterprise Data Management EnviromentComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$9,095,552.946
Rapid Prototyping Development Program Standing Offer - RA/001Professional engineering services$9,091,241.3876
Provision of Data Storage Backup and Recovery InfrastructureData Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories$8,798,226.184
Environmental Research and Analysis Panel Environmental Themes...Management advisory services$8,775,654.5058
Office Fitout Design and construction ServicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$8,677,258.5412
Comcover Legal Services Parcelling Arrangement (CLSPA)Legal services$8,665,109.8692
Exercise and Advanced Training Services Standing Offer PanelEducation and Training Services$8,648,145.9940
Optical, Geospatial, Radar and Elevation Supplies and Services (OGRE)...Data processing or preparation services$8,420,149.9116
Research Evaluation ServicesResearch programs$8,096,875.0926
VMWare Software Enterprise Agreement and Deed of Standing OfferSoftware$8,082,586.603
Internal Audit Service PanelAudit services$7,951,762.5868
Electronic Information Resources and Related ServicesElectronic reference material$7,910,368.9310
43200000 -Provision of Technology Components Relevant to Traveller...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$7,851,403.3318
Provision of Business Administration Services (Construction and Trades)...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$7,824,421.6438
Provision of Recruitment ServicesPersonnel recruitment$7,803,924.6331
Integration and Support ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$7,712,991.254
Research, Evaluation and Analysis PanelResearch programs$7,587,925.3654
Language Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$7,584,980.07108
Office Machines and Their Supplies and AccessoriesComputer Equipment and Accessories$7,573,038.904
Deed of Standing Offer for the provision of Telecommunications...Computer Equipment and Accessories$7,533,363.5921
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Protection ElementsPersonal safety and protection$7,529,398.0028
General Purpose JacketsClothing$7,469,878.6612
Explosive OrdnanceLight weapons and ammunition$7,258,943.541
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Combat Hearing ProtectionPersonal safety and protection$7,249,805.639
Legal Services Parcelling ArrangementLegal services$7,126,349.2857
Operate and maintain the Australian Air Traffic Management SystemTransportation repair or maintenance services$6,949,713.791
Media Monitoring ServicesNews and publicity services$6,938,548.7710
Supply, Support & Implementation Assistance of a Data Loss...Software$6,910,489.496
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 9 - Governance...Political systems and institutions$6,862,298.428
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICESElectric utilities$6,795,002.3517
Military Integrated Logistics Information & other Ventyx applicationsSoftware maintenance and support$6,574,005.626
Panel of providers for the provision of Learning and Change Services...Education and Training Services$6,366,413.9762
Land Transport ServicesTransport operations$6,324,990.4444
Management Consultancy Services Standing Offer PanelHuman resources services$6,298,958.783
Health Technology Assessment PanelHealth programs$6,234,472.4858
Air Charter Helicopter ServicesHuman resources services$5,810,755.473
Provision of training services to Department of DefenceEducation and Training Services$5,741,253.5647
Provision of Technical ServicesSoftware or hardware engineering$5,728,724.002
Work Management SolutionSoftware$5,704,169.901
Whole of Government (WoG) Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS) Panel...Stationery$5,622,742.5829
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 18 - EducationEducation and Training Services$5,622,024.3010
Computer Network EquipmentComputer Equipment and Accessories$5,621,172.6337
Executive Search and Recruitment Services PanelPersonnel recruitment$5,565,083.2742
Provision of Legal Services for Voidable Preference ClaimsLegal services$5,460,000.003
Comcover Legal Services Parcelling Arrangement (CLSPA)Legal services$5,370,537.38107
Polling equipment servicesSpecialised warehousing and storage$5,324,586.9311
Workstation and Furniture PanelFurniture$5,220,225.7755
IP Rights Register Search SolutionSoftware$5,206,756.5018
Panel of providers to develop and deliver a range of learning and...Education and Training Services$5,079,030.8299
Brigade Labour Hire ServicesHuman resources services$5,007,466.9352
Logistics and Letters panelSpecialised warehousing and storage$5,006,406.8225
Work Health and Safety related ServicesManagement advisory services$5,001,388.9433
Software Support and Consultancy ServicesSoftware$4,966,696.903
Acquisition and Supply of airborne electromagnetic dataData services$4,755,774.375
Provision of armoured commercial vehicles.Safety and rescue vehicles$4,743,030.336
ADF Combat BootsFootwear$4,642,380.277
Orchestration and governance tool and associated servicesInformation technology consultation services$4,642,045.091
Office Furniture and Storage PanelOffice furniture$4,557,793.0025
Contracted Decision Maker Change of Assessment and Objections ServicesBusiness administration services$4,546,024.6030
General Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) related...Clothing$4,536,879.6030
Licence and SupportSoftware$4,534,862.594
Deed of Standing Offer for Whole-of-Government Content Management...Application implementation services$4,425,024.5334
Occupational Rehabilitation and Associated Medical Services (ORAMS)Rehabilitation services$4,277,842.1849
IT Systems Integration ServicesSoftware$4,251,877.301
Specialists Recruitment PanelTemporary personnel services$4,241,621.6930
Supply office furniture to various Defence establishmentsOffice furniture$4,194,740.0891
Supply of police equipmentPersonal safety and protection$4,135,636.8721
ICT Equipment and ServicesNetwork security equipment$4,120,732.4115
IBM Licences, Software and Services AgreementInformation technology consultation services$4,092,694.762
Small Generation Unit Inspection Services PanelProfessional engineering services$4,092,136.6613
Freight Forwarding and Shipping Services (Explosive Ordnance)Freight forwarders services$4,054,900.838
Health Economic Services PanelInformation technology consultation services$3,988,105.2122
Workstation, chairs and loose furniture nationally supply and...Furniture$3,975,771.006
Computer X86 Servers and Associated ServicesComputer servers$3,913,761.835
Network, Server and Storage Equipment Hardware$3,909,526.2010
Deed of standing offer for the supply, installation and maintenance of...Computer Equipment and Accessories$3,884,717.114
Research Services PanelManagement advisory services$3,868,557.4021
Greenhouse and Energy Audit Services PanelAudit services$3,793,991.4992
Software Licensing and related deliverablesSoftware or hardware engineering$3,744,070.003
Minor Works PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$3,714,412.2721
Legal ServicesLegal services$3,697,686.9345
The provision of Contact Centre Services Business administration services$3,683,445.037
