Commonwealth Grants Commission

101 contracts, total value $7,443,767.75
Consultancies: 34 contracts, 33.66%
Confidentialities: 24 contracts, 23.76%( 14 on the contract, 10 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 20 contracts, 19.80%, Open via SON 10 contracts, 9.90%, Prequalified 36 contracts, 35.64%, limited 35 contracts, 34.65%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software maintenance and support 8 $244,765.98
Computer Equipment and Accessories 7 $225,493.03
Information technology consultation services 7 $845,465.50
Business intelligence consulting services 5 $232,021.40
Economic analysis 4 $258,211.00
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 3 $77,572.40
Data services 3 $52,300.50
Maintenance or support fees 3 $60,460.25
Human resources services 3 $182,870.00
Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories 3 $77,166.00

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Secure Internet Gateway Services 1 $179,190.00
ICT Hardware and Associated Services Panel (ICT Hardware Panel) 1 $33,792.00
Supply electricity to Commonwealth Government agencies in ACT 1 $120,000.00
Head Agreement for the Provision of Certain Desktop Hardware and... 1 $11,302.50
Digital Marketplace Panel ( 2 $734,369.50
Accommodation Program Management Services for the Australian Government 1 $30,000.00
Hardware Marketplace Panel 1 $18,038.79
Whole of Government Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR)... 1 $10,865.00
Whole of Government (WoG) Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS) Panel... 1 $18,000.00
SON - photocopiers and support agreements. 1 $11,155.00


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Joleta Pty Limited & Leslie Raymond Bowyer 1 $2,278,700.00
A23 Pty Ltd 4 $728,385.79
Qantas Airways Limited 1 $500,000.00
Correct Communications Pty Ltd 4 $230,806.26
Blackett Commercial 2 $223,386.30
By Storm Pty Ltd 1 $220,000.00
Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd 3 $182,870.00
Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd 1 $179,190.00
Australian National University 3 $178,981.00
Ultra Care Cleaning Services 3 $177,927.69
Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd 1 $157,711.40
Dell Australia Pty Limited 4 $136,067.97
HiTech Group 1 $130,000.00
ActewAGL 1 $120,000.00
Telstra Corporation Limited 1 $120,000.00
Blake Dawson 3 $90,092.65
Pottinger Co Pty Ltd 1 $80,000.00
Flinders University of South Australia 1 $76,230.00
Emanate Technology Pty Ltd 1 $70,000.00
Data#3 5 $66,895.98
Bull & Bear Special Assignments 1 $57,400.00
OPC IT Pty Limited 2 $55,924.00
Rutledgeav 2 $54,993.15
The University of Melbourne (UMEE Ltd) 1 $52,853.00
Australian Institute of Health & Welfare 3 $52,300.50
Australian Bureau of Statistics 2 $52,120.00
University of South Australia 1 $50,000.00
McGrath Nicol & Partners 1 $50,000.00
Paladin Risk Management Services 1 $49,500.00
ACER Computers Australia 1 $47,111.06
Datavoice Communications Pty Ltd 1 $45,165.00
Pitney Bowes Australia Pty Ltd 1 $45,140.84
TransAct Capital Communications 2 $43,400.00
Glenn Pure 3 $43,310.00
Ethan Group 2 $39,188.60
KPMG Australia 1 $36,830.00
Department of Finance 1 $33,766.00
J and J McAlister Pty Ltd 1 $33,660.00
Iron Mountain Australia Pty Ltd 1 $33,489.50
Bro-IT Pty Ltd 1 $33,000.00
AOT Group Ltd 1 $30,000.00
Dr Arthur McHugh 1 $30,000.00
Synergies Economic Consulting Unit Trust 1 $28,600.00
UXC Connect Pty Ltd 1 $28,044.83
Typeyard Design & Advertising Pty Ltd 1 $27,709.00
Hewlett Packard 1 $27,682.45
iCognition 2 $25,740.00
Airlock Digital 1 $25,080.00
InfoCapital Pty Ltd 1 $24,086.37
Claricent Pty Ltd 1 $22,880.00
Oobe Pty Ltd 1 $22,880.00
Dimension Data 1 $21,616.22
Geoscience Australia 1 $21,580.00
Squiz Australia Pty Ltd 1 $21,542.40
DDLS Australia Pty Ltd 1 $20,450.10
Foward IT 1 $18,038.79
Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd 1 $18,000.00
Christine Butterfield 1 $16,906.00
Malcolm Nicholas 1 $16,000.00
Robert Wills 1 $15,660.00
Grace Information Management 1 $15,500.00
Dominic Downie & Associates Pty Ltd 1 $15,400.00
Horizon One Recruitment 1 $12,855.00
Wizard Computer Training 1 $12,276.00
NATSEM at the University of Canberra 1 $11,825.00
Staples Technology Solutions 1 $11,743.90
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd 1 $11,155.00
Mind Resources Pty Ltd 1 $10,120.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3284878 Lease of Level 2, Phoenix House, 86-88 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon ACT 2612 $2,278,700.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-07-01 Joleta Pty Limited & Leslie Raymond Bowyer
3632274-A1 ICT Transition $604,369.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-10-01 A23 Pty Ltd
42596 Travel management  and service provision $500,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2007-10-01 Qantas Airways Limited
3671905 ICT Contractor $220,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-11-01 By Storm Pty Ltd
3380290 Secure Internet Gteway Services $179,190.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2016-09-30 Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd
3422916 Development of a model or models that can be used to assess state and territory urban transport recurrent and infrastructure expenditure. $157,711.40Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-04-26 Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd
3140152 Fitout and office refurbishment $146,680.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-05-11 Blackett Commercial Pty Ltd
3507783 A consultancy to inform the members of the Commission on the extent to which its measures of State revenues are affected by differences in each states's effective tax rates over time, including the impact of tax thresholds and progressively where relevant, the consultant should conduct a study, building on the previous scoping study, involving specific tasks as outlined in the contract documents. $133,231.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-05-21 Australian National University
3632548 ICT Transformation Project $130,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-09-23 HiTech Group
3708411 Internet services $120,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2020-02-05 Telstra Corporation Limited
3367967 Electricity supply-utilities $120,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2016-07-01 ActewAGL
1249421 Consultancy to provide advice on the effects of interstate differences in the physical environment on state government spending. $80,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-01-29 Pottinger Co Pty Ltd
3335219 Hardware Replacement and upgrade including hardware, storage, networking and virtualization infrastructure. $79,041.82Commonwealth Grants Commission 2016-03-18 Correct Communications Pty Ltd
3594340 Reconfigure and refit Corporate & Partial Executive Areas $76,706.30Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-05-20 Blackett Commercial
3284799 Consultancy to provide significant empirical and theoretical evidence to resolve a range of state and territory concerns with the assessment of wage costs and to assist the Commission to make a judgement about the future of the assessment $76,230.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-08-03 Flinders University of South Australia
410655-A1 Outsourced Payroll System $75,870.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2011-04-20 Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd
3734589 IT Contractor $70,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2020-11-16 Emanate Technology Pty Ltd
337807-A1 Cleaning Services and supplies $67,250.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2010-07-26 Ultra Care Cleaning Services
3409520 Computer hardware, software, support and installation services. $64,510.58Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-02-24 Correct Communications Pty Ltd
3526794 IT Switch replacement and wireless facilities $62,873.61Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-06-12 Cirrus Networks
3140142 Provision of cleaning services to leased premises $59,035.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-07-01 Chrysollie Pty Ltd Tas Ultra Care Cleaning Services
3594313-A1 Consultantancy to review and report on propsed Corporate Services Realignment $57,400.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-04-09 Bull & Bear Special Assignments
192574 Provision of outsourced Human Resources Services $57,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-07-01 Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd
223463 Consultancy for Modelling of Post-Compulsory School Enrolments Assessment $52,853.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-08-13 The University of Melbourne (UMEE Ltd)
1642171 Provision of cleaning services and provision of consumable products for 2 years. $51,642.69Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-07-29 Ultra Care Cleaning Services
3673095 Decommissioning + Post Implementation Support $50,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2020-04-06 A23 Pty Ltd

QA Consultancy for calculation audits and compliancy

$50,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2007-09-15 McGrath Nicol & Partners
156726 Service provision in the development of a transport services assessment $50,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-02-05 University of South Australia
2426292-A3 Provision of Payroll Services $50,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2014-04-15 Aurion Corporation PTY LTD
3578803 Review and deveopment of Risk Managment Framework, policy and register $49,500.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-03-01 Paladin Risk Management Services
3673091 Gateway design and implementation $47,396.29Commonwealth Grants Commission 2020-03-27 A23 Pty Ltd
474039 Computer Equipment and accessories x 37 $47,111.06Commonwealth Grants Commission 2012-03-23 ACER Computers Australia
3140782 Voice services - telephones $45,165.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-06-12 Datavoice Communications Pty Ltd
3527327 MapInfo Premium Licence, 1 year maintenance and 1 year technical support. $45,140.84Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-06-27 Pitney Bowes Australia Pty Ltd
3515208 Website migration to govCMS $44,924.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-06-05 OPC IT Pty Limited
3424348 WoG ICT Harware Procurment Panel Optiplex 7050 Small Form Factor CTO x 35 $42,037.77Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-04-10 Dell Australia Pty Limited
24673 data provision until June 2009 (GAPS ID: 1522890) $42,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2005-07-01 AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF STATISTICS
3526742-A1 Legal advice/sevices $40,730.15Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-06-18 Ashurst Australia
180066 Audit of CGC Assessment System $36,830.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-04-28 KPMG Australia
3436232 Consultancy on Tax Elasticities and State revenue bases $35,750.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-06-22 Australian national University
128906 Examination of Interstate differences in transactions subject to stamp duty on conveyances $35,200.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-09-01 Blake Dawson

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise OLP LN Local Gov

$35,029.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-09-16 Dell Computer Pty Limited
3504550 64 Dell Monitors as part of IT upgrade. Dell Utrasharp U2715H. $33,792.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-04-27 Dell Australia Pty Ltd
3336889-A1 Project to install 24 core lead-in to Commonwealth Greants Commission - ICON Project $33,766.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2016-03-30 Department of Finance
3565383 Independent Technical review of current Assessment System - IT Consultancy Services $33,660.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-10-02 J and J McAlister Pty Ltd
135706 Records Management - File Sentencing Project & storing $33,489.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-08-30 Iron Mountain Australia Pty Ltd
3727647 M365 & Azure Support $33,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2020-11-01 Bro-IT Pty Ltd
243838 Audit of decision making processes in the 2010 Review. $30,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-11-02 Dr Arthur McHugh
3464956 Accommodation Program Management Services for the Australian Government $30,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-10-16 AOT Group Ltd
3578805 Technical and expert advice on submissions from states and alternatives relating to previous transport consultancy $28,600.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-02-18 Synergies Economic Consulting Unit Trust
3526745 Conference and meeting room - audio and visual equipment variations $28,224.04Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-06-26 Rutledge AV Engineering
1642211 Computer Equipment and accessories $28,044.83Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-06-27 UXC Connect Pty Ltd
3422903 Carriage services for voice and internet communications. $28,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-05-03 Transact Capital Communications Pty Ltd
3702671 Microsoft Surface Pro 7 x 15 $27,886.10Commonwealth Grants Commission 2020-06-22 Ethan Group
3604628 Rebranding of Commonwealth Grants Commission and reference materials $27,709.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-06-11 Typeyard Design & Advertising Pty Ltd
474035 HP z800 Workstations and and associated hardware $27,682.45Commonwealth Grants Commission 2012-03-22 Hewlett Packard
3486192 Conference room AV Equipment upgrade including ineractive touch screen $26,769.11Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-02-09 Rutledgeav
3594339 COnsultancy to develop an ICT Strategy and Roadmap as part of a broader corporate strategy. $26,620.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-05-07 A23
3424349 WoG ICT Hardware Procurement Panel Alienware Aurora R6 Desktop x 5 $25,208.70Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-04-10 Dell Australia Pty Limited
3692603 Whitelisting 36 month subscription & Hosting fees $25,080.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2020-06-28 Airlock Digital
3604633 Hardware & Software maintenance and tech support. $24,380.25Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-06-02 Correct Communications (Cirrus)
3609491 IBM Planning Analytics Express Licence, Software and support $24,086.37Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-07-01 InfoCapital Pty Ltd
24393 Data on commercial rent (GAPS ID: 1522893) $24,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2005-07-01 AUSTRALIAN VALUATION OFFICE
474031 Supply of Office Software, Licences and support x 45 $22,968.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2012-03-22 Data#3
3604617 PSPF Information Security Gap Analysis Consultancy $22,880.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-05-20 Claricent Pty Ltd
3710344 Engineering Services T&M 12mths compliance service subscription $22,880.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2020-07-20 Oobe Pty Ltd
1642181 Computer Hardware and related equipment $21,616.22Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-06-25 Dimension Data
1312861 Provision of data, indicators & advice on the measurement of topographic features in all States and Territories of Australia. $21,580.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-03-18 Geoscience Australia
255298 Website Hosting Plan (Hosting Software on exclusive server) $21,542.40Commonwealth Grants Commission 2010-02-01 Squiz Australia Pty Ltd
180070 Data for Admitted Patient Expenses by SDC 2004-2007 $20,612.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-04-23 Australian Institute of Health & Welfare
3757600 Mastering Business Analysis - 3 days $20,450.10Commonwealth Grants Commission 2021-04-28 DDLS Australia Pty Ltd

