Contract Dashboard

3661466 Security Guarding Services $4,596,308.65Department of Education 2020-02-05 MSS SECURITY PTY LTD
3660845 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network ACT Contract 2020-2022 $6,872,891.73Department of Education 2020-02-01 SARINA RUSSO JOB ACCESS
3660846 Volunteer Online Employment Services Trial Project $123,569.19Department of Education 2020-01-23 THE SOCIAL RESEARCH CENTRE
3661467 Kofax PowerPDF licenses $237,618.95Department of Education 2020-02-19 ACRONYMIT
3609419-A1 ICT Contractor Services $318,563.85Department of Education 2019-07-01 COMPAS PTY LTD
3393039-A9 ICT Contractor Services $813,336.15Department of Education 2017-01-01 TECHPOINT CONSULTING
3660968 AASN Contract 2020-2022 - MAS National - QLD $27,617,726.42Department of Education 2020-02-01 MAS NATIONAL LIMITED
3660963 AASN Contract 2020-2022 - MEGT - Perth & Surrounds $14,367,384.01Department of Education 2020-02-01 MEGT (AUSTRALIA) LTD
3660949 ICT Contractor Services $119,988.00Department of Education 2020-01-23 TALENT INTERNATIONAL (ACT) PTY LTD
3660856 Executive Assistant $25,000.00Department of Education 2020-02-14 ELLIOTT GRAY PTY LTD