Contract Dashboard

3734526 Training $2,150,120.22Department of Defence 2021-01-04 NATIONAL TEST PILOT SCHOOL INC
3686640-A3 Accommodation Works $1,381,966.89Department of Defence 2020-06-02 DLG SHAPE PTY LIMITED
3734404 Software Licences $51,694.50Department of Defence 2021-01-01 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
3728958-A1 Satellite-Based Earth Observation Publications $216,531.83Department of Defence 2020-11-09 EUROCONSULT
3734378 Training Simulation Components $20,707.10Department of Defence 2020-12-03 INVERIS TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3733717 Work Health Safety Training $22,467.50Department of Education, Skills and Employment 2020-11-30 NSCA
3733731 Launch into Work Pre-employment Project $36,749.90Department of Education, Skills and Employment 2020-11-26 AUSTRALIAN UNITY HOME CARE SERVICES
3733718 Project Management Support $74,250.00Department of Education, Skills and Employment 2020-11-27 PM-PARTNERS GROUP
3733725 Capability Team Strategy Development $38,445.00Department of Education, Skills and Employment 2020-11-16 TAILORED HR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3733702 Security Hardware & Accessor $25,388.00Department of Finance 2020-11-30 Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd