Contract Dashboard

3683133 Refurbishment of Flagpole $79,750.00Department of Defence 2020-05-20 LODGE BROS
3683100 Data Inspection Point $129,228.15Department of Defence 2020-05-19 TRESYS TECHNOLOGY, LLC
3683081 Jump Packs $18,161.00Department of Defence 2020-05-20 PLATYPUS OUTDOORS GROUP PTY LTD
3682370 Aircraft Spares $19,434.51Department of Defence 2020-05-07 TRIMCAST PRODUCTS PTY LTD
3682798 Repair Navigator Delta Set $29,117.95Department of Defence 2020-05-20 BRITTON MARITIME SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3682112 Support $85,410.19Department of Defence 2020-05-15 CIENA CORPORATION
3533793-A4 Domestic Leases $1,924,240.94Department of Defence 2014-09-01 SAVILLS (ACT) PTY LIMITED
3682018 Engine Core $98,331.44Department of Defence 2020-05-15 WESTRAC PTY LTD
3682139 Audio Visual Services $65,058.76Department of Defence 2020-05-01 FREDON (ACT) PTY LIMITED
3681948 Epson Wide Format Printer $20,189.51Department of Education, Skills and Employment 2020-05-19 KYOCERA DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS