Contract Dashboard

3670528 Electrical Works $520,608.00Department of Defence 2020-04-02 ACE ELECTRICAL INFRASTRUCTURE PTY LTD
3616418-A1 Battlefield Communication System Facilities $3,986,515.24Department of Defence 2019-07-25 F K GARDNER & SONS PTY LTD
3539297-A3 Environmental Works $2,213,315.70Department of Defence 2018-08-20 AURECON AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
3570614-A1 Centralised Processing Services $542,154.89Department of Defence 2019-01-10 LEIDOS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3670452 Contractor Support $17,154.06Department of Defence 2019-07-05 DAINTREE SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3670293 Jackets Mess Dress White $288,827.14Department of Defence 2020-03-20 AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE APPAREL PTY L
3550478-A2 Maritime Classification and Certification Services. $115,674.90Department of Defence 2019-12-31 LLOYD'S REGISTER INTERNATIONAL
2595471-A20 Building Works $20,825,426.23Department of Defence 2014-09-17 CIVILCRAFT PTY LTD
3669908 Computer Equipment and Accessories $56,466.96Department of Defence 2020-03-30 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3647371-A1 Fuel $4,063,012.34Department of Defence 2020-01-01 VIVA ENERGY AVIATION PTY LTD