SONID Main category Total Contracts Value Number of Contracts
Under the Australian Government Telecommunications Arrangements...Local and long distance telephone communications$142,658,774.945
ICT Contractor ServicesComputer services$90,552,804.88406
DEPLOYEE SERVICES IN THE PACIFICManagement advisory services$66,299,201.1142
General Postal ServicesMail and cargo transport$58,300,000.001
Social Policy Research & Evaluation PanelManagement advisory services$49,166,020.5538
05/1071 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Applications Maintenance...Software maintenance and support$46,773,300.645
Products and Services for Sytems for People ProgrammeInformation technology consultation services$36,189,736.1821
Legal panel servicesLegal services$34,701,590.76236
External legal services covering 16 areas of legal expertise.Legal services$34,258,553.21507
Provision of People ServicesTemporary information technology systems or database administrators$32,200,461.00147
Provision of Tax Technical Litigation and Tax Legal Advice Services.Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$31,409,000.006
IT Contractor and Non-Ongoing PersonnelTemporary personnel services$29,525,167.4235
Recruitment and Selection ServicesHuman resources services$27,305,379.60293
Imported IVIg Products DeedHealthcare Services$26,971,028.708
Data Network Replacement Project PanelTelecommunications media services$25,853,181.206
Fleet Management Agreement – Contract for the provision of motor...Vehicle leasing$24,659,476.16132
Master media planning and placement agency for campaign advertising.Advertising$20,307,282.786
Contracted Personnel Under a Panel ArrangementManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$20,115,238.75155
Corporate Credit Card FacilitiesBanking and investment$19,667,954.552
Panel for provision of information and communication technology...Computer services$18,573,179.6863
PROCUREMENT AGENT SERVICES PROGRAM (PASP)Business administration services$17,990,627.1022
Accommodation Broker Service ExtensionHotels and lodging and meeting facilities$17,083,549.003
purchase of blanksMetal solids$16,015,344.4015
Legal ServicesPublic Utilities and Public Sector Related Services$15,984,711.1339
Provision Of IT PersonnelTemporary personnel services$15,750,406.27100
Legal Services PanelLegal services$15,134,462.4261
Provision for the Delivery of Biometric Systems and Services (published...Business function specific software$14,864,780.005
Supply of IVIG products sourced from outside AustraliaHealthcare Services$14,486,400.901
Pacific Technical Assistance Mechanism (PACTAM)Management advisory services$11,573,349.0857
06/1599 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Consultancy and Business...Business and corporate management consultation services$11,442,577.4876
The Provision of Marine Vessels for Industry Standard Seismic Data...Seismic vessel$11,263,135.661
Computer Network EquipmentComputer Equipment and Accessories$11,262,001.6425
Panel of providers for the provision of Leadership, Learning and...Education and Training Services$10,991,344.76156
IT Equipment and Associated Services (SOXS07/0255-C)Computer services$10,872,536.357
Provision of Onshore Seismic Data Acquisition ServicesSeismic vessel$10,147,500.005
Debt Recovery Services PanelBusiness administration services$10,025,000.004
05/0717 - Standing Offer for the Provision of ICT Contract Personnel and...Temporary personnel services$9,137,902.3542
ICT Contractor PersonnelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$8,841,109.79121
ICT Services PanelComputer services$8,680,685.6574
Workstations and Loose FurnitureFurniture and Furnishings$8,625,309.4148
Debt Collection ServicesCredit agencies$8,562,404.251
IT Systems maintenance and licencesSoftware$8,430,845.861
Commercial & General Law Litigation & Legal Advice ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$8,419,000.004
Information & Communications Technology Contractors and Ancillary...Personnel recruitment$8,227,936.30100
ICT Sourcing Program Support Service PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$7,834,202.5515
Bulk Print PanelPrinting and Photographic and Audio and Visual Equipment and Supplies$7,794,605.3114
Short Term Personnel Hire ArrangemetTemporary personnel services$7,580,369.62104
Overseas Property Office PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$7,267,321.1240
Computer Servers PanelComputer services$6,982,994.7514
IT Consultancy Services PanelEmployment$6,963,514.5021
Workstations and Storage UnitsFurniture and Furnishings$6,901,672.5643
Acquisition, Processing and Supply of Air borne Geophysical dataTemporary personnel services$6,732,965.4214
Desktop Personal ComputersPersonal computers$6,301,272.1610
IT Strategic Advice (ELIM Project)Strategic planning consultation services$5,874,000.001
Master media planning and placement agency for non-campaign advertising...Advertising$5,838,069.10107
Construction Management PanelManagement advisory services$5,808,765.586
Provision of professional services in the areas of strategic advice and...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$5,681,112.8926
Independent Assurer for the ATO Change ProgramManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$5,602,213.332
Wide Area Network (WAN) ServicesWide area network WAN maintenance or support$5,519,995.002
Provision Training Analysis, Development and Delivery relating to SFP...Education and Training Services$5,498,664.2613
Print and Related Services Panel including Business Cards and MailoutsPrinting and Photographic and Audio and Visual Equipment and Supplies$5,481,145.23109
STANDING OFFER FOR THE SUPPLY OF SPARE PARTS FOR THE AUSTEYR F88 RIFLE.Light weapons and ammunition$5,404,818.0830
Panel of approved providers to provide IT consultancy services...Information technology consultation services$5,320,800.9350
The provision of legal services including Litigation, Legal Advice on...Legal services$5,269,949.1273
Panel Arrangement - Topographic Map and Digital Data Production...Temporary personnel services$4,846,947.4957
Provision of Legal Services Panel 2005-2009Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$4,722,498.87125
Provision of professional, technical and consultancy services to...Professional engineering services$4,610,811.1172
Standing Offer arrangements for the Supply of Diagnostic ReagentsHealthcare Services$4,431,563.3929
APO Staffing PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$4,318,745.1386
Deb Litigation PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$4,215,000.0010
Project and construction management services for building projectsProject management$4,190,439.3527
IT Contract ServicesManagement advisory services$4,070,744.0648
Architectural, Design and Fitout Construction Management PanelStructures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies$4,065,205.4131
Supply and installation of computer cabling, outlets, patch panels...Computer Equipment and Accessories$4,063,520.0848
Provision of Select Recruitment ServicesCommunity and social services$4,056,452.25126
Project Team ServicesBusiness administration services$3,980,685.573
MUL for Acquisition and Supply of Gravity DataTemporary personnel services$3,957,470.118
Architectural ServicesBuilding and Construction and Maintenance Services$3,941,916.001
ICT Hardware and Associated Services (Technology Refresh Project)...Hardware$3,847,204.6694
Supply of Radiosonde Transmitters under a Standing Offer ArrangementMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$3,801,412.564
Specialist Employment and Recruitment Services PanelRecruitment services$3,784,868.0052
Cut Sheet Office PaperPaper Materials and Products$3,750,000.001
IT Solutions Services PanelManagement advisory services$3,644,996.5152
Legal Services PanelLegal services$3,624,800.0013
Provision of Financial ServicesAccounting and auditing$3,602,093.2521
