Contract Dashboard

3684306 Anchor Chain Fittings $45,868.94Department of Defence 2020-05-12 BEAVER ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3684294 Purchase of Communication Equipment. $158,012.91Department of Defence 2020-05-14 DEFCON TECHNOLOGIES GROUP PTY LT
3684240 Chiller system components for Landing Helicopter D $22,942.05Department of Defence 2020-05-15 GORDON BROTHERS INDUSTRIES
3684845 Software Support and Maintenance $9,603,205.70Department of Defence 2020-05-25 CITRIX SYSTEMS ASIA PACIFIC PTY LTD
3685210 Provide Electricity to Sites in NSW & VIC $209,300.00Department of Defence 2020-07-01 ORIGIN ENERGY ELECTRICITY LIMITED
3684081 Patient Transport Isolation Unit $1,386,957.60Department of Defence 2020-05-21 EPIGUARD AS
3556376-A2 Vision ANDVT Cryptographic Modernisation Acquisition $41,762,124.24Department of Defence 2018-11-28 RAYTHEON AUST PTY LTD
3461329-A1 Acquisition of Air Search Radar $183,274,777.69Department of Defence 2017-10-06 CEA TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3684343 Generator spare parts $17,542.41Department of Defence 2020-05-14 CUMMINS SOUTH PACIFIC PTY LTD
3685225 AMSI Membership $16,500.00Department of Defence 2020-07-01 UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE