SON193399 - Acquisition and Supply of airborne electromagnetic data

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18 contracts, total value $19,960,377.76
Procurement methods: Open via SON 17 contracts, 94.44%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 5.56%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Data services 8 $9,055,815.29
Earth science services 7 $4,378,856.47
Ground or surface water surveying 3 $6,525,706.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Geoscience Australia 18 $19,960,377.76


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Geoforce Pty Ltd 1 $5,270,936.00
Aeroquest (Aust) Pty Ltd T/A Aeroquest Airborne 1 $452,863.29
SkyTEM Australia Pty Ltd 7 $5,025,383.17
CGG Aviation (Australia) Pty Ltd 2 $4,381,408.90
Fugro Airborne Surveys 1 $906,504.50
Geotech Airborne Pty Ltd 6 $3,923,281.90


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
230209 For the Acquisition, Processing and Supply of Airbourne Electromagnetic Data for the Broken Hill Aquifer Recharge Survey. $5,270,936.00Geoscience Australia 2009-07-01 Geoforce Pty Ltd
3435299-A1 AusAEM Airborne survey $3,605,578.90Geoscience Australia 2017-06-19 CGG Aviation (Australia) Pty Ltd
3347216-A1 Processing and Supply of Airborne Electromagnetic Data $1,452,545.50Geoscience Australia 2016-05-30 Geotech Airborne Pty Ltd
3401538-A1 Keep River and Regional Ord-Keep rivers EM 2016 survey $1,392,645.65Geoscience Australia 2016-11-25 SkyTEM Australia Pty Ltd
3431942-A1 Southern Stuart Corridor (NT) Groundwater Airborn EM Survey $1,002,871.55Geoscience Australia 2017-06-05 SkyTEM Australia Pty Ltd
1309841 WA Airborne EM Survey $906,504.50Geoscience Australia 2013-03-14 Fugro Airborne Surveys
3333695-A1 Airborne EM Survey services $867,794.22Geoscience Australia 2016-03-21 SkyTEM Australia Pty Ltd
3473341 Olympic and Fowler Airborne EM Surveys $804,912.62Geoscience Australia 2017-11-24 SkyTEM Australia Pty Ltd
3333697 AEM survey Services $775,830.00Geoscience Australia 2016-03-21 CGG Aviation (Australia) Pty Ltd
229211 Pine Creek (Kombolgie) Airborne EM Survey. $660,770.00Geoscience Australia 2008-10-07 Geotech Airborne Pty Ltd
229214 First progress payment for Pine Creek (Kombolgie) AEM Survey (G2012AA) $594,000.00Geoscience Australia 2008-06-18 Geotech Airborne Pty Ltd

Airborne Geophysical Survey of the Southern Thomson Orogen Area

$564,007.40Geoscience Australia 2014-03-21 Geotech Airborne Pty Ltd
3431936 Surat and Galill Basin (QLD) Groundwater Airborn EM Survey $551,182.35Geoscience Australia 2017-06-05 SkyTEM Australia Pty Ltd
397016 Western Desert Palaeovalley AEM Survey $452,863.29Geoscience Australia 2011-05-04 Aeroquest (Aust) Pty Ltd T/A Aeroquest Airborne
2399011 Acquisition, processing and supply of airborne electromagnectic data - Southern Thomson Orogen Airborne EM Survey (Variation 1) $385,000.00Geoscience Australia 2014-06-02 Geotech Airborne Pty Ltd
3296045 Ord Boneparte 2015 Airborne EM Survey $350,976.78Geoscience Australia 2015-09-18 SkyTEM Australia Pty Ltd
3347222-A1 Airborne Electromagnetic Data Acquisition and Processing $266,959.00Geoscience Australia 2016-05-20 Geotech Airborne Pty Ltd
3242032 Menindee 2015 and Yancowinna Creek survey Acquisition $55,000.00Geoscience Australia 2015-06-26 SkyTEM Australia Pty Ltd