Provision of Demolition Services for Vacant Properties at Badgerys CreekBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$3,676,240.9322
Wet and Foul Weather EnsembleClothing$3,622,825.824
Supply physical fitness and recreational equipmentFitness equipment$3,616,587.1187
Rental outgoings 2013-14Lease and rental of property or building$3,570,902.411
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Tiered Combat HelmetsFace and head protection$3,545,102.426
Security Equipment and Maintenance PanelSecurity and control equipment$3,472,324.1624
HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICS PERIOD OFFERHumanitarian aid and relief$3,424,227.435
Australian Civilian Corps Deployment Support ServicesHumanitarian aid and relief$3,406,645.4122
Software, maintenance, support and servicesSoftware$3,377,456.8920
Provision of Functional Fitness Assessment ServicesIndividual health screening and assessment services$3,354,600.018
Microsoft Master Services Agreement (SODS06/0397-A)Software$3,341,327.003
Research Services PanelMarket research$3,240,794.2529
Identity Verification, Financial, Asset and Income Search ServicesMarket research$3,229,655.466
Provision of Supply and Maintenance of Cabinet x-ray equipmentSurveillance and detection equipment$3,187,710.644
Provision of overseas and domestic removal, relocation and storage...Personnel relocation$3,183,792.206
Serial publications and related servicesLibrary or documentation services$3,160,047.6422
Combat UndergarmentsClothing$3,112,360.176
Delivery of Driver Training ServiesEducation and Training Services$3,085,471.053
Provision of multi-function devices and associated servicesComputer printers$3,048,461.634
Community Engagement PanelNews and publicity services$3,039,363.5111
Employment PanelCommunity and social services$2,955,643.009
Software Licencing and related deliverablesSoftware maintenance and support$2,947,869.3511
Ballistic and Laser Ocular Protection SystemSafety apparel$2,942,764.528
Security Services PanelTemporary personnel services$2,869,377.3024
ADF Safety BootsFootwear$2,867,420.605
Network Task Chairs and Front of House SeatingOffice furniture$2,781,753.1270
Workstations and Associated Furniture at Australian Parliament HouseOffice furniture$2,733,439.0018
Collaborative Evaluation, Research and Planning Panel (CERP Panel)Strategic planning consultation services$2,708,819.255
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 1 - Design...Management advisory services$2,692,453.3611
Audit Services - Contract In Supplementary StaffAudit services$2,688,200.0530
Aged Care Service Development Assistance Panel (Remote and Aboriginal...Management advisory services$2,668,693.8714
Creative Services for the National Tobacco CampaignPromotional or advertising printing$2,634,500.005
Strategic Industry Partnership ArrangementSoftware maintenance and support$2,632,855.084
Under the Australian Government Telecommunications Arrangements...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$2,620,028.0416
IBM Head AgreementArchitectural services$2,618,651.799
Provision of Advertising ServicesAdvertising$2,586,000.009
Legal Services (Government, Administrative, Corporate and Commercial...Legal services$2,500,790.8925
Security Guarding and Monitoring ServicesSecurity guard services$2,486,979.461
Actuarial Services PanelAccounting services$2,486,474.2012
16/371 Geotechnical Site InvestigationsProfessional engineering services$2,477,999.701
Furniture and equipment hireCommercial and industrial furniture$2,457,207.6210
Request for Tender for Appointment of a Learning and Development Panel...Education and Training Services$2,421,616.7431
Fire Fighter ClothingClothing$2,409,860.2011
Indian Ocean Territories Nursing ServicesComprehensive health services$2,399,682.7079
Deed of Standing Offer for Legal ServicesLegal services$2,396,744.4040
Fibre Optic Infrastructure Works and Services PanelCommercial or industrial construction$2,394,073.0239
Tyres and inner tubesMotor vehicles$2,372,005.3011
AWD Combat System Services and MaterialsWarehouse stores$2,348,247.505
Metal InsigniaUniforms$2,331,351.397
Specialist Health ServiceComprehensive health services$2,306,485.9223
Provision of Aeromedical Evacuation Support to the Australian Army...Emergency and field medical services products$2,296,000.001
Transport Container & Dec Envelope Storage ContainerContainers and storage$2,247,329.572
Parts for Mack Through Life SupportMotor vehicles$2,237,655.6813
Office Furniture, LIA Furniture, Whitegoods & Household Furniture HireOffice furniture$2,225,458.0082
Software Licensing and related DeliverablesSoftware$2,200,000.001
EXPERT CONSULTANCY PANELManagement advisory services$2,173,137.9923
Supply of Petroleum Products and Marine BunkersFuels$2,170,099.203
Cartridge 84mm Deed of Standing OfferLight weapons and ammunition$2,165,527.382
Architecture, Cost Planning and Building Services PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$2,143,770.0416
Supply of Radiosondes and OzonesondesMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$2,133,809.991
General Postal ServicesNational postal delivery services$2,089,728.992
Head Agreement for the Provision of Certain Desktop Hardware and...Computer Equipment and Accessories$2,086,022.8911
Building Maintenance and ImprovementBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$2,061,047.2510
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 2 -...Management advisory services$2,042,781.8016
Spare Parts for Mercedes Benz fleet of vehiclesMotor vehicles$2,023,638.6272
Maintenance and Professional ServicesComputer hardware maintenance or support$2,011,746.002
Expert Infrastructure AdviceManagement advisory services$2,002,874.2023
Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist Equipment Clothing and ServicesPersonal safety and protection$1,992,379.4414
Technical Services in the Energy Efficiency field, relating to...Environmental protection$1,980,467.9532
Procurement of Lead Negotiator ServicesMilitary fixed wing aircraft$1,967,445.7017
Technical, Project Maagement and Documentation ServicesSoftware or hardware engineering$1,952,289.8010
CSIRO SON 2014-0902Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$1,918,730.001
Training Delivery and DevelopmentEducation and Training Services$1,854,939.0228
The provision of case management software and related servicesSoftware$1,850,663.001
Market and Social Research PanelMarket research$1,825,848.1018
Disposal, Repair and Maintenance of Portable Fire ExtinguishersFire fighting equipment$1,812,827.615
Supply of Red Cell Diagnostic ProductsComprehensive health services$1,800,696.8015
Employee Assistance Services PanelHuman resources services$1,782,000.008
SAP Development, Support and Maintenance ServicesTemporary personnel services$1,764,647.5614
Provision of Brigade Labour Hire for Joint Logistic Command Business...Temporary personnel services$1,743,755.456
Corporate Banking ServicesBanking and investment$1,737,231.001
EAP services - Employee Assistance and Related Professional Services PanelHuman resources services$1,708,477.638
