Contract Dashboard

3593217-A3 Project Management Services $4,563,093.55Department of Defence 2019-04-29 BECA CONSULTANTS PTY LTD
3659222 Program Management services $376,200.00Department of Defence 2020-01-23 DELOITTE
3659264 Relocation Services $38,758.60Department of Defence 2020-02-07 PERSONALISED FREIGHT MANAGEMENT
3659991 Information Technology Advisory Services $566,280.00Department of Defence 2020-01-29 PROJECTS ASSURED PTY LTD ATF PROJECTS ASSURED TRUST
3659001 Business Management support $206,201.86Department of Defence 2019-12-11 KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT PTY LTD
3659195 Comprehensive Health Services $40,000.00Department of Defence 2019-07-01 ADVANCED PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT
3659218 Terrestrial Communications Services $752,288.80Department of Defence 2020-02-10 COBS TELSTRA
3582423-A2 Engineering Support $405,620.57Department of Defence 2019-03-29 TOWERS GROUP PTY LTD
3659986 Support services $535,510.40Department of Defence 2020-02-10 CISCO SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3658931 Defence Support Services $143,616.00Department of Defence 2020-02-10 KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT PTY LTD