Provision of Financial and Related ServicesFinancial and Insurance Services$3,595,087.2238
Provision of Serial and Non-Serial library publications and services.Printed publications$3,576,388.2216
Project and engineering support services to Defence Science &...Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services$3,512,530.9764
07.112 ATO - Corporate Health ServicesHealthcare Services$3,481,850.003
Financial Consultancy and Accountancy ServicesManagement advisory services$3,463,175.004
Provision of Legal ServicesLegal services$3,423,221.03100
Precious metal blanksPrecious metals$3,176,096.414
SAP Support PanelSoftware$3,171,659.0011
ICT Technical & Related Services (Domestic and Overseas) Under a...Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$2,918,897.3556
Export Shipping Agent & Logistical Support ServicesMail and cargo transport$2,901,996.337
Social Policy Research PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$2,888,470.004
Provision of Services for the Printing, Distribution and Storage of...Printing and publishing equipment$2,877,738.091
Enterprise Data Storage Technology and Disaster Recovery Infrastructure...Building and Construction and Maintenance Services$2,748,990.743
Legal ServicesLegal services$2,739,197.469
Support Services for Standard Business Reporting Panel....Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$2,701,710.004
Panel for provision of project management and construction servicesProject management$2,632,137.003
Engineering, project management, environment and heritage services...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$2,622,391.7215
Supply of Management of Repairable Items, Provision of a Technical...Military rotary wing aircraft$2,609,695.5347
Provision of Integrated Services (ICT) for Centrelink via a panel...Temporary information technology software developers$2,565,246.753
Multi-tool; Folding, Pocket, Anodised BlackGeneral tool kits$2,546,775.001
Panel for provision of professional services relating to building,...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$2,532,843.021
Panel of Non Ongoing Employees and Contract Staff for FaHCSIAManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$2,460,906.7145
Process Server services to all CDPP officesLegal services$2,428,000.0011
Provision of Minor Works at Old Parliament House, CanberraRefurbishing services$2,425,671.957
EVALUATION SERVICES PERIODManagement advisory services$2,372,578.4441
Provision of communications servicesGraphic design$2,340,193.0032
Provision of Database Platform Servers, Storage and associated software.Computer Equipment and Accessories$2,321,009.808
Courier and Mail Room ServicesMail and cargo transport$2,309,486.996
CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT PANELManagement advisory services$2,293,190.5042
ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENTManagement advisory services$2,217,310.3645
IT Applications Services Agreement Panel - IT contractor servicesComputer services$2,167,639.189
IT Services (SOXS05/0620-B)Computer services$2,166,093.6011
Software Reselling ServicesSoftware$2,149,930.001
SAP SupportBusiness administration services$2,131,360.0014
Panel for the provision of HP desktop PCs, notebook PCs, Intel Servers...Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$2,117,065.202
Envelopes PanelOffice supplies$2,094,512.169
License and Maintenance of Symantec Software and associated servicesSoftware$2,086,827.692
Provision of warehousing and distribution services for...Transportation and Storage and Mail Services$2,085,306.003
Employment Agency Services PanelEmployment$2,076,863.8943
05/0859 - Standing Offer for the Provision of ICT Security Services - IT...Temporary personnel services$2,063,920.005
Air Charter PanelPassenger air transportation$2,051,727.6035
External Market Research Panel.Market research$2,048,362.6018
PUBLIC AFFAIRS PERIOD OFFERPrinted media$2,030,766.4436
Provision of Office SuppliesStationery$1,989,128.993
Management and Provision of Language Tuition ServicesEducation and Training Services$1,983,858.6238
Panel for provision of professional services relating to construction...Management advisory services$1,934,459.792
General Management Services PanelManagement advisory services$1,908,230.9731
Provision of Treasury Building Services Panel.Building and Construction and Maintenance Services$1,882,095.357
Market Research Services PanelStatistics$1,810,243.3113
Quality Improvement and Accreditation FacilitatorsManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,799,918.0058
08.048 ELIM Program Sysytem Integration ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,772,938.003
Creative services for the National Binge Drinking CampaignManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,765,537.7311
Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Support Services (CASSS) PanelManagement support services$1,737,587.068
Learning and development ServicesEmployee education$1,724,170.0037
Standing Offer for Non-Ongoing Employment and Ad-hoc Personnel Services...Temporary personnel services$1,719,136.1538
Communication Market Research PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,655,850.004
National Courier Services PanelMail and cargo transport$1,648,124.7634
Electricity supply to facilities and establishments occupied by...Electric utilities$1,621,670.503
Oracle Support ServicesInformation technology consultation services$1,601,316.2018
Provision of Cabling and Rack ServicesComputer services$1,574,380.5136
Panel of Evaluators and ReviewersManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,561,719.0014
Advisory and development services for OATSIHManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,553,923.0514
Organisational Design, Change and Facilitation ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,525,460.0011
Provision of expert (economic and subject matter) consultancy servicesManagement advisory services$1,525,037.3119
The Provision of ICT ProfessionalsBusiness administration services$1,523,699.1011
Legal Services panelLegal services$1,511,377.0019
Provision of driver training coursesEducation and Training Services$1,509,911.0446
Project Support ServicesComputer services$1,501,609.6416
Project Management ServicesProject administration or planning$1,500,000.001
Staff Identification Card Application Management software and...Software$1,495,431.305
Specified Contractor (Labour Hire) Personnel Services PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,487,110.1526
Supply of communication services and equipmentCommunications Devices and Accessories$1,466,046.549
Provision of Server Hardware, Maintenance and SupportHardware$1,451,970.4412
Financial Accounting and Business ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,439,587.0012
Property Management ServicesProperty management$1,409,873.003
Legal ServicesLegal services$1,407,168.7549
Provision of a business case for cabinet consideration for the...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,404,360.004
ECONOMIC ANALYSIS AND ADVICE PERIOD OFFERManagement advisory services$1,357,153.5716
Provision of IT Strategic Advisor/sInformation technology consultation services$1,352,482.454
Multi Service Communication PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,346,488.5920
Defence Infrastructure Panel 2010Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$1,339,800.001
Provision for Supply and Installation of Workstations and Desks...Office furniture$1,328,768.002
Provision of software licences and maintenance and supportComputer services$1,308,621.891
Preferred Supplier of Network Applicance - NAS Hardware, Software and...Computer Equipment and Accessories$1,303,811.362
supply and maintenance of network laser printers - monochrome and colourCommunications Devices and Accessories$1,277,284.424
Acquisition and Supply of airborne electromagnetic dataGround or surface water surveying$1,254,770.002
The provision of Contract Services in relation to supply of workstations...Commercial and industrial furniture$1,240,041.989
Research, Evaluation and Analysis Panel (REAP): - Data...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,234,910.1311
Aviation Safety Consultants and Contractors Multi-Use List (MUL)Business and corporate management consultation services$1,232,560.008
Peoplesoft FMIS / HRMS Support Agreement. Previously advertised at...Application programming services$1,225,523.005
Capture Australian Patent documents in text searchable electronic formComputer services$1,200,000.002
Provide independent and objective advice to the Tax Technical Advice...Public enterprises management or financial services$1,191,579.5714
GENERAL AUDIT SEVICESBusiness administration services$1,191,509.4535
Provision of telecommunications, facilities management,...Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$1,174,675.0113
Software design and development for Defence Science and Technology...Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services$1,169,905.2210
Financial Services and Training PanelBusiness administration services$1,160,075.0724
Provision of Treasury legal services panel.Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,152,743.9516
Provision of IT Advisory ServicesManagement advisory services$1,144,284.202
Provision of Sun Microsystems software, hardware and professional...Computer services$1,140,424.946
Provision of ICT Consultancy ServicesHuman resources services$1,134,428.163
Panel Arrangement - Duplication and Concatenation ServicesTemporary personnel services$1,125,153.0431
Recruitment Services PanelRecruitment services$1,125,053.0415
The provision of Technology Advice ServicesPublic Utilities and Public Sector Related Services$1,116,700.489
Internal Audit and Fraud ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,113,625.559
Panel of contractor servicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,110,550.2414
Medical Assessment Services Panel Healthcare Services$1,104,904.3645
Provision of maintenance and support services of Cisco hardwareComputer services$1,099,731.941
PROVISION OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE SERVICESManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,095,236.7218
Panel of Human Resource Management Service ProvidersHuman resources services$1,067,289.7730
Supply and maintenance of Internet Protocol (IP) telephony productsComputer Equipment and Accessories$1,064,348.517
The design, implementation and sustainment of the the Defence active...Computer Equipment and Accessories$1,058,939.966
Learning and Professional Development ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$1,056,690.006
Physical Security Fit Out PanelBuilding and Construction and Maintenance Services$1,051,714.3213
Laptop Personal ComputersComputer Equipment and Accessories$1,050,967.737
Videoconferencing Equipment and ServicesComputer services$1,050,217.485
For provision of a facial recognition solutionDefence and Law Enforcement and Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies$1,042,440.002
Accountancy PanelAccounting and auditing$1,042,367.3515
GARRISON JACKETS, ARMYCoats and jackets$1,014,887.504
Disposal Repair and Maintenance of Portable Fire...Fire fighting equipment$1,000,000.002
HEALTH SECTOR PERIOD OFFERDisease prevention and control$992,873.6720
IT Testing ContractorsTemporary information technology networking specialists$987,787.008
Purchase of software manitenance and servciesComputer services$980,100.001
Provision of logistic support supplies and services for international...Passenger transport$968,000.001
Provision to Supply and Install Work Station Components and Ancillery...Office furniture$965,858.146
Supply of CISCO networking equipmentComputer Equipment and Accessories$964,330.791
Audit and Evaluation Services PanelAccounting and auditing$962,292.0417
Provision of non-ongoing employment and related ad-hoc servicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$955,831.3933
Internal Audit Services PanelAudit services$950,911.0031
Staff Identifcation Card (SODS08/0068)Computer Equipment and Accessories$948,558.484
Provision of Employee Assistance servicesCommunity and social services$946,881.619
Desktop Personal ComputersDesktop computers$935,746.294
Supply of WAN accelerators and related servicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$934,976.184
Recruitment ServicesRecruitment services$924,626.8314
The provision of office design, fit-out, refurbishment and related...Building and Construction and Maintenance Services$899,731.3913
Provision of information communications and technology services (manual...Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$893,471.3513
SAP Computing Specialist ServicesBusiness and corporate management consultation services$890,890.004
Provision of Occupational Health and Safety ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$885,231.439
Procurement and Contracting Services PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$881,205.284
Software & Software Support ServicesSoftware$878,391.003
Deeper Maintenance of Blackhawk and Chinook AircraftMilitary rotary wing aircraft$859,379.972
Provision of a web based online recruitment system for the Department...Recruitment services$843,135.001
05/0771 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Property Related Services...Temporary personnel services$834,877.494
Supply of IT Services (SOXS07/0534-A)Computer Equipment and Accessories$819,689.905
Supply of office furniture to Department of Defence.Furniture and Furnishings$816,418.904
Floorcoverings and associated services (Extension)Furniture and Furnishings$814,045.0013
Supply & Installation of WorkstationsWorkstations and office packages$804,537.001
To provide Infomation and Communications Technology Training to Remote...Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$801,148.665
Provision of Contract/Consulting IT Audit ServicesAudit services$791,212.507
Supply of printer & copier hardware and relate accessories and...Office machines and their supplies and accessories$768,934.034
Supply and maintenance of desktop personal computersDesktop computers$736,943.087
IT Services RecruitmentSoftware maintenance and support$734,965.008
Audit Services Strategic Alliance Period OfferBusiness administration services$725,776.6424
Gender and Development, and Community Development Period OfferCrop production and management and protection$724,367.4313
The Provision of Stationery, Cut-Sheet Office Paper and Incidental IT...Stationery$717,328.641
SES Recruitment PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$714,650.009
General IT Contractor Services PanelRecruitment services$707,386.009
Certification assessments and technical supportManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$706,557.232
Provision of non permanent and non ongoing recruitment services at the...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$702,075.267
Workstation and Loose FurnitureFurniture and Furnishings$696,400.264
Business and Specialist Adviser Panel ArrangementManagement advisory services$693,500.001
Project Support ServicesComputer services$688,060.306
Infrastructure Panel of Economists & Other ExpertsEconomics$684,123.939
Web Publishing ServicesBusiness administration services$680,933.6319
Self Contained Breathing AppartusFall protection and rescue equipment$679,534.802
Provision of ICT Business Support ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$670,139.007
Supply and maintenance of server equipment (manual transfer of...Computer servers$657,363.2817
Panel of Providers of Health Economics ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$656,600.0012
Microsoft Master Services Agreement (SODS06/0397-A)Computer services$648,648.002
Architectural services. Manual transfer of information from GaPS.Architect associations$643,539.824