Provision of Engineering ServicesProfessional engineering services$1,704,812.846
The Project Adivory and Management Services PanelProject management$1,699,288.603
Water Management Services (Technical) PanelManagement advisory services$1,677,210.479
The Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance) is...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$1,668,996.401
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 1 Design (Global)Management advisory services$1,646,338.4318
Employee Assistance Services (EAS) PanelPsychologists services$1,599,458.3030
Port Agency Services for Royal Australian Navy vesselsMilitary watercraft$1,592,957.2425
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 3 - Capacity...Management advisory services$1,580,544.455
A panel for the provision of data centre facilities to GovernmentLease and rental of property or building$1,577,955.766
Flyer's ClothingUniforms$1,564,933.607
Establishment of Language Services Standing Offer PanelEducation and Training Services$1,563,593.2242
Radio communications equipment and related servicesLease and rental of property or building$1,562,001.8220
Property and Business Advisory Services for the Overseas Property...Feasibility studies or screening of project ideas$1,547,449.0010
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$1,540,000.002
InternaAudit and Fraud ServicesAudit services$1,500,197.9010
Records,IT Media, Storage,SentencingFile archive storage$1,500,000.001
Technical Services relating to the Built Environment in the Energy...Management advisory services$1,492,077.8012
Supply of 5" Projectiles and FuzesLight weapons and ammunition$1,487,163.832
Project Management and Architectural Services Project management$1,474,857.7114
ADF Safety BootsFootwear$1,472,423.453
Domestic and International Stand ConstructionCommercial or industrial construction$1,468,750.003
Relocation Management and Removalists Services PanelRelocation services$1,449,506.3321
Provison of Electrical Office MachinesAudio and visual presentation and composing equipment$1,443,352.7252
Major Office Machines Whole of Government Panels – Equipment and...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$1,438,581.9713
specialist communications advice and servicesPublic relation services$1,430,000.002
Information Services Personnel Panel.Information services$1,424,605.507
Interpreter services for international and sign languagesInterpreters$1,390,400.006
Online Legal Research and Reference MaterialsElectronic reference material$1,365,612.5311
Legal & Probity ServicesLegal services$1,347,052.4214
Warehousing and Distribution PanelDistribution$1,318,449.001
Night Fighting Equipment - Laser Devices SparesSecurity surveillance and detection$1,310,577.772
Night Fighting Equipment Head HarnessUniforms$1,296,144.003
Medical GasesMedical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$1,295,500.001
Provision of Printing and Mailhouse Services to facilitate Postal...Printing$1,272,835.174
Aged Care Compliance Administration Support ServicesBusiness administration services$1,270,174.004
Provision of Communication ServicesTemporary personnel services$1,261,710.0010
Primary Dispute Resolution ServicesPsychologists services$1,250,000.005
Biometrics Goods and Services PanelComputer services$1,247,455.002
Recruitment Services for Health and Ageing Portfolio Agency Heads,...Personnel recruitment$1,235,424.0210
Provision of software, software support and professional services.Professional engineering services$1,233,433.494
Aged Care Policy Development PanelCorporate objectives or policy development$1,213,919.1612
Australia Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork AwardsBusiness administration services$1,209,115.711
Provision of transantion banking servicesBanking and investment$1,200,000.001
The Clean Energy Advice Panel has been established for the provision of...Management advisory services$1,200,000.002
Defence Force Recruiting Market Research Services PanelMarket research$1,197,898.836
ICT Equipment and ServicesCommunications Devices and Accessories$1,195,170.869
Provision of IT Contractors Panel of Indigenous SuppliersComputer programmers$1,175,500.485
Long Form Services Agreement for Provision of Foodstuffs, Household and...Food and Beverage Products$1,174,536.6116
Provision of Cleaning Consumables and Equipment - 1600257Cleaning equipment$1,155,000.007
Supply of official security sealsLocks and security hardware and accessories$1,142,869.556
Provision of security and personal safetyBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$1,123,314.2011
For the provision of expert consultancy services and advice related to...Health programs$1,117,086.806
The Provision of Financial and Related ServicesAccounting services$1,106,032.257
Provision of SAFe training and related servicesEducation and Training Services$1,096,856.618
Indigenous Interpreting ServicesInterpreters$1,093,955.001
Outsourced record management servicesFile archive storage$1,082,191.936
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$1,079,696.8846
Major Office Machines (MOMs) PanelOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$1,070,186.183
Provision of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables to the ADF - AdelaideFood and Beverage Products$1,070,000.008
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 15 - Due Diligence (GPublic administration and finance services$1,066,720.936
Field Training Medical Support (Standing Offer)Healthcare provider support persons$1,064,304.326
Creative Services for Aged Care Changes CampaignPromotional or advertising printing$1,061,000.002
PC9/A Engine and Propeller Support ServicesProfessional engineering services$1,055,321.852
Provision of networking components and related services to the Defence...Network security equipment$1,051,248.903
ICT Managed ServicesSoftware$1,047,344.7917
Sporting Attire and SwimwearClothing$1,036,695.992
Hydrographic Professional Services PanelEarth science services$1,029,598.902
Provision of Printing, Packaging and Freighting Services to support...Freight forwarders services$1,028,000.004
Cleaning ServicesCleaning and janitorial services$1,005,324.142
Provision of Domestic and International Removals and Storage ServicesRelocation services$1,000,000.001
Hire of Helicopters for Kakadu National ParkCivilian and commercial rotary wing aircraft$990,000.001
Waste Management ServicesHazardous waste disposal$988,679.804
ADF Parade ShoesFootwear$984,881.662
Employee Assistance and Psycological ServicesHuman resources services$978,025.454
ADF Parade BootsFootwear$962,500.001
ADF SocksClothing$958,716.002
Combat Boot SuiteFootwear$943,524.658
Security Vetting ServicesSecurity and personal safety$935,000.006
Software licenceSoftware$929,933.065
Major office machines equipment and support - whole of Government...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$929,890.624
Model 204 Software and Associated ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$920,600.004
Major Office Machines - Multi Function Devices Equipment and SupportComputer printers$918,965.811
Tape MediaComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$908,686.901
Provision of Stevedoring ServicesMarine transport$905,194.4911
Embroidered InsigniaUniforms$903,132.8421
Handyman and Painting Maintenance ServicesConstruction and maintenance support equipment$894,417.377
Travel and Related Card Services to the Australian GovernmentCredit card service providers$883,850.001
National Infrastructure Projects Facilitator (NIPF) to assist the...Project administration or planning$883,780.899
Removalist and relocation services for offices located in the...Personnel relocation$882,472.9012
Supply of medium & long range sniper day sightsArms and ammunition accessories$881,770.081
Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council panelManagement advisory services$881,001.006
Provision of a Workstation Furniture SystemFurniture$880,060.607
Specialist Services PanelEarth science services$875,214.314
Families and Children ExpertCommunity and social services$864,436.603
Provision of Advisory Services under the Medical and Health Advisory ServicRehabilitation services$857,340.007
Provision of Learning and Development ServicesHuman resources services$857,173.0013
ADF Cadet BootsFootwear$855,797.146
Provision of Public Relations Consultancy ServicesPublic relation services$845,202.004
Infrastructure Project Cost Estimation ServicesEconomic or financial evaluation of projects$835,000.0010
Technology Advice PanelInformation technology consultation services$826,188.006
Provision of Check Testing Services PanelEnvironmental protection$803,000.005
Provision of Medical Examination Services to the Australian Antarctic...Individual health screening and assessment services$797,500.003
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 2 Monitoring and...Management advisory services$789,520.7915
Trunk LockersContainers and storage$782,892.001
Environmental Quality PanelEnvironmental management$780,305.9114
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support PanelOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$776,759.7421
Major Office Machines Equipment and SupportOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$775,433.146
Fixed Line Telecommunication Services, including Carriage and Managed...Local and long distance telephone communications$764,144.161
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer - Category 15 Due...Management advisory services$763,942.9513
Software Management ServicesSoftware$752,958.105
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 12 Infrastructure...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$746,611.4910
Government and Administration ParcelLegal services$746,054.2216
Computer Performance and Load Testing servicesInformation technology consultation services$744,254.5010
Injury management services for APS employeesRehabilitation services$736,585.2734
Maintenance of Advanced Harpoon Weapon SystemElectronic hardware and component parts and accessories$736,307.243
eLearning Support Services and Solutions PanelEducation and Training Services$733,963.007
Panel of experts for Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Measurement,...Management advisory services$724,423.604
Provision of Valuation & Valuation Related ServicesBusiness intelligence consulting services$722,547.4519
Provision of IT Audit Advisory PanelAudit services$717,307.007
Medical ServicesMedical practice$709,854.9912
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 14 Food Security and...Management advisory services$700,595.502
Informatica Software and Support, Maintenance and Profesional ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$693,365.455
Anti-Virus Software and related servicesSoftware maintenance and support$677,095.952
Supply of Shipping Container (ISO) and Container, TriconContainers and storage$662,741.875
Organisational Psychology ServicesPsychologists services$660,000.007
Deployee Support Services for Papua New GuineaInternational relations$659,434.003
Hire of Engineering VehiclesHeavy construction machinery and equipment$652,040.6223
Panel for the Provision of Consultancy ServicesArchitectural services$646,780.008
Standard Combat Uniforms and AccessoriesUniforms$644,612.653
Media Support Services for Defence Force RecruitingPublic relation services$641,442.014
Provision of technical and related services domestically and overseas.Electrical services$639,568.007
Emergency Medical Evacuation Services to the Indian Ocean TerritoriesPassenger air transportation$637,814.999
Technical Gases and Liquids and Storage ContainersAerospace systems and components and equipment$630,707.705
Provision of Internal Audit ServicesAudit services$623,700.001
Security advisory servicesRisk management consultation services$623,156.207
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 12 - Infrastructure (Management advisory services$623,108.433
Provision of Shipping ContainersContainers and storage$621,733.218
Deed of Standing Offer for Supply of Legal Services Under Legal...Legal services$620,099.2518
Recording and Transcription ServicesTranscribing services$619,452.7216
Standing Offer Panel for WHS Auditing ServicesAudit services$619,004.8053
Countering Violent Extremism Research PanelResearch programs$615,257.503
Combat GlovesUniforms$608,822.681
Research Services PanelMarket research$599,734.006
Major Office Machines-Equipment and SupportOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$588,798.3311
Procurement Assistance Services ProgramManagement advisory services$586,886.991
Entrenching ToolCamping and outdoor equipment and accessories$579,075.752
Maritime Certification Services PanelProfessional engineering services$572,641.752
Provision of Health ServicesComprehensive health services$568,423.696
Capacity Design and Evaluation ServicesManagement advisory services$566,115.505
ICT Hardware, related software and servicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$565,657.413
Construction and Refurbishment of selected Child Care CentresBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$544,743.421
Negotiation Services Standing Offer PanelBusiness administration services$532,400.001
Provision of Printing of Forms and publications, other general printing...Printing$530,217.605
Project and engineering support services to the Department of DefenceSoftware or hardware engineering$527,588.873
Business Services in the Energy Efficiency Field, relating to...Business administration services$519,262.006
Learning and Development PanelEducation and Training Services$517,497.004
Panel for the Provision of Onshore Acquisition, Processing and...Earth science services$514,497.501
Aerodrome Advisory Services PanelTransport operations$506,512.115
Provision of Marine Equipment under a Standing Offer Panel ArrangementPersonal safety and protection$502,819.0417
Repair and Reconditioning of AircraftAerospace systems and components and equipment$501,825.265
Defence APS National Influenza Vaccination ProgramComprehensive health services$500,000.001
Secure Deployable Communications Products and ServicesMaintenance or support fees$498,526.181
Digital Media Support ServicesTelecommunications media services$497,500.0310
Innovation Centre Consultancy Services PanelBusiness administration services$494,985.198
