SON1911601 - Legal Services

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22 contracts, total value $835,032.39
Confidentialities: 2 contracts, 9.09%( 0 on the contract, 2 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open via SON 17 contracts, 77.27%, Prequalified 5 contracts, 22.73%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Legal services 22 $835,032.39


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Electoral Commission 22 $835,032.39


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Government Solicitors 22 $835,032.39


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3308569-A4 Legal services $128,450.89Australian Electoral Commission 2015-12-03 Australian Government Solicitor
2392641-A1 Legal Services - AAT Application $100,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-07-07 Australian Government Solicitors
2357552-A1 Legal and Probity Services for ICT Procurements $95,400.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-06-20 Australian Government Solicitors
2587371-A1 Legal Services $50,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-09-19 Australian Government Solicitors
3301779 Legal services $40,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2015-11-02 Australian Government Solicitor

Legal Services

$40,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-05-06 Australian Government Solicitors
3308248 legal services $40,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2015-12-01 Australian Government Solicitor
2559092-A1 Legal services - Litigation $40,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-09-05 Australian Government Solicitor
3087342 Legal representation $35,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2015-05-26 Australian Government Solicitor
2876962 Legal Services - Litigation $30,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2015-03-06 Australian Government Solicitor

administrative appeals tribunal application

$30,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-06-20 Australian Government Solicitor
2559052 Representation at Inquiry $30,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-09-09 Australian Government Solicitor
3271032 Legal Advice $25,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2015-07-16 Australian Government Solicitors

Legal Services

$20,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-05-21 Australian Government Solicitors

Legal Services

$20,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-05-22 Australian Government Solicitors
3324964 Legal Advice - tied work $20,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2016-03-04 Australian Government Solicitor

legal services

$20,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-03-28 Australian Government Solicitors

Legal services

$20,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-05-28 Australian Government Solicitors
3236762 Legal Services $20,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2015-07-02 Australian Government Solicitor

Legal advice

$11,181.50Australian Electoral Commission 2014-04-02 Australian Government Solicitors

Legal advice

$10,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-04-05 Australian Government Solicitors

Legal Services

$10,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-02-18 Australian Government Solicitors