SONID Main category Total Contracts Value Number of Contracts
Warehousing and Distribution PanelDistribution$1,449,428,068.5938
Fuels, Oils and LubricantsFuels$535,829,664.2220
ICT Contractor Services PanelComputer services$515,330,710.292218
Fuels, Oils and LubricantsLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$467,033,642.0270
Provision of Vehicle Fleet Management and Leasing Services to the...Vehicle leasing$234,351,259.75975
Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Support Services (CASSS) PanelManagement advisory services$200,656,174.56701
Applications Managed Services Partner ArrangementInformation technology consultation services$177,320,657.5195
Master Media Agency for Planning and Placement of Campaign Advertising...Advertising$175,618,180.2773
Accommodation Program Management Services to the Australian Government...Hotels and motels and inns$149,217,652.9046
Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) programEducation and Training Services$137,679,782.5277
Air Transport Deed of Standing Offer. This Standing Offer is for...Passenger air transportation$120,722,556.2982
Provision of Outsourced Contact Centre ServicesTemporary personnel services$114,304,834.581
Supply of Measles, Mumps, Rubella and/or Varicella Vaccines for the...Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products$112,301,540.684
IT Application Services panel providing application development and...Temporary personnel services$111,749,148.5417
Whole of Government Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR)...Software$97,407,649.1280
Information and communication technology (ICT) services panelComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$88,554,609.3393
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services Commercial Off...Software$84,011,377.65286
Employment PanelCommunity and social services$83,529,962.00131
Retail Electricity SupplyElectric utilities$65,000,000.004
Provision of IT Contractor ServicesComputer programmers$62,024,274.50220
SIG-RAMSI Support FacilityManagement advisory services$61,371,534.3618
Office Machines and their supplies and accessories.Office machines and their supplies and accessories$60,095,649.463
Internet Based Network Connection ServicesComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$52,754,242.1677
Defence Infrastructure Panel 2010Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$49,775,802.09172
Under the Australian Government Telecommunications Arrangements...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$49,064,509.7043
Procurement Assistance Services ProgramMaterial handling services$47,363,385.794
Head Agreement for the Provision of Certain Desktop Hardware and...Computer Equipment and Accessories$46,733,217.92369
Deed of Standing Offer for the provision of Telecommunications...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$43,859,476.9617
External Service Provider and Project Management and Support Services...Software or hardware engineering$43,082,415.91176
IBM Enterprise Licence AgreementSoftware$41,478,367.073
Services contract for the provision of Comcover Member ServicesBusiness administration services$41,236,974.141
Management Consultancy Services Standing Offer PanelManagement advisory services$38,664,209.4289
Secure Internet Gateway ServicesInternet services$37,721,764.8614
Provision of ICT Services Panel ArrangementComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$37,202,506.77346
Employment Agency Services PanelTemporary personnel services$34,953,286.27409
Enterprise Storage PanelComputer Equipment and Accessories$34,815,685.9370
Next Generation Desktop (NGD) SolutionComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$31,658,483.973
Technical, Project Management, Documentation and Training ServicesProject management$31,125,835.91136
Panel for the Provision of Immediate and Interim Data Centre FacilitiesLease and rental of property or building$31,006,732.481
IT ServicesTemporary personnel services$30,604,602.6058
Provision of Legal ServicesLegal services$29,078,468.21279
Panel of providers for the provision of the Leadership, Learning and...Education and Training Services$28,675,683.09289
Provision of services related to HAS and SSS (Sydney)Enhanced telecommunications services$28,215,209.063
Provision of services related to HAS and SSS (Melbourne)Enhanced telecommunications services$28,055,000.002
A panel for the provision of data centre facilities to GovernmentData services$27,834,815.1517
Whole of Government (WoG) Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS) Panel...Stationery$25,915,188.1240
Governance ServicesManagement advisory services$25,809,697.45162
Software Licences and Related ServicesSoftware$25,203,404.3830
Provision of an intercontinental air link between Australia and...Aircraft$23,911,038.804
Provision of Foodstuffs to the Australian Defence ForceFood and Beverage Products$23,090,268.04138
Bulk Personalised Printing and Mailing ServicesPrinting$22,882,927.415
Social Policy Research and Evaluation ServicesCorporate objectives or policy development$21,870,779.0848
Fuels to the Department of Defence Fuels$21,559,186.745
Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel (Panel 2)Lease and rental of property or building$20,284,872.611
Pharmaceuticals and MedicationsDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$19,417,919.05162
Personalisation and Mailing ServicesMarketing and distribution$18,946,613.5013
External Debt Collection ReferralsDebt management$18,787,021.009
Panel for provision of ICT products and associated servicesSoftware maintenance and support$18,406,343.4584
Deed of Agreement for the provision of Hardware, Software,...Computer servers$18,037,589.6438
Supply, implementation and support of an Investigations, Intelligence...Software$17,848,700.983
Whole of Australian Government Travel Management ServicesTravel facilitation$16,633,948.9933
Debt Recovery ServicesDebt management$15,735,000.002
Master Media Agency for Placement of Non-Campaign Advertising for the...Advertising$15,411,580.50137
Software and Support Services for Data Modeling SoftwareSoftware$15,040,103.1011
Digital Switchover Public RelationsPublic relation services$14,202,684.106
Rapid Prototyping Development Program Standing Offer - RA/001Vehicle maintenance and repair services$14,182,414.93206
Computer Network EquipmentComputer Equipment and Accessories$13,480,144.1673
IBM Head AgreementSoftware$13,397,937.9916
Whole of Australian Government Panel of Telecommunications Commodities,...Communications Devices and Accessories$13,163,191.6036
Supply of munitionsLight weapons and ammunition$12,992,455.008
Audit, Governance and Assurance Services PanelAudit services$12,905,597.9455
06/1599 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Consultancy and Business...Temporary personnel services$12,138,574.4018
National Sessional Interpreter ServicesInterpreters$11,925,656.186
Standard Combat Uniforms and AccessoriesClothing$11,917,316.509
Deed of Agreement for Software Licensing and Related Services and...Computer hardware maintenance or support$11,820,635.1133
ICT Services PanelTemporary personnel services$11,778,605.6370
Panel for provision of project management and construction servicesProject management$11,358,759.5415
SAP Panel for the Provision of Development, Support and Ongoing...Software maintenance and support$10,915,293.9136
The Provision of Program Review and EvaluationBusiness intelligence consulting services$10,500,886.1033
The provision of Contact Centre Services Business administration services$10,452,859.041
Environmental Management and Heritage related servicesEnvironmental management$10,362,313.9246
Provision of professional, technical and consultancy services to...Professional engineering services$10,238,667.5299
IT Hardware and related servicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$9,953,232.5733
The design, implementation and sustainment of the the Defence active...Management support services$9,860,461.7072
Legal Services Parcelling ArrangementLegal services$9,771,983.1186
Project and engineering support services to the Department of DefenceProfessional engineering services$9,613,024.1182
General Contractor ServicesTemporary personnel services$9,492,881.0840
Local Employment CoordinatorsEmployment services$9,415,581.1620
External legal services covering 16 areas of legal expertise.Legal services$9,030,662.20105
Licence, Services and SupportSoftware$9,016,791.891
IT Services (SOXS05/0620-B)Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$8,798,982.308
Standard Combat Uniforms and AccessoriesClothing$8,728,672.1817
Provision of application implementation services.Management information systems MIS$8,682,191.141
Charter of Aurora Australis for the provision of shipping services to...Marine transport$8,468,679.486
Provision of Onshore Seismic Reflection Acquisition and Related...Earth science services$8,402,878.002
Provision of Information Communications & Technology Contractor...Application implementation services$8,380,380.9281
Major Office Machines Whole of Government Panels – Equipment and...Printer and facsimile and photocopier supplies$8,224,419.766
Standing offer arrangements for X-Ray Machines and related services.Surveillance and detection equipment$8,152,455.103
Optical, Geospatial, Radar and Elevation Supplies and Services (OGRE)...Earth science services$8,083,130.9940
Supply of media monitoring servicesNews and publicity services$7,996,727.6216
Simulation Support Services Standing Offer (SSSSO)Management support services$7,771,432.865
SEA1000 Integrated Project TeamArchitectural engineering$7,513,757.0716
Courier and Mail Room ServicesMail and cargo transport$7,397,048.4731
Biometrics Goods and Services PanelSoftware maintenance and support$7,364,718.7515
The provision of Printing, Mail-out and CD/DVD Replication Services.Printing$7,295,475.4954
Creative and Design Services PanelGraphic design$7,039,191.19120
Provision of Business Administration Services (Construction and Trades)...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$7,002,490.0649
Provision of Brigade Labour Hire for Joint Logistic Command Business...Temporary personnel services$6,910,399.7072
IT Equipment and Associated Services (SOXS07/0255-C)Computer Equipment and Accessories$6,830,354.943
Panel arrangement for Business Improvement FacilitatorsCorporate objectives or policy development$6,810,589.1539
Panel of service providers for the provision of temporary contracting...Temporary personnel services$6,546,484.4575
Administration and Delivery of Apprentice to Business Owner Program...Management advisory services$6,514,013.6125