06/1524 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Specialists with Microsoft...Temporary personnel services$640,680.004
POLICY DEVELOPMENT PERIOD OFFERManagement advisory services$636,333.609
Creative and PR PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$628,756.9010
National Aviation Consultancy PanelBusiness administration services$625,073.907
HR Panel provider for People Development Strategy services. The...Education and Training Services$624,757.4411
Design Services for AusAIDManagement advisory services$618,953.5412
Standing Offer for PalletsWorkshop machinery and equipment and supplies$612,485.102
For the Provision of Recruitment Services - Panel MemberHuman resources services$612,097.1015
Supply and installation of motorised mobile shelving unitsOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$611,833.251
Supplementary Panel for Audit, Risk Management, Fraud Control & BCM...Accounting and auditing$608,428.5915
Optical Surveillance Services PanelSecurity surveillance and detection$605,157.3211
Provision of Services for the ICT Sourcing Support Services Panel for...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$604,682.005
Services relating to the results through people programVocational training$602,500.001
Provision of training services to Department of DefenceEducation and Training Services$600,266.2915
Forms Design ServicesBusiness forms or questionnaires$592,184.531
SAP Development and other related servicesComputer programmers$581,538.006
ICT People ServicesTemporary personnel services$577,880.695
RURAL DEVELOPMENT PERIOD OFFERCrop production and management and protection$571,741.0611
Provision of Desktop Personal Computer and Portable Computer SolutionsHardware$568,372.1414
Presentation Aids and AccessoriesPrinting and Photographic and Audio and Visual Equipment and Supplies$559,403.1611
Supply of Cleaning and Washroom Services NationallyWashroom sanitation services$550,000.001
Electrical Office Machines and Electrical AppliancesOffice Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$549,110.705
Provision of Document Examination EquipmentComputer Equipment and Accessories$547,312.001
Hardware - Communications, Server Room, TEMPEST, Video Conferencing and...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$545,337.617
ICB Contracted Personnel PanelInformation services$544,882.006
Server Environment Products & Services Standing OfferHardware$540,000.001
IT Contractors PanelInformation Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$538,296.002
Legal Services Panel ArrangementLegal services$534,351.4014
Recruitment Services for Executive and Specialist PositionsManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$531,504.466
Provision of applications development and support services. Previously...Application programming services$524,329.007
EDUCATION ADVISORY SERVICES PERIOD OFFERHumanitarian aid and relief$522,094.729
Information Development Priorities PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$508,420.001
Printers, Photocopiers, Scanners and Facsimile EquipmentOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$481,485.2010
Support Soldier Modernisation Project for Defence Science and...Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services$476,930.286
Printer and Multifunction Devices and Managed Support ServicesComputer printers$466,751.101
Computer Virtual Infrastructure LicencesComputer services$465,855.237
Supply of Department Office Stationery and Related ProductsPublic Utilities and Public Sector Related Services$464,306.503
Multifunctional Devices, Photocopiers and PrintersOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$463,961.8017
Online Legal Information Resources and Related Services for Department...Information services$461,940.003
Front Office Design ServicesBusiness administration services$460,000.002
Provision of IT Contractor ServicesTemporary personnel services$458,004.804
Supply of Radar TargetsLaboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment$453,926.002
Removal and storage of household goods and vehiclesStorage$450,388.4718
Architectural and Achitectural drafting servicesManagement advisory services$446,320.006
Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Development and ImplementationComputer services$439,123.303
Financial Advisory and Accountancy Services PanelFinancial accounting$437,945.0010
03/0109 - Standing Offer for X-Ray Equipment - X-Ray PanelLaboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment$436,194.001
Panel for provisionof specified personnel for insourced ICT Services and...Business administration services$433,066.502
Printing ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$429,742.6417
Information Management and Knowledge Management Panel End date...Computer services$422,515.0011
Natural Language Speech Recognition application design servicesTelecommunications media services$419,219.905
Client Services Research ServicesConsumer based research or clinics or focus groups$418,179.007
ASIC OutsourcingSecurity surveillance and detection$415,999.006
Provision of Treasury's in-house Lawyer - Australian Government...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$415,000.001
Legal Services PanelLegal services$414,994.599
Provision of Cabling and Rack ServicesComputer services$413,059.5416
Provision of software and software support servicesSoftware$408,375.001
ORAC Panel 2.2 - Regulatory ExaminationManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$406,513.6520
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC)...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$406,430.106
Provision of Cultural Awareness Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$404,713.9115
Provision of library and information services contract personnel.Temporary personnel services$402,712.768
Design & Strategy ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$396,454.207
Training & Development Consultancy Services PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$387,259.3012
Provision of Legal Services Panel ArrangementLegal services$383,944.8511
Social and Market Research ServicesMarket research$379,933.004
Web Support ServicesPublic Utilities and Public Sector Related Services$378,750.9016
Panel of ExpertsManagement advisory services$372,897.257
Supply and maintenance of printersComputer printers$369,368.226
Fleet Management AgreementFleet management services$367,545.009
Provision of engineering labour services for Defence Science and...Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services$364,892.789
Provision of Contract LabourRecruitment services$361,676.2319
Design, Printing and photocopying panelStationery or business form printing$361,094.009
Relocation of Office Furniture and FittingsTransport operations$359,999.992
Panel for provision of statistical and research servicesManagement advisory services$357,942.956
Provision of Photocopiers and Multi Function DevicesPhotocopiers$352,209.6211
Furniture, Fittings and Equipment Panel.Furniture and Furnishings$350,136.606
Panel for provision of financial management and costing services...Accounting services$344,291.001
Panel of Security equipment and maintenance servicesDefence and Law Enforcement and Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies$340,881.725
Provision of Internal Audit, Risk Mangement, Fraud Control and Fraud...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$335,295.0311
Humanitarian Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Activities...Humanitarian aid and relief$331,352.307
04/0299 - Standing Offer for the Provision of IT Market Testing...Information technology consultation services$331,257.072
Microsoft Master Services AgreementSoftware$330,303.602
Irrigation Water Management Services (Financial, Legal and Due...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$330,145.303
WorkstationsFurniture and Furnishings$329,228.353
Volunteer Services Head Agreement: Austraining International Pty...Community and social services$328,170.355
Financial Advice and AssistanceManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$327,556.551
Financial consultants and accountancy contractors panelTemporary personnel services$325,347.204
Oracle application maintenance, development and database administration...Water resources development and oversight$320,964.875
Procurement Panel for the provision services relating to:...Professional procurement services$317,135.508
Legal Services PanelLegal services$316,548.9518
Provision of Air TravelCommercial aeroplane travel$316,036.3210
NGO Accreditation, Assessment and ReviewCivic organisations and associations and movements$314,279.3314
Shipping and Storage Containers - ISOContainers and storage$314,234.224
Provision of security advisory servicesEngineering and Research and Technology Based Services$311,791.8913
Training Services for the Diploma of Government ( Investigations)Vocational training$310,275.006
Publication Management ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$308,203.475
Provision of Video Production ServicesEditorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services$307,271.943
PROVISION OF NGO COORDINATION AND INFORMATION SERVICESCivic organisations and associations and movements$302,183.753
Software and Services for photo capture of Centrelink staff...Software$301,609.003
Provision of stores and stationery services to the Treasury.Office Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$298,860.0014
Tricon Shipping and Storage ContainersContainers and storage$293,805.201
Security Vetting ServicesManagement advisory services$290,760.0019
Provision of Security Clearance Processing ServicesBusiness administration services$290,714.132
Supply and Maintenance of a Gateway Virus Protection SolutionComputer Equipment and Accessories$284,682.201
Project Support ServicesCommunications Devices and Accessories$284,584.513
05/1063 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Recruitment and Selection...Personnel recruitment$283,922.503
Public Affairs Period Offer: EditingWriting and translations$280,066.408
Coach Services to COMCARTransportation and Storage and Mail Services$278,716.653
Supply of equipment for electronic recording of interviewsPhotographic and recording media$273,441.002
Specialist HR ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$269,839.805
Public Affairs Period Offer: Film & VideoMarketing and distribution$267,300.001
Legal Services - DFAT Legal PanelLegal services$266,534.466
Testing and Tagging of Electrical Appliances in Centrelink Area Western...Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies$264,000.001
Supply of stationery and office products - Manual transfer of...Stationery$260,254.1113
Printing Panel.Stationery$259,737.848
Deed of Standing Offer for the supply of Instrument Shelters and...Weather stations$257,677.204
Services to support Land Operations Division, Land Research projects.Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services$256,937.006
Security ServicesSecurity and personal safety$252,738.207
Floorcoverings and associated servicesFurniture and Furnishings$250,054.483
Probity ServicesBusiness administration services$249,489.6011
IT Consultancy ServicesTemporary personnel services$248,864.004
Deed of Standing Offer for the Supply of Meteorological Equipment.Tools and General Machinery$248,688.831
05/0714 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Legal Services - Legal...Legal services$244,800.002
Experienced financial statements auditors to work on a range of...Audit services$240,000.002
Network Infrastructure PanelInformation Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$240,000.001
06/1523 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Facilitation Services -...Specialised educational services$234,003.4514
Legal Services PanelLegal services$232,500.005
Deed of Standing Offer for Taxation Advisory ServicesTax accounting$230,156.003
Provision of transcription and audio recording services (manual transfer...Transcription or translation systems or kits$229,900.008
Demountable Fit Out Alterations PanelStructures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies$225,652.651
05/0770 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Property Related Services...Project management$225,601.102
Training Command-Army (TC-A) has a Standing Offer Panel for Vocational...Specialised educational services$225,048.533
06/1341 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Survey Services - Survey...Business and corporate management consultation services$223,080.001
Provision of Executive Facilitation ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$222,255.008
Software Reselling Services - Avoka Thechnologies Pty Ltd,...Software$220,977.002
Identity Management and Authentication Services Panel for the Provision...Management advisory services$220,000.002
Services for amendments to aged care legislationManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$220,000.002
General Consultancy Services PanelBusiness and corporate management consultation services$216,206.005
Provision of information communications and technology (ICT) and...Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$215,001.603
Radio communications equipment and related servicesLease and rental of property or building$212,705.041
Provision of Project Manager within ApplicationsInformation technology consultation services$209,989.961
Legal Services PaneLegal services$208,932.003
BAND HEADWEAR PUGGAREES KHAKI AND BLUEClothing accessories$205,458.005
Tamper evident feature/optically variable device to be included on...Security and personal safety$205,040.003
Risk Management Consultancy Services PanelSafety or risk analysis$204,986.001
Supply of Edge Lan switches and related servicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$204,472.105
Carpet laying and floor covering services. Manual transfer of...Carpeting$203,240.4010
Legal services - manual transfer of gazettal information from GaPS....Legal services$202,181.328
Drug and Alcohol Testing - Independent Testing Provider (ITP)Drug or alcohol screening$200,000.001
Supply and delivery of ration packsFood and Beverage Products$200,000.001
Insect Net ProtectorsProtective netting$198,000.001
Legal Services Period OfferCommunity and social services$192,166.635
Panel for provision of translation and interpreter servicesEducation and Training Services$185,629.344
Provision of Security Clearance ProcessingBusiness administration services$180,000.002
Services to the Army Capability Management System Sustainment ProgramManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$179,678.402
Provision for Project Management Services (Previously published under...Employee education$179,626.001
SUPPLY OF CAPS, NAVY SERVICE DRESSMilitary uniforms$178,634.502
Accountancy and Business Advice Services PanelAccounting and auditing$178,299.004
Supply of Evaporation Equipment and Rain GaugesMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$176,474.382
05/0768 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Property Related Services...Project management$176,045.002
Legal ServicesLegal services$175,303.702
Government Gifts for Official PresentationProduct or gift personalisation services$175,224.007
For the provision of project management training and related services...Specialised educational services$173,798.004
Management and Professional Skills TrainingEducation and Training Services$173,334.006
Regarding the provision of assurance services for the purpose of...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$171,000.004
Provision of Freight ServicesTransportation and Storage and Mail Services$171,000.004
Public relation services for the National Binge Drinking CampaignEditorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services$170,079.003
Provision of Scientific AdviceInformation services$168,000.004
Graduate Relocation ServicesHuman resources services$167,499.992
Provision of ergonomic office chairsChairs$166,478.372
The Directorate of Leadership Values and Cultural Engagement within...Management advisory services$165,927.503
Offset printing and distribution services (Flight Safety Australia)Offset printing presses$163,698.002
English Translation Services PanelWriting and translations$161,794.994
Market ResearchManagement advisory services$160,445.003
Project management training servicesEducation and Training Services$160,031.086
Security Services Centrelink Area WASecurity and personal safety$159,437.168
Supply of ad hoc Design/Typesetting and Printing Services.Typesetting$157,982.836
Specialised English Training for Immigration Officers from Foreign...Education and Training Services$157,084.001
Provision of contractor servicesTemporary personnel services$156,912.941
Services, expert analysis, advice and for developing corridor...Management advisory services$156,870.761
Provision of IT Contract PersonnelHuman resources services$156,446.001
Development, hosting and maintenance of an educational and commemorative...Electronic reference material$156,277.001
Provision for Computerised Management ProgramsSoftware$154,969.001
03/0054 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Financial and Procurement...Business and corporate management consultation services$151,500.002
Strategic Change Consultancy ServicesManagement advisory services$151,125.702
Training services - Emergency Relief ProgrammeEducation and Training Services$150,981.004
Supply of FabricSpecialty fabrics or cloth$149,380.001
Creative Advertising Services for Phase 2 of the National Skin...Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services$148,427.223
Program ManagementManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$145,722.571
Marketing Support Services PanelMarketing and distribution$144,733.106
Provision of the consumer and financial literacy professional learning...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$144,251.002
2009-2011 Endeavour Awards Selection Panel ServicesProject administration or planning$142,383.547
ORAC Panel 3.1 - Accredited and Non Accredited TrainingEducation and Training Services$141,225.002
Provision of Services relating to the Development and Technicial Review...Water resources development and oversight$140,503.003
Panel arrangement for the supply of records management and archival...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$139,763.158
Provision of Web Design and Development Services. Previously...World wide web WWW site design services$139,224.005
Provision of ISO 9001:2000 Certification ServicesAudit services$139,215.003
Overseas staff relocation servicesRelocation services$139,171.212
supply & maintenance of synchronous datalink tranceivers...Communications Devices and Accessories$139,150.001
Recruitment of Heads of AgenciesHuman resources services$137,915.362
Provision of Print Services PanelReproduction services$137,192.196
Provision of temporary skilled staffTemporary personnel services$135,000.002
Supply agreement for provision of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)...Power supply units$134,109.754
Maintenance and Support of Accesslink SoftwareComputer services$132,000.001
Communication cabling products and servicesComputer services$130,988.005
Map software, maintenance and support (SODS08/0214)Software$130,427.151
Business Support Recruitment ServicesRecruitment services$130,193.864
Project Advisory & Management Services in Support of Indigenous...Management advisory services$129,102.052
Services relating to delivering Diploma of Project Management trainingVocational training$129,000.004
Standing Offer for the provision of IT Hardware and Related ServicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$126,814.371
Panel of Security Consultancy ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$126,500.001
Indoor Plant (Vegetation) Hire Services PanelLive Plant and Animal Material and Accessories and Supplies$126,224.004
Internal audit services - manual transfer of information from GaPSInternal audits$123,335.319
Land Panel 3 - Organisational and Operational Management AdvisersEconomic or financial evaluation of projects$122,241.001
Financial Management Consulting and Solutions PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$121,500.002
Provision of Graphic Design and Related Services.Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$120,637.723
Provision of advice on Competitive Tendering and Contracting (CTC)...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$119,688.004
A Memorandum of Understanding for Projects with funding from PMNational planning services$119,000.003
Learning and Development ServicesEducation and Training Services$117,980.553
Fraud Control Advice and Investigation Services Period OfferManagement advisory services$117,864.012
Provision of Consultancy ServicesComputer services$116,739.701
TRUNK,LOCKER,PLASTIC,HINGED REINFORCED LIDStorage chests and cabinets and trunks$115,445.001
Research relating to the National Binge Drinking Campaign EvaluationManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$113,240.352
Panel for delivery of language and associated cultural awareness...Education and Training Services$112,420.003
ORAC - Panel 3.3 RTOManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$110,280.005
Panel for provision of application development servicesComputer services$109,340.001
Computer Forensics Panel.Accounting services$108,767.003
Supply of Communications EquipmentCommunications Devices and Accessories$107,902.561
Supply of Waveguide Sections and AccessoriesLaboratory and scientific equipment$107,664.232
Provision of Fumigation Training, Assessment and Audit ServicesManagement advisory services$107,267.523
Provision of engineering design services for Defence Science &...Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services$106,923.082
Provision of Audit ServicesAccounting and auditing$106,695.003
Supply of Deeper Maintenance of Iroquois and Kiowa Transmissions, Drive...Aircraft$103,808.673
Multi media services panelMultimedia service centre$102,858.004
Hosting and Development of external WebsitesInternet related services$102,330.003
Provision of IT Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$96,355.001
Provision of Valuation Services & Valuation Related Services to the...Management advisory services$94,897.001
Professional Development ProgramsManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$94,232.001
Provision of coaching and mentoring servicesEducation and Training Services$92,752.334
Provision of Complex Case Support ServicesHumanitarian aid and relief$91,983.004
Library Recruitment and Consultancy ServicesBusiness intelligence consulting services$91,115.203
IT Security Service Providers PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$90,217.001
Health Assessments ServicesComprehensive health services$90,000.021
License and maintenance of computer softwareComputer services$89,125.003
Early Intervention Services Healthcare Services$88,000.001
Data Entry ServicesComputer services$88,000.002
Provision of training servicesEducation and Training Services$88,000.005
Development and delivery of the Management to Leadership Corporate...Human resource development$86,494.001
AusCheck FeesFinancial accounting$85,804.003
Provision of Staff Survey ServicesManagement advisory services$85,000.001
Scribing & Translation ServicesManagement advisory services$83,388.753
Master Leasing Facility for acquisition of IT equipment.Computer Equipment and Accessories$83,225.002
Optus - upgrade of local area network switching infrastructure.Office Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$83,163.551
Project Management and Advanced Diploma of Project Management Training...Vocational training$82,800.502
IT Services PanelSoftware or hardware engineering$82,522.002
Supply and Maintenance of PhotocopiersPhotocopiers$80,452.126
Creative Advertising Services for the Pandemic Influenza Multi-Staged...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$80,365.281
Design and Strategy ServicesManagement advisory services$80,000.001
Maintenance, development and server hosting of the Monthly Publishing...Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$78,355.201
Regarding the provision of consultancy services for a range of...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$77,500.003
ORAC Panel 1 - IncorporationManagement advisory services$77,365.004
HEAD CONTRACT FOR DESIGN SERVICESDisease prevention and control$77,241.602
Library indexing services. Manual transfer of gazettal information from...Library or documentation services$76,230.002
ORIC Regulatory PanelBusiness administration services$75,715.205
adhoc technical assitance to Business Television UnitTelecommunications media services$75,000.001
Land Panel 2 - Financial Management AdviserBuilding and Construction and Maintenance Services$74,893.501
Deed of Standing Offer for the supply of Event-Reporting Telemetry...Measuring and observing and testing instruments$74,698.695
Irrigation Water Management Services (Technical) Under a Panel...Water resources development and oversight$74,090.991
eCommerce, warehousing, payments and distribution service. Provoision...Financial accounting$71,500.001
Provision of Parliamentary Security Services uniforms and accessories...Security uniforms$71,500.001
Supply of notebook computers (manual transfer of information from GAPS...Notebook computers$71,445.003
Loose FurnitureFurniture$70,097.502
Provision of Professional Service Provider capability to support...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$68,640.001
Deed of Standing Offer for the Provision of Infrastucture ServersComputer servers$67,128.344
Supply of Groceries to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in BrisbaneFood and Beverage Products$66,485.194
Provision of expert consultancy services.Environmental management$66,000.001
Provision of Security training servicesEducation and Training Services$65,890.003
Removal, Transport and Storage of Office Furniture, Equipment and...Furniture and Furnishings$65,631.463
Provisions for the Delivery of Mental Health WorkshopsHealthcare Services$64,970.002
Supply of Storage CabinetsStorage chests and cabinets and trunks$64,718.941
Infrastructure Technical Advice on Building Design and Construction...Community and social services$64,576.602
Training ServicesVocational training$64,260.005
Priority Tax Technical Issues Provision of AdviceBusiness and corporate management consultation services$63,676.003
Supply & fit out vehicle roof mounted lights & sirensElectrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies$63,406.422
Provision of IT Training Services - Previously advertised in GAPSComputer vocational training services$62,187.002
Provision of Network Communication – Hardware / Software...Hardware$61,065.442
Provision of Privacy Services for the Standard Business Reporting...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$61,000.001
Office Machines and their supplies and accessoriesOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$60,160.001
Scan, index and provide electronic access to records held by the...Computer services$60,000.003
05/0994 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Online Services - Online...Specialised educational services$59,840.001
Integration and Support ServicesManagement support services$59,576.411
Deed of Standing Offer for the provision of overseas sourced IVIG...Healthcare Services$58,507.203
Private Financing Advisory Services PanelStructures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies$58,152.001
Provision of secure destruction bin services.Paper materials$57,850.001
Design and Publishing Services, Defence Personnel ExecutivePrinted media$57,805.001
Supply of services for the National System for the Prevention and...Management advisory services$57,441.001
Delivery of finance and business management training services for...Education and Training Services$55,372.301
Provision role players (actors) to the International Deployment GroupDeveloping self concept and self esteem instructional materials$55,000.001
General accountancy services panelManagement advisory services$55,000.001
Provision for Administrative Investigation and Review ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$54,850.004
L & D Services - (APRA Manager, APRA Trainer, Performance...Human resources services$54,224.721
Security Risk Management and Business Continuity ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$53,460.001
Financial Assessment ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$52,595.002
Security Vetting ServicesNational security$52,500.025
Provision of IT Security ServcesComputer services$52,439.001
IT peripherals PanelInformation Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$51,920.001
Provision of legal servicesLegal services$51,177.002
SES Recruitment PanelHuman resources services$50,249.802
Provision of items of office furniture to the Department of Defence...Furniture and Furnishings$50,077.501
Employee Communications PanelProject management$50,050.002
Multicultural Communications & Translation ServicesWritten translation services$50,000.001
Office of Airspace Regulation - Aviation Risk Assessment PanelSafety or risk analysis$50,000.001
Provision of Electrical ServicesBuilding and Construction and Maintenance Services$49,940.001
Building ServicesBuilding and Construction and Maintenance Services$49,940.001
Provision of Energy Advice ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$49,723.002
Provision (supply and delivery) of office requisites (stationery...Specialty envelopes$49,225.001
Provision of Vendor Support Services for Front Range ITSMComputer services$48,000.001
Loose FurnitreFurniture$44,133.602
Supply and Service for Desktop Computers and MonitorsSoftware or hardware engineering$44,008.251
Provision of Groceries to the Department of Defence, Townsville,...Food and Beverage Products$44,000.722
Expert and Specialised Services Related to Appliance and Equipment...Environmental management$44,000.001
Actuarial Services PanelPublic administration and finance services$44,000.001
Internal Audit Services Panel 2006-2009Government auditing services$43,230.001
Quality Control Reviews of various Financial Statement audits.Business and corporate management consultation services$43,000.001
supply of promotional items and corporate merchandiseOffice supplies$42,168.752
Consultancy Services relating to the Design and Implementation of the...Management advisory services$42,128.901
Rehabilitation Case Manangement - Manual transfer of information from...Physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation products$41,800.003
ORAC Panel 2.1 Regulatory AdministrationsManagement advisory services$41,800.002
Provision of support for organisation culture renewal for staff employed...Education and Training Services$40,771.602
To supply stationary to all ABs offices around Australia Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies$40,289.601
Design Services for AusAIDPublic administration and finance services$39,679.001
Code of Conduct & Employment Review Investigators PanelBusiness administration services$39,420.002
Deed of Standing Offer for the Provision of Legal Services (Panel)Legal services$38,991.871
Supplier of Ergonomic ChairsFurniture and Furnishings$38,731.633
Provision of Testing and Tagging of Electrical Appliance in Centrelink...Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies$38,500.001
Packaging and PrintingCarded packaging$38,463.112