The design, implementation and sustainment of the the Defence active...Project management$488,985.865
Technology Maintenance and Enhancement servicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$482,027.705
Sea Lift transport ServicesTransport operations$481,872.482
Provision of Toll Free Services NumbersComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$480,000.002
Standing Offer for the Provision of Office Machines and their Supplies...Printer and facsimile and photocopier supplies$474,236.018
Developmental market research servicesMarket research$473,120.804
Sleeping BagsCamping and outdoor equipment and accessories$471,584.824
Panel of Assessors for the delivery of Ongoing Support AssessmentsJob evaluation services$470,000.003
Camouflage Face PaintsPersonal care products$463,771.591
Building Management ServicesSecurity or access control systems$462,383.223
Purchase of multi-function equipment and supportOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$460,287.031
Design, Delivery and Installation of Loose Commercial Office FurnitureOffice furniture$456,115.9013
Provision of Recruitment Services for Contract and Permanent StaffPersonnel recruitment$454,300.001
Profiling FloatsMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$450,666.202
Facilities Management ServicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$441,170.249
Domestic removal services.Relocation services$438,177.567
Provision of Professional ServicesManagement advisory services$430,100.021
Actuarial ServicesPublic enterprises management or financial services$425,000.004
Internal Audit and Related Services including: Internal Audit and...Corporate objectives or policy development$424,929.3012
MUL for Acquisition and Supply of Gravity DataEarth science services$424,340.402
Governance ServicesAudit services$415,933.575
Furniture Conservation Services at Australian Parliament HouseFurniture$411,839.009
Performance Audit and Related Services PanelAudit services$406,615.003
Asset Disposal and ValuationManagement support services$404,500.004
Whole of Australian Government Panel of Telecommunications Commodities,...Mobile phones$396,365.206
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 8 - Gender (Global)Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS - Cloud)$395,125.837
Campaign evaluation market research servicesMarket research$393,053.003
External legal services covering 16 areas of legal expertise.Legal services$389,067.6513
Provision of Architectural and Drafting ServicesArchitectural services$384,832.654
Actuaries and Valuers services PanelAudit services$383,145.0013
Arts for Recovery, Resilience, Teamwork & Skills (ARRTS) ProgramEducation and Training Services$380,855.003
Provision of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables to the ADF - PerthFood and Beverage Products$380,000.005
Media monitoring servicesTelecommunications media services$380,000.002
Provision of Pharmaceutical, Medical, Dental and Diagnostic Laboratory...Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$376,052.9914
Provision of Satellite Communications Services to the Australian...Mobile phones$369,001.002
office machines and their supplies and accessoriesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$368,343.541
Spatial Software and Services PanelSoftware maintenance and support$364,318.754
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 4 - ResearchBusiness administration services$363,101.202
Provision Of Global Navigation Satellite Systems EquipmentEarth science services$361,823.604
Specialist Indigenous communications advice and servicesPublic relation services$356,302.003
Marine craft systems for FFH, FFG and TOBRUKMarine craft systems and subassemblies$348,284.026
Deed of Standing Offer for the supply of audio and visual broadcast...Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment$345,505.002
Environmental Management and Heritage related servicesEnvironmental management$339,269.251
Provision of helicopter charter services for aerial sampling of feral...Live animals$335,604.7511
Deed of Standing Offer for Supply of Legal Services in relation to...Legal services$335,000.004
Ceremonial Colours, Guidon's and BannersUniforms$329,630.355
Belt-Harness SystemFitness equipment$325,068.981
Internal Audit ServicesAudit services$321,971.856
Creative ServicesBusiness administration services$321,200.001
File Retrieval and Management ServicesDocument storage services$320,000.001
Panel of Labour Hire ProvidersTemporary personnel services$318,749.335
Provision of building services for general building repair and...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$318,259.835
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$315,115.9118
Provision of Transfer Pricing & Profit Shifting ExpertiseBusiness intelligence consulting services$312,051.161
Financial Advisory ServicesManagement advisory services$308,536.004
Carpet Manufacture and SupplyFloor coverings$308,365.001
Technical advisory panel for solar and air source heat pump water heatersProfessional engineering services$307,168.0313
Transcription and Recording ServicesTranscribing services$307,000.006
Establishment of a Panel for Parametric Costing Tools and Associated ServicSoftware$304,443.701
Various Service Dress CapsUniforms$303,110.502
Campaign Advertising Strategy and Creative/Concept SolutionAdvertising$297,137.505
Supply of munitionsLight weapons and ammunition$291,504.844
Forward Grip/ Weapon StabiliserLight weapons and ammunition$289,902.881
Non-ongoing and Temporary Recruitment and Related Recruitment Services....Temporary personnel services$288,900.006
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 16 Procurement and...Management advisory services$282,922.4410
Ceramic Tiling ServicesDomestic wall treatments$282,617.502
Fast Ropes, HelicopterAir transportation support systems and equipment$279,258.102
Deed of Standing Offer in relation to Parcel Freight ServicesPostal and small parcel and courier services$277,546.883
Master contract for provision of printers and associated support and...Printer and photocopier and facsimile accessories$275,000.001
Capability Building Services PanelEducation and Training Services$273,955.007
Research PanelEducation and Training Services$272,823.001
Office relocation and removals servicesRelocation services$270,007.274
Print, shrink wrap and deliver certified lists for an federal election evenPrinting$269,500.001
Video Conferencing and Audio Visual ServicesComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$269,438.783
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 6 Economics (Global)Development finance$265,801.693
Social and Market Research ServicesMarket research$263,956.004
TeraText Systems Licence and Support ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$255,026.935
Plastic bagsPackaging materials$254,106.003
Records, IT Media, Storage, Sentencing, Disposal, & Digitisation ServicesDocument storage services$250,000.001
Provision of Passenger Road TransportationPassenger road transportation$248,603.521
Map software, maintenance and support (SODS08/0214)Software$247,500.001
