Contract Dashboard

3759117 Supply of laboratory equipment $188,672.81Australian Federal Police 2021-03-29 Agilent Technologies Australia Pty
3759126 Provision of venue services $10,200.00Australian Federal Police 2021-03-25 Rex Braddon Pty Limited T/A Canberra Rex Hotel
3759132 Provision of training - estimated $11,145.00Australian Federal Police 2021-03-15 The Escal Institute of Advanced Technology Inc T/a Sans Institute
3759115 Supply of lighting for operational vehicles $46,786.45Australian Federal Police 2021-03-29 Ecco Safety Group Australia Pty Ltd
3759122 Provision of property valuation services $18,000.00Australian Federal Police 2021-03-26 Preston Rowe Paterson (Melbourne)Pt
3759113 Supply of desks $61,737.50Australian Federal Police 2021-03-31 Office Partners International Pty Limited
3759130 Supply of van $66,369.45Australian Federal Police 2021-03-29 SG Fleet Australia Py Limited Com Gov Owned Vehicle
3759112 Provision of electrical wiring $26,878.50Australian Federal Police 2021-03-29 STOWE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3385712-A1 Property lease Melbourne - VIC $69,048,084.46Australian Federal Police 2017-06-16 Investa Listed Funds Management Limited
3759118 Provision of security services - estimated $31,000.00Australian Federal Police 2020-12-28 Guard Dog Security Services Limited