Contract Dashboard

3790442 Supply of software licences $30,000.00Australian Federal Police 2021-06-23 SYNTHESIS TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3790443 Provision of legal services $14,500.00Australian Federal Police 2021-06-28 Robert Craig
3790438 Provision of legal services $20,299.99Australian Federal Police 2021-06-30 Robert Craig
3686909-A1 Provision of health and fitness training - estimated $138,000.00Australian Federal Police 2020-06-01 McNashfit & Wellbeing
3548501-A1 Provision of legal services $110,022.28Australian Federal Police 2018-10-22 Luke Livingston
3790445 Provision of medical services $690,000.00Australian Federal Police 2021-06-14 JDR International Pty Ltd
3597939-A2 Provision of property lease $561,753.73Australian Federal Police 2013-04-01 Cairns Airport Pty Ltd
3790449 Supply of software - estimated $40,000.00Australian Federal Police 2021-06-25 Environmental Criminology Research
3790446 Provision of locally engaged staff - estimated $230,000.00Australian Federal Police 2020-02-28 Pacific Manpower PNG Ltd
3790430 Supply of car parks $23,760.00Australian Federal Police 2021-06-17 Kaplan Australia Pty Limited