Lithium batteries (26111711)

Parent Category: 26110000 Batteries and generators and kinetic power transmission
Grandparent Category: 26000000 Power Generation and Distribution Machinery and Accessories

25 contracts, total value $11,608,001.42
Procurement methods: Open 6 contracts, 24.00%, Prequalified 10 contracts, 40.00%, limited 9 contracts, 36.00%,


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD 6 $7,272,380.13
SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD 7 $3,302,081.20
THALES AUSTRALIA 2 $633,435.00
THEISS SERVICES 1 $132,715.78
Energizer Australia Pty Ltd 2 $84,892.63
SIMPOWER LTD 2 $81,619.68
BAE SYSTEMS 1 $44,195.60
Battery Specialties (Aust) 1 $15,400.00
J BLACKWOOD & SON LTD 1 $14,661.40
International Technologies Pty Ltd 1 $13,640.00
Sealed Performance Batteries 1 $12,980.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Defence Materiel Organisation 23 $11,578,853.02
Department of Defence 2 $29,148.40


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
232374 Battery, Nonrechaargeable, 28 VDC, 8 AH LITHIUM SULPHUR DIOXIDE, C/W COMPLETE DISCHARGE DEVICE $3,135,000.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-10-07 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
87903 Battery Nonrechargble BA-F300 $2,508,000.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-05-26 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
239680 Battery,Nonrechargeable. Lithium Sulphur Dioxide. 24V, BA-5590/U $2,475,000.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-11-06 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
87904 Battery Nonrechargeable BA-F300 $1,379,400.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-05-27 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
50260 Battery, nonrechargeable Lithium sulphurDioxide24V BA-5590/U $674,300.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-12-06 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
37344 Battery, Storage, 3.6 Lithium ION MBITR  $386,628.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-10-09 THALES AUSTRALIA
49198 Battery storage 3.6 AMP/HR LITHIUMJ ION MBITR $246,807.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-11-28 THALES AUSTRALIA
63758 Disposal of Batteries at Moorebank NSW $132,715.78Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-11-14 THEISS SERVICES
174348 Adjusted Exchange Rate Variation as per Standing Offer 01/2004 $115,340.13Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-03-03 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
56865 BATTERY NONRECHARGEABLE: LITHIUM SULPHUR DIOXIDE, 12V $74,800.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-01-25 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
35953 Battery, Nonrechargeable 1.5V cylindrical, AA size Alkaline. $70,405.63Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-10-01 Energizer Australia Pty Ltd
45887 Battery Nonrechargeable: Lithium Sulphur Dioxide 12V $59,840.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-11-12 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
217693 Non Rechargeable Lithium Batteries $44,195.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-08-18 BAE SYSTEMS
50266 Battery, Nonrechargeable alkaline Manganese Dioxide $40,809.84Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-12-06 SIMPOWER LTD
50267 BATTERY, NONRECHARGEABLE ALKALINE MANGANESE DIOXIDE $40,809.84Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-12-06 SIMPOWER LTD
34631 Battery, Nonrechargeable Lithium Sulphur Dioxide 12V $37,400.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-09-24 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
34620 Battery, Nonrechargeable Lilthium Sulphur Dioxide, 12V $37,400.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-09-17 Saft Batteries Pty Ltd


$33,211.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-01-31 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
209650 NSN 6135-14-434-0766 Battery, Nonrechargeable, Lithium, PS 42A $28,050.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-28 Saft Batteries
28743 Battery, Nonrechargeable 3.6V Lithium,1/2AA Size, 0.95 AH  $16,720.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-09-07 SAFT BATTERIES PTY LTD
227383 3 Volt Lithium Non-Rechargeable Batteries $15,400.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-09-11 Battery Specialties (Aust)
227487 NON RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES $14,661.40Department of Defence 2009-09-16 J BLACKWOOD & SON LTD
64554 nonrechargeable batteries $14,487.00Department of Defence 2008-03-07 Energizer Australia Pty Ltd
72476 Discharger, Lithium Battery $13,640.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-04-24 International Technologies Pty Ltd
212763 Purchase of 3 Volt Lithium Non Rechargeable Batteries. $12,980.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-08-05 Sealed Performance Batteries