Contract Dashboard

3724582 Research Agreement $193,584.60Department of Defence 2020-10-13 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA
3724836 Repair of military vehicles or components. $11,587.70Department of Defence 2020-10-06 RGM MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3724540 Aviation Fuel $17,948.95Department of Defence 2020-10-15 IOR AVIATION PTY LTD
3724783 Dispensing pumps $35,475.00Department of Defence 2020-10-09 TECALEMIT PTY LIMITED
3724786 Inventory Spares Buy $68,217.28Department of Defence 2020-10-08 SUPACAT PTY LTD
3724808 Military Equipment Consumable Items $59,917.06Department of Defence 2020-10-06 THALES AUSTRALIA
3592207-A3 Aircraft Maintenance and Support Services $9,479,933.46Department of Defence 2019-04-16 TEMORA AVIATION MUSEUM ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3724386 Accommodation Services $16,469.04Department of Defence 2020-09-30 ZYLMC CDW JT BS LEWIS
3725048 Vehicle Parts $10,514.00Department of Defence 2020-10-15 KAWASAKI CONNECTION
3724842 Tyres $478,684.25Department of Defence 2020-10-06 MARATHON TYRES PTY LTD