Contract Dashboard

3660545 Ascender Powered $78,543.58Department of Defence 2020-02-13 BALE DEFENCE PTY LTD
3660531 Digital Systems Additional Data Links $331,553.00Department of Defence 2020-02-28 CUBIC DEFENCE NEW ZEALAND LTD
3660269 Funeral Costs $10,928.30Department of Defence 2019-11-27 ALBERT & MEYER
3661138 Program Funding $11,500.00Department of Defence 2020-01-01 RIPLEY VALLEY STATE SECONDARY COLLE
3559094-A7 Construction Support Services $16,738,631.46Department of Defence 2018-11-09 COLIN JOSS & CO PTY LTD
3660769 Computer Equipment and Accessories $13,860.00Department of Defence 2020-02-03 NTT COM ICT SOLUTIONS (AUSTRALIA
3661136 Logistics and Distribution services $24,915.00Department of Defence 2020-02-01 EXPO CONNECTIONS
3660603 Locks for deployable containers $17,845.08Department of Defence 2020-01-20 API SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS PTY LIMITED
3661101 Repair Services $20,233.20Department of Defence 2020-02-04 L3 KIGRE, INC
3661035 Specialist Training $25,740.00Department of Defence 2020-04-14 ALFA LAVAL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD