Pharmacists (85121900)

Parent Category: 85120000 Medical practice
Grandparent Category: 85000000 Healthcare Services

10 contracts, total value $524,859.28
Procurement methods: limited 10 contracts, 100.00%,


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Mark Stephen Baldock 10 $524,859.28


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Attorney-General's Department 10 $524,859.28


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
171061 PROVISION OF PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES TO IOTHS $113,656.10Attorney-General's Department 2009-02-25 Mark Stephen Baldock
236769 *PROVISION OF PHARMACEUTICAL SERV TO IOTHS $111,689.73Attorney-General's Department 2009-09-22 Mark Stephen Baldock
200179 PROVISION OF PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICE $111,689.73Attorney-General's Department 2009-06-16 Mark Stephen Baldock
142266 Provision of Pharmaceutical services to Indian Ocean Territories Health Services 1.10-31.12.08 $110,505.62Attorney-General's Department 2008-10-02 Mark Stephen Baldock
200188 PROVISION OF PHARMACY SUPPLY $21,738.09Attorney-General's Department 2009-06-15 Mark Stephen Baldock
193150 PROVISION OF PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLIES $12,795.75Attorney-General's Department 2009-05-02 Mark Stephen Baldock
181015 PROVISION OF PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLIES TO IOTHS $11,333.30Attorney-General's Department 2009-02-04 Mark Stephen Baldock
154389 PROVISION OF PHARMACEUTOCAL SUPPLIES TO IOTHS CI&CKI $10,631.60Attorney-General's Department 2009-01-04 Mark Stephen Baldock
148745 PROVISION OF PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPPLIES TO IOTHS CI & CKI FOR NOV '08 $10,570.11Attorney-General's Department 2008-12-04 Mark Stephen Baldock
181012 PROVISION OF PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLIES TO IOTHS $10,249.25Attorney-General's Department 2009-04-01 Mark Stephen Baldock