Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

11 contracts, total value $49,933,688.08
Procurement methods: Open 7 contracts, 63.64%, Prequalified 4 contracts, 36.36%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
General building construction 4 $2,509,962.35
Security guard services 2 $3,331,584.50
Commercial or industrial construction 1 $14,760,387.40
Decontamination services 1 $25,947,643.19
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 1 $1,771,273.90
Management and provision of all facilities engineering modification and maintenance services for a site or platform 1 $112,836.74
Marine transport 1 $1,500,000.00


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Theiss Services Pty Ltd 1 $25,947,643.19
Haslin Contructions Pty Ltd 1 $14,760,387.40
Synergy Protection Agency Pty Ltd t/a Always Synergy 2 $3,331,584.50
A. J. Bristow & Sons Pty Ltd 3 $1,988,562.35
Traditional Restoration Company Pty Ltd 1 $1,771,273.90
Polaris Marine Pty Ltd 1 $1,500,000.00
SMC Marine Pty Ltd 1 $521,400.00
Commercial Diving Services 1 $112,836.74


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
724991 Former HMAS Platypus Site Major Remediation Works $25,947,643.19Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2012-03-25 Theiss Services Pty Ltd
3658719 Carry out all works in accordance with contract T2295/2017 for the project Stage 1B Contruction Works at the former HMAS Platypus site, North Sydney. $14,760,387.40Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2018-08-28 Haslin Contructions Pty Ltd
3658578 Provision of security services on Sydney Harbour Federation Trust land $1,797,600.00Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2017-11-01 Synergy Protection Agency Pty Ltd t/a Always Synergy
3403321 The Trust has been awarded a grant under the National Historic Sites Program to undertake external conservation works to the Convict Workshops, Cockatoo Island. The scope of works covers: · extensive stone · repairs to the ashlar sandstone walls · installation of new lead flashing to existing stone cornice · restoration of the existing timber windows and doors · new windows where original windows have been removed, and · internal & external painting of all joinery elements, windows and doors $1,771,273.90Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2016-09-06 Traditional Restoration Company Pty Ltd
3658581 Provision of security services for Sydney Harbour Federation Trust land. $1,533,984.50Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2012-07-31 Synergy Protection Agency Pty Ltd t/a Always Synergy
3652865 Barging Services for Cockatoo Island $1,500,000.00Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2019-11-01 Polaris Marine Pty Ltd
1569701 Redevelopment of Four Townhouses Located at Macquarie Lightstation Vaucluse $1,131,739.35Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2013-02-22 A. J. Bristow & Sons Pty Ltd
1569731 Remediation of Larc Park at Woolwich $557,623.00Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2013-01-17 A. J. Bristow & Sons Pty Ltd
3403281 Carry out the design, supply and installation of a new wharf deck to the Northern end of the Platypus site. Works include but are not limited to the timber deck, fender system, stairs, handrails and ramp and other accessories $521,400.00Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2016-07-19 SMC Marine Pty Ltd
3403284 Undertake the refurbishment of 1009 Dominion Crescent $299,200.00Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2016-11-15 A J Bristow & Sons Pty Ltd
3403318 Provide diving services for installation of HDPE pipes between Cockatoo Island and Elkington Park Foreshore $112,836.74Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 2016-03-30 Commercial Diving Services