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25 contracts, total value $1,017,503.19
Procurement methods: Open via SON 21 contracts, 84.00%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 4.00%, limited 3 contracts, 12.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Earth science services 4 $397,834.00
Professional engineering services 20 $589,958.46
Temporary personnel services 1 $29,710.73


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Geoscience Australia 25 $1,017,503.19


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Keiraville Konsultants Pty Ltd 1 $11,440.00
GeoS4 Gmbh 5 $157,253.84
Badley Geoscience Ltd 1 $91,000.00
Antiques ACT T/AS Consultant Palynological Services 1 $49,500.00
Frog Tech 3 $306,834.00
Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd 7 $252,448.35
CSIRO 7 $149,027.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1974861 Sequence stratigraphic and structural interpretation of seismic and well datasets. $232,760.00Geoscience Australia 2013-12-11 Frog Tech
1067541 Study of Bonaparte Basin $91,000.00Geoscience Australia 2012-10-25 Badley Geoscience Ltd
1067511 TOC and Rock-Eval analyses of 300 samples from the Georgina Basin $62,370.00Geoscience Australia 2012-10-29 Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd
158909 Multiphase Kerogen Kinetics on 6 samples from the Otway, Browse & Perth Basins. As per official Order G2488EB. $29,700 EURO $55,565.95Geoscience Australia 2009-01-08 GeoS4 Gmbh
1703611 TOC and Rock Eval Analyses Georgina Basin $54,147.50Geoscience Australia 2013-08-06 Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd
780711 Interpretation of Paly slides $49,500.00Geoscience Australia 2012-07-30 Antiques ACT T/AS Consultant Palynological Services
686601 Hydrogeological Services for Groundwater Projects $39,600.00Geoscience Australia 2012-06-18 Frog Tech
1067431 GOI sample analysis $38,499.00Geoscience Australia 2012-11-02 CSIRO
1378791 TOC and Rock-Eval analyses $38,478.00Geoscience Australia 2013-04-24 Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd
478455 Tectono-stratigraphic Framework Studies relating to Arid Zone Hydrogeology in Cenozoic Basins and Palaeovalleys $34,474.00Geoscience Australia 2012-03-27 Frog Tech
1861071 TOC and Rock-Eval analyses $34,434.40Geoscience Australia 2013-10-11 Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd
478435 Samples for GC-MS analyses $33,000.00Geoscience Australia 2012-03-30 CSIRO

TOC and Rock-Eval analyses

$31,744.35Geoscience Australia 2012-06-06 Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd
149792 RockEval/TOC and Pyrolysis gas chromatography of 24 rock samples followed by bulk kinetics of hydrocarbon generation on 5 selected samples as per GeoS4 Offer 20081101 of 25 November 2008 $29,710.73Geoscience Australia 2008-12-23 GeoS4 Gmbh
397005 Multi-component (phase) kinetics on four Perth Basin source rock kerogens (4 @ 4,950 euros) $27,448.00Geoscience Australia 2011-05-11 GeoS4 Gmbh
1521841 Phase Kinetics Modelling - Georgina, Canning and Petrel sub-basins - Type II Marine Organic Matter $25,476.04Geoscience Australia 2013-06-04 GeoS4 Gmbh
387485 Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatogtaphy results on 29 kerogens including digital spreadsheets of yields and calculated ratios from C1-C4, C5-C31 alkene/alkanes, C0-C2 phenols, C0-C2 thiophenes. $19,905.60Geoscience Australia 2011-04-05 Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd
158934 Phase Predication Study, 2 samples Canning Basin as per GeoS4 offical order G2488EC $19,053.12Geoscience Australia 2009-01-21 GeoS4 Gmbh
339321 Perth Basin: GOI analyses $18,062.00Geoscience Australia 2010-09-13 CSIRO
275674 Results and report on fluorescence alteration of multi macerals (FAMM) analysis on 17 Perth basin cores and cuttings (Contract G2488GB) $17,490.00Geoscience Australia 2010-03-22 CSIRO
1425691 Oil samples for GC-MS SIM analyses $14,058.00Geoscience Australia 2013-05-08 CSIRO
880951 Oil samples for GC-MS SIM analyses $14,058.00Geoscience Australia 2012-08-13 CSIRO
269017 Molecular Composition of Inclusions (MCI) analysis $13,860.00Geoscience Australia 2010-02-01 CSIRO
275673 Results and report on vitrinite reflectance and maceral measurements on 65 Perth basin cores, swc and cuttings samples (Contract G2488JC) $11,440.00Geoscience Australia 2010-03-22 Keiraville Konsultants Pty Ltd
578381 TOC and Rock-Eval analyses of samples $11,368.50Geoscience Australia 2012-05-22 Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd