Contract Dashboard

3660697 Life Jackets $20,512.11Department of Defence 2019-11-06 SOS MARINE
3660535 Training Upgrade $3,150,394.21Department of Defence 2019-10-06 MEGGITT TRAINING SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3661180 Training $17,705.06Department of Defence 2020-02-17 RECEIVER GENERAL FOR CANADA CANADA
3597740-A1 Utilities Services $2,937,000.00Department of Defence 2019-07-01 TOWNSVILLE CITY COUNCIL
3660731 Fire Extinguisher Sprayer Knapsack $12,452.00Department of Defence 2020-02-03 SEM FIRE and RESCUE PTY LTD
3661132 Data Cabling $19,781.48Department of Defence 2020-02-11 COBS TELSTRA
3661173 Mounts and Brackets for Light and Heavy Arms Trials $55,880.00Department of Defence 2020-02-04 BERETTA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3660683 Truck Repair $20,673.73Department of Defence 2020-02-04 RGM MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3573607-A5 Fuel Installation Remediation $10,966,499.91Department of Defence 2019-02-21 BARPA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES
3660676 Temperature Transmitters $11,997.63Department of Defence 2020-02-03 ALLIED TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL