Contract Dashboard

3659722 Review and Simplify Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Outstanding Liabilities Model $27,500.00Department of Health 2020-01-23 Australian Government Actuary
3659496 Provision of Legal Services $35,070.00Department of Health 2020-02-05 Australian Government Solicitor
3562957-A1 Management of Australian General Practice Training program information system $488,542.34Department of Health 2019-01-01 Daraco Services pty Ltd
3659506 Support The Quality Of The Australian Blood Supply $4,675,000.00Department of Health 2020-02-06 St Vincents Institute of Medical
3659512 Childhood Immunisation ‘Get the Facts’ Campaign $93,194.20Department of Health 2020-02-07 Hall and Partners Pty Ltd
3659492 Provision of Legal Services $14,000.00Department of Health 2020-02-03 Australian Government Solicitor
449350-A10 Onshore Education Services Program $5,643,850.71Department of Home Affairs 2011-11-22 CATHOLIC EDUCATION OFFICE OF WA
3660146 ICT Contractor Services Panel $170,500.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-02-04 The Trustee for Kirra Services
1936572-A8 Mobile Phone fees - Nauru $467,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2012-09-14 DIGICEL NAURU CORPORATION
3660147 Executive Learning Group Membership $10,890.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-03-19 WHON Pty Limited