SON67861 - General Consultancy Services Panel

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16 contracts, total value $1,544,746.00
Procurement methods: Prequalified 16 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Business and corporate management consultation services 13 $705,186.00
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 1 $795,300.00
Corporate objectives or policy development 1 $15,400.00
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services 1 $28,860.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Civil Aviation Safety Authority 16 $1,544,746.00


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
PriceWaterhouse Coopers Australia 2 $216,706.00
WDScott Asia Pty Ltd 4 $165,784.00
Bevington Group 1 $28,860.00
Ascent Governance Pty ltd 2 $157,100.00
Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd 1 $15,400.00
Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd 1 $49,500.00
CB Richard Ellis GCS Pty Ltd 1 $50,000.00
Oakton AA Services Pty Ltd 2 $806,696.00
Stratsec.Net Pty Ltd 2 $54,700.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
201397 Work Order - PeopleSoft (HRMS&FMIS) support services $795,300.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-06-17 Oakton AA Services Pty Ltd
178712 Regs Implementation Project Manager $198,000.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-04-01 PriceWaterhouse Coopers Australia
124926 Internal Budget Framework - Service Contractor support $141,000.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2008-09-01 Ascent Governance Pty Ltd
189385 Gateway Project specification development $96,000.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-05-01 WDScott Asia Pty Ltd
154686 Property market search Melbourne $50,000.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-01-01 CB Richard Ellis GCS Pty Ltd
162539 Benchmarking stakeholder - PLET Human Factors $49,500.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-02-16 Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd
170359 ASIC and Licence format $36,080.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-03-24 WDScott Asia Pty Ltd
169969 ICT Security web portal services $29,700.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-03-23 Stratsec.Net Pty Ltd
210887 Provision of Third Party Professional Facilitation of CASA Operations Workshop $28,860.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-07-14 Bevington Group
140434 ICT security assessment for web portal services $25,000.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2008-09-22 Stratsec.Net Pty Ltd
140423 CASA & CAA NZ Comparison Report $18,706.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2008-10-02 PriceWaterhouse Coopers Australia
189386 Gateway Project Implementation Plan additional scope of work $18,304.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-05-25 WDScott Asia Pty Ltd
116324 Review & Update of Major Occurance Response Plan (MORP) $16,100.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2008-07-11 Ascent Governance Pty ltd
210751 WCMS & Gateway Project Governance Policy analysis $15,400.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-06-17 WD Scott
124967 Set up CASA HF Community & Expert panel $15,400.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2008-09-12 Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd
200061 Short Term Consultancy PeopleSoft Asset Module functional expeert assistance $11,396.00Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2009-05-18 Oakton AA Services Pty Ltd