SON152668 - Standing Offer for Seismic Reflection Processing Services

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16 contracts, total value $1,279,097.17
Procurement methods: Open via SON 16 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Earth science services 12 $878,831.47
Temporary personnel services 4 $400,265.70


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Geoscience Australia 16 $1,279,097.17


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Velseis Processing Pty Ltd 3 $166,742.40
Fugro Seismic Imaging Pty Ltd 7 $814,381.47
Spectrum Geo Inc 6 $297,973.30


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
880981 Seismic Processing of the Petrel Sub-basin $270,006.00Geoscience Australia 2012-08-13 Fugro Seismic Imaging Pty Ltd
158946 As per RFT 2008/2498 Seismic Processing $212,755.40Geoscience Australia 2009-01-29 Fugro Seismic Imaging Pty Ltd
444353 Reprocessing Canning Basin seismic data $121,752.40Geoscience Australia 2011-10-26 Velseis Processing Pty Ltd
1253811 Well-Based Feasibility Study and simultaneous AVO Inversion & Facies and Fluids Probability analysis $102,949.00Geoscience Australia 2013-02-13 Fugro Seismic Imaging Pty Ltd
1067061 Pre-stack Depth Migration processing and ATI and TTI Anistropy $94,723.75Geoscience Australia 2012-11-23 Fugro Seismic Imaging Pty Ltd
254473 Order Number CMC G2681CD. Completion of Reprocessing project Data Processing $88,746.90Geoscience Australia 2009-12-02 Fugro Seismic Imaging Pty Ltd
207520 Completion of Seismic Data Processing as per RFT2008/2498 by 21 July 2009 $76,365.30Geoscience Australia 2009-05-15 Spectrum Geo Inc
225320 Contract G2681BA Seismic Processing as per RFT 2008/2498 $69,423.00Geoscience Australia 2009-08-05 Spectrum Geo Inc
207516 Seismic Data Processing $55,845.00Geoscience Australia 2009-06-23 Spectrum Geo Inc
207518 Seismic Data Processin $55,300.00Geoscience Australia 2009-06-03 Spectrum Geo Inc
269031 CMC G2681CE Depth Processing of data $25,752.65Geoscience Australia 2010-02-03 Fugro Seismic Imaging Pty Ltd
407856 Processing of Lower Lesueur Reflection Seismic Data $24,200.00Geoscience Australia 2011-06-16 Velseis Processing Pty Ltd
288566 As per statement of requirement in the RFT 2008/2498 and RFQ CMC 2681-9. Completion of data processing $23,000.00Geoscience Australia 2010-04-22 Spectrum Geo Inc
254497 Order Number CMC G2681AA Processing of 210kms of Marine 2D seismic Data. Additional lines to those services as detailed in RFQ no: CMC2681-8. $20,790.00Geoscience Australia 2009-12-15 Velseis Processing Pty Ltd
1067411 Cost recovery for pre-processing of supplied data $19,447.77Geoscience Australia 2012-11-02 Fugro Seismic Imaging Pty Ltd
269025 As per Statement of Requirement in the RFT 2008/2498 seismic data processing $18,040.00Geoscience Australia 2010-02-03 Spectrum Geo Inc