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49 contracts, total value $3,466,956.75
Procurement methods: Open via SON 32 contracts, 65.31%, Prequalified 2 contracts, 4.08%, limited 15 contracts, 30.61%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Computer Equipment and Accessories 33 $2,226,504.32
Hardware 5 $559,027.06
Software 11 $681,425.37


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism 3 $487,077.60
Geoscience Australia 46 $2,979,879.15


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Ethan Group 49 $3,466,956.75


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
179055 Provision of Sun server and storage equipment for the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute $308,000.00Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism 2009-04-06 Ethan Group
339347 256GB x4470 - 4GB DIMMS as per quotation QUISA04111 $249,232.06Geoscience Australia 2010-09-02 Ethan Group
483265 HP VMware solution and HP 3 year support as per Quotation QUISA18622-A $248,061.28Geoscience Australia 2012-04-05 Ethan Group
339346 3x 256GB X4470 Server Option as per quotation QUISA04110 $239,032.37Geoscience Australia 2010-09-02 Ethan Group
288541 Sun SPARC M5000 Oracle Server $218,111.85Geoscience Australia 2010-04-15 Ethan Group
246042 HP ProCurve Switches $215,569.31Geoscience Australia 2009-11-26 Ethan Group
372714 Edge Network switch upgrades $203,569.91Geoscience Australia 2011-02-17 Ethan Group
246022 2 x Sun SPARC T5440 servers $161,745.10Geoscience Australia 2009-11-19 Ethan Group
387472 1 X Sunfire X4800 server as per quotation QUISA11085. $154,321.64Geoscience Australia 2011-04-08 Ethan Group
233481 Provision of information communication technology servers and storage equipment for the Department $130,341.00Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism 2009-03-06 Ethan Group Pty Ltd
344271 Axway (Tumbleweed) secure transport turnkey - secure file transfer solution plus maintenance as per quotation QUISA04114a - EXCLUDING the optional components. Includes standard installation without customization $109,799.80Geoscience Australia 2010-10-18 Ethan Group
339316 HP Procurve Equipment as per quotation QUISA04115b $87,780.26Geoscience Australia 2010-09-14 Ethan Group
1309971 Wireless access points, controllers, cabling and installation $80,243.16Geoscience Australia 2013-03-07 Ethan Group
339277 Servers and software for Web Application firewall $79,537.45Geoscience Australia 2010-09-29 Ethan Group
437374 2 x HP Proliant DL580 servers and related components as per quotation QUISA14974 $74,589.42Geoscience Australia 2011-09-22 Ethan Group
444386 2 x HP Proliant DL580 servers and related components as per quotation QUISA15407 $66,089.47Geoscience Australia 2011-10-13 Ethan Group
578801 10 x Memory Board with eight 4GB DDR2-667 DIMMS $61,600.00Geoscience Australia 2012-05-07 Ethan Group
246040 3 x Sunfire X4170 Servers and 1 x Sunfire X4270 Server $53,961.05Geoscience Australia 2009-11-25 Ethan Group
256182 Provision of servers for the Montara Inquiry $48,736.60Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism 2010-01-14 Ethan Group Pty Ltd
288540 HP ProCurve 10-GBE-SFP and other Equipment $43,375.42Geoscience Australia 2010-04-15 Ethan Group
455825 4 x HP 5800-24G Switches, transceivers and 3 year HP support as per quotation QUISA15407 $41,740.60Geoscience Australia 2011-12-15 Ethan Group
233408 Sunfire T2000 SF Server $38,214.28Geoscience Australia 2009-09-02 Ethan Group
687381 GA Wireless Connectivity $34,915.85Geoscience Australia 2012-06-06 Ethan Group
387454 Imperva Stage 2 - X2500 Web application firewalls plus professional services as per quotation QUISA11618 $34,310.98Geoscience Australia 2011-04-11 Ethan Group
990041 Config2 -1x DL380p Gen8 & External Storage for Server (Config2) $31,776.06Geoscience Australia 2012-10-03 Ethan Group
233443 Sunfire X4600 Server Memory upgrade $31,495.42Geoscience Australia 2009-09-29 Ethan Group
372707 HP Switch Equipment. $29,035.71Geoscience Australia 2011-02-21 Ethan Group
686301 HP DL320G6 Server $28,461.40Geoscience Australia 2012-06-26 Ethan Group

One year Axway Hardware and Software support renewal

$26,571.25Geoscience Australia 2012-11-08 Ethan Group
396989 3 x Black Netshelter SX 42U enclosures with roof and sides as per quotation QUISA12381 $25,506.13Geoscience Australia 2011-05-20 Ethan Group
1309981 HP Switches and Power Supply $22,750.20Geoscience Australia 2013-03-07 Ethan Group
275651 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server $21,047.00Geoscience Australia 2010-03-15 Ethan Group
206810 SunFire X4270 2RU server $19,579.78Geoscience Australia 2009-06-23 Ethan Group
687181 HP DL380P Server $19,194.12Geoscience Australia 2012-06-07 Ethan Group
990031 HP DL380p Gen8 8-SFF CTO Chassis $19,194.12Geoscience Australia 2012-10-03 Ethan Group
206811 PSU SunFire X4270 server $19,031.54Geoscience Australia 2009-06-25 Ethan Group
372706 SecureTransport Software Licences for TEST as per Ethan Quotation QUISA04380V2 $18,590.00Geoscience Australia 2011-02-22 Ethan Group
246041 2 x HP ProCurve 2910AL-24G Switches $17,988.41Geoscience Australia 2009-11-26 Ethan Group
378857 HP A5800-24G Switches and tranceivers as per quote QUISA11449 $17,639.94Geoscience Australia 2011-03-18 Ethan Group
364382 Netshelter SX 42U Racks, cables and blanking panels $17,617.60Geoscience Australia 2011-01-05 Ethan Group
288548 Sun LTO4 AutoLoader Tape Drive $15,653.61Geoscience Australia 2010-04-19 Ethan Group
455837 EIGHT 4 GB DDR2-667 DIMMS ORACLE SOFTWARE SUPPORT FOR 1 YEAR (P/N: OSB58121 /) AS PER QUOTATION QUISA14430 $15,548.50Geoscience Australia 2011-12-06 Ethan Group
437400 2 x Eight 4Gb DDR2-667 DIMMS for M4000 plus support as per Quotation QUISA14342 $15,548.50Geoscience Australia 2011-09-12 Ethan Group
275687 Sunfire X4170 x64 Server and 3 year x Silver Suppor $15,082.71Geoscience Australia 2010-03-26 Ethan Group
463851 1 Year enhanced support renewal Web Application firewall IMPERVA PE 7th October 2012 $13,843.50Geoscience Australia 2012-01-16 Ethan Group
206800 SunFire x4250 Rack Mount Server $10,840.50Geoscience Australia 2009-06-18 Ethan Group
206796 SunFire x4250 Rack Mount Server $10,840.50Geoscience Australia 2009-06-18 Ethan Group
233444 2 x Sunfire X2200 Solaris x86 Servers $10,808.60Geoscience Australia 2009-09-29 Ethan Group
1521141 HP DL360p Gen8 E5-2650 Perf AP Server $10,432.79Geoscience Australia 2013-06-21 Ethan Group