Regional Investment Corporation

24 contracts, total value $26,319,167.25
Procurement methods: Open 6 contracts, 25.00%, Open via SON 10 contracts, 41.67%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 4.17%, limited 7 contracts, 29.17%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Personnel recruitment 9 $2,792,282.60
Banking and investment 2 $20,830,076.67
Office furniture 2 $252,959.00
Corporate objectives or policy development 1 $87,000.00
Data services 1 $151,800.00
Environmental management 1 $142,181.47
Internal audits 1 $286,787.00
Lease and rental of property or building 1 $739,669.70
Legal services 1 $121,054.91
Management advisory services 1 $241,269.90

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
127074 Consultancy and Business Services under a Standing Offer Panel... 1 $87,000.00
Environmental Research and Analysis Panel Environmental Themes... 1 $142,181.47
Internal Audit Service Panel 1 $286,787.00
Recruitment and Related Services Panel 2 $207,000.00
Business Advisory Panel 1 $241,269.90
Corporate and Commercial Parcel – General 1 $121,054.91
Digital Marketplace Panel ( 2 $280,060.00
Capability Support Services Panel 2 $500,000.00


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited 1 $20,726,126.67
Spinifex Recruiting 1 $750,000.00
Petrinovic Family Pty Limited 1 $739,669.70
Complete Staff Solutions 2 $638,325.13
Skillset 1 $500,000.00
Hays Recruiting 2 $357,000.00
McgrathNicol Advisory Partnership 1 $286,787.00
Hudson Global Resources (Aust) Ltd 1 $250,000.00
Forward IT (Australia) 1 $250,000.00
Ernst Young 1 $241,269.90
Spinifex Recruiting 1 $196,957.47
Essence Communications 1 $175,826.00
Data Consilium 1 $151,800.00
ANU Enterprise Pty Ltd 1 $142,181.47
PD&S Bayada T/A Q Office Furniture 1 $132,209.00
Foresight IT Consulting Pty Ltd 1 $128,260.00
King & Wood Mallesons 1 $121,054.91
QOF Pty Ltd t/as Q Office Furniture 1 $120,750.00
Strategic Reform 1 $120,000.00
Rich & Rumble Consulting Pty Ltd 1 $103,950.00
Horizon One Recruitment Pty Ltd 1 $100,000.00
Callida Consulting 1 $87,000.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3522352-A1 The Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) has engaged Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited to implement and provide loan assessment and management service to the RIC. They will work with the RIC to ensure that the services are performed in a streamlined and nationally consistent manner over the life of the contract.   $20,726,126.67Regional Investment Corporation 2018-07-01 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
3702505-A1 Fixed Term Labour Hire $750,000.00Regional Investment Corporation 2020-07-01 Spinifex Recruiting
3556853 Property lease for Regional Investment Corporation head office at Suite 3, 122-124 Kite Street, Orange, NSW, 2800 $739,669.70Regional Investment Corporation 2018-11-02 Petrinovic Family Pty Limited
3726242-A1 Recruitment of personnel $500,000.00Regional Investment Corporation 2020-07-01 Complete Staff Solutions
3701099-A1 Fixed Term/Labour Hire Recruitment Agreement $500,000.00Regional Investment Corporation 2020-07-01 Skillset
3549925 Internal audit services $286,787.00Regional Investment Corporation 2018-10-18 McgrathNicol Advisory Partnership
3710515 ICT equipment $250,000.00Regional Investment Corporation 2020-08-10 Forward IT (Australia)
3726049 Recruitment $250,000.00Regional Investment Corporation 2020-10-02 Hays Recruitment
3725882 Recruitment $250,000.00Regional Investment Corporation 2020-10-02 Hudson Global Resources (Aust) Ltd
3710423 Transformation Strategy and Business Plan $241,269.90Regional Investment Corporation 2020-08-10 Ernst Young
3681811 Recruitment - Consultancy Services $196,957.47Regional Investment Corporation 2020-03-18 Spinifex Recruiting
3545820 Market research to better understand rural and regional community awareness, attitudes, views and perceptions of low-interest government funded farm business loans. $175,826.00Regional Investment Corporation 2018-08-14 Essence Communications
3675352 Design and development of priority dashboards and associated Data Quality improvement, develop RIC Data Strategy, Implement Assessment Recommendations including required infrastructure and dashboards, and report definition and associated dashboard $151,800.00Regional Investment Corporation 2020-04-23 Data Consilium
3596534 This research will leverage the CCA’s recommendations, to specifically look at how the RIC can deliver an effective loan program to encourage farmers to take up climate smart farming practices and technologies that also improve on-farm profitability. In addition to advice on the design of a climate focussed loans program, we are also seeking advice on: opportunities to, and the benefits of, partnering with other programs with similar objectives, and an analysis of any potential perverse outcomes.   $142,181.47Regional Investment Corporation 2019-05-20 ANU Enterprise Pty Ltd
3681812 Recruitment Services - Consultants $138,325.13Regional Investment Corporation 2020-03-06 Complete Staff Solutions
3561679 Funrinture procurement, delivery and installation for the Regional Investment Corporation head office, Orange, NSW $132,209.00Regional Investment Corporation 2018-11-12 PD&S Bayada T/A Q Office Furniture
3659755 Cyber security advisory services $128,260.00Regional Investment Corporation 2019-09-16 Foresight IT Consulting Pty Ltd
3521090 To support the Regional Investment Corporation with legal advice as required. $121,054.91Regional Investment Corporation 2018-05-31 King & Wood Mallesons
3665258 delivery and installation of workstations including softwiring system, mobile pedestals, monitor arms, ottomans, in accordance with layout drawings, refit existing workstations in accordance with the layout drawings $120,750.00Regional Investment Corporation 2020-02-19 QOF Pty Ltd t/as Q Office Furniture
3665262 Provision of professional consultation services to the RIC to support realignment of RIC positions with the PAS Work Level Standards and a proposed pay classification structure $120,000.00Regional Investment Corporation 2019-09-30 Strategic Reform
3528412 Supporting Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) team across a broad range of procurement activities. $107,000.00Regional Investment Corporation 2018-06-18 Hays Recruiting
3673854 Consultancy services to undertake assessment of AgBiz Drought Loan Preliminary Application form $103,950.00Regional Investment Corporation 2020-01-13 Rich & Rumble Consulting Pty Ltd
3543957 Provision of Recruitment services to the Regional Investment Corporation to support the recruitment of permanent employees for the Orange office $100,000.00Regional Investment Corporation 2018-09-21 Horizon One Recruitment Pty Ltd
3617405 Development of the RIC's Corporate Plan and Annual Report     $87,000.00Regional Investment Corporation 2019-07-11 Callida Consulting