Contract Dashboard

3661167 Dynamics System Developers for ICTAB Portfolio Management $30,467.87Department of Defence 2019-11-04 VERITEC PTY LTD
3661287 Chart of Accounts Governance $325,211.84Department of Defence 2018-09-12 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS
3661086 Administrative Support $280,699.02Department of Defence 2020-02-05 PROXIMITY LEGAL
3661081 Remediation Works $1,429,698.60Department of Defence 2020-02-17 INTRACT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3633667-A1 Creative and Digital Communication Services $400,000.00Department of Defence 2019-08-15 RAGING DIGITAL
3661066 Provision of Electricity to Sites in NSW $87,659,513.70Department of Defence 2020-07-01 ORIGIN ENERGY ELECTRICITY LIMITED
3624058-A1 Project Management Services $612,744.00Department of Defence 2019-08-05 NOVENTUS PTY LTD
3661047 Port Agency Services $45,730.36Department of Defence 2019-11-08 INCHCAPE SHIPPING SERVICES L.L.C
3545311-A6 Cost Modeling Services $1,888,655.41Department of Defence 2018-06-30 KPMG AUSTRALIA
3661188 Provision of Training Services $106,066.33Department of Defence 2020-02-17 CUBIC DEFENCE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD