SON3519128 - Panel of Program Reviewers and Evaluators

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65 contracts, total value $32,014,616.93
Consultancies: 38 contracts, 58.46%
Procurement methods: Open via SON 65 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Business intelligence consulting services 6 $3,512,458.71
Corporate objectives or policy development 5 $4,434,189.63
Economic analysis 4 $2,314,957.70
Health programs 5 $946,562.18
Individual health screening and assessment services 2 $1,271,752.00
Information services 1 $442,802.00
Information technology consultation services 1 $89,698.00
Job evaluation services 2 $3,464,144.21
Management advisory services 12 $6,935,526.41
Management support services 1 $940,035.80
Organisational structure consultation 1 $244,671.90
Project administration or planning 9 $1,923,609.23
Strategic planning consultation services 16 $5,494,209.16


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Cancer Australia 1 $27,720.00
Department of Health 63 $31,766,181.93
National Health and Medical Research Council 1 $220,715.00


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
The University of Queensland 2 $1,127,828.20
Health And Community Consulting Group Pty Ltd 1 $80,000.00
Cube Group Management Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
The Science of Knowing PTY LTD 0 $0.00
Synergistiq Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Zed Consulting & Associates Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Australian Continuous Improvement Group Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Australian Institute of Family Studies 0 $0.00
Kristine Battye Consulting Pty Ltd 1 $1,159,668.00
Nous Group Pty. Ltd. 6 $1,933,113.60
Healthcare Management Advisors Pty 2 $322,766.04
Cultural Perspectives Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Communio Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Quantium Health Pty Ltd 1 $148,830.00
Coffey International Development 0 $0.00
Ernst and Young 4 $3,006,449.40
The University of Melbourne 2 $1,265,214.30
ABT JTA PTY LTD 1 $200,000.00
The Trustee for Keating Family Trust 1 $495,521.00
Ninti One Limited 0 $0.00
Clear Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Deakin University 1 $150,000.00
Australian Healthcare Associates 5 $4,561,472.65
Swinburne University of Technology 0 $0.00
Paxton Consulting Pty Ltd 2 $1,094,750.01
Human Capital Alliance 0 $0.00
URBIS PTY LTD 3 $747,849.72
Inside Policy Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
THE SAX INSTITUTE 1 $299,520.00
O’Connell Advisory Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
ACN 613 066 541 Pty Ltd (Behavioural Insights) 0 $0.00
University of Tasmania 0 $0.00
Ipsos Public Affairs Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Sapere Research Group Limited 0 $0.00
The South Australian Centre for Economic Studies 0 $0.00
Garner Willisson Pty Ltd 2 $116,460.00
Aspex Consulting Pty Ltd 4 $828,963.28
KPMG 5 $916,503.11
University of Technology Sydney 3 $695,695.90
Parenting Research Centre Inc. 0 $0.00
Campbell Research & Consulting Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Allen and Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists Ltd 0 $0.00
National Prescribing Service Limited 0 $0.00
Grosvenor Management Consulting Pty Ltd 0 $0.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3575846-A1 Evaluation of the Promoting Independent Living budget measure $3,162,698.01Department of Health 2019-02-21 Australian Healthcare Associates
3645262 Development of the National Medical Workforce Strategy $2,673,000.00Department of Health 2019-11-06 Mckinsey Pacific Rim Incorporated
3587652-A2 Devlopment of a National Medical Workforce Strategy Scoping Framework $2,385,676.03Department of Health 2019-04-10 MCKINSEY PACIFIC RIM INC
3609858 Health Care Homes Evaluation $2,285,393.71Department of Health 2019-07-05 HEALTH POLICY ANALYSIS PTY LTD
3597681-A1 Extension of the Early Psychosis Youth Services Evaluation $1,679,173.10Department of Health 2019-05-30 Ernst and Young
3628723 Evaluation of BreastScreen Australia Expansion $1,244,032.00Department of Health 2019-09-18 Nous Group Pty. Ltd.
3583685 Evaluation of the Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program $1,159,668.00Department of Health 2019-04-15 Kristine Battye Consulting Pty Ltd
3645270 Evaluation of the Specialist Dementia Care Program $1,155,020.02Department of Health 2019-09-17 DELOITTE TOUCHE TOHMATSU
3634425 Official Order for the Evaluation of the Primary Health Networks After Hours Program $1,123,320.01Department of Health 2019-10-03 HEALTH POLICY ANALYSIS PTY LTD
3631371 Take Home Naloxone Pilot Evaluation $997,927.00Department of Health 2019-09-23 The University of Queensland
3645263 Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention - Stigma Reduction Consultation $940,035.80Department of Health 2019-11-27 The University of Melbourne
3634465-A2 Consultancy to Support the Function and Efficiency Review of the Australian Sports Commission and Other Commonwealth Sports-Related Functions $703,870.00Department of Health 2019-10-10 Ernst and Young
3590089-A1 Evaluation services $646,920.01Department of Health 2019-04-04 Paxton Consulting Pty Ltd
3542018-A2 Review of the Multi-Purpose Services Program $634,955.00Department of Health 2018-09-14 University of Technology Sydney
3556578 Evaluation of the Improving Social Connectedness of Older Australians Project Pilot $572,551.12Department of Health 2018-11-30 THE UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG
3563717 Evaluation of the Aged Care System Navigator $556,676.00Department of Health 2019-01-04 Australian Healthcare Associates
3618906 Development of a Health Workforce Planning Framework $495,521.00Department of Health 2019-07-16 The Trustee for Keating Family Trust
3646906 Review of Assistive Technology Arrangements for Older Australians $480,285.00Department of Health 2019-12-03 Australian Healthcare Associates
3582022 Evaluation services $447,830.00Department of Health 2019-04-04 Paxton Consulting Pty Ltd
3535283-A1 Functional and Efficiency Review of the Australian Digital Health Agency $443,289.69Department of Health 2018-08-15 DELOITTE TOUCHE TOHMATSU
3583239 Literature reviews - Review of nursing education $442,802.00Department of Health 2019-02-08 THE UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG
3584548-A1 Consultancy contract $420,000.00Department of Health 2019-04-10 Aspex Consulting Pty Ltd
3579366 National Injury Prevention Strategy Round Table Facilitator and Strategy Writer $416,985.80Department of Health 2019-03-13 THE GEORGE INSTITUTE
3644672 Evaluation National Sports Tribunal Pilot $391,856.13Department of Health 2019-12-02 URBIS PTY LTD
3595142 Update and Review of National Framework for Aged Care Division 2011 $361,226.60Department of Health 2019-04-01 Nous Group Pty. Ltd.
3632675 Evaluation of the Sporting Schools Program $328,292.82Department of Health 2019-09-27 DELOITTE TOUCHE TOHMATSU
3626802 Implementation Review $325,178.50Department of Health 2019-08-21 The University of Melbourne
3597674 Extension of the Early Psychosis Youth Services Evaluation $321,960.10Department of Health 2019-05-30 Ernst and Young
3625936 Best Practice in General Practitioner Training $306,350.00Department of Health 2019-08-28 HEALTHCONSULT PTY LTD
3604025-A1 Independent review of the performance and management framework of the My Aged Care contact centre $301,446.20Department of Health 2019-06-03 Ernst and Young
3638836 Sector Support and Development Review $300,000.00Department of Health 2019-10-04 KPMG
3627948 Development of the National Preventive Health Strategy $299,520.00Department of Health 2019-09-13 THE SAX INSTITUTE
3579343 Review of Governance Arrangements $244,671.90Department of Health 2019-03-14 KPMG
3611977 Review of NHMRC Translation Centre Initiative    $220,715.00National Health and Medical Research Council 2019-06-28 NOUS Group Pty Ltd
3545867 Review of the Transition Care Programme $219,607.05Department of Health 2018-10-08 KPMG
3625375 Evaluation of National Digital Gateway $217,727.48Department of Health 2019-08-30 URBIS PTY LTD
3649641 Evaluation of Aged Care Diversity Framework $200,000.02Department of Health 2020-02-07 HEALTHCONSULT PTY LTD
3587554 Evaluation Services $200,000.00Department of Health 2019-04-23 ABT JTA PTY LTD
3602570 Consultancy Contract $200,000.00Department of Health 2019-04-10 Aspex Consulting Pty Ltd
3559489 Provision of Technical Advice $189,273.63Department of Health 2018-12-13 Australian Healthcare Associates
3569915 Implementation Review of Pharmacy Trial Program under the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement $188,766.00Department of Health 2019-01-31 Healthcare Management Advisors Pty
3532449 Consultancy Services $172,540.01Department of Health 2018-08-08 Australian Healthcare Associates
3657166 Consultancy services to undertake a review of the second National Partnership of Essential Vaccines $164,994.50Department of Health 2020-01-31 ACIL ALLEN CONSULTING PTY LTD
3628716 Literature Review on Barriers to Health System Access by Men and Boys $150,000.00Department of Health 2019-09-16 Deakin University
3595149 Data Analytics $148,830.00Department of Health 2019-05-27 Quantium Health Pty Ltd
3604757 Head Agreement for Services $138,266.11Department of Health 2019-06-24 URBIS PTY LTD
3605257 Environment scan of perinatal mental health and wellbeing supports within Australia $134,000.04Department of Health 2019-06-25 Healthcare Management Advisors Pty
3565364 National Injury Prevention Strategy - Literature Review $131,756.00Department of Health 2019-01-08 THE GEORGE INSTITUTE FOR GLOBAL
3655840 Evaluation of the National Support for Child and Youth Mental Health Program $129,901.20Department of Health 2020-01-23 The University of Queensland
3553734 Australian Consensus Framework - Facilitation $119,265.28Department of Health 2018-11-19 Aspex Consulting Pty Ltd
3552898 Medical Device Post Market Risk Monitoring and Mgt $89,698.00Department of Health 2018-11-12 Aspex Consulting Pty Ltd
3609841 Evaluation of the National Continence Program $80,000.00Department of Health 2019-06-28 HEALTH OUTCOMES INTERNATIONAL
3589201 Review of the AUSDRISK tool $80,000.00Department of Health 2019-03-20 Health And Community Consulting Group Pty Ltd
3565858 Devlopment of Monitoring Evaluation Framework $79,620.00Department of Health 2018-12-17 Garner Willisson Pty Ltd
3644370 Independent Review of the Project Agreement for the Victorian Cytology Services $79,566.00Department of Health 2019-11-22 KPMG
3645243 Contract for Service $77,580.00Department of Health 2019-12-16 MATTHEWS PEGG CONSULTING PTY. LTD.
3579632 Innovation Services $77,000.00Department of Health 2019-03-22 Nous Group Pty. Ltd.
3592098 Legislative Review - Office of Health Protection Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Surveillance Section $72,658.16Department of Health 2019-05-13 KPMG
3631326 Review of work processes $38,500.00Department of Health 2019-09-24 MATTHEWS PEGG CONSULTING PTY. LTD.
3631327 Review of Work Processes $38,500.00Department of Health 2019-09-24 MATTHEWS PEGG CONSULTING PTY. LTD.
3641631 Design, Facilitate and Produce Report on Workshop $36,840.00Department of Health 2019-11-13 Garner Willisson Pty Ltd
3632048 Technical Writing for Updating Evidence Guidelines $33,020.90Department of Health 2019-10-01 University of Technology Sydney
3659599 Procurement to scope requirements for undertaking an economic evaluation of targeted lung cancer screening in Australia $27,720.00Cancer Australia 2020-01-22 University of Technology Sydney
3541354 Hearing Health Stakeholder Forum Facilitation Services $18,040.00Department of Health 2018-09-18 NOUS GROUP PTY. LTD.
3592108 Co-Production and Faciliation Provider Benefits Integrity Division SES Workshop $12,100.00Department of Health 2019-05-14 Nous Group Pty. Ltd.