Contract Dashboard

3668653 Aged Care COVID-19 Online Training Modules $44,000.00Department of Health 2020-03-23 Aged Care Channel Pty Limited
3668652 Sponsorship Palative Care Nurse Australia 2020 $160,600.00Department of Health 2020-03-25 Palliative Care Nurses Australia Inc
3667968 Provision of Legal Services $14,170.00Department of Health 2020-03-03 Australian Government Solicitor
3667976 Syndicated Research $47,932.50Department of Health 2020-03-05 Ipsos Public Affairs Pty Ltd
1597541-A9 Provision of Internet Gateway Services $8,707,952.85Department of Health 2013-06-26 Verizon Australia Pty Ltd
3668669 Labour hire $41,604.00Department of Health 2020-05-01 Healthcare Professionals Group Pty
3668660 Pathology Advice and Pathology Services $66,000.00Department of Health 2020-03-23 Leonard Moaven
3668673 Contract for Service $99,958.32Department of Health 2020-03-25 ThinkPlace Australia Pty Ltd
3668637 Defibrillator Units $38,690.23Department of Health 2020-03-24 Integrity Health and Safety Pty Ltd
3667873 Legal Advice $10,000.00Department of Health 2020-03-16 Australian Government Solicitor