Contact Centre ServicesTelecommunications media services$6,312,000.006
National ComCare Approved Occupational Rehabilitation ServicesComprehensive health services$6,289,149.8046
Security vetting servicesSecurity and personal safety$6,135,976.7420
IT Services Panel – ICT Technical and Advisory Panel for ICT...Information technology consultation services$6,102,422.8444
Provision for the Maintenance and Development of the e-tax...Software maintenance and support$6,042,630.004
The provision of General Legal Services.Legal services$5,847,667.001
Standing Offer for the Supply of Server Infrastructure and Associated...Computer servers$5,787,005.487
Panel for provision of information and communication technology...Software or hardware engineering$5,675,038.3026
Fleet Management Agreement – Contract for the provision of motor...Vehicle leasing$5,674,274.4665
Panel of Labour Hire ProvidersPersonnel recruitment$5,659,167.40124
ICT Contractor ServicesComputer services$5,583,344.1183
Specialist Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Panel.Business intelligence consulting services$5,507,887.0531
Ageing and Aged Care Division's Data Warehouse (CASPER) Development...Specialised warehousing and storage$5,488,337.3012
Licencing Database Software (SOXS06/0348-B)Software$5,321,468.944
Acquisition, Processing and Supply of Air borne Geophysical dataEarth science services$5,289,332.427
Collective Training Services - planning and operation of training...Education and Training Services$5,266,902.7338
Provision of Health ServicesComprehensive health services$5,171,534.9217
Legal services panel of providersLegal services$5,148,532.1450
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 9 - Governance...Management advisory services$5,082,570.0713
127074 Consultancy and Business Services under a Standing Offer Panel...Temporary personnel services$4,989,086.2428
The Provision of Financial and Related ServicesAccounting services$4,883,839.6548
The Financial Services Standing Offer Panel (FinServ2010) aims to...Management advisory services$4,845,742.6929
The provision of Inspection Services for the Office of the Renewable...Professional engineering services$4,832,479.5011
Simulation support services panelSoftware or hardware engineering$4,762,798.5527
Freight Forwarding and Shipping Services (Explosive Ordnance)Freight forwarders services$4,669,530.7910
The Road Transport Deed of Standing Offer covers the movement by road...Mail and cargo transport$4,611,986.6326
Research, Evaluation and Analysis Panel (REAP): - Data...Research programs$4,565,659.9420
Workstations and Loose FurnitureFurniture$4,534,134.4048
Supply of Petroleum ProductsFuels$4,428,681.929
Provision of Occupational Health and Safety ServicesCompounds and mixtures$4,403,591.3323
Panel of providers to develop and deliver a range of learning and...Education and Training Services$4,231,361.7577
DASD (Direct Access Storage Device) Purchase of sybsystemsComputer Equipment and Accessories$4,195,803.702
Purchase of Hardware and Services for the OES Branch InfrastructureComputer hardware maintenance or support$4,183,627.1213
Sealift Support Services Standing OfferThe Sealift Support Services...Mail and cargo transport$4,156,067.003
Language Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$4,150,431.0869
Pacific Technical Assistance Mechanism (PACTAM)Comprehensive health services$4,134,834.5021
Oils and LubricantsLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$4,078,297.9833
Panel for the construction and refurbishment of selected child care...Project management$3,899,116.635
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 8 - Gender (Global)Management advisory services$3,870,017.8010
Hardware - Communications, Server Room, TEMPEST, Video Conferencing and...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$3,811,567.7020
ICT Managed ServicesSoftware$3,752,639.0335
Provision of Infrastructure Advisory Services PanelEconomics$3,727,166.2544
Education Resource FacilityEducation and Training Services$3,683,438.8438
ADF Parade BootsFootwear$3,657,500.002
Environment and heritage related professional servicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$3,657,471.053
Economic Development and Business Support PanelCommunity and social services$3,623,879.0039
Contract Financial Statement AuditorsAudit services$3,595,682.4047
Panel for software reseller servicesSoftware maintenance and support$3,554,400.8535
Business Services PanelManagement advisory services$3,537,305.8232
Software licenceSoftware maintenance and support$3,521,933.435
Supply of conductive energy weapons (tasers) and related productsLight weapons and ammunition$3,500,000.001
Risk Management Training and Education ServicesEducation and Training Services$3,470,000.001
Supply of IT Services (SOXS07/0534-A)Computer Equipment and Accessories$3,451,744.603
Supply of Marine BunkersMarine transport$3,414,000.006
Research Services PanelMarket research$3,413,063.6027
Provision of fixed-wing aviation within Antarctica.Aircraft$3,393,000.001
Provision of CCTV and Security Related Installation and Maintenance...Surveillance and detection equipment$3,377,264.6026
Computer X86 Servers and Associated ServicesComputer servers$3,366,444.1319
General Purpose JacketsClothing$3,351,361.156
Provision of training services to Department of DefenceEducation and Training Services$3,347,930.1359
Medical ServicesMedical practice$3,301,200.0024
Integration and Support ServicesInternet services$3,257,002.311
Fixed Line Telecommunication Services, including Carriage and Managed...Local and long distance telephone communications$3,245,400.003
Rental outgoings 2013-14Lease and rental of property or building$3,245,000.001
Microsoft Master Services Agreement (SODS06/0397-A)Software$3,244,707.401
Expert (Economic, Financial and Technical) Consultancy Panel for the...Management advisory services$3,226,653.9425
Hardware aquisition and maintenance of equipment to support the ICT...Computer hardware maintenance or support$3,155,567.3615
Provision of Server Based Computing Products and ServersComputer hardware maintenance or support$3,134,117.9717
2010-15 Accounting and auditing panelAccounting services$3,114,137.6737
Supply electricity to Commonwealth Government agencies in ACTElectric utilities$3,101,045.368
Health Resource FacilityManagement advisory services$3,082,742.6947
Radio communications equipment and related servicesCommunications Devices and Accessories$3,068,185.6321
Panel for provision of telecommunication services in the form of...Telecommunications media services$3,064,381.5717
Child Support Senior Case Officer Change of Assessment and Objections...Personnel recruitment$2,982,480.3629
Provision of overseas and domestic removal, relocation and storage...Relocation services$2,935,335.3786
Accommodation furniture, dining furniture, whitegoods, household appliancesFurniture$2,903,410.8467
Software ServicesSoftware$2,898,264.045
Online Solutions Services PanelSoftware$2,834,642.4450
Full Services National Legal PanelBusiness law services$2,813,485.4156
Heritage, Environment and Sustainability Services PanelEnvironmental management$2,769,154.3228
Provision of medical services to the AFPComprehensive health services$2,760,162.103
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 12 - Infrastructure (Management advisory services$2,754,956.823
IT Professional services panel to provide; Program Consultancy...Information technology consultation services$2,749,151.9024
External Procurement Advisors Panel Professional procurement services$2,713,086.5621
Environmental Water Management ServicesWater resources development and oversight$2,712,832.907
EXTERNAL ADVISORS PANEL FOR THE PROVISION OF HIGH LEVEL STRATEGIC...Strategic planning consultation services$2,705,702.4629
Psychological Assessment ServicesPsychologists services$2,695,635.6041
Supply, Support & Implementation Assistance of a Data Loss...Software$2,695,294.046
Mature Age Participation - Job Seeker Assistance Program Experience+...Employment services$2,668,549.3118
Research panel incorporating internal and external...Market research$2,635,875.4916
A panel of suitable consultants to provide Performance Audit, Assurance...Audit services$2,559,657.5018
Panel for the Provision of Health Economic ServicesCorporate objectives or policy development$2,540,046.8219
Technical Services in the Energy Efficiency field, relating to...Environmental protection$2,538,849.4648
Water Resource Management and Ecological ServicesEnvironmental management$2,500,935.8039
Panel of providers for the provision of eLearning Support Services and...Software$2,446,382.6620
Licence and SupportSoftware$2,438,438.155
Provision of core routers and switches, equipment maintenance and...Computer hardware maintenance or support$2,396,623.501
Supply of Naval Port Agency Services (SONPAS) to Royal Australian Navy...Management support services$2,378,580.34114
Workstations Loose Furniture and Marketing ProductsOffice furniture$2,342,668.8928
Air Charter Helicopter ServicesAircraft$2,323,200.002
Flyer's ClothingClothing$2,321,568.766
Parts for Mack Through Life SupportMotor vehicles$2,310,150.6818
Deployee Support Services for NauruHotels and lodging and meeting facilities$2,305,880.611
Workforce Planning and Recruitment ServicesPersonnel recruitment$2,285,830.487
Establishment of Language Services Standing Offer PanelEducation and Training Services$2,263,849.6932
Hardware Acquisition and MaintenanceComputer servers$2,251,192.509
Oils and LubricantsLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$2,249,917.4229
Expert Infrastructure AdviceManagement advisory services$2,195,378.7018
For the provision of expert consultancy services and advice related to...Health administration services$2,175,268.5014
Australian Civilian Corps Deployment Support ServicesTravel facilitation$2,131,576.717
Travel and Related Card Services to the Australian GovernmentCredit card service providers$2,130,840.001
Provision of Cabling and Rack ServicesData services$2,095,908.002
Subscription to the Organise Communicate Act (OCA) application and...Software$2,090,804.875
The Project Adivory and Management Services PanelManagement advisory services$2,077,545.808
Provision of IP Voice and Telephone equipment and associated servicesTelephony equipment$2,062,270.937
Cloud Services PanelComputer services$2,052,820.781
Panel for provision of professional services relating to construction...Project management$2,051,804.986
Provision of Facilities Maintenance Services to the Australian...Asbestos decontamination or removal$2,036,557.0620
Legal Services (Government, Administrative, Corporate and Commercial...Legal services$2,014,204.7918