Supply of scientific gases and liquid nitrogenFluid and gas distribution$246,840.007
Clinical Managers Course (CMC)Education and Training Services$246,531.002
Electrical and Electronic Installation Maintenance and Cabling Services...Electrical services$241,230.002
Corporate and Commercial Parcel – GeneralLegal services$240,435.002
Information Technology - Programming Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$239,710.001
Supply of Goods and servicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$239,349.263
FMIS Application SupportSoftware maintenance and support$238,416.002
Provision of Online and Hard Copy Legal Information ServicesPrinted media$238,390.393
Engage Scientific and Technical Experts for the Provision of Research...Market research$231,601.513
Communication Products Management panelStationery$227,571.003
Accommodation furniture, dining furniture, whitegoods, household appliancesFurniture$224,053.504
Exhibitions Temporary Personnel PanelTemporary personnel services$217,252.003
Office Machines and SuppliesComputer printers$214,414.202
ADF SocksClothing$213,517.702
Radar Equipment Spares - Modulators and HV Power SuppliesMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$213,402.922
Provision of Hosting, Maintenance and Support of External WebsitesApplication implementation services$212,783.004
Commercial Information Reports PanelCredit agencies$211,993.204
Provision of Cartage ServicesTransport operations$208,000.202
Legal Services parcelling arrangements under the Legal Services...Legal services$207,675.585
Supply and delivery of Unlimited Power SuppliesPower sources$204,984.272
Berrimah Veterinary LaboratoryLivestock services$204,466.003
Interpreting and translation servicesInterpreters$203,500.001
The provision of services relating to the development and presentation...Project administration or planning$203,056.006
Expeditioner Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$200,685.0011
Fleet Management Agreement – Contract for the provision of motor...Vehicle leasing$200,000.001
Provision of accessible format materials and other services for...Communication aids for the physically challenged$200,000.001
Tailoring and Medal Mounting Services RAAF Base TindalPersonal appearance$199,000.001
A panel for the provision of data centre migration services to...Computer hardware maintenance or support$193,468.001
National Advocacy Training ProgramEducation and Training Services$193,300.001
Re-Inventing the ATO - Change, Media, Reputation and Issues ManagementManagement advisory services$192,403.002
Refurbishment and Internal Fit-Out PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$192,341.301
Provision of training venues and facilitiesConference centres$191,560.002
Supply of Goods and ServicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$191,000.003
Provision of major office machinesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$190,000.001
Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention TrainingEducation and Training Services$188,158.002
Security Patrols and Concierge DutiesPersonal safety and protection$188,080.231
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 9 Governance (Global)Education and Training Services$185,869.403
Tied Legal ServicesLegal services$185,450.009
Tri Services Knitwear, Male and FemaleClothing$182,396.832
Provision of Services Oriented Architecture Products and ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$181,947.651
Swords, Accessories and RefurbishmentUniforms$181,606.743
Optical Surveillance ServicesSecurity surveillance and detection$181,500.004
Floor Covering Laying ServicesFloor coverings$176,956.894
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 11 Humanitarian,...Humanitarian aid and relief$176,306.242
Provision of Event Management Services for the Australian Export Awards...Events management$176,000.001
Support and Maintenance Deed of Standing NoticeInformation technology consultation services$175,755.003
091179 - The Manufacture and Supply of UniformsUniforms$174,620.002
Election Training and Workplace Support Services PanelApplication implementation services$171,517.003
National Catering PanelBanquet and catering services$170,500.002
System safety engineering and technical risk management trainingEducation and Training Services$169,554.002
Provision of Public Relations Services for the Organ and Tissue...Public relation services$168,000.001
Cadastral Survey & Associated Survey Services in Remote Communities...Mapping$165,790.003
Front of House Marketing and Design ServicesArchitectural services$165,000.002
Panel of Human Resource Management Service ProvidersTemporary personnel services$163,520.003
Information Technology & Telecommunications (IT & T) Training...Education and Training Services$161,314.331
Provision of CALD Communication Services - Aged CareGraphic design$161,100.011
Print, shrink wrap and deliver certified lists for an federal election evenPrinting$161,000.001
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel...Office equipment rental or leasing services$154,882.522
Services Agreement for Provision of Psychological (Adaptability)...Human resources services$154,000.001
Panel for Human Risk Assessment Advice and ServicesSafety or risk analysis$152,462.201
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 6 - Economics (GlobalEconomics$151,132.392
Simultaneous Interpretaion and Translation ServicesInterpreters$150,000.001
Investigation of Misconduct AllegationsAudit services$149,221.005
Panel of Program Evaluation Service ProvidersResearch programs$148,475.002
Biological Sample TestingLaboratory and scientific equipment$148,316.853
Fabric Cleaning ClothsFibres and textiles and fabric industries$147,499.001
Provision of training for communication skills and related servicesEducation and Training Services$146,300.001
Provision of Records, IT Media, Storage, Sentencing and Disposal ServicesDocument storage services$145,542.602
Minor Fitout Works and Related ServicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$143,385.002
Developmental and Concept Testing Research for Cancer Screening...Market research$142,945.002
Provision of Legal ServicesLegal services$140,000.001
Tyres and inner tubesMotor vehicles$139,061.341
Locally Engaged Staff (LES) Remuneration Review PanelHuman resources services$138,875.003
Meteorological BalloonsMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$136,920.003
Fuels, Oils and LubricantsLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$136,873.874
Provision of Ship Agency ServicesMarine transport$133,336.874
Remote Sensing Data Processing ServicesData processing or preparation services$133,084.004
Provision of File Storage and Retrieval ServicesDocument storage services$132,000.001
Records, IT Media, Storage, Sentencing, Disposal and Digitisation ServicesDocument storage services$130,420.001
Provision of Secure Deployable Communications Products and ServicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$130,020.002
Bronze commemorative plaque refurbishment at Cemeteries and Gardens of...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$129,624.004