Expertise in the calculation of disability factors, assessed expenses and the manipulation of data for Suitability for input into the Commission's Assessment System

$18,310.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2014-04-28 Glenn Pure
3632778 Microsoft Surface Book 2 x 5  Warranty 2 years $18,038.79Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-09-01 Foward IT
798451-A1 Office Supplies and Stationery. $18,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2012-08-02 Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd
2878952 Audit of calculations and assessment checks for 2015 review external review $16,906.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-01-23 Christine Butterfield
3321615 Report on What States do in relation to the provision of transport services and infrastructure for the 2020 review. $16,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2016-02-22 Malcolm Nicholas
247469 Admitted patient services expenses date and housing services data $15,876.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-11-25 Australian Institute of Health & Welfare
1313141 Public Housing, Indigenous Housing & Community Housing Data. $15,812.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-03-26 Australian Institute Of Health & Welfare
258525 Auditing of Commission Assessment Calculations for the 2010 Review. $15,660.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2010-01-04 Robert Wills
2963082-A1 Packing, transportation & storage of Documents for up to 5 years. $15,500.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-04-01 Grace Information Management
1682051 Provision of voice and data services $15,400.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-08-01 TransAct Capital Communications
2645451 Provide written report on the conseptual validity of the Commission's proposed health assessment for the 2015 review. $15,400.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2014-11-03 Dominic Downie & Associates Pty Ltd
233201 Consultancy - Legal Advice on interstate differences in land tax $14,162.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-09-07 Blake Dawson
3506866 Upgrade of records management system TRIM 7.3 to MF Content Manager 9.1 including user testing $13,860.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-05-25 iCognition
2799632 External Audit of Calculations used for 2015 review $13,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-01-05 Glenn Pure
3708368 Recruitment fee $12,855.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-11-01 Horizon One Recruitment
128914 Computer Upgrade Training Microsoft 2007 $12,276.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-09-15 Wizard Computer Training
2638241 Assist with drafting the Commission's final report on GST Sharing relativities responding to the terms of reference. $12,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2014-10-20 Glenn Pure
3527305 Trim Upgrade implementation and training $11,880.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-06-18 Icognition Pty Ltd

Econometric Consultancy

$11,825.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2014-05-06 NATSEM at the University of Canberra
2837912 Computer Hardware & accessories $11,743.90Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-02-03 Staples Technology Solutions
3527307 Software Licensing and support $11,651.52Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-06-28 Data#3
3306925 15 x 27 Monitors with 4 year warranty $11,302.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-11-10 Ethan Group Pty Ltd
758171 Office Machines and maintenance agreements. $11,155.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2012-06-05 Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
3526751 Support Pack - Prepurchase $11,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-07-01 OPC IT Pty Limited
3257562 Microsoft visual studio premium software assurance license $10,865.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-07-01 Data#3
3578808 Azure and Office 365 Planning & Design $10,800.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2019-02-20 Data#3
3527259 Microsoft Visual Studio Entripse Sub MSDn Licence and 3 year subscription $10,610.96Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-06-13 Data#3
3257642 Microdata subscriptions 2015-16 $10,120.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-07-06 Australian Bureau of Statistics
180052 On line Learning Portal & Training $10,120.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-04-17 Mind Resources Pty Ltd
132737 To provide independent advise on the proposed community and other health services assessment $10,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-10-01 Australian National University