Master Media Agency for Placement of Non-Campaign Advertising for the...Newspaper advertising$37,335.693
Social Marketing ConsultancyManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$37,100.002
Supply and installation of video conferencing and associated...Building and Construction and Maintenance Services$36,732.302
Provision of Multi Function Devices and Printer Services to support...Tools and General Machinery$36,655.871
Provision of services for PeopleSoft Human Resource System (manual...Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$35,481.602
Software and Software Services PanelInformation Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$35,411.321
Standing Offer Deed for Supply of Stationery Supplies to ITR and...Office Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$35,261.271
Postal Services - BillpayPostal and small parcel and courier services$33,000.001
ICT Specialist Contractor PanelHuman resources services$32,425.002
Provision of Project Management and other Construction Related...Educational and research structures$30,800.001
Floorcoverings Advisory Services (SODS08/0113)Furniture and Furnishings$30,800.001
Provision of CSG Tender Related Administrative Support &...Business administration services$30,651.761
For the provision of services to conduct and facilitate industry...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$30,580.002
Live Indoor Plant Hire - North QueenslandLive Plant and Animal Material and Accessories and Supplies$30,399.071
Security Vetting ServicesSecurity and personal safety$30,000.001
Provision of mechanical computer aided drafting services for Defence...Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services$29,922.751
Standing Offer in relation to the provision of specialist basin...Temporary personnel services$29,710.731
Provision of learning and development servicesHuman resources services$29,040.001
Provision of Periodic Training: AusGUIDE and Presentation and Group...Specialised educational services$28,879.401
Legal servicesLegal services$27,500.001
Provision of senior executive recruitment servicesAdvertising$27,500.001
Software License Agreement (GEMS)Software maintenance and support$26,345.001
Actuarial Services Panel.Government finance services$26,125.001
Web Publisher ServicesComputer services$25,628.632
Architectural design and project management of office fitout services to...Temporary architectural services$25,300.002
Bulk Mail Distribution ServicesNational postal delivery services$25,200.002
05/0769 - Standing Offer for the Provision of Property Related Services...Architectural engineering$25,000.001
Market ResearchMarketing and distribution$24,915.001
Energy Market Reform Working Group Consultancy ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$24,750.001
Energy Efficiency Opportunities Trial of Assessment ProcessManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$23,945.001
Provision of Legal Service to the APSC and the Office of the Official...Legal services$23,675.612
Internal Research ServicesScientific or research satellites$23,500.001
Health Promotion Programs PanelHealthcare Services$22,433.502
Minor Electrical RepairsElectrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies$22,000.001
MOU for the Transaction Fee paid to the APSC for brokerage assistance...Vocational training$21,738.762
Ceramic and quarry tile maintenance. Manual transfer of information from...Building and Construction and Maintenance Services$21,397.201
Data Analytics Specialist Services PanelManagement advisory services$20,924.201
Graphic design services - design of printed material such as...Graphic design$20,922.001
Provision of indoor plant hire to the Treasury.Live Plant and Animal Material and Accessories and Supplies$20,550.002
Supply of computer equipment and associated servicesComputer Equipment and Accessories$20,266.401
Contact Centre Consultancy ServicesBusiness and corporate management consultation services$19,800.001
Records & information management and storage servicesMaterial Handling and Conditioning and Storage Machinery and their Accessories and Supplies$19,800.001
Promotional Merchandise for the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous...Business administration services$18,612.001
Provision of inspection and testing of pressure vessels, plant and...Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services$18,150.001
Scribing ServicesOffice administration or secretarial services$18,025.501
Print PanelDigital industrial printing services$17,589.001
Aircraft Fire Extinguisher Assemblies MaintenanceAerospace systems and components and equipment$17,125.691
Forms review & consultancy servicesBusiness intelligence consulting services$16,500.001
Software and Software Support ServicesSoftware$16,484.001
Architectural Services PanelArchitectural services$16,100.001
Mail services for the Office of HearingTransportation and Storage and Mail Services$16,000.001
Provision of Application Development Services Period OfferSoftware$15,488.001
Cambodia Health Sector Advisory PanelManagement advisory services$15,444.001
Provision of file, file consumables and boxes.Office supplies$15,400.001
Consulting Services for Audit CommitteeManagement advisory services$15,125.001
Provision of Security Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$14,914.481
Provision of Graphic Design ServicesEditorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services$14,421.001
Provision of Professional Advice & Services under the NBA Panel...Legal services$14,102.001
Non-comp rehab servicesHuman resources services$13,860.001
Information Technology training servicesEducation and Training Services$13,750.001
Provision of Multimedia equipmentInformation Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications$13,485.011
Supply of Pratt & Whitney PT6A-62 Engine Spares to RAAF.Military fixed wing aircraft$13,164.351
Provision of design services relating to print, multimedia and internet...Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services$12,991.331
Provision of executive coaching for staff of Defence Science &...Education and Training Services$12,764.421
For the provision of Locksmith Services to Master Key System for...Security surveillance and detection$12,548.821
Delivery of Scientific Report Writing Courses to Defence.Education and Training Services$12,302.201
Provide advice on building and facilities management, leasing and...Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$12,000.001
The Provision of Notebook ComputersNotebook computers$11,896.501
Printing and Related ServicesPrinting and Photographic and Audio and Visual Equipment and Supplies$11,463.101
Security training services. Manual transfer of gazettal information from...Education and Training Services$11,330.001
Telecommunication ServicesPublic Utilities and Public Sector Related Services$11,300.001
ORAC - Panel 4 Legal ServicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$11,000.001
L & D Services (Online Modules relating to OH&S and Workplace...Human resources services$11,000.001
Supply and fit vehicle decals for AFP fleetAdvertising$10,972.501
Legal Services PanelLegal services$10,916.081
Document authoring, editing & conversion services panelEditing services$10,700.001
Property Related Service PanelManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$10,645.051
Supply of MultiFunction DevicesManagement and Business Professionals and Administrative Services$10,602.161
Printing ServicesPrinted publications$10,186.001
Printing Services - Small volume of digital printing, Large scale offset...Printing and publishing equipment$10,005.601
Online Ordering System and supply of nominated Stationery ItemsPaper products$10,003.401
Security Vetting ServicesReference or background check services$10,000.001
Provision of Human Resources Learning and Development Panel.Education and Training Services$10,000.001
Valuation ServicesManagement advisory services$1.001