Contract Dashboard

3669373 Medical and Health Advisory Service Panel - Medical Advisory Services $392,453.21Department of Veterans' Affairs 2020-04-01 MEDIC ONCALL - HEALTHCARE AUSTRALIA P/L
3669341 Medical and Health Advisory Panel - Medical Advisory Panel $38,110.80Department of Veterans' Affairs 2020-04-01 Face 2 Face Recruitment Pty Limited
3669354 Medical and Allied Health Advisory Panel - Social Work Advisor Services $63,360.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2020-04-01 MARYANNE DUSKOVIC COUNSELLING SERV P/L
3669719 COVID-19 Gov’t Mobile Platform $1,848,000.00Digital Transformation Agency 2020-03-30 DELV
3669715 User Computing Laptops $150,000.00Digital Transformation Agency 2020-03-18 Ethan Group Pty Ltd
3669706 Delivery of projects relating to digital welfare $300,000.00Digital Transformation Agency 2020-03-25 NTT Australia
3669565 UX & Creative Technology Consultant $265,650.00Digital Transformation Agency 2020-03-25 Tobias and Tobias
3631273-A1 Sourcing Support Officer $149,600.00Digital Transformation Agency 2019-09-30 Face 2 Face Recruitment
3669704 Business case development services $150,000.00Digital Transformation Agency 2020-03-24 KPMG
3627913-A1 Digital Content Specialist $235,600.00Digital Transformation Agency 2019-09-11 Tshukuda Pty Ltd