Document scanning service (81112005)

Parent Category: 81110000 Computer services
Grandparent Category: 81000000 Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services

9 contracts, total value $2,162,110.36
Confidentialities: 3 contracts, 33.33%( 2 on the contract, 1 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 4 contracts, 44.44%, limited 5 contracts, 55.56%,


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Sema Group Pty Ltd 5 $2,053,363.36
Hermes Precisa Pty Ltd 2 $84,800.00
Vision and beyond 1 $13,200.00
Microsystems Pty Ltd 1 $10,747.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Electoral Commission 5 $2,053,363.36
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 1 $69,800.00
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 1 $15,000.00
Family Court of Australia 1 $13,200.00
Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 1 $10,747.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
85653 SecurDocs $1,843,600.00Australian Electoral Commission 2007-09-01 Sema Group Pty Ltd
36796 Scanning Imaging Services $136,741.48Australian Electoral Commission 2007-09-01 SEMA Group Pty Ltd
56326 Digitisation of Library Material $69,800.00Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2007-09-29 HERMES PRECISA Pty Ltd
249286 Document scanning services $30,493.44Australian Electoral Commission 2009-12-17 Sema Group Pty Ltd
249671 Project Management Fee & Scanning of Documents $28,472.64Australian Electoral Commission 2009-12-01 Sema Group Pty Ltd
111507 Scanning Services $15,000.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2008-07-28 Hermes Precisa Pty Ltd
119741 Storage of Images $14,055.80Australian Electoral Commission 2003-10-01 Sema Group Pty Ltd
184262 Provision of Scanning for Full Court Judgements $13,200.00Family Court of Australia 2009-05-18 Vision and beyond
91387 Scanning project. $10,747.00Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 2008-06-09 Microsystems Pty Ltd