Contract Dashboard

3660344 Software Renewal $205,397.50Australian Signals Directorate 2020-03-01 DEDICATED SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3661427 Software Support and Maintenance Services $1,631,011.80Australian Signals Directorate 2020-02-28 RED HAT ASIA-PACIFIC PTY LTD
3661436 Training $56,980.00Australian Signals Directorate 2020-02-19 RED EDUCATION PTY LTD
3661432 Training $78,225.00Australian Signals Directorate 2020-02-20 INTERNETWORK EXPERT, LLC
3660359 Software Renewal $84,216.00Australian Signals Directorate 2020-02-13 INVENIO ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS
3660353 Upgrading Compactus $32,450.00Australian Signals Directorate 2020-02-17 SHELVMASTER
3660358 Software Services $737,155.51Australian Signals Directorate 2020-02-14 MICRO FOCUS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3622226-A1 Fortress Licences Renewal $26,978.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-07-01 DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT
3660282 Provision of Legal Services $15,274.99Australian Taxation Office 2020-02-14 Elina Yasumoto
3660287 Provision of Legal Services $35,100.00Australian Taxation Office 2020-02-11 LIST A BARRISTERS