Contract Dashboard

3658743 Legal representation $27,419.70Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 2020-01-10 Holding Redlich
3659698 Provision of corporate services $369,633.00Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 2020-02-04 Australian Human Rights Commission
3658906 Resolve licenses $18,348.00Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 2020-02-10 Resolve Software Group Pty Ltd
3660138 Personal mapping services $42,400.00Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 2019-10-28 KPMG Australa
3660054 Project Management Officer $80,000.00Productivity Commission 2020-02-13 JCT Corporate Excellence Pty Ltd
3659602 Provision of data $10,686.00Productivity Commission 2020-01-07 Aust Institute of Health & Welfare
3660055 Data $14,850.00Productivity Commission 2020-01-13 RP Data Pty Ltd Trading as CoreLogic Asia Pacific
3658692 Facilitate appraisals. $61,875.00Productivity Commission 2020-02-10 Hugh Watson Consulting Pty Ltd
3659611 Information Services $19,261.00Productivity Commission 2020-01-02 LexisNexis
3660143 TRADE SHOW STAND (INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION) $13,040.47Royal Australian Mint 2020-02-10 CORE COMPETENCE E.K