Contract Dashboard

3661045 Fresh Rations $18,827.36Department of Defence 2019-11-17 BIDFOOD AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3661161 Terrestrial Communications Services $71,640.06Department of Defence 2020-02-13 COBS TELSTRA
3646465-A1 Fuel $1,530,717.10Department of Defence 2020-01-01 AIR BP
3661163 Terrestrial Communications Services $34,221.77Department of Defence 2020-02-04 COBS TELSTRA
3661067 Water Treatment Plant and Backwash System $5,284,281.20Department of Defence 2020-02-19 COLIN JOSS & CO PTY LTD
3516244-A6 Psychological Assessment Services $1,039,502.20Department of Defence 2016-01-15 LSC PSYCHOLOGY PTY LIMITED
3661087 Design Services Consultant $474,683.00Department of Defence 2016-07-14 AECOM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3567864-A1 Defence Infrastructure Panel $1,077,061.70Department of Defence 2019-01-15 DELOITTE
3656862-A1 Information Technology Advisory Services $4,645,127.92Department of Defence 2019-11-21 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS CONSULTING (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED
3661033 Management Advisory Services $502,814.40Department of Defence 2020-03-03 CANBERRA CONSULTING PTY LTD