Identity Verification, Financial, Asset and Income Search ServicesBusiness administration services$2,011,014.094
Ballistic and Laser Ocular Protection SystemPersonal safety and protection$2,005,352.026
Legal Services parcelling arrangements - Whole of Government...Legal services$2,003,588.9236
Non-ongoing and Temporary Recruitment and Related Recruitment Services....Temporary personnel services$1,982,549.9559
Panel arrangement for Unexploded Ordnance servicesEnvironmental management$1,975,065.204
Provision of information communications and technology (ICT) and...Computer services$1,902,273.8336
Supply of Network Equipment and associated ServicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$1,899,651.9734
Recruitment Services Panel.Personnel recruitment$1,881,432.9858
Security Services PanelSecurity and personal safety$1,872,767.5026
Panel of experts for Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Measurement,...Environmental management$1,866,555.008
Research PanelCorporate objectives or policy development$1,863,954.0014
Print Management Services PanelPrinting$1,845,150.003
Workstations and Associated Furniture at Australian Parliament HouseOffice furniture$1,840,725.7823
Provision of armoured commercial vehicles.Safety and rescue vehicles$1,825,582.717
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 2 Monitoring and...Management advisory services$1,822,947.419
Communication Market Research PanelMarket research$1,806,573.205
Participatory Planning, Research, Evaluation & Training PanelCorporate objectives or policy development$1,801,732.607
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICESProperty management services$1,800,000.001
Internal Audit, Risk Management, Program Evaluation, Fraud Control,...Internal audits$1,770,952.9733
Provision of Labour Hire ServicesTemporary personnel services$1,719,761.585
Managed Voice ServicesData Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories$1,719,000.001
ADF Parade ShoesFootwear$1,700,248.4811
Digital Switchover Taskforce Public Information and Awareness CampaignAdvertising$1,680,679.004
Provision of Web and Application Development and Management ServicesSoftware$1,665,591.0016
Creative services for the National Drugs CampaignPromotional or advertising printing$1,647,800.001
Supply office furniture to various Defence establishmentsOffice furniture$1,643,551.6854
Specialist Superannuation IT ConsultantTemporary personnel services$1,627,643.007
Injury management services for APS employeesComprehensive health services$1,615,033.3825
Provision of Engineering ServicesProfessional engineering services$1,605,442.7427
Provision of office machines and accessoriesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$1,590,201.7542
Greenhouse and Energy Audit ServicesAudit services$1,547,052.7434
Panel to provide Accounting, Auditing and Assurance Consulting Services...Audit services$1,542,973.006
Bulk mail envelopesPaper products$1,520,182.4815
Community Engagement PanelNews and publicity services$1,519,276.3624
Employee Assistance ProgramHuman resources services$1,519,200.008
Panel of Web Service ProvidersComputer services$1,507,533.0015
Provision Of Hosting ServicesInternet services$1,497,219.487
Provision of Aeromedical Evacuation Support to the Australian Army...Civilian and commercial rotary wing aircraft$1,494,726.203
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 1 - Design...Management advisory services$1,486,845.1310
Supply physical fitness and recreational equipmentFitness equipment$1,481,035.0238
Floating Support BridgesPrefabricated structures$1,423,083.8231
Provision of Advertising ServicesAdvertising$1,420,000.004
Panel of providers for the provision of Learning and Change Services...Education and Training Services$1,387,290.9123
Provision of Serial and Non-Serial library publications and services.Printed publications$1,386,604.3910
The provision of Communication and Related Services.Management advisory services$1,373,466.8724
General Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) related...Tools and General Machinery$1,368,340.1721
Secure road and air freight transport for IT equipmentTransport operations$1,368,000.002
Market and Social Research PanelMarket research$1,363,110.0015
Provision of Financial, Accounting, Audit and other related services....Management advisory services$1,360,407.8815
Provision of Satellite Communications Services to the Australian...Local and long distance telephone communications$1,358,503.023
HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICS PERIOD OFFERHumanitarian aid and relief$1,344,498.1610
Technical Gases and Liquids and Storage ContainersElements and gases$1,333,758.129
Legal Services PanelLegal services$1,327,041.4718
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Panels - Equipment and...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$1,316,939.222
MUL for Acquisition and Supply of Gravity DataEarth science services$1,287,849.484
Provision of Data Network EquipmentComputer hardware maintenance or support$1,275,721.6222
Financial Consultancy and Accountancy ServicesAccounting services$1,261,519.3717
Recruitment and Labour Hire Services PanelTemporary personnel services$1,251,406.4414
Pilatus PC9/A SparesMilitary fixed wing aircraft$1,250,301.4816
08/3281 - IT Consultancy and Support ServicesTemporary personnel services$1,248,806.513
Workstation, chairs and loose furniture nationally supply and...Office furniture$1,239,933.466
Deed of Standing Offer for the Provision of Legal Services (Panel)Legal services$1,235,757.5525
A panel for the provision of data centre migration services to...Information technology consultation services$1,233,481.036
Vetting Case ServicesBusiness administration services$1,227,625.631
Provision of Health Technology Assessment Services to the Medical...Information services$1,219,823.3616
VMWare Software Enterprise Agreement and Deed of Standing OfferSoftware$1,210,966.844
Public Relations Services for the lead up to and during the next...Public relation services$1,206,946.005
Provision of Secure Deployable Communications Products and ServicesCommunications Devices and Accessories$1,189,842.006
Financial Advisory Services PanelPersonnel recruitment$1,184,650.7018
Major Office Machines Equipment and SupportComputer printers$1,182,288.417
Vessel hire services to support maritime training programs & land...Commercial marine craft$1,179,328.162
Executive Search and Recruitment Services PanelPersonnel recruitment$1,159,909.7622
Medical GasesMedical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$1,155,900.001
Ad Hoc Commercial off the Shelf Supplies to Defence UnitsHardware$1,154,420.193
Combat UniformsClothing$1,144,636.602
Office machine and their supplies and accessoriesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$1,142,679.802
Australian MultiCam Pattern Printed FabricsFibres and textiles and fabric industries$1,141,353.843
Deed of Standing Offer Internal Audit and Related Professional...Audit services$1,139,500.019
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 11 Humanitarian,...Humanitarian aid and relief$1,128,574.723
Provision of Recruitment ServicesPersonnel recruitment$1,127,361.1016
Employee Assistance Services PanelOccupational health or safety services$1,122,000.001
Super Reform Campaign Advertising ServicesAdvertising$1,116,000.001
Water Management Services (Technical) PanelWater resources development and oversight$1,113,958.5810
Indigenous Communications for Digital SwitchoverPublic relation services$1,111,000.003
Communication services - National Immunisation Program.Public relation services$1,104,070.002
Cold Weather Flyer's EnsembleClothing$1,096,197.521
The Remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Services...Corporate objectives or policy development$1,095,277.367
Standing Offer for the Provision of Foodstuffs, Household and Domestic...Food and Beverage Products$1,089,128.5315
Panel for the provision of office fitout services, installation and...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$1,087,953.288
Legal Services PanelLegal services$1,084,698.5413
Lan Switches ArrangementComputer hardware maintenance or support$1,074,323.7014
Provision of ICT ProfessionalsInformation technology consultation services$1,072,542.8510
Domestic removal services.Personnel relocation$1,066,574.823
Deeper Maintenance of Rockwell Collins EquipmentMilitary rotary wing aircraft$1,044,485.013
Supply and installation of goods for office fitouts and refurbishmentsWorkstations and office packages$1,042,830.137
Provision of video confrencing systemPhone and video conference equipment and hardware and controllers$1,033,266.067
Enterprise Information and Communications Technology Panel ICT...Management advisory services$1,024,380.9514
Social and Market Research ServicesMarket research$1,017,390.0011
Provision of Specialist Communications Advice and Services Relating to...Written translation services$1,013,247.508
Information Services Personnel Panel.Information services$1,011,750.9111
Provision of building services for general building repair and...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$997,785.4210
Legal Services parcelling arrangements under the Legal Services...Legal services$994,066.2917
Request for Tender for Appointment of a Learning and Development Panel...Education and Training Services$992,559.9217
Provision of ICT ProfessionalsComputer services$991,939.836
Deeper Maintenance of Blackhawk and Chinook AircraftMilitary rotary wing aircraft$990,000.003
Standing Offer for the Supply of Network Equipment and Associated...Computer hardware maintenance or support$986,169.092
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 12 Infrastructure...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$984,163.003
Mess Dress UniformsClothing$977,755.562
Indigenous Interpreting ServicesInterpreters$945,000.001
Supply and Maintenance of Office MachinesPrinting and publishing equipment$930,868.403
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 2 -...Management advisory services$929,228.5115
Combat GlovesUniforms$927,491.401
English Language Training for Foreign Government Immigration OfficialsEducation and Training Services$920,547.523
Provision of Valuation & Valuation Related Services to the ATO by...Business intelligence consulting services$918,509.1523
Design, Delivery and Installation of Loose Commercial Office FurnitureOffice furniture$916,512.508
Deed of Standing Offer for the provision of financial and other...Audit services$915,392.6613
Acquisition and Supply of airborne electromagnetic dataEarth science services$906,504.501
Coats and JacketsUniforms$898,086.008
Panel of providers to deliver applications Development and Maintenance...Application implementation services$892,033.167
Wireless LAN and Remote Access SolutionCommunications Devices and Accessories$890,883.162
Sea Lift transport ServicesMarine transport$883,811.054
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Research and Advisory...Market research$878,522.338
Learning and Development PanelEducation and Training Services$876,026.038
Two Year Panel Contract for the Provision of General Construction...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$869,713.001
Process Server Services to all CDPP OfficesLegal services$865,096.005
Serial publications and related servicesLibrary or documentation services$854,695.3712
Optical Surveillance ServicesSecurity surveillance and detection$850,000.004
Presentation Aids and AccessoriesCommunications Devices and Accessories$845,744.129
SAP Development, Support and Maintenance ServicesSoftware or hardware engineering$840,111.004
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 3 - Capacity...Management advisory services$820,175.937
Software Management ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$809,552.899
DEEWR Learning and Development PanelEducation and Training Services$807,479.7019
Tecnical Advisory Panel for Solar Water Heaters and Air-Sourced Heat...Professional engineering services$801,429.0022
Internal audit services.Audit services$798,453.753
Services for development and implementation of corporate information...Computer services$797,773.309
Supply and Maintenance of Server Equipment-PanelComputer servers$778,560.924
Accounting and Financial Viability ServicesAccounting services$773,045.6014
Market Research ServicesMarket research$771,575.507
Industry Support for Countermeasures Development and Validation and...Software or hardware engineering$766,625.867
Integrated Communication services - Low Aromatic Fuel Roll-outPublic relation services$765,000.013
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 17 - Partner GovernmeEducation and Training Services$759,311.784
For Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) Communications for Digital...Public relation services$757,658.002
ICT Technical & Related Services (Domestic and Overseas) Under a...Business administration services$755,865.007
Full Height Demountable Partitioning - Forrest Building and Greenway...Interior finishing materials$744,660.401
Legal Services: Statutory interpretation, dispute resolution and...Legal services$743,500.0014
KPMG and EY have been selected for the provision of internal audit...Audit services$738,804.0511
Architectural Services PanelArchitectural services$721,032.345
Clinical psychological assessment of new recruitsPsychologists services$721,000.004
Provision of professional services in the areas of strategic advice and...Management advisory services$717,677.686
Provision of engineering servicesProfessional engineering services$711,182.005
Office ChairsOffice furniture$709,720.555
Panel for provision of driver training servicesEducation and Training Services$704,530.0118
Delivery of Driver Training ServiesEducation and Training Services$703,560.001
The Clean Energy Advice Panel has been established for the provision of...Management advisory services$702,308.884
Residential Care Certification Assessments.Building support services$698,500.001
Tri Services Dress Trousers and SkirtsUniforms$692,403.033
Long Life Reuseable Storage ContainersContainers and storage$681,524.796
Health Services Evaluation PanelCorporate objectives or policy development$680,142.415
The purpose of this contract is for Comcare to implement a Disaster...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$670,136.181
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$667,631.1914
Provision of Contract/Consulting IT Audit ServicesAudit services$666,620.0011
Purchase of multi-function equipment and supportOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$661,119.802
Provision of Printing, Packaging and Freighting Services to support...Freight forwarders services$655,050.004
Software and Software Support ServicesSoftware$650,496.001
Fence PostsPrefabricated structures$649,880.001
National office fitout panelProperty management services$643,227.203
ADF SocksFootwear$642,345.002
Service Oriented Architecture Products and ServicesSoftware or hardware engineering$640,726.217
Disposal of Assets and General ValuationEconomic or financial evaluation of projects$639,847.0014
Provision of Data Storage Backup and Recovery InfrastructureData services$639,100.003
Host, Maintain and Develop Austrade External WebsitesApplication implementation services$635,734.0012
Provision of Internal Audit ServicesAudit services$633,909.292
Deed of Standing Offer for Supply of Legal Services Under Legal...Legal services$632,759.239
Ministerial Council on Energy Panel of ConsultantsStrategic planning consultation services$628,399.004
Engineering Services - HSD Engineering PanelMilitary rotary wing aircraft$625,564.013
Personal and business effectiveness skillsEducation and Training Services$625,083.8026
Deed of Standing Offer for analyst's software and associated licencesSoftware$619,037.723
Online and Digital Resource Panel Categories of services:...Education and Training Services$615,922.405
Deployee Support Services for Papua New GuineaManagement advisory services$614,453.005
Provision of Cold Climate Polar Clothing, Outdoor Clothing and...Clothing$612,446.8212
Recruitment ServicesPersonnel recruitment$612,119.8615
Technical Services relating to the Built Environment in the Energy...Management advisory services$603,296.0010
Standing Offer for the Provision of Office Machines and their Supplies...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$588,342.9512
Information Communications & Technology Consultancy PanelStrategic planning consultation services$584,734.001
Supply of computer equipment and associated servicesComputer servers$581,090.887
Software, Training and research and developmentSoftware maintenance and support$579,999.992
Countering Violent Extremism Research PanelMarket research$578,093.184
Panel for the Provision of Recruitment ServicesTemporary personnel services$577,876.027
Supply of mobile telephone downloading equipment and related servicesSoftware$577,545.992
Printing and Promotional Products PanelPrinted publications$574,918.9323
Training Delivery and DevelopmentEducation and Training Services$573,174.0812
Project and engineering support services to Defence Science &...Professional engineering services$564,010.048
The Provision of Financial Advisory and Accountancy ServicesManagement advisory services$559,091.7313
Irrigation Water Management Services (Financial, Legal and Due...Water resources development and oversight$558,103.995
To provide catering services within the CommissionBanquet and catering services$553,517.679
Communication Services - PrintingPrinting$551,457.806
Provision of Office Supplies to various Defence establishmentsPrinter and facsimile and photocopier supplies$550,000.001
Provision of expert consultancy services.Environmental management$547,357.3911
Major Office Machines (MOM)Computer printers$538,019.549
Accredited Laboratories for Check Testing Electrical and Gas Appliances...Environmental management$536,825.398
Comcover Legal Services Parcelling Arrangement (CLSPA)Legal services$531,370.628
InternaAudit and Fraud ServicesAudit services$527,307.0013
Staff Identification Card Application Management software and...Software maintenance and support$526,834.001
Standing offer for the provision of employee assistance services.Psychologists services$524,500.0019
Provision of Printing and Mailhouse Services to facilitate Postal...Printing$523,317.352
Envelope Opening and Document Preparation ServicesMaterial handling services$511,500.001
To establish a Panel arrangement for the provision...Audit services$507,908.4011
Minor Works PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$507,736.8215
Industry Support for Countermeasures Development and Validation and...Military science and research$494,684.863
Fabric Cleaning ClothsFibres and textiles and fabric industries$488,235.001
ICT Professionals PanelComputer programmers$485,012.005
Deed of Standing Offer for Supply of Legal Services in relation to...Legal services$485,000.003
Oil Spill Control AgentsEnvironmental protection$480,650.001
Administrative Investigations and Review Services PanelBusiness intelligence consulting services$478,939.5918
Research Services for the Tobacco Social Marketing Campaigns - Special...Market research$478,060.001
Provision of Public Relations Services for the Organ and Tissue...Public relation services$477,065.602
Provision of security and personal safetyBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$475,569.226
Vacation Care ProgramBusiness administration services$473,053.442
Provison of Electrical Office MachinesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$472,551.966
Indigenous Communications Program Community Liaison Officers (CLOs)Project management$468,000.011
Transcription Services for Record of InterviewManagement advisory services$466,086.881
Non-ongoing and Temporary Recruitment and Related Recruitment ServicesTemporary personnel services$458,557.2515
Provision of Recruitment Services for Contract and Permanent StaffPersonnel recruitment$453,875.101
Services for Development, Amendment and Implementation of Ageing and...Business law services$452,090.905
TarpaulinsFibres and textiles and fabric industries$451,000.001
Brocade Fabric and Associated Equipment and ServicesHardware$449,406.312
Non-Government Organisations Acreditation, Assessment & Review...Management advisory services$445,562.2330
Provision of Audit ServicesAudit services$442,987.117
Provision of multi-function devices and associated servicesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$441,373.8214
Front Office Marketing Design ServicesMarketing and distribution$432,500.002
Provision of Legal ServicesLegal services$431,361.8210
Sleeping BagsCamping and outdoor equipment and accessories$430,557.513
Informatica Software and Support, Maintenance and Profesional ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$423,972.506
Tied Legal ServicesLegal services$417,676.305
Panel for provision of protective balistic equipment and related...Personal safety and protection$416,124.503
Online Legal Information Resources and Related Services for Department...Electronic reference material$412,264.233
Panel of Human Resource Management Service ProvidersBusiness administration services$411,089.2218
Internal audit services panelInternal audits$409,121.608
Major Office Machines - MFD, Print and Scan SolutionsOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$406,335.706
Standing Offer in relation to the provision of specialist basin...Professional engineering services$399,353.946
The provision of legal adviceLegal services$397,889.8310
Bronze commemorative plaque refurbishment at Cemeteries and Gardens of...Cemetery upkeep services$396,055.008
Corporate removalist servicesPersonnel relocation$394,800.002
Pro-active media and public relations servicesAdvertising$394,046.058
Provision of Pharmaceutical, Medical, Dental and Diagnostic Laboratory...Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$393,949.7815
Developement of Online Financial Tools-two categories; (a)...Software$393,415.003
Metal InsigniaMedals$389,565.526
Master contract for provision of printers and associated support and...Computer printers$389,215.515
Provision of Medical Examination Services to the Australian Antarctic...Patient care and treatment products and supplies$389,181.7410
Software Licensing and related deliverablesSoftware$388,960.001
Camouflage Face PaintsSafety apparel$385,715.002
Training and Other Services under FMP and HESPEducation and Training Services$375,436.807
Legal ServicesLegal services$370,550.517
Recruitment ServicesPersonnel recruitment$369,950.378
Develop and Implement Visual Identity, Brand Strategy, Architecture...Application implementation services$368,075.7310
Market Research Services for Defence Force RecruitingMarket research$365,338.825
Occupational Health and Safety AuditingProject administration or planning$363,288.7426
National Infrastructure Projects Facilitator (NIPF) to assist the...Project administration or planning$362,393.363
Provision of Psychometric Assessment ServicesPersonnel recruitment$355,795.004
Provision of research services in relation to Constitutional...Market research$352,715.006
ACMA Technical Services PanelInformation technology consultation services$347,688.003
Head Agreement for the Provision of Microsoft Large Account Reseller...Software$346,051.092
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$344,990.717
Government Gifts for Official PresentationOfficial gift services$342,866.095
The National Waste Policy Panel Audit services$341,610.995
Hansard Printing ServicesPrinting$338,440.4810
Training for Health and Safety RepresentativesEducation and Training Services$338,250.005
National Flags, Ensigns and PennantsMarine craft systems and subassemblies$330,862.3812
Services and Support for Manpower Analysis and Planning Systems (MAPS)...Software$330,000.001
Cabling ServicesComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$329,169.697
Panel for supply and installation of ergonomic task chairsOffice furniture$326,474.504
Train the Trainer for Investigative Interviewing ProgramsEducation and Training Services$325,820.003
Printers, Photocopiers, Scanners and Facsimile EquipmentPrinter and facsimile and photocopier supplies$323,361.502
Gender Experts PanelBusiness intelligence consulting services$319,621.003
Humanitarian Services PanelRefugee programs$319,000.0011
Prohibited Substances Screen Test KitsMedical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$317,908.801
Provision of training for communication skills and related servicesEducation and Training Services$316,636.2510
Provision of Information and Communication Technology Support and...Information technology consultation services$316,596.604
Strategy, public policy and management adviceManagement advisory services$315,321.001
Provision of monitoring, evaluation and enforcement consultancy...Management advisory services$314,100.004
Property and Business Advisory Services for the Overseas Property...Strategic planning consultation services$309,706.005
Leadership Development WorkshopsEducation and Training Services$308,829.163
Sand BagsFibres and textiles and fabric industries$307,098.001
Provision of Expeditioner Training ServicesHuman resources services$306,056.5612
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 14 - Food Security &Public administration and finance services$304,887.184
Information Technology & Telecommunications (IT & T) Training...Education and Training Services$304,685.002
Software Licensing and related DeliverablesManagement information systems MIS$297,660.001
Provision of SAP Support and MaintenanceSoftware maintenance and support$296,120.002
Panel to Provide Probity Advice and Probity Audit services.Legal services$295,121.409
Supply and Maintenance of Uninterruptable Power Supply...Computer Equipment and Accessories$291,989.904
Provision of Ship Agency Services to the Australian Antarctic Division...Transport operations$289,858.203
Provision of Role Player Support for Defence Intelligence Training...Education and Training Services$287,952.172
Panel of Program Evaluation Service ProvidersResearch programs$286,892.514
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 13 - Public Finance MManagement advisory services$285,868.155
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 1 Design (Global)Management advisory services$285,446.905
Design, supply, install and provide ongoing maintenance of Electronic...Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories$283,816.644
Panel of presenters for AFP training programsEducation and Training Services$282,085.0010
The provision of property fitout supply and delivery of loose furniture...Office furniture$278,824.802
Capability Building Services PanelEducation and Training Services$275,810.006
Commercial Information Reports PanelCredit agencies$275,000.003
SAP Computing Specialist ServicesManagement advisory services$274,300.003
Provision of Reservoir, Seal and Fluid Flow Analysis Services PanelEarth science services$273,950.004
To provide expert advice on a range of accommodation or leasing...Property management services$273,668.774
Remote Aerodrome Advisory ServicesTransport operations$272,190.693
Tyres for Lightweight Capability Vehicles and TrailersPassenger motor vehicles$271,205.001
Internal Audit and Related Services including: Internal Audit and...Audit services$267,836.696
Provision of Specialist Publishing ServicesPublishing$264,295.016
Repair of Electronic EquipmentCommunications Devices and Accessories$263,952.287
Aircraft Electrical and Mechanical EquipmentAircraft equipment$260,285.3619
Remote Sensing Data Processing ServicesData processing or preparation services$258,622.608
Recruitment Services for Health and Ageing Portfolio Agency Heads,...Personnel recruitment$253,800.006
Coats & Trousers wet weather, NavyClothing$252,307.684
Recording and Transcription ServicesBusiness administration services$250,009.178
Provision of public relations services in relation to Constitutional...Public relation services$248,479.213
2012, 2013 and 2014 Census of Non-Government Schools - Post Enumeration...Project administration or planning$246,869.567
Provision of Printing of Forms and publications, other general printing...Printing$245,921.477
Project Management Training PanelProject management$245,000.001
Telephone Survey for Oceans and Weather ServicesTelecommunications media services$243,968.501
Provision of Services to Assist in the Administration of the...Management advisory services$243,438.104
Evaluation of the 2013 Medicare CampaignMarket research$242,008.903
Fitout of ACMA Field Operational VehiclesVehicle bodies and trailers$240,728.325
Provision of Furniture Conservation ServicesFurniture$237,788.8411
08/3489 - Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$236,779.005
Water Conveyancing and other Related Legal Advice and...Water resources development and oversight$236,098.503
BMS Related Construction Services at Parliament HouseBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$234,509.004
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 10 - Social DevelopmEducation and Training Services$233,976.602
Provision of services for the development and presentation of evidence...Management advisory services$231,872.504
Internal Audit and Fraud ServicesAudit services$231,028.005
Accounting Services PanelAccounting services$228,600.003
Deed of standing offer for the provision of industrial energy efficency...Economic analysis$228,321.502
Core Testing Team PanelInformation technology consultation services$228,232.003
Deed of Standing offer for provision of loose furnitureOffice furniture$227,821.914
Barbed WireRope and chain and cable and wire and strap$227,700.001
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 15 - Due Diligence (GBusiness administration services$226,561.965
Digital Media Presentation, Management And Online Engagement Services...Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment$225,542.007
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel...Computer printers$223,709.9714
Supply of venue hire and event facilities.Hotels and lodging and meeting facilities$222,862.363
Provision of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communication...Public relation services$220,000.002
The Actuarial Services panel has been established to allow Australian...Accounting services$219,198.808
114824 - Provision of Recruitment and Selection ServicesPersonnel recruitment$218,143.644
Provision of social economic and cultural servicesEnvironmental management$217,389.223
Software architecture and maintenance serviceSoftware$216,866.101
Videoconferencing servicesData Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories$214,539.776
Supply of Groceries to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in BrisbaneFood and Beverage Products$211,376.1610
Provision of non permanent and non ongoing recruitment services at the...Personnel recruitment$210,935.342
Patent Attorney ServicesLegal services$210,605.704
Provision of Legal Document Management ServicesLegal services$210,000.003
Car Rental Services to the Australian GovernmentPassenger motor vehicles$210,000.001
Provision of accessible format materials and other services for...Audio visual services$209,169.353
Minor Works and Maintenance ServicesConstruction and maintenance support equipment$204,721.002
Security Equipment and Maintenance PanelSecurity and control equipment$203,719.649
Publication Services PanelDocument storage services$203,543.603
Learning & Development Technical Skills PanelEducation and Training Services$201,629.997
Freight and Courier services.Postal and small parcel and courier services$200,000.001
Energy Finance Advisory PanelManagement advisory services$195,000.002
Provision of Unified Communications SolutionsAudio and visual presentation and composing equipment$193,625.163
Supply of Cabinet X-Ray Equipment Under a Standing Offer ArrangementSurveillance and detection equipment$193,183.102
Social Work Advisory ServicesComprehensive health services$192,000.003
Market Research & Analysis ServicesMarket research$191,004.001
Jerry CansMaterial handling machinery and equipment$190,757.603
Provision of interpreter and translator services Interpreters$188,144.008
126295 - Provision of Consultancy Services to Deliver Rostering...Strategic planning consultation services$187,844.842
09506 - Provision of Revaluation of AssetsProperty management services$187,000.001
Aged Care Compliance Administration Support ServicesBusiness administration services$186,700.001
Media Support Services for Defence Force RecruitingMarketing and distribution$183,079.504
Learning and Development Services including training, facilitation and...Education and Training Services$183,000.002
Provision of Advertising Services services in relation...Audio visual services$182,488.495
Major Office Machines Whole of Government Panel - Equipment and...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$180,946.432
The provision of services relating to the development and presentation...Technical writing$180,377.803
Spatial Software and Services PanelSoftware$180,000.001
Project Support ServicesHuman resources services$179,399.013
Panel for the provision of HP desktop PCs, notebook PCs, Intel Servers...Computer Equipment and Accessories$177,625.001
Antivirus software and related services Software$177,581.581
Supply and Installation of Gymnasium EquipmentGymnastics and boxing equipment$176,760.822
Cold Weather and Extreme Cold Weather UndergarmentsClothing$174,400.601
Removal ServicesRelocation services$172,382.229
Diverse Audiences ServicesWritten translation services$171,294.647
Mail House ServicesMail and cargo transport$171,102.208
Water CansContainers and storage$169,400.001
TargetsArms and ammunition accessories$165,726.003
Exhibition Design PanelExhibitions$165,440.002
Provision of Unconscious Bias TrainingEducation and Training Services$163,796.601
BatteriesBatteries and generators and kinetic power transmission$163,382.262
Transport and Removal of Office Furniture, Equipment and Records for...Transport operations$163,000.004
Engage Scientific and Technical Experts for the Provision of Research...Water resources development and oversight$162,687.784
Supply and Installation of Workstations, Screens, Furniture and...Workstations and office packages$160,052.003
PANEL - Provision of Architectural design and project management...Interior finishing$158,978.659
Supply, Modification and Repairs of Shipping ContainersContainers and storage$158,252.006
Benchmarking, tracking and evaluative research servicesMarket research$156,530.001
Work Management SolutionSoftware maintenance and support$155,584.001
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 16 - Procurement & GrBusiness administration services$154,716.196
Provision of IT Security ServcesNetwork security equipment$154,607.005
WoG Major Office Machines. Equipment and SupportOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$151,198.741
Field Refrigeration PartsIndustrial refrigeration$150,313.954
Australian Export Awards: National Awards Ceremony: Planning and...Events management$148,500.002
Technology AdviceComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$146,030.003
Provision of Indigenous communications services in relation...Community and social services$145,466.204
Energy Management ServicesEnvironmental management$145,145.232
Major Office Machines-Equipment and SupportComputer printers$145,097.757
Provision of Internal Audit ServicesAudit services$144,635.713
Vehicle and ground support equipment maintenance services Vehicle maintenance and repair services$144,045.003
Development, support and maintenance services of the DonateLife website...Internet services$143,880.001
Provision of specialist Campaign Evaluation Market Research...Market research$143,508.001
Provision of Records Storage, Retrieval and Physical File Sentencing...File archive storage$143,000.001
Supply of Management of Repairable Items, Provision of a Technical...Military rotary wing aircraft$142,818.655
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 10 Social Development...Management advisory services$142,092.022
Electrical services in Remote NT communitiesPlumbing and heating and air conditioning$141,663.501
Project Advisory & Management Services in Support of Indigenous...Project management$137,500.002
IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Qualification Scheme Panel of Training...Education and Training Services$137,280.001
Deed of Standing Offer - Panel for the Provision of Transcription...Temporary personnel services$135,184.508
Research, Evaluation and Analysis PanelResearch programs$134,572.002
Provision of removal and relocation of personal effects for employees...Relocation services$134,231.273
Provision of Stevedoring Services to the Australian Antarctic DivisionTransport operations$134,095.763
Deed of Standing Offer for supply of workstation furnitureWorkstations and office packages$130,314.193
Investigate, Survey and Report on Compliance with Energy Efficiency...Environmental management$130,000.002
Provision of printed file covers and labels.Printing and writing paper$129,305.652
Technical Experts to review Carbon Offsets Methodologies for the Carbon...Earth science services$128,000.005
Panel for provision of professional services relating to building,...Building support services$126,656.204
Concept testing and evaluation research services for the Attracting...Market research$126,500.002
Provision of Security Hardware.Locks and security hardware and accessories$125,963.284
Provide ICT Cabling ServicesComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$125,906.623
Business Services in the Energy Efficiency Field, relating to...Environmental protection$125,730.003
Investigation of Misconduct AllegationsInternal audits$125,114.576
Master contract for provision of printers and associated support and...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$124,070.561
Procurement of electronic warfare equipment and servicesElectronic hardware and component parts and accessories$122,927.331
Provision of Remuneration Packaging ServicesManagement advisory services$120,000.002
Name badges, desk plates and associated productsOffice and desk accessories$120,000.001
FIREMANS BOOTS, BLACK, NAVYPersonal safety and protection$119,511.701
Provision of helicopter charter services for aerial sampling of feral...Civilian and commercial rotary wing aircraft$118,894.955
Supply and Maintenance of X-Ray Scanning and Walk-Through Metal...Security and control equipment$118,800.001
Conduct Client Satisfaction Improvement Study (CSIS) through Annual...Market research$118,569.002
SAN Hardware, Software and ServicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$118,270.462
Catering for Large Scale Conferences at NHMRC's Canberra OfficeBanquet and catering services$117,672.501
Provision of Hardware - Electrical, Plumbing & Building Supplies -...Electrical equipment and components and supplies$116,826.403
Research Grants Management System Financial and Scientific ReportsInformation technology consultation services$116,600.001
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$115,279.341
Manufacture and Supply of CarpetFloor coverings$113,690.503
Provision of computing equipment to support Geoscience Australia's...Computer Equipment and Accessories$113,426.153
Assessment instrument testing tools and related servicesHuman resources services$113,325.001
Supply of Edge Lan switches and related servicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$113,115.522
The Provision of ICT ProfessionalsBusiness administration services$112,755.501
Electronic Technical Hardware, Software and ComponentsElectronic hardware and component parts and accessories$112,257.912
Various Service Dress CapsClothing$112,233.001
Education PanelLibrary or documentation services$110,220.001
Provision of research, reports, option papers and data base development...Data services$110,000.001
Explosive OrdnanceLight weapons and ammunition$109,646.471
Service and Expertise relating to Smart Grid Technologies and...Business administration services$109,450.001
Aircraft Crash Protection Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$109,120.001
Office machines and their supplies and accessoriesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$109,112.341
ICT Equipment and ServicesComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$109,081.693
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 11 - Humanitarian EmeManagement advisory services$107,908.541
Engineering Services for Aircraft Oxygen SystemsPatient care and treatment products and supplies$107,698.491
Deed of Standing Offer for the supply of audio and visual broadcast...Photographic or filming or video equipment$107,407.462
Provision of Financial ServicesAccounting services$107,248.172
Provision of Architectural ServicesArchitectural services$106,293.002
Event-Reporting Radio Telemetry System (ERTS)Measuring and observing and testing instruments$105,506.504
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Equipment and Support Panel...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$104,677.104
Major office machines equipment and support - whole of Government...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$104,160.212
Housing Research PanelStrategic planning consultation services$104,000.001
Standing Offer for Seismic Reflection Processing ServicesEarth science services$102,949.001
Supply of Expendable Bathythermograph Probes (XBT) ProbesLaboratory and scientific equipment$102,761.201
Fire Fighter ClothingFire protection$102,366.002
Public Relations PanelPublic relation services$102,125.075
Public relations services for the National Drugs Campaign (Phase...Public relation services$102,003.001
Removal and Disposal of Batteries from Defence SitesHazardous waste disposal$100,394.024
Provision of educational service providers for the Australian Public...Human resources services$100,000.001
Creative services for Attracting People to Work in Indigenous Health...Promotional or advertising printing$100,000.001
Furniture Relocation and Storage ServicesRelocation services$100,000.001
Provision of Public Relations Services for the Compliance Related...Public relation services$99,850.001
Safety maintenance, testing and recording services for pressure vessels...Professional engineering services$99,000.002
Internal Audit ServicesAudit services$98,934.033
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer - Category 15 Due...Management advisory services$98,084.956
Engineering, project management, environment and heritage services...Environmental management$97,500.001
Provision of Alternative Dispute Resolution ServicesManagement advisory services$97,064.005
Provision of specialist non-English communications services in...Written translation services$96,833.003
114122-02 Workplace Health and Safety Risk ManagementStrategic planning consultation services$96,505.003
Standing offer for Major Office Machines for the OTA's MFD requirements...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$96,242.001
Electrical Maintenance SerivicesLighting and fixtures and accessories$95,000.002
Provision of Photocopiers and Multi Function DevicesPrinter and photocopier and facsimile accessories$94,897.302
Legal Services parcelling arrangements under the Legal Services...Legal services$94,799.004
Drupal Development and Support Services PanelInformation technology consultation services$93,183.001
Creative and Design Services PanelElectronic reference material$90,597.872
Provision of Closed Circuit Television Cameras and AccessoriesCameras$89,656.881
Provision of Services to Support the Upgrade of ACMA's Local Area...Computer services$88,725.402
Sporting Attire and SwimwearClothing$88,281.601
Development, Delivery and Management of Leadership ProgramsEducation and Training Services$88,090.601
Major Office Machines Whole of Government Panel - Equipment and...Printer and photocopier and facsimile accessories$87,871.964
Governance servicesManagement advisory services$87,136.502
Photography ServicesPhotographic services$86,714.651
Service Dress Caps and Other HeadwearUniforms$86,504.001
Security advisory servicesSecurity and personal safety$86,290.001
Primary Print Services ProviderPrinting$84,968.332
114108 - Provision of the Supply and Delivery of Merchandise and...Public relation services$84,480.006
Communication Services - public relations panelEvents management$84,240.002
Tyres and inner tubesTransportation components and systems$83,537.521
Office Machines and Their Supplies and AccessoriesComputer Equipment and Accessories$82,972.923
Communication Services - Audiovisual and MultimediaAudio visual services$81,834.501
Provision of professional advice and services in the heritage, building...Building support services$81,598.003
Communication Services - Graphic DesignGraphic design$81,051.844
Supply general groceries to HMA Ships and Defence establishments in NSW...Prepared and preserved foods$80,254.405
Research Services for RestackMarket research$80,000.001
Consumer and financial literacy experts panelEducation and Training Services$79,547.601
Locksmith ServicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$78,899.851
High Visibility VestsClothing$77,740.962
Provision of Audio Visual Products and Services to the...Audio and visual equipment$77,349.634
Provision of Architectural, Project & Other Building Management...Architectural services$77,298.471
Holocentric Business Analysis & Business Process Modelling Tool...Software maintenance and support$77,101.201
Provision of aircraft services and crew for aerial survey and control...Passenger air transportation$77,000.002
Non-Metallic Mine ProbeConventional war weapons$77,000.001
Plasma Cutting MachinesTools and General Machinery$76,313.162
APH Security Risk Assessment and Strategic Security PlanStrategic planning consultation services$76,289.991
The Mobile Panel has been established for the provision of Mobile...Telecommunications media services$74,758.001
Handyman and Painting Maintenance ServicesGeneral building and office cleaning and maintenance services$73,240.002
Gas Detection and Calibration Equipment SupportPersonal safety and protection$72,874.014
Legal & Probity ServicesLegal services$72,800.203
Electronic Information Resources and Related ServicesElectronic reference material$72,441.892
Provision of library and information services contract personnel.Temporary personnel services$72,358.903
Brokerage of Removals and Storage ServicesRelocation services$72,178.114
ICT Equipment and ServicesComputers$71,787.631
Maintenance in Support of GETAC Laptop Computers and Ancillary ItemsComputer Equipment and Accessories$70,862.001
Supply of Office Chairs to the Department of Foreign Affairs and TradeOffice furniture$70,840.002
For the Supply and Replacement of Control Room Vision MonitorsComputer Equipment and Accessories$70,724.501
Tyre Repair KitsMotor vehicles$70,581.501
Architecture, Cost Planning and Building Services PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$70,000.001
Pressure CleanersTools and General Machinery$69,853.302
Provision of infrastructure planning and development services, and...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$69,686.183
IT Specialist Services (Teradata)Information technology consultation services$68,750.001
Full Height Demountable PartitioningInterior finishing materials$68,255.101
ADF SocksFootwear$68,244.001
Strategic Change Consultancy ServicesStrategic planning consultation services$68,184.001
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 6 - Economics (GlobalBusiness administration services$68,017.943
Provision of Internet Gateway ServicesInternet services$68,000.001
Rotary wing air transport service from Darwin to Bathurst Island...Passenger air transportation$66,000.002
Provision of Seismic Workstation Formatted Processing and Support...Earth science services$66,000.001
Broadcast Advertising Monitoring in Regional Areas of Australia in...Advertising$65,498.401
Provision of a Tax Design Advisory PanelManagement advisory services$65,100.003
Commercial Delivery of Driver Training to Army Logistics Training...Education and Training Services$64,499.001
Cadastral Survey & Associated Survey Services in Remote Communities...Project management$64,350.701
Major Office Machines - Print SolutionsOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$64,000.001
Head Agreement for the provision of Microsoft Software and related...Software$63,598.743
Cutlery and FlatwareDomestic kitchenware$63,349.002
Ergonomic Task ChairsOffice furniture$62,819.381
An Australia-wide register of suitably qualified training providers...Education and Training Services$62,000.001
Deed of Standing Offer – The Distillery Pty Ltd for the provision of...Education and Training Services$61,723.201
Trunk LockersLuggage and handbags and packs and cases$60,500.001
Provision of Servers, Storage and Ancillary Equipment.Computer hardware maintenance or support$60,051.123
Tied Legal ServicesLegal services$59,698.001
Services to the Army Capability Management System Sustainment ProgramSoftware maintenance and support$58,798.081
Supply and fit of light bars, sirens, accessories and covert lightsSecurity and control equipment$58,659.481
Provision of Secure National Freight ServicesFreight forwarders services$58,000.003
Building Security Services PanelBusiness intelligence consulting services$57,642.003
Supply meat and poultry products to HMA Ships and Defence...Meat and poultry products$56,556.734
Supply of Mineral and Synthetic OilsLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$56,506.923
Provision of Specialist Communications Advice and Services Relating to...Public relation services$56,223.752
Panel Power DistributionElectrical equipment and components and supplies$56,199.001
Panel for provision of capacity building services in support of the...Project management$55,851.451
Protractors, Semi Circular manufactured in accordance with Defence...Camping and outdoor equipment and accessories$55,687.501
Production 2011 Census of Population and Housing Communication Campaign...Promotional or advertising printing$55,016.502
Business Continuity SoftwareManagement advisory services$55,000.001
Welding MachinesTools and General Machinery$54,969.072
DPS11006 - Electric Burden/Personnel CarriersMotor vehicles$54,719.501
Panel for Provision of investigative Services Related to APS Code of...Human resources services$52,998.002
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 5 - Climate ChangeBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$51,969.121
Provision of Construction Services at ReefHQ AquariumBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$51,817.702
Record storage, retrieval, sentencing, destruction and related...File archive storage$51,374.401
Legal Services PanelLegal services$51,000.002
Steel Caged Deployable PalletsTools and General Machinery$50,380.001
Removal of classified and unclassified recyclable waste, and the...Refuse collection and disposal$50,000.001
Data services, ethernet and ISP monthly charges 2012-13Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$50,000.001
Provision of Business Services PersonnelTemporary personnel services$50,000.001
Executive search servicesPersonnel recruitment$49,466.232
Supply and Provisioning of Cabling Services, and Associated ComponentsComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$49,052.402
Provision of items of office furniture to the Department of Defence...Office furniture$48,400.002
Supply of WAN accelerators and related servicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$47,108.632
Architectural Services PanelArchitectural services$47,102.182
Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowship Selection Panel ServicesEducation and Training Services$46,751.893
Provision of Heart Health and Heart Health Outreach Program/s for all...Comprehensive health services$46,750.003
Working with Indigenous InterpretersEducation and Training Services$46,746.502
Transcription ServicesTranscribing services$46,200.002
Provision of on-line education resource materials aligned to the...Education and Training Services$46,200.001
Furniture HireFurniture$46,094.163
Provision of Courier ServicesPostal and small parcel and courier services$45,199.001
Provision of Expeditioner Accommodation, Hobart, TasmaniaPersonnel recruitment$44,759.012
Overseas Property Office PanelBusiness administration services$44,660.001
Major Office Machines and Equipment SupportOffice equipment rental or leasing services$44,352.822
For the Production and Broadcast of Programs Related to the Aged Care...Education and Training Services$44,000.001
Illict Drugs Campaign - Creative and Youth Marketing ServicesPrinting$44,000.001
Electorate Office IT (EOIT) Support - WizardCommunications Devices and Accessories$44,000.001
Computer Performance and Load Testing servicesBusiness administration services$43,450.001
Communication Services - Writing & EditingEditorial and support services$43,381.402
Provision of Walk-through Scanners at Parliament HouseScanners$42,548.001
Infrastructure Panel of Economists & Other ExpertsEconomics$42,240.001
Spare Parts for Mercedes Benz fleet of vehiclesMotor vehicles$42,043.022
Provide independent and objective advice to the Tax Technical Advice...Business intelligence consulting services$41,958.001
For the Provision of Uniforms, Personal Protective Clothing and...Uniforms$41,800.003
Accountancy and Business Advice Services PanelAccounting services$41,400.002
Deed of Standing Offer - Panel DPS11073 for the Provision of...Relocation services$41,108.653
Graphic, multimedia & publication designGraphic design$40,131.002
Panel of legal service providers to provide legal services in...Legal services$40,000.001
Encrypted Email ServicesBusiness administration services$40,000.001
Global Feedback ProgramHuman resources services$39,891.001
Provision of cultural awarenes training servicesEducation and Training Services$39,556.002
Instructor Support ServicesEducation and Training Services$38,000.001
Provision of Training Services to deliver Foreign Direct Investment...Education and Training Services$37,500.002
Learning and Development Panel.Education and Training Services$37,500.001
Deed of Standing Offer for supply of storage units (compactus, shelving...Shelving and storage$37,114.001
Electrical and Electronic Installation Maintenance and Cabling Services...Electrical services$35,761.621
SO for NewGen Automatic Weather Stations and Associated ServicesMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$35,409.001
DoFD Whole of Government Data Centre Migration Services PanelComputer Equipment and Accessories$35,200.001
Research and Testing Services for the 2016 Census CycleMarket research$34,727.001
Provision of Maintenance Services in Support of the SX45 GAMB Specific...Truck tractors$34,315.272
Provision of Executive Search, Job Placement and Recruitment ServicesPersonnel recruitment$34,168.502
Internal Audit ServicesInternal audits$34,056.002
Senior Executive Search (SES) and Recruitment Services PanelPersonnel recruitment$33,484.002
Provision of support for organisation culture renewal for staff employed...Corporate objectives or policy development$33,386.622
SAP Support ServicesComputer programmers$33,000.002
Preparation and packing services of specialised food products (DSTO...Food and nutrition services$33,000.001
The development, integration and support of command support...Computer services$33,000.001
Provision of major office machinesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$32,619.512
Marine craft systems for FFH, FFG and TOBRUKMarine craft systems and subassemblies$32,325.261
Major Office Machines - WOG - RicohOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$31,900.001
Provide Interior Design ServicesRefurbishing services$31,614.001
Language Proficiency Testing Services (SODS10/0045)Interpreters$31,500.002
Data Centre Core RedevelopmentComputer servers$30,655.511
Standing order for 493 St Kilda Road Melbourne Rental and...Lease and rental of property or building$30,279.761
Loose FurnitureFurniture$29,861.701
Purchase of Colour Printers and Multi-Function DevicesPrinter and photocopier and facsimile accessories$29,774.641
Broadcast and Radio Communications Engineering Services and PersonnelProfessional engineering services$29,620.651
Tyres and inner tubesMotor vehicles$29,607.601
Facilities Cabinets (SODS09/0286)Computer Equipment and Accessories$28,700.001
Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$28,644.001
Support the F-111 Weapon System Heritage and Disposal ActivitiesMilitary fixed wing aircraft$28,516.072
Enterprise Class Equipment Agreement involves specialised ICT...Computers$28,273.961
Provide testing and tagging services of portable electrical equipmentElectrical services$27,999.992
Panel of Independent Certifiers for Health Infrastructure ProjectsProfessional engineering services$27,830.002
Engagement of evaluation specialistBusiness intelligence consulting services$27,680.001
National Electronic Test and Tag ProgramElectrical services$27,500.002
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 4 - ResearchManagement advisory services$26,787.421
Training Services for Software StandardsEducation and Training Services$26,252.001
MOM's Equipment and Support PanelOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$26,180.001
Provision of Accountancy and Financial Services; Accountancy and...Accounting services$25,610.001
Internal audit servicesInternal audits$25,586.001
Legal Services parcelling arrangements under the Legal Services...Legal services$25,585.231
Deed of Standing Offer for the Provision of Research Services on media...Market research$25,000.001
Microsoft GP licences, technical support, system development and...Management information systems MIS$24,907.001
Provision of Grounds Maintenance and Pest Control Services to the...Maintenance or support fees$24,752.441
Provision of Database Servers.Software maintenance and support$24,683.051
Tri Services Knitwear, Male and FemaleClothing$22,836.001
Supply of Postmix Products and Machines to the Department of Defence...Beverages$22,000.001
Standing order relates to call outs of phone equipment ie relocation,...Phone and video conference equipment and hardware and controllers$22,000.001
Major Offices Machines Equipment and Support - Master ContractOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$21,871.081
SAP Deed of Agreement for software licensing and related deliverables.Software$21,743.701
Supply and maintenance of security screening equipmentElectrical wire and cable and harness$21,395.001
Panel for Transcription ServicesTranscribing services$20,450.002
Digital Marketing ServicesManagement advisory services$20,398.001
Procurement of Facilitators for the Australian Youth Forum and other...Education and Training Services$20,241.001
Ongoing Supply and Provisioning of Alcatel Compatible Software,...Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories$20,120.341
Workplace Investigation ServicesManagement advisory services$20,020.001
Technology and Procurement Division Legal Services Parcelling...Legal services$20,000.001
Deed of Standing Offer for provision of online language trainingEducation and Training Services$20,000.001
Legal Services: Divisional office leasing (Corporate and Commercial Law...Legal services$20,000.001
Provision of engineering labour services for Defence Science and...Computer services$19,352.011
Microsoft Software to the Whole of Government Volume Sourcing AgreementSoftware$19,344.061
Charter Aerial Surveillance ServicesReconnaissance or surveillance aircraft$19,167.001
Provision of Waste Management Services to the Australian Antarctic...Refuse collection and disposal$19,076.311
Provision of Monumental Masonry Services in Queensland Northern...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$19,000.001
Security Guarding and Monitoring ServicesSecurity guard services$17,740.631
Website Development ServicesInternet services$17,563.001
Property portfolio management services - Independent AdvisorProperty management services$17,545.001
The provision of AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 and AS/NZS ISO 1400:2004...Audit services$17,299.991
Provision of Records Storage, Retrieval and Physical File Sentencing...File archive storage$17,000.001
Provision of Hardware and Services to Support Geoscience...Earth science services$16,940.001
Provision of Security training servicesEducation and Training Services$16,500.001
Guidons and BannersClothing$16,500.001
To provide expert advice on a range pf accommodation or leasing matters...Property management services$16,500.001
Account management fees CSS/PSS and PSSap Contributors 2013-14Employment services$16,060.001
Provision of software, software support and professional services.Software$15,702.531
Provision of Academic Services - PSM ProgrammeEducation and Training Services$15,332.371
Major Office Machines Equipment and SupportOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$15,246.001
Services related to production and printing of Building Brand Australia...Editorial and support services$15,107.401
Actuarial Services Panel ArrangementAccounting services$15,000.001
Provision of unexploded ordnance services to Department of Defence.Lease and rental of property or building$14,850.001
Provision of training servicesEducation and Training Services$14,696.001
Fall Arrest and Work Positioning System - Deleted. Use SON172281Personal safety and protection$14,361.601
Grocery ItemsFood and Beverage Products$14,300.001
Services to support Land Operations Division, Land Research projects.Safety or risk analysis$14,025.001
Major Office Machines - Whole of Government Panels: Equipment and...Computer printers$14,000.921
Non-campaign advertising, under SON182272 FIN08/AMG011-B Whole of...Human resources services$13,804.531
Provision of RG146 Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$13,595.001
Major Office Machines - MFD, Print and Scan SolutionsOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$12,531.751
Legal Services parcelling arrangements under the Legal Services...Legal services$12,528.001
Relocation Management and Removal Services for National Office.Relocation services$12,357.951
Data ServicesData services$12,200.001
For the Supply of Control Panels for Radar Safety Systems under a...Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories$12,155.001
Communication Services - market and social research panelData services$11,800.001
Gender Equality ServicesCommunity and social services$11,639.601
Major Office Machines - WOAG panel - Equipment and SupportOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$11,628.451
415 Volt Plasma Cutting MachinesTools and General Machinery$11,137.501
Panel for the Provision of Ergonomic Workstation AssessmentsOccupational health or safety services$11,000.001
Dry Cleaning ServicesClothing$11,000.001
Provision of Services for Storage of AHS Records, Information and Other...Document storage services$11,000.001
Inhouse Police Records ChecksHuman resources services$11,000.001
Provision of Floor Covering Services at Parliament HouseFloor coverings$11,000.001
Provision of Accounting and Auditing Recruiting Services for the ANAOPersonnel recruitment$10,702.501
Cartage ServicesTransport operations$10,684.101
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 16 Procurement and...Human resources services$10,450.001
Provision of Broadcast Television Cameras and AccessoriesComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$10,147.501
TF30 Heritage and Disposal SupportMilitary fixed wing aircraft$10,058.291
Panel for provision of financial management and costing services...Strategic planning consultation services$10,000.001
Floorcoverings Advisory Services (SODS08/0113)Manufacturing technologies$10,000.001
Legal Services Period OfferLegal services$9,648.211