Contract Dashboard

3732745 Furniture $57,806.10Department of Defence 2020-11-24 RECON PROCUREMENT
3732040 Deployable Communications Shelters $16,026.07Department of Defence 2020-11-19 VIPAC ENGINEERS & SCIENTISTS LTD
3732076 Eectronic Receiver Components $102,652.00Department of Defence 2020-11-19 ULTIMATE POSITIONING GROUP PTY LTD
3732538 Retainer Packing $10,330.98Department of Defence 2020-11-09 HASTINGS DEERING (AUST) PTY LTD
3732792 Audio and Visual Presentation and Composing Equipment $15,866.74Department of Defence 2020-11-25 RUTLEDGE ENGINEERING AUST PTY LTD
3731767 Accommodation Services $11,838.21Department of Defence 2020-09-28 PRINCE HOTELS
3381237-A12 Program Management Review. $10,522,346.12Department of Defence 2016-09-28 DMOJSF OFFICIAL AUSTRALIAN ACCOUNT PSFD
3732365 Training $65,800.00Department of Defence 2021-01-01 NSW ELECTRICAL TEST & TAGGING
3732533 Bar Windlass $18,150.00Department of Defence 2020-11-12 ATSEA ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3732677 Trade Study $82,500.00Department of Defence 2020-11-24 RAYTHEON AUST PTY LTD