SON424128 - Photography Services

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17 contracts, total value $500,266.86
Procurement methods: Open via SON 3 contracts, 17.65%, Prequalified 14 contracts, 82.35%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Photographic services 16 $489,266.86
Professional artists and performers 1 $11,000.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Austrade 17 $500,266.86


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Still Representation 17 $500,266.86


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1210572-A1 Hero Photography for the Future Unlimited Brand $86,714.65Austrade 2013-02-05 Still Representation
675511 Production of Future Unlimited brand hero shots. $79,990.00Austrade 2012-06-01 Still Representation
933821 Building Brand Australia - Australia Digital Influencer portraits $44,220.00Austrade 2012-09-21 Still Representation
433754 Commission and Oversee Photographer Tim Richardson's profile of Sebastian Smee $34,444.41Austrade 2011-06-17 Still Representation
453789-A1 Julian Savulescu portrait in England by Polly Borland $28,765.00Austrade 2011-11-23 Still Representation
572362-A1 Bryan Gaensler portrait in Sydney $27,966.40Austrade 2011-06-21 Still Representation
572392-A1 Oron Catts portrait $27,181.00Austrade 2011-06-01 Still Representation
572382-A1 Alexander Briger Portrait in Sydney $24,490.40Austrade 2011-06-01 Still Representation
572372-A1 Lucinda Hartley Portrait in Melbourne $23,219.90Austrade 2011-06-01 Still Representation
451158-A1 Silicon Valley Group Portrait in San Franscisco by Ben Sullivan $21,780.00Austrade 2011-11-14 Still Representation
572352-A1 Professor Zee Upton portrait $20,751.50Austrade 2011-10-25 Still Representation
572332-A1 Brian Schmidt Portrait in Sydney $19,800.00Austrade 2011-11-01 Still Representation
1064351 World Public Relations Forum gallery $15,210.00Austrade 2012-11-19 Still Representation
478307-A1 Photographic work for Tim Cahill profile $11,991.10Austrade 2012-01-03 Still Representation
465220-A1 Portraits $11,742.50Austrade 2012-02-03 Still Representation
572272-A1 Peter Hall portrait by Max Doyle $11,000.00Austrade 2012-04-09 Still Representation
572322-A1 Matthew McCool photo Essay in Beijing $11,000.00Austrade 2011-11-01 Still Representation