Portraits (60121004)

Parent Category: 60120000 Arts and crafts equipment and accessories and supplies
Grandparent Category: 60000000 Musical Instruments and Games and Toys and Arts and Crafts and Educational Equipment and Materials and Accessories and Supplies

3 contracts, total value $55,573.10
Procurement methods: limited 3 contracts, 100.00%,


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Robert L Hannaford 2 $38,770.60
Jiawei Studio 1 $16,802.50


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Parliamentary Services 3 $55,573.10


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
132658 Provision of Artistic Services $22,000.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2008-09-29 Robert L Hannaford
56387 Provision of Art Services $16,802.50Department of Parliamentary Services 2008-01-24 Jiawei Studio
107313 Portrait of Governor General $16,770.60Department of Parliamentary Services 2008-07-04 Robert L Hannaford