Contract Dashboard

3668659-A1 Provision of REFRESHER Program to Eligible Nurses to Refresh Acute Care Knowledge for COVID-19 Response $2,500,000.00Department of Health 2020-03-25 Australian College of Nursing Ltd
3670691 Fast Track Electronic Prescribing Support $55,000.00Department of Health 2020-03-27 Medical Software Industry Associati
3670119 Provision of Legal Services $24,630.00Department of Health 2020-03-27 Australian Government Solicitor
3646886-A3 Health Economics Services Panel Evaluation $98,561.82Department of Health 2019-12-12 Adecco Australia Pty Ltd
3670121 Review of Action $19,002.01Department of Health 2020-03-26 CPM REVIEWS PTY LTD
3670113 Printing of A5 Information Booklets $79,618.00Department of Health 2020-03-27 CANPRINT Communications Pty Ltd
3670101 Equifax - Tools to Assist Provider Benefits Integrity Division $83,250.00Department of Health 2020-04-01 Veda Advantage Information Services Solutions Limited
3670427 Labour Hire $165,674.00Department of Health 2020-04-13 Healthcare Professionals Group Pty
3670689 Labour Hire $174,000.00Department of Health 2020-03-31 LON Consulting Pty Ltd
3643098-A1 Review Taskforce Report Support $117,499.01Department of Health 2019-11-19 Gilven Services Pty Ltd