Services contract for the provision of Comcover Member ServicesBusiness administration services$125,360.002
Software, Training and research and developmentSoftware or hardware engineering$121,000.001
Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation ServicesTranscribing services$120,000.001
Microsoft Software to the Whole of Government Volume Sourcing AgreementSoftware$113,446.301
Provision of Internet Gateway ServicesInternet services$113,000.001
Psychological Assessment ServicesPsychologists services$112,091.886
Support for TechnologyOne FMISManagement advisory services$112,000.001
Provision of Data Visualisation ServicesInformation technology consultation services$111,100.002
Print and deliver certified lists for an federal election eventPrinting$109,000.001
Child Support Senior Case Officer Change of Assessment and Objections...Personnel recruitment$106,920.001
Advice and Assistance on APH Design DocumentationManagement advisory services$106,058.461
Removal and Disposal of Batteries from Defence SitesBatteries and generators and kinetic power transmission$103,244.515
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel...Computer Equipment and Accessories$103,173.464
Explosive OrdnanceLight weapons and ammunition$102,771.361
Freight and Courier services.Postal and small parcel and courier services$101,714.055
Develop & deliver software design acceptance training servicesEducation and Training Services$100,412.182
Supply of Expendable Bathythermograph Probes (XBT) ProbesLaboratory and scientific equipment$100,346.341
Ergonomic Workstation AssessmentsOccupational health or safety services$100,295.392
Corporate, Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution ParcelLegal services$100,000.001
Canine SuppliesDomestic pet products$100,000.001
Provision of Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Advice ServicesManagement advisory services$99,000.006
Supply and installation of goods for office fitouts and refurbishmentsWorkstations and office packages$98,467.602
Office Locator ServiceMapping$97,945.001
Panel of presenters for AFP training programsEducation and Training Services$96,800.001
Support Maintenance and Licencing of ACIAR Multi Function DevicesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$96,572.002
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 8 Gender (Global)Socio political conditions$96,532.701
Capture and Captivity Awareness TrainingEducation and Training Services$95,040.006
Oils and LubricantsLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$95,030.855
Radar Equipment Spares- MagnetronsMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$94,586.001
Provision of interpreter and translator services Interpreters$93,500.001
Audit Services - Contract In Supplementary StaffAudit services$93,240.001
International Freight ServicesFreight forwarders services$93,225.304
Provision of Training Services to deliver Foreign Direct Investment...Education and Training Services$92,500.004
Family and Domestic Violence TrainingEducation and Training Services$90,365.001
Outreach Tour Transport and Support ServicesTransport operations$88,290.003
Land Rover Through Life SupportMotor vehicles$88,175.984
Video Conferencing Systems - Pro AVAudio and visual equipment$87,801.571
Panel for provision of driver training servicesEducation and Training Services$86,040.006
Standing Offer Panel for provision of Software & ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$85,739.501
Software certificationSoftware$84,824.001
Provision of Electrical, Technical and Engineering Services and SuppliesElectrical equipment and components and supplies$84,165.002
Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Plant and Manual Handling Eqpt InspectBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$82,500.002
Contact Centre Workforce Management Training.Education and Training Services$81,045.802
Project Management ServicesManagement advisory services$80,556.002
ICT Equipment and ServicesComputer servers$80,350.792
Hardware, Software Licence and SupportSoftware maintenance and support$80,114.101
Security Services PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$79,600.002
Public Financial Management Training (Global)Education and Training Services$79,496.001
To provide expert advice on a range of accommodation or leasing...Economic or financial evaluation of projects$79,200.001
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects TrainingEducation and Training Services$77,573.181
Provision of Health Technology Assessment Services to the Medical...Information services$77,000.001
Panel of Independent Certifiers for Health Infrastructure ProjectsProfessional engineering services$75,900.001
Provision of Hardware, Software and Support ServicesMaintenance or support fees$73,445.681
Print and deliver certified lists for an federal election eventPrinting$73,000.001
Workplace Investigation ServicesHuman resources services$72,000.004
Panel for the provision of office fitout services, installation and...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$71,946.003
The Supply and Provision of Cabling Services and Associated ComponentsComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$71,504.603
Tyres and Inner TubesTransportation components and systems$70,077.701
Global Remuneration Advisory ServicesHuman resources services$70,000.001
Building Services PanelCultural heritage preservation or promotion services$69,620.001
Provision of a Deployment and Release Management SolutionSoftware$69,394.552
Oils and LubricantsLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$69,201.444
Provision of Cold Climate Polar Clothing, Outdoor Clothing and...Clothing$69,122.523
Training Services for Software StandardsEducation and Training Services$68,484.151
Ground Support Equipment Maintenance ServicesVehicle maintenance and repair services$66,495.001
091231 - Personal Protective EquipmentPersonal safety and protection$66,000.001
Creative services for the National Drugs CampaignPromotional or advertising printing$66,000.001
Small Scale Technology Certificates Data Modelling PanelEconomic analysis$65,677.002
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel...Computer Equipment and Accessories$63,597.432
114122-02 Workplace Health and Safety Risk ManagementEducation and Training Services$62,400.001
Supply of Tea Tree MulchHorticulture$62,391.001
Panel of providers for ongoing TechnologyOne support services...Software maintenance and support$61,963.001
Operation,. Maintenance, Support and ongoing system development...Software maintenance and support$58,736.941
Major Office Machines arrangement with KonicaOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$58,244.701
Aviation Consultancy Services PanelBusiness intelligence consulting services$56,500.002
Repair of Electronic EquipmentSurveillance and detection equipment$56,312.433
Government, Administrative Law and Dispute Resolution ParcelLegal services$56,000.003
Acquisition, Processing and Supply of Air borne Geophysical dataEarth science services$55,720.001
Print, shrink wrap and deliver certified lists for an federal election evenPrinting$55,000.001
