Contract Dashboard

3718888 Sonar Equipment $34,659.90Department of Defence 2020-09-18 NVMS PTY LTD SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3719257 Lubricating Oil $14,165.71Department of Defence 2020-09-09 J. BLACKWOOD and SON PTY LTD
3719208 Life Vest $41,717.50Department of Defence 2020-09-07 SURVITEC GROUP AUSTRALIA
3719254 Hydraulic Fluid $17,491.50Department of Defence 2020-09-08 A.S. HARRISON and CO PTY LIMITED
3719720 Conference Facilities and Catering $30,098.18Department of Defence 2020-07-29 BRISBANE CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTRE
3719237 Repair Military Vehicle $28,011.50Department of Defence 2020-09-07 MOOG AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3719150 Tadano Repair $14,945.47Department of Defence 2020-09-07 DC SERVICES (NQ) PTY LTD
3719677 Software Licence Renewal $14,616.36Department of Defence 2020-09-01 HASTWELL PTY LTD
3718757 Aircraft maintenance $214,143.30Department of Defence 2020-09-17 LOCKHEED MARTIN AUST P/L - AUD
3613240-A2 Independent Board members $214,612.17Department of Defence 2019-07-16 SIRI WILLIAMS FAMILY TRUST