Creative Services for Cancer Screening Promotional or advertising printing$55,000.002
Major Office Machines Whole of Government Panels Equipment and Support...Printing and publishing equipment$54,169.831
Professional Design Advice in Relation to APHManagement advisory services$51,870.571
Military Number PlatesPassenger motor vehicles$51,000.002
Software Licencing and Associated Support ServicesComputer hardware maintenance or support$50,823.302
Provision of Architectural, Project & Other Building Management...Architectural services$50,000.011
WOG ACT Electricity SupplyElectric utilities$50,000.001
Supply and Installation of Batteries and Monitoring EquipmentBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$49,388.681
Locksmith ServicesLocks and security hardware and accessories$49,318.762
Engagement of contracted personnelTemporary personnel services$49,079.441
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 13 Public Finance ManagementInfrastructure as a Service (IaaS - Cloud)$48,960.341
Manufacture and Repair of Australian FlagsFabrics and leather materials$48,565.001
Infrared Combat IdentifiersSurveillance and detection equipment$47,040.661
Trailer spares for Land 121 Light Lightweight and Medium Heavy Trailers...Vehicle bodies and trailers$45,098.963
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$44,000.001
Panel for provision of professional services relating to building,...General building construction$43,516.002
Learning and Development panel to provide technical and IT skills...Education and Training Services$42,067.382
Legal Services parcelling arrangements under the Legal Services...Legal services$41,820.791
Supply of gas to Government HouseOil and gas utilities$40,700.001
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$40,150.001
Internal audit servicesInternal audits$39,022.501
Data Centre Core RedevelopmentInformation technology consultation services$38,720.001
Disposal of Assets and General ValuationAccounting services$37,500.001
Audit, Accredited Course Evaluation, Investigation and Related ServicesAudit services$37,355.003
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 16 - Procurement & GrBusiness administration services$35,097.481
Market Research Services for Defence Force RecruitingMarket research$35,026.521
Visual Illumination DeviceArms and ammunition accessories$34,632.001
Australian Weather Calendar E-Commerce PlatformData Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories$33,000.001
Window Glazing and FixturesDoors and windows and glass$32,499.502
Supply and maintenance of Office MachinesPrinting and publishing equipment$32,206.022
Provision of Expeditioner Training ServicesHuman resources services$31,040.002
Cold Weather Flyer's EnsembleClothing$30,985.481
Provision of uniforms, equipment and promotional materialPromotional merchandise$30,030.002
Provision of IP Voice and Telephone equipment and associated servicesSoftware$29,034.211
Standing Offer for the provision of Office Machines and their suppliers...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$28,780.012
The provision of AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 and AS/NZS ISO 1400:2004...Audit services$28,208.991
Provision of All-Terrain Vehicles, Snowmobiles and Utility VehiclesSpecialised and recreational vehicles$27,540.001
Provide testing and tagging services of portable electrical equipmentElectrical services$27,500.001
Provision of Laundry and Drycleaning Services to the Australian...Clothing$27,500.001
Disposal Scrapping Services Standing Offer PanelMilitary services and national defence$26,395.781
Standing offer for the provision of employee assistance services.Psychologists services$25,738.341
Telecommunications Services PanelComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$25,625.601
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 7 Fragility and Conflict...Management advisory services$25,170.051
Bulk Personalised Printing and Mailing ServicesPrinting and writing paper$25,000.001
Technical Services Provider Panel for the Critical Infrastructure...Feasibility studies or screening of project ideas$25,000.002
MoM Master ContractHardware$24,499.861
Software licensing and support servicesApplication implementation services$24,288.001
Administrative Investigations and Review Services PanelManagement advisory services$24,139.501
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 10 Social Development...Community and social services$23,570.801
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Panels - Equipment and...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$23,190.092
Internal Audit, Risk Management, Program Evaluation, Fraud Control,...Internal audits$22,237.001
Records storage, sentencing and destruction of Commonwealth recordsDocument storage services$22,000.001
Record storage, retrieval, sentencing, destruction and related...File archive storage$21,581.781
ICT Management Services- ProjectsSoftware maintenance and support$21,021.001
Major Office Machines Whole of Government Panel - Equipment and...Computer printers$20,647.322
Panel for the Provision of Telecommunications Invoice Reconciliation...Audit services$20,350.001
Provision of Courier ServicesPostal and small parcel and courier services$20,000.201
Provision of Bakery Products to Army - DarwinBread and bakery products$20,000.001
Legal ServicesLegal services$20,000.001
Provision of professional services in the areas of strategic advice and...Professional procurement services$18,191.141
Development, support and maintenance services of the DonateLife website...Internet services$17,146.801
Provision of Removal and Storage of Household and Personal Effects and...Personnel relocation$17,111.501
Investigations PanelHuman resources services$17,000.001
Legal Services parcelling arrangements under the Legal Services...Legal services$17,000.001
Online Solutions Services PanelEducation and Training Services$16,500.001
The purpose of this contract is for Comcare to implement a Disaster...Software as a Service (SaaS - Cloud)$15,637.001
Patent Attorney ServicesLegal services$15,000.001
Provision of office machines and accessoriesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$14,943.501
Storage Services in Western AustraliaSpecialised warehousing and storage$14,816.241
Provide ICT Cabling ServicesInformation services$13,429.771
National ComCare Approved Occupational Rehabilitation ServicesManagement advisory services$13,093.631
Removal ServicesRelocation services$13,009.921
Major Office MachinesComputer printers$12,858.301
Office machines and their supplies and accessoriesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$12,510.751
Provision of gas products and services to the Australian Antarctic...Elements and gases$12,301.441
Major Office Machines - MFD, Print and Scan SolutionsComputer printers$12,000.001
Tamper evident feature/optically variable device to be included on...Security and personal safety$11,275.001
Economic Consultancy ServicesInformation technology consultation services$11,100.001
Advisory Services in Clinical HaematologyDisease prevention and control$11,000.001
Creative and Design Services PanelGraphic design$10,351.001